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21 May 21:00

Alternate Endings For 20 Classic Movies

by Zeon Santos

Movies can become fan favorites for a variety of reasons, but chances are if the ending stinks the movie isn’t going to be well liked.

That’s especially true of any movie that uses a surprise ending to shock viewers, but the real shock would have come after watching films like Rocky and Clerks with their original endings!

(YouTube Link)

Rocky was supposed to end with Balboa taking the big payola and throwing the fight against Apollo Creed, and Clerks originally ended with Dante being shot to death by an armed robber. Sometimes a script change is a good thing!

See The Alternate Endings Of 20 Famous Movies at mental_floss

15 May 16:32

That Lonely Island Movie Has A Plot, Kind Of

by Penn Collins

A few months ago, it was announced that Judd Apatow and The Lonely Island were teaming up to bring us a feature film. Then, a few days ago, an image surfaced purporting that the whole thing was shrouded in secrecy. That image looked like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.27.00 AM

Of course, as this poster was released, so too were plot details, which sort of undermines that whole “top secret” business. The film will be a mockumentary-type reunion film in the style of the Bieber and Katy Perry films. It will also star Sarah Silverman as a publicist.

Judging by the quotes from the principals here, it could be a pretty fun film. Apatow offered this up in a press release:

“I have begged these fine gentlemen to allow me to produce one of their films since day one, and finally they decided my whining needed to come to an end.”

We’re interested in this.


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18 May 14:34

Watch Duff McKagan & Krist Novoselic Play “Sweet Child O’ Mine” Together

by Stereogum

pretty awesome

Krist Novoselic and Duff McKaganNirvana and Guns N' Roses famously didn't like each other, mostly owing to a backstage spat between Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain at the 1992 VMAs. But Duff McKagan and Krist Novoselic were never going to keep that feud going; they've got too much in common. They're both bass players, both relatively mellow and level-headed … More »

07 May 13:08

Prankster Covers Adam Levine In Sugar Outside Jimmy Kimmel

by Stereogum

Good. I wish he had a song called "Shit."

Adam Levine covered in sugarMaroon 5 have a new single called "Sugar." And so when frontman Adam Levine was arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the song, some joker apparently ran at Levine and threw powdered sugar all over him, covering his clothes and one side of his face. This is obviously next-level pun work; we're dealing with … More »

21 May 11:50

Watch Foo Fighters Perform “Everlong” For Letterman’s Final Show

by Stereogum

So goddam good.

Watch Foo Fighters Perform "Everlong" For Letterman's Final ShowDavid Letterman wrapped up a 33-year-long late-night career last night, and brought out one of his favorite bands to do his favorite song to put a capper on the night. Foo Fighters -- who did a week-long residency on the show last year after the release of Sonic Highways -- played "Everlong," which they performed … More »

21 May 16:28

Deadpool Flashes Run The Jewels’ Logo In Latest Marvel Comics Tribute

by Stereogum
Deadpool Run The JewelsLike so many of us, the people at Marvel are big fans of Run The Jewels. And earlier this year, Marvel's artists worked the group's fist-and-gun hand sign into the covers of two of its books, Howard The Duck #2 and Deadpool #45. Right now, those Marvel people are busy remaking their entire comic-book … More »

21 May 15:00

Letterman’s Final Top Ten List

by Miss Cellania

Dave Letterman’s final show aired last night. He pulled out all the stops for the show, including a star-studded final Top Ten List. His favorite guests from over the years each came out to tell the "Top Ten Things I’ve Wanted to Say to Dave.”

(YouTube link)

In case you were working last night, or if you are of an age that you can no longer stay up that late (like Letterman himself), you can also see clips featuring his final entrance, the opening monologue, the Foo Fighters playing “Everlong” behind a photo montage of Dave’s many memorable moments on TV, a presidential sendoff, and the final farewell speech. Happy retirement, Dave!

21 May 12:00

Best Buy Exclusive: Select Blu-ray Steelbooks & Metalpacks from $7.99 Each

by persian_mafia
Best Buy Exclusive: Select Blu-ray Steelbooks & Metalpacks from $7.99 Each

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17 May 07:00

MAY 17, 2015


















20 May 12:55

Uber Office in Hoboken

by hoboken411

I have become a huge Uber fan. I like that they have an office in Hoboken. I think that is good for the neighborhood.

In other news, the guy who writes this blog is such a fucking cunt.

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13 May 07:00

BMX Biker Performs Bike-to-Bike Transfer Jump

by John Farrier

While in Shanghai, BMX champion Pat Laughlin performed an incredible stunt. He jumped a bike and, while in midair, jumped off that bike, landed on another, and kept going without interruption.

(Video Link)

I hope that he wore a protective cup.

Laughlin didn’t succeed on his first try. No, he had to hit the ramp hard several times before he finally made the jump successfully. You can see his other attempts here.

-via Geekologie

13 May 13:00

Fantastic Handpainted The Big Lebowski Nesting Dolls

by Lisa Marcus

Andy Stattmiller is a San Francisco-based artist who creates these wonderful, acrylic handpainted nesting dolls based on the characters of the Coen brother's cult classic The Big Lebowski. The finely detailed wooden dolls range in size from .75 inches to eight inches tall. 

Visit Stattmiller's website to get more information on these and other nesting doll sets he makes, including Batman, The Avengers, Breaking Bad and more. 

Via Design Taxi | Images: Andy Stattmiller 

15 May 01:00

Swineapple: Hollowed-Out Pineapple Stuffed with Ribs Wrapped in Bacon

by Rusty Blazenhoff

I don't share a lot of food stuff, but this looks good.


On Facebook, a user named Dave Rees shared a photo of what he's dubbed, the "swineapple."

It's really quite a feat. It's a hollowed-out pineapple "stuffed with boneless country style ribs rubbed with homemade seasoning and wrapped in thick cut bacon and sprinkled with a light creole seasoning." 

He reports that he smoked it at "240 average for 5 hours." 

Mmmm....delicious, delicious swineapple...It's kind of like the Aloha version of "Turducken" (a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey).

Thanks, Elliotte!

19 May 14:00

Cool Stuff: Joshua Budich’s ‘Fictional Food’ Art Show

by Germain Lussier

JoshuaBudich - Darth Vader fictional food

Whether you’re a human, animal, alien, cartoon, hobbit, robot or something else, one thing links almost every single character in pop culture: food. We all need something to keep us going, give us energy and maybe be the object of a joke. Some of these pop culture food items can even be as popular as the characters themselves, like the Wonka chocolate Bar, pink Simpsons donut or Pac Man cherries. Fictional Food is everywhere, and it is also the name and subject of Joshua Budich‘s solo exhibit opening Friday May 22 at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles, CA.

It’ll consist of 36 small screenprints of fictional food from stories such as Lost, The Simpsons, The Legend of Zelda, and Toy Story, as well as six larger pieces. Below, check out just a hint of the show as well as an exclusive Star Wars piece you’ll only find previewed here on /Film.

Fictional Food runs from 7-10 p.m. May 22 and then regular business hours trough June 6 at Gallery 1988 West, 7308
Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Here’s some of the work.

Joshua Budich Fictional Food

JoshuaBudich_18x24-Hurley JoshuaBudich_18x24-HomerSimpson JoshuaBudich_18x24-CookieMonster JoshuaBudich_12up-WonkaBar JoshuaBudich_12up-Slurm JoshuaBudich_12up-PoisonApple JoshuaBudich_12up-PizzaPlanet JoshuaBudich_12up-PacmanCherry JoshuaBudich_12up-MinecraftCake JoshuaBudich_12up-Mendls JoshuaBudich_12up-KrustyBurger JoshuaBudich_12up-DrinkMePotion JoshuaBudich_12up-Donut JoshuaBudich_12up-DharmaWine JoshuaBudich_12up-ZeldaMeat JoshuaBudich_12up-Harryhausens JoshuaBudich_12up-Fugu JoshuaBudich_12up-DuffBeer JoshuaBudich_12up-BabyRuth JoshuaBudich_18x24-DarthVader

Again, the small singles are 6 x 6 inches and will cost $10 apiece. There are 36 images total. The bigger ones, like Homer, Hurley, and Darth Vader, are 18 x 24 inches and cost $40. There are six of those, making 42 pieces in total. All remaining prints after the opening weekend will be on sale Monday, May 25 at

When asked about the inspiration behind this series, which Budich began a few years back at a previous Gallery 1988 show, the artist said the following:

My inspiration for a lot of these comes from what I loved as a child, and of course nowadays, more so for what my kids love; Pixar, Marvel, Disney… I started with making a huge list of potential pieces and just narrowed down to what i really loved and thought others would respond to. Ultimately, I imagine people hanging these in the nooks and  crannies of their kitchens.

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13 May 12:50

Street Artists Who Have a Great Sense of Humor

by Nat B

The Bill Posters one gets me every time.

There’s no denying that street art can be amazing to look at but it’s also really awesome when the artists have a great sense of humor.

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14 May 22:01

Sia - California Dreamin

Sia is on top form on her cover of ‘California Dreamin’ which is taken from the movie soundtrack to San Andreas. If you were a fan of the original 60s track from the Mamas and The Papas, you… (in post Sia – California Dreamin from Your Music Radar. More by this artist at )
18 May 19:36

Charity arcade games make it fun to donate to the Red Cross

by (John)

"Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Galaga - at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport you can now play some of the most classic and loved arcade games. Play with whatever foreign left over coins you have in your pocket - and at the same time help the Red Cross. Behind the project is Swedavia Swedish Airports and the Swedish Red Cross, together they have developed a more refined version of the traditional collecting box."
14 May 18:55

Great Job, Internet!: Stagger down memory lane with 46 of The Simpsons’ greatest visual gags

by Marah Eakin

In a move that’s both timely and bittersweet, an imgur user has compiled some of The Simpsons’ best sign-based sight gags. The classily-named Bookerfuker created a compendium of 46 amazing Springfield displays, from the charming storefront of Hooked On A Feline to the various topics displayed weekly at the First Church Of Springfield. It’s a good reminder that Springfield Christian School puts “the fun in fundamentalist dogma,” and that at the Springfield Dog Track, they ask that you think of the greyhounds “as little horses.”

13 May 14:51

Ricky Gervais’ ‘The Office’ Spinoff ‘Life on the Road’ Gets Financing

by Angie Han

Ricky Gervais The office

Everyone’s favorite terrible boss is coming back. Ricky Gervais has just secured financing for Life on the Road, a spinoff film which will pick up with The Office‘s David Brent years after his stint at Wernham Hogg Paper. So what exactly has he been up to? Get the latest updates on the Ricky Gervais The Office spinoff after the jump. 

EW reports Entertainment One is partnering with BBC Films to back Life on the Road. Gervais will write, direct, and star. As the title suggests, it’s a road movie of sorts. It turns out David Brent has been chasing his rock star dreams with his band “Foregone Conclusion,” while holding down a day job as a traveling salesman for a cleaning products company.

In typical The Office fashion, Life on the Road sounds like a deliciously uncomfortable mix of comedy and tragedy. Gervais revealed some other details about the mockumentary film last year:

[H]e hasn’t let go of this dream of being a rock star and he’s got a lot of songs together and he’s got a young band together that he’s paying through the nose for and they’re just sort of ripping him off. They’re sort of session musicians so he’s losing money. He has to cash in a pension, he does a little tour he wants the record companies to come along too.

Obviously he thinks it’s like Scorsese following the Rolling Stones around, this documentary team, but it’s really sort of a Where Are They Now documentary and it’s even sadder and tragic… I’m trying to do like Anvil did for real. It was sort of sweet and tragic… He’s doing songs, it’s almost a musical, really.

In the latest statement, Gervais promises that Life on the Road “delves much more into [David Brent’s] private life than The Office ever did and we really get to peel back the layers of this extraordinary, ordinary man.”

Although The Office aired its last episode over a decade ago, David Brent has lived on. Gervais reprised the role for a 2013 mini-episode titled The Office Revisited as part of the Red Nose Day fundraising event, as well as for the YouTube series Learn Guitar With David Brent.

Gervais is coming off of the TV series Derek, which is distributed through Netflix in the U.S., and which earned him an Emmy nomination last year. He’s also currently working on a movie for Netflix titled Special Correspondents, which he’ll write, direct, and star in.

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13 May 18:50

Photos: Grand Opening Of The Simpsons’ Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood

by Peter Sciretta

Simpsons Springfield Grand Opening Photos

Last night we were invited to “A Taste of Springfield” neighborhood block party celebrating the grand opening of the iconic world of Springfield, the hometown of America’s favorite family, The Simpsons, at Universal Studios Hollywood. The all-new themed environment surrounds The Simpsons Ride, placing park guests inside of the fictional town/city from the long-running animated series. And with 26 seasons of content to build out this world, Universal designers had a lot to pick and choose from.

After the jump you can see some photos from the grand opening event, as well as a look at the food from all the new resturants, including Duff Brewery, Moe’s Tavern, Lard Lad Donuts, Krusty Burger, Cletus’ Chicken Shack and Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Here is a video of the grand opening ceremony which started with a bang in the form of a nuclear meltdown at Mr. Burns’ Nuclear Power Plant.

The replica of Springfield features many iconic landmarks made famous throughout the series, including the Springfield Hills, Springfield Elementary School, Comic Book Guy’s Android’s Dungeon, the cooling towers of Mr. Burns’ Nuclear Power Plant, Springfield Police Station, Aztec Theater and Kwik-E-Mart. Some of these landmarks like the Android’s Dungeon or Police Station are just facades to hide the many inside eatery areas, while others like the Kwik-E-Mart allow guests to explore inside and buy some merchandise or Mr. Burns’ Nuclear Power Plant which is a facade but provides an interactive element (how about a nuclear melt down?).

Simpsons Springfield Grand Opening Photos

Lets first take a look at some of the facades and then on the next page we’ll explore the food of Springfield. All photos in this post were taken by /Film photographer Kitra Remick.

DSC00390 DSC00400 DSC00399 DSC00398 DSC00397 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00411 DSC00412 DSC00413 DSC00414 DSC00416 DSC00418 DSC00429 DSC00438 DSC00440 DSC00441 DSC00444 Simpsons Springfield Grand Opening Photos DSC00453 DSC00454 DSC00455 DSC00470 DSC00488 DSC00502 DSC00500 DSC00396 DSC00394 DSC00391 DSC00392 DSC00393

After the jump we’ll have photos of the many food offerings in Springfield, which includes Duff beer, Buzz Cola and many other favorites from the 26 year history of the Fox animated series.

Continue Reading Simpsons Springfield Grand Opening Photos >>

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13 May 19:11

‘The New Mutants’ Developing at Fox, Josh Boone to Write and Direct

by Russ Fischer

New Mutants movie

Fox is getting deeper into its rights package for Marvel’s mutant characters, and has put in motion a plan to create a New Mutants movie as a spin-off from the X-Men movie series. Josh Boone, the writer/director behind Fox’s The Fault in Our Stars, and the guy who is doing The Stand for Warner Bros. and The Vampire Chronicles for Universal, will write and direct. 

The New Mutants first appeared in one of Marvel’s early graphic novels, in 1982, and earned their own monthly book in 1983. The team was comprised of a group of young mutants in training at Xavier’s school, but naturally they ended up being no less removed from conflict than the elder X-Men.

Some of the New Mutants were more weird, though, than even the X-Men, with characters like Magik, the younger sister of Colossus, who could teleport and also had a strong mystical bent, and Warlock, the shape-shifting “techno-organic” alien who was friends with the unparalleled language master Cypher. As the years went on, some characters became full-fledged X-Men, and the roster of other younger members expanded to include even more odd characters.

(The New Mutants also provided the first appearance of Deadpool, who is currently played by Ryan Reynolds in the film shooting right now.)

Deadline reports that Fox has made a deal with Boone that will have him writing the film with Knate Gwaltney. Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner will produce — Donner being the link to all previous X-Men films, and Kinberg being Fox’s current go-to for future films.

The site says that Boone’s schedule is currently dominated by the Anne Rice vampire movie for Universal, with The Stand to follow. In other words, The New Mutants is a few years away. But with a script not even written, that’s no surprise. Expect it in the 2018-2019 range, most likely.

Kinberg said in a statement,

We’re so excited to explore this new part of the X-Men universe, and so excited to do it with Josh, who is uniquely suited to tell this story about young characters.

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14 May 17:15

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Trailer: The CW Goes All Out With Time Travel Fun

by Russ Fischer

Legends of Tomorrow trailer

The CW announced details of the new show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and released the first image and trailer. The network’s upfront gave up a few big details about the show — time travel factors in, and Caity Lotz is playing White Canary, among others. There’s info on the villain, an immortal baddie named Vandal Savage, who has been a DC Comics villain for decades, and some pretty goofy/fun stuff once the time travel concepts kick in. It looks kind of like the Legion of Superheroes, only with adventures in our time rather than the 30th century.

Check out the four-minute Legends of Tomorrow trailer and image below to see all the action.

Here is the show’s official synopsis:


When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends.  Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat — one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself.  Can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known? DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW stars Victor Garber (“The Flash,” “Alias”); Brandon Routh (“Arrow,” “Superman Returns”); Arthur Darvill (“Doctor Who”); Caity Lotz (“Arrow”); Ciarra Renee (“Pippin”); Franz Drameh (“Edge of Tomorrow”); with Dominic Purcell (“The Flash,” “Prison Break”); and Wentworth Miller (“The Flash,” “Prison Break”). Based on the characters from DC Comics, DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (“Arrow,” “The Flash,” upcoming “Pan”), Marc Guggenheim (“Arrow,” “Eli Stone,” “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”), Andrew Kreisberg (“Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Eli Stone,” “Warehouse 13”) and Sarah Schechter (“Arrow,” “The Flash,” upcoming “Pan”).

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30 Mar 16:00

These 9 Episodes of The X-Files Got Me Hooked

by Scott Beggs



In honor of the future return of The X-Files to television, Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, other funny things) suggested nine episodes from the original run that would get someone hooked on the show, and I decided to put his list to the test. I can do that because, until now, I’ve never seen a single episode.

I know. I know. Calm down. Take a deep breath.

It’s a serious gap in my cultural appreciation, but I’ve started filling that gap with Nanjiani’s guidance in an attempt to answer the question of whether those episodes really would get me hooked on the show. Granted, I’m a soft target because I’m a genre enthusiast, but aliens have also never been a personal favorite. At least not the gray, spindly ones that probe anuses and mutilate cattle.

I’m also going into this experiment with the knowledge of the show that got absorbed through osmosis. I know about the truth being out there, I know about Mulder’s sister, I’ve heard of The Smoking Man. All the unavoidable kernels and icons. Regardless, I’ve definitely got a bias that should make me a fast fan of the series, and I admit that upfront.

So, clearing a Saturday schedule, I dove in. For science.


X-Files Pilot

  • Scully meets Mulder over an alien abduction case where their evidence gets torched.
  • A humanoid killer pushes himself through air ducts and eats his victims’ livers.
  • Murders in a town of circus freaks might be committed by a mermaid myth.

It’s immediately obvious why this show was such a hit in its time and found such a dedicated following. Gillian Anderson is sharp, David Duchovny is handsomely sarcastic, and they work perfectly together as the calm eye of the sci-fi storm. There’s also an appropriate balance between the fantastical elements they’re exploring and a self-awareness of how absurd each episode’s focus really is. It’s a bit like a sci-fi Picket Fences — unless you’re Scully, and then it’s just like Picket Fences.

After watching these three episodes that span through the end of the second season, that’s the question that stands out most: how long can they keep Scully in the dark about what’s going on? Is it realistic that’s she always just around the corner when something undeniably supernatural happens in front of our faces?

Having never seen an episode, my assumption was that the series would play coy with the weirdo stuff. Maybe each entry would offer competing theories and keep things vague enough to make the audience wonder, but, nope, they own it from the onset. Aliens exist, bizarre creates are real, all our nightmares are possible.

We get to see the insane stuff happen even as Scully gets knocked out in the forest. But how sustainable is that? How many episodes will she be somehow shielded from what we — and Mulder — get to witness? Forty-four episodes in, she’s still acting like she doesn’t consistently encounter supernatural insanity, but her hypotheses-forming methods are comfortable with knowledge gaps so she seems unfazed.

A monster like Tooms (in “Squeeze”) fits perfectly into the pocket of Mulder’s addled understanding. Scully sees him and seems to think human beings are simply fucked up genetic pools capable of building newspaper bile nests and snacking on toxin-burning bodily organs. For an episode like “Humbug” that’s comprised wholly of red herrings, the ultimate solution to the puzzle favors Scully’s more disturbing view of people and our DNA cocktails.

As for my own experiment, it’s already over. This show is excellent. I’m hooked. I didn’t even need the other 6 entries, but I’m damned sure going to watch them. Witty, charming, intense at times despite its limitations, and it holds up well. If we could magically change the aspect ratio and HD-ify the pilot, The X-Files could premiere today and stand up to every other police procedural currently on air. Call it CSI: Top Secret, and it would break banks.

Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose/Jose Chung’s “From Outer Space”/Home

X-Files Home

  • A psychic helps solve a series of murders and tells Mulder how he’ll die.
  • A genre writer attempts to get the real story about an alien abduction from unreliable sources.
  • Zombie Redneck Torture Family gets caught killing a baby.

I’ve never intentionally watched a series out of order before, so it’s been interesting to see the dynamic of episodes stay relatively the same through four seasons. That’s not so unusual for cop shows, though, supernatural or not. Scully and Mulder remain perfect foils for each other. They also work because of our impulse as humans to remain skeptical and curious at the same time. I find myself nodding along to what Scully says only to be seduced by Mulder’s confidence. The world is a weird place — aren’t they just arguing over what particular brand of weird it is?

The thing I appreciate most about Nanjiani’s list is that he doesn’t claim that these are the 9 best episodes of The X-Files (so getting hooked shouldn’t be like watching a trailer with all the best beats of a movie only to be let down later), but he also lists Clyde Bruckman” as the best X-Files episode ever and “Home” as the scariest television episode of all time. I can’t vouch for the latter contextually (obviously) but it’s a gorgeous piece of storytelling. Heartfelt and heartbreaking. Peter Boyle is unsurprising as a fiercely human figure doomed to understand death in a way few can.

There are a thousand ways for a show like this to be good, but the only way for it to be great is to allow for kind souls to emerge from the muck of government conspiracies and puddles of blood. Meanwhile, Scully’s skepticism still manages to hold strong even after the most tragic prediction of the case, foretold in detail, comes true while holding her hand. She’s a tough nut to crack.

(Or maybe a natural sense of competitiveness keeps her from jumping onto Mulder’s bandwagon wholesale.)

As for “Jose Chung,” I can see why fans of this show must have lost their minds over Cabin in the Woods, and “Home” is genuinely disturbing when not outright terrifying. A stellar grouping that has me glued to the show even tighter.

Bad Blood/Drive/X-Cops

X-Files Drive

  • A small Texas town might be the feeding ground for a vampire.
  • Bryan Cranston can’t slow down below 50mph or his head will explode.
  • A cross-over with COPS where an elusive monster stalks a low-income neighborhood.

It’s been apparent for sometime, but after finishing every episode on Nanjiani’s list, I feel even more certain that the core question of The X-Files is, what if an FBI agent took the craziest victims and witnesses at their word?

In fact, a deputy in “X-Cops” asks Mulder why he believes him when he says a giant insect creature attacked him. After all, the cameras didn’t capture it, and he’s a stranger. That’s Mulder, though. Not only does he believe in every corner of the supernatural world, that belief allows him to trust in spooked people who don’t believe their own eyes. Think you saw something crazy? He’ll trust you. He’ll also operate from a position that what you’re saying is the reality that he’ll eventually uncover.

Most of the plots are allowed to exist because of that mindset. In any other show (and in reality), Cranston’s character in “Drive” would have died after stalling out at a police blockade, but Mulder was there to trust in the madman instead of procedural authority. The same way he trusted in a fear-based monster, an adorable old psychic and countless others. That’s what he’s there for. But even though Scully’s mind flies in the opposite direction, she’s also there to save the day, to protect the innocent and to run toward danger. They sharpen each other. Make each other better.

This process has made me question why I never watched the show before. I was 9 when it premiered, mesmerized more at the time by dinosaurs than demon liver-eaters, but as time went on, the real reason I avoided the show was because of how deeply its fans loved it. That may sound strange, but everyone I came into contact with who loved the show, loved the show, so having it recommended was a bit like having heroin recommended to me. Wild-eyed people telling me just to try it once because I’d be hooked; me staring down the barrel of 200 episodes to needle through. You have to be in the right place to walk into an addiction.

I’m there now. I want to believe.

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12 May 00:28

First Trailer For Upcoming ‘Lucifer’ TV Show At FOX

by Empress Eve

Lucifer FOX TV series

Looks like the Devil has moved to the City of Angels.

FOX has just released the first trailer for Lucifer, their new television series premiering in 2016. The show, which is based on the character created by Neil Gaiman in his Sandman comic book series, features Lucifer, the Devil himself, who's become bored with lording over Hell, so he heads to Earth to Los Angeles to have some fun.

Watch the first 3-minute trailer here below, along with an inside look at the new FOX series [...]

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20 Apr 18:48

George Lucas changes Jedi marriage rules after cute kid asks nicely


Dammit. My hopes of being a Jedi was one of my last excuses not to marry.

One 7-year-old boy has succeeded where legions of fans have failed: he has persuaded George Lucas to change his vision for Star Wars.
Colin, a young Star Wars fan, hopes to become a Jedi Knight when he’s older, but he also wants to get married and start a family—something forbidden by the Jedi Order, according to Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith. Probably dissatisfied with his parents’ guidance to “just become a new kind of Jedi” or to “stop watching those prequels and watch the real Star Wars,” Colin went straight to the source with a succinct letter to Lucasfilm:
Colin received the following response:
…as well as a bunch of cool Star Wars merchandise:

More at

12 May 14:41

Punch Brothers cover The Strokes’ “Reptilia”The sixth season of...

Punch Brothers cover The Strokes’ “Reptilia”

The sixth season of A.V. Undercover launches today, with Punch Brothers returning to the series to put an awesome, mandolin-assisted spin on The Strokes’ “Reptilia”

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11 May 16:12

Brad Bird Says "Incredibles 2" is His Next Movie

The "Tomorrowland" director also acknowledges he’s talked about helming a "Star Wars" film, but insists he’s focused on the Pixar sequel and other projects.
08 May 18:00

Mattel's Last Ghostbusters Figure Is A Lovely Tribute To Harold Ramis

by James Whitbrook on Toybox, shared by Ria Misra to io9

After many years, Mattel no longer has the rights to make Ghostbusters toys. Diamond Select are picking up where they left off with a new line of toys, but before the era of Mattel is over, there’s one parting gift: and perfectly, it’s the dearly missed Harold Ramis.


11 May 02:29

Highland: 4-Pack 10' Ratchet Tie Downs or 14' Tow Rope w/ Hooks $5 & More + Free Store Pickup

by Corwin
Highland: 4-Pack 10' Ratchet Tie Downs or 14' Tow Rope w/ Hooks  $5 & More + Free Store Pickup

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08 May 03:12

A$AP Rocky - Everyday feat. Rod Stewart & Miguel (prod. by Mark Ronson)

“Everyday” is the feature-packed third track from A$AP Rocky’s forthcoming album, At.Long.Last.A$AP, and with the likes of ’80s singing legend Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson on it, it’s easily the most high-profile track we’ve seen from the… (in post A$AP Rocky – “Everyday” ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel, & Mark Ronson from Hillydilly. More by this artist at )