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19 Jan 04:15

Shrinking: Jason Segel, Harrison Ford Comedy Gets Apple TV+ Trailer

by Brittney Bender
Jason Segel & Harrison Ford navigate a world of healing and therapy in the trailer for Shrinking, an Apple TV+ series premiering January 27.
19 Jan 04:15

Ted Lasso Season 3 Debuting Spring 2023; Ted/Nate Face-Off Preview

by Ray Flook
It's a Ted/Nate face-off in this preview image for Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso Season 3, with the series returning in Spring 2023.
10 Jan 19:57

Super Nintendo World Is the Closest You'll Get to Stepping Into a Video Game

by Germain Lussier
The entrance to Bowser's Castle at Super Nintendo World.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood (Other)

Despite what you may have seen in films like Tron or Jumanji, it’s impossible for humans to jump from their couches into a video game. Or, at least, it was. That’s the experience Universal and Nintendo are hoping to recreate with Super Nintendo World, the brand new themed land that opens at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA on February 17. It’s the first of its kind in North America and the second in the world.

Ahead of the opening, io9 got a walkthrough tour of the new attraction. Located on the lower lot of the theme park, guests first walk through a familiar-looking green pipe and hear that unmistakable “Bwah, bwah, bwah” warp sound. You’ve just left Universal Studios and are in the Mushroom Kingdom, a fully immersive, 360-degree world filled with Super Mario everything. There are mushrooms, there are question mark blocks, there are Goombas, Koopas, pipes, Piranha Plants, and Thwomps as far as the eye can see. You emerge from Peach’s castle, where something’s been stolen from her—and, in the distance, you see Bowser’s castle, where you can race him and all of his friends.

Piranha plans? Pow blocks? This is Mario alright.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

io9 was part of a group of journalists given a whirlwind walking tour of the still-under-construction land last week. So, unfortunately, we weren’t able to ride the land’s main attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, but we did learn that’s only one of the many things you can do in Super Nintendo World, all of which get instantly cooler if you buy a $40 Power-Up Band.

With that band (which doubles as a Nintendo Amiibo and is available in six different designs), you can collect coins everywhere in the land. And we do mean “everywhere.” While coins will primarily be accrued on the Mario Kart ride and through various physical mini-games (more on those in a second) there are multiple nooks and crannies built into the land specifically for exploration. See a random arrow on the wall? Follow it and you might find a series of magic blocks and AR binoculars, similar to the ones elsewhere in the park. Curious why there’s an alcove to nowhere? Go in and a mysterious “M” on the wall will reveal why. Some question mark blocks give you one coin, others give you more, but all are only activated if you have a Power-Up Band. (If not, you get that familiar “thud” noise like when mini-Mario can’t break a block of bricks.)

The Thwomp challenge lets you flip tiles to defeat him.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

The main story of the land is that a Golden Mushroom has been stolen from Princess Peach and it’s up to you, the guest, to try and get it back. To do so, you’ll have to acquire at least three of four available keys that you get by completing “key challenges,” which are short, Mario-themed interactive games. One involves defeating a Piranha Plant, another a Goomba, the third a Koopa Troopa, and finally, a Thwomp. Each will require you (and in some cases a few friends) to physically solve puzzles or play games against a timed clock and have both easy and hard modes, depending on your ability and previous progress. At the time of our visit, we were only able to do the Thwomp challenge, which demands you and your friends to communicate in order to change a huge screen of tiles all to the same color. It was manic, intense, and fun.

Each challenge will have its own individual queue and if you complete it, you get a key that will be registered by your Power Band, as well as the number of coins you got. If you don’t have a Power Band, you can play all the challenges, you just won’t be keeping score; score is kept in the Universal app as well as on interactive leaderboards in the land. (Your Power Band also keeps your score when you go home so you can come back and add to it.) Once you get three keys (though you don’t actually have to, because buying a Power Band isn’t a requirement) you can go into Bowser Jr.’s castle and compete in a mini-boss battle. Here, up to 12 people will jump and react to a 180-degree screen that tracks their movements and, if the group defeats Bowser Jr., Peach’s Golden Mushroom will be returned. Again, this challenge was not operating when we toured the land but even just standing in the space and looking at it, you could tell it’s easily the second coolest thing you could do, behind the Mario Kart ride.

A doorway in Bowser’s office.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

As for that Mario Kart ride, lining up for it will take you up and around the outskirts of Super Nintendo World and ultimately through the entrance of Bowser’s Castle, the centerpiece of the entire space. Inside, you’ll walk through Bowser’s office, which is filled with Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Easter eggs. Some favorites include books such as “Don’t Bring Bananas to a Shell Fight,” “Shy Guy: Behind the Mask,” “The Art of Balloon Battle,” a multi-volume set called “The Saga of the Mushroom Kingdom,” and a miniature recreation of the ride’s virtual track. Those are just a few I noticed at first glance but you could seriously spend hours in the office section of the queue and keep finding new things.

Again, we weren’t able to ride the ride itself but the queue is breathtaking. We were also that told, once onboard, you’ll be fitted with a visor and glasses to fully enjoy the experience during which you can steer and throw shells as you race against all your favorite Mario characters. To be clear though, the ride simulates a race, it’s not an actual race. You just sit there and enjoy but, if you choose to do a little extra along the way, you can impact some of what happens and accrue more coins, which are tallied at the end and displayed to everyone on board. If you have a Power Band, it’ll then be added to your total.

Time to suit up, and look at those cool little details like Luigi’s vacuum.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

Beyond the Mario Kart ride, four key challenges, and boss battle, Super Nintendo World has two character meet-and-greets section—one for Princess Peach and one for Mario and Luigi—as well as the table service restaurant called Toadstool Cafe (in which many, but not all, of the items include mushrooms) and a gift shop, 1-Up Factory, which also serves as the exit to Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. For now, that’ll be filled almost exclusively with merchandise available at other shops around the park like Mario-themed hats, shirts, stuffed dolls, and more.

As a long-time Nintendo and Mario fan, what impressed me more than anything you could do in Super Nintendo World was just standing in it. Though you’re on the Universal Studios backlot, a few feet from Transformers: The Ride and right off the 101 highway, the land feels detached. With the Mario music blaring, walls built up just high enough to block most distractions, and the ever-moving, beautifully designed sets, you really do get that “I’m inside a Mario game” feeling. I wanted to put down my notebook and run around like I was six years old and high off of a killer session of Duck Hunt. Will a person who doesn’t know Link from Zelda or Chris Pratt from Bob Hoskins feel the same way? To an extent, it would be hard not to—the land is that physically engrossing—but big Nintendo and Mario fans are absolutely going to get more out of the experience than people who aren’t.

Pokey in the house!
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

Also, it is called Super “Nintendo” World, not Super “Mario” World, so there’s at least one little wink to another Nintendo franchise (Pikmin)—but that’s it, at least for now. Future expansions are possible, if not probable, but take lots of time and planning, especially when the entirety of Universal Studios Hollywood is already an elaborate puzzle piece, clicked into a space between the studio itself and several major highways. That means, for now, Super Nintendo World is all about Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the crew, with the aim to hopefully immerse fans in the iconic video game franchise.

However, it’s important to note, all of this was experienced in a land that was not overrun with people. There were no lines for hours on end. No virtual queues conquered or reservations needed. How Super Nintendo World will end up feeling once it’s a fully integrated part of Universal Studios Hollywood is something theme parks fans can debate in the future. Even at first glance, though, it being so far from the park entrance feels like a misstep, even if it was necessary. Either way, at this stage, weeks before opening, the positive intentions and attention to detail are undoubtedly there. The goal is to transport fans from Hollywood to the Mushroom Kingdom, and in that aim Super Nintendo World succeeds.

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 17. It’ll be open to anyone in the park unless it reaches capacity, then reservations will be required. Click here for more info.

Have additional questions? Ask below and I’ll do my best to answer what I can.

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10 Jan 03:12

Always Sunny: Rob McElhenney Video Confirms Season 16 Writing Underway

by Ray Flook
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator Rob McElhenney shared an Instagram Stories video signaling Season 16 writing is underway.
21 Nov 03:23

New Subscribers: 12-Month Peacock Premium Streaming Service (Ad-Supported) $0.99/Month

by kleinbaum
New Subscribers: 12-Month Peacock Premium Streaming Service (Ad-Supported) $0.99/Month

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20 Oct 11:33

The Naked Gun: Liam Neeson in Reboot Talks, Akiva Schaffer to Direct

by Tom Chang
Liam Neeson is in talks to star in The Naked Gun reboot with Chip 'N Dale director Akiva Schaffer with Dan Gregor & Doug Mand to pen script.
12 Oct 17:55

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (4K UHD Digital Film Rental) $0.99 via Amazon

by Discombobulated
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (4K UHD Digital Film Rental) $0.99 via Amazon

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Amazon has The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (4K UHD Digital Film Rental) on sale for $0.99.

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23 Sep 20:00

True Detective: Night Country Casts Hawkes, Eccleston, Shaw & More

by Ray Flook
John Hawkes, Christopher Eccleston, Fiona Shaw, Finn Bennett & Anna Lambe join Jodie Foster & Kali Reis for True Detective: Night Country.
21 Sep 03:21

Conan O'Brien Pens Perfect Tribute in Honor of Norm Macdonald

by Tom Chang
Former late-night host Conan O'Brien penned a tribute to actor & comedian Norm Macdonald to remember the first anniversary of his passing.
11 Sep 18:05

Willow: Christian Slater on Joining Series, Honoring Val Kilmer & More

by Ray Flook
During D23 Expo 2022, Willow star Christian Slater discussed joining the series, honoring what Val Kilmer brought to the franchise & more.
04 Sep 20:02

Citadel Becomes Second-Most Expensive Show Ever Amid Creative Overhaul

by Anthony Nash

Citadel, a planned Amazon Prime Video series from Anthony and Joe Russo, has been dealing with a huge overhaul, including an inflated budget, massive overturn, and more.

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According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, the series has recently seen the exit of half of the creative team, and has already been sent into a round of “expensive reshoots.” The report notes that the seven-episode series — which was reportedly costing Amazon $160 million total — has now seen its budget raised by an additional $75 million, with the series on track to becoming the second-most expensive show ever made.

The report goes on to mention that the series began struggling early on, as the Russo brothers were less involved than previously thought due to their commitment to the Netflix film The Gray Man. Because of that, creative differences began to brew, with two competing cuts — one from the Russos and the other from writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec — with Amazon eventually choosing to continue with the Russos and letting Appelbaum go late last year.

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Alongside Appelbaum, who was acting as showrunner, Brian Kirk, who had directed five out of the seven episodes of the series, also left. Currently, the series is continuing to undergo reshoots with the Russos at the helm.

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23 Jul 14:17

Kurt and Wyatt Russell Join Godzilla TV Series

by Spencer Legacy

Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt will be back on TV screens soon, as the two have signed on to be in the Godzilla and the Titans television series.

RELATED: Godzilla and the Titans Set Photos Give Early Look at Apple TV+ Series

According to Variety, the Russells will be joining the expanding MonsterVerse through the upcoming television series, meaning they will be starring opposite to Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, and Elisa Lasowski. Little is known about their roles at this time.

The untitled series (w/t Godzilla and the Titans) is expected to be set within the world of Legendary’s MonsterVerse. It will reportedly explore “one family’s journey to uncover its buried secrets and a legacy linking them to the secret organization known as Monarch.”

The first two episodes will be directed by WandaVision director Matt Shankman, who will also serve as an executive producer. Co-creators Chris Black and Matt Fraction will executive produce with Black also serving as showrunner. Executive producers also include Safehouse Pictures’ Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell, and Toho Co. Ltd. Hiro Matsuoka and Takemasa Arita for Toho. Toho is the owner of the character Godzilla as well as having licensed the rights to Legendary for this upcoming project.

RELATED: Live-Action Godzilla and Titans Series Unveils Cast Including Kiersey Clemons

Following the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, which earned over $467 million at the worldwide box office, Legendary began expansion talks in the MonsterVerse through a series, with Apple immediately showing interest in the project. It didn’t take long for a deal to be struck between the streamer and Legendary, with the company already developing the next untitled film in the MonsterVerse in addition to this new series

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23 Jul 14:14

FX’s Atlanta Teaser Sets Premiere Date for Final Season

by Maggie Dela Paz

FX has set the premiere date for the upcoming fourth and final season of Donald Glover’s acclaimed comedy-drama Atlanta. Two months after the third season concluded its 10-episode run, the series is now scheduled to make its return this coming September.

The date announcement was made through a newly released teaser, which you can check out below. The video shows the quartet’s return to Atlanta following their European trip in the last season.

RELATED: Kathleen Kennedy Gives Update on Lando Calrissian Series

The last season recently bagged two Emmy Award nominations including Outstanding Lead Actor for Donald Glover and Outstanding Directing for Hiro Murai, who’s nominated for his work on “New Jazz.”

Atlanta hails from creator, executive producer, and star Donald Glover. It tells the story of two cousins named Earn Marks and Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, who work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Joining Glover are Emmy nominees Brian Tyree Henry (Eternals) as Paper Boi, and Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) as Vanessa, along with Oscar nominee LaKeith Stanfield (Jesus and the Black Messiah) as Darius Epps.

RELATED: Michaela Coel, John Turturro, Paul Dano Join Cast of Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Atlanta is executive produced by Stephen Glover, Paul Simms, Dianne McGunigle, and Hiro Murai. The first two seasons were an instant hit to viewers, with the first season winning two major Golden Globe Awards including Best Comedy Series. As for the second season, it earned multiple Emmy nominations, including for Outstanding Comedy Series. 

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02 Jul 04:04

Paper Girls Trailer Drops

by Anthony
Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chang will be streaming soon, July 29th to be exact, and Amazon has dropped the first trailer for it. Check out the preview below and let us know what you think.
28 May 04:07

Ranking the Episodes of 'Love, Death, & Robots: Volume 3'

by Tom Moore

Netflix’s mind-bending and ambitious anthology series Love, Death & Robots recently returned to deliver a new set of visually stunning and innovative stories. Volume 3 continued the series’ tradition of dishing out fresh, original tales that can make you laugh or shudder in fear. Love, Death, & Robots continually raises the bar for visionary storytelling and eye-dazzling animation with its latest set of stories.

18 Jan 02:56

Cool Stuff: The Simpsons Super7 Action Figure Line Brings In Bartman, Duffman, Krusty And Hank Scorpio

by Ethan Anderton

Super7 launched an amazing new line of "The Simpsons" action figures as part of the ULTIMATES collection. The first round includes Homer Simpsons in space, "Moe" Szyslak, the robot versions of Itchy & Scratchy, and the reviled Poochie. The second wave brings us another collection of fan favorites, including Bart Simpson's superhero alter ego Bartman, the beer mascot Duffman, the depressing TV star Krusty the Clown, and Hank Scorpio, the evil genius and owner of Globex Corporation. They all come with an incredible array of accessories that make them a must-have for any die-hard fans of "The Simpsons," including some lovable animal sidekicks. Check them all out below!


Everybody do the Bartman! The superhero disguise of the troublemaking member of the Simpsons clan comes with his trusty skateboard, a slingshot a Radioactive Man comic book, and a bonus figure of his loyal canine sidekick, Santa's Little Helper. What are the odds that we'll ever see Bartman joined by his sidekick, Houseboy, AKA Milhouse Van Houten.

Bartman debuted in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book," as a last minute attempt to get a discount on a comic convention admission price by dressing as a superhero. Unfortunately, this disguise didn't get him a discount, but it did get him a whole line of comic books and appearances in "The Simpsons" video games. Pre-order Bartman right here.


Are you ready to get Duffed? Another superhero is coming in the second wave of "The Simpsons" action figures from Super7, and that's Duffman. The figure brings the Duff Beer mascot to life with a 7-pack of cold ones, a Duff #1 foam hand, and Santa's Little Helper as Suds McDuff. 

If this action figure somehow starts drinking all the beer in your house, you'll only have yourself to blame. Because you should know by now that Duffman gets carried away with his love of partying. Duffman had a dream once, but life... life is filed with compromises! Oh yeah! Pre-order Duffman right here.

Hank Scorpio

Hank Scorpio might look like a formidable villain, but he's pretty much the worst. That World's Best Boss mug certainly isn't indicative of his skills as a bad guy, but he's certainly warm and welcoming to the Simpsons when Homer gets a job at a new nuclear power plant. Scorpio comes with that signature mug, a flame-thrower and fuel pack, grenade, and remote control.

This is just one of several characters voiced by the legendary Albert Brooks over the years, and it makes us wish that these figures came with some kind of sound component that played their most memorable quotes, just like the Playmates figures from the early 2000s. Pre-order Hank Scorpio right here.

Krusty The Clown

Finally, get ready for some laughs with everyone's favorite comedian, Krusty the Clown. This figure has a couple incredible interchangeable heads, including one with a cigarette and a frustrated facial expression. Plus, Krusty comes with a box of his trademark cereal, a cream pie, his off-camera robe, and his monkey sidekick Mr. Teeny. There's even an interchangeable hand with both a coffee and cigarette. You can pre-order Krusty the Clown right here.

Now that Krusty the Clown has joined the collection, we're hoping that Sideshow Bob isn't far behind. Presumably he'll come with a head that depicts him laughing maniacally, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. 

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18 Jan 02:55

Human Resources Trailer: Hormone Monsters And Shame Wizards Assemble For The Big Mouth Spin-Off

by Joshua Meyer

The world of "Big Mouth" is about to get bigger. Netflix's Emmy-winning adult animated sitcom, which features the voices of Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, is going five seasons strong and already has a long-standing order for a sixth season. It's also got a spin-off, "Human Resources," on the way in March, and the first teaser has arrived.

Last summer brought details on the voice cast for "Human Resources," which includes Randall Park ("WandaVision"), Keke Palmer ("Hustlers"), "Saturday Night Live" cast member Aidy Bryant, and "Big Mouth" season 4 writer Brandon Kyle Goodman. Kroll and some other "Big Mouth" names will also lend their voices to "Human Resources," including series regular Maya Rudolph and recurring guest stars Jean Smart and Bobby Cannavale. Other big names attached to this spin-off include Rosie Perez, Henry Winkler, and Jemaine Clement.

David Thewlis will also return as Shame Wizard as the spin-off moves to the extradimensional home world of the Hormone Monsters, who have been stimulating the desires of cartoon middle schoolers on "Big Mouth" since 2017. Side note: if you're going to have a character called Shame Wizard, you might as well have David Thewlis voice him. The naming logic of these shows just plain rocks, not unlike Pete the Logic Rock, the new character Park is playing.

The teaser for "Human Resources" takes the form of a recruitment video. Check it out below.

Human Resources Teaser Trailer

"Human Resources" follows "the professional team of creatures who make humans ... human." The premise of this series seems like a twisted take on the premise in Pixar's "Inside Out." In the teaser, a deceptively smooth voice peels back the layers of humor, saying, "Understanding the human experience is an opportunity to discover new and innovative ways to make people more loving, logical, horny, humiliated, and beyond."

"Big Mouth" made headlines in summer 2020 when actress Jenny Slate decided to step away from the show in the wake of the George Floyd protests. She had been voicing a Black character named Missy, who was subsequently recast, with comedian and series writer Ayo Edebiri taking over the role. As forward-thinking as the creatives behind this fictional animated universe might be, however, "Human Resources" is still a show that is not above centering a set of private parts among the circular corporate logos in the above teaser.

"Human Resources" hits Netflix on March 18, 2021.

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18 Jan 02:53

Peaky Blinders' Story Will Continue Into World War II And Beyond

by Jeremy Mathai

If you thought you had a handle on where exactly in history that the Birmingham-set gangster series "Peaky Blinders" would finally call it quits, think again. This comes directly by order of the Peaky Blinders themselves -- or, rather, series creator Steven Knight. The "Locke" and "Spencer" writer has previously made his intentions known for the Cillian Murphy-led crime drama to come to an end upon the outset of World War II. 

So far, the series has documented Tommy Shelby's (Murphy) rise to the top of London's violent family of gangs while also balancing his struggles with PTSD, stemming from his brutal experiences in World War I as a tunneler. Through Tommy and his far less emotionally buttoned-up brother, Arthur (Paul Anderson), much of the series has overtly dealt with the horrors of war and how taking a life (or many) changes a person. 

Thematically, it made sense that "Peaky Blinders" would take us from the aftermath of one World War to the beginning of the next, fated to leave irreparable scars on a whole new generation. However, just like the original hopes to end "Peaky Blinders" with seven total seasons, plans have once again changed. According to Knight, fans can expect to witness the Shelby family grapple with the beginning, and possibly even the aftermath, of World War II. In an interview with Empire, Knight spilled some details about the upcoming sixth season:

"It was always Britain between the wars -- how the lesson from one war was not learned and was repeated. It's also the end of empire: we enter the Second World War and by the end of it, there is no empire, really. But I ... have revised the scope of what it is. It will now go into and beyond the Second World War. Because I just think the energy that is out there in the world for this, I want to keep it going, and I want to see how this can progress beyond that."

Those who know their history will know that, unlike the continental United States, Britain witnessed the ravages of war firsthand in their own backyard. It's hard to imagine the petty in-fighting between Birmingham gangs amounting to much in the midst of the Blitz, but that's likely why last season introduced the threat of villainous fascist Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin). That's called thinking ahead!

"The End Of The Beginning"

Steven Knight goes on to lay out his writing process in figuring out exactly how to bring "Peaky Blinders" in for a landing. Thrillingly, it has already been announced that the story will not be ending with this final season. A feature film is in the works, scheduled to start production in 2023. That means fans can sit back and enjoy the journey that the upcoming sixth season takes us on, without worry that we'll never get to see these characters again. (Well, some of them are likely fated to die tragic and painful deaths. That's just the name of the game. But besides that, I mean!) Knight refers to season 6 (or series 6, as the proper folks across the pond call it) as "the end of the beginning."

As you may have gathered by now, Knight isn't a fan of pre-planning every step of the series ahead of time, preferring instead to let the story take him along its winding path. According to Knight, "I don't know what's gonna happen until I get to writing. The way I tend to work is not to plan, and I think if I did plan, I wouldn't be able to do it. Just sit at the keyboard and if you know the characters well enough, let 'em loose and see what they say to each other. Let the dialogue guide the plot."

Sort of sounds a little bit like Tommy Shelby, known for playing fast and loose with all his grand ambitions and pulling off several last-minute escapes, eh? The final ending of "Peaky Blinders" might be a long ways off, but season 6 is set to premiere in early 2022.

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18 Jan 02:44

Vikings: Valhalla Creator Reveals How New Netflix Show Differs From Vikings

by Steve Weintraub

If you were a fan of Michael Hirsch’s Vikings series and wished the series had continued in some way, I’ve got some great news to share, Netflix has made a new Vikings series, Vikings: Valhalla, that takes place one hundred years later and it starts streaming February 25th. Created by Jeb Stuart, the new series follows the exploits and adventures of some of the most notable (and infamous) names in Norse history. Chief among them is revered Viking ruler Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter), along with the explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) and Old Norse religious leader Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), the son and daughter of Vikings’ Erik the Red. Vikings: Valhalla also stars Bradley Freegard (King Canute), Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Olaf Haraldsson), Caroline Henderson (Jarl Haakon), Laura Berlin (Emma of Normandy), David Oakes (Earl of Godwin), Louis Davison (Prince Edmund), Bosco Hogan (King Aethelred II), Asbjørn Krogh Nissen (Jarl Kåre), Pollyanna McIntosh (Aelfgifu of Northampton), and Soren Pilmark (King Sweyn Forkbeard).

06 Jan 21:14

Taco Bell Lover's Pass $5.30 in app up to 30 Tacos (limit 1 per day)

by lilmotto
Taco Bell Lover's Pass $5.30 in app up to 30 Tacos (limit 1 per day)

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Taco Bell via App (Android or iOS, link for reference) (Restaurant Locator): offers Taco Lover's Pass on sale for $10 which Allows You to Enjoy One Select Taco per Day for 30-Days.
05 Jan 04:35

Cute Demon

by Jon

“Cute Demon” by heydale Inspired by Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Related Items Demon Slayer Siblings The Kamados Slayers Slayer of Demons Sister Ink

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05 Jan 04:34

The Hunting

by Jon

“The Hunting” by BoggsNicolas Inspired by Boba Fett and The Shining Related Items Top Hunter The Real Bounty Hunter The Invincible Bounty Hunter The Fett Mandalorian Mandala

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26 Nov 04:59

Better Call Saul Season 6 Scripts Are "Out of Control": Tony Dalton

by Ray Flook
Better Call Saul star Tony Dalton (Hawkeye) aka Lalo Salamanca likes the scripts that he's read so far for the sixth and final season.
16 Nov 02:08

Marvel's What If…? Returns In March 2022

by Rich Johnston
Tomorrow, Marvel Comics promises news on the return of What If...? to comic books in March 2022, featuring a very different-looking Wolverine indeed.
13 Nov 18:58

Home Sweet Home Alone Is One Of The Worst Films Ever Made

by Jeremy Konrad

Purely for the Headline.

Home Sweet Home Alone is terrible, and under no circumstances should you watch it for any reason. It is now on Disney+
09 Oct 02:31


by Anthony
Bestselling comic book titan Mark Millar (Jupiter’s Legacy, Kingsman: The Secret Service) has created a new series at Netflix in his Millarworld department, but he’s also adapting this into a comic book series too. Re-teaming with fan favorite artist Matteo Scalera (Black Science), the first appearance of this new character will now appear in King … Continue reading "NETFLIX’S NEW SERIES KING OF SPIES KICKS OFF IN DECEMBER"
29 Sep 03:06

Archer: FXX Renews Long-Running Animated Series for Season 13

by Ray Flook
With the current season of the long-running animated series coming to an end, FXX has renewed Archer for an eight-episode 13th season.
22 Sep 01:30

Labyrinth: Jim Henson Mulled Sting, Michael Jackson for Goblin King

by Tom Chang
David Bowie wasn't the only choice to play the Goblin King in Jim Henson's 1986 classic Labyrinth with Sting and Michael Jackson as options.
17 Sep 18:14

6-Months of Ad-Free HBO Max $7.49 per month (50% off)

by pghflyer
6-Months of Ad-Free HBO Max $7.49 per month (50% off)

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06 Sep 08:48

Slaxx May Be the Smartest Movie about Man-Eating Pants Ever

by Jason Henderson
This week Jason chats with Patricia Gomez Zlatar, co-writer of SLAXX, which arrives from RLJE Films on VOD, Digital HD, and DVD on September 7, 2021.