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26 Oct 18:48

Sherlock Gets A Release Date

by Dan Wickline


The new season of Sherlock has gotten a release date… 1 / 1 / 2017. So new years day we get the return of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman)… at least on BBC One. But word is that PBS will also have it on the same day here in the U.S.

Sherlock Gets A Release Date

27 Oct 17:46

The 10 Vines That Shaped Meme History

by Eve Peyser on Gizmodo, shared by Adam Clark Estes to io9

Today is a very sad day for memes, because Twitter killed its viral video app, Vine. Vine, while never “profitable,” was responsible for the internet’s most prolific and viral memes. To honor the beauty that was Vine, let’s take a tour through 10 vines that forever changed meme history.


26 Oct 18:21

Real Highway Car Chase Syncs Perfectly With Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” on the Radio

by Nat

There are tons and tons of videos these days that are edited to sync with a particular song and the timing makes people “ooh” and “ahh.”  For example there might be a video of some guy dancing randomly in a home video but somehow when played with Beyonce’s “Lemonade” it works perfectly and people laugh as the video goes viral.  This is such a video only it’s 100% natural and not edited at all. This is the video from a car that captured a high-speed highway police chase while blasting the Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ on the radio. The passing of the vehicles syncs up perfectly with the song. P.S. this would have been way cooler if this moron didn’t have a crack in his windshield.  You can’t win them all.

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27 Oct 17:00

Netflix’s ‘3%’ Trailer: A Post-Apocalyptic TV Series Where Only 3% Will Succeed

by Peter Sciretta

netflix 3% trailer

3% is a new thriller series from Netflix set in “a world sharply divided between progress and devastation, where people are given a chance to make it to the ‘better side’, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.” Sounds like a compelling concept. Watch Netflix’s 3% trailer now after the jump.

Netflix’s 3% Trailer

Netflix’s original programming line-up is not limited to American productions. 3% is the streaming service’s the first Brazilian original series and one of Netflix’s first shows produced in a language other than English. It is a reboot of a 2011 web series of the same name created by Pedro Aguilera (El Revenge) which had its pilot episode produced and uploaded to YouTube (it’s no longer online).

The international setting gives the series instant production value, even when some of the future visual effects may not be up to the level that we usually expect from modern television. The concept is more interesting to me than the footage I see in the trailer above, but I’ll give the series a chance next month when it premieres.

The series is produced by City of God/Blindness cinematographer César Charlone, written by Pedro Aguilera, with episodes directed by Jotagá Crema, Daina Giannecchini, Dani Libardi, and César Charlone. Here is the official synopsis from Netflix:

In a post-apocalyptic world cruelly divided between progress and devastation, you only get one chance to improve your lot — and only 3% will succeed. A world divided into progress and devastation. The link between the two sides – Offshore and Inland – is a rigorous and painstaking system called The Process. Everyone in Inland has a chance to go through The Process to live a better life in Offshore. But only 3% make it through.

The first season of 3%, eight hour-long episodes, will be released on the Netflix streaming service on November 25th, 2016.

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12 Oct 18:27

Smart People Love Terrible Movies, According to Science

by Dwight Hill


Smart People Love Terrible Movies, According to Science

Looking for a way to justify your love of objectively awful cinema? Just tell people you’re a genius. Those are the broad strokes of a study published earlier this year that sought to quantify so-called “trash films.”

Film scholar Keyvan Sarkhosh, of the of the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, conducted the study. Published in the journal “Poetics,” the appropriately titled “Enjoying Trash Films,” made use of online survey data collected from 372 participants.

The researchers asked participants to list the words they associated with “trash films.” Participants also provided information about where and when they watch the subpar movies, listed examples of movies they thought fit the description.

Some of the study’s findings are unsurprising. For example, they concluded that “trash films are low budget films, which do not correspond to the mainstream standards and taste.” Prominent examples listed by participants included “low budget horror films” like “Sharknado,” “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” and “The Toxic Avenger.” Almost 90% of the surveyed “trash film” audience was male. Their reason for enjoying the movies is one you’ve likely heard before: “trash films” are both entertaining and funny.

The part that may shock you is that most of the people watching these movies are quite intelligent. Sarkosh himself describes them as a kind of cultural connoisseur:

“We are dealing here with an audience with above-average education, which one could describe as ‘cultural omnivores.’ Such viewers are interested in a broad spectrum of art and media across the traditional boundaries of high and popular culture.”

So, next time you’re catching flak for watching B-movies, politely remind your critics that it’s a sign of your superior intellect, and you’ve got the science to back it up.

Via The Huffington Post

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27 Oct 09:55

You are male or female – that is IT

by hoboken411

I don't know if this guy is serious anymore?
This is like the shit I write on Facebook, but none of it feels ironic or funny.
It's just hateful.

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Male or female – what were your born as? I’m sure I don’t have to re-iterate the narrative that has suddenly overcome the American society. But it’s the whole ridiculous “gender” issue. It’s ridiculous...

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25 Oct 18:17

Huge David Bowie Mural Coming To Jersey City

by Eric Kiefer
Recently departed rock legend David Bowie will soon grace the Jersey City landscape in a larger-than-life, 180-foot-tall mural.
17 Oct 15:26

Sister Bullies Little Brother Until He Slaps Her in the Face with a Tortilla

by Nat

The tortilla backhand is the best part

Before I even attempt to dissect this video I will say right off the bat that we all know this is 100 times funnier because the person who gets smacked is an attractive blond. I have no clue how long the harassment took place. I have no idea how pissed off her little brother was either. What I do know is that this six seconds should be the lead campaign message on a Donald Trump ad. “Mess with men, and this is what happens.” Slap in the face videos have become a staple in viral culture. Whether they are right are wrong (clearly they are wrong) is up to the masses. But if there’s one thing I’m 100% sure of it’s this: if you’re looking for one of those eye raising type things to improve your otherwise boring day, these are the types of videos that will do so. And…

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25 Oct 16:00

LOL: Will Ferrell Returns as Harry Caray to Celebrate the Chicago Cubs in the World Series

by Ethan Anderton

Will Ferrell as Harry Caray on Jimmy Kimmel

Even though Back to the Future Part II predicted 2015 as the year the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series, the team didn’t make it to the Major League Baseball championship game until this year. Over the weekend, the Chicago Cubs won the pennant, and they’re headed to the World Series to face the Cleveland Indians in a Midwest baseball battle for the ages. Fans around the country are excited, and even those who don’t care much about baseball are happy for the team to get a crack at the championship for the first time since 1945.

Sadly, one fan who isn’t around to see this miracle finally come to fruition is Harry Caray, the iconic sports broadcaster who spent the final 16 years of his career covering Chicago Cubs games. He passed away in 1998, but he famously predicted that “as sure as God made green apples, some day the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series.” Well, here we are, and even though Harry Caray is no longer with us, that didn’t stop him from celebrating.

You may remember that Will Ferrell played Harry Caray several times on Saturday Night Live, appearing on Weekend Update and even hosting his own show about space. Well, Ferrell made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to celebrate the historic achievement by the Chicago Cubs, and it’s just as hilarious as you’d expect.

Here’s Will Ferrell as Harry Caray on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night:

Harry Caray is just as confused as ever in his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, but at least he’s excited about seeing the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Hell, even though I don’t loyally follow baseball, thanks to movies I watched growing up like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Rookie of the Year, I’m pretty damn excited myself. Of course, no one is as elated as Bill Murray, who has literally been waiting his entire life for this day:

It’s been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs went to the World Series, but it’s been even longer since they won. The last time that happened was back in 1908, so there’s a lot of happiness riding on this championship game. Here’s hoping Bill Murray gets to throw out the first pitch at one of the games, Will Ferrell gets to announce the game as Harry Caray, and Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck are in the stands saying, “Hey batta, batta, batta, batta suh-wing batta!”

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24 Oct 17:00

From Condoms To Tires: The 15 Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Monsters

by Kieran Freemantle
From Condoms To Tires: The 15 Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Monsters

Happy Halloween everyone, it’s that time of year where ghosts and ghouls roam the streets, people can dress up as their favorite characters without looking weird and children go out trick-and-treating, resulting in them binging on candy.

RELATED: 10 Horror Movie Moments That Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

Halloween is also the time of year where we can watch horror movies, ranging from the classics to unknown gems. However, for all the great horror movies and monsters that have graced the screen, there was also been some silly horror creations that filmmakers expect us to be scared of. It could be the result of a good idea poorly executed, an atrocious idea to begin with or simply a case of poor production values. So let us celebrate some ridiculous monsters in cinema history.

Bear (2010): A Psychic Bear


On the surface, a grizzly bear would make a perfect monster for a horror film, or at the very least be a “Jaws” clone, even if you can go onto Youtube to watch videos of cats scaring off the beast. The 2010 movie “Bear” managed to ruin this simple premise of a group of people fighting off a bear in the woods and it has been referred to by some as one of the worst horror movies ever made.

“Bear” shows four unlikeable 20-somethings getting attack by the titular bear after they killed a different bear in the woods – the grizzly even has a flashback to the event. During the bear’s attempt to terrorize the people he gets electrocuted by a makeshift cattle prod and trapped in a car. Then there was the ridiculous twist of the bear having psychic powers and forcing victims to confront their unresolved issues.

Besides the twist, “Bear” has also become infamous because of its awful production values, ranging from bad lighting placement, boom mics in some shots and having a man running around in a cheap bear costume.

Orca (1977): A Vengeful Killer Whale


Out of all the monsters to make it on this list, orcas (also known as killer whales) are vicious beasts to their prey, viciously biting and throwing their prey around before finally killing it. Alone and in captivity, they have even killed their trainers on several occasions, leading to the documentary “Blackfish”. So you’re asking why 1977’s “Orca” is a ridiculous offering? Well, it was a essentially a “Jaws” copycat that starts off with having an orca kill a great white shark as a piece of filmmaking posturing. Like the previous entry in this list, it’s also a revenge film in that a male orca is aiming to get back at Captain Nolan (portrayed by Richard Harris), who killed his pregnant mate. The orca’s scheme involves depleting the local fish supply and destroying the town’s electrical infrastructure so the townspeople would turn against Nolan. The film’s final battle features an epic stare down between Nolan and the orca as well.

Maximum Overdrive (1986): Killer Trucks


“Maximum Overdrive” is the first and only movie to be directed by horror author Stephen King, based on his short story “Trucks.” In “Maximum Overdrive”  all electric devices have turned into killing machines – including from ATMs, chainsaws, vending machines, a steam roller and most famously a big rig with a Green Goblin mask after a comet passes Earth. The machines’ actions range from being rude by just throwing soda cans in someone’s crouch to literally crushing people to death.

King has been very frank about his experience directing “Maximum Overdrive.” He came off as childish (and worse) during production, which he has since admitted was due to being on copious amounts of cocaine when making the movie. He has even made the claim that “Maximum Overdrive,” despite being directed by him, is the worst adaptation of his works. When asked why he never directed another film, he frequently responds by saying “just watch Maximum Overdrive.”

Black Sheep (2007): Carnivorous Sheep And Weresheep


The 2007 horror-comedy “Black Sheep” was advertised with the tagline “there are 40 million sheep in New Zealand and they’re pissed off’,” taking the most harmless animal possible and turning it into a bloodthirsty monster. Also, a bite from one of these fluffy killers can turn a person be human-sheep hybrid. Thanks to animatronics from Weta Workshop, these gargantuan weresheep at least look decent (as much as a gargantuan weresheep can look, anyway).

Set in a nation known for its delicious lamb (and where the amount of sheep outnumber the amount of humans), “Black Sheep” toys with the trope of genetic experimentation gone wrong. Or in this case, gone right, since the goal of the scientist actually was to take sheep and make carnivorous versions of them that are capable of turning humans into weresheep monstrosities after one bite. What went wrong is that one of these mutant sheep was let go by environmental activists. Without giving away too much of the plot, we’ll just tell you zoophilia is involved and explosive flatulence is what saves the day.

Night Of The Lepus (1972): Rabbits


Many of the monsters that appear on this list are in horror-comedies, so they have the excuse of never meaning to be taken seriously. “Night of the Lepus” is one film that can’t make that argument because it treats its premise about giant rabbits terrorizing the American South-West seriously. Based on the novel “The Year of the Angry Rabbit,” “Night of the Lepus” sees a town being overwhelmed by a bunny population boom after the local predators (coyotes) died out. Not wanting to poison them with cyanide, they instead turn to genetic experimentation to see if they can mess with the rabbits’ birthrates. As you can imagine, one of the experiments goes wrong and a carnivorous rabbit gets loose into the gigantic rabbit population, leading to waves of killer bunnies.

The film used a variety of hokey special effects techniques like rabbits running around miniature sets, men dressed up as rabbits and putting ketchup on the rabbits’ nose after they ravaged a victim. It’s also slammed by critics for bad acting and poor directing. In the end, the only thing notable about “Night of the Lepus” is the fact that it was Deforest Kelley’s last acting role outside of the “Star Trek” franchise.

The Swarm (1978): Bees That Hate Sound


“The Swarm” was a ’70s horror-disaster film that had a pedigree cast including Michael Caine, Katharine Ross and Richard Chamberlain. It was even directed and produced by Irwin Allen who also produced “The Poseidon Adventure” and “The Towering Inferno.” Despite all this, “The Swarm” is often regarded as one of the dullest movies made in that era. In fact, Michael Caine went as far as to claim it was easily the worst movie in his entire acting career.

“The Swarm” attempted to be a hybrid of the movie trends that were each so very popular in the 1970s, namely “Jaws”-like animal attacks and disaster movies. In it, we see dangerous South American bees making it to Marysville, Texas. There, they begin killing people, attacking trains and helicopters, and even invade a nuclear power plant. In the end, they discover it was alarm sounds that attracted the bees to the city, so they lure them out to sea where they douse it in oil and set it on fire to kill off the brutal bugs.

Troll 2 (1990): Vegetarian Goblins


“Troll 2” is infamous for being one of the worst movies ever made, earning it cult status. Even if you’re not familiar with the film, you’ve probably stumbled onto this glorious bit of acting at some point by chance or had a friend tell you about it. Despite its title, “Troll 2” isn’t actually a sequel to the 1986 movie “Troll,” nor does it feature it any trolls. The monsters are in fact vegetarian goblins who turn people into greenery by contaminating their victims’ food. Once in leafy form, the goblins can then eat them. It takes a young boy urinating over a meal to save his family.

“Troll 2” originated as a screenplay called “Goblins” by director Claudio Fragasso as a way to let his wife to air her frustrations about their friends becoming vegetarians. It was then retitled by the production company to “Troll 2” to piggyback off the actual “Troll” film. “Troll 2” was also a difficult production due to the communication problems between the English-speaking cast and Italian crew, as well as only having a budget of $200,000. Despite the movie’s campy tone, Fragasso has defended his work, saying he was making a serious horror film.

The Happening (2008): Trees


After burning his bridges with Disney when making “Lady in the Water,” M. Night Shyamalan moved on to his follow-up film “The Happening,” the first and only R-rated movie in his career. In “The Happening” people start to commit suicide when exposed to a neurotoxin. It turns out the source of the neurotoxin is trees, which are believed to be fighting against humanity for the environmental destruction they have caused. The trees have even somehow figured out how to prioritize their killings so that they kill off large groups of people. If you haven’t seen the film, note that this isn’t a bunch of trees come to life or are walking or anything like that. These are trees being trees, complete with multiple shots of trees just standing there in the wind.

Shyamalan expected audiences to be scared of trees and the wind. He also explained away that the toxin killed certain people but not others because they were “good people”. The survivor in the opening scene was a so-called good person, but this was only explained in the screenplay, not on-screen. Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel were spared because of their love.

Birdemic: Shock And Terror (2010): Exploding Birds That Spit Acid


“Birdemic: Shock and Terror” was a romantic horror movie that earned a cult following because of its laughably awful CGI, awful dialogue and acting, and nonsensical plot. Many claim it’s perfect for showing budding filmmakers how not to make a movie. “Birdemic” was the brainchild of James Nguyen, a man who says he was influenced by Alfred Hitchcock and even trademarked that he is “Master of the  Romantic Thriller”.

“Birdemic” was Nguyen’s attempt to homage “The Birds” and the first half was a tedious, poorly made romantic movie. The fun really begins during the second half when the CGI birds start attacking because of global warming. In fact, the DVD commentary explained global warming is also responsible for them spitting acid and being randomly explosive. Nguyen only had $10,000 to spend and the special effects definitely reflect this. The actors are often seen waving their arms around hitting badly superimposed vultures and eagles. It’s so wonderfully bad that it’s almost good. Almost.

The Leprechaun Series: An Obnoxious Leprechaun


If you ignore his roles in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” “Willow” and the “Harry Potter” franchise, then Warwick Davis is best known for playing the murderous leprechaun in the aptly titled “Leprechaun.” It also stars a young Jennifer Aniston before she landed her breakout role on “Friends.” In the first film, Aniston’s family has moved into a home where they find a magical four-leaf clover and a bunch of gold coins. However, those gold coins belong to the titular leprechaun, who goes on a killing spree in order to get them back.

Despite the first film being a flop, they didn’t stop with just one. It somehow managed to spawn five sequels and a reboot film. The settings for the sequels were eclectic, including one set in outer space and two in “the ‘Hood.” During the Leprechaun’s seven-movie run, it became known for his over-the-top kills that mix comedy and gore as well as for its awful one-liners. Some of his silliest moments include a riding a tricycle and rapping in a club. The 2014 reboot attempted to take the franchise down a more serious route, but it also underperformed critically and financially.

Sharktopus (2010): A Half-Shark, Half-Octopus Hybrid


There have been movies with sharks in them and there have been movies involving a killer octopus before. There have even been movies between mega sharks and giant octopi. Naturally, the logical next step is to make a movie that combines the two in one and that’s exactly what happened in the 2010 SyFy movie “Sharktopus”. In “Sharktopus”  the US Navy commissions a team of geneticists to make what they thinks is the perfect weapon: a hybrid with the head of a shark and the tentacles of an octopus.. However, as expected in these type of movies, the military loses control of their creature and the Sharktopus goes on a rampage, killing people on a beach.

Staying out of the ocean isn’t enough for the film’s stars to save themselves from Sharktopus because the creature is able to walk on land as well as swim in the sea. “Sharktopus” was produced by B-movie supremo Roger Corman and starred Eric Roberts. Being a TV Movie for SyFy, the CGI effects were lacking, to say the least. However, the movie was made with a tongue-in-cheek tone and somehow spawned two sequels.

Rubber (2010): A Psychic Tire


“Rubber” is an indie meta-horror comedy directed by Quentin Dupieux. It’s a movie that tried exploring the genre in a completely different way by incorporating intermissions of people watching the movie they’re in and trying to kill each other in order to make it end earlier. Why? For no reason, because the first intermission explains that the movie is an homage to the concept of “no reason.” A tire then becomes a psychokinetic killer for no reason.

“Rubber,” the film being watched by the viewer and the actors from the intermissions, follows a tire named Robert that has come to life and developed psychic powers. It first uses them against the local wildlife before moving up to people, blowing up their heads “Scanners”-style. While Robert does this he is being watched by the intermissions audience in an intentionally pretentious message about the media, explaining that the audience in the movie (and we, the movie’s actual audience) constantly yearning for violence leads to more violence. It’s the type of movie festival critics love, but general audiences were split on whether it was too artsy or gloriously stupid to the point of being amazing.

ThanksKilling (2009): A Demonic Turkey


505 years ago, a Native American shaman used necromancy to summon a demonic, murderous turkey to kill all Caucasians. Now it’s back and trying to kill the descendants of the white man who first angered that Native American. With a premise like that, what could possibly be bad about this film? Everything, naturally, but gloriously so.

“ThanksKilling” was made on a budget $3,500 and it shows, having some of the worst acting ever put to film and a terrible puppet for the killer turkey (named Turkie, no less). The movie is filled with poor sex jokes and has Turkie being intentionally crass all throughout. It’s also filled with the turkey dropping a beautifully painful collection of one-liners, the worst (or best) being the turkey having sex with a woman while saying “you just got stuffed!” “ThanksKilling” is so beloved for being horrible that it received two sequels, the last one being funded through Kickstarter for $112,248.

Jack Frost (1997): A Killer Snowman


A year before the release of the Michael Keaton family movie, there was already a movie called “Jack Frost” involving a man who turned into a snowman. The 1997 horror-comedy was a critically panned effort that somehow managed to get a sequel, as well as a proposed remake originally slated for December 2016. “Jack Frost” has one of the worst costumes in film history, so bad that the DVD cover could be seen as misleading advertisement. Most people only remember it for being one of Shannon Elizabeth’s first acting roles (American Pie would only come out two years later).

“Jack Frost” begins with a serial killer (conveniently named Jack Frost) getting driven by a prison van to his execution. However, the van crashes into a truck containing genetic material, causing Frost to mutate into a snowman after merging with the snow because… eh, science. Jack describes himself as “the world’s most pissed off snowcone.”Now an abominable snowman, Jack kills his victims in a variety of ways including decapitating a kid with a sleigh, strangling a woman with Christmas lights, shooting icicles and freezing a bath tub. He is eventually taken down by a group of people using hair dryers.

Killer Condom (1996): Literally A Condom That Kills


It wouldn’t be CBR without at least one comic reference. Based on a comic book of the same name by Ralf König, “Killer Condom” sees the city of New York being plagued by living carnivorous condoms. Naturally, the film doesn’t even try to take itself seriously, with the American trailer for the movie using the glorious tagline “it’s the rubber that can rub you out.” The story follows Detective Luigi Mackeroni as he investigates a series of bizarre attacks in the seedy Hotel Quickie (yup): condoms are eating the penises off the men who wear them. The poor detective manages to avoid this fate, but not before losing a testicle to an evil condom instead.

Here’s something that’s possibly the most interesting thing about the film: famous Swiss surrealist artist H. R. Giger, best known for his work on the “Alien” series, worked as a creative consultant on the movie.

What’s the most ridiculous horror movie monster you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments.

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Lyft Line Pass for November - 20 Lyft Line Rides for $29

by febzz
Lyft Line Pass for November - 20 Lyft Line Rides for $29

Thumb Score: +62 is offering a Four-Week Lyft Line Pass for Up to 20 Rides (up to $20 max per ride in select cities) for $29 when you follow the instructions listed below. Thanks febzz

Note: Pass is valid 11/1-11/30 or until you have taken 20 rides, whichever comes first.[LIST=1][*]Click here and login to your Lyft account.
23 Oct 07:00

OCTOBER 23, 2016


















24 Oct 13:00

Australia's Version of 'Pizza Rat' Is This Enormous, Rodent-Toting Spider

by Maddie Stone on Gizmodo, shared by Adam Clark Estes to io9

I am sorry. I saw this and could not unsee it, so I sent it to you.

In further proof that everything is stranger and more terrible in Australia, footage of an enormous banded huntsmen spider dragging a dead mouse up a fridge in Coppabella, Queensland, went viral on social media this weekend. Pizza rat has never felt so quaint.


17 Oct 17:27

Finalists, 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

17 Oct 17:53

Costume update

20 Oct 20:11

Fuck it

21 Oct 17:00

Still falls the rain

18 Oct 22:45

Listen to John Cleese Delightfully Recap All Six Seasons of The Walking Dead

by James Whitbrook

The world of The Walking Dead is a grim one—after all, it’s populated by flesh-eating undead hordes and maniacs running around with barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bats. But before you dive back into the grimness with the show’s seventh season, fill your world with a little joy, courtesy of British comedic icon John Cleese.


20 Oct 13:05

Major Grom – My Favourite Movie Trailer From New York Comic Con

by Rich Johnston

Bubble are a Russian comic book publisher, who are also expanding into games and movies.

Including a movie based on their comic book Major Grom. With this teaser trailer to demonstrate what’s coming, which they were happy to show off to any passerby at New York Comic Con. And which I am alsohappy to spotlight here.

The comic is published in Russia, and has now been made available to international audience, translated into English, through ComiXology.

img_4817 img_4808mg002 mg004 mg005 mg006 mg007

The masks from the trailer are based on an old Russian cartoon. Here’s where to get really familiar.

Major Grom – My Favourite Movie Trailer From New York Comic Con

19 Oct 17:00

Book Review: Go Ahead, Make My Drink: 60 Recipes Inspired By The Best Of Film and Television

by Empress Eve

Go Ahead, Make My Drink review

Go Ahead, Make My Drink
60 Recipes Inspired by the Best of Film and Television
Written by Anthony Marinese
Illustrated by Horacio Cassinelli
Publisher: Insight Editions
Publication Date: October 18, 2016
Cover Price: $19.99

Whenever we have a party at my house, we always pick a "signature" drink to make, as if we're hosting some kind of David Tutera-coordinated extravaganza. I'm constantly scouring the Internet for movie- and TV-themed drink inspirations, which is why Go Ahead, Make My Drink: 60 Recipes Inspired By the Best of Film and Television by Anthony Marinese was a book I was 100 percent interested in checking out.

This 144-page full-color hardcover recipe book from Insight Editions was even cooler than I expected, mainly because a lot of the properties they selected are ones I'm into -- Star Trek, Star Wars and the like -- but it's also illustrated! Each drink has its recipe with instructions, accompanied by explanatory text on its inspiration, a photograph of the prepared item, and an adorable full-color illustration by Horacio Cassinelli either of the drink alone or of the beverage with something from the film/TV show, such as a character or prop [...]

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19 Oct 12:00

Wasteland Weekend: It’s Mad Max Meets Burning Man

by Ethan Anderton

Wasteland Weekend

Mad Max: Fury Road has reignited an interest in the post-apocalyptic desert setting of the Wasteland. But even before the film made a splash on the big screen last year, people were already taking to the desert for a celebration that would make Immortan Joe proud, and it looks like a party made in Valhalla.

Wasteland Weekend has been running since 2010, combining the aesthetic of the Mad Max movies with the festivities of the desert insanity known as Burning Man. See the party in action after the jump.

Here’s how the official Wasteland Weekend event page beckons you to have a lovely day:

Join over a thousand attendees coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert for a four-day post-apocalyptic festival.  Set up camp at our wasteland compound, surrounded by specially-built sets.  Costumes are required and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged.  Live for four days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies and other post-apocalyptic films and games, beyond the grip of so-called civilization.

There’s everything from live bands, stunt performers, fire dancers, burlesque shows, circus acts and some kind of “post-apocalyptic bloodsport of the future” called Jugger. Plus there are tons of crazy vehicles on display and cruising around.

The bad news is Wasteland Weekend already happened back in September for 2016, but it’ll be back next year. So get your chrome spray paint ready and get someone to witness you. Thanks to GeeksAreSexy for bringing this to our attention.

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20 Oct 02:27

"Netflix has offered hefty raises, sometimes double, over many mid-level employees’ salaries if they join the company"

by (John)
Tara Flynn, a rising star in show development at TV studio Fox 21, walked into her boss’s office in August to announce she was leaving for a job at Netflix Inc.
Her boss said she was under contract, and Flynn replied that she wasn’t asking permission, according to people familiar with the conversation. She had little to lose. Netflix said her contract wasn’t enforceable in California, and promised to cover any legal fees, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

Flynn’s departure is just one of the latest examples of Netflix’s aggressive hiring as it builds its own empire.


Parent company 21st Century Fox Inc. took its grievances a step further, suing Netflix last month for allegedly encouraging Flynn and a film marketing executives to break their contracts. “Netflix is defiantly flouting the law by soliciting and inducing employees to break their contracts,” the media company said in its statement. “We intend to seek all available remedies to enforce our rights and hold Netflix accountable for its wrongful behavior.” Netflix declined to comment on the suit. Flynn referred questions to Netflix.

While Hollywood relies on fixed-term contracts, they aren’t enforceable, Netflix has said. The company wants to set a precedent that it can take employees from other companies -- if those employees want to leave.
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Lands End Coupon: 50% Off 1 Item Including Sale Items: Men's Full Body Neoprene Westsuit $65, Women's from $55, More + Free Shipping over $50

by daisybeetle
Lands End Coupon: 50% Off 1 Item Including Sale Items: Men's Full Body Neoprene Westsuit $65, Women's from $55, More + Free Shipping over $50

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Some examples:[LIST][*]Men's Full Body Neoprene Westsuit (Deep Sea) $64.99 (pictured)
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Groupon: Additional Savings for Any Local Deal 20% Off & More

by Cric8
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Assassin’s Creed’s Second Trailer Gets Deeper Into The Past And Present

by Patrick Dane

Meh. Disappointed. I thought this was going to be cool. I hate the future angle.

As promised, here is our second trailer for the Assassin’s Creed movie.

This one goes into the action, story and iconography a lot more from the series, and I dig the look of this. (I will say, I’m not super into the tyopraphy of the graphics, but that is obviously a pretty big nit-pick.)

Not much more to say other than that. Take a look right here:

Assassin’s Creed’s Second Trailer Gets Deeper Into The Past And Present

18 Oct 17:00

Cool Stuff: Olly Moss’ Harry Potter Posters Are Beautiful

by Peter Sciretta

Olly Moss Harry Potter Posters

In collaboration with Pottermore, artist Olly Moss is releasing seven officially licensed Harry Potter posters in a timed-edition. Last year Moss worked on a set of new Harry Potter books, giving the covers a new minimalistic look. This set of Olly Moss Harry Potter posters is being released in a timed-edition, , which means any Harry Potter fan that wants them (and has the cash) can own them. Find out more details, after the jump.

Olly Moss Harry Potter Poster Prints Set

olly moss harry potter poster chamber of secrets olly moss harry potter posters philosophers stone olly moss harry potter poster prisoner of azkaban olly moss harry potter poster goblet of fire olly moss harry potter poster order of the phoenix olly moss harry potter poster half-blood prince olly moss harry potter poster deathly hallows

These Olly Moss Harry Potter posters are beautiful, and while I’m a fan of the series I’m not sure I have the wall space to dedicate to all seven of these prints. I might end up buying a print of my favorite, Prisoner of Azkaban. Although I think these prints would look best on a wall in a set of at least three, like Moss’ Star Wars trilogy.

We’ve featured a lot of Moss’ art over the years, from his work on the Lost art show to his now classic Star Wars trilogy set and much more. The demand for the artist’s pop culture prints has grown as he has been away for a couple of years, working on the video game Overwatch.

Moss has revealed that these posters were one of his pitches for the book covers: “I actually pitched like five different approaches. Hoping to share the whole original pitch one day, just waiting for permission.”

As for why they are being released as giclee’s and not screenprints, Moss offered the following reason: “I thought about it, but managing an unknown number of orders, across seven prints, each probably needing at least eight screens, would just be a logistical nightmare.”

Moss chose to release the prints in a timed edition to give regular Harry Potter fans a chance to own them: “That is honestly my thinking behind the long timed edition. Just want these to go to Potter fans who don’t necessarily have their finger on the button of the print world.”

The art is also being used exclusively as the covers for the Harry Potter audio books in Germany.

How do you buy them? Head on over to Olly Moss’ website, where all of the prints are available $50 separately or as a set for $275. The prints are sized 16×24″ and hand-numbered. This is a timed edition that will be on sale until 3 pm BST on Monday, October 25th, 2016. Because this is a timed edition and production is based on the volume of orders, they won’t be able to start shipping these posters for two or three months. The earlier you order, the earlier your prints will ship. Orders of 4 or more prints will be shipped flat.

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17 Oct 13:34

THE WALKING DEAD Renewed For Eighth Season

The zombie drama shambles on.
17 Oct 20:09

Uber Coupon for Additional Savings: Next Ride $20 Off

by sjc83
Uber Coupon for Additional Savings: Next Ride  $20 Off

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Uber offers $20 Off your next Uber Ride w/ promo code uberadl16. Thanks sjc83

Note, expires December 31, 2016.
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Glow-in-the-dark Chuck Taylor All Star II Moon

by (John)

The Chuck Taylor All Star II Moon "features a digital moon print and werewolf footbed graphic atop a glow-in-the-dark outsole. It has added comfort through a micro mesh liner and Nike Lunarlon insole."