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28 Apr 18:25

Bill Nye Explains the Science Behind ‘Stranger Things’ and Other Popular Netflix Shows

by Ethan Anderton

Bill Nye Explains Stranger Things

In case you haven’t heard, Bill Nye the Science Guy is back with his own new show on Netflix. Bill Nye Saves the World has the scientist hosting a show where he brings in experts and famous guests into his lab to discuss scientific issues that impact our lives. The first season focuses on topics like climate change, alternative medicine, and video games from a scientific point of view as well as refuting myths and anti-scientific claims.

If you’re looking for a taste of the show, some new promos feature Bill Nye breaking down the science of Stranger Things and a couple of Netflix’s other recently popular shows.

Watch as Bill Nye explains Stranger Things and more below.

Though Bill Nye was a popular TV figure for children of the 90s, it appears that this recent show is facing some harsh criticism, even from those who have enjoyed Bill Nye in recent years in his online videos and various other television appearances. Some of the complaints appear to be those who have maybe outgrown Bill Nye’s TV personality, while others just don’t connect with show’s format and style veering from what Nye is best at. It probably wasn’t best to give it a title that’s more than a little hyperbolic, but I digress.

Still, these promos are fun, and not unlike the advertisement for the new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that features the show’s characters poking fun at Stranger Things. Netflix certainly knows how to pull of some solid cross-promotion.

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28 Apr 18:23

10 Years Later, ‘The Host’ is Still One of the Greatest Monster Movies Ever Made

by Karen Han

This is a phenomenal movie. I bought it I liked it so much.
Let me know if you want to watch it.

the host 10 years later

When The Host was first released, it broke box office records in South Korea, and received critical acclaim upon its festival and stateside debut. It’s been a decade since then, and in the intervening years, the movie’s reputation as a masterpiece has only solidified.

Directed by Bong Joon-ho (Memories of Murder, Mother, and more recently Snowpiercer), the film centers on a family thrown into chaos after a monster emerges from the Han River and kidnaps its youngest member. It’s a monster movie, a family movie, a tragedy, a comedy, and a sociopolitical commentary; its elements should be at war with each other, but instead, they coalesce into a remarkable whole. A decade after release, it’s better than ever.

Meeting the Monster

Bong Joon-ho seems to have an affinity for monsters, particularly when it comes to subverting the usual conventions in putting them up on screen. The biggest divergence from genre conventions occurs less than 15 minutes into the film. Instead of coming after a belabored build-up, the reveal of the monster is the first act’s opener: the creature appears on the banks of the Han River in broad daylight and immediately begins eating every human in its sight. It’s a horrifying sequence, from the shot of hands grappling desperately with the chained doors of a shipping crate as blood streams out onto the concrete beneath, to the way the monster labors in swallowing bodies. But the most harrowing part isn’t the carnage the monster wreaks. Instead, it’s the simple revelation of our hero having grabbed the wrong hand.

the host 6

Family Matters

There’s a lot packed into The Host. The monster, of course, dominated the marketing. Then there’s the fact that the very first scene in the movie, in which an American military staffer orders his assistant to pour out 200 bottles of formaldehyde into a drain leading to the river, is based on real events (though they didn’t result in a monster), and the portrayal of American diplomats as either incompetent or willfully destructive. It’s a movie that could be dissected any number of ways, but there’s one core to all the layers: the family.

We follow along with three generations of the Park family. There’s Hee-bong (Byun Hee-bong), who runs a small snack shop by the river with his son, Gang-du (Song Kang-ho), while his daughter Nam-joo (Bae Doona) competes in archery and his other son Nam-il (Park Hae-il) tries to sort out his life after having graduated from college. All of them dote on Gang-du’s daughter Hyun-seo (Go Ah-sung), who seems to be the sharpest out of all of them despite only being in middle school. Though the movie has about as many branches as its monster has tails, it still pays a remarkable attention to detail, and there’s not a single end left dangling. It’s this level of detail that immediately ties us to the family, which in turn makes the scene on the riverbank devastating despite how early it happens in the film.

As the monster continues to wreck the riverside park, Gang-du spots Hyun-seo and grabs her hand in order to keep her with him as they run for their lives. In the chaos, he trips. The camera follows the movement of his arm as he fumbles in the grass to take Hyun-seo’s hand again. When he does, he resumes running, but slowly, the camera pans back to reveal that the hand he’s holding doesn’t belong to his daughter, but to another young girl. Hyun-seo’s still trying to get to her feet behind him, and then, within the next second, she’s gone.

Again, this works as an opening gambit, not just because we now know what the stakes are, but because we’ve already been made to care. We’ve seen Gang-du walking behind Hyun-seo and holding up her backpack even as the straps are still around her arms, just to save her from carrying the weight. There’s the empty ramen bowl he’s been using as a piggybank, too, as he tells her he’s been saving up to buy her a new cellphone; we see him cradling it in numb silence in the immediate aftermath of the attack. This sort of detail also manifests in one of the movie’s funniest — and most upsetting — scenes. As the family gathers in front of the memorial that’s been set up for the victims of the monster’s attack, their sheer emotions cause them to collapse, deteriorating into wailing and writhing as a pack of paparazzi close in. Even through the grief, Hee-bong can be seen trying to pull down Nam-joo’s shirt in a bid to preserve some of his daughter’s dignity.

the host 4

The Comedic and the Tragic

One of the most remarked-upon aspects of The Host is the balancing act it pulls off between comedy and tragedy. Much like the bulk of Park Chan-wook’s work, or (for my money) one of last year’s best films, Na Hong-jin’s The WailingThe Host finds humor in what seem like the bleakest of situations, from the memorial scene to the fact that Gang-du is utterly out of his depth when it comes to dealing with the tragedy that’s befallen them. There’s something idiotic about the image of him running behind a truck as it sprays disinfectant in an attempt to keep himself free of the supposed virus that the monster is carrying, but the explanation for it makes laughter a little harder to muster up. He’s trying to keep himself from infecting his daughter if/when they find her.

The film’s score underlines the thin genre line that the movie treads (the truck scene is scored by music that could have come out of a Ghibli film, given how well it conveys a sense of adventure). It hits all of the usual adventure/horror movie beats, but it seems to be less about building up tension through use but making it more obvious when it drops out. The warmest and the most horrific moments are both set to silence. The Host kills off two of its principal cast (and this is a spoiler, if you haven’t seen the movie yet), and both scenes use silence to drive the emotion home. The first time the family confronts the monster, Gang-du tosses his father a rifle that he says has one bullet left. Hee-bong goes down to the riverbank to finish off the creature, but as it comes charging down the path and he pulls the trigger, there’s silence. Gang-du has miscounted. That silence persists as Hee-bong turns around; there’s no panic in his face, just a sort of acceptance as he waves to his children to keep running. It’s a sickening lack of noise, particularly as the next sound we hear is the monster mowing Hee-bong down, killing him instantly. In a wrenching parallel, the blocking and editing of the sequence is copied at the end of the film when Gang-du confronts the monster himself, just after pulling his daughter’s dead body from the monster’s maw.

That Hyun-seo doesn’t survive is a shock, not least because the whole movie centers on her attempted rescue. It reflects Bong’s refusal to take the easy way out, grounding fantastical stories through inherently human — and sometimes difficult — details. For instance, the last scene of the whole family together is a fantasy rather than a reality. They sit around a small table to eat in near-darkness, with a hole in their midst now that Hyun-seo’s been taken. But as they eat in silence, she materializes between them. There are no words exchanged, no statements made — quietly, they feed her, fix her hair, treat the idea of her just as they would if she were really there. It’s a last respite. There’s nothing else so supernatural in the movie — even the monster is explained away — but it still fits (no pun intended) like a dream.


Other Creatures

The themes of family and monsters are common in Bong Joon-ho’s work. Generally speaking, the same could probably be said for most directors, but there’s no one else who can mix and subvert genres so deftly. Mother, released in 2009, is maybe the best of his other works. It tells the story of an old woman trying to prove her son’s innocence after he’s supposedly tricked into confessing to a murder. It’s a masterpiece in bringing a small-town drama up to near-gothic heights as, again, no detail goes forgotten, with the movie tying itself into a neat circle that’s just as likely to tear you apart as satisfy. How this will work out with Bong’s upcoming feature, Okja, remains to be seen, but what we already know about the movie promises great things. At its core, it seems to be the story of a girl and her monster, but what we know of the forces pursuing her (corporate greed and the perpetual question of coexistence between man and nature — even the monster in The Host is just trying to survive) and the images we’ve seen from the set so far suggest that it may hew closer to The Host in terms of variety in scale and the themes it addresses.

the host 3

A River, a Family, and a Monster

That The Host still occupies such a prominent space in the pantheon of monster movies — let alone movies in general — is an impressive feat. But it’s with good reason. It’s a film that reaches sublime heights with seemingly incompatible parts, skipping through different genres while keeping a single idea at its center. It’s also aged well; arguably the only thing that really dates it are the cell phones. The monster is still terrifying, though it plays second fiddle to the themes of growing up, losing a parent or a child, and moving on. Much like its monster, The Host is a mutation, and while parts of it are grotesque, it’s ultimately a beautiful creature.

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28 Apr 15:36

"Japanese Wrestling Photos That Look Photoshopped, But Aren't"

by (John)

So good.

27 Apr 19:32

Big Trouble in Little China Board Game available for preorder

by (John)


27 Apr 17:50

M Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’ Sequel Will Be Titled ‘Glass’, Coming In 2019

by Peter Sciretta


M Night Shyamalan has announced that Universal Pictures will release his next film, an Unbreakable sequel titled Glass, on January 18, 2019. Hit the jump for more info including returning cast/characters.

The filmmaker revealed the news in a stream of updates on Twitter this morning.

Okay. Here we go. Finished the new script. It’s taken 17 years but I can finally answer the #1 question I get, “Are you making a f#&@ing sequel to Unbreakable or what?” My new film is the sequel to #Unbreakable AND #Split. It was always my dream to have both films collide in this third film. The iconic Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn. The incomparable Samuel L Jackson will return as Elijah Price/Mr. Glass. The virtuoso James McAvoy returns as Kevin Wendell Crumb, Patricia, Dennis, Hedwig, Barry, Jade, Orwell, The Beast, Heinrich, Norma, Pol-And the prodigy, Anya Taylor Joy will return as Casey Cooke. I’m reteaming with my partners Jason Blum and Universal Pictures for this crazy comic book thriller.And the film is called GLASS… Universal Pictures will release #Glass on January 18, 2019 all over the world. How’s that for not keeping a secret!

I have to admit, Glass is a fucking awesome title for an Unbreakable sequel. I’m a huge fan of the original movie and had all but given up hope for Unbreakable 2 until earlier this year when it was revealed Shyamalan was working to make it happen. Of course, the big reveal came (spoiler alert, highlight to reveal) in the ending of Split, which revealed that both films took place in the same universe.

An Unbreakable sequel has been talked about for the last seventeen years with star Bruce Willis initially flaming the fires with the hopes for a trilogy of Unbreakable films. Touchstone Pictures originally turned down the idea for a sequel because of the film’s poor box office performance, but the movie developed a huge fandom on home video.

After the very successful release of Split, Shyamalan expressed hope for a third installment, saying:

“I hope [a third Unbreakable film happens]. The answer is yes. I’m just such a wimp sometimes. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I go off in my room, a week after this film opens, to write the script. But I’m going to start writing. [I have] a really robust outline, which is pretty intricate. But now the standards for my outlines are higher. I need to know I’ve won already. I’m almost there but I’m not quite there.”

Recently Shyamalan discussed what’s possibly become of David and Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson):

My thought bubble would be—again don’t hold me to this—but Elijah never got out of the institution. He was just a guy who believed this, but David doesn’t quite 100% believe it that way, he just thinks that he is particularly meant to do this and is kind of faded a little bit. Like this idea of comic books that Elijah was saying the comic book world is based on reality, that it’s real—there’s no other evidence for this. It’s this crazy guy who has this bone disorder who’s in an insane asylum. But then this comes up and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, he’s right.’

Shyamalan has also said that the Unbreakable sequel “needs to have its own idea.”

“The high concept of that final movie can’t be, ‘It’s the final Unbreakable.’ There has to be something about that that makes it its own movie… That’s when I’ll be happiest, is when it’s its own movie. In a way, it could be watched by itself.”

Shyamalan has also said that his outline for the Unbreakable sequel is his longest outline yet, admitting the film needs to be “kind of epic.”

It’s also interesting to note that Universal Pictures and not Disney’s Touchtone Pictures will be distributing the sequel. What do you think of the Unbreakable sequel title? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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27 Apr 17:48

Parents Built Their Autistic Son a Mini-Blockbuster Video After the Local Rental Store Closed

by Ethan Anderton

Blockbuster Video

Believe it or not there are still some Blockbuster Video locations that are still open for business. Pretty much all of them are located in Alaska, but there were a couple still open in Texas. Sadly, one of the locations in The Lone Star State closed recently, and that was very bad news for one loyal customer.

Hector Zuniga is a 20-year old autistic man who lives in Sharyland, Texas, and part of his all-important routine was going to one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video stores there at least twice a week. This kind of consistency is very important to someone on the autism spectrum and any disruption to their routine can be a big problem for them. In this case, Zuniga was heartbroken, inconsolable even when his local Blockbuster Video closed. But his parents came up with a wonderful, touching solution to make him feel better.

Fox 31 Denver (via Uproxx) called our attention to this post on Twitter from Hector Zuniga’s brother:

After one final trip to the store, Hector’s parents created a Blockbuster Video in their home, complete with signs from the store and all his favorite movies on the rack. All of his favorites, including Elmo in Grouchland, Veggie Tales, Rugrats and more were on the shelf for him to pick from.

Even though Hector his non-verbal, his brother indicated that he was smiling, clapping and laughing when the mini-Blockbuster was unveiled. No, I’m not crying. Someone just turned the sprinkler on in my house.

If you’d like to learn about another uplifting tale involving an autistic boy being moved by the power of movies, you can watch the documentary Life, Animated for free on Amazon Prime Video right now. The movie appeared on our Top 15 Movies of 2016 that were voted on by the entire /Film staff, and it’s one of the most moving documentaries I’ve seen recently.

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27 Apr 17:47

‘American Gods’ Primer: Why You Should Be Excited For Starz’s New Fantasy Series

by Vanessa Bogart

american gods primer

A storm is coming. The gods are restless. The battle between the past and the future is upon us.

The longanticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods is finally landing on April 30, 2017 on Starz and it’s about damn time. This best-selling fantasy story has been brought to life by series co-creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller, geek royalty who is no stranger to macabre humor and mind-bending visual storytelling (Hannibal and Pushing Daisies, anyone?). The pedigree of fellow showrunner Michael Green (fresh off co-writing Logan), the involvement of Gaiman himself, and a cast ordained by the gods ensures that both book readers and newcomers have a wild ride ahead.

American Gods is a twist on the gritty fantasy genre that forces its characters to live in a moral grey area – it’s certainly going to appeal to Game of Thrones fans. Taking a story about a war brewing between supernatural beings and turning it into a culturally relevant story about modern day America, American Gods manages to feel real and makes fantasy almost relatable…before slapping you across the face with a big dose of man-eating goddesses and angry hammer wielding eastern European boogeymen.

If you’re not convinced to give this series a shot…well, that’s why I’m here. Let’s break down everything you need to know.

[NOTE: This article is written from the perspective of an avid fan of the book. There will be no direct show spoilers.]

american gods opening titles

This is Not Your Typical Fantasy

Spoiler alert: there are gods. Lots of them. Mythology-based, sacrificed-to, eat-your-heart, worshipped-for-centuries, gods. While this story won’t feature any battles on Mount Olympus, there is a war brewing…but think more backwoods America and less Westeros. The gods of myth and religion in American Gods are, for lack of a better word, real. They wear normal, albeit sometimes eccentric clothes, they have to make a living, and they lead normal lives, no matter how many goats and virgins were bled in their names. Most of these gods have been in America for centuries, carried over by the immigrants to the new world, and they have long since traded in their theatrics.

Don’t mistake “normal” lives for boring, though. American Gods is still a fantasy story, and super-cool, super-weird things happen, even without dragons and orcs. What makes this story so unique and different from traditional fantasy is its mundane setting. Gaiman manages to build an elaborate network of gods and conflict right in the middle of America’s heartland, hidden from our view. The path to meet these gods and learn about their conflict is more “twisted buddy road” trip and less Fellowship of the Ring. The setting is familiar, so it’s the characters who make this story fantastical. Think of this otherworldly battle as a gang turf war, but the gangs are all-powerful deities and the turf is the whole of America…and none of its citizens even remotely aware of what is going on.

american gods primer 1

The Old Gods and the New Gods

American Gods is all about a competition of relevance. We can divide the cast into two categories of gods: the old gods, brought over in the hearts and traditions of those who have come to America over the centuries, and the new gods, created by the ideas that the modern American culture values most, like money, celebrity, technology, and media. Gods are brought to life and destroyed based on the fervor and passion of their followers. If people stop worshipping a god and stop passing down the traditions that honor them, that god dies.

The opposite is also true. When a group of people put a lot of love, thought, and value into an idea, that idea can evolve into a deity. In modern day America, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t pray to the powers-that-be every time the buffering ring of death appears on whatever YouTube video is viral that day. Beyond the internet and TV, think of how much passion is behind the pro-gun movement. Over the last 16 years, while American Gods has sat comfortably on our shelves, social media has ignited passion in things that go beyond “pro” and “against,” teetering into the realm of need and would-kill-for. With the addition of a “god of guns,” the show’s New Gods will reflect the obsessions of 2017, expanding the original concept from the novel.

American Gods is not with out its humor and irony. Without the pomp and circumstance that their homelands hold, many of these gods and folk tales have gone from god-like to, well, your immigrant grandmother that likes to talk about the “old country.” However, instead of her home village sauce recipe, she is talking about all the blood that used to be sacrificed in her name. Take for instance, a group of Egyptian gods still getting their organ fix by running a funeral home in Illinois, or Mad Sweeny (Pablo Schrieber), a foul mouthed leprechaun that can throw back a drink and has a proficiency for gold coin tricks, or Czernobog (Peter Stormare), an eastern european god that is as excited talking about the old days of bashing brains with his giant hammer as an aging former football player talking about his best touchdown passes.

Continue Reading American Gods Primer >>

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27 Apr 17:38

Attention, Bros: THE BOONDOCK SAINTS Is Coming To Television

by Scott Wampler

Bro, are you ready for this, bro?


27 Apr 13:55

Why is Chael Sonnen fighting Wanderlei Silva? 'The American Gangster' has a top-10 list

by MMAjunkie Staff

Filed under: Bellator, Featured, News

Why is Chael Sonnen fighting Wanderlei Silva? Oh, let him count the ways.

Years after UFC officials first tried to book the fighters for a bout after serving as coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3,” Bellator recently got the matchup done.

Sonnen (29-14-1 MMA, 0-1 BMMA) and Silva (35-12-1 MMA, 5-7 UFC) headline Bellator NYC on June 24 at Madison Square Garden in New York. The pay-per-view card immediately follows Bellator 180, which airs on Spike following prelims on MMAjunkie, as part of a doubleheader day.


Classic Chael Sonnen back at 'Bellator: NYC' press conference, compares Wanderlei Silva to shoe

Sonnen, who fights for the first time since a submission loss to Tito Ortiz in January (he discusses the bout above), is in a 1-4 skid stretching back to 2012. During that time, the 40-year-old “American Gangster” failed drug tests, briefly retired from MMA, parted ways with the UFC, signed with Bellator, and decided to fight again.

The Ortiz fight, which came after a layoff of more than three years, could’ve marked a one-and-done return to professional fighting. But Sonnen, who famously tangled with Silva on the “TUF: Brazil 3” set, never got the fight due to injuries and drug-testing issues, and he’s clearly anxious to get the grudge match done.

So, why do it now? Sonnen debuted his top-10 list on Twitter overnight – and perhaps it’s clear why he took up MMA instead of standup comedy:

For more on Bellator NYC and Bellator 180, check out the MMA Rumors section of the site.

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26 Apr 17:48

Ok I think I have this figured out! I use #salaciouscrumb for...

Ok I think I have this figured out! I use #salaciouscrumb for the shot of Wild Turkey and then chase it down with a 40 oz. of O.E. in #jabbathehutt . Thank god it’s Friday! @beelinecreative #geekitikis #starwars #tikimug

26 Apr 14:23

$425 jeans with fake mud stains at Nordstrom

by (John)

People are stupid.

"Heavily distressed medium-blue denim jeans in a comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged, Americana workwear that's seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty."
26 Apr 14:20

NC Dinos hat

by (John)

Google Translate says:
NC Dynos will be hosting the home game against KT Wiz on April 27 at Changwon Masan Baseball Stadium. It is going to be with 800 people of the naval base of Jinhae base which is defending the Korean sea by succeeding the spirit of chief ministry.

NC's Chief of Staff, Yi Sun-day, is celebrating his spirit with baseball fans on April 28 (Lunar March 8), the birthday of General Yi Sun-shin, .

On this day, each gate of the baseball court welcomed fans of traditional cosplayers, and 22 large flags that symbolized the military flag at the time of the Japanese Invasion of Korea, were displayed on the stands.

Before the game, the navy patriotic stage performance was presented to fans who visited the stadium, and Chungmugo Yi Sun-hyeon Choi Dong-gyu and Seong-hyun take on the city, and Yoon Yong-ik, Jinhae Base Command Vocal Bottleneck Kim Hyun-woong invites national anthem and wishes victory.

The NC athletes wear a new 'Orphan uniform'. Following the last year 's uniform, which was the motif of' Jung - gap ', this time, I changed the motif of' Turtle Ship '. The most characteristic feature of Turtle Ship 's' Yongdu 'was emblazoned on the front of the hat as a logo, and the hexagonal pattern on the turtle ship' s shoulder pattern was engraved. The NC DINOS logo on the front of the uniform containing the Lanzhou Diary diary and the phrase "Mortal death" is also available on this uniform.

Authentic cheongjum uniforms and hats can be pre-ordered at the Masan Baseball Hall's Authentic Shop and NC Online Shop ( From April 25th to May 7th, you will receive your first order, and from May 12th, orderly. Both athlete marking and free marking are available, and you can get a 10% discount at the time of purchase with a hat during the first booking period.

NC Dynorus Kim Myung Sik, the managing director, said, "It is an honor to be able to honor the spirit of Yi Sun-shin, the pride of Gyeongnam and the pride of the ROK, the Navy. Masan baseball field is transformed to feel the atmosphere at that time, and athletes wear another cheonggum uniform last year. Fans will be able to experience a different baseball at the Masan Baseball Stadium on this day.
25 Apr 18:32

(UPDATED) A Proper Spy Movie: Here’s The Trailer For KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE

by Phil Nobile Jr.

Behold the delightful sights and sounds contained within.


21 Apr 20:31

Avoiding My Own Hurt Locker With ‘Bomb Squad Academy’

by Gavin Sheehan

Bomb Squad Academy
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BC Rating

Throughout my time on this earth I’ve taken a few electronics courses and discovered something about myself: I hate working with circuitry. I understand it and can talk to you about it, but there’s something about it that’s unappealing to me. I can’t put my finger on it, ask me again in five years and we’ll see if I’ve been able to reflect on it. What I do know is that a lot of developers over the years have tried to incorporate that kind of tech into games when it comes to in-game bombs and have mostly failed. Some get it a little right, but most everyone boils it down to “cut a wire” and call it good. There’s a lot more to that kind of stuff, which Systemic Games has been happy to show you in their game Bomb Squad Academy.

credit//Systemic Games
credit//Systemic Games

The premise of the game is more educational than action-packed thriller. This is not another version of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, there is no competition, there is no co-op, there are no silly games. What this game entails is teaching you the basics of electronics in real life as they’re applied fake bombs that. You will learn an array of items such as logic gates, capacitors, timers, pulse generators and more. Each course will teach you the basics of each component and then throw you into situations where you will learn how to defuse a bomb with those techniques applied.

credit//Systemic Games
credit//Systemic Games

Now to be clear before you get all excited, no, this does not teach you how to make a bomb. Nor will it ever teach you real bomb defusal. What this is, at least from my viewpoint as someone who has touched this stuff, is a year’s worth of electronics courses taught in high school or college boiled down to the most basic concepts and presented in a manner where you can learn what these elements do and how to control them. Then it takes those elements and puts it into a much more fun environment that’s challenging by having you defuse a bomb with a mixture of lessons you’ve already learned and a few extra surprises.

credit//Systemic Games
credit//Systemic Games

I kinda wish Bomb Squad Academy existed way back when I was learning, because there are three areas we had to study over for six weeks when I was learning it, and this game boiled it all down to a 20-minute lesson with practical applications. This is a game you should be playing in a technology class and then taking a test afterward. The best area for me was the XOR Gate course, which I know for a fact a lot of people still don’t understand the concept of or can rationalize why anyone would use those.

credit//Systemic Games
credit//Systemic Games

The graphics and the presentation are pretty simple. Everything is laid out as a regular display with changing panels, the background is designed like generic packages or sticks of dynamite, they don’t really need anything else to it. The music can be soothing or nerve-wracking, specially when that countdown clock keeps beeping down. There’s no achievement system for the game, it has it’s own in-game checklist as you complete challenges and learn lessons, but that’s all you really need from this. The bombs do go off and there’s a white light and explosions sound when you screw up, which is essentially humiliation in a nutshell.

credit//Systemic Games
credit//Systemic Games

Bomb Squad Academy is an alright game, the reason we’re giving it high marks is because it’s actually educational and we’d highly recommend it to people who are just getting into tech construction and electronics. There’s no grand master course work here, and we’re not saying you’ll learn everything you need to know, but it will help make some of the early things you learn about make sense. About the only thing holding it back is that it’s too short and there’s no random bomb challenges. Nor is there any system to construct your own challenges or try ones made online, which would have been the best feature to have on this kind of game. I recommend giving it a shot when you have a moment.

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Avoiding My Own Hurt Locker With ‘Bomb Squad Academy’

21 Apr 19:57

Cards Against Humanity: Base Game $12.50, Exploding Kittens $10 + $5 Flat-Rate S/H

by SalParadise78
Cards Against Humanity: Base Game $12.50, Exploding Kittens  $10 + $5 Flat-Rate S/H

Thumb Score: +108
Woot has a few Games on sale as listed below. Shipping is $5 flat-rate. Thanks SalParadise78[LIST][*]Cards Against Humanity $12.49[*]Cards Against Humanity 2nd Expansion $3.99
21 Apr 17:30

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter $12.50 + Free Shipping

by munzdeals92
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter  $12.50 + Free Shipping

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I sculpted a little #yoda garden gnome to put in our zen Dagobah...

I sculpted a little #yoda garden gnome to put in our zen Dagobah garden. Hopefully none of the many hummingbirds or parrots we get will poop on his head of he’ll force choke the living crap outta those rascals! #starwars #starwarsart #sculpture

20 Apr 21:57

THE BAD BATCH Gets A New Pulsating Trailer

by Evan Saathoff

This looks wild.
Very Mad Max.

You can dance to the apocalypse.


20 Apr 21:28

There's Finally an Update on the Movie Version of Mark Millar's Time-Traveling Comic Chrononauts

by Germain Lussier

Before Mark Millar’s Chrononauts was even released in 2015, the comic had already been tapped for a movie adaptation. However, as is so often the case these days, the updates stopped there. Fast-forward to today and there is finally some movement on the project.


20 Apr 21:03

Star Lord’s Walkman with Headphones – Retro Recordable Player

by Conner Flynn
Marvel Comics Star Lord’s Walkman with Headphones

Be just like Peter Quill and carry Star Lord’s Walkman with Headphones – Retro Recordable Player everywhere for whenever you need some rocking tunes. It is not technically a Walkman since it has been updated with more modern technology. You can connect your phone or [...]

20 Apr 19:40

Zimmer will be third term “mayor” in Hoboken

by hoboken411

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Zimmer will be third term “mayor” in Hoboken “You get what you deserve” is the term. And all those who buy into the (entirely BS) “feel good” garbage coming out of the current (two-term)...

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20 Apr 18:09

‘American Assassin’ Trailer: Michael Keaton Trains Dylan O’Brien to Take Out Terrorists

by Ethan Anderton

I love me a good revenge film.

American Assassin Trailer

If you watched American Sniper and thought they weren’t patriotic enough in their depiction of Americans taking down terrorism, there’s another overtly American movie on the way, and we know that, because the word American is in the title. America.

American Assassin is based on Vince Flynn’s novel of the same name, introducing the recurring character of Mitch Rapp. With several books featuring the character, Mitch Rapp is a seasoned counter-terrorism operative who was first recruited unofficially by the CIA before being brought on board the agency officially later in his career. But American Assassin gives us the origin of this aggressive operative (played by The Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien) who has an axe to grind against radical terrorists who were responsible for killing his girlfriend.

Watch the American Assassin trailer below.

The first half of this trailer plays like some kind of dramatic parody. I honestly couldn’t believe how cliche the opening moments are, with an agency superior listing off Mitch Rapp’s rap sheet of tragedies and disciplinary problems. Then we get to see how angry this guy is at terrorists for killing his girlfriend.

Thankfully, the movie takes a somewhat more interesting turn by having Mitch Rapp get some real training from Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton). This is also a rather cliche element of the movie, but the presence of Michael Keaton makes it feel a little less hokey than it otherwise might.

Strangely, this feels like a movie that Mark Wahlberg would have starred in if he was a little bit younger. Dylan O’Brien certainly fits the bill, even if he looks a little too young for this kind of role, even when he has the typical, grizzled depression beard. But O’Brien proved that he has some decent action chops in The Maze Runner, so this might suit him well.

American Assassin, directed by Michael Cuesta (‘Kill the Messenger’) follows the rise of Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien), a CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton). The pair is then enlisted by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy (Sanaa Lathan) to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on both military and civilian targets. Together the three discover a pattern in the violence leading them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent (Shiva Negar) to stop a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch) intent on starting a World War in the Middle East.

American Assassin hits theaters early this fall on September 15.

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/Answers: The Best Television Episodes of All Time

by /Film Staff

breaking bad ozymandias

Every week in /Answers, we attempt to answer a new pop culture-related question. This week’s edition asks “What is your favorite television episode of all time?” As always, we have submissions from the /Film writing crew and podcast team, along with a special guest. This week, we are joined by The Leftovers and Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof.

If you’d like to share your favorite TV episode, please send your thoughts to for a chance to be featured on the site. Find our favorite episodes below!

Damon Lindelof: “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” M*A*S*H

I feel like there’s so many [shows] that have incredible sticking power, but the first thing that popped into my head when you asked the question was M*A*S*H finale. That made a massive impression on me when I saw it for the first time. I felt like I was watching something incredibly adult, and I was still a kid. I was also watching something at the same time that 60 million other human beings were watching it. I had a very profound experience watching that episode, and every time I’ve revisited it over the years, it takes me back to exactly what I was wearing and what I was eating, and where I was sitting in my childhood living room when it was on.

Is that the best episode of television ever? Who knows. But all I can do is answer the question you asked, in terms of what my mind immediately leapt to. There’s a bunch. In the modern era, I think the greatest single episode of television produced is probably the “Ozymandias” episode of Breaking Bad. I sat there watching it, and when it was over I couldn’t move for, like, five minutes. It was just staggering.

Hoai-Tran Bui: “Zuko Alone,” Avatar: The Last Airbender

Antiheroes are a dime a dozen in today’s pop culture landscape, as are their obligatory redemption arcs. But try as many shows might, they will rarely best the character development of Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. That’s right, a Nickelodeon animated series does character work better than your favorite cable prestige drama. And that pristine character work is fully realized in the breakout season 2 standalone episode, “Zuko Alone.”

In an episode that forgoes the main protagonists in favor of the show’s resident villain-turned-antihero, “Zuko Alone” is a miraculous homage to iconic “ronin” films like Yojimbo and A Fistful of Dollars, condensed into a 25-minute episode. The episode follows Zuko after he has parted ways with his wise, tea-drinking uncle, in an attempt to make it on his own as the disgraced outcast prince of the Fire Nation. He runs into a poor boy being terrorized by Earth Kingdom military thugs and — in an uncharacteristic moment of chivalry — decides to help him and the village under the sway of the brutal soldiers. What follows is your classic antihero grappling with identity, the horrors of war and poverty, intercut with flashbacks to Zuko’s unhappy upbringing alongside his psychotic sister. But brief moments of nobility and compassion thanks to the kindness of his mother in his past are reflected in Zuko’s own journey of self-discovery, as he clumsily tries to do good by the villagers.

It’s the bitter ending of the episode that sets this episode apart from other “lone noble warrior” stories, however. Backed into a corner, Zuko ends up revealing and reveling in his identity as the crown prince of the Fire Nation, the object of both the villagers’ and the soldiers’ hatred. He’s cast out again, despite his small, baby steps toward doing a good deed, and hurt, he retreats back into his proud, antihero shell. The episode is a fantastic piece of storytelling and character work, and while “Zuko Alone” does nothing new, it does it with such aplomb that it deserves to be ranked up there with the movies it pays homage to.

Ben Pearson: “Ozymandias,” Breaking Bad

I think Breaking Bad is the greatest television show of all time, so naturally my pick for this category is the best episode of that show: “Ozymandias,” the third-to-last episode of the show’s five season run. As great as the pilot is, I think “Ozymandias” is the best hour of television I’ve ever seen. Directed by Rian Johnson and written by Moira Walley-Beckett, it contains the heart-wrenching murder of a major character, the gorgeous cinematography the series was known for, and an absolute masterclass in tension with a knife fight sequence that still gets my heart racing just by thinking about it.

Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston deliver titanic performances here (they both won Emmys for their work in this episode), and the scene in which Cranston’s Walter White drives away with his daughter Holly as Gunn’s Skyler screams in despair is one of the most guttural, powerful things I’ve seen on any screen, big or small. It’s the culmination of years’ worth of secrets and lies, all coming to a head as the show speeds into its finale. It’s riveting, breathtaking television, and in a show full of fantastic episodes, this is the pinnacle of its achievements.

Jacob Hall: “Once More With Feeling,” Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Once More With Feeling” isn’t the best episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it employs a cute gimmick where the entire story is presented as a musical. It’s the best episode of the series because creator, showrunner, writer, and director Joss Whedon uses that gimmick to actually push the season’s larger plot in incredible directions, taking advantage of the song-and-dance format to let characters bare their souls and have the kinds of conversations they’d normally avoid. It’s a spectacularly entertaining break from format that refuses to be a monster-of-the-week episode – everything that occurs here hurts and lingers and matters.

In true Buffy fashion, there’s a malevolent reason for everyone suddenly breaking into song. A demon named Sweet has arrived in Sunnydale and his mere presence causes the population to break into song and dance, singing their darkest truths, sharing lovely romantic ballads with their partners, and getting all Busy Berkeley over mustard stains. Some people literally burst into flames after singing and dancing too much, so naturally, it’s up to Buffy and her crew to deal with the problem. While some members of the cast are much better at singing and dancing than the others, that’s part of the charm. Even the less talented singers throw themselves into each scene with gusto, as if they were, you know, compelled to do so by a supernatural force.

And while those songs are great and the series’ trademark wit and winking camp are on full display, it’s the final scenes that seal the deal here. Whedon uses this very silly, potentially gimmicky episode to finally deal with the ramifications of the fifth season finale and the season six premiere. Only through song can Buffy be honest with her friends about what they’ve done to her and what she has gone through. It’s heartbreaking and catchy and bold and yeah, this is the best hour of TV ever made.

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The ‘Deadwood’ Movie Script is Ready, Says Ian McShane

by Jacob Hall


deadwood movie

When Deadwood, one of the greatest television shows of all time, was cut down in its prime following a spectacular third season and a melancholy finale, fans took comfort in the knowledge that a series of TV movies were apparently on the way to tie up loose ends and give the series a proper send-off. Thanks to regime change at HBO, those sequel movies never happened. However, those who were enthralled by David Milch‘s dusty, profane, and poetic western series have kept hope alive – maybe it will come back. Someday.

Now, according to series star Ian McShane, the blueprint for TV movie follow-up has been finished. It’s all in the hands of HBO.

Speaking with TV Line, McShane (who stars in Starz’s upcoming American Gods series) explained that Milch has turned in a screenplay and that the ball is officially in the network’s court:

[A] two-hour movie script has been delivered to HBO. If they don’t deliver [a finished product], blame them. […] I’ll be seeing him for lunch [soon]. We’d all love to do it… It would be nice to see all of the old gang again

It’s been over a decade since Deadwood stumbled into the sunset (riding off would be too elegant for a show so steeped in human flaws), and it feels like we’ve gotten wind of this movie project every year or so. Every time, it’s more of the same: the right pieces need to come together. Earlier this year, HBO’s Casey Bloys explained that the script was being written and he hadn’t seen anything yet:

David Milch is still writing. I believe he’s writing a Deadwood movie that I have not read. When it’s ready we will take a look at it.

And here we are. The script is apparently ready. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing good news from Bloys soon enough.

If you’re eager to know what could happen in the film, you could always research the real Deadwood. While the show diverged from history when necessary, the broad strokes were always intact. In fact, history itself has a suggestion for what the movie could be about! A major fire destroyed much of the town in 1879, forcing many of the citizens to leave and find better lives elsewhere. That would make for one hell of way to conclude the entire story, sending these characters out in a literal blaze of glory.

In the meantime, Milch is keeping busy with HBO: he’s reportedly collaborating on the third season of True Detective.

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20 Apr 18:01

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 3 Trailer: Kimmy Goes to College, Titus Goes Full ‘Lemonade’

by Ethan Anderton

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 Trailer

Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) has come a long way since being rescued from a crazy cult that tricked her into living in an underground bunker for 15 years. She learned a whole lot about the world in the first season of her show, dealt with some of the issues that she buried deep within her mind in the second season, and now for the upcoming third season, she’s setting out to make something of herself by going to college.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is returning to Netflix in May with an all-new season, and the latest trailer for the series from 30 Rock executive producers Robert Carlock and Tina Fey promises plenty more silliness. Plus, we’ll also get the return of several prominent guest stars, including Jon Hamm as Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, and Fred Armisen as Robert Durst.

Watch the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 trailer below.

We only get a hint of what it will be like to see the naive, happy-go-lucky Kimmy Schmidt in college, but you just know that the experience is going to throw her for a loop. But the more pressing matter is Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne wanting a divorce, because we didn’t even have any idea that they were married. There’s a chance that Kimmy didn’t know either, considering how shocked she was at this revelation at the end of the second season, so perhaps we’ll find out how that came about in one of the many flashbacks we get throughout each season.

Meanwhile, Titus (played by Titus Burgess) is dealing with a bit of jealousy when he sees another man hanging out at his boyfriend Mikey’s house. Though he insists that he’s not overreacting, an entire musical sequence dedicated to recreating Beyonce’s acclaimed Lemonade indicates otherwise. More than likely, it will all be a big misunderstanding. Plus, Lillian (Carol Kane) will be breaking up with Robert Durst this season. We’re not sure what Jacqueline White (Jane Krakowski) will be up to, but it will probably be elite and white.

As usual, this season will be filled with some outstanding guest stars. This season will see the return of Anna Camp, Mike Carlsen, Josh Charles, David Cross, Tina Fey and Amy Sedaris while new guest stars will include Laura Dern, Daveed Diggs, Rachel Dratch, Ray Liotta, Andrea Martin and Maya Rudolph.

Here’s the official, vague synopsis for the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, debuting on May 19.

In the Season 3 premiere, Kimmy finds herself in an unfamiliar position with the Reverend back in her life. Titus returns from his cruise and auditions for an exciting new role. Lillian has to break up with her boyfriend Robert Durst.

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2017 Summer Movie Preview: 25 Wide Releases We’re Excited to See

by /Film Staff

This summer looks awful.

2017 summer movie preview

The summer season is almost upon us and you know what that means: movies are about to get bigger, louder, and more expensive. And, if we’re lucky, they’ll also be pretty great!

The /Film team examined the list of every single major wide release (our indie and streaming preview arrives next week) hitting theaters this summer and argued, debated, and occasionally agreed on which 25 movies we’re most looking forward to watching over the coming months. The staff then voted, ranking them from “movies we want to see” to “movies we want to see right now.” So here’s our 2017 summer movie preview, which features superheroes, evil dolls, talking cars, pirates, sharks, dead strippers, World War II, and so much more.

Annabelle Creation Trailer

25. Annabelle: Creation

Release Date: August 11

Director: David F. Sandberg

Cast: Talitha Bateman, Stephanie Sigman, Anthony LaPaglia, and Miranda Otto.

Synopsis: A dollmaker and his wife open their home to a nun and a group of young children after the local orphanage has been closed. And wouldn’t you know it: the dollmaker’s evil creation decides to come to life and make things a living hell for everyone involved.

Why We’re Excited: The first Annabelle was a spin-off from James Wan’s The Conjuring, taking the evil doll introduced in that film’s prologue and giving her a solo outing and origin story. And now, we’re getting an origin story for that origin story! Weird set-up aside, Annabelle: Creation looks like a self-contained horror tale with plenty of chills, bumps in the night, and yes, jump scares. The draw here is director David F. Sandberg, whose Lights Out was as technically precise and visually intense as any mainstream horror movie in recent memory. This should make for a great time at the movies. (Jacob Hall)

[Watch the Trailer]

cars 3 story

24. Cars 3

Release Date: June 16

Director: Brian Fee

Cast: Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Armie Hammer, Nathan Fillion, Larry the Cable Guy, Kerry Washington, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shalhoub, John Ratzenberger, Lea DeLaria, Margo Martindale, Chris Cooper, Isaiah Whitlock Jr. and more.

Synopsis: Lightning McQueen isn’t the young, fast car he used to be. Recovering from a nasty accident during a big race, Lightning McQueen must go back to the roots of racing in order to get his drive back if he has any chance of defeating Jackson Storm, a new, advanced racer who is dominating the track.

Why We’re Excited: Even though Cars isn’t among our favorite Pixar movies, there’s something about the teaser trailer for Cars 3 that makes this one feel different. With a story that feels a lot like an underdog sports drama in the vein of Rocky Balboa or The Wrestler, this sequel appears to have the kind of heart that has mostly been missing from the Cars franchise. If there’s anybody who can figure out how to crack a good story, it’s Pixar, and it seems like they have something to prove this time. (Ethan Anderton)

[Watch the Trailer]

transformers the last knight trailer

23. Transformers: The Last Knight

Release Date: June 23

Director: Michael Bay

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Jerrod Carmichael, Isabela Moner and Santiago Cabrera

Synopsis: Once again, humans are warring with the Transformers, but this time, Optimus Prime has gone rogue. Naturally, it’s up to Mark Wahlberg and Bumblebee to save the day.

Why We’re Excited: Sure, the Transformers franchise has been diminishing returns since the original film came out a decade ago (has it really been that long?), and this latest installment looks like more of a mess than Dark of the Moon. But I personally believe that any film directed by Michael Bay is worth experiencing on the big screen, and this film was the first to be shot with IMAX 3D digital cameras. Unlike other filmmakers, Bay isn’t afraid to push his use of 3D and that alone is worth my visit to the multiplex. I’m personally more interested in the mythology/King Arthur side of this story than I am the Terminator-inspired post-apocalyptic half of the film. (Peter Sciretta)

[Watch the Trailer]

captain underpants trailer

22. Captain Underpants

Release Date: June 2

Director: David Soren

Cast: Ed Helms, Kevin Hart, Nick Kroll, Thomas Middleditch, Jordan Peeleand Kristen Schaal

Synopsis: Dav Pikley’s bestselling book series come to big screen, with two students hypnotizing their tyrannical principal into thinking he’s a superhero named Captain Underpants.

Why We’re Excited: Tired of superheroes? Not too excited about this summer’s handful of comic book movies? Then does DreamWorks have the hero for you: Captain Underpants (voiced by Ed Helms). Based on Dav Pilkey’s books, this superhero’s origin story isn’t like everyone else’s. He gets hypnotized by two young best friends (voiced by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch) and then becomes their not-so-mighty comic book creation. With how many tortured and conflicted superheroes there are up on the big screen these days, every once in a while we need a hero as immature as this one. The trailer has some good laughs, too. Hardly surprising, though, considering Nicholas Stoller, the director behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Neighbors, wrote the film. (Jack Giroux)

[Watch the Trailer]

King Arthur Legend of the Sword Trailer - Charlie Hunnam

21. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Release Date: May 12

Director: Guy Ritchie

Cast: Charlie Hunman, Jude Law, Eric Bana, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, and Aiden Gillen.

Synopsis: After his father is murdered and his crown stolen from him by his uncle Vortigen, Arthur grows up on the streets of Londinium, unaware of his birthright. But when he pulls the sword Excalibur from the stone, he’s faced with his destiny and must choose whether to unite the Resistance and take down his tyrant uncle.

Why We’re Excited: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword looks at first like another cursory “modern update” of a folklore legend à la Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood — all grit and gore, and ultimately joyless. But King Arthur could have some hidden depths. Director Guy Ritchie pleasantly surprised us with his last film, 2015’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a sleek and stylish romp of a movie that was, above all, fun. And Charlie Hunnam has been on the up after his impressive turn as real-life explorer Percy Fawcett in The Lost City of Z, potentially lending more range to the role of King Arthur than just a brooding brow and a handsome face. (Hoai-Tran Bui)

[Watch the Trailer]

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales TV Spot

20. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Release Date: May 26

Director: Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg

Cast: Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, Kevin R. McNally, Golshifteh Farahani, David Wenham, Stephen Graham and Geoffrey Rush

Synopsis: Johnny Depp is back as Captain Jack Sparrow for the fifth time and once again, he has an undead pirate trying to kill him. This time, it’s Captain Salazar and our plucky, lucky pirate captain will have to make use of his wits (and some old friends and new allies) to stay alive.

Why We’re Excited: I saw this film at CinemaCon this year and it’s better than the last two installments of the franchise. Why should you be excited? It’s directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, who directed the Oscar-nominated film Kon-Tiki. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is a pleasant surprise. Even though none of us were asking for another Pirates movie, I think most fans of the franchise will be happy we got this one. What makes this new Pirates movie good is that they went back to the roots of the series and concentrate on the characters we love and their legacies. The main villain’s story is intimately tied to Captain Jack Sparrow’s past and the central MacGuffin that everyone is chasing has very personal stakes for the characters involved. The result is a more heartfelt adventure that you actually care about. Dead Men Tell No Tales doesn’t worry about building a trilogy of films (there is no cliffhanger) and takes the time to tell its own story on its own terms. (Peter Sciretta)

[Watch the Trailer]

47 meters down

19. 47 Meters Down

Release Date: June 16

Director: Johannes Roberts

Cast: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, and Matthew Modine

Synopsis: Two sisters, vacationing in Mexico, are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean, with less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby.

Why We’re Excited: I’m always a fan of contained stories like Buried that challenge the screenwriter and filmmaker by placing our hero in the most ridiculous possible situation. Coming off of last year’s The Shallows, which was a fun shark thriller, I’m more apt to give this movie a chance. Is there a big chance this will suck? Yes. Is there a chance it could be fun reguardless? Of course. (Peter Sciretta)

[Watch the Trailer]

Rough Night Trailer

18. Rough Night

Release Date: June 16

Director: Lucia Aniello

Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Illana Glazer, Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz, and Jillian Bell

Synopsis: A wild bachelorette party weekend goes wrong when the women accidentally kill a male stripper.

Why We’re Excited: Dead female strippers have appeared in pop culture so often that it’s become an eye-rolling trope, but this movie finally flips the script. Plus, did you see that cast list? ScarJo headlining her first outright comedy would be an occasion for celebration on its own, but the fact that she’s backed up by these awesome ladies in front of the camera and some Broad City vets behind it is just icing on the cake. (Keep an eye on that cake – a stripper might jump out.) (Ben Pearson)

[Watch the Trailer]

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20 Apr 16:46

HBO’s Making FAHRENHEIT 451 With Michael Shannon And Michael B. Jordan

by Scott Wampler

"It was a pleasure to burn."


20 Apr 16:34

Shake Shack In Hoboken? Zoning Board Denies Building Proposal

by Eric Kiefer


The Hoboken Zoning Board denied a plan that would allegedly have brought a mixed-use building – and Shake Shack - to Washington Street.
19 Apr 20:33

Awesome Mix Vol 2 Includes ELO, Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison… And David Hasselhoff

by Dan Wickline

Very solid.

When Guardians of the Galaxy hit in 2014, a classic rock soundtrack, Awesome Mix Vol 1, was released as well with songs that appeared in the film. It was party of the story, a mix tape the Peter Quill got from his mom. She gave him another on her death bed, but one he only found at the end of the film. So what is on the Awesome Mix Vol 2? Now we know, with the new film on it’s way and the album being released on April 21st. The list shown below includes: Sweet, Fleetwood Mac, Silver, Cat Stevens, Parliament, ELO, George Harrison, Glen Campbell and what might be the biggest surprise… The Sheepers with David Hasselhoff.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 premieres May 5th.


Awesome Mix Vol 2 Includes ELO, Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison… And David Hasselhoff

19 Apr 20:31

Watch The Trailer For Marvel’s Take On Romeo And Juliet, Cloak And Dagger, On Freeform In 2018

by Jude Terror


Marvel has just released the trailer for Cloak and Dagger, the television adaptation of the classic comic book property due out in 2018 on Freeform. Cloak And Dagger reportedly has an order for a ten episode first season, and Freeform is hoping it will be its first big hit to connect with its millennial target audience. Secret Life of Bees director Gina Prince-Bythewood is set to direct, and Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph star in the title roles. The show will focus on a romance between the titular characters, rather than a friendship as in the comics, with a Disney exec Mark Endemano comparing it to Romeo & Juliet.

Check out the trailer below:

Watch The Trailer For Marvel’s Take On Romeo And Juliet, Cloak And Dagger, On Freeform In 2018