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30 Jun 18:00

A Plethora Of Punny Tattoos

by Zeon Santos

(Image Link)

People get tattooed for all kinds of reasons, including a love of art and as a , but those brave folk who get ink to entertain others are truly heroes. Funny tattoos come in many forms, but for my money the best kind of funny tattoo is a punny tattoo.

Punny tattoos are the ultimate in visual gag body art, a silly play on words or an idiom brought to life through design, and punny tattoo people are likely to become the life of the party!

Here's a collection of Tough, Raunchy (but totally SFW) and Just Plain Punny tattoos-

The Tough Tats-

Just because a tattoo is punny doesn't mean it loses all tough guy/gal appeal, there's plenty of room for wordplay and wickedness in a punny tattoo.

If you already spend your days pitying fools and buying giant gold chains then you might as well take Mr. Tea along for the ride.

(Image Link)

Scumbags and solid citizens alike will adore this Dead Beet tattoo, which is only to be worn by the proudly punny.

(Image Link)

Are you a buff baker? There's an incredibly punny tattoo for that!

(Image Link)

Looking for an excuse to threaten people with a punch in the mouth? Get yourself a knuckle sandwich tattoo and let 'em eat knuck!

(Image Link)

Although you might have to spell out the joke for some people.

(Image Link)

Tough guys can be funny too, and if you're nice to them they'll lay two tickets to the gun show on ya!

(Image Link)

BFFs in both life and death can get a pair of punny tattoos that show off their dark sense of humor.

(Image Link)

If you're looking to elicit nervous laughter from people tell them you have eyes on the back of your head, then turn around and prove it!

(Image Link)

You may outgrow the Care Bears, but you never outgrow the Hug Life.

(Image Link)

The California Raisins were supposed to be retired, but as it turns out they've been secretly raisin' hell with their new heavy metal group Withered Grapes.

(Image Link)

The Raunchy-

Raunchy tattoos are a body ink fan favorite, and when you add the punny things get even more interesting.

If this is what people mean by "getting a booty call" then I'm gonna start answering those calls!

(Image Link)

Those who are thinking about getting a tramp stamp may want to consider using Tramp from the Disney feature instead of a "trampy" design.

(Image Link)

The term "camel toe" is generally considered vulgar, but when it's made literal then it becomes just plain punny!

(Image Link)

Beware of people who proudly refer to themselves as "muff divers", because they tend to swim through some pretty murky waters...

(Image Link)

Just Plain Punny-

Punny tattoos don't have to be tough or raunchy, they just have to make people laugh with a silly visual statement, and you gotta appreciate the timeless appeal of a finely crafted pun.

Punny tattoos are great conversation pieces, and might make you look a bit more tasteful.

(Image Link)

Punny and slightly disturbing, now that's another way to start a fun conversation about your favorite movie star!

(Image Link)

A gal who knows she's the bees knees might consider getting a punny and pretty tattoo on her legs.

(Image Link)

This woman fancied herself up and brought the funny, all at the same time!

(Image Link)

If you're constantly being told that you're a cutie pie then why not make it official with a tat?

(Image Link)

Tattooing a six pack onto your abs is a great shortcut that will definitely serve up the smiles, but he could have chosen a better brand of beer?

(Image Link)

She's got the whole world at her feet, and now she has to take off her shoes every time she wants to share her punny ink!

(Image Link)

It's easy to whip your punny ink into shape when you combine a skinny dog and DEVO song lyrics.

(Image Link)

Lots of women have very similar looking dandelion tattoos, but it's easy to break the mold with a punny tat!

(Image Link)

Making the best of a bad situation and eliciting laughs? Now that's a great reason to get a funny tattoo!

(Image Link)

Do you keep forgetting what those plates on the front of your knees are called? Get a punny tattoo and never forget!

(Image Link)

Feeling a bit lost as you wander through life? Commemorate your confusion with a fish out of water tattoo!

(Image Link)

Punny tattoos are great because they give those who see them something to taco 'bout.

(Image Link)

They're also a delicious way to end conversations without saying a word.

(Image Link)

Punny tattoos can also be quite tasteful, like this heaping pile of funny.

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And as far as tattoos are concerned nothing says olive you like a punny tattoo!

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So if you're thinking about getting a tattoo you might want to consider going the punny route with your design, unless you hate making people smile...

01 Jul 21:00

USA Challenges Japan to a Giant Robot Duel

by Miss Cellania

Some robotics companies build robots for scientific and technical research. Others build them for specific purposes, like factory tasks. MegaBots, Inc. builds them for bragging rights. What do you need a giant robot for? To fight other giant robots! Duh, don’t you ever watch movies or read comic books?

(YouTube link)

Anyway, world reputation is on the line. Megabots has a giant robot called the Mark 2. Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Japan has the giant robot Kuratas. If the challenge is answered, we may see both of them destroy each other in about a year. Read more about the giant robots at Jalopnik. -via Viral Viral Videos  

02 Jul 03:00

The Ice Cream Juggler

by John Farrier

(Video Link)

Visit this Cold Stone Creamery in Doha, Qatar, and you’ll get a tasty treat and a show! Watch the server flick a scoop of ice cream around like he’s telekinetic. I’ll take a double scoop of chocolate, please.

-via 22 Words

01 Jul 21:47

Watch: Creed Trailer

by Staff

I mean I like them all.

Also, is that Mrs. Huxtable??

28 Jun 11:30

Video: Watch Dana White scare the crap out of a sleepy Matt Serra

by MMAjunkie Staff

Instagram Photo

Life pro tip: Don’t fall asleep in a car when Dana White is a fellow occupant.

The UFC President Dana White had some fun with former UFC welterweight champion and current trainer Matt Serra, and he posted video proof (via Instagram).

A word of warning: White’s harsh wakeup call elicits some strong language – and a world-class mean-mug – from Serra.

While UFC Fight Night 70 took place in Hollywood, Fla., on Saturday, White was apparently focused on another project. Earlier this month, the UFC executive said he was developing a new reality series with Serra, who quit fighting in 2010 and officially retired in 2013, and longtime friend Nick “The Tooth” Gall. White said filming would begin this weekend.

White offered few details about the series but suggested it would be shopped to TV networks (and wouldn’t be carried by UFC Fight Pass, the UFC’s digital streaming service).

White, of course, is no stranger to travel-related pranks. In early 2014, former boxing champ Mike Tyson forced White to give us his seat on a private plane – and then took a marker to White’s forehead while he was sleeping:

Instagram Photo

For more on the UFC’s upcoming schedule, stay tuned to the UFC Rumors section of the site.

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01 Jul 17:00

First Real ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Image Shows Bruce Campbell Ready for Battle

by Russ Fischer


Bruce Campbell in Ash vs Evil Dead

So far the images we’ve seen from Sam Raimi‘s new TV series Ash vs Evil Dead have been either title treatments like the one above, or extreme close-ups that reveal little, or behind the scenes shots. Now there’s an actual shot of Bruce Campbell as Ash, along with two of his new co-stars. Check it the shot of Bruce Campbell in Ash vs Evil Dead, complete with chainsaw and blue shirt, below.

EW has this shot:


That’s definitely Ash, right down the blue shirt. We know he’s still working as a stock boy, and that he’s still kind of a dope, and evidently Ash’s inability to change extends right down to his choice of clothes.

Asked about Ash’s life since we last saw him in Army of Darkness, Campbell says,

He was perfectly happy doing basically nothing: telling lies about how he lost his hand in bars late at night. That was basically his MO. So, he’s not really the guy who should be dealing with this right now. But…he is. He’s our guy!

The star/producer also has something interesting to say about the structure of this show overall:

It’s The Searchers with carnage and mayhem. I’m relegated a little bit into the John Wayne mode these days with my team—the young, virile, evil fighters who will pair up with Ash and take on this nemesis: this never ending, ever evolving nemesis.

Two of those young fighters are pictured above with Campbell. They are two Value Stop employees who work alongside Ash before he lets the evil out once again: Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana Delorenzo).

We’ll learn more when Ash vs Evil Dead airs on Starz later this year. Here’s the official text on the show:

Campbell will be reprising his role as Ash, the stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons –personal and literal. Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its “Evil” grip.

The cast is led by Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”) in the role of Ash Williams, Lucy Lawless (“Salem,” “Spartacus”) as Ruby a mysterious figure who believes Ash is the cause of the Evil outbreaks, Ray Santiago (“Touch,” Meet the Fockers) as Pablo Simon Bolivar, an idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash’s loyal sidekick, Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) as Kelly Maxwell, a moody wild child trying to outrun her past and Jill Marie Jones (“Sleepy Hollow”) as Amanda Fisher, a disgraced Michigan State Trooper set to find our anti-hero Ash and prove his responsibility in the grisly murder of her partner.

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04 Jun 00:00

Thank You, Captain Obvious

by John Farrier

So good.

(Photo: unknown)

You’ve been a big help—far more so than General Knowledge, Major Damage, and Corporal Punishment. May you one day earn a promotion, despite the loss of a perfect punchline.

-via Pleated Jeans

27 Jun 07:00

Few Things Say "Pure Joy" Like this Bear in a Swimming Pool

by Lisa Marcus

YouTube Link

This adorable brown bear named Bruiser jumps into a swimming pool with gusto in this footage. His delight in the cool dip is wholly evident in both his expression and body language. Bruiser enjoys daily swims where he resides at Single Vision Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida. Via Mandatory

29 Jun 00:00

The Differences Between Then And Now, Illustrated

by Zeon Santos

(Image Link)

There’s a lot of talk these days about how things used to be, how we lived before computers and the internet became integral parts of our lives and how the new generation compares to the old.

But these differences may not sink in until they’re put into a visual context, relayed in an easy to digest way that succinctly expresses the way it feels to have lived then and now.

(Image Link)

Bored Panda asked users to submit comics and images that show the Differences Between Now And Then, revealing why (in their words) "the world has changed for the worse".

Readers have already submitted over 40 of their favorite comics, most of which are worthy of a head nod and a "yep!", and all are sure to entertain your eyeballs with their delightful doodles!

(Image Link)

30 Jun 13:00

What Those Lights On Your Dashboard Really Mean

by Zeon Santos

All the doors are open you idiot.

Don’tcha hate it when some new symbol appears on your dashboard display while you’re driving along, representing a new problem with your car that needs to be taken care of ASAP.

Most of us are used to seeing the symbols for low fuel and fasten your seatbelt light up, but what about those weird symbols that don’t seem to make any sense on their own?

Here’s a handy illustrated guide that reveals what your car is trying to tell you with all those dashboard symbols, so you can ramble on down the road secure in the fact that you don't have a battery issue- you just have a drunk robot in your trunk!

-Via Dave

25 Jun 17:00

Get Two Times Your RDA Of Tom Hardy As He Plays Twin Gangsters In The ‘Legend’ Trailer

by Penn Collins

The last time we checked in on Tom Hardy, he was in a post-apocalyptic desert, runnin’ around and doin’ stuff. Now he’s back in 1960’s London asa suave, celebrity gangster. Oh, and there are two of him now. In the upcoming Legend, Hardy plays noted gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray as they rise through London’s underworld to success.

Here’s the first full length trailer:

This one looks like it could stack up pretty well. Legends is written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who won an Oscar for his screenwriting on L.A. Confidential, so there’s tons of promise there as well. Legends hits theaters October 2nd.

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26 Jun 17:51

Someone Submitted The Plot Of ‘The Room’ To A Newspaper Advice Column

by Wookie Johnson


While it is already been established that what they say is that love is blind, sometimes the heart needs a little more guidance. That’s why some super-genius submitted the plot of The Room to the advice column of Toronto’s The Star. I’m so glad they got a published response.

I recently overheard my future wife telling her friend about being unfaithful to me.
When confronted, she said that she couldn’t talk right now.

Also, she recently told some people that I hit her, but it’s untrue. I’m not sure why she’s been acting like this lately.

She did just find out that her mother has breast cancer, so that might play a role in her behaviour.

We always find time to make love, so I don’t know why she’d seek it from someone else.
I love her so much, and I don’t know that I could go on without her.

Tearing Me Apart

Columnist Ellie Tesher has really got Lisa’s number, and was thankfully able to help before this atomic bomb went off.

She’s creating drama, perhaps to offset the one that scares her most — her mother’s breast cancer.
But it’s unfair to turn the drama against you.

She may have cheated, or she may have invented that story, just as she did about you hitting her.

Confront her pain. Tell her you know she’s worried about her mom, and you want to be there for her. But you can’t do this if she pushes you away.

And that’s what she’s doing, through her stories, which are hurting both your reputations.

It remains unknown if Tommy Wiseau plans to sue whoever posted this for copyright infringement. (Reddit)


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29 Jun 11:00

Gallery 1988’s 30th Anniversary Artwork Tribute Show to ‘Clue’ is To Die For

by Ethan Anderton

Gallery 1988 Clue artwork

This year marks the anniversary of several movies, including the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, the 40th anniversary of Jaws and the 25th anniversary of Gremlins 2: The New Batch. But there’s another film that may not be quite as celebrated, but deserves to be honored for its 30th anniversary this year: the murder mystery comedy Clue.

Based on the classic board game of the same name, the film brings to life the strange and perplexing murder mystery that keeps getting worse as the stormy night carries on. If there’s one piece of evidence to show that adapting a board game into a movie can work, it’s Clue. And Gallery 1988 is paying tribute to the movie with a collection of fantastic, original artwork. Check out the Gallery 1988 Clue artwork after the jump!

Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988 Clue - Gallery 1988

Clue isn’t even one of my favorite movies, though I think it doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as it should, but I would love to have several of these pieces framed on my wall. The above pieces are just our favorites, and you’ll find that there’s dozens more for you to check out at the official Gallery 1988 website right here. Some of them are actually sculptures or 3D wall pieces.

Personally, my favorite prints are the bookshelf with all the weapons on it that looks like a skull and the ornate paying card with everyone’s face on it. But I will say that the 3D sculpture with the magnifying glass and weapons embedded in the bloody, transparent block is a great piece of work too.

If you like any of the pieces you see above, or want to see what other prints are available, these are all for sale over at Gallery 1988’s website right now. Some of them are already sold out, so you better act fast if you’re a big Clue fan. There’s no better way to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, unless there’s a screening happening in your area.

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29 Jun 19:30

‘I Am Chris Farley’ Trailer: A Funny and Tearful Look Back at the Comedian’s Life and Legacy

by Ethan Anderton

Chris Farley documentary trailer

There are far too many great talents who have left us all too soon. Fame can be hard to tame, and its satisfaction can sometimes only last so long until you’re looking for other outlets, like drugs or alcohol, to keep that emotional and mental high going. Such was the success and ultimate tragedy of Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Farley.

Now the life and legacy of the late comedy star is examined in a new documentary called I Am Chris Farley, featuring interviews with those who knew him best. Fellow SNL stars like Mike Myers and Adam Sandler chime in, comedians like Bob Odenkirk and Bob Saget reminisce, and his best friend and frequent co-star David Spade has plenty to say too. If you’re a fan of Farley, this one is going to be tough to watch without shedding a tear or two.

Watch the Chris Farley documentary trailer after the jump!

Here’s the trailer for I Am Chris Farley, originally from BuzzFeed:

The trailer starts light, recalling all the hilarity that Farley brought to Saturday Night Live with characters like Matt Foley, motivation speaker and his heart attack-having Superfan. Jay Mohr, Christina Applegate and Tom Arnold provide insight into his greatness and the energy you felt whenever he was around.

But then we get into the serious stuff. Other SNL alums like Dan Aykroyd talk about the difficult of dealing with the level of fame that Farley attended in such a short period of time. Bob Odenkirk talks about the pressure that Farley felt to be the life of the party and be funny all the time. Things get really personal with insight from his brother Kevin Farley too, and even Lorne Michaels makes an appearance to talk about the comic he discovered from Wisconsin.

Eerily like John Belushi before him, Farley fell victim to the spotlight, and we lost a great comedic talent who could have continued to do great things. I Am Chris Farley looks like it will be a touching, bittersweet reflection on the hurricane of hilarity that was Chris Farley, complete with never before seen footage from Second City and other performances, featuring the actor doing what he does best.

I Am Chris Farley hits limited theaters on July 31st and VOD and DVD on August 11th.

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29 Jun 01:00

Apparently Marvel Has Met With BOARDWALK EMPIRE'S Vincent Piazza About A Role


This kid is from Villanova.

Marvel might just be lining up an exciting new addition to either their movie or TV universes. Latino Review reports that Vincent Piazza has taken a meeting with the studio, and because they're hearing "rumblings of a reunion", it's possible he's set to join former Boardwalk Empire cast-mate Charlie Cox on season 2 of Netflix's Daredevil. Obviously that may not be the case as Marvel has countless new projects in the pipeline, but if it is Daredevil, who could he play? Well Jason Statham recently stepped away from the Bullseye role so that's a possibility. There's also every chance he could play a new mob boss, or someone with ties to Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle perhaps? Of course this meeting may come to nothing, but if Marvel is interested in Piazza, what role do you think suits him best?
28 Jun 23:12

Steven Matz's grandfather is the greatest Mets fan ever

by Eric Simon

This is how you celebrate, folks.

In his first big league at-bat, Steven Matz drove in two runs with a double. In his second at-bat he hit a single. In his third at-bat, he knocked in another two runs with a single, after which the SNY broadcast cut to Matz's grandfather, who reacted like this:

Which is roughly how I reacted as well.

Here's a bonus video of Matz's two-run double.

Your browser does not support iframes.
25 Jun 21:26

"It’s Pee, Not Just Chlorine, That Irritates Eyes in the Pool"

by (John)
And pools’ “chlorine” smell isn’t actually the chlorine either. The stronger a pool’s scent, the more it is filled with pee, poop, sweat and dirt, says the CDC. “Healthy pools...don’t have a strong chemical smell.”
28 Jun 03:10

Bocce Ball - Stainless Steel Set from Williams Sonoma $7.96 plus tax and shipping

by 120 Minute Man
Bocce Ball - Stainless Steel Set from Williams Sonoma $7.96 plus tax and shipping

Thumb Score: +96
Williams-Sonoma has their Bocce Ball Set w/ Carrying Case (Stainless Steel) on sale for $7.96. Shipping starts at $5 and increases slightly when ordering greater quantities, or shipping is free on orders $49+ w/ coupon code SHIP4FREE. Thanks 120 Minute Man

Deal Editor's Notes & Price Research: This set includes eight traditional stainless-steel bocce balls (3" diameter), a white resin ball (1.5" diameter), measuring jack, and a canvas case. If you experience any difficulties during checkout you may want to try w/ another browser. johnny_miller
23 Jun 04:00

“Rugby War Goddess” Breaks Nose, Hearts

by John Farrier

(Image: USA Sevens Rugby)

This is Georgia Page, an Australian student who plays rugby for Lindenwood University in Missouri. She’s a tough, savage competitor. She broke her nose during a match against Notre Dame, but still went on to tackle two other playersbefore a referee ordered her off the field to seek medical attention. Here’s the play:

(Video Link)

As you might expect, the scene sent hearts aflutter and inspired many marriage proposals. In an interview with Lost Letterman, Page explained that her action should not be surprising. It's typical of the Australian tradition:

Because rugby isn’t a popular sport here, I think Americans see rugby players as this ideal of human toughness. Is it typical for this type of injury to happen to someone and they just want to stay in the game? Have you seen this happen before?

There’s two types. People do still lay down and not get up, you know what I mean? [But] often I see the majority of people that play rugby, professionally at least, that have banged up faces and split eyes get up and keep playing. It’s just what rugby players do. […]

What do you think of the “Rugby War Goddess” nickname? Will you embrace it?

[Laughs] Every time I read it I have a laugh to myself. It’s really funny, but I guess I’m stuck with it now.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

20 Jun 19:00

“Kids, You Tried Your Best and You Failed Miserably. The Lesson Is Never Try”: Parenting Advice from Homer Simpson

by John Farrier

Since 1987, Homer Simpson has been one of the most prolific images of fatherhood in American pop culture. He's a very . . . well, he's a dad. And we see that a lot during the show. He frequently bestows his wisdom to his children, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. For Father's Day, Debby Witt rounded up Homer's best explanations of parenting and adult life, such as these:

“No, no, no, Lisa. If adults don’t like their jobs, they don’t go on strike. They just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American Way.”

“Marge, don’t discourage the boy! Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals! Except the weasel.”

“The key to parenting is don’t overthink it. Because overthinking leads to … what were talking about?”

22 Jun 09:00

Twelve Geeky Things You Can't Unsee

by Zeon Santos

When articles posted online talk about “things you can’t unsee” they’re usually referring to images that are disturbing, heartbreaking or downright gross, but lucky for you this list of “cannot unsee” images won’t keep you up at night.

(Image Link)

No, this is simply a collection of geeky pics meant to create some “whaaaa?!” moments and elicit a few laughs, and contains absolutely no seriousness or soul wrenching depravity whatsoever.

(Image Link)

You will, however, be exposed to a dozen totally dorky things that will change the way you think about the pop culture symbols (sex and otherwise) you see regularly.

That's how the can't unsee factor embeds itself in your brain, forever making you see Johnny Bravo when you look at the Mockingjay.

(Image Link)

See 12 Things That Can Never Be Unseen at Dorkly

24 Jun 07:00

New Payment Options at the Neighborhood Shop

by John Farrier

Internet prankster Obvious Plant has a new sign that will give the store’s cashiers a little surprise. Except, of course, for the secret Illuminati handshake. Just complete that transaction quickly and discreetly.

NeatoShop pro tip: we accept Open Mouth Kisses as a form of payment from our valued customers, as well as for refunds.

23 Jun 20:07

Dwayne Johnson To Star In ‘Rampage’ Based On Classic Arcade Game

by The Movie God


Earlier this month we found out that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was set to star in a remake of John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China.

Now comes word that Johnson will also be starring in Rampage, a movie adaptation of the classic arcade game of the same name. Exact plot details for the movie haven't been shared yet, but the game sees you wreaking havoc on a city as one of three monsters---a very King Kong-like gorilla, a very Godzilla-like lizard, and a giant werewolf---so you can probably get a decent idea of where they're going with it just based on that. [...]

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23 Jun 12:55

Life Is Good For The Employees Of EA Sports

by laricchia

Working for EA Sports is the ultimate dream job for anyone that loves sports and playing video games. After taking a quick look around their Canadian office you will see that everyone gets down to business, but they also manage to have a good time while doing it.

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17 Jun 17:00

‘Turbo Kid’ Trailer and Release Date: Sundance Crowdpleaser Races Into Theaters This Summer

by Angie Han

Turbo Kid

Hot on the heels of Mad Max: Fury Road, here comes a different Mad Max-inspired adventure. Epic Pictures Group has set a summer release date for Turbo Kid, a Sundance Film Festival crowdpleaser that looks tailor-made for fans of ’80s action. And to get the word out, they’ve released a colorful new full-length trailer as well. Check out the new Turbo Kid trailer, and get release details, after the jump. 

Epic Pictures Group has announced it will put Turbo Kid in theaters and on VOD August 28, bringing a jolt of energy to an otherwise sleepy weekend. Other films opening that weekend include the EDM drama We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron, and Alejandro Amenábar’s thriller Regression starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson.

Directed by Anouk Whissell, François Simard, and Yoann-Karl Whissell, Turbo Kid is a coming-of-age tale unfolding in a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic 1997. An orphaned kid (Munro Chambers) sets out across the Wasteland on his BMX bike out to look for his best friend (Laurence Leboeuf) after she’s kidnapped by an evil warlord (Michael Ironside).

Peter caught the film at Sundance and was quite taken with it. Here’s an excerpt from his review, which is actually quoted in the trailer:

Turbo Kid is insane. It’s remarkable that a film like this was produced at all. Imagine what a movie might look like if it came from the mind of a ten-year old kid from the ’80s who is obsessed with Mega Man, and who just saw the Mad Max movies for the first time. Take a step further, and picture the film, if it was produced by a competent team of filmmakers with a budget affording that kid access to a good team to create practice special effects and makeup.

And finally, here’s the new Turbo Kid trailer. If violence, gore, and nostalgia trips are a turnoff, this might not be for you, but for everyone else it looks like a weird, wild ride.

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19 Jun 19:30

Vin Diesel’s Big-Screen ‘Kojak’ Revival Moves Forward

by Russ Fischer


Kojak movie

You probably forgot that Vin Diesel has been part of an effort to develop a big-screen revival of the cop TV series Kojak, but Diesel and Universal haven’t forgotten. The show, which originally starred Telly Savalas and was a great series in its time, isn’t exactly a property people have been clamoring to see revived. With Diesel’s other high-profile projects, from Guardians of the Galaxy to the Fast/Furious series, and even Riddick, something like Kojak is easy to overlook.

But Universal still plans to make the movie, or at least will continue to develop it. The studio has just pulled a new writer into the fold, showing that Kojak still has life.

Variety reports that playwright Philip Gawthorne has taken over screenwriting duties from James Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

Between the distinctive appearance of Telly Savalas and the show’s visual style, Kojak had a significant cultural impact. And given that the original conception of the show was something that would tackle issues of institutionalized racism and corruption, there’s every reason that Kojak could be relevant now.

(The property was briefly revived for a single-season TV show starring Ving Rhames, in 2005.)

Here’s the original show open for Kojak, followed by a full episode in case you need to get a little more of the show’s flavor.

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22 Jun 15:22

Hold On to Your Butts

by Jon
Hold On to Your Butts“Hold On to Your Butts” by Tabner Butts are like dreams – you need to hold onto them. Especially when you’re trying to survive a dinosaur theme park gone bad.