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16 Apr 01:00

Street Re-View: Hacking Google with Theatrical Performances

by Steph
[ By Steph in Art & Photography & Video. ]

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.34.39 PM

Mons, Belgium might just be the most interesting and artistic-looking city on the entirety of Google Street View, full of seemingly spontaneous dramatic scenes like chaotic clouds of floating white feathers, painters turning sidewalk crossings neon pink, and basketballs falling out of trees like fruit. The theatrical performances are timed to coincide with the arrival of Google’s camera-equipped van when it comes along to map out the area.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.35.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.34.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.38.21 PM

Mons Street Review, spearheaded by artists Ludovic Nobileau and Antonia Taddei, is an initiative put on by the city as part of its agenda as a European culture capital. The scenes are curated by citizens, who transform the streets into urban theater sets and pose as the camera passes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.32.03 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.32.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.35.54 PM

The artists encouraged people to come up with their own ideas, create their own roles and costumes, and arrange props however they like. About 900 people participated on 42 streets, essentially hijacking Google’s service to promote themselves and their city.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.37.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.37.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.35.54 PM

The aim is to present Mons the way the people see it, as a living place of culture and history rather than a series of static street view images. Says Nobileau, “It should be up to people, rather than Google, to represent cities.”

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15 Apr 06:00

united nude + 3D systems present re-inventing shoes during milan design week #WearableWednesday

by Jessica


These shoes are really cool looking, even if they are not the most practical. Would you wear these “re-invented” shoes? Via designboom.

pushing the boundaries of rapidly developing technologies and showing the sculptural and experimental qualities that 3D printing offers, united nude joins forces with 3D systems for a major collaborative exhibition presented during milan design week 2015. the architectural shoe exhibition ‘re-inventing shoes’ highlights five exclusive 3D-printed shoes, conceived by a select group of the worlds leading architects and designers: ben van berkel, fernando romero, michael young, ross lovegrove and zaha hadid.
the select group of high heels embody an overall investigation and exploration into the union of wearable design, functionality, production methods, aesthetics and technology and using the highest quality of 3D printing — selective laser sintering — in a hard nylon and all-new soft rubber material in their realization. each shoe presented for ‘re-inventing shoes’ is available as a up to 50 pair limited edition. ‘re-inventing shoes’ is on show at teatro arsenale, via c. correnti 11 within the 5vie art + design quarter during milan design week 2015. 

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Flora breadboard is Every Wednesday is Wearable Wednesday here at Adafruit! We’re bringing you the blinkiest, most fashionable, innovative, and useful wearables from around the web and in our own original projects featuring our wearable Arduino-compatible platform, FLORA. Be sure to post up your wearables projects in the forums or send us a link and you might be featured here on Wearable Wednesday!

11 Apr 15:00

The "Interstellar" Soundtrack Gets Even Bigger and Better With This Church Organ Rendition

07 Apr 16:00

Humane Society of Utah Snapshots Adoptable Dogs in a Photo Booth #ArtTuesday

by Kelly

Guinnevere shuster dogs in a photo booth humane society of utah designboom 02

Hands down single best use of a photo booth I’ve ever seen!

From designboom:

humane society of utah snapshots adoptable dogs in a photo booth
(above) lady, a four year old doberman pincher
all images courtesy of the humane society of utah


the humane society of utah recently enlisted photographer guinnevere shuster to come up with a creative and playful way to show the unique personalities of their adoptable dogs. in order to most closely capture the quirky character of each breed, shuster snapped photo booth portraits of each pooch in various positions and poses — blankly staring at the camera, shyly looking to the side or mid-bite…

Guinnevere shuster dogs in a photo booth humane society of utah designboom 04

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Screenshot 4 2 14 11 48 AMEvery Tuesday is Art Tuesday here at Adafruit! Today we celebrate artists and makers from around the world who are designing innovative and creative works using technology, science, electronics and more. You can start your own career as an artist today with Adafruit’s conductive paints, art-related electronics kits, LEDs, wearables, 3D printers and more! Make your most imaginative designs come to life with our helpful tutorials from the Adafruit Learning System. And don’t forget to check in every Art Tuesday for more artistic inspiration here on the Adafruit Blog!
30 Mar 18:50

Animals and Plants Entwine in Mythical Sculptures

by Theron Sturgess

YEvS3QSSurrealistic sculptor Ellen Jewett combines art, science, and medical illustration into an imaginative fusion of natural forms. Inspired by wildlife, Ellen transforms the familiar aspects of plants and animals into unique hybrid creatures.  Realistic details flow from animal to plant.  Some pieces even include industrial elements in order to highlight […]

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24 Mar 19:00

Life-Like Hand-Blown Glass Creatures #ArtTuesday

by Stephanie


From Demilked:

Glass working isn’t easy, but the result is totally worth the effort. For Scott Bisson, this truth became apparent when he bent his first glass tube in school, and it soon developed into a serious passion for hand-blown glass works. Scott’s most famous pieces depict frogs, lizards (geckos), snakes and various sea creatures, especially octopi. It is with the octopi that his skills are the most pronounced, because their smooth delicate shapes require the utmost attention of the glass craftsman. From the bulbous head and body to the tips of the tentacles, it’s a work of both art and love.

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Screenshot 4 2 14 11 48 AMEvery Tuesday is Art Tuesday here at Adafruit! Today we celebrate artists and makers from around the world who are designing innovative and creative works using technology, science, electronics and more. You can start your own career as an artist today with Adafruit’s conductive paints, art-related electronics kits, LEDs, wearables, 3D printers and more! Make your most imaginative designs come to life with our helpful tutorials from the Adafruit Learning System. And don’t forget to check in every Art Tuesday for more artistic inspiration here on the Adafruit Blog!
25 Mar 01:00

Figures & Ground: Crafty Wood Miniatures Create Urban Vignettes

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

urban rail skateboarder

Inspired by everything from personal experience to famous photography, this street artist crafts small wooden cutouts to frame scenes of action, adventure, romance and life.

urban character in grass

urban mother son waves

urban miniature fishing boat

Living in New Jersey and working both there and in New York, Joe Iurato illustrates his miniature creations with black-and-white details, setting them apart from the colorful cityscapes they occupy.

urban climber figure person

urban parkour jumping figure

While the specific sizes and subjects vary, a common thread is found in their site-specific nature and detailed drawings – each figure or set thereof participates directly in its surroundings.

urban small world child

urban street figure ground

“From break dancing to skateboarding to rock climbing to becoming a father, all of these things have helped define my character. For me, it’s just about revisiting those moments in a way that’s familiar. I’ve always appreciated seeing architecture and nature in a different light.”

urban pothole inspector

urban tree climbing boy

urban track train walkers

“As a skater, the tar banks behind a local supermarket, a flight of stairs, a parking block, a drainage ditch, a handrail, a wall – they all present possibilities for interaction and fun in ways they weren’t intended to be used.”

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24 Mar 22:20

These NSFW King Lear Illustrations Are Gorgeous—And Incredibly Grotesque

by Lauren Davis

In 1930, Curwen Press published an edition of William Shakespeare's King Lear with illustrations by artist John Yunge-Bateman. Yunge-Bateman's black-and-white interpretation of the play is quite striking — and oddly heavy on the thong underwear.


21 Mar 21:01

La revolución de Docker

by Diego Call.
El otro día hablaba de Snappy, el nuevo sistema de paquetes de Ubuntu. La verdad es que este nuevo sistema forma parte de toda una sorprendente ola-moda de virtualización a nivel de sistema de operativo, generalmente de mano de Docker, un software que en muy poco tiempo se ha hecho omnipresente en todas las fiestas. ¿Por qué demonios de repente la virtualización a nivel de sistema operativo de mano de Docker está tan de moda?

En principio, la virtualización a nivel de sistema operativo no es demasiado nueva. Durante muchos años, se ha oído a FreeBSD presumir de sus jails, y a OpenSolaris de sus zones. En el caso de FreeBSD, sus jaulas existen desde al menos FreeBSD 4.0, publicado en el año 2000, y durante muchos años, esa característica ha sido una de las razones por las que la gente usaba FreeBSD. Linux carecía de soporte de algo equivalente, y aunque existían parches extraoficiales de Linux-VServer desde 2001, sólo atraía la atención de casos particulares: La gente no huía masivamente de Linux por no tener estas capacidades integradas.

Con el tiempo -más de una década- el Linux oficial ha ido añadiendo diversos espacios de nombres, que son las columnas que permiten implementar este tipo de virtualización. Pero incluso cuando se implementó, tampoco parece que se le diera más importancia de la que se daba anteriormente a VServer y OpenVZ. Hasta que llegó Docker.

Docker. Docker por un lado, Docker por otro, Docker para todo y en todos sitios. Si leen sitios de noticias sobre software libre o programación ya se habrán acostumbrado a (y quizás cansado de) leer noticias relacionadas con Docker. Y es que Docker se ha extendido a gran velocidad. Su código fuente fue publicado en Marzo de 2013. Dos años después, ya es una plataforma soportada en Amazon EC2, Google Cloud y Microsoft Azure. La compañía líder en Linux, Red Hat, anunció un proyecto específico para Docker ya en Abril de 2014, "Atomic Host", y la primera versión estable se publicó a principios de este mes. Y nada menos que Microsoft ya ha anunciado que va a añadir soporte de Docker en la próxima versión de Windows Server. También VMware, que en principio podría parecer un rival, se apunta a Docker.

A un software que tenga la capacidad de alcanzar semejante estatus en tan sólo dos años no hay más remedio que describirlo como revolucionario. Y si en dos años ha tenido el efecto que ha tenido, cabe esperar que en los próximos años la expansión de Docker tenga muchas ramificaciones. Pero eso no responde a la pregunta de ¿por qué de repente hay tanta moda de virtualización de sistema operativo?

En realidad, no creo que haya un gran interés en esta clase de virtualización. Lo que hace a Docker interesante no es tanto su gestión de contenedores, habilidad en la que Docker no es superior a otras herramientas, sino su capacidad para facilitar la gestión de la implementación de "aplicaciones". El registro público de imágenes es una App Store más. No importa tanto el tipo de virtualización sobre el que se ejecuta una imagen (tal y como prueba el hecho de que Microsoft y VMware quieran portar Docker a sus plataformas), lo que importa es poder acceder a la App Store de turno. Del mismo modo que lo que hace relevante a un teléfono hoy es acceder a las tienda de aplicaciones de Android o iOS, existe la posibilidad de que estemos avanzando hacia una situación en la que un sistema que no tenga acceso a la "tienda de aplicaciones Docker", si bien estaría muy lejos de ser un sistema inutil, quedaría marginado por no poder acceder a las aplicaciones de moda.

La revolución de Docker no sería por tanto "la revolución de Docker", sino un capítulo más de la revolución de las tiendas de aplicaciones.

Por otro lado, esto no haría más que reafirmar la tendencia de cambio hacia un modelo en el que los repositorios Linux tradicionales quedan obsoletos como sistema para distribuir aplicaciones, y por tanto ponen en duda la esencia de muchas grandes distribuciones Linux. Ubuntu, con su Snappy, es de las primeras grandes distribuciones en prestar atención a este fenómeno, pero está por ver que otras hagan lo mismo. Será interesante observar lo que pase en los próximos años.
21 Mar 13:13

Cats, Summed Up [Comic]

by Remy Carreiro


Yup, that pretty much sums up cats as astutely as possible.

Editor’s note: Cats are awesome.

[By ThePerryBibleFellowship]

The post Cats, Summed Up [Comic] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

17 Mar 17:00

Altopias: Speculative Art Explores Both Dark & Light Futures

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

iceberg on a beach

The world of future-focused artwork tends to examine extreme outcomes, but this artist’s visions represent a compelling range of possibilities from catastrophic to optimistic, Dystopian to Utopian with other shades of gray in between.

dust storm in barcelona

no snow in alps

First consider the range of negative outcomes and what they would do to villages, towns and cities around the world (as illustrated in this first round of images above and below) – built environments afflicted by surprising climatic changes like heat waves, ice storms and droughts.

venice run dry

desert meets water

On the one hand, Evgeny Kazantsev considers these disaster scenarios, from dust storms in Barcelona and villages in the Alps without snow to Venice gone dry and oceans overrunning desert cities. But this is only half of the story.

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Altopias Speculative Art Explores Both Dark Light Futures

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14 Mar 14:30

College Accepts Anyone Nowadays

cats are good at school

Submitted by: (via xlym)

13 Mar 21:30

Everyone Deserves to Feel Like a Princess, Godzilla Included


Submitted by: (via CaptainShadow)

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26 Feb 11:00

These Skirts Call to All Art History Lovers

by Katharine Trendacosta

These are a great bargain for any art lover: $65 for ant one of seven designs printed on skirts, available by Retrofolie. Perfectly beautiful. See more below.


07 Mar 12:01

Animated ASCII Fluid Dynamics Simulator is Retro Cool

by George Graves

ASCII art holds a place near and dear to our hearts. If you were fortunate enough to get started in computers before there was such a thing as a graphical user interface (GUI) then you remember tolling for hours to make clever use of the ASCII characters to make on screen graphics appear as realistic as possible.

Although this animated ASCII fluid dynamics simulator dates back to 2012, it’s just too cool not to share. It’s the product of the International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC). A contest held each year where the goal is to write the most confusing C code that you can – making use of loopholes and ambiguity in the C programming language to obfuscate(hide) the purpose of the program. Basically, doing everything you’re taught not to do in school. You can take a look at the source code here.

We’re sure the programmer [Yusuke Endoh] would be the first to admit, that there is no practical use for such a low resolution simulator, but we give it an A+ in the retro cool department anyways. (Not to mention, the source code is way too confusing to even comment on) Take a look at the animated ASCII graphics in the video after the break.

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20 Feb 18:00

Playful in Paris: Life-Sized Interactive Street Art

by Steph
[ By Steph in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

levalet street art 1

Everyday objects and imperfections in the urban surfaces of Paris become part of strange and unexpected scenes as French artist Levalet incorporates them into life-sized street art. A bull head sculpture becomes a minotaur, map in hand; a figure with a jackhammer goes to work on a damaged section of wall; a display box for advertisements is transformed into an x-ray machine.

levalet 16

levalet 14

levalet street art 4

levalet street art 2

Known by day as an art teacher named Charles Leval, the artist creates humorous scenes that interact with idiosyncrasies and often-unnoticed details in the fabric of the city.

levalet street art 15

levalet street art 3

levalet street art 5

The life-sized wheat paste posters take advantage of everything from pipes and spigots to false windows and concrete recesses.

levalet street art 6

levalet 8

levalet 9

Levalet walks around the city looking for the ideal spots for his work, takes measurements and creates the paste-ups at home before returning to his chosen locations and installing the work.

levalet 13

levalet 12

levalet 10

He told Street Art News that he considers all of the individual scenes to be part of a larger frame, “where I try to define a cosmology of a parallel world.”

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23 Feb 18:00

Rooftop Recreation: 12 Vertigo-Inducing Sky-High Hangouts

by Steph
[ By Steph in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

sky high tennis

Test your tolerance for stomach-churning heights by dangling over the edge of the western hemisphere’s tallest freestanding tower, zip lining high above the Las Vegas strip, swimming up to the invisible edge of a skyscraper rooftop swimming pool or taking a tour of Stockholm from atop its architecture.

Dubai Rooftop Tennis Court

rooftop tennis court dubai 2

burj dubai tennis

There’s definitely something nerve-wracking about watching a pair of tennis players back up almost all the way to the edge of this sky-high helipad tennis court in Dubai – it’s far too easy to imagine them just sailing right over the safety net. The world’s highest tennis court was a temporary installation atop the Burj al Arab luxury hotel, built in the lead-up to the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open in 2005. Andre Agassi and Roger Federer were invited to play a game for fun before the real competition began, over 1,000 feet above the ground.

Edgewalk at the CN Tower

rooftop cn tower


Feeling especially adventurous? See just how much height you can handle at Toronto’s CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, where the ‘EdgeWalk’ attraction allows you to dangle over the edge of a five-foot ledge that circles around the tower’s roof. Attached to a metal frame with harnesses, thrill-seekers lean out from a five-foot-wide ledge to gaze at the ground 1,168 feet below.

Rooftop Racetrack at Former Fiat Factory, Italy

Event participants - Action

rooftop racetrack 2

rooftop racetrack 1

Built on the roof of a Fiat factory that opened in Turin, Italy in 1923, this race track formerly functioned as a place to take freshly-assembled cars on a test run. After it closed in 1982, architect Renzo Piano helped transform it into a public space complete with a shopping center, theater, hotel and art gallery as well as a helipad and glassed-in spherical rooftop meeting room. Unfortunately, aside from being featured in a few films, it’s no longer in active use as a race track.

Boating and Golfing at Selfridges’ Pleasure Garden, London
rooftops  selfridges

rooftop selfridges

You can relax in a traditional English garden, play some mini-golf or even row around in a boat on the rooftop of the Selfridge’s department store in London. In 2012, the space opened for the first time since its bombing in World War II, prior to which it was a ‘pleasure garden‘ popular for strolling after shopping. The historic rooftop recreation area now holds special events like the ‘Truvia Voyage of Discovery’ art installation, in which shoppers floated on the surface of a fluorescent green rooftop lake.

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Rooftop Recreation 12 Vertigo Inducing Sky High Hangouts

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26 Feb 02:00

Secret Lives of Superheroes: Realistically Posed Action Figures

by Steph
[ By Steph in Art & Photography & Video. ]

secret lives of superheroes 1

The secret lives of superheroes are far more mundane than you might imagine, with the Black Widow helping the Hulk trim his armpit hair, Spiderman scrubbing Captain America’s shield, Thor taking selfies and Wolverine getting fresh with the ladies. Indonesian photographer Edy Hardjo uses high-quality action figures and minimal Photoshop to create funny lifelike scenes of characters from the worlds of DC Comics, Marvel and beyond.

secret lives of superheroes 2

secret lives of superheroes 3

Intrigued by how closely some of the figures resemble the actors that play the characters on film, Hardjo began to wonder whether he could use them to tell some new stories of his own.

secret lives of superheroes 7

The figures are posed in comedic little scenes that play on each character’s personality.

secret lives of superheroes 4

secret lives of superheroes 5

Hardjo relies mostly on the lifelike qualities of the figures themselves, but also uses Photoshop just enough to digitally remove stands and obvious joints.

secret lives of superheroes 8

secret lives of superheroes 9

Behind-the-scene photos showing how each scene is posed can be seen on the artist’s Facebook page.

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28 Feb 18:00

Gaza Strip Graffiti: Artist Banksy Tunnels Back Into Palestine

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

banksy gaza strip art

Well known for polarizing political artwork, the infamous street artist Banksy recently returned to the Middle East and filmed a short video about his new work while also commenting on the culture and conditions in a famously contentious place.

banksy gaza kitten graffiti

Regarding a cat mural created on this trip, he writes: “a local man came up and said ‘Please — what does this mean?’ I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website — but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens.”

banksy gaza prison mural

His snark knows few boundaries, if any, and is sure to spark global debate on multiple fronts: “Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons — they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day.”

banksy wall mural palestine

The title of the video below, “Make this the year YOU discover a new destination,” framed as a sort of satirical low-budget travel ad, speaks volumes about his opinions and intentions in revisiting Palestine, where he has worked previously and along similar lines (mainly on dividing walls in the West Bank).

banksy palestine previous murals

Crossing into Gaza from the north generally requires Israeli permission, hence the tunnels as an alternative- there is no functioning airport, sea vessels are turned away by the blockade and land access is limited though possible through Egypt in the south. Some argue Banksy’s work is one-sided with regards to Israel and Palestine, ignoring the role of Hamas in the ongoing conflict that has rendered so much of Palestine into rubble, and this new series is sure to spark some serious conversations, arguments and debates.

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06 Mar 02:00

Backsplash: Deflective “Peeback” Walls Fight Public Urination

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Guerilla Ads & Marketing. ]

walls that pee back

Bouncing waste liquid back at the impolite and intoxicated bar crawlers who treat the streets as their bathroom, the St. Pauli district of Hamburg, Germany, has given fair warning about its water-repellent surfaces with signs that read (translated): “Do not pee here – we pee back.”

we pee back hamburg

water reflective surfaces

The St. Pauli Pees Back project is a response to the shortcomings of other approaches – with 20,000,000 visitors per year, the area has not had much success with signs and fines and fines alone.

Naturally, the locals complain about the smell and sight of this happening on their city’s streets. People getting pissed is one thing, but pissing publicly is quite another.

we pee back campaign

st pauli pees back

A super-hydrophobic paint was applied to some of the most popular non-potties in the neighborhood, making sure “it reaches the target demographic” – many locations are marked but some are not, designed to deter people from peeing regardless of notices posted. As one of its organizers put it in German (sounding even better in English translation): “It’s peeback time.”

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07 Mar 18:00

Brutal but Beautiful: Book of 88 WWII Coastal Military Ruins

by Urbanist
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world war eerie images

Traveling 23,000 miles over 4 years, photographer Marc Wilson has amassed an amazing collection of images spanning bunkers, gun emplacements, observation posts, command centres and other wartime infrastructure around Europe.

wwii coastal war ruins

war time bunker remnants

In his book, The Last Stand, 86 of the resulting images are arrayed to tell a complex story of different times and places. More than merely photographing these haunting remnants of war, however, Wilson also provides highly articulate reflections on everything from their site-specific purposes and aesthetics to their broader places in military and architectural histories.

war ruins woods

world war remnant architecture

“Composed of copious quantities of poured concrete,” many of these structures “defy and eschew any established aesthetic sensibilities: no hint of the classical, the gothic or the baroque here. Their geometries, purely contingent, were designed to resist the effects of the latest developments in projectile technology, their profiles shaped to deflect such missiles and avoid any direct percussive explosions on their structures.”

orld war brutalist remains

world war encampments

world war concrete bunker

His shots are carefully composed and timed, often taking place in the early hours of the morning when eerie mists and dim lights grant the subjects a surrealistic atmosphere. There is a dreaminess and dreariness to his work that manages to make the objects captured seem both ordinary and otherworldly. Prints of many of the pieces featured in the book can be purchased as well.

world war castle tower

world war winter imagery

world war water barrier

Unlike even the most pragmatic warehouse of the time, “there was nothing speculative or arbitrary about the bulwarks of their sometimes bizarre and often ungainly forms: they were purely functional. While far from being graceful or classically proportioned, there is something visually appealing about the alien (and sometimes sinister) forms of those bunkers. Novelty does not quite describe this appeal: more surprise perhaps – a surprise that courts the sublime.”

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04 Mar 12:00

The Crazy Life Of Superhero Action Figures [Picture Gallery]

by Geeks are Sexy


Photographer Edy Hardjo uses his imagination, his camera, and a little Photoshop magic to bring life to superhero action figures and create amazing images of a reality that unfortunately does not exist. Be sure to check all his photos below, and if you like what you see, go ahead and give him a like on Facebook!









[Source: Hrjoe Photography]

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06 Mar 20:15

One Kid Got Booted Back Home After Dressing Up as Christian Grey for a School Celebration


Ja... perversito...


The 11-year-old boy from Manchester, Enbland carried around zip ties and a sleep mask after the students were asked to dress as a fictionarl character for World Book Day. Allegedly, the whole thing was his idea. The school, however didn't think it was so funny and sent him home for the day.

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11 May 23:20

O Lord of Kludges

bedroom,computer,computer screens,Hall of Fame,monitor,multiple monitors,screen

Teach me your ways!

Submitted by: Unknown

25 Feb 20:45

It's Tough to Answer Yes/No Questions

all you had to do was fill in a box

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30 Jan 14:55

Stunning Stained Glass-Steampunk Costume

by Amy Ratcliffe

stained glass steampunk costume 1

Some costumes turn around and make you do a double take, and this is one of them. Paige Gardner wore this original costume, dubbed Abbey, at Dragon Con last year. I wish I would have spotted the creation in person, but if I did, I probably would have blocked traffic while I took as many photos as I could and talked to her about the build. It’s simply gorgeous.

The Abbey costume was inspired by Warhammer 40K Adeptus Ministorum and features elements influenced by art nouveau. Gardner repurposes items she’s salvaged from places like thrift stores and turns them into incredible costumes. She hopes her methods encourage others who want to make costumes since she executes her outfits with limited resources. This project started with a stack of thrift store coloring books. She explains:

“…this costume evolved with my traditional tool kit of thrift store elements, no-sew shortcuts… tiny investment but lots of persistence. It’s worth noting that I actually measured some things for this project (with a real measuring tape), which I consider a significant leap forward on my “things I can do” list.”

stained glass steampunk costume 2

Photo by Richard LaMarre

stained glass steampunk costume 3

Photo by Marcus Taylor

via Fashionably Geek, top photo by Thomas John Spanos

31 Jan 00:18

This Medieval Darth Vader Armor is Most Impressive [Picture Gallery]

by Geeks are Sexy


Prince Armory is very well known online for its amazing medieval armors, especially its incredible adaptations of various characters from pop culture. From Loki to Batman, and let’s not forget about Aquaman and The Joker, all of these armors are a wonder to behold and were crafted by Geeks are Sexy friend and Prince Armory owner Samuel Lee.

From Samuel:

Conceptually this was a very challenging project. When you work on a very iconic character you have to think long and hard about how much liberty you want to take with the design. On one hand you don’t want it to play it too safe and have it a borderline carbon copy; that would be boring. And on the other you don’t want to go so far it is no longer recognizable or make design decisions that puts the fan base up in arms.

So I settled on trying to capture a number of the design elements within the classic Vader such as the banding patterns and many design lines, and then expanded into the fantasy realm with the red inlays and articulated armor designs.

The design scheme overall is of course very alternate universe. Ultimately I was going for a blend of Sci-Fi, Medieval, and Mystical Fantasy.





[Prince Armory | Like Prince Armory on Facebook]

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29 Jan 18:47

Chess Program Coded In 487 Bytes

by JLister


A new chess program takes up just 487 bytes. It appears to beat a record set on the ZX81 more than three decades ago.

BootChess can run on Windows, OS X or Linux systems. It’s a text only game, using a grid with letters to denote pieces and periods to denote empty squares. It appears to show one player’s pieces in capitals and the other’s in lower case.

Oliver Poudade told the BBC that he took on the project as a challenge to promote “sizecoding”, the idea of making code as efficient as possible.

In a detailed post about the project, Poudade explains that he was inspired by the game 1K ZX Chess, created by David Horne for the ZX81 computer in 1982. Despite the name (which actually referred to the one kilobyte of memory on the computer) that game only took up 672 bytes.

Horne once noted that the memory constraints were so great that even an ending sequence (such as a congratulatory message for the winner) would have taken it over the limit.

Both games involve a human player against the computer. While the computer decides the “best” available legal move, it does so on simple criteria and neither learns from its experiences nor adapts to the opponent’s style of play. With Horne’s game, the criteria for assessing each move were:

  • will it take an opponents piece;
  • will it move a piece out of harm’s way;
  • will it move a piece into harm’s way; and
  • will it lead to check on the opponent.

Poudade says that in principle programming a chess game is not difficult: the challenge was to do so with a small amount of code while still making it visually recognizable. He noted that pawns were the hardest to program as their allowable moves varies so much depending on the circumstances.

As with 1K ZX Chess, BootChess is missing two key components that mean it’s arguably not a “real” chess game:

  • castling, in which a player can switch the positions of the king and castle (also called rook); and
  • en passant, in which if an opponent moves a pawn two spaces on its initial advance, a player can capture the pawn as if it had only moved one space.

There are also a few rules missing, such as the option for a player to claim a draw if the game goes 50 moves without a piece being captured or a pawn moves, or if the exact same board position occurs three times.

BootChess does have one advantage over its predecessor: it allows a pawn that reaches the other side of the board to be replaced by a queen. That’s still a compromise however as real chess also allows replacement by a castle, bishop or knight.

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24 Jan 01:00

A Web Developer’s Guide to Communication Protocols (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO)

by Tony DiCola

Screenshot from 2015-01-23 16:59:17

Kevin Sidwar made a great blog post targeted at someone without much electronics experience and explaining how common communication protocols for microprocessors work.  This is a great post to check out to understand things like the difference between SPI & I2C, or what kind of speed you might expect from various protocols.  Check it out for a clear explanation of different protocols you’ll find on boards like Tessel, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.

A Web Developer’s Guide to Communication Protocols (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO)

24 Jan 01:07

Elevator Saga: The Elevator Programming Game

by Tony DiCola

Screenshot from 2015-01-23 17:04:55

Elevator Saga is a very creative game you can play in your web browser to learn about programming.  The goal of the game is to control an elevator that moves people between floors, but you can only control the elevator by writing code to control it in JavaScript.  This is a really cool way to play with and learn programming concepts like loops and conditionals.  Nice job to all involved with the creation of the game!

Elevator Saga: The Elevator Programming Game