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Comic for May 16, 2021

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16 May 16:30

yours sincerely


15 May 17:47

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Wallet

by tech@thehiveworks.com

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Everyone said I wouldn't find these sort of joke funny after I had kids, but it's been just the opposite.

Today's News:
16 May 09:20

The Link Up: Jess’s $25 Linen Summer Pants, Caitlin’s Non-Clumping Mascara, and ACTUALLY GOOD Faux Plants

by Mallory Wackerman

Hey everyone and welcome to the link up. We’re here to chat about some fun random things we’re loving this week, so if you’re interested stay tuned because here it comes…

This week’s home tour is so so special. I mean if this ping pong/dining table doesn’t clue into how cool it is I don’t know what will. The masterminds of Workstead and Matiz Architecture & Design just did the most beautiful job. We don’t want to give anything away so go look now!

From Emily: Hilton Carter partnered with Target (two of my favorites) on a new faux plant line and FYI they’re ALL VERY GOOD. Good faux plants are hard to find, so if you want to be a plant person but can’t keep them alive… these are for you.

From Caitlin: It feels like everyone I know has asked me for a recommendation on a good weekender or carry-on bag over the past few weeks, so I just want to make a formal declaration that I live and die by this travel backpack. I got mine in 2018 and I have two anecdotes to illustrate how functional it is: it’s the only piece I brought when backpacking Europe one winter (cold) AND it’s the only thing I brought when doing MOH duty at a best friend’s wedding cross-country from my house (needed to bring everything I’ve ever seen just in case). I am VERY CONFIDENT in the Mary Poppins-like packing quality of this bag. You unzip it for the first time and you’re like “shoot, I’ve goofed, this can’t possibly fit that much” and then BOOM, you’ve suddenly packed a capsule wardrobe (or like, 2 weeks of summer clothes). I know hardshell suitcases and monogrammed duffels are cuter, but this thing is a workhorse that is super comfy to wear and it can be jammed under an airplane seat if necessary. People are always amazed that I can travel with one bag and I swear that it’s just because this one is SO GOOD. If you’re planning a little summer vacation and in need, this is your keep-forever, always-looks-brand-new backpack!!!

Also From Caitlin: AHHH! This mascara is also SO GOOD. I’ve always read about other folk’s holy grail makeup products and have just thought, “yeah, I mean, it’s all kinda the same on me,” but after a few months of using this one I have been CHANGED. This brush like…GRIPS??? And it’s perfectly shaped to get the inside lashes? And I really only need one coat? And there’s no clumping?!?! One billion stars from me.

From Ryann: Last week I went to the Glendale Galleria (Valley Girl anyone??) and walked into Zara not really expecting to find anything but feeling excited about shopping IRL again. Well, jokes on me because I found the perfect pair of shoes that I have been searching for, for months and even waited 45 minutes in line just to purchase them. These clogs are so cute and comfortable because of the platform and I wear them with everything. They are truly perfect for summer so if anyone wants to invite me to a summer soirée, this vaccinated gal is ready to strut her stuff.

From Jess: I’ve deemed this summer, THE SUMMER OF SLOUCHY PANTS. Look I still love my skinnies and my leggings, BUT the more I put on pants that let my legs breathe, the happier I am. Enter these $25 linen pants that actually feel like a vacation on my body! I was innocently making an early morning Target return when I stumbled upon them. They only had my size in the gray so I grabbed them to see if I liked them. Well, moments after I put them on, I ran to my computer to buy the tan ones. They are just the ultimate dress up or down pant that also feels like pajamas. FYI the models on the site are wearing them more fitted but I wanted a slouchier look so I went up a size which was a 12 for reference. They are still high enough waisted but are way roomier:)

Also From Jess: So I maybe didn’t just hit the clothing section of Target… I obviously took a gander in the home section too. And boy did I see some things I’m trying everything in my power not to impulse buy because I don’t have a place for them yet. But you might. So here if you need a beautiful oval mirror, a truly awesome moody painting, or the cutest round stone container you are in luck. Enjoy them for me!

From Mallory: I went to this cute little store in Malibu a while back called Glamifornia and met the nicest lady there who told me about this really cool tanning product…it’s basically an instant self-tanner oil that’s made with henna and I’m a HUGE fan. Now that it’s starting to feel like summer I’ve been using it A BUNCH. Basically my problem with regular self-tanner is that it smells bad and I never plan far enough in advance for when I wanna be tan. Insert this lovely lady where I can just slap it on anywhere I wanna pretend like I’m tan and voila! Plus it makes you not smell like a tanning addict, which is a plus.

Also From Mallory: You know when you’re at a salon and your hairstylist pulls out some magical smelling bottle of god knows what before blow drying your hair?? Well, I recently got my hair done (THANK GOD), and this time when that happened I took a photo of the product my hairstylist was using. HELLO HERE IT IS. THIS SMELLS AMAZING. I’m buying it and using it every single time I blow dry my hair now.

That’s it for this week! WE LOVE YOU ALL. xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Workstead and Matiz Architecture & Design | Photo by Matthew Williams | via Architectural Digest

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17 May 14:42

1234: I Mean, Geez

17 May 09:05

Mary Pickford

17 May 05:06

Silent Sherlock Holmes

by Scott Lord on Silent Film
16 May 12:09

Lake Bell Nude LEAKED Pics, Porn and Sex Scenes

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17 May 17:49

Kierkegaard Goes to Therapy

by Corey Mohler
Therapist: "Welcome, Kierkegaard. What made you decide to get therapy? "

Kierkegaard: "Because one day i am going to die."

Kierkegaard: "Every moment i am aware of this fact, and belief in a life after death cannot come from reason. Every moment i live i am thrust into despair at having to choose what to do with my brief life, but ultimately knowing that only the void awaits and all my choices are meaningless in the end. This can only be overcome through faith in the eternal, but a new stronger despair haunts us then: we are always aware that faith is irrational, and we can never eradicate the gnawing doubt that we might waste our one life worshiping a God who doesn't exist."

Kierkegaard: "Don't you see? The very structure of existence itself is despair, and we cannot escape it."

Description: there is a long pause.

Therapist: "Have you tried regular exercise?"
16 May 23:05

yours sincerely


17 May 08:07

Girl Genius for Monday, May 17, 2021

The Girl Genius comic for Monday, May 17, 2021 has been posted.
17 May 07:04

Comic for May 17, 2021

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16 May 19:12

Comic for 2021.05.16

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
17 May 07:07

Comic: Central Heating

by Tycho@penny-arcade.com (Tycho)
New Comic: Central Heating
17 May 19:28

Garbo Hanson

Tags: Silent Film

17 May 05:06

Silent Film: Silent Serials

by Scott Lord on Silent Film
17 May 08:16

Mary Pickford

17 May 08:14

Comic: Central Heating

by Tycho@penny-arcade.com (Tycho)
New Comic: Central Heating
17 May 14:10

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Blue

by tech@thehiveworks.com

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I think Stoic philosophy would be more popular if it all came out of the mouth of a happy pixie.

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18 May 05:57

Lon Chaney in The Ace of Hearts

by Scott Lord on Silent Film
17 May 08:16


Tags: Silent Film

17 May 17:19

Six Quick Links for Monday Noonish

by Jason Kottke
17 May 21:11

Comic for 2021.05.17

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
17 May 18:28

Garbo Hanson

Tags: Silent Film

17 May 22:37

Muller's Ratchet

Who knew you could learn so much about sexual reproduction from looking at pictures on the internet!