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Or whatever's handy! I'm pretty much pure alcohol and water, so it doesn't really matter!
21 May 14:59

Cat's up!

by Stanislaw Staroverov

Видео поначалу хотелось назвать Venus In Furs, но название показалось мне мрачноватым, вельветно-андеграундным и разве что не захер-мазохистским. К тому же кот, хотя и кастрированный, на Венеру не тянет, несмотря на мех.
20 May 20:54

ziraseal: naturemetaltolkien: English is a difficult language. It can be understood through...



English is a difficult language.

It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

you need to stop

21 May 14:30

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Descent

by admin@smbc-comics.com

Hovertext: Emails of theological complaint in 3... 2... 1...

New comic!
Today's News:

BAHFest 2015 submissions are now open. We are doing shows in Seattle, San Francisco, and MIT.

20 May 18:33

Organocatalytic Reactions Enabled by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

by Darrin M. Flanigan, Fedor Romanov-Michailidis, Nicholas A. White and Tomislav Rovis

TOC Graphic

Chemical Reviews
DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.5b00060
21 May 18:00

(photo via mranthony101)

(photo via mranthony101)

21 May 17:27

Artist Sean Yoro Paints Meticulous Seaside Murals While Balancing on His Paddle Board

by Kate Sierzputowski

Hula_01 Hula_02 Hula_03 Hula_04 Hula_05 Hula_06 Hula_07

Riding atop a paddle board, artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), paints murals while floating on the waves, placing his works just above sea level. The murals, all portraits of women, have a hyperrealistic quality that appear as if each is existing just above the tide. Due to the works’ position above the water they reflect perfectly into the waves, the image extending out far from the painted surface.

The NYC-based artist paddles out to paint the murals, balancing his acrylic paint on his board all the while. Hula grew up on the island of Oahu, where he spent most of his days in the ocean. Although he grew up dabbling in graffiti, watercolor, and tattoo art, he didn’t take his work seriously until he began to paint the the human body when he was 21. Hula also uses cracked surfboards as a surface to paint his female portraits, more of which you can see on his Instagram, @the_hula. (via Street Art News)

21 May 02:42

4gifs: Doberman thinks he is too tough for hugs. [video]


Doberman thinks he is too tough for hugs. [video]

22 May 00:00


Or whatever's handy! I'm pretty much pure alcohol and water, so it doesn't really matter!
21 May 22:06

(photo via quail66)

(photo via quail66)

21 May 09:00

Arriving home after a long deploy

by sharhalakis

by uaiHebert

21 May 00:00

What even are owls.

What even are owls.

20 May 20:30

A Road Trip Through Ireland

by Léa

Le vidéaste Clemens Wirth, qui nous avait déjà gratifié d’une courte vidéo dans laquelle il expérimentait les lois de la gravité, nous offre cette fois-ci le film de son road trip à travers l’Irlande. Les paysages routiers, maritimes et ruraux s’enchaînent au rythme du titre « Your Wish » de Talisco. Une véritable invitation à s’y rendre.

roadtripireland5 roadtripireland12 roadtripireland11 roadtripireland10 roadtripireland9 roadtripireland8 roadtripireland7 roadtripireland6 roadtripireland4 roadtripireland3
20 May 13:03

An Extraordinary Glimpse into the First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds

by Christopher Jobson

In an attempt to better understand exactly what happens as a bee grows from an egg into an adult insect, photographer Anand Varma teamed up with the bee lab at UC Davis to film the first three weeks of a bee’s life in unprecedented detail, all condensed into a 60-second clip. The video above presented by National Geographic doesn’t include commentary, but Varma explains everything in a TED talk included below. The primary goal in photographing the bees was to learn how they interact with an invasive parasitic mite that has quickly become the greatest threat to bee colonies. Scientists have learned to breed mite-resistant bees which they are now trying to introduce into the wild. Learn more about it in this video:

(via Reddit)

22 May 05:45

 A new app for lumbersexuals. (by Dan Meth)

 A new app for lumbersexuals. (by Dan Meth)

21 May 18:21

coyotelips:I’d enjoy some four person “tennis” in “Antarctica”, if you’ll pardon the doubles on...


I’d enjoy some four person “tennis” in “Antarctica”, if you’ll pardon the doubles on tundra

21 May 14:04

Delicate Glass Sea Life Sculptures by Emily Williams

by Christopher Jobson

Glass Seaweed, 2014, Flameworked borosilicate glass, 20″ x 20″ x 20″

American artist Emily Williams draws inspiration from the sea and other aspects of organic life for the creation of her fragile glass sculptures that mimic seaweed, jellyfish, and coral. Each piece begins with a selection of perfectly straight borosilicate glass rods in various diameters which she carefully melts with a glass torch to form patterns similar to veins and branches.

As a child, Williams’ grandmother was a docent at the Smithsonian leading to many artistic and scientific discoveries at a very young age that would deeply influence her decision to pursue an artistic career. She went on to receive her MFA in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis and a BFA in sculpture from V.C.U. in Richmond. She is currently working on an impressive glass coral piece shown in the video below (and discussed in this blog post), and you can see more views of her work both on Facebook and in her portfolio.

Glass Seaweed, detail

Coral Skeleton
Glass Coral Skeleton, 2013, Flameworked borosilicate glass, 20″ x 22″ x 10″

Coral Skeleton_DetailCoral Skeleton, detail

Glass Nest
Glass Nest, 2013, Flameworked borosilicate glass, 15″ x 20″ x 20″

Glass Jellyfish, 2013, Flameworked borosilicate glass, 15″ x 14″ x 14″

Glass Petal, 2013, Flameworked borosilicate glass, 15″ x 12″ x 4″

Petal, detail

Burst, 2013, Flameworked borosilicate glass, 12″ x 10″ x 10″

21 May 13:16

iguanamouth: kept getting requests for gryphons so heres a...


kept getting requests for gryphons so heres a bunch of them At Once

21 May 06:09


21 May 01:38

This man is killing me


Story about how Tom Hardy found a kitten while shooting Sweeney Todd in Romania (did he get cut from that or what?  I dunno, that’s what the site says  Edit: It was a BBC version).  Prepare to die from the cuteness.  No, I’m not cutting it.  You should read it all.

September 11, 2005

I have a Kat in my hotel room, I wish I could send you the photos I took on my cellphone, I spent 4 hrs manually zapping fleas on the bugger and fed him threw him in the bath and we’re like 95% flea free, now went to the super market but they didn’t have no stuff but raid so I sprayed the room with this pollutant spray killing anything that falls off him gonna get him wormed tomorrow at the pet store. then we got to find him a home. he shines right now. i call him CJ after the guy in GTA San Andreas. he’s on my mobile phone, plenty of photos, but this new one ain’t set up to send or retrieve photomessaging so I will have to update you with photos when I get back to London. On the way back from the internet cafe yesterday, there’s this kitten in the road, and I’m like. hey kat whssup? then I had to double take. that’s a small cat as cats go. it’s prolly like a couple months old max. so I’m like hey little fella, and I look about but no one is looking for this thing. so I stopped and turned round and said hey kat where’s your family, and he’s like I don’t know.

image then he wanders up to me and bang he’s in my scoop and I’m looking around I ask a few old ladies this your cat, a man this your… nothing, infact the languague barrier lifts with one old lady who speaks no english but I can tell she wishes me well infact every girl in town now notices I have a kitten and even though I have a skinhead and baggy pants on, the uniform of the criminal, I am now such a sweet boy with his kitten. I’m like no, you don’t understand this is not my kitten, this is God’s child I found in the street prolly belongs to some kid who is crying right now, I don’t want kat, even if I did want kat, I can’t have kat, he has no passport I have a dog who will eat Kat, the responsibility, I am a tourist I stay at Hilton this thing is not allowed in the Hilton, so I’m holding this little big prollem. I look at C.J he looks at me licking his fleabag paws. and says “so where we headed?”…..

image we had a mishap on the carpet but I took the washing powder and cleaned up, with a flannel! I know but when you’re a man on location you make do with whatever you can.

He also had a little accident on the duvet which p###d me off coz that’s my bed but he’s like a baby but cat piss s lethal so I couldn’t tell reception I had kat in the room and I sure as hell wasn’t going to admit to peeing the bed, or sprinkling, what type of man sprinkles the bed? so I poured some coca cola on the sheets got some fresh ones and committed C.J to the bathroom for the night, where he screamed blue murder. You got to know that this cat lay asleep upside down in my lap for four hours being preened. at first he was pissed but as the itches grew less frequent he knew I was helping him out so. bonk lights out snoring feet in the air. we bedded him down in the bathroom, and C.J got lungs man I’m telling you all night he’s like “WoAh WOAH! PLEASE!”

image he is now on my bed watching telly I am at the internet cafe again the funny thing is I confessed to reception, OK this guy stayed the night I deflead him and dewormed him so he’s clean…technically 65% lie there but we’ll de worm and deflea tomorrow when the store with the chemicals opens up. I got to find him a home is there like an RSPCA here or something? the girls at reception fall in love with him. he’s all fluffy coz I put him in a bath, I told them they’re like we can see, really this kat sparkles now. but he doesn’t want to hang out with them he wants to sit on my shoulder and stare and watch MTV in the room. So anyway she says you can keep him in your room no problem. we can get housekeeping to send something special up. A litter tray Hallelulah!!! image That is so cool, now that only happens at really cool places, you know. So C.J and his remaining fleas are lounging on the covers taking calls, watching extreme sports and tomorrow he’s coming to work and we’re going to try and get him rehoused. he is such a dude, and he is very funny and likes to talk a lot cuddle and sleep, plus he follows me everywhere talking romanian, I’m like I live in london dude I have no idea what you’re on about, you can’t live with me we’ll find you someone. Blood and Chocolate is shooting here with Hugh Dancy some werewolf movie, and I told one of the actors yo you might inherit C.J if I can’t find him a home. I got 10 days. So does anyone know anyone in Bucharest that wants an actor’s Kat? please call the ##### Hilton in ##### they’ll put you through to my room and we’ll get you one Kat! XXXX Tommy

September 12, 2005

image C.J has been adopted by the Costume dept at the studio in Romania now so he has a new home which is great. Will send pics! Am in FHM Collections in England at moment. Have a L’uomo Vogue shoot coming out soon I hope. XXX ETH

Thanks for everyone’s concern, I was even looking at trying to ship him out to Carolina! xxx
#no you don’t understand this is not my kitten this is God’s child
20 May 23:27

breanieswordvomit: yeoldenews: Bertha Boronda (from the first...



Bertha Boronda (from the first San Quentin photo set I posted) was sentenced to five years in prison for “Mayhem” in 1908.

What’s “Mayhem” you ask? Apparently in Bertha’s case, it’s cutting off your cheating husband’s penis with a straight razor, disguising yourself as a man and fleeing by bicycle.

Worth it

20 May 23:10

Y el mejor perrito caliente del planeta es…

by Troy

Es difícil elegir cual puede ser el mejor, especialmente si no podemos darnos el placer de probar todos y cada uno de ellos.

Lo que si podemos adelantar ya es cual es el perrito caliente más friki del planeta.

Como no podía ser de otra forma, ese galardón recae en Japón y su pulpito caliente.


visto en imgur

Ver más: hotdog, perritos
Síguenos: @NoPuedoCreer - @QueLoVendan - @QueLoVendanX

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20 May 20:15


by Reza


20 May 17:18

porphyriasuicide: gaijinhikikomori: dvxdm: An analogy for...




An analogy for life. (photos via thecrookedstep)

You’re thinking “is he really going to spend the whole book worrying?” and then it hits you

Fuck. I didn’t get it until the comment