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Otherwise known as Margaret the Destroyer, I will bring pain to the the Great One. Then again, maybe I won't.
28 Jun 15:40

Long-Exposure Photographs of a New Zealand Cave Illuminated by Glowing Worms

by Christopher Jobson



The twinkling lights dotting the ceiling of this dazzling cave system are the work of arachnocampa luminosa, a bioluminescent gnat larva (also called a glowworm) found throughout the island nation of New Zealand. It is believed that the light, emitted mostly from females, is how the insects find mates. These long-exposure photos by local photographer Joseph Michael capture small communities of worms amongst 30 million-year-old limestone formations on North Island. You can see more shots from the project titled Luminosity, here.








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mechanicalriddle: gonna ride historic on the fury road


gonna ride historic on the fury road

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by Reza


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Catalytic Enantioselective Peroxidation of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes for the Asymmetric Synthesis of Biologically Important Chiral Endoperoxides

by Lin Hu, Xiaojie Lu and Li Deng

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b05345
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Otherwise known as Margaret the Destroyer, I will bring pain to the the Great One. Then again, maybe I won't.
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netherden: reapersun: reminder series: bleak yet comforting...



reminder series: bleak yet comforting thoughts.

i specifically chose animals that are (or believed to be) extinct due to human influence: thylacine, great auk, baiji, west african black rhino, golden toad, dodo, passenger pigeon, and quagga. there are many other species i could have included. the plants are also based on extinct species, but i found much less information about extinct plants, unfortunately.

the text doesn’t necessarily relate to each animal or their extinction. it’s all basically the same idea: let’s all be nice to each other, because today, the universe is vast and incomprehensible, we are all suffering, we are all going to die, and we’re all in this together. for today.

i’m busy for a couple weeks with conventions, but after that i’m considering a companion series with ancient extinct animals, so feel free to send me your favorites :)

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toopunktofuck: ayn rand failing to understand that sesame...


ayn rand failing to understand that sesame street is for young children

27 Jun 19:00

gifsboom: Video: Mother Raccoon Teaches Her Baby How to Climb

27 Jun 14:41

gifak-net: video:  Stray Kitten Befriends Wildlife...

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - From Hell's Heart

by admin@smbc-comics.com

Hovertext: You know, whales don't even START with legs.

New comic!
Today's News:

We are moving our shipping operation in July. So, for this week only, we are massively discounting old shirt designs! A bunch of awesome shirts are now only $5. Get them while you can! 

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Australia Sweats Nervously

US Homophobes: I'm moving to Canada!
Canada: We have gay marriage.
US Homophobes: Oh... well then England...
England: We have it too.
Mexico: And us.
Lebanon: Us too.
Netherlands: Had it for ages.
New Zealand: Gay marriage all the time everyday.
US Homophobes: Is there any country we can go to where gay people can't marry?
Australia: *Sweats nervously*
29 Jun 01:53

trulysophisticat: paden-vy: mystical-capricorn: astrologyy-goddess: sorrybutmikey: maddisonkenne...









I spent three weeks in a mental hospital and what I discovered there I feel like should be put into words.

we are not who you think we are.

the boy with turrets told the funniest jokes

the girl who raked her nails up and down her skin could create the most exquisite drawings

the girl who abused drugs had the wisest soul

the boy with schizophrenia had the biggest heart

the girl who tried to kill herself told the boy with insomnia stories to help lure him to sleep

the boy who wanted to kill himself had the deepest passion for cooking

the girl with slits and scars all over her body dried my tears and told me I was beautiful

the boy with anger issues gave the warmest hugs

the girl with bulimia told everyone every day that they looked beautiful in their bodies

the boy who was a compulsive liar told us that he wanted us all to get better, and that he was for once telling the truth

the girl who almost drank herself to death stood up for anyone that felt they were feeling bullied

the boy with social anxiety made sure nobody sat alone at meals

we are not who you think we are.

*slams reblog button*

Actual chills

Psychiatric hospitals have the most stigma.

God this is beautiful

I’m gonna print this out and read it day after day. We’re real people. We are. And we are so much more than our issues.

This is so fucking true. When I got sent to the psychatric ward, they were the kindest most brilliant people I ever met. But the doctors treated us like monsters, prisoners. 

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liberalisnotadirtyword: odinsblog: GOP Hypocrisy: screw as I...



GOP Hypocrisy: screw as I say, not as I screw

This is probably my biggest problem with conservatives (aside from the racism, xenophobia, sexism, and homophobia): the fact that they spend all their time lecturing the rest of us on morality and yet can’t live up to their own ridiculous standards.

Bristol Palin having kids, whether she’s married or not? Don’t give a fuck. Bristol Palin having kids out of wedlock when both she and her mother are outspoken advocates for abstinence and shaming those who dare to view sex as anything more than a baby factory? Not cool.

28 Jun 17:03

suzejade: anthonycassetta: (via If Disney princesses had...

28 Jun 14:31

Ranger Ron's Wilderness survival guide


28 Jun 09:30

glukkake: asylum-art:DarkAngelØne“Native American digital...




“Native American digital artist, DarkAngelØne, collaborates with photographers to create fantastic gif artwork that transforms original still pictures into moving masterpieces. ”

What’s interesting to note is that the artist claims not to be an artist. Instead, DarkAngelØne writes in his About page that he sees himself “as someone who just likes to play with pictures”. A humble attitude for someone who comes up with the stuff you can see below.

I like the inspirational aspect in this. It opens a window to look out into what modern technology is only just starting to allow us to do with it creatively.

how i wish i could see at all times

28 Jun 03:08

The GIF That Encapsulates This Wonderful Week

by Maddie Stone

On Friday, Mother Jones shared a cartoon by the Southern Poverty Law Center that pretty much sums up this incredible week (below). Could it get any better? Yes. Some genius knew exactly what that comic strip looked like and created the GIF shown above.


27 Jun 21:51

vintagegal: Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott


Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott

27 Jun 18:37

idiotsonfb: a perfect response.


a perfect response.

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kevlarsunshine: afternoonsnoozebutton: The Onions coverage on...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.



The Onion’s coverage on gay marriage has been on fire (x).

I really hope that movie gets made before they all die, and that it wins literally all the Oscars. Including “Best Visual Effects,” probably for the buck-wild Pride Parade scene.