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24 May 16:29

Everything you need to know about Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs. EU

by Tyler Esguerra

Brought to you by IKON, challenging you to share your greatest game moments and win amazing prizes.

Two of the strongest regions in professional League of Legends will clash once more this summer at Rift Rivals 2019.

North America and Europe, fresh off their battle at MSI, will once again decide who’s the king of Summoner’s Rift by pitting three of their best teams against each other for supremacy.

lolesports on Twitter

The battle between NA & EU will continue at #RiftRivals2019! Read more about the event here:

The epic tournament is returning to Los Angeles this year, where games will be played at the LCS Studio from June 27 to 29. The games will begin at 2pm CT each day and tickets will be available for purchase next week on Wednesday, May 29.

The three representatives for North America will be Team Liquid, Cloud9, and TSM, while Europe will be sending Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Origen. The format is the same as last year—each team will play each other once in a group stage made up of single round robin best-of-one games. The winning region from groups gets to counter pick the first three games of the finals. Afterward, each team will play each other in a best-of-five to decide the winning region.

Riot Games also explained why Rift Rivals 2019 isn’t being held in Europe this year. “Since hosting Worlds 2019 is a big responsibility with a lot of work falling on the host region, the EU team requested for NA to host Rift Rivals again this year,” Riot said.

There are plenty of great storylines for Rift Rivals this year, including the rematch between this year’s MSI finalists, Team Liquid and G2 Esports. Liquid will look to get revenge on G2 for their humiliating 3-0 sweep, while G2 will try to dominate the competition once again.

Who will come out victorious in this perpetual battle? Find out next month when Rift Rivals 2019 begins.

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26 Sep 13:53

Brands vs. Reality: The "Educational" Channels

by Brad
07 Jul 18:56

Recycled book, part (2).

by Basma Amin

The last part.













8 collaboration w/noora-











19 collaboration w/mjlala-







26 blackout poetry-











36 done-

-Click for clearer images.
-For pens I used Sharpies, Pentel, Uniball, Staedtler, and Yoken.
-I also used water colors.
-#8 Collaboration with Noora & #19 Collaboration with Mjlala.

Part (1).

Please don’t save a picture and credit it for yourself. Proper credits are appreciated.

26 Jun 20:15

His Song Got Played on Pandora 1 Million Times and All David Lowery Got Was $16.89

by John Gruber

David Lowery:

Soon you will be hearing from Pandora how they need Congress to change the way royalties are calculated so that they can pay much much less to songwriters and performers. For you civilians webcasting rates are “compulsory” rates. They are set by the government (crazy, right?). Further since they are compulsory royalties, artists can not “opt out” of a service like Pandora even if they think Pandora doesn’t pay them enough.

26 Jun 19:38

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

by Brian Ashcraft

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Twitter doesn't only inform at 140 characters a tweet, but it also amuses and delights with pictures. Here's a look at some, certainly not all, of Japan's most adorable, entertaining, and interesting photos found on Twitter.

As with these things, be aware that people in Japan also find these images unusual—hence, them being retweeted numerous times. Many of them were retweeted thousands of times.

Some of the photos are riffs one well-known memes, while others (such as the top image) can be easily explained(it's Halloween). And many of the photos are just people screwing around. You know, hijinks.

Then, there are simply the surprising sights people have encountered and shared online.

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Some of Japan's Cutest and Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Photos: miryou, TSNet64, CatCutePhotos, k_ami_c, xX_harowan_Xx, napalmthing, _G_A_I, sorata22, hayama_syoko, nobu_12_, akiranagahashi, py0nk1ch7, kihhie_1052, Tired_Nova, hyper_shimeji, when_sir, matome, kataoka_k, xxkaixz, yuukitokuda, de_ji_be, nakamukae, Nekopic, ymtk_, kataoka, ag_gt

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26 Jun 19:35

Weekly update: June 24-30


Good news everyone. It looks like we can finally show some result of what we have been doing for the last couple of months, namely our mobile API. We have been running it on our test server for a week, gathered some initial feedback from several awesome mobile developers, and we think it’s now ready to be tested by the general public.

What does it mean to you? It means that there is now technical possibility to use The Old Reader with your favorite RSS app.

You can already try The Old Reader in Feeddler – free version already supports it, and the Pro version should get updated any time soon. Kudos to Che-Bin Liu for being extremely helpful in testing the API and getting Feeddler integrated so fast.

The documentation for the API is available in a separate github repo. It’s not the best piece of docs we’ve ever seen, but it seems to cover the basic use cases. You are welcome to improve it, just send us a pull request with your adjustments. Please note that even though you can use API both via http and https, we highly encourage you to use https for security reasons.

If you find any bugs or feel that something is not working as expected, please feel free to create a github issue or contact us at

And last, but not least, spread the word. Let the developer of your favorite RSS app know about The Old Reader API, and ask them to get integrated. We would really like to see more and more apps working with the site bringing native mobile experience to the users of all platforms.

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19 Jun 07:39

Animated GIF to be beamed into space as part of alien communication effort

by Jacob Kastrenakes

In 2008 NASA decided to send one of the heights of modern art — The Beatles' 1969 track "Across the Universe" — into the cosmos. And for 2013, one of the pillars of internet folk art is preparing for takeoff: An animated GIF is about to be sent into space for the first time ever. The message will be beamed over a giant radio dish in California tomorrow as part of the inaugural transmission of Lone Signal, a project that's hoping to communicate with extraterrestrials. The GIF will be sent toward Gliese 526, a potentially habitable solar system 17.6 light years away. It should arrive there around 2031.


The GIF features a balding man scratching his ear and has been titled "Humans watching Digital Art." Lone Signal specifically invited the GIF's creator, conceptual artist Kim Asendorf, to contribute a message for the satellite's debut transmission. If you're disappointed with what may be aliens' first impression of Earth, you have reason both for concern and relief — for a nominal cost, Lone Signal will soon allow anyone to send their message of choice out toward the stars.

09 Jun 15:54

Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction

by Shawn King

liberty io9:

We’re used to seeing modern landmarks in their completed glory, but we gain a new appreciation for those familiar monuments when we see them in progress, and remember all the labor that went into bringing them to life.

∞ Read this on The Loop

09 Jun 15:33

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

by Alex Wain

If you’re an actor on set with hundreds of production staff scattering around constantly being yelled direction and with the added the pressure of deadlines and expectations of nailing that first take, it’s no wonder it can get a little overwhelming and stressful at times. That’s why even some of the biggest names break character and blow off some steam. Sometimes you make so many mistakes or things go do badly wrong that you just have to laugh at the absudiry of the situation.Even Hollywood with all its millions needs a bit of respite from it all.

In these rarely seen photos take on the set of some of the most popular films over the past few decades, thats exactly what happens.

No matter how focused you are, how serious the scene – occasionally you can’t help but get a case of the giggles.


12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes


12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

Game Of Thrones

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

Pulp Fiction

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

James Bond: Skyfall

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

Les Miserables

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

The Godfather

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

Leon: The Professional

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

The Royal Tenenbaums

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

Fight Club

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

The Dark Knight Rises

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

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09 Jun 08:21

girlgoesgrrr:   TODAY IN TURKEY National Protest: Istanbul:...




National Protest: Istanbul: 01-02JUNE2013

ACAB Worldwide


08 Jun 05:16

Comic #107- Salutary Terror

by Tyler Rhodes

29 May 01:48

'Kingdom Rush Frontiers' Coming To iOS This June 6

by Brad Nicholson
Abdulfattah Nakity

A sequel to the best Tower Defense game I've ever played.

KRF_AppIcon_iPhoneHere's some awesome news: Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the upcoming follow-up to, basically, everyone's favorite tower defense game, is coming out this June 6 across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Creator Iron Hide Games has put the following trailer celebrating this reveal, giving us all a glimpse of what's to come in this new one:

As you'll see, Frontiers appears to double-down on the mechanics that made the first one click with so many folks, while introducing a bunch of new assets and towers. Eight new towers, specifically, are being added on top of nine new heroes and 40 new enemies that range from giant scorpions to angry gorillas. Of course, there's also new levels.

June 6 ain't all that far away, so expect some impressions from us in the near future. We're pretty stoked to give Frontiers a shot -- the first game was pretty good, after all.

24 May 23:22

'Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD' Not Delayed, Coming Next Week Instead

by Jared Nelson

5e5aef276d273ebdab66a99d80d88b57If you can muster the energy to think back to January of 2012 (that is a very long time ago in the mobile world) then you should remember the exciting announcement that Capcom was remastering and rereleasing the original Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney trilogy for iOS. The game was said to be coming "shortly," and while it did indeed launch the following month in Japan, here in America and elsewhere we waited, and waited, and waited some more with no game in sight.

Then the following August, Capcom stated that the game would finally be out in the fall. Again we waited and again Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD stood us up. This past April, Capcom again broke some news about the game but this time it wasn't anything good: for reasons unknown the game would be delayed even further with a tentative release for July of this year.

It's been a long and dramatic road for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, but things are finally looking up as over on the Capcom Unity blog the company surprised everybody and has announced that the game won't be delayed after all and instead will be showing up in the App Store next week on May 30th. Exciting!


Pricing for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD is also rather nice. The game will be free to download and you'll be able to play the first two cases from the original game Ace Attorney, and if you like it you can unlock the whole original game for $5.99. The other two games in the trilogy, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations, will be available for $6.99 apiece. Alternatively, you can just buy all three games in their entirety in one fell swoop for a price of $16.99.

Hold on to your briefs as we finally – barring some additional cataclysmic disaster – get our hands on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD when it launches next week, and add the game to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to get alerts when more news hits.

[Capcom-Unity via Joystiq]

19 May 09:48

Stop Signs Projected onto Water Curtains

by John Farrier

water curtain

Many tunnels in Sydney, Australia aren't tall enough to permit tractor trailers to move through safely. This animated gif shows a warning system that informs truck drivers when they're about to crash into a tunnel entrance. When sensors detect a vehicle that is too tall, the system pours water across the entrance to the tunnel and projects a stop sign onto that water curtain.


15 May 23:19


15 May 23:19


14 May 22:48

You need to see this incredible music video from the International Space Station

by Sean Ludwig

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has charmed us from the International Space Station with music before. But his latest (and last) song from the ISS is a rousing cover of David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity,” and the visuals alongside it match the tune perfectly.

Hadfield has been commanding the ISS during the past five months, and he’s taken some stunning photos, participated in fun science experiments, and shown how you sleep in space. Sadly, he handed over control of the ISS to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov on Sunday eventing and will be returning to Earth shortly.

On top of the music video, Hadfield also recorded some final thoughts before he departs the station.

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26 Apr 14:04

Patrice Evra mocks Luis Suarez by pretending to bite fake arm after Man Utd win title

by Brooks Peck

Manchester United completed their leisurely stroll to a record 20th league title with an all too easy 3-0 win over relegation threatened Aston Villa. After the match, Man United players and staff celebrated their title clinching win with the excitement of an accountant after realizing a new way to decrease his client's tax bill.

In the subdued mix of it all, a fan tossed a fake severed arm onto the pitch, which a smiling Patrice Evra picked up and pretended to bite. It seemed to be a reference to Luis Suarez's second opponent biting incident during the Liverpool-Chelsea match a day earlier from the man Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing last season. Either that or it was the result of the human sacrifices that have brought Alex Ferguson and Man United their success.

Coincidentally, Evra has now won a Premier League title for each of the five fingers on that hand during his time with Man United.

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22 Apr 02:51


10 Apr 15:19

West Ham fans chant ‘Harry Potter is coming for you’ at Voldemort-alike Jonjo Shelvey

by Ryan Bailey

While watching their team play out a nervous goalless draw at Liverpool on Saturday, travelling West Ham fans broke the tension with one of the best chants you're likely to hear this season.

As former West Ham youth player and local boy Jonjo Shelvey warmed up near the away section, he was met with a rousing chorus of "He's coming for you! He's coming for you! Harry Potter is coming for you!"

The young Liverpool midfielder took the sugary abuse pretty well, clapping the fans for highlighting his similarity to a certain He-who-must-not-be-named...

Video H/T: 101GG

08 Apr 19:21

Should I use a QR Code?

Should I use a QR Code?

03 Apr 15:56

الطفلة الـBayonetta تبدو ظريفة!

by عمر العمودي

نشاهد كثيرا الأباء و الامهات وهم يقومون بتزيين أطفالهم بملابس خاصة لشخصيات الألعاب و الكرتون، تعودنا على مشاهدة ماريو وسونيك وهذه الشخصيات المخصصة لجميع الفئات العمرية.

ولكن “بايونيتا!”! لم أرى ذلك من قبل وهذه العائلة تقدم لنا صورة إبنتهم بتنكر هذه الشخصية الغريبة جدا، إذا بالتأكيد حصلوا على الـWii U لتجربة الجزء الثاني على الأقل.

02 Apr 17:18

GDC 2013: Hands-on with 'The Other Brothers', Launching this Week

by Jared Nelson

It feels like we've been waiting for The Other Brothers forever, but after a long and somewhat rocky development this throwback platformer is finally ready for the masses as it's set for launch this week on April 4th. I sat down with Giuseppe from Simian Squared at GDC last week to give The Other Brothers a spin for myself. Have a look at our hands-on video.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm really excited to finally get a hold of the finished version of The Other Brothers when it launches later this week. I've loved the look of the game since I first laid eyes on it, and after my hands-on time with The Other Brothers at GDC I can confirm that it's a blast to play as well. Check it out when it hits the App Store April 4th.

30 Mar 01:49


29 Mar 12:57

تيبوغرافي أمثال شعبية


فكرة رائعة استخدم فيها المصمم المصري أيمن أنور فن التايبوغرافي في تحويل امثال شعبية

لتصاميم فيكتور غاية في الروعة.

dfb7620651add13eae2d161616f94346 5408abf7c8cbc75f12be55859de154b5 16fc24fd5971694aff2817bda47775b7 06ba73499122357f0666ff9321fb901b f903cde4788ad31a04d5f9b13eb9a9e5 9cc65da908f30f87078d0c9c0fec1deb 8699915d3655448dd91ccf3756e338ce 8c2fb2cd924f066c89546bbbfcf7d337 42c3c446fd5d14f19a63aa475e024ced 31fbb7a5371cda467531344415b7d6d9 f330aa78f38ce5540ebf6a88c7c7d811
27 Mar 22:26

Yoichi Wada: حقبة انتهت بحلوها ومرّها

by حسين الموسى

رئيس سكوير اينكس السابق

* استقال يوتشي وادا من منصبه في رئاسة الشركة اليابانية العملاقة سكوير إينكس، تعيّن وادا كرئيس للشركة منذ اتحاد كل من سكوير و إينكس معاً في شركة واحدة، و قبل ذلك كان يعمل كإداري مع سكوير سوفت.

* كعاشق لشركة سكوير العريقة التي أعتبرها أبرز و أفضل من صنع ألعاب الآربيجي عبر التاريخ، أرى بأن حقبة يوشي وادا كانت حقبة سوداء و أعتبرها الأسوأ في تاريخ سكوير كشركة منتجة لألعاب الآربيجي، الشركة لم تتوقف عن صنع الروائع على الأجهزة المنزلية منذ زمن جهاز العائلة مع ابتكار سلسلة فاينل فانتسي، مروراً بالسوبر ننتندو مع اللعبة التاريخية الشهيرة كرونو تريجر و التي تم إنتاجها في إطار من التعاون بين سكوير و إينكس و كذلك لعبة سوبر ماريو آربيجي و بالتأكيد ثلاثية فاينل فانتسي من الرابع و حتى السادس. وصولاً إلى حقبة الأبعاد الثلاثية و هي الحقبة الذهبية برأيي في تاريخ سكوير مع فاينل فانتسي7 اللعبة التي نقلت جنرا الآربيجي بأكمله إلى العالمية، و مع الكثير من الروائع الأخرى مثل كرونو كروس و فاجرانت ستوري و براسايت ايف. انتهاءً بعصر البلاي ستيشن2 الذي شهد بدايات التراجع بالرغم من إصدار ألعاب بقوة كينجدوم هارتس وفاينل فانتسي العاشرة.

* في عصر يوشي وادا كمدير و إداري في سكوير و رئيس لسكوير إينكس فقدت الشركة عدداً لا يحصى من الموظفين العباقرة و فرق التطوير الممتازة، يبدو أن وادا يرى بأن الشركة فوق الجميع و لكن بشكل مبالغ به للغاية، نعم الشركة فوق الجميع و لكن كل شركة لها أعمدة نجاح و بدون هذه الأعمدة سيتغير شكل الشركة كثيرا، و يوشي وادا خسر هيرنوبو ساكاغوتشي مبتكر سلسلة فاينل فانتسي و الملحن العبقري نوبو ويماتسو، و خسر موظفي مونوليث تاكاهاشي و هينو المسؤولين عن ألعاب زينوجيرز و كرونوكروس، و خسر موظفي مانا بالإضافة إلى المصمم القدير ياسومي ماتسونو مبتكر عالم إيفاليس و ألعابه و غيرهم الكثير. اليوم أصبحت سكوير إينكس شركة لا تملك الكثير من الموظفين الذين يمتلكون “الرؤية” لرسم خارطة طريق أكبر ألعاب الشركة المستقبلية.

* لا أعرف لماذا أعطى وادا حيّزاً أكبر من اللازم لألعاب الموبايل و ألعاب المتصفحات، هذه الألعاب و إن كانت تدرّ أرباحاً على حد زعمه إلا أن هذه الأرباح ليست كافية لتشغيل شركة عملاقة مثل سكوير تحتوي على أكثر من ألف موظف، سكوير بحاجة لمشاريع كبيرة تحقق أرباح كبيرة و ليس مشاريع صغيرة تتناقض مع حجم و أهمية الشركة و مكانتها في السوق الياباني و العالمي.

*وادا يقول بأن سكوير تخطط لمستقبل مع ألعاب الموبايل و ألعاب الآربيجي التعاونية عبر الشبكة، منذ متى و ألعاب الـMMO لها سوق يذكر على أجهزة الكونسول ؟

* في عهد يوشي وادا خسرت سكوير سمعتها كعلامة الجودة، لعبة انفنت أندسكفري صدرت بالرغم من قرار إلغائها و لم تكن بالمستوى المطلوب، لاست ريمننت صدرت وهي ممتلئة بالأخطاء التقنية الكبيرة، فف14 صدرت بشكل مضحك و قرر يوشي وادا إعادة بنائها مع تعطيل مشاريع الشركة الأخرى ( مثل فيرسس و فف10 معادة الإصدار )، و حتى عملية تطوير فاينل فانتسي13 كانت متخبطة للغاية و لم ينجح فريق العمل في بناء اللعبة و إكمالها إلا عند تطوير الديمو الخاص باللعبة و إطلاقه في اليابان.

* من سوء و تخبط سكوير بقيادة وادا إدارياً، أصبح لدى الشركة عدد هائل من عناوين فاينل فانتسي المهمة جاهزة للإصدار بوقت متقارب، و بلا شك ستؤثر عملية الإصدار المتقاربة على سمعة السلسلة التي نالها من الضرر أصلاً ما نالها و ستؤثر على مبيعات الألعاب أيضا، لدينا الآن عودة لايتننج و فف10 معادة الإصدار و فيرسس و 14 كألعاب جاهزة أو شبه جاهزة، 4 مشاريع رئيسة على الكونسول دفعة واحدة و هذا لا يمكن أن يكون إيجابياً لأي سلسلة كبيرة، فاينل فانتسي ليست جيتار هيرو.

* من محاسن وادا القليلة خلال فترة رئاسته لسكوير شراء آيدوس و تأسيس قاعدة مهمة من أسماء الألعاب الكبيرة للشركة في أوروبا، و نقل سلسلة ألعاب دراجون كويست بإصدارها التاسع إلى جهاز ننتندو DS مما نجم عنه أكثر لعبة مبيعاً و نجاحاً في اليابان في تاريخ السلسلة.

* في عهد وادا أصبحت الشركة مترددة كثيراً في إصدار ألعابها خارج اليابان، لا أخبار مؤكدة عن بريفلي ديفولت و تايب-زيرو حتى اليوم، بينما تقوم شركة صغيرة مثل أطلس بإصدار كافة ألعابها في الغرب و تحرص على إرضاء جمهورها بشتى السبل و الوسائل، حتى لعبة مثل سول هاكرز و التي لم تبع في اليابان إلا 60-70 ألف نسخة فقط حصلت على موعد إصدار رسمي في الغرب في شهر آبريل القادم.

* سكوير بحاجة ماسة إلى إعادة هيكلة داخلية لإدارة و فرق تطوير الشركة و إعادة تقسيم الأولويات و رسم خارطة طريق واضحة لسلاسل الشركة الكبيرة مثل فاينل فانتسي و دراجون كويست و كينجدوم هارتس بالإضافة إلى منح حيّز أكبر لأجهزة الـ3DS و البلاي ستيشن فيتا حكماً على النجاحات الكبيرة التي حققتها الشركة مع الـDS و الـPSP، في اليابان الأجهزة المحمولة هي الأقوى و مع ذلك سكوير لا تدعم الجيل الجديد من الأجهزة المحمولة بالشكل الكافي ( الـ3DS حتى الآن لا يمتلك فاينل فانتسي رئيسة خاصة به ربما لأول مرة لجهاز باع 10 مليون وحدة في اليابان حتى الآن ).

* سكوير بحاجة إلى منح أدوار اكبر للمواهب الشابة في الشركة مثل المبدع هاجيمي تاباتا الذي طوّر فاينل فانتسي كرايسس كور للحصول على فرصة بتطوير الأجزاء الرئيسة على الكونسول.

* أخيرا و ليس آخرا كلاعب فيديو وشخص يحب هذه الشركة فأنا سعيد باستقالة يوشي وادا و تنحيه من منصبه و أتمنى للشركة مستقبلاً أفضل مع أجهزة الجيل الجديد.

25 Mar 12:10

آبل تسجل علامتها التجارية في السعودية

by عبدالله

BGMcPhPCAAA6A7w 225x300 آبل تسجل علامتها التجارية في السعودية

أعلنت وزارة التجارة ومحامي شركة آبل في السعودية في جريدة أم القرى بتاريخ ١٥ مارس  عن تسجيل علامة آبل التجارية في السعودية بأشكالها المختلفة كعلامة مسجلة لا يمكن إستخدامها تجارياً دون أخذ التصريح من الشركة.

هذا التسجيل يعطي إنطباعاً عن تغيرات جديدة قادمة لآبل في السعودية، وقد يكون أول المؤشرات الرسمية لإفتتاح مكتب لشركة آبل في المملكة كما ذكرنا سابقاً.

هذا الإعلان يأتي إمتداداً للعديد من التغييرات التي حصلت في الفترة الماضية كإفتتاح مكتب أبوظبي الممثل للشركة، وتغيرات الموزعين والوكلاء في السعودية والخليج بشكل عام.

الصورة عبر بندر النقيثان من تويتر

22 Mar 11:37

itscolossal: This is what happens when you run water through a...


This is what happens when you run water through a 24hz sine wave.

20 Mar 13:56


20 Mar 13:50

Cristiano Ronaldo given a Ballon d’Or cake so he can eat his disappointment

by Brooks Peck

For the fourth straight year, Cristiano Ronaldo watched Lionel Messi collect the Ballon d'Or in January. So to remind him of this fact, a group of women from a bakery in Lisbon presented him with a Ballon d'Or made of cake at Portugal's training facility in Obidos.

They held up signs and wore special shirts that read "we make your dreams come cake." Which sounds vaguely dirty. Still, it was a lovely gesture to show Cristiano how much he is appreciated in his homeland. And sure, even with the addition of the cake to the real Ballon d'Or Ronaldo won in 2008, Messi still has twice as many. But are any of Messi's edible? No. So when there's an international food shortage we'll see whose collection is more impressive.