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27 Apr 18:27

Dennis Hastert, Former House Speaker, Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison

by (Brooke Binkowski)
Cooper Griggs

not long enough.

His charges stemmed from illegally structuring bank accounts in order to pay hush money to people accusing him of sexual abuse.
26 Apr 10:37

Aaron Beck

by researchinstitute
26 Apr 11:11

DC Underground #subway #tunnel #washingtondc #usa (at...

DC Underground
#subway #tunnel #washingtondc #usa (at Washington, District of Columbia)

26 Apr 16:07

Doctor Saves Baby, Baby Saves Doctor

by (Dan Evon)
Cooper Griggs

Cool story!

An incredible story about a doctor and a paramedic who saved each other's lives 30 years apart started recirculating in April 2016.
26 Apr 16:00

The best foam mattresses you can buy online

by The Sweethome
By Kevin Purdy This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best things for your home. Read the full article here. We researched 15 of the top online mattress companies, surveyed hundreds of Wirecutter readers about...
26 Apr 15:45

larstheyeti: never give up


never give up

26 Apr 17:48

Ford, Google and Uber form a group to push for self-driving cars

by Jon Fingas
Some of the biggest names in transportation tech aren't waiting around for the US to legalize self-driving cars -- they're determined to give the government a boost. Ford, Google, Lyft, Uber and Volvo have formed the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer...
26 Apr 20:19

Waze hack lets creeps track your driving

by Jon Fingas
Waze's community-centric navigation is supposed to help you avoid obstacles that other apps might miss, but that same technology is also creating some serious privacy issues. UC Santa Barbara researchers have found an exploit that would let an intru...
26 Apr 21:43

Tech giants push Congress for K-12 computer science education

by Andrew Dalton
A coalition of tech industry heavy-hitters and scions of corporate America have joined forces with a bipartisan group of governors and educators to push Congress for federal funding that would give every K-12 student in the country the chance to lear...
25 Apr 22:52

orbo-gifs: One cats eternal battle with gravity…


One cats eternal battle with gravity…

26 Apr 02:03

BMW's EV tech is being used to resurrect the Karma

by Timothy J. Seppala
Saying that luxury electric-vehicle manufacturer Fisker was beleaguered before its demise a few years back would be a gross understatement. But despite the cars self-immolating and Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticizing everything but the Karma's design, a...
26 Apr 01:00

tastefullyoffensive: Video: The Wiggle Button

24 Apr 01:55

julierthanyou: this-is-life-actually: Note to all bars: This...



Note to all bars: This is how you do it. An English pub named Brickyard is going viral thanks to this sign hanging in its women’s restroom. And they already have plans to make the place even safer. 

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this is awesome

a thousand times this.

24 Apr 03:35

NASA pours $67 million into solar electric spacecraft engines

by Jon Fingas
NASA is big on solar electric propulsion (the Dawn spacecraft uses it, for instance) for a good reason: while the engines aren't powerful, they supply thrust for a very long time before giving up the ghost. And it now looks like the agency is ready t...
24 Apr 04:17

Solar Impulse 2 completes its flight across the Pacific

by Jon Fingas
After months of delays and days of flying, Solar Impulse 2 has finished crossing the Pacific. The sunlight-powered aircraft arrived in San Francisco Bay on the night of April 23rd, with an expected touchdown at Moffett Field (as of this writing) aro...
24 Apr 04:34

nearly frodo-free ringsi’ve been slowly re-watching the the lord...

nearly frodo-free rings

i’ve been slowly re-watching the the lord of the rings trilogy this week as a brain break. we have the extended dance remix version with two discs per film. i started on disc two of the six largely because the shire part tests my patience and i’m not a big fan of frodo (waaay too emo for me).

in fact, i’ve skipped all the frodo scenes for the rest of the movies, except for the brief time they get captured by faramir’s men, as witnessed above. in this part sam is giving his big speech about how the hero stories they loved as kids are not about the victory, but are really about people who didn’t give up.

let’s just be clear: sam is the hero of the lord of the rings.

i will fight you over this.

24 Apr 09:34

tk28.jpg (image)

by jollybutcher
24 Apr 12:45

Aaron Beck

by researchinstitute
24 Apr 16:28


25 Apr 08:21

Logitech made this retro game display from 160 light-up keyboards

by Mat Smith
Because when there's VR and cosplay around the corner, a simple gaming keyboard is not going to cut it.
25 Apr 04:43


25 Apr 12:45

Ikea is selling solar panels in the UK again

by Nick Summers
The UK government slashed solar subsidies earlier this year, however Ikea is still determined to sell the dream of a solar-powered home in Britain. Today, the company has launched three "Solar Shops" that sit inside its stores in Glasgow, Birmingham...
25 Apr 12:46 - Get Inspired.

by speero
25 Apr 13:20

Tesla's Destination Charging network expands to Europe

by Matt Brian
By the end of 2017, Tesla hopes to have doubled the size its Supercharger network. It wants more than 1,200 locations and 7,000 individual chargers dotted throughout North America, Europe and Asia, which will go some way towards reducing range anxiet...
25 Apr 13:33

A Repurposed Boeing 737 Engine Cowling Makes a Fantastic… Chair

by Christopher Jobson
Cooper Griggs

still want


If you’re looking to remodel your home or office with ultimate conversation starting furniture, look no further than the 737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture. The behemoth chair is made from a genuine Boeing 737 engine cowling that sits atop a spun aluminum base in the same orientation you would find on an airplane and measures nearly 6.5′ square. It’s hard not to compare the curvy space age design to something Eero Saarinen might have designed. The Bath-based furniture company specializes in making functional objects from “reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts, from both military and civilian aircraft,” and you can see more of their designs on their website and on Facebook. (via Bored Panda)




25 Apr 15:09

UK bans cold callers from withholding numbers

by Jamie Rigg
Have you been involved in an accident at the workplace, taken out a loan with unnecessary payment protection insurance, or think it's time to upgrade your double glazing? If too many of your conversations begin with one of these questions, you either...
25 Apr 15:22

The Netflix effect: SNL to air fewer commercial breaks

by Daniel Cooper
Honchos at NBC have told Ad Age that Saturday Night Live is going to show fewer commercials from next season. The 42nd year of the long-running sketch show will lose two whole ad breaks compared to the current season. That time will be handed back to...
25 Apr 16:38

Edouard Martinet’s Masterfully Sculpted Animals and Insects Made from Bicycle, Car, and Motorcycle Parts

by Christopher Jobson

Robin. Bronze, one of an edition of 12 copies, 22 x 32 x 18 cm. LEGS: springs , pieces of costume jewellery; BODY: children’s tricycle fender; FEATHERS: hood ornament of a Citroen; WINGS: petrol tank plates of a 50s motorcycle Monet-Goyon, bike chain guards; TAIL: car part, motorcycle decoration; EYES: marbles; HEAD: two seed scoops, ornaments for bike lights; BEAK: autoscope part, bike ornament.

French artist Edouard Martinet assembles faithful interpretations of birds, crustaceans, insects, and other creatures with countless objects from discarded bicycles, cars, and household objects. A bicycle pump forms the abdomen of a dragonfly, windshield wipers serve as the legs of a fly, or the metal logos of a bicycle manufacturer are layered to create the dense scales of a fish. All the more incredible considering Martinet never welds or solders his pieces, but instead uses only screws or fasteners, selecting only the perfect components that “fit” each assemblage like a puzzle. From Sladmore Contemporary:

What sets Martinet’s work apart is the brilliant formal clarity of his sculptures, and their extraordinary elegance of articulation. His degree of virtuosity is unique: he does not solder or weld parts. His sculptures are screwed together. This gives his forms an extra level of visual richness – but not in a way that merely conveys the dry precision of, say, a watchmaker. There is an X-Factor here, a graceful wit, a re-imagining of the obvious in which a beautifully finished object glows not with perfection, but with character, with new life.

Martinet will open a new exhibition of work at Sladmore Contemporary in London starting May 5th, 2016.


Dragonfly, 115 x 54 x 80 cm. ABDOMEN: bicycle pump; THORAX: four bike rear lights, two small car lights, big upholstery tacks , gas cap, ball furniture casters; HEAD: two old bike headlights, inside round sunglasses, shoe tree parts, parts of a daisy wheel for typewriter (hair from the mouth), under the head parts of acetylene bike lights; LEGS: tubes, bike cable guide, wing nuts, cream chargers; WINGS: umbrella ribs, fencing wire, aluminium metal mesh.


Dragonfly, detail.


Fly, 47 x 40 x 27 cm. LEGS : windshield wiper arms, bike brakes, bike chains, small typewriter parts; HEAD: motor vehicle rear light; PROBOSCIS: car hood hinge; ANTENNAE: ski boot fasteners; THORAX: motorbike headlight; On the top : 50’s kitchen utensil. WINGS: the glass is set in a windscreen brush holder, the wing ribs are made with soldering wire; ABDOMEN: motorbike headlight, part of ceiling lamp.


Fly, detail.




Sardine, 25 x 70 x 11 cm. BODY: Moped chain guard covered with multiple bicycle logo badges; HEAD: Solex front fenders, car bumpers. EYES: Flashlights; GILLS: Car door parts, bicycle chain guards. TAIL: Motorbike exhaust pipe; FINS: Cake tins.


Sardine, detail.


Black Swift, 45 x 20 x 17 cm. LEGS: springs, pieces of costume jewellery; BODY: silver sauce jug; WINGS and FEATHERS: petrol tank plates of a 50s Villier motorcycle, bike chain guards, scooter decoration; TAIL: car decoration; EYES: metal balls; HEAD: one seed scoop, bike headlight; BEAK: dental forceps.


Black Swift, detail.


Praying Mantis, 104 x 50 x 74 cm. ABDOMEN: bike fender, car ventilator and ski boots fasteners; WINGS: rear lights of a Peugeot 404; HEAD: two moped indicators; TOP FORELEGS: car mirror handles, ham slicers, nutcracker handles, spaghetti tongs; FOR ALL THE LEGS: the ends are parts from bike brakes plus a bit of bike chain; THE OTHER LEGS: windshield wiper arms, aluminium tubes; THORAX: car bumper, car mirror handles.

25 Apr 17:09

at The Capitol, Washington D.C.

at The Capitol, Washington D.C.

25 Apr 17:17

at The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection

at The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection