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15 Apr 23:33

Cops gave a malware-laden drive to a lawyer for whistleblowers

by Jon Fingas
Arkansas' Fort Smith Police Department may be responsible for some particularly sinister digital tricks, if you ask one lawyer. An attorney representing whistleblowers in a police corruption scandal says that the Department sent him a hard drive lade...
16 Apr 17:45

WikiLeaks lets you search Sony's hacked emails (Updated)

by Jessica Conditt
When a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace hacked Sony Pictures in late 2014, thousands of private emails and information about top executives, actors and Hollywood hotshots hit the 'net. The messages revealed pay discrepancies between male a...
17 Apr 05:49

Most of the government's anonymous tiplines aren't secure

by Timothy J. Seppala
When it comes to whistleblowing, privacy is paramount -- just ask Edward Snowden. It's also why news from an American Civil Liberties Association report (PDF) about anonymous government tiplines not using HTTPS encryption is all the more alarming. In...
19 Apr 14:06

The Great Crater Hokusai

One of the largest young craters on Mercury, One of the largest young craters on Mercury,

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20 Apr 00:58

Bear Doodles #Sunday #funday #birthday #celebration #hotel...

Bear Doodles
#Sunday #funday #birthday #celebration #hotel #lobby #bears #doodle #wall #art #dtla (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

20 Apr 01:06

So who are you? #acehotel #guitar #dtla #Sunday #funday...

So who are you?
#acehotel #guitar #dtla #Sunday #funday #birthday (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

20 Apr 02:02

Flyby #plane #dtla #Sunday #funday #acehotel (at Ace Hotel...

#plane #dtla #Sunday #funday #acehotel (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

17 Apr 21:00


15 Apr 17:29

Quit playin' 'Candy Crush' or you'll hurt yourself

by Daniel Cooper
Humans are bred to lie, and while police officers probably receive the bulk of our untruths, doctors get a fair share as well. Like, when someone walks into a clinic complaining of a busted tendon in their hand, it's only natural that they'd say that...
15 Apr 05:10

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15 Apr 01:46

Prototype Navy drones swarm like locusts

by Andrew Tarantola
Cooper Griggs


The days of enormous, singular UAVs directly controlled by remote pilots may be coming to an end. Over the last few years, there's been a lot work towards developing smaller drones capable of autonomously coordinating their actions, much like insects...
15 Apr 04:43

Through the Shadow of the Moon

What would it look like to fly through a total eclipse of the Sun? What would it look like to fly through a total eclipse of the Sun?

12 Apr 21:50

notalwaysluminous:mapsontheweb:Map of a survey asking the world...

Cooper Griggs

via Randy Laue




Map of a survey asking the world who they sees as the biggest threat to world peace, 2013.

just gonna put this out there

11 Apr 16:56

The Red Juice in Raw Red Meat is Not Blood

Cooper Griggs

via Burly.Thurr

Today I found out the red juice in raw red meat is not blood. Nearly all blood is removed from meat during slaughter, which is also why you don’t see blood in raw “white meat”; only an extremely small amount of blood remains within the muscle tissue when you get it from the store.

So what is that red liquid you are seeing in red meat?  Red meats, such as beef, are composed of quite a bit of water.  This water, mixed with a protein called myoglobin, ends up comprising most of that red liquid.

In fact, red meat is distinguished from white meat primarily based on the levels of myoglobin in the meat.  The more myoglobin, the redder the meat.  Thus most animals, such as mammals, with a high amount of myoglobin, are considered “red meat”, while animals with low levels of myoglobin, like most poultry, or no myoglobin, like some sea-life, are considered “white meat”.

Myoglobin is a protein, that stores oxygen in muscle cells, very similar to its cousin, hemoglobin, that stores oxygen in red blood cells.  This is necessary for muscles which need immediate oxygen for energy during frequent, continual usage.  Myoglobin is highly pigmented, specifically red; so the more myoglobin, the redder the meat will look and the darker it will get when you cook it.

This darkening effect of the meat when you cook it is also due to the myoglobin; or more specifically, the charge of the iron atom in myoglobin.  When the meat is cooked, the iron atom moves from a +2 oxidation state to a +3 oxidation state, having lost an electron.  The technical details aren’t important here, though if you want them, read the “bonus factoids” section, but the bottom line is that this ends up causing the meat to turn from pinkish-red to brown.

Pro-tip: when searching for non-copyrighted pictures for an article, don’t search for “white meat” or really any variation of that on Google Image Search.

If you liked this article and the Bonus Facts below, you might also enjoy:

Bonus Facts:

  • It is possible for meat to remain pinkish-red all through the cooking if it has been exposed to nitrites.  It is even possible for packagers, through artificial means, to keep the meat looking pink, even after it has spoiled, by binding a molecule of carbon monoxide to produce metmyoglobin.  Consumers associate pink meat with “fresh”, so this increases sales, even though the pink color has little to do with the freshness of meat.
  • Pigs are often considered “white meat”, even though their muscles contain a lot more myoglobin than most other white meat animals.  This however, is a much lower concentrate of myoglobin than other “red meat”, such as cows, due to the fact that pigs are lazy and mostly just lay around all day.  So depending on who you talk to, pigs can be considered white meat or red meat; they more or less sit in between the two classifications.
  • Chickens and Turkeys are generally considered white meat, however due to the fact that both use their legs extensively, their leg muscles contain a significant amount of myoglobin which causes their meat to turn dark when cooked; so in some sense they contain both red and white meat.  Wild poultry, which tend to fly a lot more, tend to only contain “dark” meat, which contains a higher amount of myoglobin due to the muscles needing more oxygen from frequent, continual usage.
  • White meat is made up of “fast fibers” that are used for quick bursts of activity.  These muscles get energy from glyocogen which, like myoglobin, is stored in the muscles.
  • Fish are primarily white meat due to the fact that they don’t ever need their muscles to support themselves and thus need much less myoglobin or sometimes none at all in a few cases; they float, so their muscle usage is much less than say a 1000 pound cow who walks around a lot and must deal with gravity.  Typically, the only red meat you’ll find on a fish is around their fins and tail, which are used almost constantly.
  • Some fish, such as sharks and tuna, have red meat because they are fast swimmers and are migratory and thus almost always moving; they use their muscles extensively and so they contain a lot more myoglobin than most other sea-life.
  • For contrast, the white meat from chickens is made up of about .05% myoglobin with their thighs having about .2% myoglobin;  pork and veal contain about .2% myoglobin; non-veal beef contains about 1%-2% of myoglobin, depending on age and muscle use.
  • The USDA considers all meats obtained from livestock to be “red” because they contain more myoglobin than chicken or fish.
  • Beef meat that is vacuum sealed, thus not exposed to oxygen, tends to be more of a purple shade.  Once the meat is exposed to oxygen, it will gradually turn red over a span of 10-20 minutes as the myoglobin absorbs the oxygen.
  • Beef stored in the refrigerator for more than 5 days will start to turn brown due to chemical changes in the myoglobin.  This doesn’t necessarily mean it has gone bad, though with this length of unfrozen storage, it may have.  Best to use your nose to tell for sure, not your eyes.
  • Before you cook the red meat, the iron atom’s oxidation level is +2 and is bound to a dioxygen molecule (O2) with a red color; as you cook it, this iron loses an electron and goes to a +3 oxidation level, and now coordinates with a water molecule (H2O). This process ends up turning the meat brown.

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13 Apr 16:18

Dirt Bike Rope Swing

by Jonco
Cooper Griggs

via Fatbob




The post Dirt Bike Rope Swing appeared first on Bits and Pieces.

13 Apr 21:00

Heads Up! A Rogue Manhole Cover Wants to Interrupt This News Interview

Cooper Griggs

via Fatbob

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13 Apr 18:00

Your Beliefs Shape You

Cooper Griggs

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13 Apr 08:30

Sentinels of the Arctic

Cooper Griggs

dats reeeeeeeely cold

Who guards the north? Who guards the north?

14 Apr 18:29


Cooper Griggs

Always the dark subtext...

14 Apr 21:57

Metazoa: Mixed-Media Cabinets by ‘ROA’ Reveal the Hidden Anatomy of Animals

by Christopher Jobson

Composition II: Lutrinate, Salmonidae, Anguilliformes

Belgian artist ROA (previously) just opened his first solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC titled Metazoa. The new series of mixed media works feature the artist’s familiar black and white depictions of animals painted on various cabinet-like furniture pieces that can be opened or shifted to reveal anatomical details. ROA often chooses to depict animals native to where he is working, specifically species that have been forced from their native habitats and now live on the outskirts of urban areas. Here’s a comment about ROA’s decision to depict the beaver, New York’s state animal, via Jonathan LeVine:

ROA views the beaver, the state animal of New York, as a metaphor for the idea that nature has the ability to reclaim itself. The recovery of the beaver in New York City after it was previously thought extinct is exemplary of how humans and animals affect each other and reflects the artist’s interest in how animals evolve within urban landscapes. Wherever man settles, the desire to explore beyond the borders of survival leads to the extinction of species. This extermination due to mankind’s impact not only disrupts the natural balance but also leads to drastic cosmic changes, which ROA aims to convey by depicting the life, transience and carrion of animals.

Metazoa will be on view through May 2, and you can see plenty more gallery views and an interview with the artist during a studio visit on Arrested Motion from earlier this year.

Composition I: Castor, Didelphimorphia, Sciuridae

Composition I: Castor, Didelphimorphia, Sciuridae (DETAIL)

Cervidae Tableau Dormant

Composition III: Alligatoridae, Testudinidae, Gastropoda

Erethizon Dorsatum

NY Canidae

Sylvilagus Audubonii

Cabinet Specula Crania

13 Apr 15:00

Pill Drill

Cooper Griggs

Georgia is one of six states (along with Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, and South Dakota) in which pharmacists can legally refuse to dispense emergency contraceptives if doing so is “contrary to their religious or moral beliefs.”

News: A Georgia woman says her local WalMart outlet refused to fill a prescription she needed after a miscarriage.
13 Apr 22:07

Manfrotto turns your iPad into a giant DSLR remote

by Jon Fingas
Manfrotto isn't just content with making tripods and backpacks for your camera -- it wants to improve the camera itself. The gear designer has unveiled the Digital Director, an adapter that turns your iPad into a remote controller for Canon and Nikon...
13 Apr 14:21

Red's latest 'Weapon' is an 8K full-frame camera

by Steve Dent
Cooper Griggs

holy crap

Red launched the first mainstream 4K camera when 1080p seemed like overkill, and now that this whole 4K thing might work out, it's got an 8K RAW model. The Weapon 'Vista Vision' features a mind-boggling 8,192 x 4,320, 35-megapixel sensor that can do ...
13 Apr 18:21

Carrier alliance sues to stop net neutrality rules

by Jon Fingas
Cooper Griggs

And we can vote with our subscription plans. T-Mobile is looking really good.

That didn't take long. The FCC's tougher net neutrality rules have only just been published in the federal register, and the lawsuits are already pouring in. The US Telecom Association has filed a suit claiming that the utility-style regulation of in...
13 Apr 19:17

SpaceX's next try at landing a reusable rocket is minutes away (update: not today)

by Richard Lawler
In January, Elon Musk's SpaceX came close to a controlled landing of one of its rockets after a quick trip to space, before things took a fiery, explosive turn for the worst. Today, assuming all goes well and those X wing fins remain powered, it will...
14 Apr 12:18

How electrifying the brain wards off Parkinson's disease

by Steve Dent
Implanting electrodes in the brain and zapping it helps patients with Parkinson's and other disorders, but doctors have never been sure why, exactly. Now, researchers from UC San Francisco think that the therapy (called deep-brain stimulation, or DBS...