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Naked Statues of Donald Trump Placed in Various U.S. Cities

by (Bethania Palma)
The art project was an act of protest by anarchist collective INDECLINE.
17 Aug 10:25

Rosabelle — answer — tell — pray, answer — look — tell —... - but does it float

by atleykins
17 Aug 17:08

Fear the Grim Arabic Tote Bag

by (Kim LaCapria)
A viral image of a tote bag with an Arabic inscription is correctly translated, poking fun at non-speakers frightened of the language.
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humanoidhistory: On the set of Star Wars (1977)


On the set of Star Wars (1977)

17 Aug 08:56

nevver: And how does that make you feel? Dan Cretu


And how does that make you feel? Dan Cretu

17 Aug 16:45

A Purple Cuttlefish with Comically Giant Googly Eyes Spotted on the Ocean Floor

by Christopher Jobson

Nope, it’s not a rare Pokemon or even a plastic toy. Behold the Rossia pacifica or stubby squid, an altogether ridiculous looking relative to the cuttlefish that was recently spotted by the E/V Nautilus off the coast of California at a depth of 900 meters (2,950 feet). Researchers in the video can be heard discussing how creature’s giant eyes almost look painted on, giving it the appearance of a discarded children’s toy. “This species spends life on the seafloor, activating a sticky mucus jacket and burrowing into the sediment to camouflage, leaving their eyes poking out to spot prey like shrimp and small fish,” says the Nautilus team in a Youtube comment. (via Gizmodo)


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marksmcmorris: “I got this”


“I got this”

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The weird things you get for your birthday #huh #what #idunno...

The weird things you get for your birthday
#huh #what #idunno #odd #birthday #gift #thingsthatmakeyougohmmm #okaaay

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gifsboom: collision. (via  Jidoen)



(via  Jidoen)

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tastefullyoffensive: “Bro, stop hogging all the food.” [video]


“Bro, stop hogging all the food.” [video]

16 Aug 19:36

Former Fox Chief Ailes Tapped to Help Trump Debate Clinton

by (Bethania Palma)
Cooper Griggs

A match made in hell

Roger Ailes is reportedly coaching the Republican presidential candidate — despite sexual harassment allegations.
16 Aug 22:32

Amazon's pilot episodes are now free on YouTube and Facebook

by Alex Gilyadov
If you don't have a Prime subscription but want to check out some of Amazon's original series, you're in luck. The company has made ten pilot episodes from some of its best dramas, comedies, and kids' series free to watch on YouTube and Facebook for...
16 Aug 18:06

Ford plans to have fully autonomous cars on the road in 5 years

by Roberto Baldwin
At the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California the automaker announced it would have a fully autonomous car on the road with a ride sharing service in 2021. CEO Mark Fields said self-driving cars will be as important to Ford as t...
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Specs #guitar #plans #culvercity #losangeles #california...

#guitar #plans #culvercity #losangeles #california #restaurant #thecornerdoor (at The Corner Door)

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Hyperloop One could build its first commercial route in Dubai

by Mariella Moon
While Hyperloop One isn't quite done building its test structure, it already has a potential location for its first ever commercial route: Dubai. The company has teamed up with DP World, one of the biggest port operators, to examine whether building...
16 Aug 16:21

Ford and Baidu join forces to invest in self-driving tech

by Brittany Vincent
Auto manufacturer Ford and Chinese search company Baidu are hard at work resarching self-driving technology, but are obviously looking for ways to make it simpler to get things done. The two companies have just announced a joint investment of $150 mi...
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WikiLeaks released a cache of malware in its latest email dump

by Andrew Dalton
Cooper Griggs

What a nightmare

In its rush to let information be free, WikiLeaks has released over 80 different malware variants while publishing its latest collection of emails from Turkey's ruling AKP political party. In a Github post, security expert Vesselin Bontchev has laid...
15 Aug 17:43

Report reveals identity of NSA and PRISM surveillance target

by Nathan Ingraham
Cooper Griggs


It's been over three years since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released a trove of documents detailing the extent to which the American government was able to spy on its citizens. A big part of those revelations was PRISM, a system that allowe...
12 Aug 14:20

Your phone is now a refugee’s phone [watch on a mobile] -...

14 Aug 23:57

California bill would require more zero-emissions cars

by Jon Fingas
California's tougher-than-usual climate change policy might become more stringent before long. Assemblywoman Autumn Burke tells the Associate Press that she's introducing a bill requiring that car manufacturers sell at least 15 percent zero-emission...
14 Aug 22:07

vaspider: bustysaintclair: legends-for-choice: officialclinice...






These “sidewalk counselors” are wearing attire that is very similar to PP’s logo and name to trick patients into thinking they are actual clinic escorts. These are the most deceptive ones I’ve seen yet.

Well this is fucking nauseating.

If you have to trick people into talking to you that means they probably do not want your help or opinion.

-Mod Rayquaza




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(via Gnarls Barkley Live - Part 15- Who´s Gonna Save My Soul -...

14 Aug 18:38

Mike Pence: 'Condoms Are Too Modern and Liberal'

by (Kim LaCapria)
Cooper Griggs

Wow, what an ignoramus.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence made some now-eyebrow raising comments about the use of condoms in disease prevention back in 2002.
13 Aug 19:20

carryonstarkid: please enjoy this video of wholesome...


please enjoy this video of wholesome excitement

this is the anti-2016. this brings me happiness.

14 Aug 17:15

7 of 8: the all-female cast of “ocean’s 8″when i first started...

7 of 8: the all-female cast of “ocean’s 8″

when i first started hearing about this, i thought i was being trolled. but nope, they’re doing this.

this “all-female reboot” thing seemed gimmicky to me a year ago, but now i’m 100% in support in hopes that the gimmick leads to hollywood finally getting that women can be leads in big films and people will pay to see it.

now if only the director were female, and if a trans woman were included