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23 Jun 07:33

Apple left iOS 10's core code unencrypted on purpose

by Mariella Moon
Apple is infamous for guarding its secrets tightly, so it came as a big surprise that the preview version of iOS 10 it released at WWDC has an unencrypted kernel. According to a spokesperson, though, Cupertino did it on purpose, because by leaving it...
22 Jun 23:57

Electric race car sets an acceleration world record

by Jon Fingas
Electric cars are quick off the mark as a matter of course, since they're both very efficient with energy and always operate at peak torque. You probably haven't seen a road-going machine this fast, though. Swiss students have shattered the world r...
23 Jun 00:08

Make America White Again

by (Dan Evon)
Cooper Griggs

wow. WTG Tennessee.

A Tennessee congressional candidate put up a billboard exhorting voters to "Make America White Again" as part of his political campaign.
22 Jun 19:10

Instagram adds a translation feature for text inside the app

by Billy Steele
On the heels of announcing it amassed 500 million users, Instagram is adding a new feature to help its global audience better understand each other. The filter-driven photo and video app will get a translation tool "in the coming month." When it arri...
22 Jun 15:20

Drug trafficker gets 20 years thanks to emails he never sent

by Steve Dent
A UK man has been convicted of 20 years for drug trafficking conspiracy thanks to Yahoo emails in draft he thought were deleted, according to Motherboard. While already in jail, Russell Knaggs devised a scheme to have an accomplice write a draft emai...
22 Jun 16:40

Charge your phone with KFC's new take-out box

by David Lumb
Cooper Griggs

This is ridiculous.

Suppose you've just fired up Yelp to hunt down the nearest KFC, texted your friends to get their order and then posted a sweet victory Snapchat of your crispy haul. That probably just took a chunk from your smartphone battery -- but don't worry dudes...
10 Jun 18:30

midcenturymodernfreak: Multi-Level Modernism 1967 Ray &...


Multi-Level Modernism

1967 Ray & Shelly Kappe House | Architect: Ray Kappe | Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades, CA

Unsung modern master Ray Kappe taught at USC and Cal Poly Pomona before founding the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 1972. His influences are Louis Kahn and Rudolph Schindler.

Via: 1 | 2 | 3


07 Jun 17:27

(via OVERWATCH (Honest Game Trailers) - YouTube) @notentirely...

21 Jun 23:48

Ticketmaster Class Action Free Ticket Giveaway

by (Kim LaCapria)
Cooper Griggs

The thing that sucks is that the eligible events are nowhere near me.

Social media rumors about free tickets from Ticketmaster were largely true, with some key caveats.
21 Jun 19:59

Sunrise Solstice over Stonehenge

Today the Sun reaches its northernmost point in planet Earth's sky.  Today the Sun reaches its northernmost point in planet Earth's sky.

21 Jun 07:10



Just watched this documentary on HBO. Fantastic show about a custom suit company and their clients. Watch it!

21 Jun 11:45

John Oliver's Brexit takedown won't air in the UK until after EU vote

by Matt Brian
Cooper Griggs

hows that for censorship?

As Britain gears up to vote in the EU referendum later this week, broadcasters are constantly working to ensure their coverage remains impartial. One such company is Sky, which has this week been forced to delay the latest instalment of John Oliver's...
21 Jun 14:52

by Deathbulge

Cooper Griggs

Every. time.

21 Jun 07:01

UE adds Google and Siri voice integration to its Boom speakers

by Jon Turi
Today, Ultimate Ears is pushing out a software enhancement that's available for both the UE Boom 2 and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers. With an app refresh and OTA update, users will now be able to access Google Now or Siri by pushing a button on the spe...
20 Jun 14:05

Ultra Satisfying Porcelain Carving Videos by Abe Haruya

by Christopher Jobson

・ #ceramics #pottery #porcelain#carving #うつわ #器 #しのぎ#飯碗#帳尻合わせ #阿部春弥 ・・

A video posted by Haruya Abe 阿部春弥 (@abe_haruya) on

・ #ceramics #pottery #porcelain #うつわ#器#面取#阿部春弥 #帳尻合わせ

A video posted by Haruya Abe 阿部春弥 (@abe_haruya) on

Japanese ceramic artist Haruya Abe shares short clips of a ceramic carving technique where top layers of porcelain are gently scraped away using a scalpel-like instrument. Not only does it create beautiful results, the process is just satisfying to watch. Given the same tools, I’d scrape these pieces into oblivion. You can see more photos and videos of Haruya’s studio work here. (via @StreetArtGlobe)


20 Jun 04:30

How to shame a bad parker. (via ani625)

How to shame a bad parker. (via ani625)

16 Jun 22:00

Thoughts and Prayers

by Kristian

In the end he just thought about praying.

Uh oh, I guess this one is kinda topical. Sorry about that.

20 Jun 22:09


19 Jun 16:41

(via ov3rkoalafied)

(via ov3rkoalafied)

19 Jun 23:46

“Call me B.”

i’ve been struggling over the last few months with my name. it’s unusual and hard to pronounce, and even after i’ve worked with folks for a while they still often say my name incorrectly.

and the social awkwardness of correcting that is just fucking stressful and has been my whole life.

so i’ve been trying to figure out what i can do about having my name said correctly without the chore of “being a dick” about pointing out to someone that they’re saying it wrong. i even considered going by my more common middle name to just avoid all of this.

but that’s bullshit, because after all, this is my name.

so i finally said something to phil at lunch today about it. about how i’m tired of being called the wrong things so constantly, how people grimace when i tell them my name because they have no idea what i’ve said, and how i have no idea how to fix this.

he said, matter-of-factly: “tell them to call you B.” (my first initial, which many friends use already as my nickname.)

he continued: “when you’re introduced to someone new, don’t say ‘my name is B’, say ‘call me B’.”

i was dumbfounded by the elegant simplicity of this, and then he added an exquisite layer: “if someone asks what B stands for, you can tell them your full name. they can choose to say your name correctly, or they can call you B.”

but, i asked, what if they don’t say it correctly. for instance, one of my executives at work still says my name totally wrong after three years of hearing me say it the way it’s supposed to be pronounced.

his solution: “next time you’re talking mention that you’ve noticed he doesn’t pronounce your name correctly and suggest he call you B, as many of your friends do.”

i nearly cried. i wished i’d mentioned this all to phil sooner. i’ve been so stressed out about this at a low level for months, years really, and here he had an answer for me all along.

“Call me B.”

20 Jun 01:05


19 Jun 17:11

President Obama Signs Executive Order Banning the Sale of Assault Weapons

by (Dan Evon)
Cooper Griggs

if only

Fake news reports that President Obama banned assault weapons and promised "large scale Homeland Security raids" to confiscate them.
18 Jun 22:58

Apple won't assist the Republican convention due to Trump

by Jon Fingas
Apple has made a number of firm political stands ever since Tim Cook took the helm, and it's not about to back down any time soon. Politico sources (backed by in-the-know journalist John Paczkowski) say that Apple won't provide funding or other suppo...
19 Jun 14:59

Blue Origin lands its reusable rocket a fourth time

by Jon Fingas
Blue Origin's reusable rocket is practically running like clockwork. The private spaceflight outfit has successfully landed its New Shepard rocket a fourth time (during its first-ever live stream), touching down with a seemingly effortless amount of...
18 Jun 17:17

California Pastor Praises Orlando Massacre

by (David Mikkelson)
Cooper Griggs

What. an. ASSHOLE.

A California pastor praised the Orlando nightclub shooting, saying that it's a tragedy more homosexual "predators" and "pedophiles" didn't die.
19 Jun 02:17


18 Jun 05:47

wimey: [x] If this is all true… wow. What year is...



If this is all true… wow. What year is this?

18 Jun 05:49


18 Jun 04:31

A golf club you can pee in

Cooper Griggs

Wil's comments are the best.



“The UroClub is the discrete, sanitary way for your urgent relief. Created by a Board Certified Urologist, it looks like an ordinary golf club, but contains a reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself. The UroClub is leak proof, easy to clean and no more embarrassing moments.”

Oh my god you fucking old rich white people just hold it until you get to a goddamn fucking bathroom like everyone else on the golf course you are literally the worst you fucking fuckers.

18 Jun 05:08

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