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06 Sep 06:38

Atlas V Rising

Early morning risers along Florida's Space Coast, planet Earth, Early morning risers along Florida's Space Coast, planet Earth,

13 Sep 18:25

ISS Double Transit

Not once, but twice the Not once, but twice the

01 Sep 15:00

Tardy Rumors

Cooper Griggs

Gads she's awful.

FACT CHECK: Did Ann Coulter refer to President Obama as a “retard,” prompting a response from a Special Olympics athlete?
10 Sep 15:00

Church Quells

Fact Check: Did a Southern Baptist pastor criticize the actions of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in a Facebook status update?
12 Sep 15:00

Teal Like a Pig

NEWS: A California Reddit user claimed his in-laws shot and butchered a pig with strangely blue fat.
13 Sep 20:16

Saul Bass: Jack Of All Trades // WellMedicated

by jkaczmarek
13 Sep 20:37

"Form follows function."

“Form follows function.”

- Louis Sullivan, architect (3 Sep 1856-1924) 
13 Sep 05:00

Comic for 2015.09.13

03 Sep 20:28


13 Sep 15:34

This Giant Abandoned Soviet Spaceship Made of Wood Looks Like the Ultimate Children’s Playground Feature

by Christopher Jobson


While exploring an abandoned corner of the Zhukovsky airfield (Ramenskoye Airport) in Moscow two years ago, aviation photographer Aleksander Markin stumbled onto a forgotten relic of Russia’s Buran Space Program. This decaying wooden spacecraft was used as a wind tunnel model in the 1980s for the VKK Space Orbiter, the largest and most expensive Soviet space exploration program conceived as a response to the United States’ Space Shuttle. Despite its scientific purposes the wooden ship has the appearance of a fantastic children’s playground feature.

According to Urban Ghosts, this 1:3 scale replica was just one of 85 wind tunnel models used to test various aerodynamic properties of the orbiter. The testing would eventually reveal that NASA’s prototype for the Enterprise was ideal for spaceflight and the VKK Space Orbiter would take a similar design as a result.

Despite the ambitious size and scale of the Buran Space Program, the final craft would fly only a single unmanned mission in 1988 before being scrapped completely in 1993 due to lack of funding and political instability (and yet only modern Russia retains the ability to send people to the ISS today). Markin mentions in comments along with his photographs that this particular wind tunnel model has since been destroyed and no longer exists. (via Urban Ghosts)







05 Sep 22:04

Hot and fresh.

Hot and fresh.

09 Sep 22:41

Found a sketchbook from 2000

Found a sketchbook from 2000

05 Sep 23:48

brandonousley: Prince with Tavis Smiley, 2009.  fuck. today...


Prince with Tavis Smiley, 2009. 

fuck. today prince taught me that there were presidents before george washington. american education is so dumb. cherry picked and sanitized.

The Many U.S. Presidents Before George Washington, from Today I Found Out

04 Sep 18:42

we live in strange times.

Cooper Griggs

Did it take steroids?

we live in strange times.

04 Sep 05:16

Kim Davis: married Dwain Wallace

Kim Davis: married Dwain Wallace
Kim Davis: divorced Dwain Wallace
Kim Davis: married Joe Davis
Kim Davis: divorced Joe Davis
Kim Davis: married Thomas McIntyre
Kim Davis: divorced Thomas McIntyre
Kim Davis: married Joe Davis. again
Kim Davis: refuses to give marriage licenses to Lgbtq couples because the sanctity of marriage?
10 Sep 01:09

itsfunnytome: via

12 Sep 19:09

gifson-net: Querendo Atenção Total [video]


Querendo Atenção Total [video]

01 Sep 05:00

Comic for 2015.09.01

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Comic for 2015.09.02

09 Sep 05:00

Comic for 2015.09.09

11 Sep 05:00

Comic for 2015.09.11

28 Aug 05:21

moonrise kingdom (2012)this, for me, was perfect. beyond...

moonrise kingdom (2012)

this, for me, was perfect. beyond enjoyable. perfection.

10 Sep 05:55

"Avoiding fear, sadness or anger is not the same thing as being happy."

“Avoiding fear, sadness or anger is not the same thing as being happy.”

- Zelda Williams, speaking about coping with the loss of her father Robin
11 Sep 19:15

9/11 in idyllwild, california

9/11 in idyllwild, california

31 Aug 18:23

dezeen » Blog Archive » Uboot stand by Hackenbroich Architekten

by seanaes
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by lefouroux
03 Sep 10:04

netartdiagram.gif (GIF Image, 500x300 pixels)

by serialconsign
03 Sep 12:40

62818.jpg (605×436)

by maysun
03 Sep 17:48

Engine Maintenance by concept artist Mac Rebisz. | Cinema Gorgeous

by brandpowder
04 Sep 03:27

Measuring tools « Fontef Photolog

by designisfine