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27 May 15:00

iPhone Effective Power Text Glitch

Cooper Griggs

How the hell do people FIND these exploits?

News: A strange iPhone glitch may crash devices with a string of characters sent via text.
28 May 06:18

Windows is coming. (photo via jonat1992)

Windows is coming. (photo via jonat1992)

28 May 04:02

(photos by consent_van)

(photos by consent_van)

28 May 15:15

(photo via topperguy)

(photo via topperguy)

28 May 18:15

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty Images

Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty Images

Phil Walter / Getty Images

Luc Gnago / Reuters

Remo Casilli / Reuters

Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Ted S. Warren / AP

Eitan Abramovich / AFP / Getty Images

Journey to the Center of the Earth

28 May 17:19

pour-des-raisons: colbertnewshub: Comedy Central Announces the...



Comedy Central Announces the Premiere Date for ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’

Comedy Central have announced via @TheDailyShow Twitter account that Trevor Noah will officially begin hosting ‘The Daily Show’ on Monday, September 28th, 2015. Jon Stewart will host his final ‘Daily Show’ on Thursday August 6th, 2015.

Trevor seems so adorable here.


28 May 18:00

Lost memories recovered in mice with a flash of light

Traces of "forgotten" memories lurk in the brain and can be revived with the right tools – raising hopes of new ways to help people with Alzheimer's or amnesia

28 May 13:39

Amazon Prime same-day delivery is now free in 14 cities

by Steve Dent
Amazon can get you a package in an hour, but if you "only" need it the same day, delivery is now free in 14 metropolitan areas. To get the service, you'll need to place an order of $35 or more and be an Amazon Prime subscriber at $99 per year. You'll...
28 May 15:30

Hawaii's Thirty Meter Telescope could force others to close

by Nick Summers
For one to rise, others must fall. Hawaii's governor David Ige has given his blessing to the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) that scientists want to build on the Mauna Kea mountain. But there's a catch -- in return, he wants "at least 25 p...
28 May 18:37

GoPro unveils a 360-degree camera array for VR videos

by Nicole Lee
Cooper Griggs

Yikes! 16 cameras!

Now that Google has announced Jump, a new VR technology platform that lets you create and share 3D content, you're probably wondering how you can do exactly that. Well, Google has partnered with GoPro to come up with a solution: a 360-degree camera a...
28 May 15:06

Approaching Pluto

Cooper Griggs


Here comes Pluto. Here comes Pluto.

28 May 16:10


28 May 15:10

The Tempescope is an Ambient Weather Device that Simulates the Forecast on Your Desktop

by Christopher Jobson
Cooper Griggs

Cuz opening the drapes would be too much work I suppose. Still, neat idea.


The Tempescope is a novel device designed by Ken Kawamoto that displays the upcoming forecast by simulating weather conditions inside a small translucent box. The device is capable of downloading information about upcoming weather off the internet, which it then translates into a variety of modes to replicate sunshine, clouds, rain, and even lighting. Kawamoto made an early version of the device available as a free open-source project called OpenTempescope so you can try building your own, but a consumer version is planned for Kickstarter later this year. If you liked this, don’t miss The Cloud. (via Sixpenceee)




28 May 11:49


28 May 11:52


28 May 11:20

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by sincretic
28 May 11:50


by xote
28 May 08:54

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by eimer
28 May 00:25


by joenagle
28 May 00:55

GoPro is working on a spherical camera rig for VR, and a drone

by Richard Lawler
In case you were wondering what the next move is for GoPro as it keeps its action cameras one step ahead of cellphones and DSLRs, we have answers: virtual reality and drones. CEO Nick Woodman announced both projects tonight during an interview at the...
28 May 00:32


28 May 01:01

spacefisherman: ultrafacts: (Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts...



(Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

Cause they so cute

27 May 20:01

On March 5, 2000, Inés Ramírez Pérez of Rio de Talea, Mexico,...

On March 5, 2000, Inés Ramírez Pérez of Rio de Talea, Mexico, became the first woman known to have survived a self-inflicted cesarean section. When the case study detailing her son’s birth, Self-inflicted cesarean section with maternal and fetal survival, was published in the March 2004 issue of the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, the mother of eight quickly became an international celebrity. 

Inés Ramírez Perez was alone in her rural cabin and felt labor begin midday. Her husband, who had assisted in six of her previous births, was drinking at a cantina. The town of Río de Talea, located in San Lorenzo Texmelúcan in the state of Oaxaca, had only one phone at the time. After twelve hours in labor and gripped with terror that this baby would suffer the same obstructed labor and death as her previous baby, Ramírez decided that she needed to bring him into the world as quickly as she could. 

Ramírez sent her eight year old son, Benito, to buy a kitchen knife at a shop, as the knife the family used wasn’t sharp enough. After ingesting two cups of mezcal (alcohol made from the maguey plant), Ramírez held the knife by the blade instead of the handle and used her index finger and thumb to apply pressure. [x]

(Fact Source) For more facts, follow Ultrafacts

28 May 05:04

This telescope is really just 10 Canon lenses strapped together

by Andrew Tarantola
Hunting for extremely dim galaxies is especially difficult with single-lens telescopes. That's because, no matter how technologically advanced, the device's design cannot fully eliminate detail-obscuring scattered light from the resulting images. The...
28 May 05:16


27 May 15:37

Radically Diverse Australian Fungi Photographed by Steve Axford

by Christopher Jobson


Photographer Steve Axford (previously) continues his quest to document some of the world’s most obscure fungi found in locations around Australia. Axford lives and works in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia where he often has to travel no further than his own back yard to make some of the discoveries you see here. The forms of fungi, slime molds, and lichens he prefers to document seem to have no limit in their diverse characteristics. Axford explained when we first featured his work last year that he suspects many of the tropical species he stumbles onto are often completely undocumented. You can follow more of Axford’s discoveries on Flickr and SmugMug.














27 May 20:35

Dropular - Media Bookmarking

by filip
27 May 09:00

Late merge without conflicts

by sharhalakis

by Done Done Software - @donedonesoft

27 May 21:58

Apple is fixing a bug that crashes your iPhone with a text message

by Jon Fingas
Beware if you have any jokester friends with iOS devices -- they might just have a way to ruin your day if you have any iOS gadgets of your own. Apple has confirmed that it's fixing a recently discovered bug that crashes iPhones and other iOS 8 hardw...
27 May 22:22

All of your feline fantasies come true in 'Catlateral Damage'

by Jessica Conditt
Life would be so much easier as a cat. Few humans recognize the potential for feline bliss better than Chris Chung, the creator of Catlateral Damage, a first-person cat simulator. As a kitty locked up in a house full of annoying human things, your go...