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09 Feb 15:00

Popular Movies Posters recreated with Brushstrokes

by Daniella

Basé à Mumbai, l’illustrateur Raj Khatri nous livre une interprétation personnelle de célèbres affiches de films. En executant de larges coups de pinceaux aux couleurs caractéristiques, il recrée de manière abstraite les univers de Mad Max : Fury Road, Interstellar ou encore Gravity. Bien que son travail soit numérique, l’illustrateur a voulu que le rendu soit semblable à une série de peintures véritables. À découvrir.

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09 Feb 15:19

'Happy Birthday' settlement puts the song in the public domain

by Jon Fingas
Cooper Griggs

It's about time.

Since 1988, Warner/Chappell has had an iron grip on the copyright for "Happy Birthday to You." Artists couldn't sing it on a recording without paying up, even though it's virtually ubiquitous in real life -- it's widely considered the most popular En...
09 Feb 18:00

Obama's last budget calls for better infrastructure, cybersecurity

by Chris Velazco
With President Barack Obama's final year in office comes one last, contentious dance with Congress over a $4.1 trillion dollar budget for 2017. According to the New York Times, some $3 trillion of the budget the president proposed has been earmarked...
09 Feb 17:00

Michigan Senate Passes Law Banning Sodomy?

by (Dan Evon)
A bill passed by the Michigan senate to strengthen state animal cruelty laws left intact old, unenforceable language criminalizing sodomy.
09 Feb 10:08


by walkman
09 Feb 14:40

gifsboom: [video]

09 Feb 17:50

Extraordinary Interactive Hi-Res Exhibit of Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’

by Christopher Jobson


Teaching art history online can be tough, despite a wealth of tools and technologies it’s difficult to create an environment that compares to a great teacher who can make artworks engaging to a live audience. However, this new interactive exhibit of Hieronymus Bosch’s famous Garden of Earthly Delights completely nails it. This is the internet we were promised.

The site was created by filmmakers, photographers and art historians as part of an upcoming documentary by Pieter van Huijstee titled Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil. The ‘interactive documentary’ not only lets you explore the painting in incredible detail down to the most minute brush strokes, it also includes sound design as you move through various sections of the painting and a series of audio essays describing over 40 areas of the painting! This might be the crowning example of how to educate the public about a masterwork painting online, I wish there was something like this for more artworks.

The documentary and interactive exhibit coincide with the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death, which is also being celebrated by the Noordbrabants Museum in the Netherlands that is currently exhibiting 20 paintings and 19 drawings by the “Devil’s Painter”—the vast majority of his surviving works.

To see more paintings in vivid detail you can also explore the Google Art Project (they beat us for a Webby a few years ago, but we’re not bitter). Also related: A new Bosch painting was identified in Kansas City last week. (via Metafilter)







09 Feb 07:37

Pacific Park #santamonicapier #losangeles #california #pier...

Pacific Park
#santamonicapier #losangeles #california #pier #pacificpark #amusementpark #beach (at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier)

09 Feb 07:55

Pure Esso #gaspumps #pacificpark #santamonicapier #losangeles...

Pure Esso
#gaspumps #pacificpark #santamonicapier #losangeles #california #amusementpark #airstreamtrailer (at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier)

09 Feb 08:02

Where’s Khaleesi? #amusementpark #santamonicapier...

Where’s Khaleesi?
#amusementpark #santamonicapier #losangeles #california #stuffedanimal #dragons #prizes (at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier)

09 Feb 16:46

Prize Cups #amusementpark #pacificpark #santamonicapier...

Prize Cups
#amusementpark #pacificpark #santamonicapier #losangeles #california #ballincupgame #prizes (at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier)

09 Feb 17:03

Octoballer #amusementpark #santamonicapier #pacificpark...

#amusementpark #santamonicapier #pacificpark #losangeles #california #ballinbucketgame #prizes #octopus (at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier)

09 Feb 06:35

Kickstarter lists 100 facts from 100,000 funded campaigns

by Mariella Moon
After almost seven years online, Kickstarter can now boast that it has 100,000 successfully funded campaigns under its belt. A photography project called Falklands/Malvinas: One War, all Wars by a Nat Geo photographer helped it get to that number whe...
29 Jan 12:50

The TappLock smart padlock opens with a fingerprint

by Steve Dent
Still fiddling with a key or combination to lock up your stuff? Get with the times, man! A company called Pishon Lab has launched a smart padlock that you can open with your fingerprint, in much the same way you unlock a smartphone. The TappLock come...
09 Feb 02:00

tastefullyoffensive: (photo via darktribalcow)

09 Feb 02:18

United States Deporting Military Veterans?

by (Brooke Binkowski)
Cooper Griggs

wow. total WTF?

Honorably-discharged veterans of the U.S. military have, under certain circumstances, either received deportation orders or been deported.
09 Feb 03:03

Commercial aircraft get their first global emissions standard

by Jon Fingas
Ground-based vehicles have had emissions standards for a while (just ask Volkswagen), but commercial aircraft like passenger jets? Not so much. However, the world just took one big step toward cleaning up the skies: a total of 23 countries have agree...
09 Feb 05:05


08 Feb 23:44

it is so damned warm in southern california, this tree thinks...

it is so damned warm in southern california, this tree thinks it’s spring.

08 Feb 23:51

tastefullyoffensive: *yoink*

08 Feb 23:52

09 Feb 00:00

4gifs: He was fine. [video] poor puppy!


He was fine. [video]

poor puppy!

08 Feb 21:25

Don't Selfie Your Ballot?

by (David Mikkelson)
Is taking a photograph of your ballot and posting it online illegal? Depends on where you live and how you do it.
08 Feb 19:25

Free Chipotle Burrito Coupon

by (David Mikkelson)
Cooper Griggs

Haven't tried it yet.

No scam: the popular fast casual Chipotle Mexican Grill chain is really offering up mobile coupons for free burritos.
08 Feb 07:03

This is February, right? #climatechange (at Los Angeles,...

This is February, right?
#climatechange (at Los Angeles, California)

08 Feb 09:06

Watch 540 dancing robots celebrate Chinese New Year

by Mat Smith
Cooper Griggs


Ten robot cheerleaders isn't enough when it comes to celebrating Chinese New Year. To kick off the year of the monkey, Chinese broadcaster CCTV's TV special included 540 dancing robots, with a fleet of drones to top it all off with a layer of glitter...
08 Feb 18:26

Hacker posts info on thousands of Homeland Security employees

by Billy Steele
The US government has yet another security breach on its hands. Late yesterday, a Twitter account posted a Department of Homeland Security staff directory containing names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers and more for over 9,000 employees. "Th...
08 Feb 18:46

Things Organized Neatly

by turn
08 Feb 19:06


by kirkham
Cooper Griggs

holy shit

07 Feb 22:49

Scientists decode the bedbug's genes to help kill it

by Jon Fingas
Just the very thought of bedbugs probably makes your skin crawl, and that's made all the worse by their ability to adapt to new threats. Like it or not, that pesticide you used years ago probably doesn't work any more. What to do? Genetics might j...