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bogleech: All these people think “political correctness” and “social justice” are sudden,...


All these people think “political correctness” and “social justice” are sudden, inexplicable plagues upon the internet because they now get yelled at if they say something shitty.

But the truth is, social media has just grown to the point where your internet posts are far, far more public. That’s it. That’s the difference.

If you stood on a street corner and spouted racist jokes even forty years ago, you would probably get garbage thrown at you or your lights punched out sooner or later.This is just the real world. You can learn to play nicely with others or you can stay out of it.

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Yep, pretty desperate right now.

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hufflepuff-and-stuff: one of my favorite jokes of all time


one of my favorite jokes of all time

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queenquong: gingerpermission: standbyyourmantis: edwardspoonha...








I once saw someone point out something I hadn’t really considered before- libraries are one of the only places that are warm and dry where you can stay for long periods of time if you have no money. If you’re someone with nowhere to go during the daytime, they provide a safe environment in which to keep a roof over your head for a while- and all while you can access information.

So yes. This.

It’s weird…libraries almost feel /wrong/ now. It’s like I walk in and think “This is great…where do I put my money?”

I used to work on a campus library and if you want someplace to put your money, so to speak, make sure you put books back in the designated areas. I know you think you’re being helpful by reshelving, but even if you pull something out to read a couple paragraphs just stick it in the basket for things you didn’t want. I don’t care if you know EXACTLY where you are. In academic libraries (at least in Texas) our funding was determined by how many books people looked at. So we got additional funding based on books not being reshelved. If there’s a designated shelf/basket for things you don’t want, stick things in it!

What @standbyyourmantis said about not reshelving is true for public libraries, too. Our funding is dictated largely by how ‘used’ we are, so we scan all the items that are laying about as In House Use. That, tied with Reference Count and Door Counter numbers (we have to manually put in the time we take for references) to prove we’re providing a needed service.
We also have to count the number of people who come for our programs, which not only helps funding but shows that the programming/services are needed, as well.
So, basically, if you want to feel like you’re making sure we’re getting paid and staying around, keep these in mind.

I didn’t know that’s why you’re not supposed to reshelf!

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white-throated-packrat: allofthefeelings: You know the fanon that Tony invites everyone to stay at...



You know the fanon that Tony invites everyone to stay at the Tower because he’s lonely when Pepper and Rhodey are busy? What if everyone comes to live there for that reason, and it doesn’t quite work according to plan?

I mean, he has friends around. So many friends! All the time! It’s great! Go team!

Except Pepper is waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to do yoga with Bruce. Or Rhodey and Thor are deconstructing battles instead of watching the movie Tony chose. Or Pepper and Steve talking about art when the whole reason Pepper picks out Tony’s art is that Tony doesn’t care, okay, this is not Tony’s interest. Even Rhodey and Clint discussing the finer points of barbecue- no, not with any robot help, just fire and a grill. It’s not that Tony isn’t invited, it’s just- his life has a very set order. Things are supposed to revolve around him! WHY ARE THINGS NOT REVOLVING AROUND HIM.

He hadn’t realized new friends at the Tower meant new friends for EVERYONE, this is like when Pepper and Rhodey discovered they both liked Walking Dead even though Tony wasn’t into it at all but times like a million.

Some nights, when Tony needs a break from his experiment but Pepper and Natasha are out for drinks and Rhodey and Sam are bonding over being the only normal people in the tower, Tony finds himself hanging around the common room of the tower with Bucky, both of them sulking (although both would fervently deny it), no one talking, no one even acknowledging the other.

JARVIS helpfully plays children’s programs about learning to work together on the television. Neither of them dignifies it with a response.

Yes, this! Especially the part about children’s programs modeling good citizenship and cooperation.

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sandandglass: The Daily Show, February 8, 2016 Are you saying...


The Daily Show, February 8, 2016

Are you saying that you can’t talk about race issues to Middle America? Are they so delicate and unaware and maybe so white that Beyoncé is too much for them?

You know what’s right in the middle of America? Ferguson, Missouri.

- Jessica Williams 

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reginamillsy: Mini Disney Movie Challenge 4/8 - A scene that...


Mini Disney Movie Challenge 4/8 - A scene that makes you smile
↳ aka the one where they are the cutest family ever

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blue-obliviate: graceespooks: OH MY GOD It’s back




It’s back

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naamahdarling: tydrel: mc-mt: weloveshortvideos: Dog tries...


A good friend of mine pointed out that the "problem" with pibbles is that they love us too much, they will literally do anything for us, even when we (clearly) don't deserve that love and loyalty.
Nice to see there are pibbles with humans that maybe deserve them.





Dog tries to imitate little girl’s cartwheel



oh my god

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reysforceawakens: This is so sweet


This is so sweet

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lohrien: Illustrations by Aaron Miller


Illustrations by Aaron Miller

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autism problem #442

when you have to go to things like social skills group instead of things that you want to do

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“My walking patterns have changed since I got a cat.” - Brian...



“My walking patterns have changed since I got a cat.” - Brian Fritz

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Rubio's answer to debate debacle: I meant to do that, and it was the media's fault

by (Laura Clawson)

Rubio is the reason "The Manchurian Candidate" never frightened me. For that to work, the human race would have to be a whole lot more competent than we generally are.

Marco Rubio’s message coming out of his disastrous debate performance Saturday night is that he meant to do that and it’s the media’s fault anyone thinks it was a problem. At the debate, Chris Christie slammed Rubio for mechanically repeating the same talking point (“Obama knows what he's doing”), only to have Rubio respond by repeating it again. For a candidate who’s faced criticism that he can’t go deeper than talking points, it was not helpful, and it made headlines. But his campaign has apparently decided that the only way out is through further repetition:

“I’m going to say it again,” Mr. Rubio said in front of a crowd of about 1,000 people who packed a high school cafeteria here, one of his largest New Hampshire audiences. “Barack Obama is the first president, at least in my lifetime, who wants to change the country. Change the country — not fix it. Not fix its problems. He wants to make it a different kind of country.”

If I keep saying it, will you believe it’s just such an important point that it meant something all those times I said it in the debate? The thing is, this is an important talking point for Rubio’s presidential hopes. He’s faced criticism from other Republicans that he is what they paint Obama as being: too inexperienced for the job, a disaster waiting to happen. So Rubio’s oft-repeated answer that Obama isn't screwing up out of inexperience but is a crafty villain who knows just what he’s doing is a crucial answer to the inexperience charge. The debate debacle gave his campaign a choice: keep repeating the same damn thing and hope to convince people that shows it was never a mistake to begin with, or back off and admit Rubio screwed up while leaving him open to the inexperience charge. His advisers have gone with option A, and have added on a little media-blaming. A fundraising email repeats the “Obama is doing it on purpose” claims and then insists that “the media pounced” because “they are desperate to defend Obama’s legacy.”

Actually, Marco, it was Christie who pounced. The media just followed up with a chorus of “whoa, did you see that?” And, anecdotally at least, it gave some New Hampshire voters second thoughts about Rubio, at a time when he’s polling second but polls say that many voters are still open to changing their minds.

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A Simple Plan to Start Reading More

by Shane Parrish

2011-150 books read
2012-170 books read
2013-170 books read
2014-170 books read
2015-150 books read
2016-150 books read - goal

Yeah, I don't think I should try to add "read more books" to my goal list.

I love the physical nature of having books up there on the bookshelves, waiting to be looked at, admired, and remembered. I used to really enjoyed the library and I still do. But when I look at my shelves I realize that I own so many books that I haven’t read.


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Ted Cruz wants to protect women from all this political correctness and equality and stuff

by (Laura Clawson)

Sexism: Men are completely logical and free of emotion, unlike women, and that's why we can't expect men to just not rape women.

Ted Cruz seems to be trying to earn macho points as a defender of fragile womanhood. He would NOT bow to political correctness and draft women into the military, no sirree.

"I'm the father of two little girls, and I love those little girls with all my heart," he said. "They are capable of doing anything in their heart's desire. But the idea that their government would forcibly put them in a foxhole with a 220-pound psychopath trying to kill them doesn't make any sense at all. It's yet one more sign of this politically correct world where we forget common sense. We gotta get back to a president who just says, 'No, that doesn't make any sense.'"

Is it just me, or does the way he phrased “put them in a foxhole with a 220-pound psychopath trying to kill them” sound like Cruz is slamming the men of the American military? But sexism, not poor phrasing, was the point here. Cruz’s girls can do anything in their heart’s desire, but moving forward to where women are treated equally on the lousy stuff as well as the fun stuff would be bad and wrong. And we’re not supposed to notice that positions like “my girls are too fragile to do that difficult, dangerous thing” aren’t just used to protect women from the draft, they’re used to hold women back from desirable jobs and equal treatment across the board.

Mostly, though: Ted Cruz, man. Posturing posturing posturing. Political correctness! My precious campaign props! Common sense!

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amultiverse: My favorite part of making comics is how...


My favorite part of making comics is how differently different folks will interpret the same set of pixels. The responses often say a lot more about the subject than the original comic does, especially when the responses come from assholes.

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Constance Wu: 'Diversity...doesn’t Mean We Want the White People to Write Asian Stories'

Constance Wu: 'Diversity...doesn’t Mean We Want the White People to Write Asian Stories':

“Speaking to guest host Guy Branum about the kind of roles she’d like to pursue, given how limiting mainstream entertainment can be for Asian-American actresses, Wu said:

I want to support uniquely Asian-American stories. I don’t want to just play the hostage in some big studio movie. If I get that, that’s great. But if it coincides with an opportunity about the Asian-American experience that pays me, like, a quarter of the salary, I’d rather do that.

As for what kind of changes she hopes the industry will make as far as diversity and representation are concerned, Wu told Branum:

[Diversity] doesn’t mean we want the white people to write Asian stories. What I want is to foster the Asian-American writers and directors and producers and actors…foster their stories to come into the spotlight a little bit.”

Read the full piece here

I LOVE Constance Wu in FOTB, she just slays in that role. 

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sofia-pls: disahara: browngirlsgang: farahbillah: Coriander...





Coriander Cats: Bengali Girls in the Wild


Like & Reblog

*Screams* YEESSSSssss


I love this so much

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First of all

Fuckboy: lol are you a virgin
Me: *sighs*
Me: *unrolls absurdly large scroll*
Me: *reads aloud* first of all, virginity is a social construct and my value as a perso.....
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miss-nerdgasmz: What did we do to deserve Jon Risinger


Fight Toxic Heteronormativity


What did we do to deserve Jon Risinger

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"Sanders is not a socialist. He is a “democratic socialist.” That one word makes for a..."

“Sanders is not a socialist. He is a “democratic socialist.” That one word makes for a world of difference. Sanders favors private ownership and markets, but with rules that protect little people from abuses and uncertainties.
Survey after poll after focus group shows that substantial majorities of Republicans support much of the Sanders economic plan. Many of those Republicans currently support Donald Trump, with his vague promises to stick it to the rich, improve the lot of working class Americans and protect Social Security.
So what are those Americans who support Sanders’ policies but not Sanders missing? Why don’t they understand the huge differences between socialism and democratic socialism?
One issue is the disconnect between what politicians promise and what they could deliver. Sanders would need to win in a sweep election that gave Democrats strong majorities in Congress to get his policies enacted into law.
But there’s a deeper issue with how we engage with our elections. You don’t have to be a Sanders supporter to recognize that America’s political reporters are good at covering the horse race, but terrible at explaining policies of the candidates.
One reason for that flaw is that viewers, and the voters among them, often want personality rather than substance. While there are insightful articles about policy proposals, they don’t resonate. Think about a song so it plays in your mind. Now try to recall anything written by a music critic. Same problem with politics: We recall the rhyme; the reason, not so much.
Compounding this is the terrible job our education system does teaching young people about economic and political philosophies, to distinguish between the -isms. I’ve learned that you can have a more informed conversation about politics and economics with the average waiter or petty merchant in Europe or Canada than with the executive sitting next to you on a domestic flight.
So let’s go back to square one and explain what Sanders is and is not.”


David Cay Johnston: You agree with Bernie Sanders

Good read.

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ourantitheses: so I thought of something today that’s not revoluntionary but when I was a kid my...


so I thought of something today that’s not revoluntionary but

when I was a kid my parents always told me if someone tried to mug me to just give them my wallet and not to argue or fight, because it could get me killed

but if a rape survivor cooperates in order to avoid additional injury, people accuse that person of actually wanting it to happen.

Nobody thinks you handing your wallet to the person with a knife means in that exact moment you suddenly decided to be super generous to a violent stranger.