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01 Jul 16:10

3fluffies:mechinaries: what if cap met supes meanwhile,...



what if cap met supes

meanwhile, somewhere else:

batman: you can not imagine the tragedy which has shaped me


Sam: “So…you like bats?”

More like

Sam: You wanna go grab a beer, get away from the angst contest?

Diana: …. yes.

Sam; I know a place they’ve got half-price nachos and MMA on the TV.

Diana: Yes.

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transgenderer: maybe its maybelline. maybe its goblin magic. those are the only two options


maybe its maybelline. maybe its goblin magic. those are the only two options

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refurbthecat: Ah, another beautiful day. Let’s check out what’s going on in global news this mor-


so say we all


Ah, another beautiful day. Let’s check out what’s going on in global news this mor-

30 Jun 16:10

Rihanna's Insane New Music Video Makes Me Wish She Was in Star Trek Beyond

by Katharine Trendacosta
Rihanna's Insane New Music Video Makes Me Wish She Was in Star Trek Beyond

The music video for “Sledgehammer” by Rihanna, a song used to promote the upcoming Star Trek movie, and named for a tool that they probably don’t use all that much in the 23rd century, has been released. And now I mostly wish Rihanna was the villain of the movie.


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luanneclatterbuck: OH MY GOD



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(via dasbeardog)


I work in a state office building. There are at least two Bernies that I run into on a weekly basis.

(via dasbeardog)

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audsbot: jewishzevran: grandenchanterfiona: I want a high fantasy movie where everyone talks with...




I want a high fantasy movie where everyone talks with Southern US accents instead of British ones.

The Dwarves though, they can get Minnesotan accents.

ok but picture this: elves with brooklyn accents

“Hey HEY I’m castin’ here, what’d’you – listen, my pop and I serve the Great Tree goin’ back six hundred fuckin’ years so if you got a problem with our fuckin’ magic you don’t fuckin’ come down here into our fuckin’ grove to gimme shit about it.

“Right? You don’t see me fuckin’ goin’ into your shitty man-stables and tellin’ you how to milk horses, do ya? So instead you come down here, disrespect me, disrespect my pa, and how ‘bout you stop fuckin’ disrespectin’ the Great Fuckin’ Tree that grew whens’t the world was young and carries all our fates ‘n its boughs, okay?

“I said, ‘okay?’

“Okay, now fuck off.”

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vastderp: joelo432: jagged–vacance: fats: lisquid: Thi...






This will be the cutest video you will see today. My grandparents found baby sea turtles on their doorstep this morning so they released them one by one!

please turn on your volume omg

The person releasing them reminds me of Mater from cars this is the cutest video I’ve ever seen

I rarely reblog stuff here, but seeing these adorable little honu being released into the ocean was irresistible!!


01 Jul 08:42

Some Monster: Dude im totally about to eat you

Some Monster: Dude im totally about to eat you
Me: Oh shit!
Me: Ok bro hold the vore stuff for a second, i came prepared for this exact moment.
Monster: Um?
Me: *starts blasting the Scooby Doo Chase Music I ccarry around with me*
Monster, shouting over the sweet 70's tunes: What the fuck?
01 Jul 00:16

optimysticals: sufficientlytalentedfool: maxiesatanofficial: Is it me or does the way we treat...




Is it me or does the way we treat cast-iron cookware almost come across like we’re talking about ancestral enchanted swords or something?

‘Twas my grandmother’s pan, ‘fore she passed it to my father; and my father’s pan before mine; and now you, my daughter, shall have it by your side as you go off to make your way in the world. Just remember, never wash it with soap, nor scrub too hard when you rinse it, lest you erode its protective sheen – you can apply a new enchantment, but it will lose all the power it has gained over the years from its use by our bloodline, and also it’s sort of a pain in the ass.

@oddpeg , @mchenrykeith

Yes. Yes it is.

Well now I want an ancient ancestral enchanted cast-iron skillet.

It has protected my family through many generations

30 Jun 22:02

Everything Rey does is plausible (MAJOR SPOILERS, BEWARE!)



Dropped off on Jakku at a young age and left in a scavenger’s camp, Rey spends the majority of her life ripping apart abandoned Imperial ships for their most valuable parts in order to eat. Basically: she spends years training herself in the complex mechanics and layouts of the Imperial fleet (whose designs and ships are, obviously, used by the First Order), and therefore, Correllian ship-making (as they’re some of the galaxy’s most prolific ship-builders, Imperial ships were of Correllian design). Her knowing the Millennium Falcon and being able to maneuver around the First Order base is not at all surprising: she’s being rooting around similar ships for years. 

That’s not even mentioning her dialogue on how the Millennium Falcon got to the junkyards of Jakku and her disagreement with the modifications made onboard–it indicates that 1) she’s been in the ship before, probably more than once 2) she’s more than familiar with its history, to the point that she’s probably been used in official capacities to examine/work on the ship 3) though slightly on the outs with the proprietor/buyer in the junkyards, she was clearly trained by a group of people who stole the Millennium Falcon.

  • Her technical skills, knowledge of ships, circuits, and all that shit is plausible. She’s spent most of her life training in it.

Remember her staff? The first time we see Rey, she’s got that staff slung across her back. When Finn arrives at the scavenger’s camp, sees two thugs about to abduct BB-8 and attacking Rey, he rushes to help. Before he can get there, Rey takes out both men with her staff. When they leave Jakku, she takes it with her. When she has a choice, she always brings that staff–even if she has a blaster. It’s an extension of herself, and a strange sort of security blanket. My guess is that she’s had to use it a lot on Jakku, as a girl, alone. But my primary point is this: her decently handling a lightsaber is not at all unexpected. She’s already had her own version of combat training with that staff.

  • Her being able to duel Kylo Ren is plausible, given that she’s spent years with that staff as her only weapon, and clearly used it often. While not exactly the same thing as a saber, there are similar principles, similar forms, and plenty of real life experience.

Combine the last two pieces of information. Rey has spent years hauling herself up the interiors of crashed ships, ripping out their parts, and lugging them around. The girl’s probably ripped.

  • Her duel with Kylo Ren is physiologically plausible, because of her own ridiculous form of strength-training known as “trying to survive Jakku and get enough food to stay alive.”

Jakku. She’s spent years there, living alone, with a discipline and work ethic like no nineteen-year-old normally has. There’s been nobody, really, to defend her and care for her. She’s had to do it all on her own, and had to grow up well before she reached adulthood–otherwise she would’ve starved to death. 

 Compare that with Kylo Ren: a boy who grew up privileged, the son of two generals, and technically royalty. Compare Rey’s attitude, ethic, and level-headedness with Kylo Ren’s temper tantrums, wild mood swings, and inability to follow through. Yes, he’s had some years of official training in the ways of the force, but he’s wildly undisciplined. He can’t focus. He has power, sure, but he’s not so great at controlling it. Think about Vader, Dooku, and Palpatine: they were shitbags, but they were shitbags who could focus and exercise a modicum of control over themselves. Kylo Ren’s greatest fear isn’t far-fetched at all: so far, he’s being a terrible excuse for a Sith Lord. 

Coming face to face with Rey–disciplined, hard-working, smart, focused, devoted, driven Rey, ready to defend Finn, coming from a background that demanded so much more–only exposes that to even greater degree. His mental state is in shambles, compared to hers. 

  • Rey being able to face off against Kylo Ren is plausible not simply because of her previous actions, but also because the life she’s lived has made her more disciplined, and focused.

Luke’s awakening in the force began with Ben teaching and coaching him, around age 18. The force began calling to Rey much earlier. And no, I’m not talking about her vision in the basement. When Kylo Ren probes Rey’s mind, he says that at night she imagines an ocean, and an island. ALL RIGHT FOLKS, WHERE DID WE FIND LUKE AT THE END? THAT’S RIGHT. AN ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF AN OCEAN. Coincidence? I think not. 

Some people are also assuming that when Rey says, “I just knew how to do it, somehow,” in reference to certain gut-instinct aerial moves in the Falcon, it was the force sharpening her perceptions and helping her. It makes sense–if the force has been influencing her dreams and imagination for years, it’s probably been waiting for any moment it could bleed through more actively into her life. The force has been waiting for a long time, and it’s no friggin coincidence that Maz Kanata has Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and that’s where Han Solo takes them. 

After the vision in the basement, Maz Kanata is able to give Rey a brief moment of instruction–that Obi-Wan “shit’s about to go down get ready kid” kind of moment. Rey rejects it at first, freaked out, most likely because of y’know, reliving the most painful moment of her life and seeing a field littered with dead bodies as Mr. Scary Mask stands above her, but it’s ultimately what saves her. She’s spent her entire life blocking out the call of the outside world–force included. Letting go of what she was ushers in everything she’s been holding back. Considering that the Jedi Order, in its heyday, used to begin training force-sensitive individuals when they were children, it’s not crazy to assume that this has been building since she was a child, and has been fairly repressed and blocked since being placed on Jakku.

Now, let’s skip on back to Kylo Ren’s interrogation. Luke never had this moment. He never had a Jedi or Sith do an intrusive mind probe. What the hell kind of affect must that have on a force sensitive person, who’s had these abilities, never truly explored them, but reacts on instinct? I feel like it’s the equivalent of taking a can of soda, and shaking it until it explodes. 

In the woods, as they duel, Kylo inadvertently reminds her of what wise-as-shit Maz Kanata said: let it in. She intentionally drops the barriers. Not simply to escape. Not as a small thing. Rey focuses on the force as a guide, and not a trick, and HEY HEY SHIT HAPPENS. And the aforementioned “shit” is not just the force, but the force building off of everything she’s ever gone through.

  • Rey’s force abilities are not just suddenly there; they’re awakened. Forcibly. (Pun!) and HENCE THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE! It’s plausible. Just as plausible as Luke making that one-in-a-million shot. He practiced shooting womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon, and it was the force, added on to that experience, that helped him “destroy” the Death Star in A New Hope. Rey’s life has been much more difficult than Luke’s thus far. She hasn’t even had the leisure of avoiding a direction confrontation with a Sith–she was thrust into a force-ridden fight a helluva lot quicker. Who knows what Luke would’ve done in her shoes, had he had to go through the same things she did.

By the way, this is what happens when I, a nerd, go on the internet, and see people being stupid. This is also what happens when I have a lot of feelings about fictional characters. 

I still can’t get over the fact that Jakku means jacket in Finnish.

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igotkittypryde: thedailyshow: Predictable news pundits are...


I want the word "pantsuit" removed from the vocabulary. It's a fucking suit. It's got a jacket and pants. You know what that sounds like? That sounds like the suits that men wear.



Predictable news pundits are predictable.


SHRIEKING?!? Holy shit. This fucking guy. Thank you, Trevor!!!

01 Jul 00:22

failtastic-fallen-angel: anightvaleintern: stvolga: why do all children know the floor is lava...


Yeah, but everybody knows about the 100th monkey.




why do all children know the floor is lava game do we all just learn it from older children and inadvertently share it with each other like some natural inevitable cycle why do children discover the floor and the concept of gravity and up and down and suddenly pretend to be afraid of it why do we play with the physical limitations of our world 

This has been explored.  Apparently there is a thing called Children Culture.  Some of the skipping songs and jump rope songs we learned as kids have no known origin as ever having been written or performed by adults.  Some games have no known origins as well.  Essentially, kids like to tell each other things and pass them around and sometimes if something particularly cool or interesting gets made, the entire school learns it.  And then those kids teach their siblings or cousins or friends from other schools and they teach their whole school until it becomes a whole mass knowledge thing by all kids and continues to be for years and years.

It’s conceivable that the lava game is another aspect of kid culture.

I know my kids don’t seem to know it and they were pretty separated from other kids growing up.

Confirmed: all children are part of a telepathic cult.

30 Jun 16:45

smellslikeburntpopcorn: m-to-the-6th-power: runofthemillsocialist: sapphicscaly: autisticsamusara...


Do the Germans have a word for when you're reading something funny at work buy you can't laugh because you REALLY don't want to explain what you're reading to your coworkers, so you just nearly die choking?















things that still freak me out: those sinks americans have in their kitchens that you can destroy stuff with

Honestly this post has been on my mind all day. Those weird destructosinks for people with too much money are apparently common in America. And Americans get defensive over them.

Well don’t come crying to me when your wean gets eaten by the fucking kitchen sink.


Okay it took me for-fucking-ever to figure out wtf you guys are talking about are you talking about garbage disposals?
Like down the drain??

with the spinny knives

No knives, just a dull piece of spinny metal.

you realise it takes the same amount of force to cut thru a carrot as a finger

i dont know what you do over there but we usually don’t stick our hands in our sink drains

who’s going around fisting sinks anyway

“don’t come crying to me when your wean gets eaten by the fucking kitchen sink”

is that person saying they fuck kitchen sinks? is that what I just read? they put their dick in the sink’s drain and they fuck it?

dont sinkshame

Child. Wean means child.

Okay, so you put your CHILD in a sink and stuff them down the drain? That’s… that’s definitely worse.

This post is an experiance.

30 Jun 18:24

mykicks: The worst part of Pride each year is riding the subway late at night and seeing the gay...


Dear heterosexuals: Saying that I'm OK with who I am doesn't mean that I think there's anything wrong with what you are.


The worst part of Pride each year is riding the subway late at night and seeing the gay guys, mostly the ones riding by themselves, slowly take off their rainbow stickers and beads and what-not in preparation for their walk alone in their neighborhood, doing their best to prevent the off-chance of being jumped. I saw one guy with a flag in his bag turn it upside down so it wouldn’t poke out.

So yeah, fuck that heterosexual pride day nonsense.

30 Jun 19:21

ginormouspotato: gothvelma: forcedintostarwars: irhinoceri: forcedintostarwars: Remember when...






Remember when Anakin cut his son’s hand off and then immediately asked him if they could be pals as if he hadn’t just cut his son’s hand off?

Anakin’s like, “I lost four limbs… I’m not sure why he’s so upset?”

“Son, back in my day you had to crawl uphill out of a volcano when you lost a limb, you kids have it so easy.”

“goddamn entitled space millennials. why are you crying, was that your selfie hand, wuss?”

#like im hearing WHY ARE YOU CRYING WAS THAT YOUR SELFIE HAND in james earl jones voice and losing it

30 Jun 17:00

Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics)

by Jeff Wysaski

I'm PRETTY sure the supervillian one is the ACTUAL tragic backstory behind Professor X and Magneto.

This first one, you guys. This first one… reblog it reblog it reblog it   reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it reblog it Tumblr Gets Deep: Next … Continued

The post Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics) appeared first on

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dagna: KELADRY OF MINDELAN, LADY KNIGHT Seeing herself in the...



Seeing herself in the mirror, Kel thought she’d made herself into the girl she would have been had she not tried for her shield. The feeling was odd, more good than bad. ‘Maybe I’m the same whatever I wear,’ she thought. ‘It’s just easier to fight in breeches.’

It’s a Kel kind of day.

30 Jun 16:02

autism problem #584


~A Memoir
Subtitle: I literally have no more ideas on how to explain this to you, please, won't you tell me what part it is you're not getting? Please?

When someone asks you to explain something in detail and you’ve already explained it the best that you’ve thought up beforehand

30 Jun 03:05

baebtae: a concept: letting ur idols rest without stalking them n invading every part of their...


a concept: letting ur idols rest without stalking them n invading every part of their private lives

30 Jun 03:36

mathed-potatoes: Yesterday I went to dinner to catch up with my buddy from the math department, and...


Yesterday I went to dinner to catch up with my buddy from the math department, and he told me this story about how he ran the city marathon in 2 hours, 59 minutes. That’s an amazing time. He was 19th out of thousands. 

He was doing pretty well for the first half, but then his ankle started to hurt. He slowed down for a bit, but then this girl he passed before passed him, and he started overthinking whether or not it was awkward to pass the same person multiple times, and, like, what if they small-talked about it? He decided it was better to pass her and stay ahead, so he picked up the pace. A few miles later, he fell in with two dude-bros who started talking to him. Not pleased to find himself in the company of dude-bros, he pulled ahead once again. This continued for a while; every time he got closed to a group of other marathoners, his social anxiety kicked in and he ran faster because he felt nervous being near people. 

TL;DR A mathematician ran an record marathon to avoid making small-talk with randos. He introverted his way into qualifying for the Boston marathon. 

30 Jun 03:50

damnitdisney: ratedmirr: jordynslefteyebrow: Simone Biles |...




Simone Biles | 4-time National All Around Champion

She’s the Serena Williams of gymnastics. I think she’s the most awarded female athlete at Worlds too (from the US). With like 10 gold and 4 silver. And to my very little knowledge of gymnastics besides fun facts, she’s only went to Worlds like 3 times. Look up her latest floor routines on YouTube. She’s gonna take over the Olympics

People need to know her name!

30 Jun 03:50

blue-author: dirtysoychai: when science tells u to distrust...



when science tells u to distrust men

When science also tells you that a strategy of mutual accommodation is as successful as a strategy of exploitation.

30 Jun 03:52

kytheon-hero-of-akros: no-mi-torta: budgiebazooka: riverofwate...







what kind of meteorological prediction is THIS


2016 is gonna be a fuckin ride and a half

Prediction confirmed

30 Jun 03:48

micdotcom: Watch: After Istanbul attack, The Young Turks’ Cenk...


Quite frankly, I'd rather we start talking about Radical Christian Terrorists, because I feel they're a much more pressing issue in my own life.

29 Jun 22:38

little migraine things


Seriously, the stress is a trigger one... Dear body, you have, hands down, the WORST coping mechanisms in the history of coping mechanisms. Why are all of your reactions to stress SO MUCH MORE STRESSFUL THAN THE ORIGINAL STRESSORs?


  • noise
  • not knowing your triggers
  • light is my enemy
  • why are people so loud???
  • when you have to eat something to feel better but ur too nauseous 
  • am i actually going to throw up???
  • showers in pitch darkness
  • keeping an ice pack on your head too long and getting like a brain freeze
  • “how much ibuprofen do you take?” “just fuck me up”
  • stress is a trigger but ur stressed out by ur migraine 
  • when u think ur free but u gotta deal with ur postdrome migraine
29 Jun 18:12

Why we're terrified of fanfiction

Why we're terrified of fanfiction:





Stands up on soapbox, holds up this article like it’s the opening of the Lion King.

Y’all should read this because it is FIRE, but also because a post from the Time Lady Project was linked in this!

Historically, whenever young women are interested in a form of media, we like to tell them it is bad for them and that they are bad for liking it — unless the media goes mainstream, in which case it becomes no longer feminine and hence okay. Novels are dangerous and cause insanity, until they become classics worthy of being studied in college. Beatlemania is the province of “the dull, the idle, the failures,“ until the Beatles become a band that everyone loves.

Young women are so attacked for loving the media they love that it is a radical act for a young woman to love something unashamedly. And transformative fandom is the most radical act of all, because it reverses that “lady thing to respectable thing” process.

Emphasis added. It’s so good- go read the whole thing.

Fuck yeah. I’m gonna take this *respectable* thing .. and I’m gonna make it a *lady thing.* MWAHAHAHAHA! *lightning strikes behind me*