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13 Oct 01:55

dashlit: in sixth grade my homeroom teacher caught this kid stephen saying,“that’s so gay.” so he...


I honestly don't know how I feel about this.


in sixth grade my homeroom teacher caught this kid stephen saying,
“that’s so gay.”

so he told the class that for the rest of the week, anytime you wanted to express something negatively, you could say,
“that’s so stephen.”

and it started out as a joke, where even this stephen kid was going around using it, laughing at it, not really caring. it was funny, i guess.

but then one of his friends got a bad mark on a test and said,
“that’s so stephen.”

we had a blacktop recess and everyone kept saying,
“that’s so stephen.”

and when we got too loud doing groupwork and had to separate and work silently, everyone in the class kept muttering,
“that’s so stephen.”

and the weirdest part was that even though it was just a word we were using, even though it had nothing to do with stephen,
we all sort of blamed stephen.

and as everyone kept using “that’s so stephen,” all week, you could see stephen himself finding it less and less funny.
we played a game called “pamplemousse” in french class and everyone got stephen out right away if they could.
someone literally went and found one of stephen’s art projects when nobody else was around and ruined it so he had to start over.

and when my homeroom teacher found out about it, he sat everyone down and told us that it wasn’t okay to say “that’s so stephen” anymore. that the things we’d been blaming him for weren’t his fault and the things we’d been doing to him weren’t fair.

he told us that stephen couldn’t help it that he was stephen. he didn’t choose to be stephen. he was born stephen.

and that’s when it clicked.

we all felt pretty stupid, i think, for sort of falling for it, but i’ll be damned if i’ve ever had a teacher get a lesson across so utterly and completely as mr. bernard did.

it hadn’t even been the full week.

13 Oct 01:31

New Idea


Instead of saying “ladies and gentlemen”, can we say “guys, gals, and nonbinary pals”???

1. It rhymes
2. It’s inclusive
3. It’s fun to say

1. ??????

13 Oct 00:18

mysharona1987: The tea, tho.


The tea, tho.

13 Oct 00:52

Students Plan To Open-Carry Dildos Over Controversial Texas Campus Gun Law

Students Plan To Open-Carry Dildos Over Controversial Texas Campus Gun Law:



This is so beautiful I could cry

FYI they are using the hashtag #cocksnotglocks 

I love E V E R Y T H I N G about this.

12 Oct 23:59

unicornempire: I’m not usually super into bats but this is...


Bats are awesome.


I’m not usually super into bats but this is pretty friggen cute!

12 Oct 23:05

crystalhwll: tmirai: taylor-and-ed-laying-in-bed: LOOK AT...









12 Oct 23:06

thefutureisbroken: mrasmus: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Source:...


No Winter Soldier?




Source: Engadget

Slogan for the Frozen hand should be “You can pick stuff up or Let It Go”

12 Oct 17:00

What Are Your Favorite Women's Running Shoes?

by Shane Roberts, Commerce Team on Kinja Co-Op, shared by Shane Roberts, Commerce Team to Lifehacker

I have actually officially forever given up on women's shoes. I either have men's feet, or duck feet. And they don't make shoes for ducks.

You should run. While it’s true that a litany of shitty things might happen along the way, you’ll feel better, be healthier, and maybe even be a hero . You don’t need the most expensive running shoes on the shelf, but you should buy good ones. So tell us, which running shoes do your feet prefer?


12 Oct 23:40

tzikeh: yes yes yes yes yes yes thank you


yes yes yes yes yes yes thank you

12 Oct 23:15

Antony: I put the fun in funeral.


There's always that one in every group.
(Usually it's me, tbh)

Antony: I put the fun in funeral.
Cassius: I put the cute in execute.
Octavius: I put the laughter in slaughter.
Brutus: I put the knife in Caesar.
12 Oct 23:14

dannyrandy: roselerner: So I keep thinking about this sentence from Chernow’s biography of...



So I keep thinking about this sentence from Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton: 

Because the style of eighteenth-century letters could be quite florid, even between men, one must tread gingerly in approaching this matter [whether Hamilton and Laurens had a romantic/sexual relationship], especially since Laurens’s letters to Hamilton were warm but proper.

I feel like this point comes up so much when discussing whether such-and-such historical person was queer: we can’t tell because straight people in the past said stuff that sounds queer to us.

Okay I’m not going to argue with that. Yes, definitions of masculinity and sexuality are constructed and therefore shift over time. But somehow no one ever, ever mentions the other half of the problem, which seems SO MUCH MORE RELEVANT, which is that:

Queer people usually did not come right out and say unambiguously queer stuff in their letters, so they could have plausible deniability if someone read the letter.

Surely self-censorship by queer people is a much bigger obstacle to our definite knowledge of the nature of someone’s relationship than “the popularity of romantic friendship” or “shifting ideas of masculinity” or whatever!!!!

Many historians behave as if the fact that we can’t tell is simply some (almost charming) by-product of changing ideas of friendship. It’s not. Those letters where you’re like “Does this mean…? Surely they wouldn’t have said that if they didn’t…?” Queer people wrote letters like that ON PURPOSE. 

And let’s not forget, Hamilton had no need and no reason to be unambiguous because he was writing to Laurens who, one assumes, knew whether or not they were sleeping together

(And if Laurens’s letters back were less effusive, what does that prove but that he was more cautious? Sharing less of your business than Alexander Hamilton is not a high standard.)

Reading the mail, by the way, was one activity of George Washington’s spies.

yes. the ‘straight/cis until proven otherwise’ perspective actively does violence against LGBT people by limiting all but a very small few ‘legitimate’ LGBT figures to the modern age.

historians will create theories that the nature of friendship has fundamentally shifted in the past 150 years despite limited evidence outside homoromantic letters whilst ignoring the well-established fact that openly LGBT people faced violence and that that would’ve necessitated weariness of being too open about their relationships and yet still act as if it’s LGBT people that are the ones that are ‘choosing to see what we want to see.’

09 Oct 16:34

nowhites: lestbartman: ashes2steel: armaniblanco: Did...


For real, if you, or someone you know, need a helper whitey, I am HERE to HELP.





Did anybody see this yet? MTV’s jab at White Privelage

That is some professional level shade right there.


they’re really showing this on national television. what a time to be alive

12 Oct 20:00

Peacocks Have Descended Upon This Quiet, Suburban Neighborhood


My cats did NOT appreciate this video.

Who will save the children?

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09 Oct 14:07

disgustinganimals: disko-heron: So, I drove up to a stop sign,...



So, I drove up to a stop sign, and there were a bunch of farm animals fenced in by the road. I saw a goat staring at me and decided to record a video, but I forgot my CD was still playing.

It turned out to be a beautiful thing. XD

i just don’t get foreign films.

09 Oct 13:30

will5nevercome: (Buy a print of this comic)

12 Oct 01:53


12 Oct 02:46

cc-videos: Baby: Turn up. Dad: No, turn down. Baby: Turn...

A video posted by Kyren KG Gibson (@kyng_kyren) on


Baby: Turn up.

Dad: No, turn down.

Baby: Turn up.

Dad: No, your little ass goin to bed.

Baby: No.

Dad: Ain’t no turnin up tonight.

Baby: [walking away] Turn up.

Dad: No, night-night. C’mere.

Baby:Turn up.

Dad: I said turn down.

Baby [running away] Turn up.

Dad: No, turn down. Your little ass-

12 Oct 05:47

noelarthurian: A little comic for National Coming Out Day! Not...


A little comic for National Coming Out Day! Not meant to encapsulate 100% of the spectrum of people’s experiences, just a little chat based on my personal findings :). Change is ok! (and so is not changing, of course!)

12 Oct 17:00

24 Babies With Winning Halloween Costumes

by Jeff Wysaski
Still the creepy/funniest dang thing I've ever seen.

These babies are totally ready for Halloween…are you? via via via via via via via   via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via

The post 24 Babies With Winning Halloween Costumes appeared first on

12 Oct 16:02

autism problem #323

when you take forever or forget to respond to messages and you know people think you don’t want to talk to them

12 Oct 17:48

BPD and Cognitive Empathy


A while ago I tuned into an NPR program about BPD. The tagline was “a recent study confirmed that people with BPD have less empathy.”

I heard what I expected to hear: older psychiatrists talking about “avoiding borderlines” and “dealing with borderlines.” 

What I didn’t expect was a young psychologist who defended us. She said that the study didn’t show that people with BPD have less emotional empathy. She said “it’s quite the opposite: my patients are so in tune with my emotions sometimes they know what I’m feeling before I do. They can be deeply compassionate.”

She continued, saying that the type of empathy the study was referring to was not emotional empathy but cognitive empathy. Cognitive empathy is the ability to understand what someone else is thinking. This is entirely different from emotional empathy, which is understanding what someone is feeling.

She used an example from her work: one day, she came into her office, feeling angry. She had had a minor argument at home. Her patients with BPD immediately knew something was wrong and they were concerned. They were exhibiting emotional empathy.

However, rather than thinking she was upset because of issues at home, they panicked and immediately assumed she was angry with them. This is common for BPD; we are extremely good–too good–at picking up on when someone is upset, but we cannot correctly think what they are thinking. When we try to pick up on why someone is upset, we are often horribly wrong, and often we jump to assuming they are upset because we did something wrong. 

Most people don’t know (or want to acknowledge) our high capacity for emotional empathy. But without even knowing it, we are learning in DBT and MBT to improve our cognitive empathy.

This sounds like the kind of backwards assumption that people made about autistic folks for years. People thought they were unable to sense or process emotions or sensory input properly. Ages were spent trying to find behavioural /therapeutic ways to teach them how to feel and express. Now the theory is that looks like me actually receive and process a ton more emotional and sensory input than allistics. They thought autistic folks couldn’t communicate, and never realized they were communicating and unique, deeply expressive languages languages that the researchers didn’t know.

Basically, good on that young psychologist and I hope more neurotypical people in the field start thinking this way.

12 Oct 14:50

Get Hooked on Magic with The Magicians NYCC Trailer!

by Stubby the Rocket

The Magicians NYCC trailer

While Syfy showed off many of its science fiction offerings (including The Expanse and Hunters) at New York Comic-Con this weekend, it also represented for its fantasy side: The network released a new trailer for its adaptation of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians!

Life is starting for Quentin Coldwater… But where he thought that he would have to give up his childish magic tricks to go to college, instead he discovers Brakebills, a supernatural academy where magic is just one part of the curriculum: live work play study screw drink cram… drink.

This mantra, recited by Eliot, is fitting, seeing as the trailer presents magic as a drug that the Brakebills kids—and Syfy’s viewers—are invited to get hooked on. We also get more of a look into Julia, who realizes she can’t just go to Yale now that she knows this whole new world exists, and a Brakebills faculty member who seems to be turning his creepy focus to Quentin:

The Magicians is set to premiere in January 2016.

12 Oct 17:03

Playful Black Cat in High-Rise Apartment Grows Increasingly Fascinated With the Window Washers at His Building

by Lori Dorn

"So, uh, how many windows did you clean today?"
"just the one. But it's REALLY clean. On the outside, anyway."

YouTuber Rina Takei has documented over the course of the past 8 months, how her black cat named Guinness has reacted to the window washers who come to clean on a fairly regular basis at her high-rise building. In February of 2015, Guinness was curious about the man dangling in front of the window. In April, the window-washer tried to engage with Guinness, who just took it all in. In July, the curious kitty grew even curiouser. Finally, within the past week, Guinness began to adorably interact with the smiling window washers, even as they came from the side. In fact, Guinness seemed to miss them when they went on to the lower floors.

via Tastefully Offensive

12 Oct 06:04

blackfairypresident: blackfairypresident: blackfairypresident: everybody on this website says...


Kind of ironic to see Super Opinionated reblogging this, but that's probably me being petty.




everybody on this website says “we’re all problematic! we all grow and change”

so….. thats why you try to drag every single person who fucks up off this website, no matter how minor the offense, and no matter if they apologize or not

half yall are not for social justice or self
improvement. most yall just haply you found a “justified” way to bully people

ive been on tumblr for 4 years and i have seen SO many people literally bullied off this website over small shit

yall do the MOST and bully people in the name of social justice. yall dont even attempt to educate or correct anyone

you just see somebody fucking up and decide they gotta be slandered for all eternity

the social justice community on tumblr has a bullying problem. also yall believe anything thats said about another tumblr user

i could call anybody problematic right now, and there will immediately be a witch hunt for them

again, this community deadass has a bullying problem and yall think being problematic is justification to bully someone

and not only do yall do what i mentioned before. if some of yall see a user getting called out, you will then dig into that persons archive to find more problematic shit they did, even if it was years ago, just so u can get some sort of brownie points i guess????

thats so childish & ridiculous!!!!

12 Oct 15:36

Paul Ryan, the House GOP's great hope, MIA as members spar over his future

by (Kerry Eleveld)

Totally off-topic, is it just me, or does this guy TOTALLY look like Victor, from Dollhouse?

Rep. Paul Ryan at CPAC 2014
Tell it to the hand!
House Republicans my have gone from magical thinking about Rep. Paul Ryan taking over the speakership to guilt tripping the Wisconsin congressman, but here's all you really need to know about his interest in taking the job that's been bequeathed to him by GOP leadership (via his spokesperson):

Before you ask, nothing has changed and I don't anticipate any news this week.

— Brendan Buck (@BrendanBuck) October 12, 2015

Yep. Pretty much radio silence from Ryan while everyone else weighs in. There's the GOP leaders who say Ryan owes them:

“You know what, he needs to do this for the team,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. 

“He clearly doesn't want the job,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a long-serving member on the GOP leadership team. “But honestly this is a case where the job is seeking the man, and we need him.”

And then there's guys like House crazy caucus founder, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who's still eyeing someone else besides Ryan for the job.
“Our position right now is we know Daniel Webster, we know he’s done this in Florida, where he took a model that was so controlled, top-down, centralized kind of power model, he diffused that kind of power and empowered the members,” Jordan said. “So I think that’s the model we want."
The only thing that's uniting House Republicans at the moment is that they are collectively fighting over the fate of a guy who's effectively gone AWOL.

9:31 AM PT: UPDATE: Add another one to the list—Rep. Bill Flores of Texas wants the job if Ryan doesn't.

12 Oct 04:00



Wait, I thought the whole point of the book was that Frankenstein WAS the real monster?

"Wait, so in this version is Frankenstein also the doctor's name?" "No, he's just 'The Doctor'."
12 Oct 15:23

wtfevolution: “Oh, that’s a cute one, evolution! What is...


“Oh, that’s a cute one, evolution! What is that?”

“It’s a hyrax! It pees in holes.”


“Guess what it’s most closely related to.”

“I don’t know, what?”

“No, guess.”

“I mean… rodents, right? It’s a rodent?”

“Nope. Teeth are different.”

“Oh. Um, is it some kind of tiny fat dog?“

“What? No.”

“Oh! Is it like that weird miniature deer you did?”

“Ha, no. That was a good one, though.”

“Okay, fine. I give up. What is the hyrax most closely related to?”

Elephants and manatees.



“Nothing in between?”

“Not really, no.”

“I just… how? Why?

“Dunno. I like messing with you, mostly.”

Image Source: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / Wikimedia Commons / licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

12 Oct 15:00

Shut Your Mouth

It's in my head, so now it's in yours.

cute lizard frog Shut Your Mouth

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arthurpendragonns: Tenth Doctor + reactions when being flirted...


OK, now picture his as the Purple Man.


Tenth Doctor + reactions when being flirted with.

12 Oct 02:23

by It’s the Tie (previously)