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26 May 02:14

ulterior-motivation: biscuitsarenice: Caribbean War...



Caribbean War Heroes 

Someone link me

25 May 17:51

akatonbo: harblkun:krazykitsune:leupagus:jaaaaaaaaaackfrost:frostlands:jaaaaaaaaaackfrost:but what...








but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic like would they be seriously grossed out

“what the fuck is this”

“i have anemia”

“can you take something for that you should probably take something for that this shit is nasty to drink let alone have running through your body i’m setting up a doctor’s appointment for you”

“dude really you don’t have to just leave what the fu—”

“you disgust me here take these iron supplements”

“where did you even get th—”

“shut up and take your pills and dont forget your vitamin D”

“i’m going to check up on you weekly to make sure you’re taking them”

“that’s not necessary”

“maybe we should work on a dietary plan with foods rich in iron and other things for you”

“do you get this involved with all of your meals”

did u get the cookbook i orderd 4 u

Oh my god, first of all stop using text speak, you told me you were 278, second how did you know where I LIVED, third yes I got it.

heard onions were good 4 blood, eat lots

So you can have a tasty meal? I guess you’d rather I stay away from garlic, huh.

UR being v rude I just got u a present!!!


#sounds like the begining of a beautiful friendship #gimme this sitcom


The Sun will go down eventually!

Vampires shows/fics I would actually watch/read, LOL.

25 May 22:09

merovingiens: just btw “support the troops” =/= “support the US foreign policy and bullshit...


just btw

“support the troops” =/= “support the US foreign policy and bullshit military decisions”

you should absolutely support the soldiers and veterans who are suffering from mental illness like PTSD and depression, have committed suicide, suffering disabilities received from combat, addictions and unemployment and were ultimately let down by their government

you dont have to support the war or our military involvements, but why wouldn’t you support those who are doing the job you aren’t and are ultimately being fucked over for it left and right

so happy memorial day

25 May 20:38

adhdsmokescreen: comealongpixie: honestly lets just cut through all the academia and circular...



honestly lets just cut through all the academia and circular conversations and just get to the bottom line: the idea that bi people have it easier is quantifiably untrue. bi people have higher rates of rape, abuse, poverty and mental illness than straight and lg people. whether straight passing privilege does or does not make logical sense is irrelevant. what matters is how things play out in real life, and in real life, bi people do not have privilege over lg people. it is literally that simple. 

#and by reblogging this im not saying we have it worse#im saying we dont have it better

25 May 13:53

joshua-wright: I had such fun drawing all the carnage in my...


I had such fun drawing all the carnage in my last comic I decided to do it all again, but this time with magic instead of a mattock.

Btw, I too have been searching for the Mirror of Mind-Freeing for many years. Currently I’m cursed with an insatiable love of art and illustration. I’m hoping the mirror can show me that I’m really a stock broker, or maybe a dentist. I hear both those pay pretty well. :) 

25 May 13:51

dixie-chicken: hearthburn: my-flourish-and-blotts: #the...

25 May 05:09

A mashup of Who Run The World (Girls) with footage from Fury...


I made a thing!

A mashup of Who Run The World (Girls) with footage from Fury Road.

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24 May 15:43

rambleonamazon: last-snowfall: geardrops: swanjolras: out of all the aspects of...





out of all the aspects of millennial-bashing, i think the one that most confuses me is the “millennials all got trophies as a kid, so now they’re all self-centered narcissists” theory

like— kids are pretty smart, y’all. they can see that every kid on the team gets a trophy and is told they did a good job; they can also see that not every kid on the team deserves a trophy, and not everyone did do a good job

the logical conclusion to draw from this is not “i’m great and i deserve praise”— it’s “no matter how mediocre i am, people will still praise me to make me feel better, so i can’t trust any compliments or accolades i receive”

this is not a recipe for overconfidence and narcissism. it is a recipe for constant self-guessing, low self-esteem, and a distrust of one’s own abilities and skills.

where did this whole “ugh millennials think their so-so work is super great” thing even come from it is a goddamn mystery

what fucking kills me is, yeah, maybe we got the trophies, but who gave them out

this is not a recipe for overconfidence and narcissism. it is a recipe for constant self-guessing, low self-esteem, and a distrust of one’s own abilities and skills.

Which is pretty much what mental health practitioners observe happening.

It’s also what I observed happening as a singing teacher: the older kids literally would not believe a positive word I said until I had proved I would tell them they screwed up/had done badly/etc. I did so in as useful a way as possible (“So this passage. We really need to work on this passage. A lot. This passage is not good yet.”), but with almost every adolescent I taught I had to prove I would give them straight-up criticism before they would parse my praise as anything other than meaningless “the grownups always do this” noise.

This is literally a huge chunk of what is wrong with me. By the time I reached high school, I assumed all praise was fake–made up to spare my feeling. Even today, I struggle with accepting compliments or feeling proud of my work.

24 May 15:50

saunyjean: micdotcom: If we talked about theft like we talk...


"It’s hard to imagine asking victims of violent crimes what they could have done to prevent what happened to them."
~Unless the violent crime is domestic abuse. Then it's really easy.



If we talked about theft like we talk about rape, here’s how absurd it would sound

It’s hard to imagine asking victims of violent crimes what they could have done to prevent what happened to them.

But this is all too often the reality for rape victims. | Follow micdotcom 


24 May 02:34

Announcing the Spectrum 22: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art Award Recipients

by Irene

The Spectrum 22 awards were presented May 23 at a gala celebration at the Folly Theater in Kansas City, MO as part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.

This year’s jury consisted of Justin Gerard, Virginie Ropars, Greg Ruth, Annie Stegg Gerard, and Dice Tsutsumi, and determined Silver and Gold recipients in eight categories. The Spectrum Advisory Board also selected the 2015 Grand Master Honoree.

Please join us in congratulating all of the finalists and recipients!


Taylor Wessling Barbarians Faust

Yuko Shimizu Tokyo Night Show


GOLD: Taylor Wessling—Barbarians: Faust
SILVER: Yuko Shimizu—Tokyo Night Show


  • Johnny Dombrowski—Murder on the Orient Express
  • Edward Kinsella III—Vernacchio
  • Victo Ngai—The Cloisters


Dan dos Santos Taking Flight

Scott Gustafson Sleeping Giant


GOLD: Dan dos Santos—Taking Flight
SILVER: Scott Gustafson—Jack and the Sleeping Giant


  • Jeffrey Alan Love—Radiant State
  • Petar Meseldžija—The Giants are Coming
  • Sam Weber—cover for Dune by Frank Herbert


Audrey Benjaminsen Bernadette page 1

Alex Alice Castle in the Stars


GOLD: Audrey Benjaminsen—Bernadette, page 1
SILVER: Alex Alice—Castle in the Stars


  • David Palumbo—The Beast
  • James Turner—Rebel Angels
  • Tula Lotay—Rebels


Sung Choi The Parade

Audrey Benjaminsen Fairy

Concept Art

GOLD: Sung Choi—The Parade
SILVER: Audrey Benjaminsen—Fairy 3


  • Te Hu—Wonders: Gate of Luxor
  • Kellan Jett—Meeting
  • Allen Williams—The Good Dog


Forest Rogers Venetian Harpy

David Silva Dragon vs Raptors


GOLD: Forest Rogers—Venetian Harpy
SILVER: David Silva—Dragon vs. Raptors


  • Dan Chudzinski—The Mudpuppy
  • Mark Newman—Gallevarbe: Death’s Siren
  • Dug Stanat—A Bird From His Brim Will Guide Your Last Breath


Tran Nguyen A Distressed Damsel

Sam Bosma Critical Education


GOLD: Tran Nguyen—A Distressed Damsel
SILVER: Sam Bosma—Critical Education


  • Jensine Eckwall—This Circle: Walking Into The Wind
  • Edward Kinsella III—Gland Monster
  • Victo Ngai—Cocoon


Rovina Cai Fake It

Laurie Lee Brom Bad Seed


GOLD: Rovina Cai—Fake It
SILVER: Laurie Lee Brom—Bad Seed


  • Ed Binkley—Rikshaw Pass
  • Jeffrey Alan Love—Skyrim
  • Jessica Shirley—The Child Sleeps


Cynthia Sheppard Momentum

Paul Bonner Beowulf Mother


GOLD: Cynthia Sheppard—Momentum
SILVER: Paul Bonner—Beowulf: Mother


  • Donato Giancola—Descent from Caradhras
  • Rebecca Léveillé Guay—Time and Chance
  • Omar Rayyan—A Night at the Races


Grand Master Award: Scott Gustafson

Scott Gustafson

21 May 03:49

forestpenguin: when they want the thick hair but not the thick eyebrowswhen they want the ‘forehead...


when they want the thick hair but not the thick eyebrows

when they want the ‘forehead jewel’ but not the ‘dothead’ 

when they want the tan skin but not the darkest of night 

when they want the third eye but not the perspective

when they want the bangles but not the troubles

when they want the flavor but not the smell

when they want to practice but not understand

when they want the trend but not the history

when they want the benefits but not the disadvantages

when they want the light but not the heat

when they want the culture but not you 

21 May 08:57

"Unlearn...Privacy" cards (1970s)

by Scarfolk Council

Oh, good. The Old Reader has found the WEIRD part of the internet.

During the 1970s, the Scarfolk Education Publishing company produced packs of cards which taught children about society and its expectations. In particular, the cards focused on eradicating any false notions that children may have picked up from prohibited books, unauthorised wise people and illegal time immigrants (a flood of which materialised in 1979 to stockpile cake following a devastating pudding famine in the future).

In addition to the 1979 'Unlearn Privacy' pack, examples from which can be seen below, other series included 'Unlearn Altrusim', 'Unlearn Democracy' and 'Unlearn Contentment'.

The aforementioned time immigrants claimed that, by the year 2017, surveillance and the invasion of privacy become so ubiquitous that citizens' brains are connected to a central network. No thought, conscious or otherwise, is permitted expression unless it has been approved by a state computer programme nicknamed 'Brain O'Brien'. However, a backlog quickly accumulates, and many people go without a thought of their own for months, if not years at a time.

Fortunately, the government predicted such an emergency and prepared in advance a series of standardised thoughts, ideas and opinions which it inputs directly into citizens' minds. No doubt it is this considerate civic gesture which leads to the overwhelming majority vote for the incumbent party in many subsequent elections.

The bonus card above comes from an earlier pack, 'Unlearn Compassion', which was published in 1971.

21 May 18:35

Mad Max: Fury Road + Popular Text Posts Yes, perfect.

Mad Max: Fury Road + Popular Text Posts

Yes, perfect.

22 May 04:01

Not Yours

by Robot Hugs

New comic!

This comic was originally created for Everyday Feminism here.

I have yet to meet a woman in a relationship with another woman who hasn’t encountered a guy suggesting a threesome. Hey dude, what’s up with taking the one of the only possible configurations of sex and intimacy that doesn’t involve you as a demographic, and then just mentally shoving yourself in the middle of it?

21 May 04:01

typette: I wish we could have pet dinosaurs, I bet they’d be...


I wish we could have pet dinosaurs, I bet they’d be smart and like birds or something. Big fluffy ones you could feed with snake mice and stuff. Jurassic Park could’ve been huge if they bred big cute fluffy dinosaurs. You could take them on walks! Teach them things! They’d probably sound like slowed-down birds! Adorable!!

Realistically they probably would hate you and rip you apart but… imagine

21 May 13:16

iguanamouth: kept getting requests for gryphons so heres a...


kept getting requests for gryphons so heres a bunch of them At Once

23 May 02:43

"The racism of Agent Carter isn’t malicious: it’s negligent. It’s the racism of privilege; of growing..."

The racism of Agent Carter isn’t malicious: it’s negligent. It’s the racism of privilege; of growing up so saturated with a very specific set of self-reinforcing norms, in a culture and creative and business environment that treats white as a natural default and anything else as an exception.

Let me say this again, just in case: The overwhelming whiteness of Agent Carter is constructed. It is artificial. It is not normal or realistic. It did not happen in a magical creative vacuum any more than deliberately cultivating more diversity would.


The MASSIVE Thing Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Needs to Add For Season 2 (Hint: Brown People) | Playboy

Well. Playboy’s certainly on a roll lately. Who knew?

(via tea-and-liminality)

23 May 03:09

cracked: I don’t mean to pick on the Amazing Atheist, but the...


I don’t mean to pick on the Amazing Atheist, but the need to defend himself from feminist critiques didn’t come out of nowhere like the knife-wielding clown that snuck up behind you as you read this. Here he is arguing that sexual objectification doesn’t exist, and here he is again making fun of feminist cartoons while the point of them flies so far over his head it strikes a passing 747.

“But wait,” you say. “Why is someone called the Amazing Atheist talking about feminism? That’s like a columnist on a comedy site writing about religion. What kind of idiot does that?”

That hurt, hypothetical reader. But you know what else hurts? The fact that this isn’t an isolated problem. As AlterNet points out, atheism has become as bad at talking to girls as the boys at a junior high dance. A movement that’s supposed to be about rational thinking has fallen into the same “vagina emotions make chicks a bunch of crazy broads” trap as your friend who got into the pick-up community and reeks like an Axe factory. You can’t claim to be a proponent of science and reasonable thinking, only to regress to hacky sitcom stereotypes about women being humorless harpies who bring sexual assault upon themselves. That’s like complaining that no one will take your obvious soccer skills seriously just because you occasionally punch opposing players and pick up the ball.

5 Ways Atheists Argue Their Cause (That Aren’t Helping)

23 May 03:50

"Right now, I would just like to take a moment and say FUCK THIS GUY. Seriously. Fuck him. Fuck him..."

“Right now, I would just like to take a moment and say FUCK THIS GUY. Seriously. Fuck him. Fuck him going around crying about how it’s not fair that he can’t discriminate against gay people when he’s a goddamned child molester. Fuck him, and the whole fucking family (other than the victims) for going around telling everyone who will listen about how fabulously holy they are, how they are so much better than everyone because they wait until getting married to kiss someone. Fuck them. Fuck them for trying to frame their bigotry, homophobia and transphobia as holy righteousness, while all this was going on. Fuck Jim Bob Duggar for lecturing the rest of us on “sexual purity” while protecting an abuser. Fuck Michelle for doing the same thing. Fuck her for calling people up claiming that trans people are trying to molest their kids in bathrooms, while her precious, darling son was an actual abuser. Fuck all of them. How. Dare. They.”


Some Of The Girls Josh Duggar Was Molesting Were His Sisters, Police Report Confirms - The Frisky

pretty much. 

(via deathbycupcakes)


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23 May 11:38

imjustboutthatactionboss: molesting children is a...


molesting children is a mistake??????????? tf

23 May 14:49

micdotcom: Watch: This neuroscientist destroyed the biggest...

23 May 17:00

soidreamtiwasastarfleetcommander: krxs10: Cleveland Police...



Cleveland Police Filed Charges like “Aggravated Menacing” & “Inducing Panic” On Tamir Rice To Justify Shooting Him

If you’re a cop and you’ve just shot a 12-year old kid dead without giving him a chance to follow your orders, what do you do? You file a report making it look like he was a criminal, that’s what.

According to recently obtained documents from the Cleveland Police Department, 12-year old Tamir Rice was going to be charged with the outrageous crimes of “aggravated menacing” and “inducing panic.”

Dear police: We give those crimes back to you. All across the United States, you have induced panic and served as aggravating menaces and have gotten away with these crimes for far too long.

How dare you ever consider charging this young brother with these crimes. He was no menace, but a sixth-grade boy, and the only reason you or anyone else panicked was because of his brown skin. Here are eight white people who pointed real guns at real people and lived to tell the story.

Here is the bogus criminal report for Tamir.

Notice the following three points.

  1. They list three victims of Tamir Rice:
    1. The State of Ohio 
    2. Officer Loehmann (who shot and killed Tamir) 
    3. Officer Garmback (who drove the vehicle) 
  2. This is essential. They are not claiming Tamir was a menace or induced panic to other people in the park, but to the officers. ABSURD. 
  3. At the end of the report, notice that they say this complaint was “abated by death.“ 
  4. Notice the officer who shot and killed Tamir claims to have had minor injuries.



22 May 20:23

juliedillon:Here’s the 2nd half of the art from my book...

Dimensional Guardian


Power Surge

Sailing Laniakea




Atmospheric Sea

Seed to Sky


Here’s the 2nd half of the art from my book  “Imagined Realms Book 2: Earth and Sky” , funding on kickstarter until April 8th.  :) 

22 May 20:35

avianawareness: (via The Pencilsword: On a plate - The...

22 May 19:16

metapianycist: theubergrump: I keep seeing stuff about Lord of the Flies going around Obviously,...



I keep seeing stuff about Lord of the Flies going around

Obviously, the individual experiences of the people making the posts - re: teachers, lessons, the way they were forced to study the book - aren’t up for debate

but like, I feel that people might not have the whole story here and as someone who knows far too much about literature, I wanted to talk about it a little

Sir William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies in response to an earlier novel called The Coral Island. In The Coral Island, a small group of upper-class British boys from a boarding school get stranded on an island and have an absolutely wonderful time. They look back on it as a fond adventure, where they had a little vacation, invented things, and generally made their well-bred high society English parents proud.

Sir William Golding read that novel and was disgusted by the way that R. M. Ballantyne used the plot as a huge essay on the superior intellect and higher morality of English folk (read: white people). The boys in The Coral Island eventually have to seek the aid of Christian missionaries (who are there to convert the local Polynesian populace) to save them from the natives who are written as raping pillaging amoral cannibals.

Sir William Golding set out to write a more realistic novel, by the way, using the same names for his main characters as Ballantyne did (although Golding’s characters are slightly younger). So, all the posts about Lord of the Flies showing the “human condition” insofar as it pertains to young middle-class British boys who grew up in a boarding house in the middle of the Cold War are correct. But I get the feeling that most people don’t realize that was the point of the novel.

Lord of the Flies was meant as a huge “fuck you” to the ingrained belief that English people are the most noble and wise of all people and thus incapable of descending into savagery. I doubt it was ever meant to be a sweeping generalized metaphor for the universal savage nature of humanity, and shame on the teachers who force that interpretation on their students.

I wish that the information in this post were told to students reading Lord of the Flies more often, considering that this context is necessary for understanding the book.

22 May 19:56

superheroesincolor: Wonder Woman cosplay by...

22 May 18:15

widowbitesandhearingaids:can you imagine steve and jane foster being bestest bros though? I mean,...


can you imagine steve and jane foster being bestest bros though? I mean, Jane literally throws herself into harms way for science and for Thor (and for literally everyone else her self-preservation instinct is zero) and steve sees so much of who he was back in the 40s in her

so they hang out all the time, swapping stories and Jane helps him acclimate to the future. (steve’s no astrophysicist but he can work a computer i dunno why people love thinking that he can’t figure out anything modern)

and then all the shit with ca:ws happens and when Bucky is finally found, steve introduces them thinking that bucky will like jane as much as Steve does. but bucky is flat-out horrified. because somehow 70 years later there is another fucking skinny steve rodgers walking around only this one is a girl and doesn’t just like to pick fights with bullies, no, this one likes to pick fights with shady government agencies, throwing caution to the fucking wind, and he nearly has an aneurism when he finds out that she broke into a facility to get Mjölnir back

needless to say, bucky is a fixture in jane’s life after that. and whenever she wants something from shield he accompanies her, metal arm uncovered, just glaring everyone down if they so much as look at her the wrong way. in the history of shield, nick fury has never been so accommodating as when jane foster walks in with bucky on her arm.

thor hella amused by the whole thing

(inspired by this post)

22 May 18:17

soidreamtiwasastarfleetcommander: agatharights: liquidink21: agatharights: myblackeyeddemon: hor...










I am now a beautiful fairy queen and you can all come live with me to be fairy queens or kings or royalty or knights or princeps or whatever the hell you want lets have an awesome fairy kingdom

Gnomes and goblins are also allowed in the fairy kingdom

I want to be the fairy serf who toils all day in the dewdrop fields for his lord and master, living in fear of goblin vikings, starvation, and the coming winter.

This is acceptable but I feel you should know that we have socialized fairy healthcare and very good fairy insurance so even in event of goblin vikings and early frosts you’re fully covered!

#this does mean you all pay fairy taxes tho

So like, daisy petals and pine needles or cold hard cash?


Taxes are paid with mortal children and cool rocks.

Where is one going to get a decent supply of mortal children to pay taxes all the time?

It’s just like…one child a year! Barely anything. Or just some cool pebbles. IDK. I’m an easy ruler

I can totally find a lot of cool rocks.