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30 May 02:52

note-a-bear: abstracthumanoid: This is too much.Kevin Allen, a...



This is too much.

Kevin Allen, a 36 year old black man, has been shot and killed inside a library. A library of all places. What would it take for everyone to see that the cops are actually coming for black people?

He was described as a quiet man who frequented the library and liked to watch videos and listen to music at the computer stations. He was shot around 1:35 PM and taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

How are the racists gonna justify this? Black people getting killed shouldn’t ever be some commonplace occurrence we should just have to accept. This is an epidemic. This can’t be the world we live in.

Cops would kill black people for buying (allegedly stealing) cigarettes, wearing a hood, jaywalking, being in a library, playing with a toy, sleeping, the list goes on and on.

It’s as if white people just want black people to stop existing.

I knew there was evil in the world, but I would’ve never imagined anything like this explosion of racism since August 9th could ever be possible again. And the sheer fact that white people are not only ignoring and disregarding this genocide, but they’d even go to great lengths to justify it. 

How does it feel, looking for reasons to justify murder? Aiyana Jones was only seven. Tamir Rice, only twelve.

Racism is far from over. Kevin Allen, along with the thousands of innocent black people killed in less than one year, never deserved to be forgotten.

This is unjustifiable.

How in the hell can you even fabricate a cause in a library?

29 May 23:54

salon: Watch Robert Reich explain how to save America’s...

29 May 21:51

ferrousfellow: mediamattersforamerica: It takes a lot of...



It takes a lot of patience to talk to a condescending Fox host about race in America. Kudos to these Baltimore community leaders for a job well done.

his calculating face is practically screaming with “how do i fit my talking points into this? changing my position would be horribly inconvenient. can’t have that.”

29 May 18:11

did-you-kno: Garbage collectors, farmers, bartenders, and taxi...


Garbage collectors, farmers, bartenders, and taxi drivers are all more likely to die on the job than police patrol officers. Source

29 May 04:36

itzthablackpanther: tezthinks: fightsallie: A simple project...




A simple project that will help thousands of students to get out of debt & purchase over $500K of student loan debt in 2015. But we need your help to get started.

Visibility Matters.

QPOC trying to make a difference.

Please donate if you can. Reblog if you can’t!

For my fellow Tumblr people that’s in college

29 May 09:08

bogleech:jesidres:merinnan:mathematicianalias:Dear axe, your ad...





Dear axe, your ad is horrible. Let me explain how:

1) It objectifies women.
2) It tells young men with female friends that they are not “real men”.
3) It tells young women that “real” men don’t want to be their friends, they only want to “tear” their clothing off.
4) It insults men with braids.
5) It is advertising a crappy body spray.

Okay, that last one was just my opinion. The others are facts.

No, that last one was definitely fact.

And, just as a reminder, the same parent company that owns and produces AXE also produces Dove.  Remember that the next time they claim to be ‘women positive’.

“stop being a friend and start being a man” is one of the most fucked up twisted phrases I have ever seen written with sincerity

28 May 23:00

The Minimum Wage Required to Rent a Two Bedroom Apartment In Each State

by Patrick Allan

If you’re not ready to buy a home , renting an apartment is usually your best bet. According to a new report, these are the minimum hourly wages you need to earn in each state in order to rent an average two bedroom apartment.


29 May 00:52

shredsandpatches:junkybowels:plaidadder:argonauticae:argonauticae:im putting together a couple of...






im putting together a couple of scottish folk mixes bc that’s what i do and im honestly curious if anyone in my country has ever been unequivocally happy about anything ever

scottish trad music genres:

  • Everyone I Love Is Dead
  • The English Have Stolen All My Sheep
  • You Want To Be My Boyfriend? First You Must Answer These Riddles Three
  • The Protestants Have Stolen All My Sheep
  • I Love You A Lot But You’ve Left Me And It’s Raining [fiddle solo]
  • The Sea Is Treacherous, Just Like The English
  • One Time Bonnie Prince Charlie Punched Me In The Face And It Was Awesome
  • The Fairies Have Stolen All My Sheep

We have of course the traditional Irish music genres to go with them:

* Everyone I Love Is An Allegorical Representation of Ireland

* The English Stole My Farm And Put Sheep On It

* You Were My Boyfriend But Now You Won’t Even Come To The Window To Look Upon Me And Our Dead Infant Child (In The Rain)

* Whack Fol Too La Roo Umptytiddly Good They’ve Stopped Listening Now Let’s Talk About Revolution

* Something In Irish, I Think It’s About Fairies, Or Maybe A Cow

oooo can I add to this? don’t forget Appalachian folk balladry, the American cousin of Scottish and Irish traditional music and just as uplifting as its Anglo-Saxon highland forbears!!!

genres include:

  • I Left Everyone I Love Back Home In The Holler To Be With This Guy Who Doesn’t Wear Shoes Or Have Teeth But He Plays A Mean Jug
  • The English Told Us Not To Move West Yet, We Ignored Them, My Entire Family Was Killed
  • You Were My Boyfriend But You Tied A Sack Of Rocks To My Petticoats And Threw Me In The Creek (And My Baby Too)
  • Mama Loves All 14 Of Us A Lot But She’s Weary Of Our Shit And Now She’s Dyin’ (Gather Round)
  • The McCleans Stole A Firewood Log From Our Pile So We Won’t Rest Until The Last Of Their Male Kin Is Laid In The Cold Ground
  • We Knew The River Would Rise But We Still Didn’t Fix The Levee 
  • The River Rose, The Levee Broke, Everyone Died, It Was Just As We Reckoned (dulcimer twang-a-lang) 
  • When The Rebels Come A-Marchin’ I’m A Southern Man And I Feed Their Horses My Best, When The Yankees Come A-Marchin’ I’m A Northern Man And I Feed Their Horses What The Rebels Left
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority Killed All My Sheep Somehow

Don’t forget that old standby “The Mine Collapsed and Everyone Died”!

I think someone needs to put in a word for the English folk tradition though:

  • I Met a Girl and We Went Hunting (It Was a Metaphor for Sex)
  • I Met a Girl and We Caught Some Birds (It Was a Metaphor for Sex)
  • I Met a Girl and We Found Her Lost Pet (It Was a Metaphor for Sex)
  • I Met a Girl By Staying At Her Parents’ House and She Made My Bed (It Was an Especially Thinly-Veiled Metaphor for Sex)
  • I Am a Girl and I Regret Engaging In Metaphors for Sex Because Now I’m Pregnant
  • I Met a Girl and Bribed Her Into Sex But She Stole My Horse and Ran Away With It
  • I Met a Girl At an Inn and We Had Non-Metaphorical Sex But She Stole My Stuff The Next Morning and Now I Have Syphilis
  • Your Fiance Died Either at Trafalgar or Waterloo, Let’s Get Married, I’m Glad You Said No Because I’m Really Him In Disguise
  • Lord Nelson Sure Was Awesome
  • The Press-Gang Dragged Off All the Important Men in My Life (And Now They Are Dead)
  • Farm Laborers Are The Salt of the Earth And Are Never Grindingly Poor
  • Begging Is a Completely Viable Career Option With Flexible Hours and Unlimited Access to Alcohol
28 May 20:33

ulanji: tsukum: i hate when i go up north and go to restaurants and the waiter comes to take my...



i hate when i go up north and go to restaurants and the waiter comes to take my order and im like “do yall have sweet tea??” and theyre like “no sweetheart but we have unsweetened iced tea and we can give you some sugar packets!!!” llike no you fucking yankee because now the tea is already cold so the sugar wont dissolve in it and itll all just sink the bottom and be nasty learn basic fucking solubility this is 9th grade chemistry thats why sweet tea exists in the first place you fucking heat the tea up to make it and then while its still hot you add the sugar and then you chill it and its sweet fucking tea i bet you pronounce pecan like peecan too you four seasons-having piece of shit

i hate when i go down south and go to restaurants and the waiter says “we dont serve gays”

Can we not fucking pretend that shit doesn’t happen in the north? Like have you BEEN to Indiana? FFS.  At least in Georgia I can get sweet tea with my homophobia.

28 May 20:55

danshive: chronoscat: zillah975: femmeforeverybody: Nichelle...





Nichelle Nichols (Uhura on the original series):”Whoopi Goldberg, she’s just marvellous. I had no way of knowing that she was a Star Trek fan. When I finally met her it was her first year on the Next Generation.

She loved the show so much and she told her agent she wants a role on Star Trek. Well agents go ‘Big screen, little screen, no, you can’t do that’. Well you can’t tell Whoopi ‘You can’t do that’.

And so they finally asked, and they had the same reaction at Star Trek office, specifically Gene. And she said, ‘I want to meet him and I want him to tell me to my face. If he tells me he doesn’t want me and why, I’ll be fine.’

Knowing Gene he had to take that challenge, and so he met with her. She said, ‘I just wanted you to tell me why you don’t want me in Star Trek.’

Gene said, ‘Well, I’ll just ask you one question and I’ll make my decision on that. You’re a big screen star, why do you want to be on a little screen, why do you want to be in Star Trek?’

And she looked at him and she said, ‘Well, it’s all Nichelle Nichols’ fault.’

That threw him, he said, ‘What do you mean?’

She said, ‘Well when I was nine years old Star Trek came on,’ and she said, ‘I looked at it and I went screaming through the house, “Come here, mum, everybody, come quick, come quick, there’s a black lady on television and she ain’t no maid!”’ And she said, ‘I knew right then and there I could be anything I wanted to be, and I want to be on Star Trek.’

And he said, ‘I’ll write you a role.’

I know I’ve reblogged this before, and I will undoubtedly do it again.

It matters. And no amount of saying that we’re post-racial or that racism isn’t a thing or that “they just chose the best actor for the role” or otherwise trying to cover up for it will make it okay to keep relegating actors of color to secondary roles, villain roles, stereotyped roles, or no roles at all, and it sure as hell won’t make it okay to keep whitewashing CHARACTERS of color out of the story by casting white actors to play then.

Remember how Martin Luther King Jr. convinced Nichelle Nichols to stay on the show? 

I said “Dr. King, thank you so much. I really am going to miss my co-stars.” He said, dead serious, “What are you talking about?” I said, “I’m leaving Star Trek,” He said, “You cannot. You cannot!”

I was taken aback. He said, “Don’t you understand what this man has achieved? For the first time on television we will be seen as we should be seen every day – as intelligent, quality, beautiful people who can sing, dance, but who can also go into space, who can be lawyers, who can be teachers, who can be professors, and yet you don’t see it on television – until now….”

I could say nothing, I just stood there realizing every word that he was saying was the truth. He said, “Gene Roddenberry has opened a door for the world to see us. If you leave, that door can be closed because, you see, your role is not a Black role, and it’s not a female role, he can fill it with anything, including an alien.”

At that moment, the world tilted for me. I knew then that I was something else and that the world was not the same. That’s all I could think of, everything that Dr. King had said:  The world sees us for the first time as we should be seen.

It matters, man. It honestly does. It mattered then and it still matters.

Some great anecdotes which bear much repeating.

That moment when someone reblogs your reblog and you’re all like “I’M REBLOGGIN’ THIS AGAIN”

28 May 05:08

oddly-romantic:anxiety: OK BUT WHAT IF -me: homie we went over this like 100 times yesterday and we...


anxiety: OK BUT WHAT IF -

me: homie we went over this like 100 times yesterday and we totally resolved it

anxiety: yeah but i’ve looked at it from a new angle and there’s like 20 more reasons why u should be worried about it


me: …..go on

28 May 15:15

(photo via topperguy)

(photo via topperguy)

27 May 15:52


27 May 20:05

sagansense: shychemist:Don’t tell me that social media,...



Don’t tell me that social media, feminism, representation and #GirlswithToys don’t matter. It does.

Tanya Harrison is a NASA scientist who works on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

The influence and immeasurable impact of social media, my friends.

27 May 22:35

pantheracantus: blondebombshellescort: yearofwomen: MAY 21 -...





At just fifteen years old, Vancouver high school student Nicole Ticea developed an early-stage HIV test that’s as easy to use as an over-the-counter pregnancy test. Unlike current rapid response tests which rely on testing antibodies, Ticea utilized a technique known as isothermic nucleic acid amplification, making it possible to detect the virus as early as one week after infection. The disposable device does not rely on electricity, provides results in under one hour and should cost less than $5.00 to produce.

“Nicole’s work really made me realize what a big difference a fast easy-to-administer test for early stage HIV infection could make in prolonging, if not saving, thousands of lives in developing countries,” said Gursev Anmole, the graduate student mentor who assisted Nicole on her research at Simon Fraser University.

Ticea was recently awarded the 2015 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for her groundbreaking work. After starting her own company, she received a $100,000 grant to continue developing this technology in the hopes of bringing it to low-income communities in need.

This is amazing!

Yes for women doing groundbreaking shit! Yes for YOUNG women bettering the world! Yes for Canadian women! YES FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCES!!! YAAASSSSSSS!!!!

27 May 23:52

‘Space Weird Thing’, A Reimagining of the David Bowie Song ‘Space Oddity’ Using Only the Most Common English Words

by Rebecca Escamilla

Space Weird Thing” by Alaska Robotics is a music video tribute to the classic David Bowie song “Space Oddity.” Molly Lewis, Marian Call, and Seth Boyer rewrote the lyrics to the song in the style of the “Up Goer Five” comic by Randall Munroe, a comic diagramming the Saturn V rocket using only the 1,000 most commonly used English words.

Ground control to top space man
Ground control to top space man
Take your small food rocks and put your head-safe on

Ground control to top space man
(ten, ten less one, ten less two, seven,
Start the numbers-down, big fires on
six, five, four, three, two, one, up-go!)
Check the start thing and may God’s love be with you…

This is Ground Control to top space man,
you’re really first in class
and the papers want to know which person’s shirts you wear
now it’s time to leave the space-house since you’re there

This is top space man to Ground Control,
I’m stepping through the door
and I’m relaxing in the air and it’s weird
and the stars look very different today

For here am I sitting in a lunch box, far above the world
Home space ball is blue, and there’s nothing I can do

Though I’m past five hundred hundred hundred hundred feet,
I’m feeling very cool
And I think my space car knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much — she knows

Ground Control to top space man,
your talk line’s dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, top space man? Can you hear me, top space man?
Can you hear me, top space man?

Can you….here — I’m relaxing in my lunch box
Far above the space night light ball
Home space ball is blue, and there’s nothing I can do

The original music video for comparison:

via Andy Baio

27 May 22:12

jezi-belle: unpretty: i have headcanons Thor uses people’s...



i have headcanons

Thor uses people’s condescending perception of him to his own advantage so blatantly that even Natasha is impressed.

27 May 22:18

salon: Voting matters. Though many Americans believe that...


Voting matters. Though many Americans believe that voting is either useless or merely a civic duty, in reality it carries huge consequences for the decisions of politicians. There is overwhelming evidence that politicians are more responsive to the preferences of voters than non-voters, and that voting affects government policy. These facts have key implications for policies that disenfranchise individuals who would otherwise vote. Indeed, America’s racialized voting practices continue to disenfranchise the poor and communities of color, robbing them of billions in public funding.

The negative effects of mass-incarceration are even worse than we thought

25 May 05:09

A mashup of Who Run The World (Girls) with footage from Fury...


I made a thing!

A mashup of Who Run The World (Girls) with footage from Fury Road.

27 May 16:00





ok so i am neither bi nor monogamous but like…yall bi folks in exclusive het relationships. whats up. why is ur “identity” such a big deal. isnt all that’s saying like…”whenever i leave my partner now, i might not be having sex w ppl of their gender!” isnt that kind of…rude to ur monogamous partner. “just letting you know that in case i break up with you or cheat on you, my options are more open!” 

like why is this nebulous idea of u having an Immutable Innate Sexual Identity more important than the things you’re actually doing?? like i understand why a liberal would think that but like….one of the basic tenants of radicalism imo is that Things are more important than Ideas and Actions are more important than Intentions. that’s how privilege and oppression work…

i’ve been seeing a lot of this particular kind of biphobic excrement recently and i always feel so hurt and angry when it comes up

like if i somehow happen to cross paths with a dude who is not a shitstain and i am able to put aside all my own issues with men enough to trust and love him

according to op i ought ALSO to put aside my ENTIRE LIFE STORY of growing up and realizing that i am also interested in people who are not dudes. i need to put aside all the girls and women i have been attracted to, that i crushed on and hooked up with and loved. i need to put aside all the times i admitted to myself that i was bi and then took it back because i was afraid, all the times people called me gay to hurt me (when what they meant was i was ugly/unfeminine/unloveable/undateable) and how shitty i felt because they weren’t entirely wrong, all the times straight people and gay people tried to tell me what i actually meant and what i actually wanted, all the times i struggled to assert myself and explain myself and justify myself and identify myself

i need to put aside how i learned to call myself bisexual while looking other people in the eye, and how i kept changing and growing after that and now ‘queer’ feels like my home instead. i need to put aside how amazing it was to discover queerness not as a thing to ~accept~ about myself but a thing i could celebrate. i need to put aside how important and nurturing and strengthening my friendships with other queer women have been. bye queer community! i need to put aside how it felt like i ended a 20+-years-old lie when i ~officially~ came out to my mother

i need to put aside the biphobia i have come across from EVERYBODY. i need to put aside how the entire world gaslights us into believing that we DON’T EXIST

if i ever date a dude, i need to put aside a huge part of who i am, inextricable from the rest of who i am, because apparently all i am and all i will ever be is a woman who dates a dude and my queerness won’t inform THAT relationship at all

and in the end what’s REALLY important is that some fuckface who isn’t bisexual and who also completely lacks compassion for other human beings gets to lead a simple life where they never have to experience the apparentl unbearable confusion of sharing space with a queer person who’s dating somebody of a different gender, because that must feel as bad as BEING a queer person who’s in a relationship that ~looks het~ and putting up with this nonsense on the reg

also like FUCK YOU we can’t fucking win, if i date a dude exclusively and DON’T tell people i’m queer then i’m closeted and/or i was just some poser all along who only said she was bisexual for attention or was just USING women to EXPERIMENT (a favorite war-cry of the biphobic lesbian, as though there is no indignity worse than having dated a woman who is now dating a man); if i date a dude exclusively and i DO tell people i’m queer then i guess that means i’m a big fucking slut who won’t stop looking for women to cheat with and why do i need to just ANNOUNCE that shit all the time, if i’m not ACTIVELY FUCKING PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT GENDERS SIMULTANEOUSLY then my sexuality defaults to whoever i happen to be getting naked with in a given moment because that’s how THAT works apparently

why can people not just fuck the fuck off: questions for the ages

perfect response is perfect

27 May 14:30

Why You Shouldn't Try to Humblebrag in a Job Interview

by Kristin Wong

Humblebragging is notoriously obnoxious. But sometimes, it feels necessary. For example, in a job interview, we’re often told to answer the dreaded “what’s your biggest weakness” question with something sly, like, “I’m too much of a perfectionist.” People see through this. It’s better to either be honest about your bragging or be open about your weaknesses.


27 May 01:09

dontbearuiner:platostepchild:There’s a vicious double standard. If you’re an untrained civilian, and...



There’s a vicious double standard. If you’re an untrained civilian, and you’re approached menacingly by an armed police officer, and you fear for your safety, you’re supposed to remain completely under control, not do anything to make the officer nervous, and not overreact. Especially if said civilian is a black teenager, whose history of treatment by police officers is NOT GOOD, to say the least.

But if you’re a trained, armed police officer, and you fear for your safety, you have license to overreact and shoot anything that moves.

How is it that we expect higher standards of untrained civilians than we do of trained, armed police officers?

(Hint: it may have something to do with racism.)

27 May 01:10

arttherapycounselingstudent: When sensitivity, and resultant...


When sensitivity, and resultant anxiety, is your super power, lovely…





ABCD #141: Positive reconceptualization.



I’m a fecking super hero! Yeah!!

26 May 19:20

iammyfather: Remember Insurance Companies have a limited amount...


Remember Insurance Companies have a limited amount of overhead/profit they can claim, so this shows just how lucrative the industry is. 

26 May 22:40

The Feline Duo of Cole & Marmalade Explain the Things That They Have in Common With Big Cats

by Lori Dorn

The wonderful feline duo of Cole and Marmalade (previously) explain the habits and routines that domestic and big cats have in common, with the one extremely notable difference that, unlike domestic cats, big cats don’t make for such great household pets.

26 May 14:03

The Unbearable Daintiness of Women Who Eat with Men

by Kate Handley

Think about this when men tell you that they know what women are really like.

20150526_105320A substantial body of literature suggests that women change what they eat when they eat with men. Specifically, women opt for smaller amounts and lower-calorie foods associated with femininity. So, some scholars argue that women change what they eat to appear more feminine when dining with male companions.

For my senior thesis, I explored whether women change the way they eat  alongside what they eat when dining with a male vs. female companion. To examine this phenomenon, I conducted 42 hours of non-participant observation in two four-star American restaurants in a large west coast city in the United States. I observed the eating behaviors of 76 Euro-American women (37 dining with a male companion and 39 dining with a female companion) aged approximately 18 to 40 to identify differences in their eating behaviors.

I found that women did change the way they ate depending on the gender of their dining companion. Overall, when dining with a male companion, women typically constructed their bites carefully, took small bites, ate slowly, used their napkins precisely and frequently, and maintained good posture and limited body movement throughout their meals. In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally constructed their bites more haphazardly, took larger bites, used their napkins more loosely and sparingly, and moved their bodies more throughout their meals.

On the size of bites, here’s an excerpt from my field notes:

Though her plate is filled, each bite she labors onto her fork barely fills the utensil. Perhaps she’s getting full because each bite seems smaller than the last… and still she’s taking tiny bites. Somehow she has made a single vegetable last for more than five bites.

I also observed many women who were about to take a large bite but stopped themselves. Another excerpt:

She spreads a cracker generously and brings it to her mouth. Then she pauses for a moment as though she’s sizing up the cracker to decide if she can manage it in one bite. After thinking for a minute, she bites off half and gently places the rest of the cracker back down on her individual plate.

Stopping to reconstruct large bites into smaller ones is a feminine eating behavior that implies a conscious monitoring of bite size. It indicates that women may deliberately change their behavior to appear more feminine.

I also observed changes in the ways women used their napkins when dining with a male vs. female companion. When their companion was a man, women used their napkins more precisely and frequently than when their companion was another woman. In some cases, the woman would fold her napkin into fourths before using it so that she could press the straight edge of the napkin to the corners of her mouth. Other times, the woman would wrap the napkin around her finger to create a point, then dab it across her mouth or use the point to press into the corners of her mouth. Women who used their napkins precisely also tended to use them quite frequently:

Using her napkin to dab the edges of her mouth – finger in it to make a tiny point, she is using her napkin constantly… using the point of the napkin to specifically dab each corner of her mouth. She is using the napkin again even though she has not taken a single bite since the last time she used it… using napkin after literally every bite as if she is constantly scared she has food on her mouth. Using and refolding her napkin every two minutes, always dabbing the corners of her mouth lightly.

In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally used their napkins more loosely and sparingly. These women did not carefully designate a specific area of the napkin to use, and instead bunched up a portion of it in one hand and rubbed the napkin across their mouths indiscriminately.

Each of the behaviors observed more frequently among women dining with a male companion versus a female one was stereotypically feminine. Many of the behaviors that emerged as significant among women dining with a female companion, on the other hand, are considered non-feminine, i.e. behaviors that women are instructed to avoid. Behavioral differences between the two groups of women suggest two things. First, women eat in a manner more consistent with normative femininity when in the presence of a male versus a female companion. And, second, gender is something that people perform when cued to do so, not necessarily something people internalize and express all the time.

Kate Handley graduated from Occidental College this month. This post is based on her senior thesis. After gaining some experience in the tech industry, she hopes to pursue a PhD in Sociology. 


(View original at

26 May 23:06

majiinboo: descentintotyranny: Cop Who Killed Rekia Boyd Out...



Cop Who Killed Rekia Boyd Out of ‘Fear’ Found Not Guilty on All Counts

Apr. 21 2015

Dante Servin, the Chicago police detective who was off-duty on the March 2012 night that he shot and killed 22-year-old Rekia Boyd with an unregistered firearm, was cleared on Monday of all charges. Servin fired over his shoulder, from his car, with a 9mm semi-automatic, into an alley where Boyd and her friends were walking, unarmed, with their backs turned to him. He hit Boyd in the back of her head and killed her.

Servin maintains—and the judge ruled—that he was justified: that Boyd’s boyfriend Antonio Cross raised a cell phone that seemed, at the time, to be a gun. Servin has insisted that he did this out of fear, and “felt threatened” after telling Boyd and her three friends to quiet down.

In the video taken after he left the courtroom, Servin, without making eye contact with the camera, goes on some absolutely chilling shit: “Any police officer especially would have reacted in the exact same way I reacted,” he says. “I’m glad to be alive. I saved my life that night.”

Rekia Boyd’s mother, giving her statement, disagrees: “They just found this man not guilty on all counts, and he blew my daughter’s brains out in the alley,” she says.

Read More

We can’t take this anymore, this is too fucking much.

26 May 23:09

bumbleshark: thranduilland: lucid-luck: I want one of those scenes in a dude bro film where...




I want one of those scenes in a dude bro film where “tomboy” chick has to wear a dress to go undercover or whatever, but instead of the guys drooling as she walks down the stairs, they’re like “k. U need to stop. Go put the cargo pants back on. You look super uncomfortable and awkward in that. Brutus, you go be the fake prostitute.”

I’m just imagining this super ripped guy called Brutus being like ‘YESSS!!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE THE FAKE PROSTITUTE!! Now is my time to shine!!’

please accept my contribution to this post

26 May 23:10

carleecochina: daddyfuckedme: PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS MAN WE CAN...




Holy shit u go Glen Coco

26 May 19:32

"Poverty is not simply having no money — it is isolation, vulnerability, humiliation and mistrust. It..."

“Poverty is not simply having no money — it is isolation, vulnerability, humiliation and mistrust. It is not being able to differentiate between employers and exploiters and abusers. It is contempt for the simplistic illusion of meritocracy — the idea that what we get is what we work for. It is knowing that your mother, with her arthritic joints and her maddening insomnia and her post-traumatic stress disordered heart, goes to work until two in the morning waiting tables for less than minimum wage, or pushes a janitor’s cart and cleans the shit-filled toilets of polished professionals. It is entering a room full of people and seeing not only individual people, but violent systems and stark divisions. It is the violence of untreated mental illness exacerbated by the fact that reality, from some vantage points, really does resemble a psychotic nightmare. It is the violence of abuse and assault which is ignored or minimized by police officers, social services, and courts of law. Poverty is conflict. And for poor kids lucky enough to have the chance to “move up,” it is the conflict between remaining oppressed or collaborating with the oppressor.”

- Megan Lee (via geewhiz)