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17 Apr 20:49

‘We Can Be Heroes’, A Gritty Photo Series Capturing Normal Everyday Hardworking People Dressed as Superheroes

by Justin Page

We Can Be Heroes

Dubai-based photographer Martin Beck has created We Can Be Heroes, a humorous and gritty photo series capturing normal everyday hardworking people dressed as superheroes. Beck does a brilliant job of showcasing that heroes are all around us, and they don’t always have to have “perfect bodies and beautiful faces.” More behind-the-scenes photos are available to view on the We Can Be Heroes community page on Facebook.

The subject matter being those folk who didn’t quite make the grade at superhero school and are, like most of us, living their lives doing the day-to-day chores and their best to live a happy life while providing for their loved ones. Along with this gritty and humor laden style of photography, there is a very important message too. When we think of Superhero’s our initial thoughts are of perfect bodies and beautiful faces, in reality most of us are not like that. However, that doesn’t have to mean that we cannot still be heroes. Each of us in our own way can be heroes to our family, friends, colleagues and we all have the potential to help others.

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

photos via Martin Beck Photography

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17 Apr 21:40

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Aasif Mandvi talks to Don Yelton, North Carolina Republican Executive Committee Member.

They are not even TRYING to cover their dislike of democracy and their racism…

Republicans are trying this hard to suppress Democratic votes, and you still buy the idea that “voting is not important and changes nothing”?

Does it look to you like he just outright admitted that preventing voter fraud isn’t the point, and “kicking Democrats in the butt” is?  Like, not even faintly veiled?

17 Apr 21:42

cuteosphere:it always disappointed me that Monster Girls are an...


it always disappointed me that Monster Girls are an anime porn thing rather than something used to explore the way society and the media dehumanises women, but oh well

shout out to all my fellow monsters

17 Apr 10:39

"And no, before you ask, it’s not possible to take time off from work to go to the doctor. Employers..."

“And no, before you ask, it’s not possible to take time off from work to go to the doctor. Employers are often highly resistant to this and aside from the loss of wages, employees may face retaliation for asking for time off to go to their psychiatrists and other mental health care providers. It doesn’t matter if such retaliation is illegal — even if someone could afford to retain an attorney, employers are adroit at finding reasons to explain why, for example, they cut an employee’s hours or moved her to a different shift with fewer tips, leaving her making less at the end of the week.”

- Affordability isn’t the only barrier to mental health care for low-income people | this ain’t livin’ (via feministlibrarian)
16 Apr 22:48

actuallyadhd: some-other-metal-than-earth: Don’t mess with...



Don’t mess with ADHD science students during their assessment period.

You have been warned.

Image Description below:

Read More

16 Apr 15:47

mickeyandcompany: Give me princesses who are strong and kind...


Give me princesses who are strong and kind and fierce. Give me beauty and grace and power and will. Give me something to scornfully laugh at, when a man condescendingly calls me “princess” and thinks that he has showed me my place. Give me a throne and I will reign, give me a voice and I will sing to you a song of how glittery queens found their places, give me a dream and I will fight. - text by newtmasdoesthedo

16 Apr 14:02

Do you have any basic knowledge of economics? How the hell would a basic income to everyone help anyone? They wouldn't be able to afford anything because it would just cause inflation, which means they would be in the same boat in which they started. If you think I'm wrong please enlighten me on how this wouldn't cause inflation to go through the roof.

Thank you for asking! I have a pretty fundamental understanding of economics.

  This link answers your question pretty thoroughly. 

But the short answer is: NO. Basic universal income is not the same as “printing money” so to speak, and inflation is not guaranteed. It simply redistributes money that is already in circulation more evenly.  In fact, we have REAL WORLD EXAMPLES of places that have Basic Income systems or partial basic income systems that have seen very little, or NO increases in inflation as a result!

In that link I provided, for example, it cites two examples: “In 1982, Alaska began providing a partial basic income annually to all its residents. Until the first dividend, Alaska had a higher rate of inflation than the rest of the United States. But ever since the dividend was introduced, Alaska has had a lower rate of inflation than the rest of the United States. A partial basic income was also provided in Kuwait in 2011, when every citizen was given $4,000. Fears of increasing inflation were rampant, as Kuwait already had high inflation. Instead of bad inflation getting worse, it actually got better, decreasing from record highs to under 4 percent.” 

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15 Apr 16:43

New Words That Should Be Added to the Dictionary (images via...

New Words That Should Be Added to the Dictionary (images via imgur)

Previously: Name Improvements for Everyday Stuff

comment on this post

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12 Apr 21:11

eisuverse: khaleezee:videoevan:Cate Blanchett pops Adderall and...




Cate Blanchett pops Adderall and tries on hats for three hours in this instant Disney classic! 

she also gets a robot hand that shoots lasers

“Hulk wants to go to the Ball!!!”

13 Apr 20:25

jodyizm: innthenameoffashion: know your place & come...



know your place & come correct when talking to a Queen.

Whew. “Sit down. I’m not for male consumption.”

13 Apr 10:30

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

by Barry Ritholtz

Source: New Yorker, Cartoon by Jacob Samuel h/t Umair

15 Apr 04:57

20sidedmom: Christopher Eccleston: Why my Doctor had to be...


Christopher Eccleston: Why my Doctor had to be northern

“If you’re an alien how comes you sound like you’re from the north?” Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler asked The Doctor ten years ago – now Christopher Eccleston has finally revealed why his Time Lord had a northern accent.

“Lots of planet have a north” the Doctor told Rose way back then, but Eccleston (who returns to our TV screens in ITV’s new thriller Safe House on Monday April 20th at 9pm) gives a rather different answer in this week’s edition of Radio Times.

“I wanted to move him away from the RP (received pronunciation) for the first time because we shouldn’t make a correlation between intellect and accent” he says, “although that still needs addressing”.

The self-described working-class actor also says that cultural inequality is “much more pronounced” in Britain than it used to be, and that it would be difficult for a young actor with his background to succeed in the industry today.

“You can’t blame Eddie Redmayne or Benedict Cumberbatch but inequality will lead to a milky, anodyne culture. To an extent that’s already happened,” he argues.

Eccleston stresses that it’s not just about the working class though. “There’s not enough writing for women or people of colour” he says. “It frustrates me when they insist on doing all-male Shakespearean productions – a wonderful intellectual exercise, maybe, but it’s outrageous because it’s putting a lot of women out of work.”

15 Apr 05:06

"Support the books. It was people dressing up as Captain Marvel at Emerald City Comic-Con that made..."

“Support the books. It was people dressing up as Captain Marvel at Emerald City Comic-Con that made us give that book a second wind. We saw that it was catching on. There is a challenge inherent in launching new titles. It’s as hard to launch a Black Panther as it is to launch a Black Widow. This has changed recently, and we are making progress.””


Axel Alonso, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief (via bjornwilde)

Oh look, cosplayers aren’t bad for comics…

(via optimysticals)

All those “fake geek girls” who are… causing more comics to be made.

(via vixyish)

15 Apr 06:26

"The claim that a company like McDonald’s can’t afford to pay wages over the minimum is absolutely..."

The claim that a company like McDonald’s can’t afford to pay wages over the minimum is absolutely insulting when you compare the salary of its CEO to one of its crew members.

I worked at a McDonald’s in New York over the summer and did a little math while I was there. In 2011, former McDonald’s CEO James Skinner made $8.75 million with compensation, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. In comparison, crew members made $7.25 an hour, for about $15,000 a year, if they stayed at the job year-round.

If you take Skinner’s total salary in 2011 and assume that he worked 40-hour week, he would have made $4,200 an hour. In one hour, he made 580 times more than the average McDonald’s worker. James Skinner made $33,600 a day, which is twice the salary tht a McDonald’s crew member makes in a year of full-time work.

Looking at it another way, the average worker would have to work for almost 600 years to make the salary that Skinner made in 2011. In one year, Skinner makes more than I could make in at least six lifetimes.

- Maximum lies about the minimum wage | Socialist Worker | Samantha Valente (via meridithv)
15 Apr 06:27

sourcedumal:lightspeedsound: superheroineworld:Grown ass man...




Grown ass man and one of the founders of Image Comics being upset because teenage muslim hero wears costum that fits her age,religious and cultural background instead of “iconic” swimsuit



Also if it were true that “baggy clothing hinders movement” like have you SEEN what professional soccer players and basketball players wear or…?

newsflash: not every sports/athletic/physical activity requires us to strip down to our skivvies in order to “move freely” and in fact SOMETIMES THE BREASTS NEED TO BE PROPERLY PINNED DOWN AND SUPPORTED IN A WAY THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE A CORSET OK. 

So essentially, all female superheroes need to look like they can double as a stripper or else it’s “pandering to a vocal minority”

Never mind the vocal minority who has been demanding straight white male wank for how many decades now?

15 Apr 06:27

jenniferrpovey: markthemech:marshybot:I’m laughing because now that Ted Cruz is running for...




I’m laughing because now that Ted Cruz is running for president, his wife (whose health insurance he was covered under) decided to take a leave of absence to help him campaign, causing them both to lose their health insurance. Now they’re forced to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act or become uninsured.

So since Ted Cruz decided to campaign to repeal Obamacare, he can now only get insurance through Obamacare.

And that, my friends, is a true example of irony.

This is glorious

And appears to be verified. Hahaha.

15 Apr 06:32


15 Apr 12:06

design-is-fine: Horse painting and hand stencils, Pech Merle...


Horse painting and hand stencils, Pech Merle caves, France. Charcoal residue from the horse on the right has yielded a radiocarbon date of 24,640 bce. 📷 Jean Vertu. Source

Women made most of the oldest-known cave art paintings, suggests a new analysis of ancient handprints. Most scholars had assumed these ancient artists were predominantly men, so the finding overturns decades of archaeological dogma. Via Nationalgeographic

15 Apr 12:49

Hillary Clinton plus the presidency adds up to far more than a symbol | Lindy West


"If representation is no big deal, then why do the overrepresented fight tooth and nail to hoard it?"

Hillary Clinton plus the presidency adds up to far more than a symbol | Lindy West:
After all those straight white men, we are overdue a woman in the Oval Office. More than one, in fact …

“You know how, when you get into a conversation about representation and tokenism and diversity in media, some white dude always pipes up with the same genius nugget about population demographics? Something like: “Um, last time I checked, black people only make up 13.2% of the population, so why should there be more than one black character in the 10-person ensemble cast of this space opera about 34th-century mind-cops fighting gaseous cat witches?” Two black people, you see, would be overrepresentation. It wouldn’t be fair. Three black people would be chaos! (You could add an extra 32% of a black person, I suppose, but that’s something of an antebellum notion.)…”

14 Apr 20:44


14 Apr 19:25

on hypocrisy and oblivious double standards


Larry Correia, 19.08.14:

“You ever notice that SJWs are always perpetually reminiscing about the wrongs they suffered in high school? Yes, you are a special snowflake, unique among all the snowflakes. How could the average gamer nerd attendee of GenCon possibly understand what it was like to be an AWKWARD TEENAGER?!”

Larry Correia, 09.04.15:

“Then I went to the award ceremony, and the parties, and the various schmoozefests, and I discovered that the Hugo Awards were like one great big In Joke. And the cool kids told their cool stories to the other cool kids, and lorded it over those who weren’t part of the In Joke. Honestly, it reminded me of high school, and I was the poor fat kid who had inadvertently pissed off the mean girls.”     

13 Apr 19:12

"Rachel, the world is full of men who would pick you apart and call it kindness. Men who would..."


the world is full of men
who would pick you apart and call it kindness.
Men who would criticize you down to your ankles
and then turn around to say that you worry too much
about your appearance.

Men who would consider themselves more important
than your career goals
but also belittle you for not having career goals.
Men who would complain about your past
and then put themselves in the way of your future.

The world is full of men
who would confuse obsession with romance.
Men who would make a meal out of the core of you
and call it love.  

Men who would lay your flaws out like a banquet
and then shove them in your face.

Men who would say they love you in spite of you.

Rachel, the world is full of Ross Gellers.

- “Rachel, Get On The Plane” Trista Mateer (12 of 30)
14 Apr 06:08


14 Apr 06:12

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Maggie Menu

On the menu for Maggie tonight is puréed sweet potato, puréed brown rice, sprouted organic tofu, chia seeds, and digestive enzymes. Does she look excited? She is!

This dog does not look excited, this dog looks malnourished.

The diet you are feeding your dog places a huge burden entirely on the pancreas, forcing it to produce large amounts of amylase to deal with the starch, cellulose, and carbohydrates in plant matter. (yes, even with your supplements) The carnivore’s pancreas does not secrete cellulase to split the cellulose into glucose molecules, nor have dogs become efficient at digesting and assimilating and utilizing plant material as a source of high quality protein.

When this stuff sits in the pet’s intestine (yes even with your supplemented enzymes) it not only irritates the lining of the bowels but also provides the perfect warm, wet environment with plenty of undigested sugars and starches as food for bacteria.

I respect your choice in leading a vegan lifestyle, but please do not force this on your pet who does not recognize the difference, your dog absolutely needs a healthier diet or it is going to develop health issues and I guarantee you, will not live as long as it could otherwise.

side reminder that some dogs can have vegan meat and be completely nourished and content, loving and excited over their meals. See: Onision’s two dogs, Dobs and Leelu. Actually, his name is Greg. He, his wife Lainey, and their two dogs are all vegetarian, and both Dobs and Leelu thrive. They look very well nourished, are energetic, very loving towards both Greg and Lainey, and they are fed vegetarian foods. Do dogs and cats eat meat? Absolutely. With the right nourishments, can they live, thrive, and live a happy and healthy life without it? You bet your sweet ass they canStop bagging on this person for feeding this to their dog. I may advise offering meaty treats to your pet, perhaps chop some chicken or throw in some cooked red meat, but your dog seems very okay to me. The meat would be an added bonus that may please your pooch and also provide additional protein and minerals. He/She seems healthy to me, and also seems interested in the food you’re about to feed them. Do not let these people tell you that you’re abusing your dog. If you choose to continue their diet in this way, I would definitely look more into different kinds of treats that would help with the digestion more, though I don’t know too much in that area. Best of luck to both you and your puppy dog!

Hi hello you seem new to veterinary science and animal welfare in general so let me educate you on some topics that you are completely wrong about

1) “side reminder that some dogs can have vegan meat and be completely nourished and content, loving and excited over their meals.”

This is an assumption. The assumption that dogs are omnivores remains to be proven, whereas the truth about dogs being natural carnivores is very well-supported by the evidence available to us and is understood by many science welfare groups, universities, and doctors of veterinary science.

Dogs and wolves share 99.8% of their mitochondrial DNA, those who insist dogs did not descend from wolves must disprove the litany of scientific evidence that concludes wolves are the ancestors of dogs. And guess what? The wolf is a carnivore. Since a dog’s internal physiology does not differ from a wolf, dogs have the same physiological and nutritional needs as those carnivorous predators.

By stating otherwise you are ignoring and disregarding the work of contributing doctors, educators, and researchers who have compiled over 300 years of research and observations of the wild canine.

2) Do dogs and cats eat meat? Absolutely. With the right nourishments, can they live, thrive, and live a happy and healthy life without it?

No. But congratulations, you got one thing right, dogs and cats eat meat. Can they live a happy and healthy life without it? No they cannot. Cats and dogs health is largely dependent on the body’s ability to digest and make use of the food that is a part of their natural diet that is supplemented from meats. By creating a lack of naturally produced (meat, not supplements) protein in the body of the animal, you are putting your animals at risk for something called protein-losing enteropathy. Although this condition can affect any breed or age of dog, some dog breeds are more likely than others. That being said, feeding your dog and cat an all vegan or vegetarian diet and expecting them to thrive on it is a gamble at best.

There is an entire array of problems that can arise from a lack of natural protein. 

  • Occasional bouts of diarrhea
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of energy (lethargy)
  • Difficulty breathing (dyspnea)
  • Enlarged abdomen
  • Legs and feet may be puffy or swollen (edema)
  • Cancer in the intestines
  • Infection in the intestines
    • Bacteria such as salmonella(from rotting plant material)
    • Fungal infection
    • Intestinal parasites like hookworms and whipworms
  • Inflammation of the intestines (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Food Allergies
  • Stomach or intestinal ulcers
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Problems with the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the intestines (lymphangiectasia)

3) “He/She seems healthy to me, and also seems interested in the food you’re about to feed them.”

Hey, wrong again. This dogs nose is dried out, it is almost a pale white pink, this is an indication of dehydration or something more serious. The eyes are not clear and bright as they should be, they are red and puffy around the edges, the lining of the eyelids should be pink rather than red. This dog also has a blank stare on its face, and the nose is not pointing at the food, this means the dog is uninterested and is a sign of lethargy. This dog is begging for this meal to be something nutritious. I work at a highly respected veterinary hospital and I see this more often than you would think, I know how to tell when a dog looks malnourished, and so would you if you worked and studied every day in the field of veterinary medicine.

Next time I hope you will take the initiative to educate yourself on these and other important topics on the care for your animal, before you preach something you have no idea about.

i am fucking amazed that they are so ignorantly devoted to their beliefs that they think that dog looks happy. that face is fucking miserable

Struck out the complete bullshit.

14 Apr 06:17

sunshineinmyveins: dynastylnoire: jungleminx: salon: Just as...





Just as European sex ed programs are looking to urge more births to combat falling fertility rates, the U.S. might be seeing similar trends in its own birth rate. Not just yet, though. But, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, more American women of childbearing age are actually childless. Almost half of women between the ages of 15 and 44 didn’t have kids in 2014, with an increase from 46.5 percent in 2012 to 47.6 percent last year. 

Census Bureau finds the highest percentage of childless women of reproductive age since the 1970s

Well that’s what you fucking GET

You killed the economy
Your police keep killing black people
Your colleges over charge per credit hour
Your students have crippling debt
The minimum wage is not a liveable wage
Gentrification has destroyed black neighborhoods and small businesses
Rent is too high
Day care costs more than rent
Food stamps get cut year after year
Health insurance is expensive
Doctor bills are expensive
You had turned men into celebrated misogynists that don’t want to wear condoms or pay for child support or fund abortions

No we don’t want to children in a world that has no problem watching us die and blaming us for it.


13 Apr 19:13

micdotcom:just-another-wannabe-punk:micdotcom:17 times Nicki...




17 times Nicki Minaj expertly shut down sexism 

The rest of the quotes — about slut shaming, ownership and being real — are just as incredible.

A lot of people slut-shame Nicki Minaj and say she’s a bad influence, but in my opinion, she’s one of the best influences in the media today. She is who she is and embraces herself. She is a beautiful, strong, and smart woman, and she needs to be admired more.


13 Apr 04:28

“Hologram” Protesters March Against Troubling New Anti-Terror Law

by Hrag Vartanian

An image related to the protests via @isabelgalvin

Thousands took part in a virtual march in the streets of Madrid last Friday night to protest the new Citizens’ Securities Law’s Reform law that will have a chilling effect on public protests. Hailed as a “Hologram” protest, even though the technology used seems more akin to a projection, the event is part of a larger campaign called Hologramas por la libertad (Holograms for Freedom) that hopes to overturn the law before it goes into effect on July 1, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.16.23 PMUnder the new Citizen Safety Law, which human rights advocates have renamed Ley Mordaza (Gag Law), Spanish citizens cannot protest against the Congress or hold meetings in public spaces and they would have to ask permission from the authorities whenever they wish to protest publicly. Organizers of unauthorized demonstrations could be fined up to €600,000 (~$636,000) for their protests, with possible fines of €600 (~$636) for disrespecting police officers, and €30,000 (~$32,000) for filming or photographing the events.

The “hologram” protest, which was organized by an umbrella organization of 100 groups named No Somos Delito (We are not crime), invites people to submit video messages that would be transformed into digital projections on the streets of Spanish cities. Over 2,000 people took part in the nearly hourlong demonstrations, according to El Pais newspaper. The idea was partly inspired by the Kate Moss hologram at Alexander McQueen’s 2006 “Widows of Culloden” show in Paris.

One of the organizers’ spokespeople, Carlos Escano, explained the concept for the protest to the El Mundo newspaper:

Our protest with holograms is ironic. With the restrictions we’re suffering on our freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, the last options that will be left to use in the end will be to protest through our holograms.

This is the second “holographic” protest in the last few days, as last week The Illuminator temporarily revived the guerrilla Edward Snowden sculpture that was placed in a Brooklyn park.

In the last two years, there have been more than 87,000 demonstrations in Spain and, according to data provided by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior to El Pais, there have been incidents in fewer than 1% of them.

Hologram protest in Madrid against the Gag Law. “As we can’t protest as free citizens, we protest as free holograms.”

— Giedre P. (@GiedreP) April 10, 2015

13 Apr 20:55

"They say that “Confronting triggers, not avoiding them, is the best way to overcome PTSD”. They..."

“They say that “Confronting triggers, not avoiding them, is the best way to overcome PTSD”. They point out that “exposure therapy” is the best treatment for trauma survivors, including rape victims. And that this involves reliving the trauma and exposing yourself to traumatic stimuli, exactly what trigger warnings are intended to prevent. All this is true. But I feel like they are missing a very important point.
Psychotherapists treat arachnophobia with exposure therapy, too. They expose people first to cute, little spiders behind a glass cage. Then bigger spiders. Then they take them out of the cage. Finally, in a carefully controlled environment with their very supportive therapist standing by, they make people experience their worst fear, like having a big tarantula crawl all over them. It usually works pretty well.
Finding an arachnophobic person, and throwing a bucket full of tarantulas at them while shouting “I’M HELPING! I’M HELPING!” works less well.
And this seems to be the arachnophobe’s equivalent of the PTSD “advice” in the Pacific Standard. There are two problems with its approach. The first is that it avoids the carefully controlled, anxiety-minimizing setup of psychotherapy.

- The Wonderful Thing About Triggers | Slate Star Codex (via brutereason)