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fuckoffstraightpeople:i don’t agree with shaming any woman’s body but if you seriously think the...


i don’t agree with shaming any woman’s body but if you seriously think the level of “hate” directed towards thin women anywhere near matches the absolute disgust fat women are treated with you’re kidding yourself 

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Peter Dinklage Asks Game of Thrones Fans To Kindly Stop Adopting and Then Abandoning Huskies

by Lauren Evans

This is kind of like when everyone wanted a Jack Russell Terrier because of Frasier, but a little bit scarier because of the implications.

It’s difficult to imagine thinking it’s a good idea to get a pet just because you see something similar on TV, but these are strange times. Thus, Peter Dinklage is working with PETA to urge people not to adopt—and subsequently abandon—huskies because they resemble (very cool, but also very fictional) direwolves on


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trekchik: valterbecks: So this year the Conservative party of Canada decided to book a convention...


I've also heard that last story. I desperately hope it's true.



So this year the Conservative party of Canada decided to book a convention at the same time as Anime North, in the same building. Meaning it’s basically been a bunch of us gays/nerds walking around in costume, confusing the fuck out of groups of politicians and businessmen. 

(A couple of them actually called the cops on us because there were people walking around with giant cardboard weapons. And the police were like “what do you expect us to do? It’s a comic con, we can’t tell them to stop… they literally go through a weapons check at the event”).

(My friends and I also had some of them come up to us at a restaurant to ask us “what the fuck an anime was” and if it was just “one big party”).

This is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me….

This happened to me in Charlotte a couple of years back. HeroesCon and the state’s Republican convention were at the same venue on the same weekend.

I witnessed men give an extremely wide berth to a passing Silent Hill cosplayer, a LOT of head shaking, and one woman actually clutched her pearls.

The best part was watching the Republicans attempting to find a place to sit when they broke for lunch and staring at the eating area with both disdain and dispair with their trays.

It was glorious.

A potentially-apocryphal story that has been going around for ages in my friends:

One year, there was an anime/comic con scheduled in Las Vegas at the same time as a Baptist convention.

There was a gentleman of some stature and size who was cosplaying as a demon character of some kind (I have heard it as ‘Goliath from Gargoyles’ as well) who left his room to head to the masquerade and convention floor.

He traveled down a few floors in the elevator and then the doors opened again…. to reveal a group of little old Baptist ladies waiting, all in their church hats and Sunday best, to go to a show.

They blinked at him.

He blinked at them.

And then he smiled broadly at them, one and all, and said “going down?” in a deep, stentorian voice  with a gallant sweep of his arm.

Apparently the door closed without a single one getting on or saying a word.

I can’t imagine why.

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I still say that the absolute best part of this scene is that...

I still say that the absolute best part of this scene is that that is a real word in Klingon.  Q’apla means ‘success!’ or ‘I win!’ 

There is no fucking way that Elliot does not know that and is not doing that exactly on purpose.

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gothicandamazing: Model: Theresa Theresa Photo: Marko Smiljanic...

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idiopathicsmile: …okay, how is it only tuesday how do we still have most of the week to go i call...


…okay, how is it only tuesday

how do we still have most of the week to go

i call shenanigans

this is bullshit

group hug for everybody trying real hard to get through their day and do their work while it feels like the fucking world is crumbling around us. 

extra additional hug for anybody who belongs to one or more of the groups targeted by neo nazis and white supremacists. take care of yourselves and do whatever you need to do to get through the day. not that you need anybody’s permission but if it helps to hear: it is 10000% okay if you are not in the mood to laugh about those fucking tiki torches


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ragnaroktopus-ink: I wanted to draw the Thirteenth Doctor with...


I wanted to draw the Thirteenth Doctor with K-9…so I did.

Done in Autodesk Sketchbook on my Galaxy Note 3.

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thenib: From Barry Deutsch.

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thepolyspacegay: caffeinatedraven: Dinosaur (aka wedge-tailed...

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Dinosaur (aka wedge-tailed eagle)


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comicbookvault: SILVER SURFER #18 (Sept. 1970) Art by Jack...


SILVER SURFER #18 (Sept. 1970)
Art by Jack Kirby & Herb Trimpe
Words by Stan Lee. 


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taylorswiftordie13: Here’s what really grinds my gears about Taylor Swift’s trial. As a woman we...


I'm not nearly this angry (on this particular issue) but I do believe the OP has their heart in the right place.


Here’s what really grinds my gears about Taylor Swift’s trial.

As a woman we are conditioned to almost expect this kind of behavior from men. So when a man grabbed Taylor’s ass, she didn’t go to the police (knowing the case was weak), she had him thrown out of the arena in Denver, CO and called his boss to inform them of how this man was representing KYGO.. She then gets blamed for his firing as if sexual assault isn’t a good enough reason to be fired. He then sues her for defamation of character in attempts to take money from her, nearly 4 million to be exact. Make no mistake his intentions in suing her was hoping she’d make a plea deal because she wouldn’t want or be able to sit through an eight day trial, which they maliciously extended by calling more witnesses than ever needed. But instead of taking the easy way out, she stood strong and counter sued for assault and battery, resulting in 1 dollar. It’s almost unheard of for a celebrity of her caliber to sit through this long of a trial. But damn I admire her for it. Because this guy has proven to be serious scum. He just wants money from her and I’m so fucking disgusted by this whole thing.

I’m disgusted by how a man assumes he has a right to a woman’s body.

I’m disgusted by how this man is blatantly trying to acquire money from her.

I’m disgusted by how the public is turning this into a fucking media circus and camping on the sidewalks like it’s a fucking concert. And taking her photo and treating this law suit over sexual assault like a fucking meet and greet.

And I’m so disgusted by how the media (FUCK YOU TMZ) leaked a SEALED PHOTO OF A SEXUAL ASSAULT AS IF ITS NO BIG DEAL BECAUSE IT IS TAYLOR SWIFT AND SHES NOT A PERSON I GUESS?? ?? Because if it was any other victim, there is a code within the media, and they wouldn’t post that shit or even their name.



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ahalfeatensliceofpie: markv5: Когда не хотел потревожить...



Когда не хотел потревожить кота

“when you didn’t want to wake up the cat”

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Citizen: Socrates, you are really annoying.

Citizen: Socrates, you are really annoying.
Socrates: Interesting argument. Can you tell me what is 'annoying'?
Citizen: The way you ask all these stupid questions, that's annoying.
Socrates: Would you say that a fly buzzing by your ear is also annoying?
Citizen: Yes, I would say that is annoying.
Socrates: But you define annoyance as asking questions, and a fly doesn't ask questions, so do you really know what annoyance is?
Citizen: I guess I don't know how to explain it.
Socrates: If you don't know what annoyance really is well enough to explain it, how can you be certain, then, that I am annoying?
Citizen: I am going to scream
15 Aug 18:54

A Cat Story



Hello! I have been out of town, but now I have returned, and would like to share a cute cat story. To avoid cats in the future, please blacklist #my beautiful cat daughter.

We adopted Diane a week and a half ago. @teachimera and I had been wanting and prepping for a cat for a few months, and we’d intended to get ourselves an adult cat, well out of the adolescent stage.

I was almost tempted by a kitten, as @psychick can attest. When TeaChimera got there, though, they sat him down and he was approached by a big, friendly tuxedo cat. Diane was tired and had been napping, but she was so happy to see a person that she woke up, bravely walked right past where a hostile cat was (HostileCat hissed and took a swipe at her), and snuggled up to TeaChimera.

TeaChimera informed me that she would be our cat and that he loved her. The shelter folks were pretty pleased as well, as she’d been there for a couple of months and was starting to get more and more withdrawn. I’d been prepared for her to hide for a week, but instead it was about ten to twenty minutes before she left the safety of Behind The Couch and joined TeaChimera and me in the living room. We learned that if you tuck her in, she’ll flop over and snuggle up.

Diane really likes people. She’s curious about visitors and friends, and even though she did not care for her medicine (not one bit, no sir), she never bit or swiped or did more than sulk for a bit afterward. She likes to hug herself, her toys, and you.

Diane is 5 years old and rather big. The vet says she can stand to lose some a pound or two, but otherwise it’s all just due to the fact that she’s a big, strong lady.

Originally, TeaChimera had a “no cat in the bedroom” rule. He broke this rule the very first night at 2 AM because she wouldn’t stop crying and also he loved her and was worried she’d hurt her paws trying to get into our room, so now she sleeps with us at night. She can be a little whiny - her middle name is in fact Tisarwat due to this. Despite the toys we have for her, her favorite item is a slightly crinkly Halloween TJ Maxx tote.

This baffles me but ok, you do you kiddo.

In conclusion, here are some beans.


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disgustinganimals: hookteeth: Jurassic Park: Reeves’s Pheasant...



Jurassic Park: Reeves’s Pheasant Edition

dinosaurs didn’t all go extinct. some of them survived and evolved into that group of jerks who hog the whole sidewalk and won’t adjust formation for other pedestrians

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autism problem #996


I will definitely make the effort for the nephews. The adults can go hang

when birthday parties are sensory hell but not attending is rude

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Paul Ryan's family photo?

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Texts From SuperheroesFacebook | Twitter | Patreon

Texts From Superheroes

Facebook | Twitter | Patreon

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Funny Pic Dump (8.15.17)

by Derek

viaheck if i know comics via viaviaviaviaviavia viaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviamr lovenstein Funny Pic Dump: Next Page–>

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taraljc: wilwheaton: scarlettohairdye: pardonmewhileipanic: th...







This has been a baby turtle (and tortoise) post.

(Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)



he screm


I think we can all use this right now.


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The Moral Shambles That is Our President

by John Scalzi

Denouncing Nazis and the KKK and violent white supremacists by those names should not be a difficult thing for a president to do, particularly when those groups are the instigators and proximate cause of violence in an American city, and one of their number has rammed his car through a group of counter-protestors, killing one and injuring dozens more. This is a moral gimme — something so obvious and clear and easy that a president should almost not get credit for it, any more than he should get credit for putting on pants before he goes to have a press conference.

And yet this president — our president, the current President of the United States — couldn’t manage it. The best he could manage was to fumble through a condemnation of “many sides,” as if those protesting the Nazis and the KKK and the violent white supremacists had equal culpability for the events of the day. He couldn’t manage this moral gimme, and when his apparatchiks were given an opportunity to take a mulligan on it, they doubled down instead.

This was a spectacular failure of leadership, the moral equivalent not only of missing a putt with the ball on the lip of the cup, but of taking out your favorite driver and whacking that ball far into the woods. Our president literally could not bring himself to say that Nazis and the KKK and violent white supremacists are bad. He sorely wants you to believe he implied it. But he couldn’t say it.

To be clear, when it was announced the president would address the press about Charlottesville, I wasn’t expecting much from him. He’s not a man to expect much from, in terms of presidential gravitas. But the moral bar here was so low it was on the ground, and he tripped over it anyway.

And because he did, no one — and certainly not the Nazis and the KKK and the violent white supremacists, who were hoping for the wink and nod that they got here — believes the president actually thinks there’s a problem with the Nazis and the KKK and the violent white supremacists. If he finally does get around to admitting that they are bad, he’ll do it in the same truculent, forced way that he used when he was forced to admit that yeah, sure, maybe Obama was born in the United States after all. An admission that makes it clear it’s being compelled rather than volunteered. The Nazis and the KKK and the violent white supremacists will understand what that means, too.

Our president, simply put, is a profound moral shambles. He’s a racist and sexist himself, he’s populated his administration with Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists, and is pursuing policies, from immigration to voting rights, that make white nationalists really very happy. We shouldn’t be surprised someone like him can’t pass from his lips the names of the hate groups that visited Charlottesville, but we can still be disappointed, and very very angry about it. I hate that my baseline expectation for the moral behavior of the President of the United States is “failure,” but here we are, and yesterday, as with previous 200-some days of this administration, gives no indication that this baseline expectation is unfounded.

And more than that. White supremacy is evil. Nazism is evil. The racism and hate we saw in Charlottesville yesterday is evil. The domestic terrorism that happened there yesterday — a man, motivated by racial hate, mowing down innocents — is evil. And none of what happened yesterday just happened. It happened because the Nazis and the KKK and the violent white supremacists felt emboldened. They felt emboldened because they believe that one of their own is in the White House, or at least, feel like he’s surrounded himself with enough of their own (or enough fellow travelers) that it’s all the same from a practical point of view. They believe their time has come round at last, and they believe no one is going to stop them, because one of their own has his hand on the levers of power.

When evil believes you are one of their own, and you have the opportunity to denounce it, and call it out by name, what should you do? And what should we believe of you, if you do not? What should we believe of you, if you do not, and you are President of the United States?

My president won’t call out evil by its given name. He can. But he won’t. I know what I think that means for him. I also know what I think it means for the United States. And I know what it means for me. My president won’t call out evil for what it is, but I can do better. And so can you. And so can everybody else. Our country can be better than it is now, and better than the president it has.

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SourceGodwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler...


Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies) is an Internet adage that asserts that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1.” - that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or his deeds.

Promulgated by American attorney and author Mike Godwin in 1990, Godwin’s law originally referred specifically to Usenet newsgroup discussions. It is now applied to any threaded online discussion, such as Internet forums, chat rooms, and comment threads, as well as to speeches, articles, and other rhetoric where reductio ad Hitlerumoccurs.

In 2012, “Godwin’s law” became an entry in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.” (x)

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Cartoon: Backseat driver in Charlottesville

by (Jen Sorensen)

I went to UVA and lived in Charlottesville for sixteen years, so the weekend's tragic events hit particularly close to home for me. At least two of my friends from college came close to being killed. The New Yorker interviewed one of them.

These atrocities were squarely the fault of white supremacists who came to Charlottesville looking to intimidate the community and pick a fight. While Trump has been rightly condemned over his "many sides" comments, it's also important to remember his violent rhetoric against protesters at his rallies. You can find a rundown of some of the chilling remarks he made during his campaign here.

Follow Jen on Twitter at @JenSorensen

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Go Back To Basics With This Under-$20 H&M Sale

by Jillian Lucas on Deals, shared by Jillian Lucas to Jezebel

Is "basics" the new slang for heroin?

H&amp;M’s basics section is like a sea of plain, easy-to-wear t-shirts that you want to live in. Stock up on those tees, tanks, long-sleeve shirts, and more during this up to 40% off sale at H&amp;M. Everything is marked down to $20 or under, but there are some full-priced things mixed in, so make sure you see the sale price.


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