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24 Oct 22:23

The BLAST Supper

by Justin Pierce

You see, something special happens when a holy spirit loves an engaged woman very much...

23 Oct 14:38

prostheticknowledge: What is Real? Project from Bİ'ŞEYLER...


What is Real?

Project from Bİ'ŞEYLER combines projection mapping and fashion using a dress as a performance canvas:

Perception is the first creation of fashion designer Ece Özalp, who is inspired not by what is observed in nature but by perceptions created by exceeding her own perceptions.
The project created based on Perception is a quest both of her and of her illusion… 


07 Oct 20:07


by Li
Matthew Koch

so who's still over here, then?


23 Sep 23:24

The Syrian war has caused the first-ever withdrawal from the doomsday seed vault

by Marcie Gainer

Nye frø ankommer
“The Middle East needs crops.”

Fiona MacDonald via ScienceAlert:

The civil war in Syria has prompted the first withdrawal from the Arctic ‘doomsday vault’ – a seed storage unit built on an island between Norway and the North Pole, to safe-guard the world’s food supply in the event of a global catastrophy, such as an outbreak of disease or nuclear war.

Researchers in the Middle East have now asked to withdraw a range of drought-resistant crop seeds, including wheat, barley, and grasses, from the vault. They would usually get these seeds from a facility in Aleppo, Syria, but even though the seeds are still there and safe in cold storage, the scientists are unable to access them as a result of damage to the surrounding buildings caused by the war.

The doomsday vault was built into the side of a frozen mountain on the Svalbard archipelago in 2008, and it’s been specially designed to keep crucial crop seeds safe and ready to replant following pretty much any disaster you can think of.

Continue reading.

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17 Sep 18:33

Announcing the 2016 APPLE CABIN CALENDAR!In 1816, illiterate...

Announcing the 2016 APPLE CABIN CALENDAR!

In 1816, illiterate Finnish explorer Alpert Redford Walker stumbled upon a small, unmanned grocery store hidden in a clearing deep within the forests of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Pleased by the bins full of exotic fruits and fresh vegetables and impressed by the shelves well stocked with reasonably priced snacks, Walker learned that this remarkable little store was called “oha paddaki'e,” or “Apple Cabin,” by the local Paiute tribe, who nevertheless denied any knowledge of the store’s origin. Feeling that Divine Providence had guided him to the market, Walker donned one of the aprons that hung waiting in the employee break room and thereby assumed ownership, ensuring Apple Cabin’s tradition of savings + quality would remain strong to this day.

200 years later, you (+ your family) can finally enjoy the look and feel of Apple Cabin Foods… in a genuine calendar! Featuring ALL TWELVE colorful Apple Cabin ads, this handsome, chronologically precise 12” x 12” full-color calendar showcases the savings + quality that have been the store’s legacy since Alpert Walker clocked in for his first shift all those years ago. While the savings + quality are the focus of each month’s image, several attempts have been made to add a delightful photographic background that is occasionally appropriate to the month in question. Small clipped coupons decorate the periphery of the monthly grids, pushing the already unbelievable savings into realms of value difficult for the human mind to grasp.

The Apple Cabin 2016 Calendar is being sold to benefit Reading Frenzy, a small press bookstore in Portland, OR. Independently owned and operated by Chloe Eudaly for over 21 years, Reading Frenzy has been a tremendous help to me and many others. 100% of calendar sales go to the store, so that it might continue to help others achieve their dreams, realize their hopes, and also reach their goals of reaching for the tops of the limits of those dreams, as well as believing in dreams, goals, and hopes, plus riding the lightning to the top of their dreams’ limits/goals/achievements.

The calendar is officially available for pre-orders! It will be shipping by mid-October, 2015, in plenty of time for the holidays. If you’re interested, pre-orders are best, since they help set the print run. 


21 Aug 17:13

Potty Mouths of the Day: Here's That Mash Up of News Anchors Saying 'Deez Nuts' You Hoped to See Today

Independent presidential candidate Deez Nuts gets a mash up of his name.

Deez Nuts, the 15-year-old Iowan really named Brady Olson, has shaken things up this week with his Independent run for the White House.

The campaign has done many things in the short time that its been around. It has inspired hope.

It has also forced many, many news anchors to actually say the name of the fictional candidate. This is perhaps Deez Nuts' greatest achievement.

Without further ado, feast your ears on the compilation:


Have you guys heard of #Deeznuts ? He's running for president!

Posted by WTF Magazine on Thursday, August 20, 2015

If he bows out of the rest of the election right now, he would still have done his country a very great service indeed.

Submitted by: (via TheRealWTFMagazine)

14 Aug 22:29

‘Flying spaghetti monster’ sea creature discovered living thousands of feet beneath the ocean

by majestic

Pastafarians rejoice, the flying spaghetti monster lives! Well, it lives in the media anyway, in this instance in UK tabloid the Mirror:

jellyfish like creature which has a striking resemblance to a parody religious god has been found living beneath the ocean.

This footage was captured by a remote control underwater vehicle and shows a ‘flying spaghetti monster’ living 4,000ft beneath the Atlantic.

BP workers were so amazed by the creature’s similarities to the mythical god that they called their discovery after it.

They then sent the footage, filmed off the cost of Angola, to marine scientists in Southampton.

Experts at the National Oceanography Centre believe the monster is a type of siphonophore – similar to jellyfish – known technically as Bathyphysa conifera.

In 2005 physics graduate Bobby Henderson created the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a protest against the teaching of Intelligent design – a theory that the creation of the universe can be explained by intelligent argument and not natural occurrences…

[continues at the Mirror]

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12 Aug 19:41

I fear I might never catch up.

by tnimplant
Matthew Koch

something something rosehose

I fear I might never catch up.

12 Aug 10:15

High Horse

by jon


We’re back at the Large Horse Collider today for an update on the Ultrahorse situation. Looks like everything is going swell.

Hope your Wednesday is superb! If you want it to be. No pressure.


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15 Jul 21:06

itscolossal: WATCH: Bruce Shapiro’s Mesmerizing Kinetic Sand...

13 Jul 19:27

controproducente: Deep Tunnel Entrance to Thornton Reservoir...


Deep Tunnel Entrance to Thornton Reservoir da David Schalliol

09 Jul 18:48


by Li


08 Jul 13:14

Motivation of the Day: F*ck Everything with This Perfect Guided Meditation

by TDW

This 2.5 minute video just might change your life.

Writer/director Jason Headley has put together a brutally honest guided mediation “for the realities of today’s world.”

It’s pretty much all you need in the morning when you wake up to get you ready for the day and before you go to bed at night.

“If your thoughts drift to the three-ringed sh*t show of your life, bring your attention back to your breathing,” the voice says. “And with each breath, feel your body saying: ‘F*ck that.'”

So sit back, relax and let out all of that pent up aggression while the waves splash along the shore.

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07 Jul 16:33


02 Jul 16:56

Problem solving game teaches statistics lesson

by Nathan Yau

Problem solving

From the Upshot, A Quick Puzzle to Test Your Problem Solving. Play it. Read the results. Learn.

Tags: bias, Upshot

02 Jul 03:18

I’ve come a long way.image | twitter | facebook

I’ve come a long way.

image | twitter | facebook

27 Jun 19:16

geometrymatters: Fibonacci Sculptures - Part IIThese are 3-D...


Fibonacci Sculptures - Part II

These are 3-D printed sculptures designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotation speed is synchronized to the strobe so that one flash occurs every time the sculpture turns 137.5º—the golden angle. If you count the number of spirals on any of these sculptures you will find that they are always Fibonacci numbers.

© John Edmark

18 Jun 14:34

prostheticknowledge: InceptionismGoogle Research release images...

Matthew Koch

follow-up #machineintelligencebeat



Google Research release images related to their work in Neural Networks - just as they are used for image recognition and learning, when they are used for image creation, the results are incredibly surreal:

Artificial Neural Networks have spurred remarkable recent progress in image classification and speech recognition. But even though these are very useful tools based on well-known mathematical methods, we actually understand surprisingly little of why certain models work and others don’t … We train an artificial neural network by showing it millions of training examples and gradually adjusting the network parameters until it gives the classifications we want.

… So here’s one surprise: neural networks that were trained to discriminate between different kinds of images have quite a bit of the information needed to generate images too … The results are intriguing—even a relatively simple neural network can be used to over-interpret an image, just like as children we enjoyed watching clouds and interpreting the random shapes. This network was trained mostly on images of animals, so naturally it tends to interpret shapes as animals. But because the data is stored at such a high abstraction, the results are an interesting remix of these learned features.

More at the Google Research blog here

11 Jun 03:19 hertzfeldt - it’s such a...

Matthew Koch

Watched this over the weekend; blown away. Goes a bit darker and more serious than his other well-known works at times, but still has the moments of light-hearted / surrealist humor as well. Recommended, if you're in the mood for such.

don hertzfeldt - it’s such a beautiful day

08 Jun 17:37

hisiheyaharts: 100 follower giveaway prize for allegriana, who...


100 follower giveaway prize for allegriana, who requested a potoo phoenix (potoonix? phootoo?), which is the best request.


03 Jun 12:02

swampseer: benjaminmackey: ∆ TWIN PEAKS TAROT ∆Direct visual...




Direct visual inspiration drawn from the Rider Waite Tarot deck. 

At present, the plan is to make recreate all of the Major Arcana…and then maybe move into the Minor Arcana. 


02 Jun 10:26

WTF of the Day: Watch 11,000 Marbles Roll Through a Massive Machine

by TDW

Introducing the “Marble Tsunami!”

Self-proclaimed “Marble Master” Jelle Bakker has built a giant machine in which over 11 thousand marbles are sent through a winding, jungle-themed maze for no reason whatsoever.

And it’s pretty amazing.

Warning: It’s also very loud, and it goes on like that for about 6 minutes. So make sure to turn your volume down ahead of time.

The whole this is about 33-feet long, 4-feet wide and 6-feet tall.

He started working on it back in April and expects to have it completely fine-tuned by sometime in June. This presumably will include adding some noise-dampening features.

You can also check out more of his contraptions on his YouTube channel.

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29 May 19:40

A Softer World: 1242

Matthew Koch

this, in a moment that, though I'll never revisit, can never be erased.


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27 May 12:05

stevencrewniverse: Hiatus ends June 15. More details coming...

Matthew Koch

[pearl.gif] "they're coming back... I can't do this. Not again..."


Hiatus ends June 15. More details coming soon! #STEVENBOMB

20 May 18:48

ohmykorra: pearl + troubled birds


pearl + troubled birds

12 May 19:22

nopalrabbit:angeban:Don’t Touch My Shit (with Peridot)DL came up...



Don’t Touch My Shit (with Peridot)

DL came up with this idea. I have no more words

original video here


09 May 22:19

reality-pill: MOVEment: Chalayan x AyaBambi and Ryan...

Matthew Koch

irl fusion


MOVEment: Chalayan x AyaBambi and Ryan Heffington

Chalayan dresses AyaBambi in a film by Jacob Sutton, choreographed by Aya Sato & Ryan Heffington, for MOVEment AnOther’s  innovative exploration of dance and fashion through film.

More on

29 Apr 13:12


by Li


15 Apr 08:07

Six by Six

by Greg Ross

The sestina is an unusual form of poetry: Each of its six stanzas uses the same six line-ending words, rotated according to a set pattern:

This intriguingly insistent form has appealed to verse writers since the 12th century. “In a good sestina the poet has six words, six images, six ideas so urgently in his mind that he cannot get away from them,” wrote John Frederick Nims. “He wants to test them in all possible combinations and come to a conclusion about their relationship.”

But the pattern of permutation also intrigues mathematicians. “It is a mathematical property of any permutation of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 that when it is repeatedly combined with itself, all of the numbers will return to their original positions after six or fewer iterations,” writes Robert Tubbs in Mathematics in Twentieth-Century Literature and Art. “The question is, are there other permutations of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 that have the property that after six iterations, and not before, all of the numbers will be back in their original positions? The answer is that there are many — there are 120 such permutations. We will probably never know the aesthetic reason poets settled on the above permutation to structure the classical sestina.”

In 1986 the members of the French experimental writers’ workshop Oulipo began to apply group theory to plumb the possibilities of the form, and in 2007 Pacific University mathematician Caleb Emmons offered the ultimate hat trick: A mathematical proof about sestinas written as a sestina:

emmons sestina

Bonus: When not doing math and poetry, Emmons runs the Journal of Universal Rejection, which promises to reject every paper it receives: “Reprobatio certa, hora incerta.”

(Caleb Emmons, “S|{e,s,t,i,n,a}|“, The Mathematical Intelligencer, December 2007.) (Thanks, Robert and Kat.)

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11 Apr 19:48

stressfully-structured:submissivelygeek:eriderp-ampora:I FOUND...





Seriously turn the sound on.

So beautiful