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01 Sep 03:59

#1154; In which a Lesson is imparted, Part 2

by David Malki
Scott Akerman

We were just talking about this at lunch. We just sort of do stuff until someone yells at us and then we do something else.

this is how you learn boundaries

04 Sep 05:00

#1155; The Passive Pining Stratagem

by David Malki

I bring up the story not because I think it's at all helpful to your situation, but because I never really stop thinking about it

21 Sep 05:00

Dammit, Anime

by Adam


24 Sep 10:00

More Dishes

by Justin Boyd

More Dishes

My current dishwasher is getting worse and worse and is frequently requesting me to clean certain types of dirty things. I don’t like it!

Paper plates time! Turn my dishes issue into a trash issue!

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29 Sep 10:00


by Justin Boyd


I should have never bought caffeinated syrup freshman year, first semester. That was a mistake.

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10 Sep 15:11

Waste of Time

by Gregor


I’m considering doing a little streaming myself this weekend! I made a Twitch account a while back to play the Silent Hills teaser, and that was pretty fun to do! I’m not sure what to play this weekend, or even on what platform, but I’ll tweet out when I do. Feel free to follow me on Twitch and YouTube Gaming while I decide which one to stream on. What do you guys think?

28 Sep 14:53

New Vocation

by Gregor


I streamed on Twitch again today (first time on PC)! I’ve been having a lot of fun with all the customization. Here’s a link to my Twitch if you want to follow me!

Also, don’t worry I’m still focused on the comics first and foremost (streaming is just a neat side hobby for now).

09 Sep 15:19


16 Sep 14:31

Quiz Kid

Quiz Kid
01 Sep 18:32

A cat's reaction to a laser pointer

by Matthew Inman
A cat's reaction to a laser pointer

Cat and Dog versus a laser pointer

29 Sep 22:44

Children will love it

by Scandinavia and the World
Children will love it

Children will love it

View Comic!

21 Aug 04:00

Kitchen Tips

Household tip: Tired of buying so much toilet paper? Try unspooling the paper from the roll before using it. A single roll can last for multiple days that way, and it's much easier on your plumbing.
13 Aug 16:46

Underoos are BACK (And Magical)

by Tara


Remember running around in your Underoos, pretending to be your favorite superhero or cartoon character? Those days are BACK! (Ok, for some of us, those days never really left). Underoos has relaunched with a new line for kids AND grown-ups, so we can relive our childhood in style.

They sent me a pack of the C-3PO underoos (my fave Star Wars character I don’t care what anyone says), and while I won’t make you see me in all my Underoo glory, I can tell you that they’re ridiculously comfy. My slumber parties will never be the same! The tops can be worn out as normal (I plan to wear mine to a Star Wars event this week), and the underwear is large, silly, and comfortable, and will be perfect for cozy movie marathons at home.

They currently have DC and Star Wars shirts available in Men, Women, and Youth sizes. The women’s sizes are listed as “Juniors” but they’re a bit bigger than your average junior size.

And because Underoos is an awesome company, they want you to experience the ultimate geeky slumber party outfit as well. They’re going to give one reader a set of Underoos of their choice! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait to get yours? Use promo code “THEGEEKYHOSTESS” by September 30, 2015 to save $5 off your order!

Are you ready to embrace your inner child? Visit to get started!

07 Aug 05:00

#1149; The Prodigal Slur

by David Malki

Always getting flustered and forgetting what they put in their pockets! It's a stereotype for a reason!!

06 Aug 10:00


by Justin Boyd
Scott Akerman

Yep, this is me. Sometimes I'm not sure what's "right" to wear if I want to walk around the lake so I'll look out my window for a bit and take a sampling of passers-by and average their clothes choices.


Get into The Happy Zone!


I’m currently on a little vacation until Monday! I’ll be hanging out at a cabin in the middle of the woods with my girlfriend for the couple days and it’s going to be amazing. No internet!

If I don’t come back, assume bears.

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11 Aug 13:35

Good Morning

by Grant

04 Aug 22:27

maraboustorknightmares: awaiting my arrival

Scott Akerman

I subbed to my own Tumblr here b/c of narcissism but the vids don't seem to autoplay. In Chrome you can right click the pic and select play and it'll play


awaiting my arrival

06 Aug 02:55


31 Jul 10:00


by Justin Boyd


Sometimes, you just gotta suck it up and say… nothing. Forever.

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31 Jul 04:00


It's probably for the best. Since Roombas are native to North America, it's illegal for Americans to keep them in their houses under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
29 Jul 10:00


by Justin Boyd


Maybe I should learn to skateboard someday. I feel like I think about skateboarding more frequently than most.


I’m back from ConBravo and it was great! Met some fans, made some new fans and had some great chats. I even did a Webcomics panel with some other great webcomic artists! Great times!

I’ll see you next year, ConBravo!

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27 Jul 12:41

griffin/bane: lemme see your arms tho

Scott Akerman

This was basically our D&D group.

griffin/bane: lemme see your arms tho
travis/magnus: i flex
justin/taako: i hold out the arm that doesn't have the bracer on it
clint/merle: i hold out my leg
17 Jul 23:30

Following the 102nd Tour de France

Scott Akerman


Here is a look at the fans who are catching a glimpse of the Tour de France as it moves though many different locations in Europe. The annual multiple-stage bicycle race started in Utrecht, Netherlands, on July 4 and ends in Paris on July 26. -- By Leanne Burden Seidel

MTN Qhubeka team rider Daniel Teklehaimanot (L) of Eritrea, Cofidis team rider Kenneth Vanbilsen (C) of Belgium and Team Europcar rider Perrig Quemeneur (R) of France in action on their breakaway attempt during the 6th stage of the 102nd edition of the Tour de France 2015 cycling race between Abbeville and Le Havre, France, July 9. (YOAN VALAT/EPA)

24 Jul 04:00

how to invent new korridags AND pazinals

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July 24th, 2015: My book To Be or Not To Be (choose-your-own-path Hamlet!) is in the new Humble eBooks Bundle! Up to TWENTY-ONE books now at a pay-what-you-want price, plus you support charity (and artists)! THIS IS CRAZY, YOU SHOULD GET THIS.

Finally, did you see my NINE shirt designs available for FOUR DAYS only? HOPEFULLY YOU DID??

This concludes the "things I've made that you should probably buy" update.

– Ryan

24 Jul 05:00

#1145; Made With Purpose

by David Malki

''I need to go pick up groceries,'' you think, but there's just a single button on the dashboard, and the car has other ideas.

22 Jul 21:10

Extraordinary photo of Earth fully illuminated

by Leticia Roncero
NASA Captures 'EPIC' Earth Image

This photo of Earth was taken by NASA on July 6th 2015 at a distance of one million miles away from Earth. All the images were captured by the camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite, a four megapixel CCD camera and telescope.

The photo was generated by combining three different images to create a photographic-quality result with a great level of detail. This is the first photo of Earth completely illuminated by the Sun in 43 years. The original was taken by American astronauts in 1972, during the latest Apollo (17) mission. In this amazing image, we can see the North and Central parts of the American continent and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean islands.

Be sure to follow NASA Goddard on Flickr for more photos and future images of our earthly home.

*Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera

20 Jul 20:43

Cuba’s moment of transition

The United States and Cuba restored diplomatic relations today, beginning a new post-Cold War era. Earlier this summer, photographer Suzanne Kreiter traveled back to Cuba, 21 years after her first visit there for The Boston Globe. This rare moment of transition, as diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States resume, provides an opportunity to see old and new Cuba, past and future, through the same lens. Get the full multimedia experience and see what Cuba was like 21 years ago .

Restored cars, many with Japanese engines, line up in front of the old Capitol building waiting for tourists. (SUZANNE KREITER/GLOBE STAFF)

14 Jul 10:00

First Apartment

by Justin Boyd
Scott Akerman

Video game art can be tough but it can easily look just tacky. I think my Bastion/Transistor and Zac Gorman Wind Waker art splits the uprights though.

Also my giant canvas print of the Great A'tuin is still wonderful and perfect.

First Apartment

Being a pseudo-adult is the best. I hope to keep it up forever.


All of the art on the walls of his apartment is from Katie Clark! I bought two of her arts two years ago at Emerald City Comic Con and I’m a big fan.

Here’s a better pic of one of the prints I bought (and one of the prints in that guy’s apartment):


So if you like that kind of stuff, please check out the stuff she has on her site!

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17 Jul 17:06

How To Make Patissez’s Nutella and Salted Pretzel Freakshow Shake

by Tara


Patissez, a small bakery in Canberra, has created a monster. They’ve created and sell “Freakshows,” gigantic milkshakes topped with baked goods and spilling over with decadent ingredients like salted caramel, fudge, vanilla cream, and Nutella. The pictures have been everywhere the last few days, and when I first saw them, I stopped dead in my tracks. The milkshake was so ridiculous and messy and amazing and I had to have it. Unfortunately, plane tickets to Canberra are a bit out of my price range for a milkshake. So what’s a girl to do? MAKE HER OWN.

A photo posted by Pâtissez (@patissez) on

Three of their milkshakes incorporate baked goods made in house, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to compete with that. But one of them, the Nutella and Salted Pretzel shake, uses ingredients any of us can find at our local grocery store. Plus, who wouldn’t be up to the challenge of using half of a container of Nutella for one milkshake?

The tricks to this shake is to go big, get messy, and make as much as you can from scratch. Making homemade vanilla whipped cream gave it a nicer color, flavor, and texture than using the pre-made bright white stuff from a can. When it all came together, I stood back in awe. I felt a bit like Dr. Frankenstein: giddy at my monstrous creation, and thrilled that I had done it. But after consuming just a fifth of it? I had wondered what I had brought into the world. This shake is rich, huge, disgustingly delicious, and it should not be for one mere mortal. Please, drink responsibly and share this with your entire family.

Ok, enough disclaimers. Let’s get to the recipe.

Nutella and Salted Pretzel Freakshow Shake


  • 3 cups ice cream
  • Nutella. Just bring the whole container to this party. You’ll use a little under half of it.
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • mini pretzels
  • vanilla whipped cream (see recipe below)


  1. Place the ice cream, 1/3 cup Nutella, 2/3 cup milk, and 6 mini pretzels in the blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Take a mason jar and make a stripe around the inside of the jar with the Nutella.
  3. Cover the outside rim of the jar with Nutella–enough where pretzels can be pushed into it and stick.
  4. Place mini pretzels on the Nutella-covered rim of the jar in a decorative fashion.
  5. Pour the milkshake into the mason jar. Leave some room at the top for a cleaner experience, fill it to the brim if you want “milkshake waterfalls” to pour out everywhere.
  6. Place the vanilla whipped cream in a ziplock bag and cut off one of the corners, making a makeshift piping bag. Pipe the whipped cream on top of the milkshake. Don’t be afraid to go above the jar and over the sides a bit!
  7. Using a spoon, plop small amounts of Nutella onto the top of the whipped cream. Stick mini pretzels into the little Nutella pockets you’ve made.
  8. Crush 2-3 pretzels into dust and sprinkle it on top of the milkshake.
  9. Add some fun straws for flair, and enjoy!

Vanilla Whipped Cream


  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar


  1. Begin whisking the cream in a cold bowl. (If using a mixer, work up to using one of the faster settings)
  2. Slowly add the vanilla and powdered sugar while continuing to mix the cream.
  3. Mix until stiff peaks form.

The beauty of a milkshake is that it’s easy to experiment and fix your mistakes. Want it thicker? Add more ice cream? Want it thinner? Add more milk. Need more Nutella? Add more Nutella. (Or just lick the edge of the jar, for goodness sake. There’s SO MUCH Nutella everywhere.) I made all of the shake’s ingredients in denominations of 3s so you can easily increase or decrease the size.

If you could make your own flavor of freakshow shake, what would you include? I think mine would be a banana cookies and cream shake with chocolate whipped cream, multiple oreos, and an entire banana. Cause why not?

16 Jul 10:00

Home Again

by Justin Boyd

Home Again

True comic. The computer was failing to get an IP address from the network several times a day for no apparent reason. My parent’s computer had The Real Problems™


I’m gonna be in Hamilton, Ontario in like a week for Con Bravo! Whoa! Are YOU gonna be there? Because I will be!

I’ll be doing a webcomic panel with I AM ARG (who is also a server pal/real pal) along with some other webcomic folks!

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