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  • “Stop interrupting me.”
  • “I just said that.”


  • [Name] was speaking, how about we let her finish?
  • [Name] just said that.
  • [Name] was in the middle of saying something, can you please let her finish?

every fucking day I do this for myself and other women its a constant struggle to be heard

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Legal Risks to Creative Innovation and Research at College: NJ Drops Its Investigation of MIT Students

by natematias

Eighteen months after winning a hackathon innovation prize for a clever idea of a new online content business model, the MIT undergraduates who created Tidbit are finally free from the legal nightmare attracted by their proof of concept. Earlier this week, the New Jersey Attorney General dropped their investigation of the students, ending a case that hung over these students for a third of their undergraduate education. I'm incredbily relieved for the Tidbit undergrads, though I'm disappointed and upset that they had to face this legal challenge for so long.

In this post, I want to share what we're doing to figure out how to prevent similar problems in the future, or at least to better support other innovative student projects with legal problems. For more about the Tidbit case, you can read Jeremy Rubin's post, an update by the EFF, and a blog post by Ethan Zuckerman. I strongly suggest you read them.

In January 2014, when Ethan, Hal Abelson, and I learned that MIT was unable to offer legal support to the Tidbit students for conflict of interest reasons, we joined together with over 800 faculty, researchers, and students across MIT to ask president Reif to find some other way to intervene. President Reif acted swiftly, offering his support of the students and writing to the New Jersey Attorney General. Many in the MIT community also came together to file a letter with the the brief submitted to the court by the EFF, who had taken up the students case. It's hard to know exactly what effect our letters of support had, but the judge did acknowledge our arguments in a November opinion.

Freedom to Innovate 
I learned of the Tidbit undergraduates' situation around the same time that MIT was holding community hearings about what had happened to Aaron Swartz, a researcher, entrepreneur, and activist who had faced a federal prosecution for downloading academic articles in bulk from MIT's network. For several months, I'd been meeting regularly with other gradstudents to work out what MIT's response could be. One of the most common concerns related to cases where MIT students had faced legal challenges for groundbreaking or creative work: an MIT student arrested by homeland security for wearing e-textiles who eventually dropped out; MIT researchers who found security flaws in public transportation systems; and a gradstudent whose research helped hobbyists extend the capabilities of their gaming hardware.

These are just the public cases. During my four years at MIT, I've heard of many students and faculty here and elsewhere, whose academic work or learning experiences have been threatened by cease and desists, or who avoid interesting ideas out of legal concerns. I've watched fellow students face tough decisions when lawyers pounced on years of creative research-- including one student's master's thesis. I myself abandoned an early MIT project analysing news content after receiving a challenge that thankfully didn't escalate like Swartz's case. In one MIT class on computational linguistics, we had a lecture about exciting new research directions that we should under no account try, lest we be sued for patent infringement. Nor is this problem limited to MIT. The Association for Computing Machinery, one of the premier venues for computer science research, is so worried about this problem that they (in principle) refuse to publish completely-ethical research that risks running foul of Terms of Service violations, even when that research is in the public interest.

For our group, the most surprising discovery was that MIT just isn't set up to defend its students or faculty who face similar challenges, nor is there a single point of contact for community members who face a legal challenge. Led by the Media Lab's legal research specialist Kate Darling in collaboration with Harvard's Cyberlaw Clinic, a group of us held a "Coders, Know Your Rights" seminar to help students understand the situation. We also submitted a proposal to MIT administration to create a single point of service for students facing legal challenges to their innovation, research, and DIY creativity, something that would ensure that they could get pro bono legal help.

Legal Resources for Student Innovation 
The experience of the Tidbit undergraduates made it even clearer to us that MIT needed a better way to support students with legal challenges. The administration agreed. President Reif's public statement of support for the students called for "a resource for independent legal advice, singularly devoted to their interests and rights." Since then, we've been working with the administration to define what that should be. Although details aren't yet announced, we've been working with MIT administration on a plan that will protect a wide range of student innovation, including entrepreneurship, research, activist tech, and other forms of category-defying noncommercial creative hacking and exploration that MIT students love to do.

Extending the Freedom to Innovate at Universities 
MIT isn't alone in this. Students and colleagues in computer science, biotech, communications, and business schools have all shared stories of similar problems. We need to stop scuttling our projects and work together to protect our students and our fields from these risks. October 10th and 11th, the MIT Center for Civic Media and Electronic Frontier Foundation are hosting a conference on the Freedom to Innovate, with support from the Ford Foundation. We're still trying to understand the wider risks and what we can do, and we need your help:

  • What legal challenges have you (or your students) faced?
  • What projects have you abandoned out of legal concerns?
  • How does your university protect innovative students who face legal challenges? Does it?
  • What kinds of critically-important research is being held back by legal risks?

This conversation is not just for faculty or policymakers, and it concerns students and researchers at community colleges, state schools, and liberal arts colleges. We very much need student voices to shape this conversation.

To register for the conference, visit or join the conversation by emailing or

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organicandhappy: numbwreck: please remember to forgive yourself for the years your mental illness...



please remember to forgive yourself for the years your mental illness took away from you

This is so important

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An iPhone Saved a Man's Life in the UK


but did it have the bible loaded onto it?


A Cheshire man was able to survive a close-range shotgun glass because of his pocketed iPhone, which absorbed most of the damage:

Fortunately, the victim’s mobile phone took the brunt of the shot and, as a result of this, he survived. This is remarkable – had that phone not been in his pocket at that time he would undoubtedly have died.

Submitted by: (via Business Insider)

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Wiggly Hand Gesture

by Freiya

Reposted from Something Incredible.

“so i’m filling out an application for this GLSEN thing and i just sort of…”

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"Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men. And I..."

“Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men. And I don’t think it’s an accident that it’s typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain. It is the height of irony that women are valued for our looks, encouraged to make ourselves beautiful and ornamental… and are then derided as shallow and vain for doing so. And it’s a subtle but definite form of sexism to take one of the few forms of expression where women have more freedom, and treat it as a form of expression that’s inherently superficial and trivial. Like it or not, fashion and style are primarily a women’s art form. And I think it gets treated as trivial because women get treated as trivial.”

- Fashion is a Feminist Issue: Greta Christina  (via vogueltalia)

I feel like this about lingerie and specifically the value people place on lingerie (which is very often women’s work). The devaluation of things associated with women and women’s labor is reified in garments that are almost exclusively seen on women’s bodies. There’s this overwhelming sense that the labor associated with sewing, say, a bra is valueless, and that the laborer should be willing to work for free…or at least for inhumanely cheap wages. Culturally, I think this devaluation also ties into a lot of other things (for example, in America, puritanical Protestantism and its suspicions of the body, and, globally, the taken-for-granted exploitation of people of color), but I’ve just been idly pondering the way lingerie links up with many other conversations. And that’s not even getting into all the other expectations surrounding lingerie and how women are penalized for not conforming. Lift your breasts, but don’t wear push-ups. Wear underwear, but make sure it’s invisible. And so forth and so on. (I’m on my phone, by the way. Please pardon any typos.)

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The Doof Warrior

The Doof Warrior

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amazingexplodingwoman: inkyubus: [on diversity in media] I...



[on diversity in media] I think its social responsibility. I think it’s our responsibility to stand up and say what we want. It think if you look at television in the past two years, it’s becoming the decade of the female. Like, all these new shows with female leads. Even if you look at television, as well as cable, as well as films, there’s been a resurgence, as far as the leading woman in Hollywood, which is great. And I think we’re also at the point now…you know, it’s interesting…x


Gods save us from fake geek boys

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khaleexa: theverge: Developer Will Herring has blessed the...



Developer Will Herring has blessed the earth with My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day, a simulator that puts you at the controls of a feline in the same room as its human victim, who happens to be asleep. It’s your job to recreate the same chaos that is happening in millions and perhaps billions of households around the world each night.

Unlike trying to understand the motives of a cat, the controls and aim of the game are delightfully simple:

  • Knock everything over until your owner wakes up. 
  • Use the arrow keys to move and jump. 
  • Press Z to meow and cry all the time. 
  • Press X to knead with your dumb little paws. 
  • Do your worst.

Winning in this game means your human being awoken at 3AM, and the prize is his agony and sadness.


it’s me

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moonblossom: deluxetrashqueen:Honestly, Rick Rolling is the best practical joke ever. Like, there’s...



Honestly, Rick Rolling is the best practical joke ever. Like, there’s nothing offensive or mean  spirited about it. It’s just like “Oops you thought there would be something else here but it’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.” which isn’t even a bad song. It’s fairly enjoyable to listen to. There’s no jumpscares, no screaming, no ill will. Just Rick Astley telling you he’s never going to give you up. I think that’s great. “You fell into my trap! Here, listen to this completely benign song that will have no negative effect on you.” 

I wish this were true. There’s a really good article about the problems inherent with rickrolling here.

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I DO NOT HAVE AN EATING DISORDER - Page 181This was a turning...


So, question for my beautiful but depressive friends: I totally understand that depression is a sickness. But I also understand that when you're sick with ANYTHING, you take steps to become well again, especially things which can't be waited out (some viruses or bacterial infections). What are ways to both acknowledge that it's a sickness (absolutely not the fault of the person who is sick) AND make sure our friends are getting the care we need while not getting sick ourselves?


This was a turning point in our relationship. My girlfriend had always been so supportive. She’d sat with me as I cried. Held me close. Told me it would be OK. Reassured me every way she knew how, even tried to shock me out of my depression. She had finally reached her limit, and had to get out to protect herself. It felt like such a betrayal when I was clearly in such need. But how could I blame her? She needed to look after herself too. 

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From the beginning:

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Flickr faces complaints over ‘offensive’...

Flickr faces complaints over ‘offensive’ auto-tagging for photos | Technology | The Guardian

Flickr is facing a user revolt after a new auto-tagging system labelled images of black people with tags such as “ape” and “animal” as well as tagging pictures of concentration camps with “sport” or “jungle gym”.

The system, which was introduced in early May, uses what Flickr describes as “advanced image recognition technology” to automatically categorise photos into a number of broad groups.

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Come to Dinner

by Samantha

What I imagine the inside of Rosalind's head looks like.

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, May 2015

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

Come to Dinner by Tim Walker

The Sacred Order in post

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eternallybeautifullyblack: ‘Dandy Queens’: A New Editorial...


‘Dandy Queens’: A New Editorial Points A Lens At The Female Black Dandy

Recently, a new editorial from French magazine Blackattitude turn its lens towards a trio of female dandies, shot by Prisca M. Monnier as a collaboration with Nadeem Mateky…  [Continue reading article and view additional images at]

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earthmoonlotus: nevver:There’s another side to the storyOh my...

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nevver: Shake it off


What I see when I go to the club.

..but also with unaware sex drives.

See also: why I don't go out.

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sandandglass: ’Indiana Jones’ Reboot Starring Anna Kendrick

12 May 15:47

More on the Andijon massacre

by Sarah Kendzior

I have an op-ed about the Andijon massacre in the New York Times:

On May 13, 2005, military forces dispatched by the government of Uzbekistan fired on a massive protest in the city of Andijon, killing hundreds of Uzbek citizens. The day before, thousands had gathered in Andijon’s Bobur Square to protest the imprisonment of 23 businessmen and, more broadly, to protest the deteriorating social, political and economic conditions of Uzbekistan.

The next day the crowd grew to over 10,000, some drawn by an expectation that President Islam Karimov would come to address the protest. Instead, demonstrators were greeted by gunfire. According to eyewitness accounts, the military fired indiscriminately, killing innocent bystanders. Human rights activists put the death toll at more than 700.

This is one narrative of what has come to be known as the Andijon massacre. It is the narrative that the Uzbek authorities do not want you to hear. According to the Uzbek government, what happened was this: A jailbreak of criminal businessmen led by a band of terrorists resulted in a necessary military response. Only 187 people were killed, all of them armed insurgents.

Immediately following the violence, the Uzbek government expelled all journalists and human rights campaigners from Andijon and forbade an international investigation. The title of Mr. Karimov’s 2005 book on the events sums up the insular regime’s philosophy: “The Uzbek People Will Never Depend on Anyone.” The Andijon massacre was Uzbekistan state business, and anyone who dared promulgate a version that contradicted the official narrative faced arrest or exile.

There was one problem: the Internet. During the crackdown that followed the massacre, many of Uzbekistan’s journalists, writers and activists were driven from the country. Most were given asylum in Europe and North America, where many obtained regular Internet access for the first time.

Read the whole thing, Uzbekistan’s Forgotten Massacre, at the New York Times.



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Flowered up

by Freiya
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Feminist-leaning dudes: let’s have “the talk”

by wundergeek


Don't agree with the "don't try to make it funny" being extrapolated to other feminists, but it is my main coping mechanism.

In the last few months, I’ve found myself having several variations on what I think of as “the talk” with male friends and/or acquaintances. These guys have been people who have discovered that they have explicitly feminist leanings in the not-very-distant-past, who want to do more but are not really sure what to do with the generalized guilt that comes with feeling complicit for the failings of their gender. Since I kept repeating myself, I thought it would be worth writing about here.

So – dudes and dude-identified people! If the first paragraph sounds like you, then pull up a chair because it’s time to have “the talk”. (I promise it won’t be as bad as the actual “talk”.)

First: the pep talk that isn’t

You are going to fuck up. Accept that as a fact of reality. Gravity is a constant, the sun rises in the East, Taylor Swift’s music is pretty good despite that people like to make fun of it, and you are going to fuck up. Period. It is as inevitable as climate change or Fox News anchors being racist. You are going to fuck up. That may seem, on it’s face, a bleak statement to make. However, I give this knowledge to you as a gift to liberate you from fear.

As privileged people, we know that we shouldn’t engage in racist/misogynist/whatever-ist behavior. And fundamentally, everyone wants to believe that they are one of the good guys – that they are a decent human beings despite their faults! And as a privileged person who is starting to learn about feminism and social justice, sometimes that fear of fucking up can be paralyzing. Because you want to not to be like the other privileged asshats out there! You want to be better than that!

The problem with that way of thinking, however, is that taken to extremes, that fear can cause you to prioritize your fear of not wanting to be seem as [whatever]-ist over the feelings of real actual people suffering that real actual -ism. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s never pretty when it does. Because inevitably, it goes something like this:

Privileged person: [fucks up]

Marginalized person: Dude, you just fucked up.

Privileged person: How dare you! I would never fuck up! I’m a GOOD person, not some terrible, awful fuckup! You’re just a bully! A big stupid bully!

Marginalized person: [headdesk]

So instead of being “That Ally”, accept the inevitability of fucking up.

It does not give you permission to willfully be an asshat – you do still need to try not to fuck up; ironic sexism is still fucking sexism and it still isn’t okay. But fucking up doesn’t make you a monster, it makes you human. Accept that patriarchy has been imposed on you, just as it has been on everyone else. We are all participants in patriarchy.

Fucking up doesn’t make you uniquely horrible or monstrous – it’s simply a thing that people do every day. When it happens, acknowledge it with grace and apologize with sincerity. Then go forth and do better, always remembering that you’re not perfect. If you do really well, you’ll simply find new and different ways of fucking up.

You can choose to be depressed by all of this, but I offer it to you in the spirit of liberation – because the fear of being racist/sexist/whatever-ist and by extension a terrible person can be absolutely paralyzing, and it can take you to some deeply toxic places. So let it go, my friend. Let it go.

Next: Ally 101 – where to go from there

But, wundergeek! That’s it? That’s all I get? Just don’t fuck up, but have fun fucking up anyway?

Well. Yeah – kind of? I mean, there are a ton of resources out there on how to be an effective ally, many of which are pretty easy to find even with weak-to-moderate Google-fu. However, since I’ve also been seeing a lot of the same rookie ally mistakes that have been really getting under my skin, here are the absolute basics of the basics of the basics.

1. Learn to use Google

I appreciate that you’re probably sincere in your desire to learn more. But what you need to appreciate is that engaging with every probably-well-intentioned dude who wants me to give him a reading list to get him started down the path toward Being a Feminist (Ally) would be a colossal waste of my time.

I am not here to educate you. This blog explicitly states is not a 101-level blog and if there’s something here that you have trouble understanding, THAT’S WHAT THE REST OF THE INTERNET IS FOR.

That’s pretty much true for almost any other major feminist you can think of. We have SHIT TO DO that doesn’t include providing reading lists for any old rando who asks. So do yourself a favor and learn how to Google the answers you need. I PROMISE you they are easy to find.

2. Call men on their shit

When a man says or does something shitty in your presence, call him on it. You don’t need a lecture or a special technique or anything. Quite often, a “dude, not cool” will suffice.

Patriarchy is perpetuated by silence, so don’t be silent. As a dude, you have the automatic power of People Always Listening To You – a power most decidedly not conferred on lesser (read: non-dude) mortals[1]. With the benefits of patriarchy comes an obligation to use your power for good.

3. -ist jokes: JUST SAY NO

DO NOT make -ist jokes. Challenge people who make -ist jokes (when you can) in your presence. If you are not able to do so, say, because you work in customer service and this behavior is coming from a customer – refuse to laugh at -ist jokes.

Humans are social animals. The temptation to laugh politely so as to not make a scene will be there. Resist. Because “not making a scene” tells the -ist asshole YOU ARE ON THEIR SIDE

4. Don’t make light of or attempt to find the bright side of abuse

If you know someone who is experiencing sexist/racist/whatever-ist harassment or abuse, for the love of Christ don’t diminish it or try to make it humorous, because I promise you that there is nothing even remotely humorous about what they were experiencing. And yet twice this week I have talked with dudes who have attempted to “find the humor” in the misogynist abuse that I get through this blog. Because, you know – life is funny! Laugh it off! Because misogyny is just such a laugh riot and I should be able to shake it off!

So yeah. Don’t do that. You might think you are helping, BUT YOU ARE NOT. You are doing the opposite of helping.


Look, it can be hard when someone you care about or respect tells you about awful shit they are experiencing. It may be that your natural impulse is to jump in and try to help! Because you want to be a not-terrible human being! But that impulse? Sorry dudes – but mostly it is super unhelpful.

Look, as a dude just starting out in feminism I can pretty much guarantee you that any solutions you have to offer are not going to be original. The woman you want to share your “brilliant insights” with will not be awed or impressed, because she will have heard them before from every other well-meaning-but-unhelpful-dude who thinks that he has All The Answers. The thing you’re trying to fix is MY FUCKING LIFE. Which I have been living, all day every day for quite a long time now. I spend quite a lot of time thinking about it, seeing as how it’s mine, and I can promise you that the thing that popped into your head after two minutes of listening to me talk about my problems isn’t anything I haven’t already thought about myself.

So stop. Just. STOP. And listen. And when a response seems warranted, practice saying things that follow this formula (your wording may vary):

Expression of sympathy: “That must suck”, “That sounds hard”, “Wow – that’s bullshit” PLUS

Expression of regret: “I’m sorry you have to go through that”, “I’m sorry – you don’t deserve that”, “I’m sorry that happened to you” PLUS

Expression of (CONTEXT-APPROPRIATE) respect and/or appreciation: “You’re my friend and I have your back”, “I love you and I’m here for you”, “I admire your work and continue to find value in what you do”.

Then stop. Listen more. And repeat as needed. Because this? THIS is the shit that keeps me sane when I’m having a bad anxiety day, or when I’m so angry I’m trying not to cry, or when I feel like I just want to give up and walk away from it all. THIS.

Now go forth and do better.

[1] Reasons I have been told that I am not worth listening to in the last month include: I am “fat”, I am “ugly”, I am “unfuckable”, and I kill mens’ boners.

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note-a-bear: sexartandpolitics: Salma Hayek at YSL Men’s Fall...

by rosalafae



Salma Hayek at YSL Men’s Fall 2014

I saw this post and immediately needed to find as many angles of her outfit as possible.

Bless you for your good works.

Ugh, can I just be besties with Salma Hayek?

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Art based around perspective makes me feel at peace.

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yrbff: we got you this puppy. her name is winnie.


we got you this puppy. her name is winnie.

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the1janitor:hidansays: cons-science: writer vs. muse: the...




writer vs. muse: the animation

I tried to scroll over this

i saw this a few times but I just realized what was happening, this is sick

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bodhakara-awakener: from fitspor4you


from fitspor4you

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marshmellowtea:high-metafive:so i made and account on tv tropes and it asked for my relationship...



so i made and account on tv tropes and it asked for my relationship status

i went over and was about to put in “single” or “it’s complicated” and, well..


i can’t deal anymore

this is beautiful

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madeleinerosca: Guitar Lessons with the Doof Warrior.Swiped...


Guitar Lessons with the Doof Warrior.

Swiped from

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Champion Women's Muay Thai Fighter Dresses Like a Nerd at a Local Gym, Wrecks Everyone


I like pranks like this, but I bet some folk would consider it trolling...

Submitted by: (via

Tagged: gym , martial arts , prank , BAMF , Video , g rated , win