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13 Oct 21:08

Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the SeaSubmitted by Tyler...

Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea

Submitted by Tyler Snodgrass.

25 Aug 18:58


by Reza
Sarah Jamison

Tell me loled. You must have.


25 Aug 17:14

Candace Bushnell and Stephen King Together at Last, Laurie Halse Anderson

by Superfast Reader
Sarah Jamison

Haaaa! Just for the title and the first paragraph.

Because this week I read Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell and Finders Keepers by Stephen King. The former could’ve used more scary parts, and the latter needed a lot more sex appeal. And it’s pretty clear to me that a mashup of these two authors would make for a pretty fabulous book. On their own? Two pretty mediocre reading experiences.

In Killing Monica, a bestselling author decides the only way to self-actualize is to kill off her most famous creation. Or at least that’s the nominal premise. Mostly Pandy (such a bad name) relives her glory days with frenemy SondraBeth Schnowzer (another bad name), who plays Monica in the movies, and frets about the sister she lost while not talking about it. There’s very little by way of plot here, just a lot of binge drinking and bitching about success.

Finders Keepers brings back some characters from Mr. Mercedes, which was so forgettable that even the backstory King included on these recurring characters didn’t remind me why I was supposed to be happy to see them again. A boy finds a trunk filled with money and manuscripts and has to decide what to do about it. Meanwhile, the crook who put them there is out of the clink and on the hunt for his treasure trove. Sparks fly, shit happens, book ends. I can’t even remember if anyone important dies. I wasn’t even nervous, let alone scared.

I also revisited Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson, which really holds up as a complex look at a very troubled young man. My previous review (yes, you have to read it) still stands except for a few crucial elements.

  • I applaud her insight into how teens use computers. Now, 8 years later, the technology is so far out of date that I’m laughing at myself for my lack of future-casting abilities.
  • Laurie Halse Anderson no longer has a LiveJournal. I miss the mid-oughts, don’t you?
  • I don’t think I knew who Adam Brody was then and I don’t know who he is now and I never saw that movie. But I still believe in Kristen Stewart, Bella notwithstanding.

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12 Aug 13:57

Is that a tacoLouiseAre there tacos


Is that a taco


Are there tacos

25 Jun 18:25

Mani Monday – Deborah Lippmann, #BringBackRehab

by Michelle Mismas
Sarah Jamison

Hey I shared this for reasons.

Mani Monday - Deborah Lippmann Rehab via @alllacqueredup

Mani Monday – Deborah Lippmann Rehab

This #ManiMonday is part Throwback Thursday, part plea. You see, during last night’s Nail Glossip chat we talked jelly nail polish, and no convo about jellies would be complete without mentioning Deborah Lippmann Rehab. As I wished out loud for Rehab’s resurrection, Deborah Lippmann answered my call with this tweet.  So, I’m here not only to celebrate Rehab’s beauty, but to get your support in convincing Lippmann’s hubby to bring it back to life.

Deborah Lippmann Rehab

Long before jelly sandwiches existed, when bold-colored sheers confused us, Deborah Lippmann was blazing the trail for today’s jelly fandom with her 2007 release of Rehab and the cherry-hued I Want Candy. At the time, there were few jellies on the market (e.g. Revlon Glimmer Gloss), but none captured the nail zeitgeist quite like Rehab. Ask any OG polish hound about Rehab and they’ll either light up with joy for owning Rehab, share the lengths they went to get a discontinued bottle, or sigh with sadness over missing out.

Nowadays, there are other blue jellies, especially with the OPI Color Paints and similar jelly collections coming out. However, none of them have that smoky, cool quality of Rehab. It’s got a slate blue quality to it that builds to a rich navy.

This is three coats. With four it’s almost entirely opaque. And there’s something special about the formula. It’s silky smooth and thin. I never have to worry about bubbling. I’ve used as many as six coats in a layering combo without a single bubble in sight. It takes a bit longer to dry with that many coats, but it’s worth it.

Deborah Lippmann Rehab swatch via @alllacqueredup

Deborah Lippmann Rehab

Jelly Sandwich with Rehab

Deborah Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale is one of my all-time favorite glitter toppers. The sheer baby blue base is filled with a mix of small square and large hex silver glitters. It’s like it was made to be sandwiched between layers of Rehab.

To create this look, I applied two coats of glitter between layers of Rehab, finishing with two extra coats of Rehab on top to deepen the color and completely encapsulate the glitter. Love everything about it!

Deborah Lippmann Rehab jelly sandwich via @alllacqueredup

Deborah Lippmann Rehab jelly sandwich

Jelly Sandwich with Deborah Lippmann Rehab and Today Was a Fairytale via @alllacqueredup

Jelly Sandwich with Deborah Lippmann Rehab and Today Was a Fairytale

Deborah Lippmann Rehab via @alllacqueredup

Deborah Lippmann Rehab

Deborah Lippmann Rehab is discontinued but Today Was a Fairytale is still available on for $20.

Are you with me? Does Rehab need to make a comeback? Can we convince them to #BringBackRehab? Leave a comment below or tweet @DeborahLippmann

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by reps for Deborah Lippmann. Affiliate links may appear in this post. When you purchase through an affiliate link, you help support this site. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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09 Jun 17:37

Shown here: Someone who will never have a baby, or even sex.

Shown here: Someone who will never have a baby, or even sex.

09 Jun 17:03

Sickest burn of all time

by ajlobster

Sickest burn of all time

03 Jun 19:01

Jesus Denise

Sarah Jamison

Denise? Jesus.


Jesus Denise

02 Jun 18:39

Time for the Easter paradeEveryone line upOkay lamb and bunny over hereAnd cat too I guessTigerWhere...

Time for the Easter parade

Everyone line up

Okay lamb and bunny over here

And cat too I guess


Where are your parents

02 Jun 17:44

datvoicethough: Should we be worried about the Illuminati? or...


Should we be worried about the Illuminati? or was it all a big joke? Hmmm….

Comic is by reparishcomics.


This is great!! :D Thank you!!

28 May 13:03

#drunkjcrew  #porfeshional @drunkjcrewuguys

Sarah Jamison

Me, all the days

#drunkjcrew  #porfeshional @drunkjcrewuguys

27 May 18:03

“Overall, disturbing and unamerican.”

“Overall, disturbing and unamerican.”

19 May 21:20

“We know that motherhood can take its toll over the years. So...

“We know that motherhood can take its toll over the years. So for Mother’s Day we got you your pelvic floor back! 

Just kidding, it’s a scarf…When’s breakfast?”

05 May 20:55

While everyone is freaking out the royal baby


05 May 16:18

bootythecutie: A very quick sabetha

Sarah Jamison

This is a good Sabetha. Up with this shit she will not put.


A very quick sabetha

05 May 16:17

#drunkjcrew  #watchthatstep @drunkjcrewuguys

#drunkjcrew  #watchthatstep @drunkjcrewuguys

29 Apr 16:04

oh no, not the gender binary!

oh no, not the gender binary!

27 Apr 20:02

“This book made me want to microwave my fists and shove them...

Sarah Jamison

Well then!

“This book made me want to microwave my fists and shove them down my throat. Both at once. Fuck this book.”

23 Apr 16:41

Posing for a selfie

Some girls:


03 Apr 16:10


02 Apr 21:02

Dancing around the house

Some girls:


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highway62: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2009)



19 Mar 20:46


18 Mar 20:54

Getting a blow out

16 Mar 20:11

My attitude

During the day:

After I get home and have a glass of wine:

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Tancred: Baby Name of the Day

by appellationmountain
Sarah Jamison

Hey Denise remember when I wrote a whole bigass piece of fanfiction and used this name? Wow.

TancredReady for a rarity? Today’s choice is an all-but-forgotten blast from the past!

Thanks to WF for suggesting Tancred as our Baby Name of the Day.

Tancred: Rarity

There’s the English Tancred, the Italian Tancredi, the French Tancrede, and the Spanish Tancredo. No form of the name has ever registered on the US Social Security charts. That’s really rare.

But this name once was reasonably well known. It comes from the Germanic elements meaning thought and counsel – the second element is shared by stylish Conrad.

Tancred: Medieval Crusader Prince

English: Tancred of Hauteville, siege of Jerusalem

Let’s start with the most famous bearer of the name. Born around 1075, he set off for the Holy Lands with the First Crusade in 1096. The crusaders took Jerusalem, and Tancred became Prince of Galilee.

Legend has it that he behaved honorably on several occasions. Most notably, he tried to save a group of Jerusalemites who took shelter at the Temple of Solomon. Tancred also served as regent for his uncle Bohemund, Prince of Antioch.

But it’s a fictional version of the crusader prince that is better known. Torquato Tasso penned Jerusalem Delivered in the 1500s. His Tancred was based on history, but only in part. His love interests, the pagan warrior Clorinda and the Christian Princess Erminia, were both inventions.

Monteverdi retold the story of Clorinda and Tancredi in an operatic scene in the seventeenth century. Then came operas by Campra in 1702 and Rossini in 1813.

Voltaire wrote Tancrede in 1760. Tancred also appears in Sir Walter Scott’s 1832 novel Count Robert of Paris, and Benjamin Disraeli’s 1847 The New Crusade references the historical figure, too.

There was no shortage of opportunities for parents to re-discover the name, and yet it seems to have remained rare over the years.

Tancred: Elsewhere in History

The Prince of Galilee was named after his ancestor, Tancred of Hauteville, who lived in the early eleventh century. He married twice, had twelve sons and a couple of daughters, and their descendants went on to marry well. Their family tree is packed with interesting names: Muriella, Fressenda, Serlo, Drogo, Mauger, Aubrey.

A handful of other men wore the name, many of them also Hautevilles, including:

  • A ninth century abbot in Prum, Germany – though his name is usually spelled Tankrad.
  • A twelfth century King of Sicily.
  • A twelfth century Prince of Bari, also descended from the Hauteville family.
  • Yet another Hauteville by the name was the Count of Syracuse, a Norman county in Sicily.
  • Boccaccio gave the name to a character in his Decameron, written in the fourteenth century.

In Alan Bradley’s Speaking from the Bones, young crime-solver Flavia de Luce finds a body in the tomb of St. Tancred. There were two distinguished Dominican friars in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by the name, but neither is listed as a saint. But there is a Tancred of Thorney, a monk who died in the ninth century at the hands of Viking invaders – a martyr saint.

Tancred also survives as a surname, sometimes Tancredi. But it’s also the source of Tanqueray – as in the gin, named after Charles Tanqueray, the Englishman who first distilled the spirit in London in 1830.

Tancred: All But Forgotten

It’s hard to explain why some obscure names survive and others are discarded. Tancred seems especially accessible – it is spelled and pronounced exactly as you’d guess.

If you’re after a medieval rarity that will surprise, Tancred could be the name for you.

What do you think of Tancred? Is it best left to obscurity, or ready for revival?

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10 Mar 18:47

A Royal Flycatcher - before and after

by Minnesotastan

Via Reddit.
10 Mar 18:20

I may have missed/misremembered the end of the last book, but is Jean no longer a Gentleman Bastard? Why is the Thorn of Emberlain's tagline singular?

Sarah Jamison

Yeah, I read this and was like WHAT THE SHIT WHAT HAPPENED TO JEAN. Turns out, nothing!

The title of the series has always technically been “The Gentleman Bastard Sequence,” singular. That’s what I wanted way back in 2004, and that’s what it actually says on or near the title page of every book. :) Though even I am perfectly happy to see it referred to as “The Gentelmen Bastards” or “the Bastards books” or whatever. Jean has not left; Jean is right there from the prologue, and is very much doing awesome things in THORN.

02 Mar 22:04

So very wrong, that it is so very right.

Sarah Jamison

I would wear the hot fuck out of this.

02 Mar 22:00

When me and my best friend say the same thing at the same time