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09 Feb 22:09

The History of Unicode

2048: "Great news for Maine—we're once again an independent state!!! Thanks, @unicode, for ruling in our favor and sending troops to end New Hampshire's annexation. 🙏🚁🎖️"
27 Dec 20:28

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Premium


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Also you can't just buy add-ons. You need to first buy 'sexcoins' which can then be used for in-sex purchases.

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18 Nov 12:45

How to Make Friends

No, wait, come back! I want to be friends at you!
11 Aug 17:37

Computers vs Humans

It's hard to train deep learning algorithms when most of the positive feedback they get is sarcastic.
08 Jul 04:36

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Neoliberal


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Oh please oh please don't let anyone take this as for or against any position.

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02 Jul 14:14

How To LoFi Hip-Hop

by Imaginary Ambition

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02 Jun 06:12

My Neighbour’s Dog

by boulet
30 May 13:37

eat, shit & die 256 (No Comments)

by bpatrick
28 May 14:35

eat, shit & die 255 (No Comments)

by bpatrick
26 May 04:20

Back then the world was a better place.

by boulet
15 May 15:44

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Fishillusionment


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Don't let him read any motivational books or we can't kill him.

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10 May 20:17

eat, shit & die 252 (No Comments)

by bpatrick
26 Apr 16:34


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I can get some misunderstanding forcing some fights between heroes for some fanservice, but villains holding hands and working together is always hilarious. For people with huge egos and world domination agendas they sure know how to tolerate each other when needed.

01 Apr 18:26

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Monastic


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Anyone caught complaining about today's comic's accuracy will be compelled to wear a tonsure.

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11 Feb 17:59

eat, shit & die 259 (11 Comments)

by bpatrick
09 Feb 17:30

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Nightmares


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Brain would like you to read comics for a while so Brain can take a break.

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02 Feb 08:04


by itsthetie

unionized (2)


13 Jan 15:09

Mower of Grass

by Scandinavia and the World
Mower of Grass

Mower of Grass

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29 Dec 15:50


27 Dec 18:01

Making a game in PICO-8: Getting stuff moving

by Alex Wiltshire

This is the second part of my diary about making my first-ever game, using PICO-8. Yesterday, I grappled with ideas and fiddled around with code enough to realise that most of them are beyond me. But now I have a concept I think I can make: a game in which you push frogs into boxes. It’s called No Frog Left Behind.

And yet… I have no idea whatsoever how to start. Other than to hit escape, which brings up PICO-8’s suite of tools, and typing out its fundamental structure in an attempt to feel constructive and full of direction. … [visit site to read more]

27 Dec 06:24

Bird God Blessing - Kat Swenski

by AC Stuart/Kat Swenski

these are so stupid but i can't help but chuckle every time

08 Dec 18:12

Westworld's Ominous Piano Covers Have Finally Been Released

by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd on The Muse, shared by Gabrielle Bluestone to Jezebel

What could be more fitting in this bleak December month than player-piano covers of popular alt-rock songs that connect the untamed Wild West to our future as automatons on a quest to gain consciousness? Westworld’s soundtrack is finally getting a proper release, and I always wondered what the hell “Black Hole Son”…


05 Dec 15:36


Of course, "Number of times I've gotten to make a decision twice to know for sure how it would have turned out" is still at 0.
28 Oct 16:36

Everyone Should Have a Rejection Response Like This Ready For Your Next Unsolicited Dick Pick

19 Sep 03:26

Bucky Barnes Roasts Captain America! – The Roast of Captain America

by Screen Junkies

Want to see what the Avengers really think of Captain America? Don’t miss out on The Roast of Captain America! Connect your Facebook and watch for free►►

Possibly the most iconic love-hate relationship in superhero history is the one between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. This is the 'hate' part. Check out what The Winter Solider had to stay about his star-crossed best bud in a clip from The Roast of Captain America!

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Tell us in the comments below... WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE ROASTED NEXT!?

The Roast of Captain America Starring...
Casper Van Dien as Captain America
Mark Ellis as Tony Stark
Nick Mundy as The Hulk
Hal Rudnick as Red Skull
Marc Andreyko as The Vision
Ify Nwadewei as Black Panther
Joseph Scrimshaw as Superman
Jenn Sterger as Black Widow
Joe Starr as Bucky Barnes

Directed by
Andy Signore & Dan Murrell

Executive Produced by Andy Signore
Supervising Producer Jejuan R. Guillory

Written by
Keith Carey, Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
12 Sep 23:08

10 years!

by communitychannel

I got a surprise today!
Thanking all the awesome people who were in the video. Totally wasn't expecting this haha. Thanks also to you guys who watch for being so much fun this past decade! Gah. 10 years!
Big hugs to Kristen and Rowan for organising this. You're both such great people. I often forget Kristen works at Youtube because she's become such a great friend and she shines nothing but generosity and kindness.
Rowan is... he's ok. Just kidding

The people in this (in order) :

- Greta, Adele, and Sarah (skitbox) They're hilarious, talented, lovely people and you'll definitely see more of them and their amazing sketch group, Skitbox.

- James Grime (singingbanana) James is a mathematician/magician/Enigma expert/fantastic tour guide/great guy. James taught me that the movie The Imitation Game was not historically sound and made me realise I should stop pretending to know everything about the enigma machine after watching a 2 hour movie about it. James though, he knows!

- Anna Akana Anna is what I think I'd be if I were better haha. Anna is a comedian, actress, writer, director, fellow cat lady, business extraordinaire. We both got parking fines for each other. That's what I tell myself.

- Louna Maroun A singer/songwriter, comedian, vlogger, and all round nice person, Louna's lounaverse is always such a pleasant stop!

-Phil Phil... phil, phil, phil, phil, philllllllll. Phil and his team at Wongfu make amazing sketches, shorts, films, and now a show with Youtube Red. Phil.... phil, phil, phil, phil

- Derek Derek makes incredible Science videos - you watch one, you'll watch them all. He's also one of my close friends who I miss terribly (move back home) and if you see fancy teacups in my videos, they're ones he got me. This description really plays down how great his videos are.

- The Fine Bros (and their team!) my secret husbands! The Fine Brothers are ... sigh, all sorts of lovely. They're pioneers in what they do and such an iconic part of Youtube for me. They're also incredibly supportive people in the community.

- Wes Wes works with Phil and is one of the many talented parts of Wongfu. Wes also has his own clothing line! He also has a whole shelf dedicated to a figurine in this video.

- Blair and Marty These legends. One day, a zombie apocalypse will come and they're the ones who taught us how to build a car for it. Two of the coolest guys out there who make really fun videos about cars are also talented musicians and good eggs.

- Hugh was one of the first Aussie youtubers I met and has been a great friend since. Hugh's a talented archaeologist, teacher, and very funny guy.

- Theo Theo and his brother make videos that make me laugh before I even load them. After years (and years) of following them we got to finally meet this year and they're as nice as you could imagine.

- Joey I don't really know who Joey is? Juuuust kidding. Joey is two thumbs up. I was lucky enough to finally meet Joey a few years ago and he was kind enough to invite me to 4th of July at his house and I got to see he was even nicer in person than he was in his videos. He's great.

- Jodie Jodie is one of those people you meet and who immediately motivate you to be better, work harder, and do more. We met through work but have become friends (hopefully) and she has a cat that's *whispers* cuter than mine. She's also a cofounder of a shoe company that you should check out! They do vegan shoes too!

- Ami Yamato Talk about mesmerising. The first time I watched Ami's videos I felt like I had travelled to another part of the internet. On our last trip to London, Rowan and I got to meet Ami and it was just as magical as her videos are. Ami is one of my favourite channels.

- Grace girlcrush, adorkable Grace is unstoppable and every time you look up, she'll be achieving something new. Her videos, books, show, and movies are only indicators of how delightful and talented Grace is.

- Wengie Is it weird to say I've spent hours looking at pictures of Wengie? Yes? Too bad. Wengie is blowing up right now and all because of how hard she works to make fun and charming tutorials to share.
26 Jul 18:49

2016 Went Downhill Fast After He Left

15 Jul 19:53

Brexit, Briefly

by CGP Grey

Britain is leaving the European Union... or maybe not? Let's place some odds on what might or might not happen with Brexit.

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27 May 15:25

Feel Old

'How long are you going to keep this up?' 'Statistically, only four or five more decades.'
15 May 21:51

A Long Distance Pun


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