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07 Oct 20:19

The Cat Is In The Truck

by Raphael Orlove

Excuse me but this is genius.


22 Feb 19:51

scificity: Droid baby. This just...


Droid baby.

This just begs the question of what else is out there. We saw Artoo getting busy all over the place.

15 Jan 22:33

Bump and Grind

sleep is dumb

Meet Chompy, the helpful coffee grinder.

31 Aug 20:56

dottedmelonart: I wanted to draw something completely different...


And I would totally watch SUDDENLY NEXT SABETHA


I wanted to draw something completely different and then suddenly there’s Sabetha.

SUDDENLY NEXT SABETHA is the name of the eventual romantic comedy spin-off from the Gentleman Bastard sequence. Every episode ends with some random guy waking up handcuffed in a cellar with his accounting ledger open on his lap, with fresh ink on the last entry reading “0.00.”

31 Aug 20:55

florenceandcalamity: Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series...


And this is one of the many many reasons I <3 the Gentlemen Bastards so very much.

bless this series bless this fandom bless everything

coincidentally the cat's name is Boat

traditional fighting stances

traditional shark


Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series has been giving me a lot of emotions, so like any reasonable person I’ve been coping by knitting a tiny Locke and Jean. A tiny knitted Sabetha is almost sure to follow.

Cat pictured for luck scale.

(This is the pattern I used, for all your tiny knitting needs!)

It even comes with a knitting pattern. Fandom, you are the champions of the world.

07 Aug 20:13

strip for July / 24 / 2015 - Space Race

08 Jul 16:10

Working For Credits


Yep. That's life with a cat.

sleep is dumb
06 Jul 21:32

Cats give zero fucks about your yoga video, will interrupt you without hesitation

by Xeni Jardin

Cat knows you're being a pretentious twit, and gives zero fucks.


These cats do not care about your vanity asana video selfie. Not even a little. (more…)

06 Jul 18:07

Some days, for effing real.



Some days, for effing real.

11 Jun 21:32

strip for May / 27 / 2015 - A School of Fish

11 Jun 21:27

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Know Your Linguistic Philosophies


Hovertext: Language is a social construct that you REALLY suck at.

New comic!
Today's News:

BAHFest Submissions are still open! 

11 May 19:32

princettesei: Favorite badass pirate mom!I really want to get...


Love this!


Favorite badass pirate mom!
I really want to get around to doing more Gentleman Bastards fanart because these books are amazing.

Squee. That is all.

08 May 21:06

Photo celebrates unsung NASA software engineer Margaret Hamilton

by Caroline Siede
Maragret Hamilton

Female accomplishments are too often overlooked in our history books, but this photo looks to change that by celebrating one of history's coolest ladies. Read the rest

08 May 21:04

Cats using one paw to repel inferior life forms

by Rob Beschizza
05 May 21:21

I'm In a World of Sh*t Right Now

by Elan Morgan

Okay, laughing SO HARD right now. I believe I will be using her cleaning metric from now on.

So, here's the deal. I'm living in a world of shit right now, and I don't mean this metaphorically. My world is so full of poo, so heaping with excrement, that I've all but given up on ever feeling clean again.

Aidan and I switched up the cats' dry food, which usually isn't too big a deal. We weather a few kitty farts and we're good to go. This time, though, I accidentally fed the kitties piles of the rich food we were supposed to reserve for treats instead of their regular kind in a new flavour. Oops.

Cue Poo-mageddon.

"But they look so cute," you say. "Why would you even joke about cutting off their legs so that they can't crawl through your stash of coats to heave a pound of poo onto the satin linings?"

"But they look so cute," you say. "Why would you even joke about cutting off their legs so that they can't crawl through your stash of coats to heave a pound of poo onto the satin linings?"

Since that fateful feeding frenzy through Sunday and Monday, I have found gooey stashes of poo:

  • on my bath towel,
  • inside my faux fur winter coat,
  • on my spring jacket,
  • on my second favourite purse,
  • folded into an empty pillow sham,
  • and soaked through all the clothing I keep piled on top of my dresser that I wear on a regular basis.

They basically shot poo through four different rooms.

In an effort to keep the ordure to a lesser level, I have been throwing things out, washing what I love, and scrubbing my hands repeatedly. The windows are all open despite the cold, just to keep the air breathable. I keep vigil near their litter boxes, hoping for some nice, solid excrement each time one of them squats. I lean in and hold my breath, chanting please please please please please in my mind. And I have been washing everything I can at least twice in the washing machine with hot water and vinegar, because the stench is both tenacious and pernicious. 

On top of tenacious and pernicious, mind you, this tide is also vile, putrid, eye-watering, and unrelenting. You can taste it.

While Aidan and I were carrying two garbage bags of our personal horror story down to the dumpster last night, we realized something, though: Poomageddon is actually a blessing in disguise. No, seriously. Not only are we decluttering, but we have found a new metric to help us get rid of our stuff. We call it the Would We Try to Save It If the Cats Shit On It Metric. I'm going to package this bit of brilliance up and sell it as an e-book.

In the future, I think we're going to have a lot less stuff. And maybe less cats.

Anybody want a cat or three?

PS. Don't worry. The cats are fine. They're back to eating their normal food, drinking lots of water, and playing and fighting as though they haven't firehosed poo onto every soft surface.

PPS. My cats: now more comfortable with being horrific than ever before. Yippee.

PPPS. I just saw semi-lumpy poo! This is the most disgusting piece of hope I've ever panned in a slotted shovel.

14 Apr 14:21

Should you put coffee in your face right now?

by Matthew Inman
13 Apr 14:38

Mr. Lynch, I just want to know if Locke Lamora is okay. And if he has a warm blanket.


I'd take a Jean any day.

They have an army.

He has a Jean.

03 Apr 20:42



About how my week has gone...

26 Mar 18:23


by Jim C. Hines


  • Depression lurks in the corner.
  • Depression waits for an opening.
  • Depression is exhausting.
  • Depression has little patience for others, and even less for you.
  • Depression remembers every mistake, real and imagined.
  • Depression is afraid of change.
  • Depression is “fine.”
  • Depression teaches you to lie.
  • Depression is ashamed of you.
  • Depression is forgetful.
  • Depression doesn’t want you to go out tonight.
  • Depression thinks you deserve it.
  • Depression tells you not to talk about it.
  • Depression is abusive.
  • Depression is seductive.
  • Depression disguises itself.
  • Depression is always tired.
  • Depression thinks you’re weak.
  • Depression wants you to read the comments.
  • Depression doesn’t care about the good things that happened yesterday.
  • Depression expects you to fail.
  • Depression doesn’t believe things will get better.
  • Depression is overwhelmed.
  • Depression wants you to think you’re the only one.
  • Depression knows you more intimately than any lover.
  • Depression is a glutton, and depression can’t stand the thought of food.
  • Depression demands perfection.
  • Depression undermines success, and magnifies failure.
  • Depression is comfortable.
  • Depression is a bully.
  • Depression lies.
16 Mar 19:17

New San Andreas Trailer Ruins California, Promises Even More Destruction

by Katharine Trendacosta

Just I can't even!

I still can't believe this isn't a Roland Emmerich movie.


16 Mar 18:11

Let’s make it easy: A workflow for physical sample metadata rescue


I'm sharing my just-published open-access article. I'm so geeked-out happy :)

Publication date: June 2015
Source:GeoResJ, Volume 6
Author(s): Denise J. Hills
Adopting standards for data and metadata collection is necessary for success of data rescue and preservation initiatives. Physical sample data and metadata rescue and preservation can be particularly challenging in that much of the available information may not be readily digitized or machine-readable. Making the legacy data rescue and preservation process as simple as possible through the development of template workflows can enable wider adoption of standards by personnel. Template workflows also simplify training of additional personnel to assist in the registration process.

15 Mar 00:59

Cat on final approach for landing

by Xeni Jardin


13 Mar 22:01

There is no Past Tense of Terry Pratchett


Lovely words.

I was surprised by my own mild reaction when I woke today and saw the first of many subtle tweets about Terry, though I guessed immediately what they meant. I was surprised by just how many of those tweets were also some flavor of subtle or mild or restrained. I didn’t see many all-caps primal screams or 140-character duets for Emoji and exclamation point.

Of course, I peer out at the universe through a knothole as tiny as anyone else’s and the plural of “Twitter stream anecdote” is surely not “data,” nor even a distant relation to data, nor even a part-time and barely convincing cosplay of data.

And yet I think there’s something natural and inevitable about this quiet reaction. It’s not merely that we’ve all known for some time that Terry had to be passing soon, that we’ve been forced to think about it, that he had the chance to say so much about it.

When some people die, they leave the rest of us with a sense that they’ve packed their words and warmth and hauled them along like luggage for the trip, that we can never hear from them again. Terry gave us so much of himself, though, so damned MUCH— seventy books, just for starters, and a world and its inhabitants that might as well be a religion for millions. A good religion, a useful religion. The sort where there’s always a little golden light flickering behind one of the church windows at any hour of the night, so you know there’s someone there to talk to you about anything, and they won’t have locked the doors. They won’t even have put locks on the doors. Some asshole suggested putting locks on the doors once, many years ago, and everyone else in the church carried that person out of town and threw them into a pond. That’s a Terry Pratchett sort of church. That’s a Terry Pratchett book. And he walled us in with them. He stacked them high all around us, and they’re all him, they’re all still here, and they’re going to be here so very long after you and I and everyone else reading this have gone off for a last walk WITH THE ONLY PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE WHO SPEAKS NATURALLY IN ALL CAPS AND WE DON’T REALLY MIND AT ALL, IT’S JUST THE WAY THINGS HAVE TO BE.

Terry Pratchett can die, and fuck everything for that sentence. Fuck those four words. I am feeling the cracks starting to appear in me now. I’ve lost the mildness and quiet I had this morning. But here’s the point. Terry Pratchett can die, but he can never go away.

Any hapless twit with sufficient fortitude of ass and typing fingers can leave a pile of books to the world, but too many of those books will be disconnected and unrevealing. Too many of those writers will leave nothing but layers of affect and encipherment between themselves and the reader. Terry didn’t leave us anything (despite the obvious depth and subtlety of his work) that needs Bletchley Park to decode. Terry wrote himself… Terry’s books are Terry. They are full of his everything. All his keen wonderment, all his flaying sarcasm, all his brimming love for the cracked vessels we are as individuals and as a whole.

Sixty-six is a good span of years, but Terry Pratchett was walking proof that we can have a world and a society where sixty-six is too young to go, too impossibly unfairly fucking young by far. All around us, people are trying to destroy the very possibility of that world. Some of them work with machine guns and some of them work with balance sheets, but Terry Pratchett was visible evidence that they all have to be mocked and scorned and hunted and fought. There can’t be Terry Pratchetts in the world they intend for the rest of us, which is proof enough that their world is a pile of shit.    

So even though there are things now rolling down my cheeks as I write this, I think my initial reaction was inevitable. What he gave us was just so big, so rich, and so real. It’s hard to feel a chill when none of the warmth has vanished.

Goodbye, Terry.

You’re not really going anywhere, you know.


(Cross-posted from my blog. Fear not, Tumblr, I’m just trying to turn the lights back on at my own place. I don’t know how to quit you.)

06 Mar 17:22

22 Pets Who Have No Intention Of Letting You Read Your Book


Pretty much every pet ever...

By Lindsey Robertson

February 02, 2015

1. "Uggggh books are so boringggg!"

(Reddit: hjc26655)

2. "Can we just go outside and play instead?"


3. "There's no way a simple BOOK could be more interesting than ME."

(Reddit: emmaleth)

4. "... I hate to break it to you, Human, but this is written in total gibberish."

(Reddit: playswithsquirrels08)

5. "What is this 'reading' you speak of?"

(Reddit: rook730)

6. "Spoiler alert: the main character dies. Now rub my tummy."


7. "You suuuuure you don't want to play fetch instead?"

(Reddit: Spiderjohns)

8. "Uh-oh. Looks like you confused 'reading time' with 'petting time.'"

(Reddit: jaysendee)

9. "I've got a great idea: how about you broaden your literary horizons by reading the kibble bag while you feed me?"


10. "... Is this not a pillow?"


11. "You won't have your precious book for long, Human — once I get my lil' fangs on it!"

(Reddit: Cramjomlin)

12. "But ... we're OUTSIDE."

(Reddit: DTIT1TD)

13. "I demand that this reading nonsense stop at once."

(Reddit: Bobo_McGee)

14. "Okay doesn't seem like there's any treats in here — you can probably stop reading now."


15. "I'm going to nom at your book until you close it, Human."

(Reddit: scumbagcoley)

16. "Why do you like this book? It doesn't taste very good at all."


17. "Sorry, Human, but the news of the day is ME."

(Reddit: MeGusta1497)

18. "What do you MEAN you can't pet me right now??"

(Reddit: bonewolf)

19. "Waiting for you to stop reading is literally putting me to sleep."


20. "Is this bugging you? Is me staring at you bugging you? Is it? Huh?"

(Reddit: EveryDayImJocelyn)

21. "I bet that book isn't nearly as cuddly as I am."


22. "Okay, Human. That's it. Put down the book, or you'll find it shredded all over the house tomorrow."

(Reddit: MOARcookiez)

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06 Mar 16:15

I’m just gonna leave this here for y’all.



I’m just gonna leave this here for y’all.

02 Mar 22:31

the most human


Mine too, Leela. Mine too.

27 Feb 22:04

Lesson #2398 - Math

I think I've said before that science is just non-fiction for your imagination. So science is just boring imagination, and thus math is boring boring imagination. No wonder so many kids drop out of STEM related courses.

Missed yesterday (again), so there'll be a day with two comics sometime this week. Thanks.

PHD UNKNOWN: New page up! A glorious splash page!

PATREON:You can become a patron of STW and help us make more and better comics!

PhD UNKNOWN: My other webcomic about science, school and monsters! Drawn by Joan Cooke!

26 Feb 14:23

Admit it, the Eldren are secretly the Others. This whole story takes place millenia after A Song of Ice and Fire where The Others won.


Explains so much!

"Well, we finally chased the human race back to a few scattered caves and threw down their puny civilization. What do we do now?"

"Let’s build giant indestructible glass dicks literally everywhere!"

24 Feb 19:45


by thebloggess

Sarah, #TeamRickman! And totes!

I was talking to a girlfriend about how you could divide everyone in the world into people who do or do not have a crush on Alan Rickman and she agreed, saying, “Oh he’s hot. I would totes swipe right for him.”

And I was like, “Ew.  You should already be wiping right.  Do you not wipe unless you think you’re going to get lucky?  Because that’s how you get a urinary tract infection.”

Turns out that she said she’d “swipe right” which is apparently what you do on the Tinder dating app when you like someone’s picture and are interested in them.  That made more sense but I can’t help but think that maybe some of these people are single because of communication issues like this where you never have a second date because the person thinks you don’t wipe correctly.  Long story short, I think Tinder is trying to keep people single in order to keep up demand for their product.

PS. Please wipe correctly.

PPS.  Also, stop using the word “totes.”  Unless you’re using it ironically.  Or you’re talking about plural tote bags.

PPPS.  #TeamRickman

24 Feb 19:44

When someone invites me to an event where there will be wine and cheese


I'm so there!