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01 Jul 19:09

Weird Horror Master Thomas Ligotti's Review of the Hotdog Pizza from Pizza Hut

by russiansledges
It was on the fifth visit that he handed me the glossy card. An address was printed. A price. And an advertisement for something that I could not quite believe. A wheel of meat and bread and cheese studded with teeth of more meat.
01 Jul 19:27

Find and Replace in a specified column in Excel 2007 - Microsoft Community

by russiansledges
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I hate everything

First select that complete column in which you need to perform replace .Don't use Find all option , instead of that use find next and after that use replace all. Then it will only replace in selected column.
02 Jul 01:00

Elementary Infographics Explaining the Many Cases of Sherlock Holmes

by Hannah Keyser

A series of infographics showcase stats about the original Sherlock Holmes stories.

01 Jul 23:06

▶ Not Alone - YouTube

by russiansledges
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I am not responsible for how you will feel if you watch this

We're here because we have something to say and we're no longer afraid to say it.
01 Jul 23:50

Lobster Truck Hits Bridge, Catches Fire, Delays Trains

by russiansledges
Hoban said as of 8 a.m. they didn’t know what the final destination of the truck was, because “the truck driver refused to tell officers where he was going with the 7,000 pounds of lobster.”
01 Jul 20:08

Why Are Feminist Drones Dropping Abortion Pills on Poland?

A Dutch feminist pro-choice activist organization, Women on Waves, has been using a drone to drop abortion pills across the Polish-German border. The aim of the flight has been to highlight Poland’s restrictive abortion laws – a consistent topic of debate since the fall of communism in 1989. Abortion was available virtually on demand in Poland between 1956 and 1989. Under state socialism, difficult living conditions or a difficult personal situation were grounds for termination. But in
18 May 12:50

Mesquite, are you EVEN TRYING???image | twitter | facebook

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via Nathan Fhtagn

Mesquite, are you EVEN TRYING???

image | twitter | facebook

01 Jul 21:45

Nursing Clio Same-Sex Marriage Does Threaten “Traditional” Marriage

by russiansledges
We often hear the case of Loving v. Virginia (1967) – the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case undoing the ban on interracial marriage – brought up as an example or precedent for expanding civil rights when it comes to marriage. But equally as relevant to the current political climate, I would argue, is the 1965 case of Griswold v. Connecticut, in which the U.S. Supreme Court decided that married couples could use contraception. Let me repeat that: the United States Supreme Court had to decide that a married woman could practice birth control.
01 Jul 21:36

▶︎ Pretty Fair Damsel | Sam Amidon

by russiansledges
well if he's drowned I hope he's happy / or if he's on some battlefield slain / or if he's to some fair girl married / I love the girl that married him
01 Jul 14:49

The Christian Case for Vaccinating Children

by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig
After breakouts of measles and
01 Jul 19:44

Revisionist History

by Alexis Abboud

In a monumental victory for public health, California will no longer allow parents to forgo school vaccinations for their kids because of “personal belief.” California Gov. Jerry Brown stated that his choice to sign SB277 is rooted in the science, which supports the fact that vaccines protect children from a variety of diseases. However, many feel that vaccinations are unsafe and that California’s decision to remove the personal-belief exemption from mandatory vaccinations is an enormous public health risk as well as an infringement upon citizens’ rights.

01 Jul 15:37

comedycentral: Click here to watch Larry Wilmore discuss...

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via saucie


Click here to watch Larry Wilmore discuss marriage equality with Guy Branum, Janet Mock and Jordan Carlos on The Nightly Show

01 Jul 18:07

"I Made A Huge Sacrifice To Buy My Dream Home"

by russiansledges
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My uterus literally aches despite the fact that logic suggests we can't afford it right now.
01 Jul 18:42

Ask Amy - The Denver Post

by russiansledges
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sometimes newspaper advice columns are the only thing that can make me think that maybe I'm not quite *the* worst person

Dear Amy: What is the "PC" way to exclude the developmentally disabled from an organized group?
29 Jun 20:20

River Song is Coming Back to Doctor Who—But Not in the Way You'd Expect

by James Whitbrook
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via firehose

River Song has become a bit of a controversial figure on Doctor Who—even the fans who like her aren’t sure they want her to return to the show. But while River isn’t back on the TV show for now, she is making the leap to Doctor Who audio plays. And this time, she gets to have adventures with classic Doctors.


29 Jun 11:00

n64thstreet: BREAK TIME: Relics Ankoku Yousai’s deluxe...

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BREAK TIME: Relics Ankoku Yousai’s deluxe packaging/Famicom disc case.

(Bothtec - 1987)

30 Jun 00:25


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I'll never forgive bears

30 Jun 19:23

Dildo Flag Meant To Inspire Conversation About Brutality Of Ideology

by Alex Balk
30 Jun 15:00

Lingerie Elastic 3 Ways

by Haley
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[whisper]: fold-over elastic is kind of overrated

[run away]

A couple of years ago I spent a week making panties from my knit scraps. I was on a real knit kick, making everything from dresses, to tanks, to pajamas. I ended up with a huge pile of knit scraps. I was dedicated to the making the most of these unused pieces of fabric. I ordered several yards of plush-back picot elastic.

This is the type of lingerie elastic I was most familiar with, and thus seemed like the obvious choice.I set to work, drafting patterns and planning fabric combinations, by the time my elastic arrived I was more than ready to get started.

In one afternoon I whipped through 4 pairs of underwear. That is when tragedy struck. I was out of elastic. I drove to the nearest fabric store only to find no picot elastic. This wasn’t going to stop me. I grabbed several yards of fold over elastic and 1/4″ braided elastic.

This happy accident led me to experiment with different elastic applications that I would have otherwise not used. I still like to make use of my scrap pieces of knit fabric by making pretty under-things. These are the three elastic techniques that I use regularly.

Picot Edge Elastic

This is the most widely used lingerie elastic, and with good reason. It is so cute! Picot elastic comes in a variety of scalloped and decorative edges. It is also incredibly easy to use.

1) Pin elastic to edge of fabric right sides together, aligning plain edge of elastic with raw edge of fabric.

2) Sew 1/8 away from the decorative edge using a zigzag stitch set at length 2 width 3.

3) Trim excess fabric using small trimming scissors.

4) Fold elastic towards the wrong side of the garment. Topstitch using a 3-step zigzag with a length of 1 and width of 4.

Fold-over Elastic

The results of this technique are both pretty and comfortable to wear. I love using bright colored elastic to liven up a more neutral self fabric. The popularity of fold-over elastic in crafts has made this notion especially easy to get your hands on in recent years.

1) Place fabric and fold over elastic wrong sides together, lining up edge of elastic with the edge of the fabric.

2) Use a zigzag stitch to baste along the innermost edge of the elastic.

3) Trim back any excess fabric on the right side.

4) Fold the elastic along the fold-line towards the right side of garment. Top stitch using a zigzag stitch.

1/4″ Knit Elastic

This is easily the most accessible technique, given the wide availability of woven and braided elastic, but beware, not all elastic is created equally! Check to make sure elastic is not rigid and stiff before purchasing. My local fabric shop carries swimwear elastic that has a high cotton content. This makes the elastic plush and perfectly suited to more delicate purposes.

1) Pin elastic to wrong side of fabric, lining the edge of the elastic up with the raw edge of the fabric. Pin along the length of the elastic for extra control.

2) Baste elastic to the wrong side of fabric using a zigzag stitch.

3) Fold elastic under, towards the wrong side if garment.

4) Topstitch using a zigzag stitch.

I like that now I have a broader arsenal of lingerie elastic techniques. If I hadn’t run out of elastic that fateful day, I would probably have never experimented with different options. Do you have any sewing crutches? Have you ever learned a valuable sewing lesson when you reached passed your comfort zone?

30 Jun 10:01

Sweary links #11

by Stan Carey
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"Scheiße! Divergence in West Germanic faecal vocabulary."

It’s a while since I wrote a proper post here: time has been scarce. To make up for it, here’s a bumper set of links on swearing from around the internet.

How much do we curse?

The ever-expanding Timelines of Slang.

Scheiße! Divergence in West Germanic faecal vocabulary.

‘You whose shit comes out leftwards!’ The grammar of Hua insults.

Gillian Anderson has started using a swearing jar. Heck costs 50p. (Our own John Kelly has surveyed the culture of swearing jars.)

Rude words are ‘the croutons in the soup of language’.

A woman in California says her grandchildren are cursing in Spanish after copying the parrot next door.

The best banner at London’s recent End Austerity Now protest.

In defence of the Chicago Transit Authority’s use of crap.

Waterford Council in Ireland has introduced a law against ‘obscene or profane language’ in parks, prompting mocking references to Father Ted.

The law on cursing at cops in the US.

Swearword etymology and the history of English.

In 17–18thC Malta, blasphemies were ‘not a mere short utterance but rather complex short stories’.

Monkey on the car (NSFW):

A highlight in the annals of NYT taboo-avoidance: ‘an intervening, ungenteel participle’.

Dumbass or dumb-ass?

A teacher who was suspended for making fun of a curse word in a student’s name has lost her appeal.

Fuck de Koning’, and a field day for satirists in the Netherlands.

Swearing at someone on WhatsApp in the UAE (or even sending a middle finger emoji) could get you jailed or heavily fined.

A Porsche owner who parked close to the line has Fuck scratched into it in retaliation. (The news report uses the following terms to avoid fuck: swear word, expletive, a word, the F word, four-letter expletive, not-so-pretty word, and bad words.)

On the right to say fuck off.

Swearing is boring, unprincipled, and ‘a blight’, concludes person who paid attention to Jay Leno.

My preschooler swears (well, ‘Dang’), and I allow it.

New Zealand MP Ron Mark mutters a swear which is picked up by the sign language interpreter.

Sheep art – sometimes rude – lifts spirits in drought-ravaged North Canterbury.

When good words go bad – a historical overview of profanity and taboo in Quebec French.

Motherfucker is barely a cuss word any more; it’s a send-up of a motherfuckin’ cuss word.’

A man is sentenced to 33 years in prison for killing a 3-year-old who swore at a video game.

Myles na gCopaleen in full flow in the Irish Times, 1942 (from Flann O’Brien: An Illustrated Biography by Peter Costello and Peter van de Kamp).

myles na gcopaleen - cursing fields , from cruiskeen lawn, 1942

A few more tweets we liked:

If you flip someone off at the exact moment lightning strikes it's called The Thunderbird and it's currently the most powerful known swear

— Ryan (@RyGuyTooFly) April 20, 2015

dick, n.4: slang. Abbreviation of *dictionary* 1873 A man who uses fine words without much judgment is said to have ‘swallowed the dick’.

— Iva Cheung (@IvaCheung) June 22, 2015

Actually, ignorami is little paper animals made of folded-up pages of bullshit written by fools.

— James Harbeck (@sesquiotic) June 21, 2015

What do you think? (Swearing politely vs using mobile phone politely)

— Rebecca Roache (@rebecca_roache) June 23, 2015

Thanks to all who voted for us in’s recent poll – we made the top 25 Language Learning blogs. So if anyone reprimands you for reading Strong Language, tell them it’s damned educational. And for more sweary links, follow @stronglang on Twitter.

30 Jun 16:15

Op-ed: Why, No Matter What, I Still Can't Marry My Girlfriend |

by russiansledges
A disabled trans lesbian explains how the U.S.'s 'marriage penalty' on disability benefits prices out some of the most vulnerable LGBT people, despite Friday's ruling.
30 Jun 11:48

EXCLUSIVE: Bree Newsome Speaks For The First Time After Courageous Act of Civil Disobedience

by russiansledges
"I did it for all the fierce black women on the front lines of the movement and for all the little black girls who are watching us. I did it because I am free."
29 Jun 16:12

Colonial Americans Drank Roughly Three Times As Much As Americans Do Now

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via firehose

'Instead of binge-drinking in short bursts, Americans often imbibed all day long. “Right after the Constitution is ratified, you could see the alcoholic consumption starting to go up,” said Bustard. Over the next four decades, Americans kept drinking steadily more, hitting a peak of 7.1 gallons of pure alcohol per person per year in 1830. By comparison, in 2013, Americans older than 14 each drank an average of 2.34 gallons of pure alcohol—an estimate which measures how much ethanol people consumed, regardless of how strong or weak their drinks were. Although some colonial-era beers might have been even weaker than today's light beers, people drank a lot more of them.'

Early America was a much, much wetter place than it is now, modern frat culture notwithstanding. Instead of binge-drinking in short bursts, Americans often imbibed all day long.
30 Jun 12:05

Running out of Time: Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and a Fight for Citizenship Benefits | KALW

by russiansledges
Russian Sledges

a friend did this; she is brilliant and if you happen to know anyone in boston who can give her a job in public radio or documentary film, seriously get in touch with me, because I want her to move back here for a variety of selfish reasons

After less than a year in the country, Kathem’s mother kicked him out of the house. At age 16, Katham became a foster youth through the Unaccompanied Refugee Minors program, or URM. Nationwide, there are about 1300 unaccompanied minors in the URM program. About 150 are here in California. These young people are at the intersection of two already overworked systems: refugee resettlement and foster care.
29 Jun 15:23

Uber France CEO Arrested For Running Illegal Taxi Company

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via firehose

Uber France CEO Thibaud Simphal and Uber Europe GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty were both taken into custody today in Paris. The police started investigating on Uber in November 2014 and raided Uber’s office in Paris in March 2015.
29 Jun 21:53

FBI Investigating String Of Fires At Southern Black Churches After Charleston Shooting

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define "related"

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Federal authorities say they are investigating recent fires at predominantly black churches, though the blazes do not appear to be related.

Read More →
30 Jun 03:01

Paris Hilton to deejay at the Big E |

by russiansledges
Hilton will deejay a dance party at the Court of Honor Stage to close out this year's fair on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m.
29 Jun 23:01

guardian: Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi were the grand...

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via firehose


Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi were the grand marshals of New York City’s Pride parade this year. Judging by these photos, they clearly had an absolutely miserable time. 

See more scenes from Sunday’s celebrations over at The Guardian. 

16 Jun 16:45

rejectedprincesses: Let us take a moment to remember Princess...

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via rosalind

why is there no biographical motion picture starring helena bonham carter


Let us take a moment to remember Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, aka “Princess TNT” - German royalty/punk icon of the 80s. After her husband Johannes (an openly bisexual libertine who scandalized much of Europe with his pranks and sex-positive lifestyle) died, she was left a young uneducated mother of three - with mountains of debt.

She got her act together right quick, learned to invest, and turned things around. She traded on her “punk princess” image, turning her castle into a tourist destination (and source of income). Now middle-aged, she’s become a successful businesswoman and put her wilder days behind her. But the world may never forget “Princess TNT.” 

(and on a last note, her birth name is actually, and I’m not making this up: Mariae Gloria Ferdinanda Gerda Charlotte Teutonia Franziska Magarethe Frederike Simone Johanna Joachima Josefine Wilhelmine Huberta Countess of Schönburg in Glauchau and Waldenburg)

29 Jun 16:10

joseinextdoor: Steven Universe pays homage to Revolutionary...

by villeashell
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via otters ("autoshare (I still haven't seen Steven Universe" ME NEITHER)


Steven Universe pays homage to Revolutionary Girl Utena

a.k.a. The exact moment I fell in love with Steven Universe.