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06 Oct 11:36

Flashback Friday: Sorry, science says cats simply can't love you the way dogs can.

We're pretty sure this post is going to be hated by all the feline fanciers out there, but this study is just too good not to share. Here, researchers applied a test developed for use with children to investigate the relationships between cats and their humans. The SST can determine whether children, and apparently animals, view their caregivers as a source of safety in a threatening environment. It turns out that using this metric, dogs are "securely attached" to their owners, but cats are
14 Sep 09:03

Earth Temperature Timeline

[After setting your car on fire] Listen, your car's temperature has changed before.
18 Apr 11:23

On The Quest For Knowledge

by Not Always Learning
School | The Netherlands

(I’m in seventh grade, and on class duty, meaning I have to stay after class and help clean up. Someone took away our broom so I go over to another classroom to borrow one.)

Me: “Mr. [Teacher], can I borrow your broom? We’re missing ours.”

Teacher: “Sure thing. But first, I need you to do something. For the sake of a… uh.. science experiment. You see that big, blue barrel there?”

(That particular barrel has been standing there in a corner all year, without any reason. I’m getting both curious and suspicious.)

Teacher: “Can you climb in there? I want to know if it can hold one 11 year old, just for the sake of curiosity.”

(Weird as it sounds, but I used to be a very naive child who does exactly as she’s told. So I climb in the barrel. The next moment the teacher snaps the lid on it, grabs the barrel – with me in it – lifts it over his head and shouts:)

Teacher: “I did it! I captured the evil minion on the quest to steal my broom!”


(So he did, and I crawl out of the barrel a bit bruised but laughing my a** off.)

Teacher: “Now you know what that barrel is for. You passed the test. Here, have your broom.”

(And he handed it to me as if he was a king who presented a new sword to a knight. He was my teacher the year after that. Best. Teacher. Ever.)

29 Dec 16:43

December 10, 2013

21 Mar 18:46

Welcome to the Working Week