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10 Nov 14:12

Ryan McGinley Presents Never-Before-Published Photographs

by Sarah Press

WeTransfer Studios, which is known for supporting creative projects, presents a new online exhibition in collaboration with iconic American photographer Ryan McGinley.

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07 Jun 09:10

Prue Stent And Honey Long Present Soft Tissue

by Sarah Press

In collaboration with photographer Prue Stent, the series of artist Honey Long titled “Soft Tissue” captures the female body focused on different body parts appearing like a dreamlike landscape.

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09 Sep 08:29

Artist Spotlight: Tamás Todor

by Jeff


Paintings by artist Tamás Todor. More images below.

25 Aug 13:52

wthanon4u: madsrocketship: angryschnauzer: pretty-odd-jenn: a...








Above is the “Know Anon” code that allows you to expose any hateful anons you wish at your own whim. If you know anyone who’s struggling with anonymous hate, reblog this for them.

  • How to install

Simply copy the above code and paste it right after the

portion of the HTML coding on your blog. This is with the jQuery script included, so everything should be covered. Once you’ve done this, update and save, then exit your customize page.

Re-enter your customize page, and under “appearance” should be a button called “Enable Know Anon”, which may be on or off automatically, depending. Flip the switch to enable or disable it, then save.

  • How to use

When you get anonymous hate or anon messages you find offensive, simply exit your Inbox, enter your Customize page, flip the switch to “on”, then save and exist. Re-enter your inbox, and any and all anonymous messages will be exposed with a URL, if they have one. Note that this includes everything, not just the hate. Another thing to note is that, once you expose anons in the inbox, you can’t un-expose them. Flipping the switch back to “off” does nothing.

Answer a message people thought was on anon, and gee, they’ll get a nasty little surprise, hmm? It’s better than a fake anonymous button because while you still can’t control who it exposes, you can control when to do so.

Remember though, that this isn’t the only way to stop anonymous hate. As always, there’s simply the “turn anonymous asks off” button. And thanks to the update from a few months ago, anons CAN be blocked.


That little hand right there? That’s the ignore button. It’s present on all asks sent, whether anon or otherwise. When you block an anon, you have the option to report them for spam or harassment, and it will permanently block them. It also blocks the IP address and computer, so that person can’t take advantage of extra accounts to continue sending you hate. It effectively wipes that person right out of your Tumblr life. They cannot contact your blog again, ever.

For the website that gives you the Know Anon code, with or without jQuery script, in case that causes trouble (most themes come with it pre-installed, but not all), go here.

[ Goodness, wow thank you very much for letting me know this existed! That was very considerate of you! ]


Here you go.

In case no one knew about this



It’s on and poppin’ now @madsrocketship yassss thank you!

09 Jun 07:39

Exploring The Powerful Charm Of Faroe Islands

by Monika Mróz

Located halfway between Scotland and Iceland, Faroe Islands is an archipelago that still remains relatively untouched by tourists. Photographer Kevin Faingnaert hitchhiked across the country to capture the thrilling landscapes and dramatic coastline, but most of all to meet its welcoming people.

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27 May 09:37

Kenoa, an Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort in Brazil

by Cyril Foiret
kenoa-exclusive-beach-spa-resort-featImagine a private sanctuary, with tranquility and balance where the smallest details have been lovingly designed for you to solely enjoy. Imagine a place that surprise you, ensuring your privacy. It’s Kenoa, a gorgeous eco-chic design resort in front of the beach of Barra de São Miguel, Brazil, a place where luxury is defined by […]
08 Apr 11:38

An Homage To The Architectural Genius Of Zaha Hadid

by Anna Ker

“I started out trying to create buildings that would sparkle like isolated jewels”, said Zaha Hadid (1950-2016). “Now I want them to connect, to form a new kind of landscape, to flow together with contemporary cities and the lives of their peoples.”

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24 Mar 14:40

Jeremy Scott Video Interview

by Cyril Foiret
Jeremy-Scott-video-interviewYou should watch this CNN Style exclusive on Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott. Born in Kansas City in 1975, he showed his first collection for his eponymous label at Paris Fashion Week in 1997 and has since spent almost two decades livening up runways in New York, Milan and London.(...) Read More about Jeremy Scott […]
06 Mar 14:01

In Anxious Anticipation: An Unsettling Photo Series

by Jack Lowe

For its new Adrenaline issue, Kinfolk magazine commissioned photographer Aaron Tilley and London-based set designer Kyle Bean to create a series of images that will set would bring their audience apprehension. The result is "In Anxious Anticipation".

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04 Nov 14:07

Fleetwood and his wife have set up an online petition to get him...

Fleetwood and his wife have set up an online petition to get him to see ‘The Force Awakens,’ while the fans and supporters have rallied around the #ForceForDaniel hashtag on Twitter. His wish has even caught the eye of some of the film’s stars.

26 Oct 15:52

Awesome dad destroys homophobic trolls who bullied his...

Awesome dad destroys homophobic trolls who bullied his 2-year-old son

Owen, 2, loves to watch his parents cook, so his father, Andrew Hook, built a kitchen play set for his birthday and shared an image of the creation on Imgur. Then came out the trolls. Apart from the comments above, users called the toddler a “f****t,” said they hoped the child would get “beat up at school” and told him to “rename your son Caitlyn." 

"Let me be perfectly blunt,” Hook reportedly wrote back. “Fuck you …”

26 Oct 15:34

blazepress: 40 Amazing Perfectly Looped Ambient GIFs

09 Oct 07:22

Trailer: Experimenter (Starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder)

by Jack Lowe

Here's the first trailer for Experimenter - a film by Michael Almereyda about social psychologist Stanley Milgram, who conducted a number of controversial "obedience experiments" at Yale University back in 1961.

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06 Oct 09:10

Kickstarter of the Day: The First Photography Community For Depression & Anxiety

by Staff


Words are often not enough and The One Project not only understands that, they’ve launched a Kickstarter specifically designed to help those battling depression and anxiety learn how to express themselves through the healing art of photography.

The community-fostering approach also aims to work toward de-stigmatizing mental illness. Considering the fact that mental illness affects one in five Canadians (and almost half never seek treatment!) this is definitely a project worth checking out. Watch the full promo video below to learn more.

16 Sep 07:42

Hubbub’s Brilliant Design is Reducing London’s Street Litter

by Staff


Environmental charity Hubbub (in collaboration with Common Works) has figured out a way to trick litterers into being better human beings! Capitalizing on Londoners’ love of sports and strong opinions, smokers can now use their cigarette butts to make their voices heard on various burning questions, like whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is the best in the world. They’ve also got a great campaign turning chewing gum into dot-to-dot drawings! See below.

04 Sep 07:44

Blue Fire Crater: Rivers of Molten Sulphur Flowing Inside an Indonesian Volcano Photographed by Reuben Wu

by Christopher Jobson


While on a trip to visit the Ijen and Bromo Tengger Semeru volcanoes in East Java last month, Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu captured the unusual sight of molten sulphur that flows from fumaroles at the base of the Blue Fire Crater at Ijen. The area is usually swarming with tourists, but Wu stayed after sunset until the moon rose to capture these otherworldly images.

The journey into the Ijen Caldera is not for the faint hearted. A two-hour trek up the side of the rocky volcano is followed by another 45-minute hike down to the bank of the crater. The blue fire found at the base is the result of ignited sulphuric gas that burns up to 600 degrees Celsius (1,112 degrees Fahrenheit) and can flare up to 5 meters (16 feet) into the air. It is the largest “blue flame” area on Earth.

Additional photos from Wu’s trek through Indonesia can be seen here. (via Colossal Submissions)








03 Sep 06:47


by Leticia Roncero
17 Aug 08:24

mymodernmet: Serious-Looking Dog Has an Adorably Goofy Side

by theprovenzanos
21 Jul 12:53

Not Moving

by Reza


20 Jul 08:59

Trailer: Joy

by Joe Reeve

David O. Russell (American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook) has once again reunited the big name pairing of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for his new film Joy. It tells the wild story of a family across four generations, centring on Joy Mangeno (Lawrence) who founds a business dynasty after inventing the 'Miracle Mop'. Cooper plays an executive from the Home Shopping Network who helps Joy sell her product. The film also stars Robert De Niro, Isabella Rossellini and Virgina Masden. It’s already being touted as a contender for major awards next year and has the awards season friendly release date of 25 December in the US and 1 January in the UK. Watch the trailer above!

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11 Jul 20:09

Orphaned river otter finds home and health at Oregon Zoo

Squeaky, spunky pup is recovering at the zoo after a rough start to life near Corvallis

A boisterous, squeaky river otter pup, orphaned last month near Cottage Grove, Ore., has just taken up residence at the Oregon Zoo.

A passing motorist spotted the young otter wandering alongside Highway 58 on June 20, and alerted a local wildlife rehabilitator who collected and cared for the animal while final placement was determined by staff at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"He is playing in his pool, eating voraciously and grooming himself — all behaviors we want to see right now."

—Julie Christie, senior keeper

The pup, just a couple of months old at the time, was alone, hungry and dehydrated, but was rescued by the Chintimini Wildlife Center in Corvallis. Since the young otter would not be able to survive in the wild without its mother, ODFW contacted the Oregon Zoo to see if it had space available once the pup's health stabilized.

Last Thursday, the tiny pup was transferred to the zoo, where he is currently in the care of veterinarians and keepers. He's estimated to be about 2 or 3 months old, and weighed a little over 4 pounds on arrival.

"He's a spunky little otter," said Julie Christie, senior keeper for the zoo's North America section. "ODFW acted quickly when the lone pup was reported and Chintimini Wildlife Center did a terrific job nursing him back to health. He is very active in his current home. He is playing in his pool, eating voraciously and grooming himself — all behaviors we want to see right now."

Visitors won't get a look at the youngster until later this summer, when he joins the zoo's two adult otters Tilly and B.C. in their Cascade Stream and Pond habitat.

"We have a very good track record with orphaned otters," Christie said. "Our adult otters, Tilly and B.C., were also rescued animals who had a rough start to life."

Tilly, named after the Tillamook River, was found orphaned near Johnson Creek in 2009. She was about 4 months old, had been wounded by an animal attack and was seriously malnourished. Once her health had stabilized, Tilly came to the Oregon Zoo in a transfer facilitated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which oversees the species' protection.

B.C. (short for Buttercup), was found orphaned near Star City, Ark., also in 2009. He was initially taken in by the Little Rock Zoo, but transferred here the following year as a companion for Tilly. The two otters hit it off quickly and have produced two offspring, Molalla and Zigzag. Both are now grown and living in Seattle — Mo at the Seattle Aquarium and Ziggy at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Once threatened by fur trappers, North American river otters are now relatively abundant in healthy river systems of the Pacific Northwest and the lakes and tributaries that feed them. Good populations exist in suitable habitat in northeast and southeast Oregon, but they are scarce in heavily settled areas, especially if waterways are compromised. Because of habitat destruction and water pollution, river otters are considered rare outside the region.

Metro, the regional government that manages the Oregon Zoo, has preserved and restored more than 90 miles of river and stream banks in the region through its voter-supported natural area programs. By protecting water quality and habitat, these programs are helping to provide the healthy ecosystems needed for otters, fish and other wildlife to thrive. River otters are frequently observed in Metro region waterways.

11 Jul 20:04

sexedplus:Follow SexEdPlus for more stuff like this. Want some...


Follow SexEdPlus for more stuff like this.

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09 Jul 17:40

incidentalcomics: How to Climb a Hill


How to Climb a Hill

29 Jun 09:53


29 Jun 09:53

“Mind if I join you?” [video]

“Mind if I join you?” [video]

29 Jun 09:52

gifsboom: Video: Mother Raccoon Teaches Her Baby How to Climb

22 Jun 13:44

Finlandia Vodka's New Ad Inspires People To Be Less Ordinary

by Jack Lowe

Finlandia Vodka has worked with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy to scour the globe in search of people who have led a "less ordinary" life, creating a short film to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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05 Jun 11:27

Interactive Dog Illustrations By Valerie Susik

by Caroline Kurze

Valerie Susik merges illustration with interaction for a series of drawings featuring dogs and their leisure pursuits. Susik caricatured pictures of dogs she found on Instagram on her notepad, delineating their facial features and furry mugs while each illustration playfully interacts with a human subject nearby. Hands placed around the drawing pad merge with the flat pencil art on the page, connecting the person and pup in various scenarios and situations.

All images © Valerie Susik | Via: designboom

04 Jun 07:12

South Africa – A Land Of Myths and Legends

by Anke Nunheim

Limpopo, is one of the nine provinces and the so-called land of myths and legends that bordesr Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique in the North. It's not very touristy yet, located in the Far North of South Africa. Perhaps it's not the place which first comes to mind when thinking about South Africa, but this is exactly where our journey leads us.

Our starting point is the small airport at Polokwane - Limpopo's capital which means "place of safety". The further North we go the more hilly and green it gets around us. Baobab trees with their healing power loom into the sky. Here you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of the South African cities and loose yourself in the silence and vastness of the bush land. We discover a nature of rugged wilderness with unexpected valleys, subtropical forests, steep canyons and mile long mango, lychee and avocado plantations.

This region forms the backdrop of many talented and creative tribes, especially the Venda, Tsonga, Zulu and Tsonga people. Their rich cultural heritage, mythical background and spiritual beliefs are connected to the surrounding nature. Many of these places carry a spiritual meaning, a place where people can connect with their ancestors. One of the holy places is lake Fundudzi - according to legend inhabited by a goddess of fertility in the form of a python. These myths are handed down from generation to generation and get clearly visible in the artistic expression and unique interpretations of their art.

The artists and craftsmen of the region are known for their wood carvings, their unique drums and textiles. In the townships we experience an authentic and modern everyday life and the hospitality and 'joie de vivre' of its proud inhabitants. On a weekly market we bravely taste Mopane worms and termites and learn from a local 91-year-old healer about the miraculous powers of roots and herbs. We visit a storyteller and listen to the pulsating rhythms of homemade instruments.

This part of the country is also famous for its abundant wildlife. A large part of the Kruger National Park is located in this province, but Mapungubwe National Park is just as worth seeing. It was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 and is the richest archaeological site of Africa. We take an early morning walk through the bush, criss cross parched riverbeds and watch elephants and frolicking monkeys from afar. If they're not hiding from the african sun, you can also see the Big 4 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant), take a sunset drive and end your day with a Bush Braai (BBQ African) and the swirling sounds of the South African bushland.

Thanks to South African Tourism for the invitation to this special and pristine region. If you want to visit South Africa yourself, you can send a free postcard to a friend and win a trip to South Africa here.

Text and Images by Anke Nunheim, Edited by Ana Santl

22 May 07:04

Everybody’s got a thing