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02 Mar 02:12

Designers Construct Crayon-Inspired Looks for New York City Bloomingdale’s

by Kate Sierzputowski
"Unmellow Yellow" by Nanette Lepore

“Unmellow Yellow” by Nanette Lepore

For spring 2015, Bloomingdale’s reached out to several designers to create pieces that both matched and were constructed by iconic Crayola colors. The pieces are designed with playful colors, yet have a sharp edge, the points of the crayons adding 3D elements to many of the elaborate pieces. The most dynamic, a bright yellow dress designed by Nanette Lepore, showcases a bustier of organized pinwheel crayon segments extending from the ornate neckline.

Other designers chosen were Rebecca Taylor, Clover Canyon, Rebecca Minkoff, Torn by Ronny Kobo, and Parker. Parker added a creative spin to the project, incorporating the Jungle Green crayon wrappers as faux-fabric within their designed romper. Designers Derek Farrar and Laurieanne Gilner explained that not only was the piece environmentally sound, but also gave them a serious case of spring fever.

The pieces, photographed by Matthew Carasella, are currently on display at the 59th Street Bloomingdale’s location in New York City, and more detailed shots can be found on Carasella’s portfolio site here. (via Laughing Squid)

"Unmellow Yellow" by Nanette Lepore

“Unmellow Yellow” by Nanette Lepore

"Bittersweet" by Torn by Ronny Kobo

“Bittersweet” by Torn by Ronny Kobo

"Clover Canyon" by Mountain Meadow

“Clover Canyon” by Mountain Meadow

"Midnight Blue" by Rebecca Taylor

“Midnight Blue” by Rebecca Taylor

"Banana Mania" by Rebecca Minkoff

“Banana Mania” by Rebecca Minkoff

"Banana Mania" by Rebecca Minkoff

“Banana Mania” by Rebecca Minkoff

"Jungle Green" by Parker

“Jungle Green” by Parker

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can't argue with that logic

01 Mar 23:11

Fuckin' nailed it!

01 Mar 12:00

Optical Illusion Body Art by Natalie Fletcher

by Alex Santoso

Color us impressed!

A few years ago, artist Natalie Fletcher moved to Bend, Oregon, and came across an ad for a body painter when she was looking to find a job. Despite having no experience at all, she applied ... and when they asked for examples of previous work, she thought, "Oh, crap! I better paint some bodies!"

That's how Natalie's journey as a body painter started. Since then, she's created many wonderful body paint artwork, including these trippy "Just an Illusion" optical illusion series below. There's no digital enhancement of these images - Natalie painted these freehand with an airbrush on the back of her boyfriend Todd's body:

View more of Natalie's fantastic body art over at her official website (contains artistic nudity) - Thanks Chris!

01 Mar 14:49

Old, unofficial Metropolitan Police patch

28 Feb 20:37

So close.

28 Feb 05:30

14 World Famous Paintings Significantly Improved By Emojis

The one thing Da Vinci was lacking was the poop emoji.

"The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo

"The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo

Robert Macklin / Wikimedia Commons

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch

Robert Macklin / Wikimedia Commons

"The Singing Butler" by Jack Vettriano

"The Singing Butler" by Jack Vettriano

Robert Macklin / Wikimedia Commons

"American Gothic" by Grant Wood

"American Gothic" by Grant Wood

Robert Macklin / Wikimedia Commons

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27 Feb 23:11

Incredible Origami Dinosaurs, Angels, Flowers, and Other Creatures Created by Artist Adam Tran

by Lori Dorn

Big Jaws

Adam Tran, a skilled origami artist from Vietnam and member of the Vietnam Origami Group (VOG) has created an incredible series of dinosaurs, flowers, and other creatures, all through the beautiful craft of folding paper.

Green Dinosaur



Red Flowers



Praying Mantis

photos by Adam Tran

via Colossal

27 Feb 19:31

3 Second Cooking. Detonation Dumplings.

27 Feb 19:31

I'll just leave this here

27 Feb 22:26

From Colbert's lips to Inhofe's ears...

27 Feb 21:02

Designers Fashion Brightly Colored Clothing Out of Crayola Crayons for Unique Bloomingdales Window Display

by Lori Dorn

Unmellow Yellow Top
Unmellow Yellow – Nanette Lepore

Crayola recently reached out to a number of popular fashion designers to create spring clothing made out of their brightly colored crayons in order to make a unique and dramatic window display for the iconic Bloomingdales store on 59th Street in New York City. Nanette Lepore created an elaborate dress with “Laser Lemon“-colored crayons, Rebecca Minkoff fashioned a casual swing dress from “Banana Mania” crayons, Parker used a “Jungle Green” for their adorable jumper, Rebecca Taylor made a beautiful dress with a slit skirt made using “Midnight Blue” crayons, and Torn by Ronny Kobo went for broke with a gorgeous “Bittersweet” dress, all of which were captured beautifully by photographer Matthew Carasella.

Dresses made from 18,000 @crayola crayons? Color us amazed. Don’t miss our new windows! #100percentbloomies #Bloomingdales

Unmellow Yellow Dress
Unmellow Yellow – Nanette Lepore

Jungle Green Romper
Jungle Green – Parker

Midnight Blue Dress
Midnight Blue – Rebecca Taylor

Midnight Blue Skirt
Midnight Blue – Rebecca Taylor

Banana Mania Top
Banana Mania – Rebecca Minkoff

Bittersweet Dress
Bittersweet – Torn by Ronny Kobo

photos by Matthew Carasella

via InStyle

27 Feb 20:44

cinemagorgeous:"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be...


gunna miss dr. william bell #fringe


"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." - Leonard Nimoy’s final tweet.

27 Feb 14:32

An Animated GIF of the New York City Subway Map That Charts the Order in Which the Lines Were Constructed

by Brian Heater

Subway Map

Appealing Industries, a self-proclaimed 150-year-old site, has created an “Animated History Of The NYC Subway,” a fascinating animated GIF that charts the history of New York City subway lines by adding them one at a time to a blank map of the city in order of their construction.

image via Appealing Industries

via WNYC, Boing Boing

27 Feb 14:52

Admire, think, favorite and forget.

26 Feb 16:00

Crayon Dress

by Alex Santoso

Dress by Nanette Lepore. Crayola crayon color: Unmellow Yellow (Image: Matthew Carasella)

When my kids were small, my wife and I often find their clothes festooned with crayon drawings. Little did we know that our kids are such trendsetters: for its Spring 2015 campaign, Bloomingdale recruited seven designers to create fashion inspired by the bright colors of, as well as incorporating actual pieces of Crayola crayons.

Designer Nanette Lepore said this about her dress, inspired by Crayola's "Unmellow Yellow" color, as pictured above: "It's an optimistic and fearless color. It demands attention because it deserves attention."

Dress: "Torn" by Ronny Kobo. Crayola crayon color: Bittersweet

Dress by Rebecca Taylor. Crayola crayon color: Midnight Blue

Dress by Rozae Nichols. Crayola crayon color: Mountain Meadow

We'd say that if you wear the crayon dress, you'd definitely get lots of attention! View more over at InStyle.

26 Feb 18:00

A Satisfying Gallery Of People Crashing On Segways

by Zeon Santos

 photo segway1_zpsgsz1mowy.gif

Unless you're taking a tour of a tech school campus, or you're a mall cop lording over a sea of shoppers, it's hard to feel cool while riding a Segway, and even harder to look cool when you crash!

 photo segway3_zps1rca6s77.gif

Segways were advertised as the personal transportation of the future when first unveiled back in 2001, but they didn't catch on with the public as the manufacturers had hoped.

 photo segway4_zpshzfneocr.gif

They may not have changed the world of personal transportation, but Segways are an endless source of amusement- for viewers who get to watch riders lose control and hit the pavement hard!

See A Gallery Of People Crashing On Segways here

25 Feb 20:12

More Delightful ‘Bricksy’ LEGO Dioramas Inspired by Banksy Street Art

by E.D.W. Lynch

Monkey Business
Monkey Business

Back in 2014, we first posted about Bricksy: LEGO Banksy, a photo series of Banksy-inspired LEGO dioramas by Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen of The Brick Fantastic. Friesen has since produced 16 more delightful dioramas, each inspired by a particular Banksy work. Prints are available for purchase online.

Have a Nice Day
Cute Artisan Meats

Just Following Orders
Just Following Orders

Keep It Real
Keep It Real

photos by Jeff Friesen

via My Modern Metropolis

25 Feb 19:00

New Winter Sports [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy


I wish I could go cross-country fleeing right now. Sigh.


[Source: Fowl Language | Like Fowl Language on Facebook]

The post New Winter Sports [Comic] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

26 Feb 20:18

Makeup Artist Uses Her Amazing Skills to Transform Ordinary People Into Mighty Superheroes

by Justin Page

Superhero Makeup

Talented Calgary, Canada-based makeup artist Lianne Moseley uses her amazing skills to turn normal, everyday people into superheroes. Moseley, a self-trained artist who usually does makeup work for weddings and personal photo shoots, also has an eye for making people look like they have literally just popped up out of a comic book. More of her work and behind-the-scenes process photos are available to view on her Facebook page.

Superhero Makeup

Superhero Makeup

Superhero Makeup

Superhero Makeup

Superhero Makeup

photos by Neil Zeller Photography and Lianne Moseley

via theCHIVE, Fashionably Geek

25 Feb 17:31

Masterful Dinosaur and Creature Origami by Adam Tran

by Christopher Jobson







Origami artist and chemistry teacher Adam Tram folds some incredibly beautiful objects with paper. From dinosaurs and skeletons to flowers and warriors, it seems nothing is off limits to his folding abilities. Tram is a member of the Vietnam Origami Group, and you can see many more of his pieces on Flickr.

26 Feb 15:05

T-12 Weeks to Outdoor Movies – Vote for the Ones You’d like to See at Farragut Square Park

by Prince Of Petworth

vote for 9-5 & empire records please!

Photo by PoPville flickr user  Mark Andre

From an email:

“Golden Triangle Business Improvement District has opened voting for the films the public wants to see this summer during its popular Friday night movie series.

Although the extremely cold temperatures make it hard to think of the summer, the series is only 12 weeks away.

The 11 highest ranking movies will be shown from May 22 to July 31 at Farragut Square Park at 17th and K Streets in the Golden Triangle.

The movie choices include “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Wedding Planner,” “Anchorman,” “Empire Records” and “Nine to Five.” The voting is taking place at:

Voting is occurring from now until Fri., March 6. The Golden Triangle BID will announce the winners on its website Mon., March 23. Check back and be sure to visit our events page for a full list of fun events coming this spring.”

Photo courtesy Golden Triangle Business Improvement District

25 Feb 16:04

Force Your Way

25 Feb 23:33

Rough day?

25 Feb 23:33

World Record Paper Airplane

25 Feb 21:30

Type Theory

by typetheory
25 Feb 22:12

Banksy unveils a new series of pieces in Gaza, Palestine

by Street Art News

After teasing us with a single shot on Instagram earlier this morning (GMT time), Banksy finally revealed the location of the first piece which is Gaza in Palestine. Inspired by a sculpture of Niobe, a Greek mythological figure, the first piece is entitled "Bomb Damage" and obviously with Banksy, the placement is just on point. Niobe's children were killed out of spite and then in her mourning she turned into a stone that was constantly weeping.

On top of that, the elusive British street artist took the opportunity to reveal four new pieces which you will be able to find around Gaza.
Two quotes were enclosed with the images of the new stenciled pieces:
Gaza is often described as 'the world's largest open air prison' because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons - they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost everyday.  -- Banksy
A local man came up and said 'Please - what does this mean?' I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website – but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens. -- Banksy
Just like in New York City back in 2013, one of the new piece is text based and reads: "If We Wash Our Hands Of The Conflict Between The Powerful And The Powerless We Side With The Powerful - We Don't Remain Neutral".
Finally, Banksy drops a strong statement with a 2 minute long video which document his recent trip to Palestine.
Hit the jump to discover more images on these powerful artworks plus the video and as usual keep your eyes peeled on StreetArtNews for the latest Banksy updates.

Read The Full Story »
25 Feb 03:55

I can't tell which reaction is best

24 Feb 18:00

A Colorful Infographic That Plots the Most Popular Beers in the United States Calculated by Annual Sales

by Lori Dorn

grossing me out that straw-ber-rita is on here...


Top 20 Beers in USA

VinePair (previously) has created “The 20 Most Popular Beers in America,” a colorful infographic that plots the United States’ “favorite” beers in order of popularity, as determined by annual sales.

Big Beer is a big business in America. Total annual sales stand around $100 billion. Craft Beers, as defined by the Brewer’s Association, are booming, yet still only account for around 15% of the beer sold in America. On a volume basis, craft beer’s share of the market is about half of that, due to its premium pricing. So what’s America drinking? A whole lot of light beer, most of which is made by a handful of monstrous macro brewers. America’s most popular beer is Bud Light – by a couple billion dollars. Yes, Bud Light’s U.S. sales alone would lodge it firmly within the Fortune 500.

image via VinePair

24 Feb 20:20

Dying to Tell the Truth: A Breakdown of Recent Attacks Against the Press

by Haisam Hussein

Click to enlarge

As the attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo made clear, journalists everywhere face targeted threats intended to silence them. Religious extremists certainly play a role, but more often than not government and anti-government forces are the perpetrators of violence against the men and women who report the truth as they see it. Since 2000, many journalists have been killed while working in dangerous situations. Here we focus on those who were intentionally targeted and murdered for doing their job.