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26 Apr 07:00

What Each State Has More of than Others

by Miss Cellania

What does your state have more of than other states per capita? This map has some superlative for each of the 50 states, some of which are kind of surprising (Georgia, Texas), others not so much (Utah, Kentucky). Of course, every state is tops at something, but many states are tops at several things. In those cases, Estately selected the most provocative thing to label a state. They posted a list of source links for each superlative, in case you can’t believe them. See, Georgia is not overrun with pandas, but Zoo Atlanta has seven living there now, and no other state in the U.S. can match that.  -via Daily of the Day

26 Apr 06:31

If Famous Paintings Could Text

Mona Lisa be like “WTF.”

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Esra Erol / Via

American Gothic by Grant Wood

American Gothic by Grant Wood

Esra Erol / Via

Young Lady in a Boat by James Tissot

Young Lady in a Boat by James Tissot

Esra Erol / Via

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Esra Erol / Via

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26 Apr 02:25

Beats by Barack.


the white house tumblr is too cool for school.

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26 Apr 04:19

pudgygoddess: :p

25 Apr 17:00

The Internet Reacts To Jared Leto As The Joker

by Zeon Santos

Director David Ayer just tweeted the first official look at Jared Leto as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie adaptation, and the flames of nerd rage have begun to rise.

Here’s the first look photo so you can grin happily or cringe fearfully:

(Image Link)

The internet community was quick to react and respond to the image...mostly with hatred and disdain. Some felt seeing The Joker's tattoed punk makeover was sure to make Ben Affleck feel sad:

(Image Link)

Others felt it had the potential to become an advertising cash cow for the producers:

(Image Link)

And then there's this cheeky suggestion for a totally surreal sequel:

(Image Link)

See The Best Internet Reactions To Jared Leto's New Joker at Dorkly

25 Apr 16:00

Street Art Comes Alive in Animated GIFs

by Shawn Saleme

Spanish photographer and motion designer A.L. Crego puts a fun twist on animated GIFs by taking existing street art and making it come alive. Crego has always enjoyed the work of local street artists in Spain but thought that making the pieces move would give that much more meaning to them. Why not film the art? He believes it would not have the same effect, because there would be a beginning and an end. Instead, the GIFS allow the pieces to come alive in the environments in which they were meant to be seen. Check out more of his mind bending work on his tumblr.












via ignant

25 Apr 20:56

Finish Him!

25 Apr 17:24


25 Apr 16:35


25 Apr 00:00

When Peanuts Travels to Westeros, We All Win

by Jill Harness

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and the rest of the Peanuts gang might be have some humorous adventures in their ordinary suburban life, but in Westeros, no one is safe from death. Artist Philip Horoton has made a few great cartoons showing what happens when the Peanuts travel to the world of George R.R. Martin.

While Philip has quite a few great comic mashups, these are so far the only two combining Peanuts and Game of Thrones, but I really hope he makes more because these are so promising already.

Via Geek Tyrant

25 Apr 05:00

The Average Day over Time

by John Farrier

(John Atkinson/Wrong Hands)

Cartoonist John Atkinson has a theme: he creates charts showing how things change over time, such as the typical song, the typical movie, and the typical TV show. His most recent cartoon shows the average day of a person from babyhood to the final years. His model of adulthood seems just about right.

24 Apr 14:04

Elegant Fine Line Geometric Tattoos by Dr. Woo

by Christopher Jobson


With delicate lines, dots, and geometric patterns, L.A. tattoo artist Dr. Woo creates some of the coolest tattoos we’ve seen in quite a while. The 33-year-old artist first started experimenting with tattoos when he was only 13 and would later work as a fashion buyer and designer before he apprenticed with Mark Mahoney at the Shamrock Social Club where he’s now based.

Woo is now one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in L.A. with a waitlist well over six months. There’s often a line out the door of people just making appointments in-person (a professor recently showed up with an entire class in tow). You can join a half million others and follow him on Instagram. All photos courtesy the artist. (via Quipsologies, My Modern Met, The New York Times)









24 Apr 18:28

George The Cat Prefers To Stand On Two Legs Like A People

by Brittany High
George The Cat Prefers To Stand On Two Legs Like A People

This is George the cat. He prefers to stand on two legs like a person, instead of all four like a regular-ass cat. What a delight! George’s person, Redditor Egzo, even started an Instagram so you can peep even more photos of George (link: HERE). Because when you have a treasure like George, you can’t keep […]

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24 Apr 15:52


25 Apr 00:10

madebyabvh: Original by Mygalo 2000

23 Apr 22:15

Resistance is futile

23 Apr 22:15

Who broke into the trash and made the mess?

24 Apr 00:10

Worlds happiest dog

23 Apr 21:32

The ‘Stellar Cave’ Series, Breathtaking Glowing String Installations of Animals and Geometric Patterns

by E.D.W. Lynch

Breathtaking Glowing String Installations by Julien Salaud
photo via Optically Addicted

In his breathtaking Grotte Stellaire (Stellar Cave) installations, artist Julien Salaud uses fluorescent string to depict animals and abstract designs in glowing analog wire-frames. Salaud achieves the glowing effect by coating thread in ultraviolet paint and illuminating the installations in ultraviolet light. His installation Grotte Stellaire II (Stellar Cave II) reportedly took Salaud and 11 assistants 10 days to create. Some 18 miles of thread were used in the installation.

Breathtaking Glowing String Installations by Julien Salaud
photo via Julien Salaud

Breathtaking Glowing String Installations by Julien Salaud
photo via Julien Salaud

Breathtaking Glowing String Installations by Julien Salaud
photo via Julien Salaud

Breathtaking Glowing String Installations by Julien Salaud
photo via Julien Salaud

Breathtaking Glowing String Installations by Julien Salaud
photo via Julien Salaud

via Candy’s Thoughts, Optically Addicted, My Modern Metropolis

23 Apr 20:16

DDOT Will Retime A Whole Bunch Of Traffic Signals

by Matt Cohen

i hope this helps! (way too excited about this...)

DDOT Will Retime A Whole Bunch Of Traffic Signals Beginning tomorrow. [ more › ]

23 Apr 18:24

LOLWUT: What If The Disney Princesses Were Juggalos?

by Brittany High
LOLWUT: What If The Disney Princesses Were Juggalos?

F***ing mash-ups, how do they work? If they’re Disney Princess mash-ups, they never stop working. Here they are as Juggalos. Who knew the ladies were down to clown? I certainly didn’t, but I don’t even know what that means.

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23 Apr 18:39

Taiwanese Pet Groomers Give Haircuts to Small Dogs to Make Their Heads Appear Perfectly Square or Round

by Lori Dorn

Square Face

Pet groomers in Taiwan have started an interesting trend of giving haircuts to small dogs that make their heads appear to be either perfectly square or perfectly round in accordance with the wishes of their humans, who want their pets to stand out on social media.



Round Poodle

Square Red

Square Cut Poodle

Round Tongue

images via Siam 55

via Zhaizhai News, RocketNews24

23 Apr 13:53

Chile's Calbuco volcano erupting

23 Apr 15:33

Nom nom nom

22 Apr 17:18

My Kid Can’t Eat This, A Collection of the Adorably Ridiculous Reasons Kids Won’t Eat Their Food

by Rebecca Escamilla

Chewed bagels
“The centers of the bagels are off limits. Only the outer edge is good. More bagel please.” – Stacey Maddox

My Kid Can’t Eat This is an ongoing collection of photos—available both on Instagram and on Facebook—of rejected food and the adorably ridiculous reasons kids refused it. Submissions can be made by tagging a photo with #mykidcanteatthis on Instagram.

Unacceptable cupcake
“#MyKidCantEatThis because he can only eat frosting.” – Vanessa Lopez

Bagel donut
“#mykidcanteatthis bagel, but add a few sprinkles and a doughnut appears! Magic.” – Ashley Marcy

Green beans and ketchup
“#mykidcanteatthis unless it’s covered in ketchup. Then magically green beans are his favorite.” – Amanda Doherty

Beans and sprinkles
“#MyKidCantEatThis without sprinkles.” (Beans bowl) – Melissa De Leon

photos via My Kid Can’t Eat This

via Huffington Post

22 Apr 17:00

Surprising: The US is Only 4 Presidents Old

by Benjamin Starr
Presidential overlap
Presidential overlap

Viewed from the year 2015, the founding of the United States seems like a distant piece of history, but from the right perspective it wasn’t long ago at all. Take this little tidbit of information: the US is only as old as four President’s lives.

When Barak Obama was born (1961), Herbert Hoover was still alive (1874 – 1964). When Hoover was born, Andrew Johnson was still living (1808 – 1875). When Johnson was born John Adams was still alive (1735 – 1826). And there you have it. With just the overlapping lives of four presidents we reach the Founding Fathers of the United States. Pretty amazing.

This isn’t the only way we can leapfrog back to the beginning of the country. The Washington Post recently created a clever visualization (below) featuring the lifespans of all 44 presidents and how they overlap. As you can see, in order to reach the life of George Washington (who was slightly older and died younger than John Adams) we need 5 presidential overlaps:


(via The Washionton Post)

22 Apr 16:29



earth day!

22 Apr 19:49

When you hear Full House is coming back

22 Apr 17:45

How a manual transmission works