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22 May 15:21

Good boy working things out for himself.

22 May 15:21

She loves going on the boat but hates wearing her life jacket.

22 May 09:20

A LEGO Hotel in Florida

by Léa

as soon as they have a Cloud Cuckoo Land room (from The LEGO Movie) i'm in!

La parc LEGOLAND en Floride est le paradis du monde de la marque LEGO. Il propose un hôtel de cent cinquante chambres regroupées en quatre thèmes différents : aventure, royaume, pirate et amis. Le visiteur peut ainsi choisir l’univers dans lequel il désire passer son séjour.

legohotel10 legohotel9 legohotel8 legohotel7 legohotel6 legohotel5 legohotel4 legohotel3 legohotel2 legohotel1
22 May 13:09

Similarities Between Haute Couture and Landscapes

by Daniella

À la manière de Bianca Luini, l’artiste russe Liliya Hudyakova a réalisé toute une série de diptyques alliant mode et nature, comparant d’un côté une robe haute couture et de l’autre un paysage. Ces compositions sont étonnantes par leur ressemblance, comme si les robes avaient été directement inspirées de ces clichés.

Elie Saab S/S 2014 & Sunset.

Monique Lhuillier S/S 2014 & Fire In The Sky in California by Aydin Palabiyikoglu.

Blumarine S/S 2015 & Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

Yiqing Yin F/W 2012/13 & Sea surface.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2015 RTW & Rice Field of Yunnan, China by Isabelle Chauvel.

Stephane Rolland S/S 2012 & Valley of the Glaciers – Satellite Image Of Patagonia (Chile) By NASA.

Elie Saab F/W 2014/15 & Pink Lake, Australia.

Elie Saab S/S 2012 & Tropical Beach.

Alexander McQueen S/S 2012 & First Snow Fall In Minnesota, USA.

Giambattista Valli F/W 2014/15 & Wisteria.

Elie Saab S/S 2015 & Oceanscape Photography.

Bottega Veneta S/S 2010 & Stormy Sky.

Delpozo S/S 2015 & Frozen Pond.

Gucci F 2004 & Green Field.

Gosia Baczynska S/S 2014 & Beautiful Fields.

Christian Siriano S/S 2013 & Sandy Beach.

Aquilano Rimondi S/S 2012 & Ocean Waves.

Comme des Garçons F/W 2013/14 & Autumn Leaves.

Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 & Autumn Leaves.

Emilio Pucci F/W 2011 & Rainy Mountains.

Jean Louis Sabaji S/S 2013 & Clouds.

Blanka Matragi S/S 2012 & Ocean.

Marchesa F/W 2012 & Red Leaves.

Jason Wu S/S 2013 & Starry Night “Silhouettes” by Harry Finde.

The Blonds F/W 2012 & Mountains.

fashionlandscapes-25 fashionlandscapes-24 fashionlandscapes-23 fashionlandscapes-22 fashionlandscapes-21 fashionlandscapes-20 fashionlandscapes-19 fashionlandscapes-18 fashionlandscapes-17 fashionlandscapes-16 fashionlandscapes-15 fashionlandscapes-14 fashionlandscapes-13 fashionlandscapes-12 fashionlandscapes-11 fashionlandscapes-9 fashionlandscapes-8 fashionlandscapes-7 fashionlandscapes-6 fashionlandscapes-5 fashionlandscapes-4 fashionlandscapes-3 fashionlandscapes-2 fashionlandscapes-1 fashionlandscapes-0
21 May 21:54

Korean Long Board

21 May 18:14

A map showing each state's most unique favorite food

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan to Gizmodo

Foursquare tracked people’s tastes across America to come up with a very interesting way to determine the uniqueness of taste: they mined their user data to figure out which food or drink was disproportionately popular in each state. So this map doesn’t show what’s the most popular item in each state, but what item is most uniquely popular in each state (in relation to other places).


11 May 13:00

The Women’s Suffrage Parade of 1913

by Angela

This is a guest post by Angela Harrison Eng.

March 3, 2013, was an important day in women’s history, yet it went virtually unnoticed in the public eye. Before women gained the right to vote nationwide in 1920, the efforts of suffragettes in the United States were brazen, courageous moves that were designed to gain the attention of the public—and the president of the United States. One of these bold moves was the Women’s Suffrage March, which took place on March 3, 1913.

An official program from the Women’s Suffrage Parade. March 3, 1913.

According to an article in Smithsonian Magazine, a smattering of states had given women the right to vote by spring of 1913. However, the women’s suffrage movement was stalled. A woman named Alice Paul, a member of the National Women’s Suffrage Association, would change that. She organized a spectacular parade that would “make Washington take notice.” The date chosen for the event was March 3, 1913. The New York Times noted it was to be a grand affair, with over 20 floats, a number of bands, cavalry squads, and chariots. Inez Milholland, a lawyer and prominent suffragist, was to be the herald of the parade and lead on horseback. The Washington Post outlined the parade procession, noting “the route will be along Pennsylvania Avenue to 15th Street, the south of the Treasury steps to the White House ellipse and directly across the ellipse to Memorial Continental Hall.” On the Treasury steps was to be a tableau featuring German actress Hedwig Reicher as Columbia. The final rally was to take place at the Continental Hall, with Helen Keller as the principal speaker.

Paul deliberately chose the date of March 3rd because the next day was Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration. The goal, as stated in a January 1913 edition of The Atlanta Constitution, was to ensure “no man would be safe from suffragettes” and that “not a single man who attends the inauguration will be allowed to depart without having heard at least one suffrage argument.”

Inez Milholland on horseback. March 3, 1913.

Interesting sidenote: A Washington Post article from late February noted some rumors, among them that “Pretty girls are being offered $3 to march in the suffrage procession March 3.” The reason was because “suffragists want to give the impression that many pretty girls are in favor of suffrage.” The article went on to say antisuffragists were offering girls $3 to not march in the parade. Both suffragists and antisuffragists, however, called these rumors unfounded and total hearsay. This article is not the first instance in which women’s looks were mentioned. One article from the Post refers to Inez Milholland as “the beautiful society girl of New York,” who “gave complete support to the claim of suffragists that some of the most beautiful women in the country are active in the equal rights cause.”

The day of the parade showed many women, pretty or not, believed in the cause. Most sources put the total of marchers around 5,000. However, the procession was fraught with troubles from the start. Many protesters showed up and attempted to disrupt the parade. The result, according to the Atlanta Constitution, was that these 5,000 or more women “practically fought their way foot by foot up Pennsylvania Avenue, through a surging mob that completely defied the Washington police, swamped the marchers, and broke their procession into little companies” and “They could only finish when Calvary troops from Ft. Meyer were called in to control the crowds.” Apparently, it took an hour to move 10 blocks, and the marchers had to endure a number of insults from the crowds along the way. Inez Milholland was reported to have ridden down a mob blocking the parade route on her horse, demanding the marchers be allowed to continue.

Hedwig Reicher as Columbia. March 3, 1913.

The tableau went on as planned, and the rally at the end of the day ended up more of a complaint session than a rally. Helen Keller was said to be “so exhausted and unnerved by the experience that she did not speak as planned.” Nevertheless, Alice Paul still considered the march a success.

An inquiry was launched and congressional hearings were held over the treatment of the women in the parade, which resulted in the firing of the D.C. police superintendent. The hearings thrust women’s suffrage into the national spotlight, but it would take another 7 years and many more protests before women’s right to vote became the law of the land.

21 May 17:27

Artist Sean Yoro Paints Meticulous Seaside Murals While Balancing on His Paddle Board

by Kate Sierzputowski

Hula_01 Hula_02 Hula_03 Hula_04 Hula_05 Hula_06 Hula_07

Riding atop a paddle board, artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), paints murals while floating on the waves, placing his works just above sea level. The murals, all portraits of women, have a hyperrealistic quality that appear as if each is existing just above the tide. Due to the works’ position above the water they reflect perfectly into the waves, the image extending out far from the painted surface.

The NYC-based artist paddles out to paint the murals, balancing his acrylic paint on his board all the while. Hula grew up on the island of Oahu, where he spent most of his days in the ocean. Although he grew up dabbling in graffiti, watercolor, and tattoo art, he didn’t take his work seriously until he began to paint the the human body when he was 21. Hula also uses cracked surfboards as a surface to paint his female portraits, more of which you can see on his Instagram, @the_hula. (via Street Art News)

21 May 16:00

A Disney Princess For Every Stage Of Your Life

by Zeon Santos

Disney princesses may not be the best role models for young folks, and they might not be the golden goddesses of morality they’re made out to be, but they do one thing really well- represent different stages of our lives.

From the early days of wide eyed babyhood to the jaded, cynical thirtysomething years of drudgery and boredom, there's a Disney princesses that accurately represents every stage of our lives, at least according to cartoonist Paul Westover.

As someone who learned the joys of hermitizing in my thirties I definitely relate to Elsa, and even though I don't have power over the cold my fridge has a built in ice maker!

See A Disney Princess For Every Stage Of Your Life at College Humor

20 May 19:02

‘Forget’, A Catchy Electronic Remix by Pogo Created With Clips Taken From Classic Disney Films

by Lori Dorn

Forget” is a remix by electronic music artist Pogo (previously) that uses clips from classic Disney films such as Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, The Jungle Book and Pinocchio, just to name a few.

21 May 03:00

Your Favorite Characters as Cats

by John Farrier

Artist Cassie Graus specializes in cats, which is about as optimal a choice as an artist can make. Everything is better with cats, including your favorite movies and television shows. That’s why she created posters that show the characters of Game of Thrones, Mad Max: Fury Road, Parks and Recreation, and Broad City as cats.

The Arya and Joffrey are particularly effective illustrations. Adopt the cat of your choice. Conveniently, Theon is already fixed, so you won’t have to make an extra trip to the vet.

20 May 20:55

Finger Dancing

19 May 21:22

A Series of Honest Food Pyramids for Various Stages of Adult Life

by Glen Tickle


Someecards has created a series of honest food pyramids for various stages of adult life. The graphics show what people may typically consume between the ages of 18 to 22, 23 to 29, 30 to 41, 42 to 69, and into their 70s.





images via Someecards

19 May 20:00

How Much of Your Life Has the U.S. Spent in War?

by Miss Cellania

During the drawdown of the Vietnam War, I recall feeling surreal about the U.S. not being at war, because, while we weren’t involved in Vietnam all my life, it sure felt like we were. That was an in-your-face war, with film footage dominating the evening news, war protesters, and fear of the draft. Times have changed. Journalist Martha Raddatz included this line in her commencement speech at Kenyon College:

You have spent more than half your lives with this country at war. And yet the huge majority of you, and those your age, the huge majority of all people in this country have not been affected by these conflicts.

The Washington Post, ever on alert for factual errors, checked to see if that was true. Students graduating from college in 2015 were mostly born in the early ‘90s, and have lived between 60 and 70 percent of their lives during the War on Terror. To see how this compares to other age groups, they made a table for all Americans born in the past 100 years. I see that while our country has been at war for 43% of my life, that figure is 83% for my two youngest children, born in 1998. The graph is a bit small in the image above, but you can see it much larger and read how it came about at The Washington Post. -via Digg

19 May 14:00

Alice Smeets, Haiti Tarot. Alice Smeets’s series of photographs...

Alice Smeets, Haiti Tarot.

Alice Smeets’s series of photographs recreating Tarot cards is perhaps one of the best series of photographic works I have ever seen.

With the help of the Haitian Artist Corps, Atis Rezistans, Alice recreated the entire Rider Waite Tarot Deck, an early 20th century version of the mysterious cards that have long been used to tell ones fortunes.  The subject in each of her photographs are Haitian artists and their artwork is used as decoration or backdrops, resulting in a very deeply personal portrait while still portraying the original tarot cards.

Alice entitled this series of photographs “Ghetto Tarot” and explains that the term “Ghetto” was embraced by the Atis Rezistans: 

“Ghetto [is used to] free themselves of its depreciating undertone and turn it into something beautiful. This undertaking of the Haitians made me realize that it lies only within us to assign value or judgment towards a tangible or intangible thing, which creates a positive or negative emotion. If we realize that its a choice whether we look at destruction and see despair or to regard it as the start of something new, we can change the meaning of every word, action and sentiment.”

Continue below to see even more from this absolutely incredible series:

Alice Smeets: Website

The Atiz Rezistans.

Via The Creators Project.

19 May 10:08

This is a serving bowl made in Uzbekistan. It was carved by hand out of a single piece of wood.

18 May 21:05

One Simple Chart Explains Who's Who in American Politics

by Tom Scocca

As the Clinton and Bush organizations rumble down the long mucky trail of the 2016 presidential campaign, here’s a handy reference to help you understand how the various political professionals you’ll be reading about all fit into our American system.


18 May 20:58

The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

by Alex Young

No one would ever dare to compare the writing prowess of artists like Macklemore, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry to Chaucer and Ginsberg, but a new study from Andrew Powell-Morse reveals just how dumbed down the lyrics are for songs currently dominating the Billboard charts.

Powell-Morse analyzed the reading levels for 225 songs that spent three or more weeks atop Billboard’s Pop, Country, Rock, and Hip-Hop song charts.

Whereas chart-toppers in 2005 read between a third and fourth grade level, a decade later that average is declining, and fast. In 2014, the reading level of a Billboard No. 1 single averaged between a second and third grade reading level, with the bar trending downward in five of the last 10 years.

10 years average logo The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

Of the four genres analyzed, country music came out with the highest average reading level (3.3), followed by pop (2.9), rock ‘n’ roll (2.9), and R&B/hip-hop (2.6).

At an individual level, the data is even more fascinating. The average reading level of Eminem is a grade-and-a-half higher than Beyoncé, while Nickelback (!) tops Foo Fighters by nearly a number letter grade. In the world of pop music, superstars like Mariah Carey and Adele rank a full number grade higher than the likes of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

Of all 225 songs analyzed in the studio, the highest-scoring rock song was Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani California” with a reading level of 5.5. Meanwhile, Three Days Grace’s “The Good Life” is the “dumbest” with a reading level of 0.8.

Below, you can find a few more infographics illustrating the data. The full report can be read here.

10 years average genres logo The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

hip hop logo The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

rock logo The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

pop logo The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

18 May 12:11

Miniature Hand Blown Glass Vessels and Scientific Instruments by Kiva Ford

by Christopher Jobson


Glass artist Kiva Ford draws from his vast experience in scientific glassblowing to create perfect miniatures of wine glasses, beakers, and ribbon-striped vases, some scarcely an inch tall. A member of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, Kiva creates instruments for scientists who require one-of-a-kind designs for various experiments. The same techniques and tools used for scientific equipment also apply to his artistic practice including the miniature works you see here, as well as larger sculptures, and ornate drinkware.

This week Kiva will be doing several demonstrations of both artistic and scientific glassblowing at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York as part of GlassFest. You can also purchase many of his miniatures on Etsy, or follow on Instagram. (via Colossal Submissions, Art is a Way, thnx Rachel!)






18 May 06:15

Portraits in Unusual Locations by JR

by Léa

JR est connu pour son projet « Inside Out » où il appose des portraits d’hommes et de femmes sur les murs des villes où il passe. Mais il sait aussi faire parler son art dans des lieux inhabituels comme les trottoirs, la coupole du Panthéon à Paris ou encore sur des maisons de tôle au Bangladesh. Plus dans la suite.

Panthéon, Paris.

Coupole du Panthéon, Paris.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF), Paris.


Dhaka, Bangladesh.

La Havane, Cuba.

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rio de Janeiro, Brésil.

La Havane, Cuba.

Shanghai, Chine.

Shanghai, Chine.

portraitsJR12 portraitsJR11 portraitsJR10 portraitsJR9 portraitsJR8 portraitsJR7 portraitsJR6 portraitsJR5 portraitsJR4 portraitsJR3 portraitsJR2 portraitsJR1
18 May 05:41

My shifty cat



18 May 01:20

Pomeranian miscalculation



18 May 01:20

Too innocent for this world

17 May 08:22

Hm... TIL

16 May 20:12

TIL cheese is a great defense against cats

17 May 04:18

Theory Proven: Cat + Cheese = Error:Does Not Compute

16 May 17:00

Cooking Sushi in a Waffle Iron

by John Farrier

Instagram member @dad_beets seems persuaded that any food can and therefore should be cooked in a waffle iron. And why not? It's a perfectly suitable griddle that leaves handy indentations to catch chocolate syrup.

Among his unusual uses for the waffle iron is preparing sushi, which does not, strictly speaking, have to be raw. These are spicy tuna avocado rolls that he purchased at a Whole Food store. @dad_beets froze the rolls for 20 minutes and heated the waffle iron as high as possible. Then he cooked them for under a minute, leaving each roll crispy. Here's what they look like:

-via The Vulgar Chef (NSFW)

16 May 15:57

13 of the most incredible sandcastles you’ve ever seen

by Kristine Lofgren

sandcastles, beach activities, sandcastles, sand building, sand sculpture, star wars sand sculpture, super mario sand sculpture, beach activities, inhabitots

Summer is almost here, and that means days at the beach building sandcastles! We’ve lined up some of the most incredibly creative sandcastles ever – including a Super Mario sculpture, a scene from Star Wars and even a rollercoaster castle – to give you some inspiration for your next trip to the beach.


sandcastles, beach activities, sandcastles, sand building, sand sculpture, star wars sand sculpture, super mario sand sculpture, beach activities, inhabitots

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16 May 16:05

Master uses learning. It's not very effective... Puppy is confused

16 May 05:00

20 Brutally Accurate Job Titles

by John Farrier

I call myself a librarian, but some people in my profession prefer to refer to themselves as information management specialists. Either way, you still need to get the toilet plunger and unclog that beast. Make sure that nothing unfortunate splashes on your fancy name badge while you’re providing excellence in user experience at the point of service.

Some E-Cards explained what 20 common job titles really mean, including summer intern, CFO, and HR director. What’s your job title?

-via Tastefully Offensive