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Watch: This awesome restaurant in Staten Island had the idea to employ grandmothers from all over the world to make its food

There’s nothing better than your grandma’s cooking…except maybe a bunch of grandmas’ cooking all in one restaurant. That’s exactly what Enoteca Maria in Staten Island, New York is offering.

Gifs: Gothamist


Holy Shit! Different dishes cooked by Nana’s from around the World? I would eat here every, damn, DAY.

My grandmother went to dinner here, and they offered her a job.

This makes me so happy to know it exists that I’m seriously tearing up.

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thetrippytrip: A couple minutes later he is unresponsive again...


A couple minutes later he is unresponsive again and the flight attendant yells ‘call overhead for a physician on board.’ I raised my hand to grab her attention. She said to me ‘oh no sweetie put your hand down, we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you’ I tried to inform her that I was a physician but I was continually cut off by condescending remarks.

Aside from everything else, racism makes people stupid.

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mechageekzilla:DO YOU KNOW how hard it is tryin not to ruin a conversation when you have adhd?? like...


DO YOU KNOW how hard it is tryin not to ruin a conversation when you have adhd?? like you can be smack-dab in the middle of a serious conversation and ur brain is like ‘damn my mother is a chronic snacker’ and you gotta physically restrain urself from sharing that thought mid-conversation, or changing the subject cuz it would be hella inappropriate

but ur brain has moved on already

im so pissed lmao

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Know your rights and don’t let ANYONE stop you from voting!

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and know your ballot. Learn about local and state candidates. Let’s build the government we need from the ground up

Do keep in mind though, To vote you must be of legal age and have registered to do so.   If either of these things is not right, They have every right to tell you to step out of the way and leave.

Trump’s followers are planning on acting as “poll watchers” to make sure the election is not “rigged” (defined by them as Trump losing).

It’s entirely possible we’re going to see some voter intimidation at the polls.

The only person who has the right to tell you to leave if you are not registered is an official poll worker.

Nobody else, including “poll watchers,” security at the polling building, etc.

Only offiicial poll workers, who’s job it is to check you are registered and who you say you are.

if you’re not registered, the official poll worker at the table will tell you how to register. until you’re registered, they won’t hand you a ballot. that’s the legal and proper way it’s done. any other attempt to keep you from voting is illegal.

if the poll worker gave you a ballot, and someone else tries to stop you, take their picture and tell the FBI.


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Watch: They deserve gold medals for these mental gymnastics

This is why male privilege and entitlement and patriarchy stays afloat, folks.

Internalized misogyny is truly something else.

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21-year-old Baltimore Country man dies after being beaten up by police officers.

Tawon Boyd, a 21-year-old man from Essex, Maryland, was hospitalized after a fight with police, where he was later pronounced dead.

Police were called at 3AM on Sunday to the first block of Akin Circle in Middle River on a report of a disturbance. Boyd was found “confused and paranoid, sweating heavily.”

According to the police Boyd refused to obey orders and began fighting officers, but victim’s family and Deona Styron, his fiance, tell a different story:

“He on the ground, 5 other officers on top of him, and not only that, one police officer got his arm around his neck like this, punching him, punching, him and throughout the whole thing he’s like I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…”

There is no way you can twist this story to justify the police beating this kid to death. Police were called to help, but they ended up killing the guy. There is no excuse - they’re supposed to serve and protect and they have to be able to deal with all kinds of people. Not everyone is mentally stable, not everyone is white, but that does not give you the right to beat them to death!

#TawonBoyd   #BlackLivesMatter  #StopPoliceBrutality

#StayWoke    #Amerikkka

So sad!!!

I can’t anymore yo

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ithelpstodream: 🔥Oh SNAP!🔥

Cary Renquist

How did I not see this burn earlier?


🔥Oh SNAP!🔥

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bellygangstaboo: Excuse number 6484058747


Excuse number 6484058747

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raina-of-winter: cakeandrevolution: Date a girl who feeds wild...

Cary Renquist

I miss the big scruffy possums that used to hang out on our porch...



Date a girl who feeds wild possums

She sounds like a sweetheart who needs to ditch her boy in favor of more pets
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Jordan Klepper attends a Trump rally to catch up on all the hottest conspiracy theories.


I have a fucking headache

I just lost half of my brain cells reading that.



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the-movemnt: There comes a time when silence is betrayal.  (x)...


There comes a time when silence is betrayal. 

(x) | follow @the-movemnt

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qfeminism: 👏🏼👏🏼



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daughterofthestars08: bellaxiao: Self-defense? He’s 6 years...



Self-defense? He’s 6 years old ffs…I can’t

More infuriating info:

The boy is autistic

The boy and his father were in a truck

The father stopped the vehicle and raised his arms to show he was unarmed


They are trying to claim self defense AND claim they didn’t know there was a child in the truck

They fired “no less than 18 rounds” into the truck

The father was hit but still alive. The boy ended up being shot in the head multiple times.

There is bodycam footage of the incident and every official/lawyer that has seen and spoken on it has called it horrific.

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These parents couldn’t find a wheelchair for their paralyzed daughter — so they made one

The chair consists of a Bumbo chair (a common type of chair for infants), a cutting board, and wheels from a children’s bike. (See More)

Gifs: CBC

This is wonderful :D

go tiny one go


They have a speedbump in their house for their baby. That’s just nuts


… sounds like a toddler. They exist to propel themselves as quickly as possible into danger.

what’s with that first gif, though? of course her wheelchair isn’t slowing her down! if it were, that’d be against the point of a wheelchair.

A lot of children’s wheelchairs can be pretty burdensome, and this one isn’t, is how I read that gif. I might be wrong.

I think there’s a certain amount of surprise as well because people don’t expect such little-looking little ones to be able to use adaptive technology like wheelchairs - like there’s an automatic perception that turning a wheel to move must be harder/less intuitive/more developmentally advanced than crawling.  We are more used to seeing a baby of this apparent size and development laying on its belly and propelling itself with four limbs, or stumbling around on its feet like a drunk penguin, not zipping around fluidly with the speed and intention of a shark. It seems surprising that an apparently-young baby in a “complicated” wheelchair should be “faster” than a baby on four limbs. We expect babies to do “cute” and bumbling movements.  Since many young babies struggle with stuff like object permanence/consequences, it’s impressive to see such a small baby knowing that turning a wheel makes her body move, and turning it so fluidly.

The caption for the gif isn’t well-written, but I think it may be intended to express surprise at how fast/fluid this baby is.

It’s important to note that cancer and cancer treatment can delay the growth of a little one, making kids with cancer/young survivors seem much younger than they are. This bab looks like she is 11(?) months old. This makes her coordination, speed and accuracy look startlingly impressive and advanced. Her wheelchair is made out of a Bumbo, a type of seat used to teach small babies how to sit up on their own; most babies outgrow a Bumbo fairly rapidly since babies may often sit up at around 6 months old and they tend to put on too much weight to fit in it. When compared to her father she is clearly a very small person, which we often assume means a young one. She looks like a baby with a surprising level of development and speed for her age. 

An 11-month old has sparse hair, undefined features and shortened, squishy limbs. They goggle at the world and try to stuff it in their mouths with their chubby little hands. Many of them can walk, but they usually do so by holding on to things such as hands and furniture. Many of them crawl, and they frequently fall onto their fat little bums in an amusing way. They’re a little shaky on cause-and-effect type stuff - this is an age where they are still amazed by peekaboo and jack-in-the-boxes -  so turning a wheel to move their bodies is probably beyond the comprehension of most of them. They are very sweet and engaging, but with a few exceptions they are not very focused or coordinated. Baby Eva’s size and appearance seem to suggest a pupper of roughly this age. 

A two-year-old is an entirely different animal, and is no longer a baby. A 2-year-old can definitely comprehend that turning a wheel = moving a wheelchair. They are more lanky, with more defined features and smaller heads in proportion to their bodies. If you don’t like babies, you may start to like children at around the age of two, when they are more obviously small people. This level of pupper usually has hair, eyebrows and Sarcastic Facial Expressions. Many of them can ride a ride-on toy or tricycle, are fluid users of iPads and technology, are somewhat coordinated in their movements, and speak in sentences. They also know that cats and dogs need to be petted gently, that they need to steal keys to open locks and break out of houses, how to play video games, how to fetch their own snacks and feed pets. A 2 year old can even ring 911 in the event of emergencies, but she may ring 911 for an emergency such as being unable to finish putting on her pants.

Which makes sense, because Eva is actually 2 years old in the gifs. Cancer and treatment have presumably delayed her physical development a little bit. 

The surprise you may feel at seeing such a small pupper zip around like that is natural, but she is operating at the normal speed of a 2-year-old. And her wheelchair clearly isn’t slowing her down. :-)

ETA: actually, thinking about it, it looks like reports are varying wildly as to Eva’s actual age, and she may be somewhere between 1-2 years in the footage, which would account for her small appearance and increased coordination from the very young baby she appears to be, but she wouldn’t quite be 2.

Either way - she has a damn good hustle for a very little pupper.

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Sean O'Connell still has the best weigh-in stare downs

You guys, he’s back!

I didn’t know that I needed to see this until I saw it.

To put it simple. You DONT have to act tuff. To be a tough guy.  haha

So I looked this guy up. First, not shown in the first gif is the fact that he’s just wearing regular pants:

Also, he’s written a sci-fi novel and has spent time in Africa building a school and orphanage for abused teenage girls. So, good for that guy.

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lollians: anightvaleintern: timemachineyeah: What if by alien standards we are really cute? And...




What if by alien standards we are really cute?

And I don’t mean like attractive cute, I mean like baby otter cute. What if the stumble upon us and go “ohhhhh my god!!! Oh my god!!!! I’m dying this is- look at it! Look at them!!! Oh my god!!!”

We usually imagine having to come up with some Devils trade or unholy arrangement to get tech and trade with aliens, but the instant they see us the aliens immediately set out into conservation efforts. They’re like “their habitat is becoming harsh and unlivable for them! We have to save them!” And everyone just puts a picture of us next to this information and they all agree “Look at them! We have to save them!!” We become like the panda mascots of intergalactic conservation efforts.

Simultaneously, our main export is just streams, videos, holograms, and photos of us. Aliens lose their composure completely over videos of us sneezing or yawning or eating pop tarts or playing video games or taking care of our kids.

There are lines of aliens who would LOVE to have a human in their home or on their ship. It’s a little condescending (we’re not sure if we’re guests or well treated exotic pets) but still a good opportunity, and any human who wants can go to space at any time basically for free or even for profit, and the aliens will go out of their way to give you anything you ask for.

There are obvious downsides. We struggle to be taken seriously. While it’s usually shut down pretty quickly, every once in a while some alien group sees the demand for us and tries to start an illegal trade. But at the same time, it’s neat that somewhere out there is an alien (or usually a LOT of aliens) that would love you unconditionally, find every flaw and idiosyncrasy endearing, be worried about you and do anything they could to make you safe and happy. They work hard to make our planet and our personal lives better and don’t ask for anything in return. They just do it because they decided we are important and worth saving just for existing. It’s an odd relationship, and we’re not always sure what to make of it, but honestly it goes a lot better than we worried alien contact would.

I’m down to be a spoiled pampered alien pet.


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is it called lipstick because it’s in the shape of a stick or because it sticks to your lips

is it called lipstick because it’s in the shape of a stick or because it sticks to your lips

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reblog this post with a cool animal species lets make a wholesome thread

ok ill give a headstart:

i really like leopard seals 

axolotls are p rad


potoos look like muppets and i ove tem

here’s a quokka it’s like someone decided to splice together a wallaby and a teddy bear they literally always look like a benevolent cartoon

i don’t think you can get more wholesome than that adorable lil seed-eating smiley face. they’re not even like dolphins, cute on the outside and evil on the inside. they’re herbivores about the size of a cat. there is nothing wrong with them. 

The Springhaas, or “irl pikachu” as it is sometimes known, is basically a rat shaped like a bunny abruptly caught in the middle of trying to evolve into a kangaroo. This is why they tend to look startled.

This is a dik dik. They are tiny antelopes from southern and eastern Africa–seriously so smol. With teeny hooves and teeny horns and big soulful eyes. And the name is fun to say. It comes from the alarm call that the females make. They live together in monogamous pairs. 

Long Eared Jerboa

The adorable mash-up of a hamster, bunny, and kangaroo. Whiskers with no end, ears that put a fennec to shame, and adorability beyond measure!

bringing this back on your dashes

a sichuan takin bull and his daughter

often the color of donald trump’s hair and looking like a cross between a bison and a guinea pig, the takin is actually a bloody big goat-antelope. they have splendid noses, a natural smile, and share their habitat with pandas. which should be good enough for anyone.

This is an okapi. They are related to giraffe, can lick their own eyeballs and kind of always look like you just asked them for a ride to the airport but look at those ears and the little striped legs ~(*^*)~

Chambered nautilus! A living fossil! I also love axolotl though.

Originally posted by montereybayaquarium

A cinnamon bear! Actually a member of the black bear family, they’re one of the more calm species out there. We also have matching hair <3 Enjoy this one with a heart on its chest!

Red pandas!

Originally posted by cutestuffco


This is the most wholesome post on tumblr.

I love echidnas


Fennec foxes!!

I love all of these!

Capybaras! They’re the largest cavy species,(cavies are animals like guinea pigs) They’re BASICALLY a giant golden retriever in the skin of  guinea pig.

Golden Lion Tamarins!

These guys are very tiny, very adorable, and very endangered.

Also very endangered: the Kakapo, aka weird flightless nocturnal parrot, aka Moss Orb.

look at this moss orb

Meet the Rakali, also known as the water rat.

They are beautiful.

Chinchillas! My parents have 2, Bernie and Bess :D they’re intelligent fluffballs with hypsersensitive digestive tracts and watching them take dust baths is the CUTEST and they’re terrified of everything I love chins

Your parents have chinchillas??? That is AWESOME!!!

OTTERS though keeping one as a pet is ill advised. They’re better off in the wild :3


Galagos, AKA bushbabies are tiny primates in the Galagidae family

Red Pandas!!!

OK but like, have y'all seen an Aye-aye before? They are freakishly cute & look like something out of a fucking Jim Henson movie



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micdotcom: Watch: President Obama redefines black excellence in...

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I do not understand this “male privilege" bullshit.

What. Fucking. Privileges. Do. Men. Have.???????

Name them. I swear, I challenge you to name these “male privileges" and be able to prove them. 

Come on, I fucking dare you. 

Name them!

Oh boy. Well, as a man, I’ll tell you my male privilege.

  1. My odds of being hired for a job, when competing against female applicants, are probably skewed in my favor. The more prestigious the job, the larger the odds are skewed.
  2. I can be confident in the fact that my co-workers won’t think that I was hired/promoted because of my sex - despite the fact that it’s probably true.
  3. If I ever am promoted when a woman of my peers is better suited for the job, it is because of my sex.
  4. If i ever fail at my job or career, it won’t be seen as a blacklist against my sex’s capabilities.
  5. I am far less likely to face sexual harassment than my female peers.
  6. If I do the same task as a woman, and if the measurement is at all subjective, chances are people will think I did a better job.
  7. If I am a teen or an adult, and I stay out of prison, my odds of getting raped are relatively low.
  8. On average, I’m taught that walking alone after dark by myself is less than dangerous than it is for my female peers.
  9. If I choose not to have children, my masculinity will not be questioned.
  10. If I do have children but I do not provide primary care for them, my masculinity will not be questioned.
  11. If I have children and I do care for them, I’ll be praised even if my care is only marginally competent.
  12. If I have children and a career, no one will think I’m selfish for not staying at home.
  13. If I seek political office, my relationship with my children or who I deem to take care of them will more often not be scrutinized by the press.
  14. My elected representatives are mostly people of my own sex. The more prestigious the position, the more this is true.
  15. When i seek out “the person in charge", it is likely that they will be someone of my own sex. The higher the position, the more often this is true.
  16. As a child, chances are I am encouraged to be more active and outgoing than my sisters.
  17. As a child, I could choose from an almost infinite variety of children’s media featuring positive, active, non-stereotyped heroes of my own sex. I never had to look for it; male protagonists were (and are) the default.
  18. As a child, chances are I got more teacher attention than girls who raised their hands just as often.
  19. If my day, week or year is going badly, I need not ask of each negative episode or situation whether or not it has sexist overtones. (Nobody’s going to ask if I’m upset because I’m menstruating.)
  20. I can turn on the television or glance at the front page of the newspaper and see people of my own sex widely represented.
  21. If I’m careless with my financial affairs it won’t be attributed to my sex.
  22. If I’m careless with my driving it won’t be attributed to my sex.
  23. I can speak in public to a large group without putting my sex on trial.
  24. Even if I sleep with a lot of women, there is little to no chance that I will be seriously labeled a “slut,” nor is there any male counterpart to “slut-bashing.”
  25. I do not have to worry about the message my wardrobe sends about my sexual availability.
  26. My clothing is typically less expensive and better-constructed than women’s clothing for the same social status. While I have fewer options, my clothes will probably fit better than a woman’s without tailoring.
  27. The grooming regimen expected of me is relatively cheap and consumes little time.
  28. If I buy a new car, chances are I’ll be offered a better price than a woman buying the same car. The same goes for other expensive merchandise.
  29. If I’m not conventionally attractive, the disadvantages are relatively small and easy to ignore.
  30. I can be loud with no fear of being called a shrew. I can be aggressive with no fear of being called a bitch.
  31. I can ask for legal protection from violence that happens mostly to men without being seen as a selfish special interest, since that kind of violence is called “crime” and is a general social concern. (Violence that happens mostly to women is usually called “domestic violence” or “acquaintance rape,” and is seen as a special interest issue.)
  32. I can be confident that the ordinary language of day-to-day existence will always include my sex. “All men are created equal,” mailman, chairman, freshman, he.
  33. My ability to make important decisions and my capability in general will never be questioned depending on what time of the month it is.
  34. I will never be expected to change my name upon marriage or questioned if I don’t change my name.
  35. The decision to hire me will not be based on assumptions about whether or not I might choose to have a family sometime soon.
  36. Every major religion in the world is led primarily by people of my own sex. Even God, in most major religions, is pictured as male.
  37. Most major religions argue that I should be the head of my household, while my wife and children should be subservient to me.
  38. If I have a wife or live-in girlfriend, chances are we’ll divide up household chores so that she does most of the labor, and in particular the most repetitive and unrewarding tasks.
  39. If I have children with my girlfriend or wife, I can expect her to do most of the basic childcare such as changing diapers and feeding.
  40. If I have children with my wife or girlfriend, and it turns out that one of us needs to make career sacrifices to raise the kids, chances are we’ll both assume the career sacrificed should be hers.
  41. Assuming I am heterosexual, magazines, billboards, television, movies, pornography, and virtually all of media is filled with images of scantily-clad women intended to appeal to me sexually. Such images of men exist, but are rarer.
  42. In general, I am under much less pressure to be thin than my female counterparts are. If I am over-weight, I probably suffer fewer social and economic consequences for being fat than over-weight women do.
  43.  If I am heterosexual, it’s incredibly unlikely that I’ll ever be beaten up by a spouse or lover.
  44. Complete strangers generally do not walk up to me on the street and tell me to “smile.”
  45. Sexual harassment on the street virtually never happens to me. I do not need to plot my movements through public space in order to avoid being sexually harassed, or to mitigate sexual harassment.
  46. On average, I am not interrupted by women as often as women are interrupted by men.
  47. On average, I will have the privilege of not knowing about my male privilege.

And lastly, I am taken as a more credible feminist than my female peers, despite the fact that the feminist movement is not liberating to my sex.

This is male privilege.




Sad to say, but the fact that people think there’s no male privilege says a lot about social awareness.

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anti-gmw: mayahasfriarshart: GET EM ROW Y'ALL I’M SHOOK LIKE...





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sandandglass: The Daily Show tries to help white people...


The Daily Show tries to help white people understand what it’s like to be stopped and frisked. 

27 Sep 22:31

micdotcom: Watch: This morning Donald Trump doubled down on his...

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