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13 Aug 04:57

WHOA! Republican pundit loses his sh*t when ex-Obama adviser says Trump aides are ‘actual Nazis’

by David Ferguson
A supporter of President Donald Trump went bonkers when Joshua Dubois — former faith policy adviser to President Barack Obama — said that Trump has “functionally normalized actual Nazis.” In a Saturday night discussion of the violence that took place in Charlottesville, VA an...
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Need to have swastikas burning on their lawn @ 2AM

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dragovianknight: hearthawk: deerypoof: The most beautiful...




The most beautiful moose in all the land! This rare piebald was spotted near Falher, Alberta in Canada. Check out those eyes!

I saw it and thought ‘horse?’ But it was too weird-looking….

I thought this was the most weird-ass horse I’d ever seen.

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anglophile-rin: castieliscuterthanjesus: o-ri: does anyone else secretly have that “i liked it...




does anyone else secretly have that “i liked it before it was cool” complex but wont admit it

it’s more along the lines of “you guys were fucking making fun of me for liking this before it was cool” kinda complex

Also a “I super excitedly tried to show this to you years ago and you brushed it off and now you think you introduced it to me and that is infuriating” kinda complex

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Indian diplomat compares Ivanka to a ‘half-wit Saudi prince’ who must be grudgingly flattered: report

by Brad Reed
How do foreign leaders deal with First Daughter Ivanka Trump? According to one anonymous diplomat quoted by Hindustan Times editor-in-chief Bobby Ghosh, the key is to flatter her and make her feel important — just as you would do with a visiting member of a royal family. “We regard Ivank...
12 Aug 23:49

This screaming white kid can proudly walk around his...

This screaming white kid can proudly walk around his neighborhood. Probably be asked to run for office. His white nationalism gets him cred in his world. Trump is stoking this resentment of non-white America.

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12 Aug 20:28

talesofthestarshipregeneration: renamok: This woman confronts...

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losethehours: Evidently one day people heard Walter Koenig in...


Evidently one day people heard Walter Koenig in his dressing room screaming at someone, “I hate you, hate you, hate you! I don’t ever want to see you again!” Growing concerned, a grip was sent went to check on him since Walter was not the type to yell at people.

After a few minutes the grip who went to check on him came back to the set and told folks that Walter was fine just a little embarrassed. He would be out in a minute. Someone asked him who Walter was yelling at.

The grip got this funny little smile and said “He was yelling at his wig”.

12 Aug 05:18

pagewoman: Young  Kingfishers by Robert E...


Um, Princessfishers and Princefishers -- does Robert even birb?


Young  Kingfishers

by Robert E Fuller


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nightangel0402: captainamerica-ontheenterprise: only-in-movies: ...


Eyebrows 17/10
What happens when your kitten is raised by cicadas?







reblog for noises

“I wonder how this baby sounds”

“Ah. Like a mix between an electronic device on the fritz and what I imagine a baby raptor sounds like. Got it!”

I see, so it speaks fluent power drill.

The alarm seems to be going on your small furry device.

even after reading the comments I was not prepared

That’s like a Pokémon sound right there.

12 Aug 03:58

end0skeletal: Weird Fungi! 1. Orange Pore  2. Red Cup3. Inky...


I assume that they all taste like burning...


Weird Fungi!

1. Orange Pore  
2. Red Cup
3. Inky Cap
4. Veiled Lady
5. Red Cage
6. Bleeding Tooth
7. Devil’s Fingers
8. Starfish Stinkhorn
9. Violet Coral
10. Wrinkled Peach

12 Aug 03:21

what if men were “just polite” to each other?

what if men were “just polite” to each other?

12 Aug 01:28

captain-boomerang: badassbonerfarts: several months ago we had a cat with mysterious skin...


My coworker (who is very allergic to cats, but still usually has ~3 in the house) has a cat that is allergic to people.



several months ago we had a cat with mysterious skin allergies that we couldn’t find the cause of. he was adopted as a “special needs” cat with the adopters understanding the circumstances

we just got an update and they had decided to get him a full allergy panel to find out what he’s allergic to

it’s people.

the cat is allergic to human dander.

12 Aug 00:50

dyingdutchman: smgoetter: “Lady Tilda and the Dragon” Or “Mom...



“Lady Tilda and the Dragon”

Or “Mom Knight” which is what I kept calling it for most of the time I worked on this. This was my story for Valor, a fairy tale anthology I was in last year! It’s a really great book, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. You can purchase a copy here.

My heart!

11 Aug 23:29

The state-by-state correlation between teen birth rates and...

The state-by-state correlation between teen birth rates and religious conviction

11 Aug 22:56

cosmic-aria: booksandwater: giga-darth: octoberreads: farashasilver: lycanography: What if...







What if instead of gilly weed Harry had showed up to the black lake challenge in muggle scuba gear like “like where’s your advanced magic now bitches? Got me a free fishing knife with this thing”

Honestly I just want an AU where Harry approached all his magical problems with muggle solutions. Nobody knows how to handle it because he’s supposed to be there learning magic but you know what, it fucking works.

Give me Harry Potter who is like fucking MacGuyver up in this shit, creating his own non-magical solutions to magical problems.

“Potter how did you get past the enchanted keys to the Sorcerer’s Stone?”

“I used a fucking net.”

“How did you get past the dragon?”

Harry shines a little red light on the wall “works on cats, why not a dragon”

“How did you get through the hedge maze?”

“Weed-b-gone, it’s like a pound. Nothing will ever grow there again”

It’s the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. The Dark Lord begins to prepare a spell to end Harry Potter’s life once and for all when….

Originally posted by filmpictures

Reblogging because this is funny and the gif is perfect.

11 Aug 21:17

Massive caves in southern Brazil are actually ancient ground sloth burrows

by ZME Science
Usually, tunnels are made either by human engineers or flowing water. But near the town of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, there are tunnels large enough to drive a car in that were dug by neither – instead, these are the work of ancient, giant sloths. Image credits Amilcar Adamy. The massive burrows a...
11 Aug 21:03

biglawbear: the-future-now: On Monday morning, I fired up ye...



On Monday morning, I fired up ye olde Tinder app and did what any modern woman looking for her soulmate should do: I messaged all of my matches with word vomit spawned from a machine. Read more

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What do you mean it was a disaster? This was Beautiful

11 Aug 20:50

life advice:





never say anything to a penguin that the penguin has not already said to you

this reads like a shitpost but i’m actually 100% serious.

i was walking along the side of the harbour this evening, just after all the penguins had come in from the ocean to nest. there was one penguin right by the footpath, and when it saw me it kept saying ‘höö’. so i said ‘höö’ right back. it seemed to like that, and we had a lovely conversation where we just kept saying ‘höö’ to each other. i crouched down about two metres away from it, and we kept talking, and it actually moved towards me a little bit, seeming to prefer my company to the heartless embrace of the sea.

but then i made the mistake of trying to change things up. i said ‘hweh’, which was something that a previous penguin said to me, and this penguin hated it, and fucked right off. never said another word to me. i felt so rude.

I keep imagining this from the penguin’s point of view:

“Gustav, my friend, why so glum?”

The penguin in question looked up from his half-eaten sprat, shaking his head in disgust.

“Not glum, Sebastian. Affronted, outraged - I had the most perturbing encounter with one of the Beakless Ones.”

Sebastian nodded solemnly. “Yes, they are often perturbing. What happened, my friend?”

Gustav sighed heavily, looking up to the sky and holding his flippers wide, as if to ask the gods “why?”, before mournfully retelling his experience, “I was on the beach where the Beakless sometimes wander, contemplating names for this year’s chicks, when one of them approached. It seemed harmless enough to greet - they’re cute, in a strange, bald and flat-faced way, are they not?”

“Oh Gustav, you kind-hearted fool.”

“Such a fool, I am!” Gustav’s moans had gathered a small crowd already - the only thing penguins love more than a bellyful of fish, is a story. A good storyteller was always guaranteed a warm spot to huddle in the winter, surrounded by bored friends longing for entertainment.

“What did it do, Gustav? Did it kick you?”

“No! When it got close, I called out to it, ‘hello, friend!’. It stopped and returned the greeting - awkwardly, but it was rather sweet, like a chick learning it’s first chirps. ‘Hollow fren,’ it said back to me. I was charmed, but not wanting it to learn poor pronunciation, I repeated the greeting, and so did it! Getting clearer each time, till it could almost pass for a true penguin itself.”

“Gustav is a wonderful teacher,” Adelina, his mate, stated with a proud nod of her lovely blue head. “You remember how well our chicks could enunciate, before they even caught their first fish.”

“But what of it, Gustav? What happened to sour this experience so?”

“We went back and forth, till I was satisfied. It lowered itself near the ground, and I moved closer, carefully, not wanting to alarm it. I was just about to tell it how pleased I was, that it learning so quickly, when all of a sudden, it looked me right in the eye and said ‘Fuck off, freak.’”

There were avian gasps all around.

“Oh no!”

“How rude!”

“I was so appalled, I could not bring myself to even chide it.” Gustav bowed his head in shame. “I turned and left without another word.”

“It said that to you? Oh dear.” Sebastian tilted his head in a piercing glare towards one of their fellows, focusing on the only one who was slapping his sides and chortling. “Björn, you scoundrel! What have I told you about yelling obscenities at the Beakless?”

Björn cackled and bobbed his head in defiance. “How was its enunciation, Gustav? You soft-hearted buffoon!”

now that’s a fine addition to my post

11 Aug 18:24

pyrebomb: petralemaitre: derryderrydown: bomberqueen17: bedbugsbiting: My face is having...

by shieldgirl42






My face is having uncontrollable spasms. Great. It hurts really, really, really bad.

I think part of why I have trouble explaining pain to the doctor is when they ask about the pain scale I always think “Well, if someone threw me down a flight of stairs right now or punched me a few times, it would definitely hurt a lot more” so I end up saying a low number. I was reading an article that said that “10” is the most commonly reported number and that is baffling to me. When I woke up from surgery with an 8" incision in my body and I could hardly even speak, I was in the most horrific pain of my life but I said “6” because I thought “Well, if you hit me in the stomach, it would be worse.”

I searched and searched for the post this graphic was from, and the OP deactivated, but I kept the graphic, because my BFF does the same thing, uses her imagination to come up with the worst pain she can imagine and pegs her “10″ there, and so is like, well, I’m conscious, so this must be a 5, and then the doctors don’t take her seriously. (And she then does things like driving herself to the hospital while in the process of giving birth. Probably should have called an ambulance for that one!)

So I found this and sent it to her. Because this is what they want to know: how badly is this pain affecting you? Not on a scale of “nothing” to “how I’d imagine it’d feel if bears were eating my still-living guts while I was on fire”. 

I hate reposting stuff, but I’ll never find that post again and OP is deactivated, so, here’s a repost. I can delete this later, i just wanted to get it to you and I can’t embed images in a chat or an ask. 

This is possibly why it took several weeks to diagnose my fractured spine.

Pain Scale transcription:

10 - I am in bed and I can’t move due to my pain. I need someone to take me to the emergency room because of my pain.

9 - My pain is all that I can think about. I can barely move or talk because of my pain.

8 - My pain is so severe that it is difficult to think of anything else. Talking and listening are difficult.

7 - I am in pain all the time. It keeps me from doing most activities.

6 - I think about my pain all of the time. I give up many activities because of my pain.

5 - I think about my pain most of the time. I cannot do some of the activities I need to do each day because of the pain.

4 - I am constantly aware of my pain but can continue most activities.

3 - My pain bothers me but I can ignore it most of the time.

2 - I have a low level of pain. I am aware of my pain only when I pay attention to it.

1 - My pain is hardly noticeable.

0 - I have no pain.

I have never met a chronic pain patient who does not loathe the pain scale with a fiery passion for this exact reason. And I have never seen the above moderately useful descriptions in a doctor’s office or hospital. Instead, they always have this bullshit:

Wow. Thanks for the elaboration.

10 Aug 23:15

squimble-the-slug-witch: surprisebitch: swdyww: rittie: BIG...


Kitty the Musical
looks like he is likely blind in one eye as well..

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What does she want give it to he r


HIs name is Fuku and he’s deaf. His owner’s instagram says he was just ‘singing’. Considering he is deaf it’s likely he has no idea how loud he is.