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micdotcom: Sportscaster Dale Hansen defends student wrestler...

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blackchick-withnochill: babyanimalgifs: a very scared...



a very scared abandoned dog was saved off of the streets and regained her happiness

via @crankdatholly

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wow so powerful.  what film is this?

Lajja. This film is called Lajja. Lajja, in a general translation from Hindi, means Shame. 

It talks about different women in different situations overcoming the shame instilled by the society to keep them under the control of men. 


28 Feb 05:55

mswyrr: freifraufischer: micdotcom: George W. Bush speaks out...




George W. Bush speaks out against Trump’s war with the media, travel ban and Islamophobia

We’ve gotten to the point where Republicans won’t listen to “liberals” trying to tell them that water is wet (or that a free press is necessary to a democracy or that immigrants are an essential part of our communities) so only if Republican leaders stand up for basic principles of our democracy are they going to survive. Within that context, God bless this man, who was a truly lousy president in so many ways (but not, it is significant to note, Islamophobia), for doing the right thing right now.

28 Feb 05:47

procrastinationinsteadofgrading: teressabee: My naym is dogMy...



My naym is dog
My frend is smol
He dose not fetch
Or thro the ball
But I not chays
Or bite like cat
Insted I’m kind
I lyk the rat

My naym is rat
And this caynine
He show me how
to have good tyme
I stand up tall
Upon my toes
I stretch my tung
I lyk his nose

I love you

28 Feb 04:37

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so the montreal police officers are on strike and to shame the government they decided to wear different kinds of pants

that’s so beautiful

the fashion police

28 Feb 04:25

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Why would there be a bottle of wine on the stove?!

WTF Barbie you can’t use a cutting board for a bulletin board

BARBIE! you should know better than to leave a cheese grater on the edge of the fridge! someone could get hurt!

Um, okay, DOES NO ONE REALIZE THAT BARBIE is cleaning her kitchen floor with a garden hose? Get it together, Barbie.



People. Wow. Open your EYES.

Is NOBODY going to point out how Barbie is CLEANING HER FLOOR





Barbie, seriously? The blender on top of the fridge? You could get hurt!!1

Guys for the love of god how can you not notice the freaking rat next to the fridge?! WTF Barbie? Clean your house more often, would ya?

Barbie, who the hell puts a calculator on their fridge. COME ON! GET WITH THE TIMES!

I love how everyone pretends not to notice the toaster next to the sink. BARBIE! YOU COULD GET ELECTROCUTED IF THAT FELL IN! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GURL!

what the hell is wrong with you people???!?!?!

omfg how can you not notice the fact the fridge has three layers of drawers on the bottom? what the fuck?? barbie fridges dont work that way im sorry


THAT WALLPAPER! IT’S HIDEOUS! Get a freakin’ sense of style, woman!

theres a dead body

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19 Feb 02:50

Why did tumblr make the x files seem so romantic like i was expecting mulder being all romantic and stuff and being like the best boyfriend/husband material in the world then i watched the show and saw nothing of it where is all the romantic shit.

The X-Files is incredibly romantic, but it’s not going to be romance the way you’re used to seeing romance on television. 

It is not going to be forced and it is not going to be fast. They are not going to fall into bed with each other in the first season or two, you are not going to listen to them profess their undying love to each other in so many words. 

What you get are two people, two total opposites, put together with the intention of destroying each other but in turn, end up saving each other. You get to watch them grow from acquaintances, to friendly co-workers, to best friends, to lovers. But by the time they get there, by the time they get to the part that other couples on television seem to jump right into, it doesn’t even matter because they’re already each other’s everything.

So you don’t see them go on typical dates. But you see them bonding in shitty diners across the country, in rental cars on long stretches of dark highway, sitting on rocks in the water or on benches in small town America or on forest floors. They don’t talk of their feelings in so many words, they don’t use flowery prose to make sure the other person knows how they feel but they fight for each other, lie for each other, die for each other, go to battle together, be the only person the other person trusts. 

So Mulder is not the best boyfriend/husband in the world but he’s the best partner Scully’s ever had, the love of her life, the father of her child but he’s also her best friend. It is a foundation of trust, loyalty, respect before love even enters the equation.

And Scully is not the best girlfriend/wife in the world, but she’s the only person who’s ever made Mulder feel like he’s worth a damn, like he deserves something in this world.

So The X-Files is absolutely romantic and I think if you don’t see that, then it’s because you’re looking for romance in all the wrong ways. 

17 Feb 02:11

20-nothin: whats-ruining-my-life: jannesinjrv: internets-bests:...

Cary Renquist

I might *need* that POTUS45 one.









I found it! My life is COMPLETE

I need this!

Okay but there is also a FUCK TRUMP one I am dead 

I have reblogged this so many times but now theres a fuck trump one

The Trump one should be every country’s flag

I bought the Fuck Trump one and everyone loves it.

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nycnostalgia: We take a brief break from NYC nostalgia to show...

Cary Renquist

A yuuge heaping platter of #3, please.


We take a brief break from NYC nostalgia to show you some NYC truth.

17 Feb 00:47

An Exhibition Examines the Executive Order that Interned Thousands of Japanese Americans

by Matt Stromberg
War Relocation Authority photo, taken at the Jerome concentration camp in Arkansas, June 18, 1944
(via Japanese American National Museum, gift of Dr. Toshio Yatsushiro and Lily Koyama)

The policy of detaining or expelling groups of residents because of their background or nationality is both a shameful historical memory and a frighteningly realistic possibility for this country’s future. Instructions to All Persons: Reflections on Executive Order 9066 at the Japanese American National Museum is an exhibition that looks back at Executive Order 9066 which was signed by President Roosevelt 75 years ago and led to the deportation and internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans. The exhibition features historical documents — including pages from the original executive order — photographs and documentary films, as well as contemporary artworks by Wendy Maruyama and Mike Saijo. Produced in conjunction with the theater East West Players, a series of performances exploring institutional discrimination will take place in the galleries throughout the show’s run as well. And, beginning on March 24, the public artwork “Moving Day” will feature 80 exclusionary orders projected onto the museum’s facade nightly from sunset to midnight.

When: Opens Saturday, February 18, 11am–5pm
Where: Japanese American National Museum (100 North Central Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles)

More info here.

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skeetshoot: yeahiwasintheshit: horse with horse written on...



horse with horse written on it

most iconic

17 Feb 00:31

PTSD: President Trump Stress Disorder

by Barry Ritholtz
Cary Renquist

Just sharing for the title...

President Trump News Conference President Trump held a news conference to announce Alexander Acosta as his new labor secretary nominee following Andrew Puzder’s decision to withdraw from the process. Before taking questions, the president spoke at length about topics such as the first few weeks of his administration, jobs, his Supreme Court nominee, military spending,…

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weavemama: weavemama: weavemama: HE SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH...





btw here is another source other than trumpdaily confirming this. 

these white demons deadass stole 880k from sick kids to go towards their shitty ass golf resorts and plastic surgery………

07 Feb 03:39

spookjimchristmas: Please help my country...

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luvyourselfsomeesteem: biscuitsarenice: 1940s America I rarely...



1940s America

I rarely get to see moving pictures of black ppl from this early of an era in just everyday life. It’s so wild because my mind is telling me to associate these images with now but they’re from over 70 yrs ago

07 Feb 03:22

snixxlixx: Imagine fucking up so bad that people protest you on all seven continents.

Cary Renquist

I love that they even held a march in Antarctica...


Imagine fucking up so bad that people protest you on all seven continents.

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leakedinlondon: leakedinlondon: thank u for visiting little...



thank u for visiting little friend I love u

I have an update on this lil dude apparently he has now been permanently banned from leaving his house because he walked his ass down to the train station got on a train and spend the day hanging out in a caffe a few suburbs over

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shoshanah-ben-hohim: kixxarse: So I was telling my parents...



So I was telling my parents about this tweet, and now this is what my dad is calling him.



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Okay buckle the fuck up because I’m pissed


Romani people exist okay? We exist, and we experience racism, and prejudice and fucking casual hatred and erasure and constant, never ending microaggressions and if you are a white activist I can almost guarantee you are not fucking helping.

Stop giving the total number of Holocaust victims as six million, it was nearly twice that. Better yet, just stop using the Holocaust as a rhetorical device in general if you’re not Jewish or Romani.

But okay fine you wanna talk about the Holocaust? Lets talk about the fucking Holocaust.

Did you know entire dialects of our language went extinct because everyone who spoke them was killed?

Did you know Romani children were the favorites of the Nazi scientists for experimentation because they were easily bribed with chocolate and toys? Josef Mengele (May he burn in every afterlife) sewed two four-year-old twin children together, back to back. Their names were Guido and Ida and their own mother had to kill them out of mercy.

Non-romani and non-Jewish people need to stop comparing what is happening to the Holocaust because guess what? You don’t understand our fear. You don’t understand how we’re feeling. I watched the fucking president sign an order to ban Muslim people from entering this country and now I cant stop having nightmares about brown triangles and fucking gas chambers.

and you do not know how this feels, you do not understand the visceral cultural memory that exists in ever Jewish and Romani person; I guarantee you do not get it.

In Mississippi you can still fine a Rom for moving to your county. Texas law refer to Prostitutes, Vagabonds and G*psies in the same breath and fines all of them $500 for existing in public. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to even be Romani without a license. A license to exist, a license to be allowed to be alive. And that’s just in the U.S, where I live. Romani children in Europe still go to segregated fucking schools

And I don’t have an Instagram anymore because I was sick of seeing white girls appropriate my culture and call themselves g*psies as if it wasn’t a slur, insisting that they just love my culture so much and yet none of them are willing to defend me against the Nazis who want to finish killing my people

I wonder if my survival will be predicated on how happy I can keep my racist white family. I wonder if they will be the ones who turn me in. I look at every white person around me insisting that we need to give Trump a chance and all can see is their backs turning on me when everything goes to shit.

I cant even go shopping without seeing t-shirt slapped with racial slurs, watching businesses being built atop my people graves, see our suffering reduced to an aesthetic, as if Romani aren’t still forcefully sterilized when they go to the hospital for cold medicine

Are you fucking listening? Do you understand what I’m telling you? I’m not a prop, im not an aesthetic, im not fucking Halloween costume, im a real actual person whose people are suffering I am so fucking sick of leftists and so-called activists who refuse to acknowledge that Romani people even exist, let alone try to, gods forbid, help us.

The only gadje I ever see defend Romani people are Jewish people. And that’s great, Jewish people thank you, but why are the only gadje who care about us getting murdered by Nazis the one’s who are also getting murdered by Nazis?

Stop talking about fucking “peaceful transitions of power” and “don’t fight hate with hate” and “if you punch Nazis you’re just as bad” stop fucking telling Jewish and Romani people they are just as bad as the monsters who fucking slaughtered millions of their people

Fucking hell I don’t even know what the point of this post is im just so fucking done with your shitty activism and your half-assed defenses and your “listen to both sides of the argument even if one side is LITERAL NAZIS” nonsense and your refusal to listen when people call you out on your bullshit im just done

03 Feb 15:27

antifainternational: queeranarchism: The great tradition of...



The great tradition of hitting assholes on camera continues: 

A reporter from PowNews, a Dutch (racist right-wing & populist) TV station that is known for incessantly stalking people who do not want to be interviewed, received a good smack from a mother yesterday (1 Feb 2017). The mother had repeated multiple times that she did not want to be on television and when the ‘reporter’ continued his harassment she expertly backhanded him.

(If you enjoy this video as much as I have, please share gifs like this and NOT footage showing her face.)


03 Feb 01:35

Kit Kat Sushi Is Beautiful, Sweet, and Now a Reality in Tokyo — On Trend

by Sarah Spigelman Richter
(Image credit: mashable)

If you love sushi but your boyfriend or girlfriend can't stand raw fish, you might finally have the perfect sushi date waiting in Tokyo. Japan's first Kit Kat sushi shop hits the streets of Tokyo February 2 (today!) and will sell a limited quantity of sweet sushi through February 4.


03 Feb 01:27


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micdotcom:This interview with Jared Kushner’s grandmother from...


This interview with Jared Kushner’s grandmother from 1982 is immensely relevant in 2017

My great grandmother was a survivor in the holocaust. She was really smart and snuck her husband out of the concentration camp, disguised herself and got a visa for them both, never denied her religion, still made it out alive and moved to Bolivia where she had my grandfather. She was an amazing woman and lived to 100 years old, passed away a few years ago. I am proud of my family.

03 Feb 00:51


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chubbybunnybb:Fuck him up Elsie

Cary Renquist

I need to adopt a new grandma... Elsie seems perfect.


Fuck him up Elsie

30 Jan 06:20


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Cary Renquist

It actually looks like our dog with one of our cats (the dog is smaller than all of them).