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songersingwriterr: songersingwriterr: I follow this page on Facebook called Toilets With...



I follow this page on Facebook called Toilets With Threatening Auras and well…

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You can’t get much happier than a pig in muck, or so we are told.

But when this little piggy arrived in the farmyard she showed a marked reluctance to get her trotters dirty. While her six brothers and sisters messed around in the mire, she stayed on the edge shaking. It is thought she might have mysophobia - a fear of dirt.

Owners Debbie and Andrew Keeble were at a loss, until they remembered the four miniature wellies used as pen and pencil holders in their office. They slipped them on the piglet’s feet - and into the mud she happily ploughed. [x]



Having a rough time? Little bitty piggy in little bitty boots.

those boots are made for walkin

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positive-memes: Honouring heroes…


Honouring heroes…

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buddy-berry: gifsboom: Clouded Leopard Cub. [video] The...





Clouded Leopard Cub. [video]

The beans

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maimas789: fieldbears: emotionsidehoe: Out on the town ! oh my god  oh my god oh my god...






Out on the town !

oh my god  oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

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mon petit chou

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intergalactic-dorks: intergalactic-dorks: Its nice that we get to die someday. Imagine being...



Its nice that we get to die someday. Imagine being immortal and suddenly you remember all the emberassing things you did in the last 2000 years. Horrible

Me, as a vampire: oh geez

Friend: What’s wrong

Me: Just remembered that time in 1654 when the tavern maid said “Enjoyeth thy meal!” I replied with “Thee as well”

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Box Forts For Adults: Best Practices and Design Strategies

by Lewin Day

I can finally do that Fort Night thing that all the kids are talkin' about.

Many a grown up can reminisce about building various architectural wonders in their youth. Forts, whether based on boxes or blankets, were the order of the day, and an excellent way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

It just so happens that there is no law against scaling up such activities once one has reached the age of majority. However, to build a structure at this level takes some careful planning and consideration, and that is the purpose of our article here today.

Location, Location, Location

To avoid an awkward conflict, be sure to warn your housemates of impending construction well ahead of time.

The first major consideration when starting your build should be the area in which you wish to do it. Building inside has the advantage of avoiding the weather, however hard floors can lead to sore knees when crawling around. Additionally, you’re a grown up now, so it’s less likely your peers will be impressed to hear you sat inside a box in your living room.

No, if you’re going to do this right, you’ll want to go outside. A nice flat lawn is best, providing soft ground and plenty of space. The challenges of the elements will guide your work – sitting inside your cardboard home feels all the more satisfying when you’re cosy and dry as you listen to the patter of rain on the roof. There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you’ve built something that can survive the harsh outdoors, and besides, the views are better, too.


Obviously, to build a box fort, you need boxes, and now you’re no longer three feet tall, you’re gonna need a lot of them. If you’ve struck it rich on the Bitcoin markets, you’re in luck – place an order with your local packaging company for as many as you need and you’re all set. However, for the rest of us, there’s plenty of ways to scrounge up materials.

The simple fact is, the retail industry goes through tons of packaging – literally. The trick is knowing where to look. As far as Australia goes, the big supermarkets are largely a waste of time because boxes are crushed almost immediately and recycled once used. Smaller supermarkets, however, particularly those with a more community focus, are often more than happy to put aside some leftovers from the night fill run. They’re a great source of your small-to-medium regular boxes.

Ideally though, you want the biggest boxes you can get. This is where hardware and furniture stores come in. Volumes are low, so they’re generally flattened and disposed of manually, meaning they’re often available if you’re willing to show up and take them away.

L-angle is rigid and strong, making it invaluable for construction purposes.

Flattened cardboard boxes aren’t the be-all and end-all, however. When you’re building an advanced structure, you need beams that can bear some decent loads. This is where you need to be hunting for cardboard L-angles, or even cardboard carpet tubes. These sections are very high strength and are invaluable when it comes time to put up your roof.

The real trick here is actually communication. You need to be able to identify who has what you want, and then contact them and see if you can pick up their waste cardboard. It’s often as simple as picking up the phone and explaining politely that you’re doing a project and would love to pick up any spare boxes they’re getting rid of. Generally people are more than willing to help, and if not – no problem! There’s always somewhere else to try.

Outside of cardboard, you’ll need one more thing – a hell of a lot of tape. However much you think you’ll need, quadruple it. Trust me.

Building Techniques

A no-nonsense foreman will help keep your builders motivated.

So you’ve stepped outside, it’s a beautiful day, and your friends will be here any minute. How do you turn this hulking pile of cardboard into a building you can be proud of?

The first step is to plan. Get a rough idea in your head of what you want to do – how many rooms, secret tunnels, and so on. Then begin laying out your boxes to build the perimeter walls. Get inside and move about, and see if you’ve got the dimensions right. It’s important to get this correct at the beginning, so you don’t end up with a cramped, uncomfortable hang-out space that your friends don’t want to play in.

Typically, if you’re working with a variety of boxes in different shapes and sizes, the best way to build is by using the boxes in their folded-up box state, rather than as flat cardboard. Working with flat cardboard can give a very clean look, but such a design requires a lot of beams, such as L-angles or others, to hold the walls up. Given that such materials are harder to come by, building with box units is typically much more accessible and gives that classic box-fort look.

Overlapping boxes in each new layer in the wall helps hold things together.

It’s important to stagger your boxes – the boxes in the higher layer in a wall overlap the ones below. This helps lock the wall together, giving it a more resilient structure. If you’re going for a quick and dirty build, this technique, combined with lashings of tape, is usually enough. However, if you want to get fancy, or you’re building in a high-wind area, you may want to consider some more advanced brickwork techniques. Another useful idea is to weigh down the boxes at the base of your walls. This acts as a strong foundation and makes your boxes less likely to skate around as your fort’s inhabitants bounce around.

Flooring is an area where your imagination really is the limit. If you’ve got a great lawn, you may not need flooring at all! Alternatively, tarpaulins or various types of linoleum sheet can be used for a hard-wearing surface. However, having undertaken this project, it’s likely you’ll find yourself with an abundant supply of, yes – cardboard. Flattened boxes make an excellent cheap flooring solution, and you’ve likely already got all the materials you need to hand.

The roof is often where things begin to get complicated. Yes, an open air fort can be fun, but it lacks a certain coziness and privacy that you can’t get without a ceiling. If you’ve built your fort to proper adult dimensions, you’ll find you’ve got quite a distance to span across your walls if you’re going to close things in from up top.

This is where the engineering comes in. If you try to simply place flat sheets across a wide gap, they’ll sag in the middle. They need support. The thing to consider here is the deflection of your roof structure. For a simple rectangular beam, the formula below is used to calculate the second moment of area.

Calculating the second moment of area for a rectangular beam. Source: Wikipedia

The second moment of area is very important in this regard; a higher second moment of area means your beam will resist deflection better. A lower second moment of area means that your beam will not hold up well at all. Note the terms in the equation – b for base width, h for height. The height term is cubed, meaning that the height of the beam has a far greater role to play where rigidity is concerned.

This is why I-beams and C-beams are so commonly used in construction – they have excellent rigidity in the vertical plane and thus can spread loads well. Obviously the calculations get more complex, but the key is always that the height makes more difference when talking about rigidity against vertical deflection.

To visualise this in a simple manner, take a steel ruler and hang it over the edge of a desk. Laying flat, it takes very little force to deflect the ruler. However, stand the ruler on its edge, and it is incredibly rigid and requires enormous force to deflect!

What does this mean for you, the enterprising box fort engineer? It’s simple – for your roof spans, it’s important to create beams with a high second moment of area in order for them to support the roof. This can be readily achieved by using cardboard L-angle or rolls, but this can be difficult to source in long lengths suitable for roof beams.

Making C-beams out of flat boxes is a great technique for building roof structures.

A great alternative is to build your own C-beams out of existing boxes. As pictured, the sides of the flattened box are folded up to form a C-shaped cross section. To stop them unfolding, tape is used as a tension brace to hold the beam in shape. In my most recent build, these are then combined with vertical pillars to make a peaked roof with a beautiful high ceiling. By creating rigid beams out of otherwise floppy cardboard, you have the capability to build far more daring and resilient structures – your creativity really is the limit here.

Once you’ve got the beams in place, you just need to cover the roof. Garbage bags are one option – they’re noisy as hell but are great at keeping the rain out, while also letting plenty of natural light in. Ideally though, you’ll have enough flat cardboard to cover the whole structure. It can be difficult to tape in place, and requires carefully leaning over walls as you go, but it can give some fantastic results.

Final Notes

After a long day on the job, it’s always nice to kick back with a cold, frosty beverage and the company of a few good friends.

You’re an adult now, but some things never change. Blankets, beanbags and pillows should be your absolute number one go-to for decorating your fort. But it needn’t stop there! We’re all hackers here, so you’d be remiss not to go overboard with all manner of blinking LEDs and Arduino-powered contrivances. Being a structure that is admittedly temporary, you’re free to hack up the walls for dodgy intercom installs or your latest digital picture frame build. Bonus points if you replicate the

entire bridge from the Starship Enterprise, of course.

Overall, with a good bunch of friends, and plenty of hustle, you can build a box fort that far exceeds the wildest dreams of your childhood. Go forth and create, and share your best tips in the comments!





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pangur-and-grim: cosmicastrogazer: pangur-and-grim: OH my...




OH my sweet summer child, sleep ignorant of what awaits you


Give her a smooch on the noggin before applying Hat

if you lift off the Hat, you’ll find the smooch underneath

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We all struggle to be a good boy sometimes. My website – My...

We all struggle to be a good boy sometimes. 

My website – My Instagram – See me on Webtoon!

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"Acne positivity movement"

by (Minnesotastan)
[Kali] Kushner, 23, from Cincinnati, Ohio, began documenting her struggle with acne on the Instagram account @myfacestory – her experience with the drug Accutane, dermarolling, makeup, scarring, hyperpigmentation, alongside all the ways people have responded to her acne, from her husband, who has been steadfastly supportive, to the traffic police officer who assumed she was a junkie. To her surprise, people began following. Today, with more than 50,000 followers, she makes up part of the growing acne positivity movement.

After years of oppressive aesthetic perfection, acne positivity is a drive for people to be more open about their skin problems, from the occasional spot to full-blown cystic acne. It joins recent moves to celebrate the many and varied appearances of our skin – from vitiligo to freckles and stretch marks – but also seeks to educate those who still believe that acne is a problem for the unwashed and unhealthy...

He tells of a US study in which participants were shown a selection of photographs of high-school students with skin problems, as well as photographs of the same students with their acne airbrushed out, and asked for their impressions. The results, Shergill says, showed that “as soon as you have any disfigurement on your face, you get viewed as an introverted nerd."

While many regard acne as a teenage affliction, it can evolve into adulthood. An estimated 25% of all women over 30 still have the condition.
The story continues at The Guardian.
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kinda has an "Oh You" vibe

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“You’ll never guess what I just passed on the stairs”

“You’ll never guess what I just passed on the stairs”

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unseenphil: seananmcguire: camwyn: Truly, in many ways, the...


My mom loved green, so we had avocado green kitchen appliances and also green bathroom fixtures (they were a little "nicer" than avocado green). She also had an avocado green car in the early 70's




Truly, in many ways, the 1970s were a decade without quality control.

I will be honest if they would sell me that orange sink today I would have it installed in roughly six minutes flat.

The Fighting Pumpkins Bathroom suite. 

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labelleizzy: knitmeapony: eyesintheskies2313: I love this....




I love this. Its in all the toilets at the local birth centre and basically if your in a domestic violence relationship and cant speak out about it you take one of the stickers and place it on the urine pot and the midwife will speak to you after about it and get you the help needed to flee the violence. So upsetting how many stickers have already gone tho :(

If it makes you feel better, those might not have been taken by actual folks who needed it – we were taught at the clinic I worked at to never leave a full sheet of anything, because the sorts of folks who need these stickers might also be the kind of folks who, psychologically, have a hard time taking a first step or ‘breaking’ something brand new – like being the first person to take a sticker off a sheet or tear a phone number off a flyer.  They called it ‘easing the path’ and all us admin staff were careful to never fill up brochure things all the way, to take the first tag off a flyer we hung up, leave the toys for the kids in uneven piles and leave a couple of books leaning or sideways or lying flat on the shelf.

Reblog for the second set of comments. Folks in abusive relationships have a constant mental commentary about how you aren’t worth it, you’re a bother, you’re inconvenient, you cause trouble, it’s all your fault. That “easing the way” is solid psychology. Feeling like you’re not alone, you’re not the only one who has this problem, can let you shift from feeling helpless and hopeless to being willing to reach out for help.

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deerney: autisticstevonnie: thatdisneyworldblog: I think this...




I think this is the most hilarious thing

the storybook font is what does it for me

Ok so I have a story. I worked Fantasyland (Dumbo) at Magic Kingdom. We had a girl transfer from Pirates of the Caribbean. And she told me the most amazing story.

So Pirates is down (shocking) And this particular boat is stopped at the first big scene, Where Barbosa is on the ship yelling for Jack Sparrow.

Anyway the boat has been stopped for about 15 minutes at this point, and there’s a couple sitting alone in the back. So the guy decides that nothing gets him in a better mood than the smell of water that hasn’t been changed in roughly 50 years, and convinces his girlfriend to blow him.

Now this girl is in the booth, along with the coordinator, watching this go down. Literally. There’s not much they can do to stop it at this point, other than notify security. Then another problem arises. The guy finishes, and the girl makes the motion to spit.

In. The. Fucking. Water.

Now if that load is released into the water, thats an automatic biohazard, and the ride is shut down for weeks. The water is removed, the ride path is scrubbed, along with the ride vehicles, and then new water is brought in. Costing the company thousands of dollara and pissed off tourists. The worst combination on this earth.

Panicking at this predicament, the coordinator grabs the mic in the control booth and says:

“Spitting is for quitters.”

This echoes over the bitching of guests and 50 year old audio of pirates commiting various crimes.

The look on this woman’s face was priceless. She gazes up, as if Walt himself commanded her from the grave, and swallows.

I’m told the ride started 5 minutes later and the couple ran out from the exit queue as fast as they could.

And this is why you dont fuck at Disney. Because cast members will call you out and it will be the highlight of our day.

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abolish-everything: gunsandfireandshit: candygarnet: theres...


Meat Majik




theres no way in hell you can guess how this video ends



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bismyname: thenatsdorf: Music box puts kitten to sleep....



Music box puts kitten to sleep. (via osirisosito)

That’a so darn cute!!!!

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positive-memes:Meet Max the stamp licker. He is the Goodest Boy...


Meet Max the stamp licker.

He is the Goodest Boy and a very good worker he is doing such a good job! <3

I hope everyone who comes to Max tells him how much they appreciate his help <3

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yomozukis: yomozukis: I’m reading on old superstitions and: “Do not go out collecting nuts on Sept...



I’m reading on old superstitions and:
“Do not go out collecting nuts on Sept 14th, holy Rood Day, as the devil will be out nutting too!”
September 14th: the day the Devil nuts


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fernsandmoss:Sigmar Polke’s agate ‘stained glass’ windows for...


Sigmar Polke’s agate ‘stained glass’ windows for the Grossmunster church in Zurich

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rose-tinted-wings: killerkub: tentacle-dick: drew a buncha...


cursed cat drawings


a demon on its perch

she licc

smile!! c:




drew a buncha cryptids from @cursedcatimages!!!

edit: there’s more


@drfitzmonster it diabolo!

Ur good floofy cryptid buddy :D

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snarthurt: legovasavouchi: ultrafacts: Source: [x] Click HERE...




Source: [x]

Click HERE for more facts

Okay so I went to the source article and here’s the paragraph where the guy tells his secret:

First, there was their daily diet: on top of dry commercial cat food, a home-cooked breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, broccoli, coffee with cream, and—every two days—about an eyedropper full of red wine to “circulate the arteries.” Then there was his effort to ensure the cats were sufficiently stimulated: a garage he’d converted into a home movie theater, with a working reel-to-reel projector and actual movie theater seats, where Perry screens nature documentaries exclusively for the cats (with previews, he added). Last, and perhaps most important, he swore that love and close, personal relationships helped his cats live longer. Perry adored his cats so much, he remembered each of their birthdays.

i love this man

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copperbadge: somethingwittythiswaycomes: markv5: 10 идей “гнёзд” для ваших котиков 10 идей...




10 идей “гнёзд” для ваших котиков

10 идей “гнёзд” для ваших котиков

@copperbadge The Sisters of Terror need some high ground :D

Polk certainly does! Deebs doesn’t seem to care but Polk keeps climbing. I’ve just bought some shelves to install near a window so she can get up high without breaking shit. I wonder if the kittens would take to those hammocky things – they seem to like being “enclosed” that way but they also won’t touch the softer of the beds I bought them. 

Omg Sam! Instead of white board, you could carpet the pillar!

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What cryptid is this?

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marshmallow-princess-420: winjennster: womanthinking: Scientif...




Scientifically the most pure thing on our wretched mess of a planet.

Rare footage of Bambi and Thumper.

This was tooo cute for me not to reblog

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mysharona1987: isolinde: lollydrag0n: mysharona1987: I feel...





I feel bad for the scientists who spent years and years getting their degrees only to eventually end up dressing up rats in lingerie.

I feel jealous of the scientists who get to spend their time dressing up rats in jackets.

who even thought it would be a good idea to put rats in lingerie

Who are we to deprive rats of the right to be sexy?

Person: (Goes to college)

(Studies hard to become a great scientist)

(Dreams of one day curing cancer or designing a new propulsion system or unlocking some great secret of the universe or maybe even just inventing something cool and helpful that lots of people want to own)

Life: Okay




Ur gonna be the person who found out which outfit you can dress lady rats up in

That makes guy rats really want to fuck them

Person: …..



Life: That’s what your gonna go to the grave having achieved

Enjoy this