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Cary Renquist

Nothin' like a cold wet nose to really wake ya up...

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word-stuck: “It is not so much for its beauty that the forest...

by burningfp
Cary Renquist

I miss "forest bathing"...


It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air, that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

shinrin-yoku 森林浴 (submitted by lightofthestar)

21 Apr 23:02

I found a pun that works in both English and Spanish

by burningfp


Where do cats go when they die? Purrgatory.

¿De dónde van los gatos cuando mueren? Purgatorio.

06 May 20:49

unite4humanity: micdotcom: When Jason Disitso saw Officer...



When Jason Disitso saw Officer Jonathan Munoz walk up to his friend and begin inappropriately touching her, sticking his hand in her pockets and frisking her, he did what anyone concerned with her safety might do in the 21st century: He asked another friend for his cell phone and began recording Munoz.

Minutes later, Disitso was being driven away in cuffs. According to sworn testimony from Munoz, the March 12, 2014, incident escalated quickly when Disitso tried to punch him. But as the full video shows, that’s not what happened.

Cops who stay silent are equally as guilty as the abusive cops. The #NotAllCops, #BlueLivesMatter, and #MyLifeMatters people do not speak up about incidents like these.

Cops who stay cops are equally as guilty as the abusive cops.

13 May 05:36

Taste the Poison

In case you ever need it, the number for poison control in the United States is easy to remember:


Or as I remember it


So, you know, if you ever are around a kid that swallows something bad or an adult who does the same, call them. They are really nice and helpful.

And then call me.

14 May 04:59

Flask a Stupid Question

by Adam

2015-05-14-Flask a Stupid Question

14 May 14:00

The Unasked Question About Sen. Warren’s Opposition To The TPP

by mikethemadbiologist

President Obama’s recent mansplaining to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren about the TPP reeks of desperation: if there is one lawyer in the Senate with the brains to understand the Trans-Pacific Partnership (‘TPP) trade agreement, it would be Warren, even under the incredibly limited review allowed to senators.

What state is Warren from? Massachusetts.

And what is a key industry–one that continues to grow and bring jobs from around the world to the Commonwealth (God save it!)? Biotech.

Now, let’s stir some of this into the pot (boldface mine):

The public health repercussions of this deal could be massive. The negotiating countries represent at least 700 million people, and U.S. negotiators refer to the TPP as a “blueprint” for future trade deals. The TPP attempts to rewrite existing global trade rules and would dismantle legal flexibilities and protections afforded for public health.

We have concerns with several U.S. government demands in the TPP. For example, the TPP would lower the standard for patentability of medicines. It would force TPP governments to grant pharmaceutical companies additional patents for changes to existing medicines, even when the changes provide no therapeutic benefit to patients. These provisions would facilitate “evergreening” and other forms of abuse of the patent system by lengthening monopolies and delaying access to generic competition.

Another concerning provision in the TPP involves so-called “data exclusivity” for biologics, a new class of medicines that includes vaccines and drugs used for cancer and multiple sclerosis treatment. Data exclusivity blocks competing firms from using previously generated clinical trial data to gain approval for generic versions of these drugs and vaccines. If pharmaceutical companies have their way, the TPP will block generic producers of biologics from entering the market for at least 12 years, during which patients would be forced to endure astronomical prices.

The rationale given for such an exclusivity period is that it will promote innovation by allowing originator companies enough time to charge high prices and recoup their research and development investment. This simply isn’t supported by the evidence. On the contrary, the Federal Trade Commission finds that no years of data exclusivity were necessary to promote innovation in biologic drugs.

Twelve years of data exclusivity is not only unprecedented in any trade agreement, it is not the law in any of the TPP negotiating countries outside of the U.S., and it would keep lifesaving medicines out of reach of millions of people. The Obama Administration has actually called for data exclusivity to be reduced to seven years at home, so it is puzzling that the U.S. Trade Representative would be aggressively pushing for these terms in the TPP.

This is a goddamn windfall for a key industry in the state of Massachusetts, especially the biologics component–there are a lot of biologics startups hoping to cash in.

And Obama’s taunt that Warren is a politician is entirely correct: she’s a very smart and savvy politician. She knows what makes her state run. She knows what provides jobs and brings in revenue.

So here’s the question:

Just how goddamn awful does the TPP have to be for Senator Warren to oppose it?

What exactly is in the TPP that she would oppose it over the clear economic interests of her state? If we ever get to see the damn thing, I think many people are going to be shocked at how many horrible things are put into that agreement. Moreover, I think those economists who view this as a ‘free-trade’ agreement–without having seen the document themselves–are going to end up looking very foolish and naive.

13 May 18:14

"Get a rat and put it in a cage and give it two water bottles. One is just water, and one is water..."

Cary Renquist

IDK, I think that I would be the opposite... Surrounded by lots-o-people? give me the laced water.

“Get a rat and put it in a cage and give it two water bottles. One is just water, and one is water laced with either heroin or cocaine. If you do that, the rat will almost always prefer the drugged water and almost always kill itself very quickly, right, within a couple of weeks. So there you go. It’s our theory of addiction. Bruce comes along in the ’70s and said, “Well, hang on a minute. We’re putting the rat in an empty cage. It’s got nothing to do. Let’s try this a little bit differently.” So Bruce built Rat Park, and Rat Park is like heaven for rats. Everything your rat about town could want, it’s got in Rat Park. It’s got lovely food. It’s got sex. It’s got loads of other rats to be friends with. It’s got loads of colored balls. Everything your rat could want. And they’ve got both the water bottles. They’ve got the drugged water and the normal water. But here’s the fascinating thing. In Rat Park, they don’t like the drugged water. They hardly use any of it. None of them ever overdose. None of them ever use in a way that looks like compulsion or addiction. There’s a really interesting human example I’ll tell you about in a minute, but what Bruce says is that shows that both the right-wing and left-wing theories of addiction are wrong. So the right-wing theory is it’s a moral failing, you’re a hedonist, you party too hard. The left-wing theory is it takes you over, your brain is hijacked. Bruce says it’s not your morality, it’s not your brain; it’s your cage. Addiction is largely an adaptation to your environment. We’ve created a society where significant numbers of our fellow citizens cannot bear to be present in their lives without being drugged, right? We’ve created a hyperconsumerist, hyperindividualist, isolated world that is, for a lot of people, much more like that first cage than it is like the bonded, connected cages that we need. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection. And our whole society, the engine of our society, is geared towards making us connect with things. If you are not a good consumer capitalist citizen, if you’re spending your time bonding with the people around you and not buying stuff—in fact, we are trained from a very young age to focus our hopes and our dreams and our ambitions on things we can buy and consume. And drug addiction is really a subset of that.”

- Johann Hari, Does Capitalism Drive Drug Addiction?
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Setting of the sun in Hathor Temple at Dendera - this is a...

Setting of the sun in Hathor Temple at Dendera - this is a depiction of the Egyptian goddess Nut who swallows the sun in the evening and gives birth to it the next dawn.


07 May 18:30

Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bake — Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

by Faith Durand

We all need our breakfast staples — eggs, avocado toast, oatmeal. But when the work week is over and the weekend rolls around, it's time to get serious. It's time for brunch.

While I love a good omelet and other savory brunch dishes, my heart belongs to the sweet ones, like this cinnamon roll breakfast bake. What's that in the middle you spy? Why, a layer of cinnamon-spiked cream cheese between layers of sweet, eggy bread. This is one for sharing, folks.


11 May 00:20

descepter: Lost For Words


Lost For Words

11 May 15:22

     No one before Bernini had managed to make marble so carnal....

     No one before Bernini had managed to make marble so carnal. In his nimble hands it would flatter and stream, quiver and sweat. His figures weep and shout, their torses twist and run, and arch themselves in spasms of intense sensation. He could, like an alchemist, change one material into another - marble into trees, leaves, hair, and, of course, flesh.  
     -   Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Bernini

13 May 19:23

antikythera-astronomy: Bad News for NASA (and You)The Senate...


Bad News for NASA (and You)

The Senate House committee on Space (led by Ted Cruz) has just passed a draft budget for NASA that drops funding for the study of Earth sciences by $300 million below current levels and half a billion below the president’s request.

This is almost a third of the funding for Earth sciences and the study of climate change disappearing overnight and being funneled instead to the space launch system and Orion capsule.

Know this: there’s no planet more important to us than Earth. Not only does our knowledge of Earth complement the understanding of planets elsewhere but in days like this we’re effectively geo-engineering the planet into unknown and deep waters. We need to understand our home.

This funding was cut under the stated pretense that NASA’s “core mission” is to explore space, not Earth. The problem is, the funding for agencies dedicated exclusively to exploring Earth (NOAA) have also had their science cut.

Fact time: 

- Climate change is real.

- Climate change will be deadly.

- It’s our fault.

- We can do something about it.

(Image credit: Data: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some description adapted from the Scripps CO2 Program website, “Keeling Curve Lessons.” and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory, Robert Simmon)

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I can’t hear you

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Death Kiss by bigbopper52 on Flickr.Death Kiss

Death Kiss by bigbopper52 on Flickr.

Death Kiss

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Cary Renquist

Kitty therapy is best...

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Stefan Kjartansson's Cinderblock "is a brand new typeface designed to achieve maximum coverage on any given surface." Achievement unlocked.
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This "Throw and Shoot" Camera is Like a Flying GoPro That Follows You

Cary Renquist

I always wanted this for my car... Send it out to check the traffic ahead.

GoPro's variety of harnesses let you mount their cameras to your head, chest or even your dog. But a new company has developed a flying camera that you needn't wear at all. You simply throw the Lily, as it's called, into the air, where it takes flight and follows you on your adventures.

Just over ten inches square, the aluminum and polycarbonate Lily is a dual-camera-equipped quadrotor drone with 20 minutes of flight time. 

It hones in on a tracker you wear on your wrist, hovering anywhere from five to 50 feet above your head, and runs a tracking path of your choosing (i.e. follow shot, side shot, Michael-Bay encircling shot). 

And it'll keep up with you as long as you're moving 25 miles per hour or less. It seems pretty unbelievable:

The Lily is expected to retail for $999, but the developers are currently selling pre-orders for just $499.

I keep thinking of the applications it could have beyond adventure videography. Given a longer flight time and a workable way to navigate overhead obstacles, a fly-'n-follow camera could be useful for everything from tracking animals on a farm to less confrontational police pursuits. We'll have to see how well the device actually works when it begins shipping in February of next year.

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Eyes wide shut, Laurie Simmons

Cary Renquist

I'll have to do that for the next half-day meeting I attend...

Eyes wide shut, Laurie Simmons

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que-cooltura: When I grow up I want to work at Piñateria...


When I grow up I want to work at Piñateria Ramirez

07 May 16:58

Left of the Dial: The Evolution of Punk, New Wave and Indie on American Radio

"Although their broadcast signals were often small and local, college radio offered a crucial assist to bands as diverse as R.E.M., Husker Du, Sonic Youth, the Replacements, Minor Threat, the Dream Syndicate, Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Los Lobos, and the Violent Femmes."
05 May 16:45

After my husband’s death I was so deeply in grief. But the...

After my husband’s death I was so deeply in grief. But the Virgin of Guadalupe brought my husband’s soul back as a cat who one day came to my kitchen. I know it’s him, these are his eyes, the same lonely look and something else. When I saw the cat, I got overwhelmed and filled with emotions. I was so excited. I can’t tell anybody about him because people would say I’m crazy — and it can be the truth. However, the most important thing is that I’m very happy with the cat.

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nogueyburque: The Amazing Colossal Man and War of the Colossal...

Cary Renquist

After having better than perfect vision my whole life, my eyes are starting to betray me -- that last pic is what it feels like when I encounter small print.


The Amazing Colossal Man and War of the Colossal Beast

(gifs from x)

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Cary Renquist

I really suck...

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