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07 Nov 09:23

What's Your Moral Alignment?

Cary Renquist

Lawful Neutral to no one's surprise ('cept those who would have guessed chaotic neutral)

What's Your Moral Alignment?:



I got chaotic neutral, to absolutely no one’s surprise.  You?

To the surprise of literally nobody: Lawful Good

03 Nov 01:59

mineapple: buckybutts: so jill ate her own adoption...

by shieldgirl42



so jill ate her own adoption form

‘good luck trying to return me without the receipt you fuck’

31 Oct 05:29

sagihairius: i hate public bathrooms for all the obvious reasons but also because one time somebody...


i hate public bathrooms for all the obvious reasons but also because one time somebody in the next stall silently reached under and untied my shoe

31 Oct 05:13

did-you-kno: Some Toys"R"Us locations are...


Some Toys"R"Us locations are implementing ‘quiet hours,’ where lights are dimmed and music is turned down so children with autism and other sensory disorders can enjoy holiday shopping and browse the toys in a calm environment. Source

31 Oct 05:08

sympathy-for-supervillains: explainguncontrolandsafespaces: dis...







these two candidates are not the same. they are not equal. this election will have far-running consequences, please vote

sources (x) (x) (x)

~25 transgender people are murdered each year. Based on transgender estimated population trans rights groups they are statistically several times more safe than the average American man or woman.

@explainguncontrolandsafespaces that math isnt working out for me, mind providing a source? 

26 transgender murders in 2015. [source]

The National Center for Transgender Equality believes the number is somewhere between 0.25 and 1% of the general population. Let’s split the difference at 0.66%. So 319m * 0.0066 gives us around 2,100,000 transgenders in the US.

The United States has a murder rate of 3.8 per 100k [source]

26 per 2.1m is 1.2 per 100k.

So you are three times less likely to be murdered if you are a transgender.

You can’t say “What about those that we do not know are trans” because if we don’t know, they weren’t murdered for being trans.

Notice the unsourced pandering with the ‘women of color’ bit.

31 Oct 02:03

alexagent21: maddiebrodatt: I really want Hillary to just say “Donald how does a bill get passed”...



I really want Hillary to just say “Donald how does a bill get passed” and just wait for his response

We all know how a bill gets passed. There are some great bills. Beautiful bills. Unbelievable bills.

Will you pass bills, they ask me.
I will pass some bills. Some of the best bills.

Hillary will never pass bills. She’s never passed any bills. I will pass them. I’ll pass so many bills it’ll be yuge. Hillary passed some of the worst bills. Worst bills ever. Unbelievable. She’s married to Bill Clinton.

31 Oct 01:25

sketchamagowza: spidertown [Patreon][Gumroad]




31 Oct 00:28


24 Oct 19:09

"Honey, what are you doing?  Are you coming to bed? Honey????"

24 Oct 03:01

If you can relate to an Introvert, follow me @Introvertproblems

by introvert-nation
24 Oct 01:54

flawlyssa: Leslie Odom Jr. discusses diversity at The Hollywood...

24 Oct 01:17

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99-Year-Old Lady Sews A Dress A Day For Children In Need 

Lillian Weber, a 99-year-old good Samaritan from Iowa, has spent the last few years sewing a dress a day for the Little Dresses For Africa charity, a Christian organization that distributes dresses to children in need in Africa and elsewhere.

Weber’s goal is to make 1,000 dresses by the time she turns 100 on May 6th. So far, she’s made more than 840. Though she says she could make two a day, she only makes one – but each single dress she makes per day is personalized with careful stitchwork. She hopes that each little girl who receives her dress can take pride in her new garment.

this lady must live forever

She made it!

She recently passed in May and was still sewing dresses that day (her final count was 1234 dresses).

Someone continue this lady’s legacy.

23 Oct 23:47

stevenrogered: I was recently hacked myself. All they did was...


I was recently hacked myself. All they did was release some nude pics of me. Which is nothing, because I don’t know if y'all know this about me, but I ain’t shy. 

22 Oct 02:21


22 Oct 02:18


21 Oct 23:19

Cats with frikkin laser beams

19 Oct 19:29

theriversdaughter: bluestockingt: bilt2tumble: refinery29: Wa...





Watch: This awesome restaurant in Staten Island had the idea to employ grandmothers from all over the world to make its food

There’s nothing better than your grandma’s cooking…except maybe a bunch of grandmas’ cooking all in one restaurant. That’s exactly what Enoteca Maria in Staten Island, New York is offering.

Gifs: Gothamist


Holy Shit! Different dishes cooked by Nana’s from around the World? I would eat here every, damn, DAY.

My grandmother went to dinner here, and they offered her a job.

This makes me so happy to know it exists that I’m seriously tearing up.

18 Oct 07:59

thetrippytrip: A couple minutes later he is unresponsive again...


A couple minutes later he is unresponsive again and the flight attendant yells ‘call overhead for a physician on board.’ I raised my hand to grab her attention. She said to me ‘oh no sweetie put your hand down, we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you’ I tried to inform her that I was a physician but I was continually cut off by condescending remarks.

Aside from everything else, racism makes people stupid.

18 Oct 03:15

mechageekzilla:DO YOU KNOW how hard it is tryin not to ruin a conversation when you have adhd?? like...


DO YOU KNOW how hard it is tryin not to ruin a conversation when you have adhd?? like you can be smack-dab in the middle of a serious conversation and ur brain is like ‘damn my mother is a chronic snacker’ and you gotta physically restrain urself from sharing that thought mid-conversation, or changing the subject cuz it would be hella inappropriate

but ur brain has moved on already

im so pissed lmao

17 Oct 05:27

jumpingjacktrash: jenniferrpovey: ladystarflare: catedevalois:...






Know your rights and don’t let ANYONE stop you from voting!

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and know your ballot. Learn about local and state candidates. Let’s build the government we need from the ground up

Do keep in mind though, To vote you must be of legal age and have registered to do so.   If either of these things is not right, They have every right to tell you to step out of the way and leave.

Trump’s followers are planning on acting as “poll watchers” to make sure the election is not “rigged” (defined by them as Trump losing).

It’s entirely possible we’re going to see some voter intimidation at the polls.

The only person who has the right to tell you to leave if you are not registered is an official poll worker.

Nobody else, including “poll watchers,” security at the polling building, etc.

Only offiicial poll workers, who’s job it is to check you are registered and who you say you are.

if you’re not registered, the official poll worker at the table will tell you how to register. until you’re registered, they won’t hand you a ballot. that’s the legal and proper way it’s done. any other attempt to keep you from voting is illegal.

if the poll worker gave you a ballot, and someone else tries to stop you, take their picture and tell the FBI.


17 Oct 05:15

soulflyingfireflies: fightingmisogynoir: micdotcom: Watch:...




Watch: They deserve gold medals for these mental gymnastics

This is why male privilege and entitlement and patriarchy stays afloat, folks.

Internalized misogyny is truly something else.

17 Oct 05:13

nxnsense: couplelookingforher2: nevaehtyler: 21-year-old...




21-year-old Baltimore Country man dies after being beaten up by police officers.

Tawon Boyd, a 21-year-old man from Essex, Maryland, was hospitalized after a fight with police, where he was later pronounced dead.

Police were called at 3AM on Sunday to the first block of Akin Circle in Middle River on a report of a disturbance. Boyd was found “confused and paranoid, sweating heavily.”

According to the police Boyd refused to obey orders and began fighting officers, but victim’s family and Deona Styron, his fiance, tell a different story:

“He on the ground, 5 other officers on top of him, and not only that, one police officer got his arm around his neck like this, punching him, punching, him and throughout the whole thing he’s like I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…”

There is no way you can twist this story to justify the police beating this kid to death. Police were called to help, but they ended up killing the guy. There is no excuse - they’re supposed to serve and protect and they have to be able to deal with all kinds of people. Not everyone is mentally stable, not everyone is white, but that does not give you the right to beat them to death!

#TawonBoyd   #BlackLivesMatter  #StopPoliceBrutality

#StayWoke    #Amerikkka

So sad!!!

I can’t anymore yo

17 Oct 05:04


03 Oct 02:20

ithelpstodream: 🔥Oh SNAP!🔥

Cary Renquist

How did I not see this burn earlier?


🔥Oh SNAP!🔥

03 Oct 01:50

tastefullyoffensive: (via emilNYC)

03 Oct 01:42

bellygangstaboo: Excuse number 6484058747


Excuse number 6484058747

30 Sep 21:45

raina-of-winter: cakeandrevolution: Date a girl who feeds wild...

Cary Renquist

I miss the big scruffy possums that used to hang out on our porch...



Date a girl who feeds wild possums

She sounds like a sweetheart who needs to ditch her boy in favor of more pets
29 Sep 19:28

elodieunderglass: elodieunderglass: vaspider: torakoneko: vas...











These parents couldn’t find a wheelchair for their paralyzed daughter — so they made one

The chair consists of a Bumbo chair (a common type of chair for infants), a cutting board, and wheels from a children’s bike. (See More)

Gifs: CBC

This is wonderful :D

go tiny one go


They have a speedbump in their house for their baby. That’s just nuts


… sounds like a toddler. They exist to propel themselves as quickly as possible into danger.

what’s with that first gif, though? of course her wheelchair isn’t slowing her down! if it were, that’d be against the point of a wheelchair.

A lot of children’s wheelchairs can be pretty burdensome, and this one isn’t, is how I read that gif. I might be wrong.

I think there’s a certain amount of surprise as well because people don’t expect such little-looking little ones to be able to use adaptive technology like wheelchairs - like there’s an automatic perception that turning a wheel to move must be harder/less intuitive/more developmentally advanced than crawling.  We are more used to seeing a baby of this apparent size and development laying on its belly and propelling itself with four limbs, or stumbling around on its feet like a drunk penguin, not zipping around fluidly with the speed and intention of a shark. It seems surprising that an apparently-young baby in a “complicated” wheelchair should be “faster” than a baby on four limbs. We expect babies to do “cute” and bumbling movements.  Since many young babies struggle with stuff like object permanence/consequences, it’s impressive to see such a small baby knowing that turning a wheel makes her body move, and turning it so fluidly.

The caption for the gif isn’t well-written, but I think it may be intended to express surprise at how fast/fluid this baby is.

It’s important to note that cancer and cancer treatment can delay the growth of a little one, making kids with cancer/young survivors seem much younger than they are. This bab looks like she is 11(?) months old. This makes her coordination, speed and accuracy look startlingly impressive and advanced. Her wheelchair is made out of a Bumbo, a type of seat used to teach small babies how to sit up on their own; most babies outgrow a Bumbo fairly rapidly since babies may often sit up at around 6 months old and they tend to put on too much weight to fit in it. When compared to her father she is clearly a very small person, which we often assume means a young one. She looks like a baby with a surprising level of development and speed for her age. 

An 11-month old has sparse hair, undefined features and shortened, squishy limbs. They goggle at the world and try to stuff it in their mouths with their chubby little hands. Many of them can walk, but they usually do so by holding on to things such as hands and furniture. Many of them crawl, and they frequently fall onto their fat little bums in an amusing way. They’re a little shaky on cause-and-effect type stuff - this is an age where they are still amazed by peekaboo and jack-in-the-boxes -  so turning a wheel to move their bodies is probably beyond the comprehension of most of them. They are very sweet and engaging, but with a few exceptions they are not very focused or coordinated. Baby Eva’s size and appearance seem to suggest a pupper of roughly this age. 

A two-year-old is an entirely different animal, and is no longer a baby. A 2-year-old can definitely comprehend that turning a wheel = moving a wheelchair. They are more lanky, with more defined features and smaller heads in proportion to their bodies. If you don’t like babies, you may start to like children at around the age of two, when they are more obviously small people. This level of pupper usually has hair, eyebrows and Sarcastic Facial Expressions. Many of them can ride a ride-on toy or tricycle, are fluid users of iPads and technology, are somewhat coordinated in their movements, and speak in sentences. They also know that cats and dogs need to be petted gently, that they need to steal keys to open locks and break out of houses, how to play video games, how to fetch their own snacks and feed pets. A 2 year old can even ring 911 in the event of emergencies, but she may ring 911 for an emergency such as being unable to finish putting on her pants.

Which makes sense, because Eva is actually 2 years old in the gifs. Cancer and treatment have presumably delayed her physical development a little bit. 

The surprise you may feel at seeing such a small pupper zip around like that is natural, but she is operating at the normal speed of a 2-year-old. And her wheelchair clearly isn’t slowing her down. :-)

ETA: actually, thinking about it, it looks like reports are varying wildly as to Eva’s actual age, and she may be somewhere between 1-2 years in the footage, which would account for her small appearance and increased coordination from the very young baby she appears to be, but she wouldn’t quite be 2.

Either way - she has a damn good hustle for a very little pupper.

29 Sep 18:25

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Sean O'Connell still has the best weigh-in stare downs

You guys, he’s back!

I didn’t know that I needed to see this until I saw it.

To put it simple. You DONT have to act tuff. To be a tough guy.  haha

So I looked this guy up. First, not shown in the first gif is the fact that he’s just wearing regular pants:

Also, he’s written a sci-fi novel and has spent time in Africa building a school and orphanage for abused teenage girls. So, good for that guy.

29 Sep 17:29