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30 Jan 07:14

copperbadge: faythinthemusic: I want to be really clear about something: Planned Parenthood has...



I want to be really clear about something: Planned Parenthood has done more to prevent abortion than the pro-life movement ever has.

I would also observe that Planned Parenthood has done more to prevent infant mortality than the pro-life movement could dream of. 

30 Jan 07:07

flange5: So it appears the DHS is … basically saying fuck off to the stay? I believe we are in a...


So it appears the DHS is … basically saying fuck off to the stay? I believe we are in a Constitutional crisis. I’m trying to parse how tf they’re saying they are going to impose the executive order of the Orange Cheeto while also complying with judicial orders. 

Source on DHS website (x)

explanation of a Constitutional crisis

30 Jan 06:58

need birth control in CA, NY, DC, WA, IL, VA, or PA?


Uninsured people can get up to 3 months birth control for free from with/ code “TinyHands”, they also deliver PrEP (“Pre-exposure prophylaxis”) and emergency contraceptives (Plan B).

An in general their service delivers birth control to you without a visit to the doctor.

With or without insurance. 

Starting at $15/month.

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Cary Renquist

It actually looks like our dog with one of our cats (the dog is smaller than all of them).

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desiremyblack: nyshadidntbreakit: destinyrush: A hero without...




A hero without a cape

Her name is Theresa Kachindamoto, and she is a senior chief - political leader of a region with a population of about 900,000 people.

She didn’t run for election; she was appointed, without her knowledge, while she was living and working in a completely different part of the country. She just received a call one day telling her to come back to her childhood home, because she was in charge now.

So she did; and when she arrived, she discovered widespread sexual abuse of children. She browbeat 50 uncooperative local leaders into accepting her decision to annul all the marriages. She then fired four of them when they continued to allow children to be married off in their areas. She still faces widespread opposition from parents who consider it their right to sexually abuse their daughters if they want to; but Kachindamoto very evidently does not give a fuck, and is continuing to use political and legal means to protect children in the region.

She’s not just an anonymous do-gooder; she’s an effective political leader despite incredibly difficult circumstances. Theresa Kachindamoto.

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12 Jan 02:32

Join the Introvert Nation Movement

by introvertproblemss
Cary Renquist

I think that I just found my motto... Now to design a suitable crest.

12 Jan 00:17

passionatelyawesome: 1128nesecret: cyclonemetal: “well, it...




“well, it seems we are at an impasse.”

“so we are. carry on, cat”

“same to you, bird.”

They literally were in an awkward situation

I love how the bird leaves like “well, I best be hitting the dusty trail”

12 Jan 00:10

fromzimbabwee: swagintherain: 20-year-old young Black woman...



20-year-old young Black woman Megan Williams was held at a remote house in Big Creek and was tortured, sexually assaulted, and beaten for days before being discovered by the police. Once an assailant cut the victim’s ankle with a knife, calling her the n-word and confessing that she was kidnapped because of her skin color.

“They just kept saying ‘This is what we do to niggers down here,‘” Williams told The Associated Press.

However, six white people were charged with everything but the hate crime.


This brave woman hopes to attend college one day to become a nurse. 

This case deserves national attention and an outrage.

#StayWoke #HateCrime #Justice

I tried to scroll past this , but this broke my heart . I’m sick and tired of these racist crimes. Smh.

10 Jan 05:49

lukeskywalkers:“The lengths I would go to hear her laugh — there...


“The lengths I would go to hear her laugh — there were no limits. I loved her and loved making her laugh. She would do these crazy things and make me do these crazy things, but I really don’t think they were crazy after all. In a way, it was a defense mechanism for her. She was so off the wall, she could use it as protection. Part of what was so poignant about her was that she was vulnerable, that there was this glimmer of a little girl that was so appealing and it roused the protective nature in my personality.”- Mark Hamill

23 Dec 17:25

Art hates Trump

by PZ Myers


Have you been following the news about Donald Trump’s search for talent to perform at his inauguration? He’s not having much luck. Sad!

He does have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, though, and some performer from a reality TV show. My favorites, though, are two bands I never heard of: The Reagan Years and The MIXX, cover bands that do oldies. The best part: they’re the same band! They use different names for different musical eras. So basically Trump gets to pad his list of performers by counting the same people twice.

But the saddest performers have to be the Radio City Rockettes. The inauguration committee has happily secured them by getting their “owner” to twist their arms. James Dolan, their boss, signed them up and told them that they are under contract and will be fired if they don’t dance for their new overlord. At least one of them has spoken up.

I usually don’t use social media to make a political stand but I feel overwhelmed with emotion. Finding out that it has been decided for us that Rockettes will be performing at the Presidential inauguration makes me feel embarrassed and disappointed. The women I work with are intelligent and are full of love and the decision of performing for a man that stands for everything we’re against is appalling. I am speaking for just myself but please know that after we found out this news, we have been performing with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts. We will not be forced! #notmypresident

They’ve also been informed by their union that they must perform.

We have received an email from a Rockette expressing concern about getting ‘involved in a dangerous political climate’ but I must remind you that you are all employees, and as a company, Mr. Dolan obviously wants the Rockettes to be represented at our country’s Presidential inauguration, as they were in 2001 & 2005. Any talk of boycotting this event is invalid, I’m afraid.

We have been made aware of what is going on Facebook and other social media, however, this does not change anything unless Radio City has a change of heart. The ranting of the public is just that, ranting. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but this does not change your employment status for those who are full time … Everyone is entitled to her own political beliefs, but there is no room for this in the workplace.

I have to agree (but not with the tone). If we can say that bakers don’t get to discriminate in making wedding cakes for their customers, we have to say that professional dancers have an obligation to do their work, no matter who pays for it.

Still, I thought unions were supposed to fight for the rights of the workers, rather than management — and that union representative is clearly not on the side of their constituents.

Also, if I were commissioning an art performance, and I learned that the artists did not find any joy in working for me and were at best going to make a workman-like effort with no heart behind it, I wouldn’t demand that they do it — there’d be no point to a celebration without a celebratory attitude. But from what I see of Trump, he’s probably getting an extra thrill out of subjugating reluctant women to his will.

He’s also getting desperate. If he can’t force people to sing and dance for him, he’s only going to have a bunch of no-talent hacks singing his praises.

Some good news: the union has agreed that all participation in this event is entirely voluntary.

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22 Dec 07:30

black-to-the-bones: Viola Davis, one of the most incredible and...


Viola Davis, one of the most incredible and amazing actresses of our time blew our minds away with her acceptance speech at Critics’ Choice Awards. She won Best Supporting Actress for The Fences and by this speech she showed us, why she was the one to win it. 

She’s brilliant, she’s stunning and she deserves it. 

“Privilege of a lifetime is being who you are,” she said, stating that there is nothing better than staying true to yourself. No matter what you do, no matter how you try to behave to impress people, you will only succeed if you are being you. I’m so proud of her.

#BlackPower #BlackPride

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21 Dec 06:32

newwavenova: non-practicingbisexual: fuckyeahbodypositivity: kingforaking: I’m doing a social...





I’m doing a social experiment called ‘agreeing with boys when they compliment you’. 

the results: 



perf example of how uncomfortable boys are with women owning their own awesomeness. for many men, beauty, coolness, desirability are gifts they alone can bestow upon women. they get baffled, even aggressive when you show you’ve known you possess those things all along. 

i love this experiment! 



21 Dec 06:21

shofie-irl: aneyeforannai: Happy darkest day! Keep your hearts...

Cary Renquist

Warm Solstice Greetings, all y'all.



Happy darkest day! Keep your hearts aflame and bellies full and may the demons jump voluntarily into the flames of Yule.

I really want this card

21 Dec 06:18

cuteness–overload: snack timeSource:

Cary Renquist

Me at a candy store...

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introvertproblems:If you can relate to an Introvert, Join the...

by introvertproblemss
16 Dec 07:17

micdotcom: Watch: Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai talk...

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copperbadge: gigi-tastic: captcreate: polychromaticdragon: SI...








@thebibliosphere I feel like this and @copperbadge

So i feel something like this would happen (but way more bloody) if someone ever gave the Luggage little cat socks…


Though in a wild turn of surprise it might be more like Give Em The Old Razzle Dazzle

I love the idea of the Luggage with socks, but even more now I know what I’m going to do with old socks I wear holes in, because one can only own so many armwarmers….

16 Nov 09:17

charlietheskonk: charlietheskonk: charlietheskonk: charlietheskonk: in my preschool class we’re...

Cary Renquist

I'd vote for monster feet...





in my preschool class we’re holding “class president of the day” elections this week.  we already elected our first female president on monday, even though one of the boy’s campaign promises was to “bring jewels” to the classroom.

tuesday: we talked about the real election happening today. one child says she hopes hillary clinton wins and all of her classmates chime in with sober agreements. one boy says voting for the drumpf “would not be a very good idea.”

they elected the other female candidate today in our mock election, so she won over the jewels boy and the other boy, who said he would make bracelets for the entire class. my students are surprisingly practical, seeing as they voted for the candidate who would clean the school and help them with their work.

once president, she did do those things, but also punched one of her constituents into the sandbox, so, i mean … she’s sort of a typical politician i guess

wednesday: the children announced tensely to me that trump won the real election. one boy said, “i still don’t like him, but we can’t say we hate him, because then we would be saying we hate the president.”

i said that was true, and that saying we hate him sounds a lot like something trump would say. they nodded and continued to help the toddler class students get their snack plates to the table without dropping their apple slices.

they elected one of the girls again, so she served her second term by helping her friends button their art smocks before we made our galaxy paintings. (because if you think i’m gonna create an art lesson plan to focus any more attention on this shitshow of an election, you are wrong.)

neither of the boy candidates have stood much of a chance in this race so far. one of them came to me and said he was rethinking his campaign promises, and could he make a new poster

he got a paper and wrote a huge list of ways that he would help keep all the children safe, including reminding them to use walking feet and not to touch broken glass. then he volunteered to work in the toddler room and cleaned up all of their messes, and moved all the shelves in my room so he could clean behind them.

i’m feeling so hopeless right now, but these children remind me that there is a future and they. are. it.

thursday: today i was very pleased. our president today is the little boy who made changes to his campaign promises. he also wore tyrannosaurus rex foot slippers. when the voters were shaking his hand to congratulate him on his victory, one said, “good job, and thank you for having monster feet”

he watched everyone like a hawk to make sure they were being safe, and then spent the morning writing in his journal about how much he loves all of us and his bicycle.

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13 Nov 07:48

tastefullyoffensive: (via jbillinson)

13 Nov 05:54

Like or Reblog this if you can relate to This Post!If you can...

by introvertproblemss
13 Nov 01:44

randomactsofchaos: so it looks like the safety pin thing has...


so it looks like the safety pin thing has been co-opted by white supremacists. we need other, better ways to show solidarity anyway. wear an “i’ll go with you” pin, if you want that badly to wear a pin, or better yet, stand up for marginalized folks when you see them being harassed (online and irl). join an organization, volunteer your time, donate money, join a protest, if you’re able. wear a “black lives matter” or a “not my president” t shirt. there are so many ways to show solidarity and we need to get started now.

Or organize local signs that only mean things on a local level and are shared in more secure networks, not fucking announced all over the media

12 Nov 19:08

The vocabulary is political

by luca
Cary Renquist

Doubleplus good!

Remember when the (GW) Bush administration decided that torture should be called “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and then the New York Times, like all other American news sources, started to call torture “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and people wrote angry letters to the public editor, and the public editor eventually wrote that if the White House decides that torture should not be called torture then calling torture torture is a political issues on which reporters should not take sides?

And Paul Krugman wrote a column in which he said that if the Bush administration declared that the Earth is flat, then the New York Times would have an article headlined “Roundness of Earth disputed,” in which it would make sure to have quotes both from round-Earther and flat-Earther?

Part of the reason for all this, as explained in this very good article in The Atlantic, is that political reporters (as opposed to political opinion writers) need access, that is, they need White House officials to talk to them, whether on the record or off the record. The ability to withhold access gives administration officials great leverage.

And so Myron Ebell, who works in a think-tank financed by the coal industry, and according to whom climate change is a vast conspiracy perpetrated by left-wing scientists, some of which scientists he has personally attacked, and who is being considered to lead the EPA, is now a climate contrarian, according to the New York Times.

Maybe soon enough, outside the opinion page, the New York Times will start calling racism “race realism.”

12 Nov 19:05

2008 and 2016 Wisconsin election results by county by heartbeats

Cary Renquist

I am glad that where I grew up is still blue, but it isn't the solid dark blue that it has always been.

2008 and 2016 Wisconsin election results by county

by heartbeats