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This is how the golden age of piracy ended.

The first mermaid to get tattoos :)

“we didn’t know any better,” the crewman says, and swallows, presenting the chest to the captain. “what do we do now?”

“kill it,” the captain says, but the ice is melting in his eyes.

“we can’t,” the first mate says desperately, praying she won’t have to fight her captain on this. “we can’t. we - i won’t. we won’t.”

“i know.”


“daddy,” she says, floating in a tub of seawater in the hold, “daddy, la-la, la-la-la.”

her voice rings like bells. her accent is strange; her mouth isn’t made for human words. it mesmerises even the hardiest amongst them and she wasn’t even trying. the crew has taken to diving for shellfish near the shorelines for her; she loves them, splitting the shells apart with strength seen in no human toddler, slurping down the slimy molluscs inside and laughing, all plump brown cheeks and needle-sharp teeth. she sometimes splashes them for fun with her smooth, rubbery brown tail. even when they get soaked they laugh. they love her.

“daddy,” she calls again, and he can hear the worry in her voice. the storm rocking the ship is harsh and uncaring, and if they go down, she would be the only survivor.

“don’t worry,” he says, and goes over, sitting next to the tub. the first mate, leaning against the wall, pretends not to notice as he quietly begins to sing.


“father,” she says, one day, as she leans on the edge of the dock and the captain sits next to her, “why am I here?”

“your mother abandoned you,” he says, as he always has. “we found you adrift, and couldn’t bear to leave you there.”

she picks at the salt-soaked boards, uncertain. her hair is pulled back in a fluffy black puff, the white linen holding it slipping almost over one of her dark eyes. one of her first tattoos, a many-limbed kraken, curls over her right shoulder and down her arm, delicate tendrils wrapped around her calloused fingertips. “alright,” she says.


“why am I really here?” she asks the first mate, watching the sun set over the water in streaks of liquid metal that pooled in the troughs of the waves and glittered on the seafoam.

“we didn’t know any better,” the first mate says, staring into the water. “we didn’t know- we didn’t know anything. we didn’t understand why she fought so viciously to guard her treasure. we could not know she protected something a thousand times more precious than the purest gold.”

she wants to be furious, but she can’t. she already knew the answer, from reading the guilt in her father’s eyes and the empty space in her own history. and she can’t hate her family.

“it’s alright,” she says. “i do have a family, anyways. i don’t think i would have liked my other life near as much.”


her kraken grows, spreading its tendrils over her torso and arms. she grows too, too large to come on board the ship without being hauled up in a boat from the water. she sings when the storms come and swims before the ship to guide it to safety. she fights off more than one beast of the seas, and gathers a set of scars across her back that she bears with pride. “i don’t mind,” she says, when the captain fusses over her, “now i match all of you.”

the first time their ship is threatened, really threatened, is by another fleet. a friend turned enemy of the first mate. “we shouldn’t fight him,” she says, peering through the spyglass.

“why not?” the mermaid asks.

“he’ll win,” the first mate says.

the mermaid tips her head sideways. Her eyes, dark as the deep waters, gleam in the noon light. “are you sure?” she asks.


the enemy fleet surrenders after the flagship is sunk in the night, the anchor ripped off the ship and the planks torn off the hull. the surviving crew, wild-eyed and delirious, whimper and say a sea serpent came from the water and attacked them, say it was longer than the boat and crushed it in its coils. the first mate hears this and has to hide her laughter. the captain apologizes to his daughter for doubting her.

“don’t worry,” she says, with a bright laugh, “it was fun.”


the second time, they are pushed by a storm into a royal fleet. they can’t possibly fight them, and they don’t have the time to escape.

“let me up,” the mermaid urges, surfacing starboard and shouting to the crew. “bring me up, quickly, quickly.”

they lower the boat and she piles her sinous form into it, and uses her claws to help the crew pull her up. once on the deck she flops out of the boat and makes her way over to the bow. the crew tries to help but she’s so heavy they can barely lift parts of her.

she crawls up out in front of the rail and wraps her long webbed tail around the prow. the figurehead has served them well so far but they need more right now. she wraps herself around the figurehead and raises her body up into the wind takes a breath of the stinging salt air and sings.

the storm carries her voice on its front to the royal navy. they are enchanted, so stunned by her song that they drop the rigging ropes and let the tillers drift. the pirates sail through the center of the fleet, trailing the storm behind them, and by the time the fleet has managed to regain its senses they are buried in wind and rain and the pirates are gone.


she declines guns. instead she carries a harpoon and its launcher, and uses them to board enemy ships, hauling her massive form out of the water to coil on the deck and dispatch enemies with ruthless efficiency. her family is feared across all the sea.


“you know we are dying,” the captain says, looking down at her.

she floats next to the ship, so massive she could hold it in her arms. her eyes are wise.

“i know,” she says, “i can feel it coming.”

the first mate stands next to the captain. she never had a lover or a child, and neither did he, but to the mermaid they are her parents. she will always love her daughter. the tattoos are graven in dark swirls across the mermaid’s deep brown skin and the flesh of her tail, even spiraling onto the spiked webbing on her spine and face. her hair is still tied back, this time with a sail that could not be patched one last time.

“we love you,” the first mate says simply, looking down. her own tightly coiled black hair falls in to her face; she shakes the locs out of the way and smiles through her tears. the captain pretends he isnt crying either.

“i love you too,” the mermaid says, and reached up to pull the ship down just a bit, just to hold them one last time.

“guard the ship,” the captain says. “you always have but you know they’re lost without you.”

“without you,” the mermaid corrects, with a shrug that makes waves. “what will we do?”

“i don’t know,” the captain says. “but you’ll help them, won’t you?”

“of course i will,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes. “i will always protect my family.”


the captain and the first mate are gone. the ship has a new captain, young and fearless - of the things she can afford to disregard. she fears and loves the ocean, as all captains do. she does not fear the royal fleet. and she does not fear the mermaid.

“you know, i heard stories about you when i was a little girl,” she says, trailing her fingers in the water next to the dock.

the mermaid stares at her with one eye the size of a dinner table. “is that so?” she hums, smirking with teeth sharper than the swords of the entire navy.

“they said you could sink an entire fleet and that you had skin tougher than dragon scales,” the new captain says, grinning right back at the monster who could eat her without a moment’s hesitation. “i always thought they were telling tall tales.”

“and now?”

“they were right,” the new captain says. “how did they ever befriend you?”

the mermaid smiles, fully this time, her dark eyes gleaming under the white linen sail. “they didn’t know any better.”

She protects her family.

Oooh, love this art, I haven’t seen it before!

Oh my god this is amazing

this post always makes me cry

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astronomyblog: Created using still images taken by the...


Created using still images taken by the Cassini spacecraft during it’s flyby of Jupiter and while at Saturn. Shown is Io and Europa over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill

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karla-chans-bjds: fluorescentnova: We had to write a Mini...



We had to write a Mini Comic for my Illustration Class so I did mine based on The Frog and The Scorpion. Hopefully you all know the story! 

But if you don’t know the story… In the original the scorpion stings the frog in the middle of the river. When the frog asks “why” the scorpion says “it’s in my nature” and they both die. I like my ending more.

Done with watercolor and pen and ink nib.

I always thought this story was fucked up, even when I heard it as a very young child. I even got put in the naughty corner, and a star next to my name crossed off for questioning it.

This story is so much better, and I like it’s message much more.

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Bee cute furry face


They weren't wrong

Bee cute furry face

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I feel attacked.

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pearlescentbirdmom: [to any deity in particular]: Hi. I’ve brought shitty alcohol, two electric...


[to any deity in particular]: Hi. I’ve brought shitty alcohol, two electric candles, a chocolate bar, my many issues, and an undying love for you. Can you help me un-fuck myself?

[deity]: sighs deeply

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lunamoonlc123: standpoor: this literally changed my mood...



this literally changed my mood 180°


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meetmeinchernobylexclusionzone: plesht: not to be negative but...



not to be negative but someone really spent all that time and energy cutting open a pomegranate and then gave it to a (cute) raccoon?

It’s called Love .

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Doggo appreciates the effort


Reminds me of the pics my niece shares of her dog trying to fit into a cat bed because the cat has appropriated the giant dog bed.

Doggo appreciates the effort

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positive-memes:True love


True love

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The (Red) Diamond Ring

Designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson and created for (Red) by the Diamond Foundry, The (Red) Diamond Ring is both a diamond and a ring. To achieve this, a...

Visit Uncrate for the full post.
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i-cannot-live-without-coffee: mr-ore: i just bawled my eyes out...



i just bawled my eyes out and it feels like i just got the biggest hug to my soul. thank you thank you thank you. it is sacred and it is SAFE the poster will not tell anyone even what state this is in, only thats this is in USA. even if you are not indigenous i hope this lifts your spirits and comforts you.

#for those who dont know for the Lakota ppl#a white buffalo is a sacred symbol of hope and restoration i believe#i am not Lakota but i am so happy for you all !!

Welcome to the world, white buffalo. Come through.

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ladyeowyn: so metropolitan museum of art has a register of books they’ve published that are out of...


so metropolitan museum of art has a register of books they’ve published that are out of print and that you can download for free! they’re mostly books on art, archeology, architecture, fashion and history and i just think that’s super useful and interesting so i wanted to share! you can find all of the books available here!

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myulteriormotive: I laughed at this for a solid 5 minutes


I laughed at this for a solid 5 minutes

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thefingerfuckingfemalefury: centaurianthropology: No, but seriously, do you know how amazing...





No, but seriously, do you know how amazing Vincent Price is?


Not just as an actor, although he was a blast to watch in everything he did.  He’s one of those actors who’s just clearly having a whale of a time, no matter how bad the film is.  He’s just genuinely happy to be there (it makes his villains a particular delight, and he played a LOT of them).


But did you know that he was also on the PFLAG board after his daughter came out to him?  And that he was one of the earliest celebrities to speak out against the silence surrounding the AIDS epidemic?


Did you know that when his daughter came out to him, he admitted to her that it had been difficult for him during his first two marriages, because his wives had not been pleased to find out that their husband was just as interested in men as they were?


That’s right, kids, Vincent Price was BISEXUAL AS FUCK, and it was one of those open Hollywood secrets.  And his wife Coral Browne?  The one he grew old with and wrote cookbooks with and was basically ridiculously sweet with?


Also bisexual as fuck.  They were the queer power couple of Hollywood in the 70s.  His daughter, Victoria, grew up around Rock Hudson and members of the LGBT community.  When she came out, Vincent Price became a board member of PFLAG and was just about the most accepting and awesome dad.


Did you know that Vincent Price played Oscar Wilde in a one-man play, and when it was denounced by anti-gay activist Anita Bryant, he dismissed her right back, saying that Oscar Wilde had already come up with a term for her: a Woman of No Importance?  Because Vincent Price was deliciously witty and an awesome person.


Let me conclude with a quote from his daughter (from this article, where I got a lot of this information):

‘“In a funny way, and I think I’m going to cry, he understood me at 22 better than I understood myself then,” Price concluded. “Of course, he was in his 70s and lived a hell of a lot longer than I had, and he understood that at the end of the day it’s about who and what and how we love. And I have not been a person who has been very successful at conventional relationships, but loving well and loving deeply has been the most important thing to me.”’


Happy birthday, Vincent Price.  You were a gem of an actor, and an even greater human being.

There will never be another like Vincent Price <3

I am totes going to watch Theatre of Blood tonight with my gf in his honour :D

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“It’s National...

“It’s National Use-Up-Your-Leftovers-in-a-Jell-O-Salad Week!”

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talknerdytome33: theinturnetexplorer: RIP Beautiful...




RIP Beautiful Prince.

canadians smh

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patron-saint-of-smart-asses: doctorbluesmanreturns: raygirlramblings: ‘I don’t want a black cat...


I've been working on a void with eyes that has been hanging around the house lately.
If he's busy eating, I can sneak a couple scritches behind his ears before he whacks me. We also play tug of war with the food dish -- I drag it closer to me so that he has to approach and then he drags it back (I've spent up to 5 minutes doing that because it amuses me).
One of these days I'll get him to a vet...




‘I don’t want a black cat because they don’t photograph well or look good in selfies’

Well beyond the shameful idea that you see a sentient creature only as a decorative item to photograph for the sake of internet points, it also just sounds like you’re making excuses for being a shit photographer.

Black cats don’t PHOTOGRAPH WELL?!

There’s nothing cuter than the VOID WITH EYES

What is WRONG with people??????

reblog if you would love a void with eyes as a pet

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wetbreadofficial: onlyjimfromit: I intend on cosplaying Kuzco...



I intend on cosplaying Kuzco this summer, and I innocently googled “llama costume” and I feel like a whole new world has opened up before me. What a time to be alive.

Have you ever cried bc of a llama in a lobster costume bc i have and i dont want to be alone in this

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markv5: Яблоко от яблони :3 Яблоко от яблони :3


Love the last one.
I guess the Russian translates loosely to ~"like father, like son"


Яблоко от яблони :3

Яблоко от яблони :3

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coolcatgroup: awwww-cute: My mom’s cats, they’re...


more mirroring?



My mom’s cats, they’re brothers

Synchronized catting

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archaeologysucks: Field Kitten - Day 1 Meet Flake! Flake was born under a shed on our project...




Field Kitten - Day 1

Meet Flake!

Flake was born under a shed on our project area. In the space of a day, she went from terrified feral baby to fearless friend of all.

It looks like her mom and littermates have vacated the area, probably due to too much human activity (sorry, kitties), and Flake was left all alone. It’s going to be OK though. We will look after each other.

Weekend reblog of Flake pics! Enjoy the cute and fuzzy!

19 Oct 23:13

archaeologysucks: Field Kitten - Day 2 Flake returned to the field with me on Thursday. I had...



Field Kitten - Day 2

Flake returned to the field with me on Thursday. I had hoped that there would be some sign of her family, and that they could be reunited, at least until the end of the project, but it did not happen. I guess we are stuck with each other now.

For any who are concerned about Flake’s youth and wellbeing, I have milk replacer for her, and she has a vet appointment scheduled for next week. She is learning to use a litter box and seems content with the indoor life, since it includes food and snuggles.

19 Oct 19:13


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“This bunny was born without ears, so his owner made him some.”

“This bunny was born without ears, so his owner made him some.”

17 Oct 18:13

rainbowrites: theleoisallinthemind: Copper–Agate #you ever feel...

by shieldgirl42

I'm assuming that this is from a time machine that was stomped by a dinosaur. (I recall seeing copper-agates before, but they just had blobs of copper -- not fine filigreed circuitry)