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miguelmarquezoutside:Accidental staring


A handy PSA


Accidental staring

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It’s Friday (IN HELL)


Auto reshare

It’s Friday (IN HELL)

27 Oct 01:19

Terraforming Mars

27 Oct 00:36

Guillermo del Toro directed this epic three minute intro to...


Always worth rewatching!

Guillermo del Toro directed this epic three minute intro to ‘Treehouse of Horrors XXIV’.

Best. Intro. Ever? Or do you prefer Banksy’s?

26 Oct 23:57

You need to know something

by Mark Liberman

This is ridiculous and great.

I'm happy to see that Google Translate is still turning (many types of) meaningless character sequences into spoken-word poetry. Repetitions of single hiragana characters are an especially reliable source — here's "You need to know something":

And "I feel a strange feeling":

And "Stay free to leave":

Repeated combinations also often work — here's repetitions of "Ga mama" rendered as "Let it go / As it is":

These works also often reveal some interesting things about the letter-to-sound part of Google's current text-to-speech algorithms, e.g. the performance of that last one:

And as usual, if you ask for it again, you get a performance that sounds like the system has had a drink or five:

Here are the inputs in case you want to try them:








26 Oct 23:56

Where Your Elements Came From


This is very cool

The hydrogen in your body, present in every molecule of water, came from the The hydrogen in your body, present in every molecule of water, came from the

26 Oct 15:42

Steel Mesh Kraken Sunken Off British Virgin Islands to Create an Artificial Reef

by SA Rogers

This is legit amazing.

[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

Perched atop the Kodiak Queen, a former WW2-era Navy fuel barge, this 80-foot ‘Kraken’ now serves as the base of an artificial reef and marine research station on the ocean floor near the British Virgin Islands. The project, entitled BVI Art Reef, accomplishes a range of goals all at once: saving a decorated ship from destruction, transplanting coral to a new site in the hopes that it will flourish, creating an epic dive site and underwater art gallery, and providing a new habitat for marine life.

Photographer Owen Buggy documented the process, from the early stages of building the massive sea monster to sinking it in April 2017 to checking out the results a few months later. Sunken off the coast of the island Virgin Gorda with the help of tugboats and helicopters, the installation is already helping to rehabilitate heavily over-fished marine populations. Filmmaker Rob Sorrenti also got some great footage, presented as a documentary entitled ‘The Kodiak Queen,’ which is due for release in early 2018.

“This is the story of learning from past lessons and coming together to create something greater; rooted in joy and fueled by the power of play,” reads the BVI website. “This is the story of a group of friends from around the world who fell in love with the BVIs… and turned a weapon of war into a platform for unity – and a catalyst for new growth. This charitable kick-off in the British Virgin Islands combine art, ocean conservation, world history, marine science and economy… to solve a series of challenges in the BVIs by asking: how can we use play and collaboration to install permanent solutions that boost the local economy, secure the prosperity of these pristine islands for generations to come?”

“Our solution: a fantasy art eco-dive and ocean conservation site that puts the BVIs on the map as having one of the most unique and meaningful dive sites in the world… and one of the most forward-thinking approaches to creative problem solving that secures the education of its youth, and the health and prosperity of this island nation.”

Get updates on the project at the BVI Art Reef Facebook page.

Larger Than Life: 10 Monuments Honoring Nelson Mandela

Though Nelson Mandela's passing will spur the creation of memorials worldwide, a number of larger-than-life tributes are already extant or planned. Nelson Mandela Capture Monument (images ...

Valley of the Dolls: Missing People Replaced with Puppets

It sounds like the premise of a science fiction film, but deep in a rural valley of Japan there is a town where eerily lifelike dolls have been slowly replacing actual residents of Nagoro for ...

House of Eternal Return: Trippy Exhibit Owned by George RR Martin

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin purchased a sprawling abandoned bowling alley in Santa Fe, New Mexico so an art collective called Meow Wolf could transform it into a bizarre and ...

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[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

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22 Oct 16:31

Goodbye Uncanny Valley by Alan Warburton


Much longer (14:38!), but also well worth watching.

Goodbye Uncanny Valley by Alan Warburton

21 Oct 22:56

If you missed it earlier this week, Björk’s got a theme song to...

If you missed it earlier this week, Björk’s got a theme song to help you get through 2017

17 Oct 04:51

‘Vida’ - glass sculpture by Jack Storms made with 32% optical...


This is, weirdly, worth watching all the way through.

Vida’ - glass sculpture by Jack Storms made with 32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal & dichroic glass.

15 Oct 03:40

The Gift-Givers

by Dorothy


15 Oct 02:23

Performance Artist Tatsumi Orimoto and His Facial Baguette Flash Mobs

by Johnny

I don't understand but I love it

Bread Man at Onomichi Station, Japan (2017) | photo courtesy The Mainichi

Last weekend a group of 36 people with 3 to 6 baguettes wrapped around their face appeared suddenly at Onomichi Station in Hiroshima, Japan. They paraded down a street, through the city’s shopping district and even went on a ferry ride, all the while chanting “We are Bread Men. We are not human” in Japanese and English.

This was not the latest All Breads Matter protest. Rather, it was a performance art piece by 71-year old Japanese artist Tatsumi Orimoto called “Bread Man” and has been staged around the world over 200 times.

Bread Man at the Brussels Train Station (1996)

In the early 70s Orimoto spent time in New York working as Nam June Paik’s assistant and taking part in the Fluxus movement and the performance art pieces of John Cage, Yoko Ono and Joseph Beuys. Around 1991 a defining moment for Orimoto occurred when he learned that in the Bible ‘bread means body.’ That’s what gave him the idea for Bread Man. “If Marcel Duchamp could call a toilet a fountain then bread means not food: it is sculpture.”

Orimoto keeps what he calls his own bible: large yellow binders packed with postcards of his past performances. He staged Bread Man in Turkey, Nepal, Germany, London and he’s been chased by homeless people in New York and thrown out of a restaurant in Moscow for wasting food. But nothing has stopped him from wrapping at least 6 baguettes around his head in various configurations and exploring the world, challenging people to accept him.

Bread Man in Penzance (2010)

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14 Oct 00:28

The Best Optical Illusions of 2017

by S. Abbas Raza


More here.
11 Oct 00:29

Stunning acrobatic display as budgies swarm in outback Australia


These photos!

A wildlife photographer captures images of a rare budgie murmuration as more than 8,000 birds swarm in the red centre against the backdrop of a waterhole.

11 Oct 00:28

Mark Zuckerberg ‘tours’ flooded Puerto Rico in...


What weird dystopia are we living in :/

Mark Zuckerberg ‘tours’ flooded Puerto Rico in bizarre virtual reality promo | Guardian

A cartoon version of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, visited hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico on Monday, in a tone-deaf livestream that was part disaster tourism, part product promotion.

Zuckerberg, along with Facebook’s head of social virtual reality, Rachel Franklin, appeared as avatars within the broadcast from his profile as they “teleported” to different locations using Facebook’s “social VR” tool Spaces. In reality, the two were speaking from the comfort of their offices in the company’s campus in Menlo Park, California, wearing virtual reality headsets.

“One of the things that’s really magical about VR is you can get the feeling you’re really in a place,” said Zuckerberg as his grinning avatar floated over scenes of flooding and destruction.

“Rachel and I aren’t even in the same building in the physical world, but it feels like we’re in the same place and can make eye contact,” he added before he and Rachel high-fived within the virtual space with the sombre scenes of Puerto Rican devastation around them.

04 Oct 15:33

List: Things More Heavily Regulated Than Buying a Gun in the United States


Our 3rd most read article of the year.
(Originally published October 2, 2017.)

- - -

Having a fucking bake sale

Building a fucking shed in your own backyard

Pumping fucking gas

Getting a fucking vasectomy

Owning a fucking car

Driving someone else’s fucking car

Riding in a fucking car

Disposing of fucking batteries

Cutting fucking hair for a living

Having a controlled bonfire on your own fucking property

Owning a fucking dog

Walking a fucking dog

Selling a fucking mattress

Watching a fucking DVD

Holding any sort of public fucking performance

Importing foreign fucking cheese

Changing your last fucking name to your spouse’s

Buying fucking fireworks

Riding a fucking bicycle

Having a fucking swimming pool

Xeroxing and distributing copyrighted fucking material

Transporting a bottle of opened fucking wine home from a restaurant

Using a fucking skateboard

Buying unpasteurized fucking milk


- - -

To learn more about this piece and the writer behind it, visit this profile of Sarah Hutto over on our Patreon page.

04 Oct 12:39

adjustin’ expectation in line with ya nerves

adjustin’ expectation in line with ya nerves

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Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

by S. Abbas Raza

Shocking news

Katherine Ellen Foley in Quartz:

ScreenHunter_2843 Oct. 03 20.00It’s often said that of all the published scientific research on climate change, 97% of the papers conclude that global warming is real, problematic for the planet, and has been exacerbated by human activity.

But what about those 3% of papers that reach contrary conclusions? Some skeptics have suggested that the authors of studies indicating that climate change is not real, not harmful, or not man-made are bravely standing up for the truth, like maverick thinkers of the past. (Galileo is often invoked, though his fellow scientists mostly agreed with his conclusions—it was church leaders who tried to suppress them.)

Not so, according to a review published in the journal of Theoretical and Applied Climatology. The researchers tried to replicate the results of those 3% of papers—a common way to test scientific studies—and found biased, faulty results.

Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, worked with a team of researchers to look at the 38 papers published in peer-reviewed journals in the last decade that denied anthropogenic global warming.

More here.

03 Oct 23:24

Breaking News

by Doug


03 Oct 02:18

A sign pointing to a sign

by Victor Mair

Photo of sign pointing to sign

zònghé xìnxī pái 综合信息牌 ("general information sign") — very well translated!  Better than GT, Baidu Fanyi, and Microsoft Translator, all of which have "integrated information board", which sounds as though it has been influenced by electronics.

There are about 114,000 ghits for this phrase.

As the first commenter to Chris Buckley's Tweet observes, "Very useful "

Reminds me a bit of this recent post:

"'National backbone'" (9/25/17)

As David remarks in "Emergence and Purpose" (Beloved Spear [1/29/13]):  "Epistemology is a sign, pointing to a sign, pointing to a sign."

27 Sep 21:48

Velcro® makes a music video about why you shouldn't say "velcro"

by Matt Kahn

I can't quite parse this. Do they really think this will help prevent Velcro being used as a generic term?? IS it a parody? In these times, does every use of the word parody now need to be followed by a (?)?

Intellectual property law is complicated.  I can't tell you how many people I've seen spend hours arguing a point about copyright, but who aren't willing to spend the five minutes it takes to learn the basic differences between copyright and trademark. An almost certainly apocryphal rumor holds that there is some employee at Xerox (or Kleenex, or Q-Tips) whose sole function is to search for uses of the brand name as a general term for the product, and send a cease-and-desist letter.  This is because, to maintain a trademark, trademarks must be distinct.  This is why I can't start a laptop manufacturer called "Laptops" and sue everyone.  However, if a term so lapses into general usage, it runs the risk of no longer being distinct enough to be a legal trademark, which leads to often over-zealous protection of trademarks.  To this end, Velcro®  produced a parody(?) music video admonishing the public to not say "velcro" unless they mean "velcro®."

Personally, I take solace in knowing that at some future date a music video of actors pretending to be lawyers singing about IP law may be played in an actual court of law.  God bless America.
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27 Sep 09:52

For New Scientist #tomgauld #cartoon #science #evolution #legs



For New Scientist
#tomgauld #cartoon #science #evolution #legs

25 Sep 22:53

nevver:Museums, Pippin Barr


Would visit!

25 Sep 09:16

How to Identify that Light in the Sky



What is that light in the sky? What is that light in the sky?

22 Sep 15:24

List: Has Autumn Arrived?


1. Have the leaves begun their colorful transformation?

2. Are cooler temperatures sweeping into the forecast?

3. Is flannel clothing popping up everywhere?

4. Do your food stores contain sufficient wheat, oats, and cured meats to see your kin through winter?

5. Has college football kicked off its first game of the season?

6. Did a temporary Halloween shop move into a vacant strip mall?

7. Did an improperly latched silo door lead wolves to decimate your food rations?

8. Are pumpkin-flavored coffee specials back on the menu?

9. Did your favorite fall sitcom return with new episodes?

10. Do the ramifications of the wolf raid keep you tossing in your rough-hewn straw mattress?

11. Is your local corn maze open for business?

12. Are you prepared to do what is necessary should baby Josiah succumb to the harsh grasp of winter?

13. Did you move your sweaters out of storage yet?

14. Are you questioning your god?

15. Did you make plans to go apple picking?

16. Can you live with the weight of your sins?

17. Have you taken a selfie in a pumpkin patch?

22 Sep 15:11


by dorrismccomics

It's me :/