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Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

by S. Abbas Raza

Shocking news

Katherine Ellen Foley in Quartz:

ScreenHunter_2843 Oct. 03 20.00It’s often said that of all the published scientific research on climate change, 97% of the papers conclude that global warming is real, problematic for the planet, and has been exacerbated by human activity.

But what about those 3% of papers that reach contrary conclusions? Some skeptics have suggested that the authors of studies indicating that climate change is not real, not harmful, or not man-made are bravely standing up for the truth, like maverick thinkers of the past. (Galileo is often invoked, though his fellow scientists mostly agreed with his conclusions—it was church leaders who tried to suppress them.)

Not so, according to a review published in the journal of Theoretical and Applied Climatology. The researchers tried to replicate the results of those 3% of papers—a common way to test scientific studies—and found biased, faulty results.

Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, worked with a team of researchers to look at the 38 papers published in peer-reviewed journals in the last decade that denied anthropogenic global warming.

More here.

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Breaking News

by Doug


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A sign pointing to a sign

by Victor Mair

Photo of sign pointing to sign

zònghé xìnxī pái 综合信息牌 ("general information sign") — very well translated!  Better than GT, Baidu Fanyi, and Microsoft Translator, all of which have "integrated information board", which sounds as though it has been influenced by electronics.

There are about 114,000 ghits for this phrase.

As the first commenter to Chris Buckley's Tweet observes, "Very useful "

Reminds me a bit of this recent post:

"'National backbone'" (9/25/17)

As David remarks in "Emergence and Purpose" (Beloved Spear [1/29/13]):  "Epistemology is a sign, pointing to a sign, pointing to a sign."

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Velcro® makes a music video about why you shouldn't say "velcro"

by Matt Kahn

I can't quite parse this. Do they really think this will help prevent Velcro being used as a generic term?? IS it a parody? In these times, does every use of the word parody now need to be followed by a (?)?

Intellectual property law is complicated.  I can't tell you how many people I've seen spend hours arguing a point about copyright, but who aren't willing to spend the five minutes it takes to learn the basic differences between copyright and trademark. An almost certainly apocryphal rumor holds that there is some employee at Xerox (or Kleenex, or Q-Tips) whose sole function is to search for uses of the brand name as a general term for the product, and send a cease-and-desist letter.  This is because, to maintain a trademark, trademarks must be distinct.  This is why I can't start a laptop manufacturer called "Laptops" and sue everyone.  However, if a term so lapses into general usage, it runs the risk of no longer being distinct enough to be a legal trademark, which leads to often over-zealous protection of trademarks.  To this end, Velcro®  produced a parody(?) music video admonishing the public to not say "velcro" unless they mean "velcro®."

Personally, I take solace in knowing that at some future date a music video of actors pretending to be lawyers singing about IP law may be played in an actual court of law.  God bless America.
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For New Scientist #tomgauld #cartoon #science #evolution #legs



For New Scientist
#tomgauld #cartoon #science #evolution #legs

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nevver:Museums, Pippin Barr


Would visit!

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How to Identify that Light in the Sky



What is that light in the sky? What is that light in the sky?

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List: Has Autumn Arrived?


1. Have the leaves begun their colorful transformation?

2. Are cooler temperatures sweeping into the forecast?

3. Is flannel clothing popping up everywhere?

4. Do your food stores contain sufficient wheat, oats, and cured meats to see your kin through winter?

5. Has college football kicked off its first game of the season?

6. Did a temporary Halloween shop move into a vacant strip mall?

7. Did an improperly latched silo door lead wolves to decimate your food rations?

8. Are pumpkin-flavored coffee specials back on the menu?

9. Did your favorite fall sitcom return with new episodes?

10. Do the ramifications of the wolf raid keep you tossing in your rough-hewn straw mattress?

11. Is your local corn maze open for business?

12. Are you prepared to do what is necessary should baby Josiah succumb to the harsh grasp of winter?

13. Did you move your sweaters out of storage yet?

14. Are you questioning your god?

15. Did you make plans to go apple picking?

16. Can you live with the weight of your sins?

17. Have you taken a selfie in a pumpkin patch?

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by dorrismccomics

It's me :/

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Ukiyo-e Come to Life in New Animated GIFs by Atsuki Segawa

by Johnny

So great!

Doc and Marty travel back to 1885 Japan’s Tokaido in their DeLorean. Original print: “Fujikawa” by Utagawa Hiroshige, from the series Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido.

Atsuki Segawa is a Japanese filmmaker and animator who takes traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and sets them into motion through digital animation. He began his collection of “moving ukiyo-e” in 2015 and has been slowly adding to his collection.

A time-lapse of cars speeding down Japan’s Tokaido. Original print: “Minakuchi” by Utagawa Hiroshige, from the series Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido.

Ukiyo-e, or “pictures of floating worlds” were woodblock prints that became wildly popular in 17th -19th century Japan. Emerging as a spontaneous artistic development, they remain, to this day, as some of the most well-known imagery and, by extension, some of the most readily available glimpses into what life was like in Japan.

But this was before the age of computers, or even hand-drawn animation, so of course each represents a moment, frozen in time. But Segawa thaws those images and brings them to life, more often than not adding surreal elements from today.

If anyone has ever eaten oden you’ll know how this man feels. Original print: “Nakamura Konozo and Nakajima Wadayemon” by Toshusai Sharaku

This marketplace in Osaka sells all the latest gadgets. Original print: “Fish Market at Zakoba” by Utagawa Hiroshige

we hope these fisherman have their sea legs. Original print: “Under the Wave off Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokusai

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algopop:  Cola Parody T-Shirts on Amazon by Sunshine...


 Cola Parody T-Shirts on Amazon by Sunshine T-Shirts

This bot is going through a dataset of food-names and placing them inside a Pepsi-Cola logo, to generate t-shirts to sell on Amazon. The collection includes everything from “Welsh Cakes” to “Chicken Cacciatore”. 


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Eat the ice cream.



Eat the ice cream.

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‘seinfeld’ scriptwritten by 10 people using predictive text...


It took me until page 3 to realise this was not a real Seinfeld script :/

‘seinfeld’ script

written by 10 people using predictive text keyboards

source: transcripts of episodes from season 3 of seinfeld. source texts specific to character with separate source for stage directions. 18 word options at each step. finished script also includes one or two stage directions generated by a recurrent neural network.

writers: carl s, corey g, elle o, erin m, gabe m, jonah c, joseph p, kai c, rob d

editors me and rob d


What’s the the problem with the
minimalism? You know, if you enjoy
being around alcoholics, I’m gonna
go ahead and never return that
JERRY and ELAINE are carrying leaves in their hands. He tries
to grab a door and she imitates the door.
Well the elevator opens and wrong
side of the door… I thought
maybe the door’s not waiting, but
it said “going down” and Kramer
couldn’t help me move it.  I just
wanted to get out of it, just get
He slams his hand on the door. KRAMER enters dancing with
Hey hey hey, great idea for a big
sponge: Make it so large you think
it’s got a fat clock in the
(takes off his bones)
Kramer, do you have a fun
flashback to do?
George is wearing a $20 hat that says “Hello to Horse.”
I’m kinda like the captain of
Mind the fish, George! Elaine, say
something to George. Look for
anything wrong with him.
Right now I want to find someone
who doesn’t believe George is back
from the bathroom.
(takes the garbage and moves
Elaine isn’t exhausting but I’ll
bet three days of straight fear
I’m not bitter.
First dog to get George will be my
George walks at her seriously.
I’ll pay attention to George when
he talks louder. He never says
anything wrong but his intellect
is dying with him.
George walks back to George’s parents.
Kramer enters quickly, sliding around the floor on his knees.
Jerry is watching TV. Jerry notices something in the
refrigerator. Elaine smoking at the crowd.
Hey I’m thinking Jerry, I’m really
sweating Jerry. Jerry, I have a
woman comin and she does it mean,
you know?
(relaxously handily talking)
Well, the couch is not going to be
washed by me you know, I’ve got
Knick tickets this Wednesday and
George gets soup on the road.
Snacks are piled high in the guest room. Jerry spots them and
takes a photograph.
(cynical voice)
Jerry can you be a big salad and
give me a meal?
George enters acting very strange. He picks up the remote
control and tries to run with it.
Hey George, what’s wrong with you?
Oh Jerry, Jerry just sit there and
try to hear my machine. Jerry I
really have a hot dog in there and
I’m not going to lie to it.
What’s the difference? You became
a legend, I got a big picnic.
George, Elaine and Jerry lean back and forth. Elaine, laughing
hypocritically, sports a couple of muscle relaxers. Jerry
looks at the psychic’s apartment, the phone and George. Helen
walks toward Elaine and George is a double look at the
bathroom. George is touching the cowbanes. Kramer is barely
laughing. Elaine making the newspaper. Jerry looks at Jerry.
Jerry unlocks the hot ends. He like it. Jerry is not heard
with his fingers. Jerry walks out of the blade, with a music
No no no no no no no no god no no
god no you should get out of here
right now. You’re real turkey club
without any crackers, aren’t you?
What’s the deal with this ping
pong guy? He mumbles something
like ya ya huh ha ha oh no no go.
I’ve never been called an egg but
you could do it.

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A room with a mural – 12 rooms plus tips…

by Jill Macnair

These are at once ridiculous and quite lovely!

Adding a panoramic wall mural to your home is an adventurous way to bring colour to your walls and quite different to hanging a repeat wallpaper, or a single piece of art. Murals create a more complete-feeling environment, whatever their design. Some are about bringing big garden views inside, others blow-up versions of paintings by Old Masters or focus on one striking animal. You can have a scenic forest on a single wall, or beautiful delicate Chinoiserie on all surrounding walls. Contemporary, traditional, surreal, realist – images can usually be printed to any size and some brands offer the option  to enlarge and print you own images.

The one thing to consider is the height of the eye line in the room you choose for your mural. If, for instance, your mural is for a dining room then it makes sense to lower the point of perspective because you’ll be looking at it when seated. You might also save murals for rooms with fewer items of furniture so that you can really get the most out of seeing them. However, as our edit of 12 inspiring rooms below proves, murals can work just about anywhere with a bit of spacial planning.

Image from Marie Sixtine

If choosing a mural for a bedroom, pick something calm and sedate that will promote the idea of sleep. Above, in the apartment of Paris boutique Marie Sixtine, the print itself is very calm. Below, in the London apartment of designer Alvise Orsini, rice paper has been hand painted to match two eighteenth century Chinese wall panels that were found at auction. The pattern is quite rich, but the palette is quiet.

In the Bloomsbury Group’s country house, Charleston in East Sussex, owner and painter Duncan Grant took his distinctive style to many of the surfaces of the house to give it it’s unique decorative charm. In the living room, the fireplace mural transforms the room’s focal point into one large work of art.

Image from Charleston Trust

Turn a hallway or landing into more of a place to pause by adding a masterpiece mural – painting your woodwork to match its dominant colour. Surface View offers a vast and varied collection of wall murals, including the National Gallery collection which is full of beautiful paintings from one of the world’s greatest art archives. You can customise your chosen painting to your chosen size. Below is Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects by Balthasar van der Ast.

Image from Surface View

Another hallway, this time by uber designer Kelly Wearstler for Miami’s Viceroy hotel. If space allows, place furniture centrally to give your mural plenty of space to become the main feature.  

Image from de Gournay

If you choose a wonderfully bold mural then try to keep your daring going with the rest of the room too. The curtain in this room is just as flamboyant as the flamingos mural it clashes with – it’s an all or nothing approach. But there is a point of continuity between the two in the colour green.

Image from de Gournay

Why not take your mural up onto the ceiling, especially if your ceiling is not a regular flat affair? There are no pauses in this room and it’s all the better for it.

Image from Pinterest

For a mural with almost all the colours of the rainbow in it, which colour do you pick out for the skirting boards? Black in this instance, gives a bit of grounding to the white-backed design above it.

Image from Design Sponge

Think about adding some decorative lighting either directly onto the wall mural or to stand or hang in front of it. This is about building up layers of decor and helps to pull the mural into the whole design. An especially useful tip if you’re having a mural on one wall only.

Image by Sarah Hogan from House & Garden

Spend a lot of time thinking about the curtains that will work with your mural. Think about the colour or colours it’s sitting with and also the overall tone – by nature, murals are decadent so choose a fabric that feels as sumptuous – linen, velvet, silk, a good quality cotton in a rich colour. A utilitarian blind won’t cut the mustard in your ‘room with a mural’.

Image from Sian Zeng

Lastly, pick something that will bring some fun to your room and consider something that your house lacks. Got no garden? A botanical print will give you the missing connection to nature that you might need.

Image from Elli Popp

Image from Ananbo

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Swiss Army Bed: The Ultimate Modular & Multifunctional Furniture Design

by Kurt
[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

It’s hard to imagine a more flexible and functional piece of furniture to spend a third of your life in than this one from Singapore, featuring an array of creature comforts and high-tech customizations.

USB ports and plugs tie into charging and speaker systems for lounging around with tunes and devices, while an optional massage chair can help relax the restless before sleep.

An array of benches and loungers lets users lay down or sit up in any number of positions, while a fold-out desk attachment allow for laptop use as well. Storage options include a linen-and-pillow trunk beneath the bottom-of-bed bench and a built-in safe for valuables, plus a bunch of shelves and cabinets.

Perhaps the best part: all of these features can be swapped out because the modules around the bed itself are not permanently fixed. Buyers can choose which ones they want to prioritize then surround themselves with choice luxuries accordingly.

At $500 to $1000 depending on options, materials and finishes, they are pretty reasonably priced, too, though be sure to check the measurements: they are designed for the Asian market and shorter individuals, so tall people may want to consider them inspiration rather than potential purchases.

Flexible Furniture: Mold this Seat into All Sorts of Shapes

Sitting in a single position for long periods is not just uncomfortable but also a health hazard, but is the solution to be found in a single form or something more pliable and ...

Kids’ Rooms Rule: 32 Creative & Fun Bedrooms for Children

When the rest of the house is carefully furnished and decorated to be both practical and a visual representation of the adult residents' style, why should kids' rooms be a primary-colored ...

GoGo & Multiplo: Modular Building Blocks for Kids & Adults

Two very similar designs with somewhat different audiences, Multiplo emphasizes their kit-of-parts approach as a means toward making convertible adult furniture, while Gogo Blocks are presented ...

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[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

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betterbooktitles:Hillary Rodham Clinton: What Happened


Hillary Rodham Clinton: What Happened

16 Sep 16:47

List: Grad School or Pre-School?


1. You will be encouraged to play nice and work with others.

2. Snacks may be eaten during class.

3. You will be expected to practice your reading and critical-thinking skills daily.

4. Group projects may be messy and lead to certain disaster.

5. If you are enrolled in a private program, it may cost your parents a lot of money.

6. You get to go outside and run around.

7. By the mid-point of the year, you will question why you chose this path while repeatedly hitting your head on your desk and crying.

8. Your class has a goldfish you are expected to help care for.

9. You want to take a nap during school, but know that you can’t.

10. You don’t want to take a nap during school, but you are forced to.

- - -

Grad school: 7, 9
Pre-school: 6, 8, 10
Both: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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For the Guardian.Order my new book here:

For the Guardian.

Order my new book here:
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Anaphoric ambiguity of the week

by Mark Liberman

Obeying the sign:

See also "Another step towards gender equality", 8/20/2006, "Dogless in Albion", 9/12/2011, and John Wells on "carrying dogs", 3/15/2013.

[From here via Carmen Fought]

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A full room looks pretty empty when you remove all the men. 

A full room looks pretty empty when you remove all the men. 

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InstagifAbhishek Singh hacked together a digital camera with a...


Made me smile!


Abhishek Singh hacked together a digital camera with a removable Polaroid-inspired display:

I built a camera that snaps a GIF and ejects a little cartridge so you can hold a moving photo in your hand! I’m calling it the “Instagif NextStep”. Don’t ask me why I built it, it sounded like a fun challenge and I always wanted to hold a moving photo. If it wasn’t obvious, I was inspired by the Polaroid OneStep. What I love about these kinds of projects is that they involve a bunch of different skill sets and disciplines - hardware, software, 3D modeling, 3D printing, circuit design, mechanical/electrical engineering, design, fabrication etc that need to be integrated for it to work seamlessly. Ironically this is also what I hate about these kinds of projects :P I have detailed all the steps here and have released all the code, eagle files and design files so you can create your own. 

More Here

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I want to get off this 2017 ride


I love this Tumblr so much

I want to get off this 2017 ride

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tastefullyoffensive: The perfect card. (by anemone letterpress)


There are so many people I want to give this to...!


The perfect card. (by anemone letterpress)

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Photorealistic balls of precious metals placed outside their mines

by Nathan Yau

Artist Dillon Marsh uses CGI balls of metal placed outside of mines to show how much was extracted from each location. The project is called For What It’s Worth.

These images combine photography and computer generated elements in an effort to visualise the output of a mine. The CGI objects represent a scale model of the materials removed from each mine, a solid mass occupying a scene showing the ground from which it was extracted. By doing so, the intention is to create a kind of visualisation of the merits and shortfalls of mining in South Africa, an industry that has shaped the history and economy of the country so radically.

The one above is for the Nababeep South Mine in Nababeep. Love the sense of scale the pieces provide, especially the ones for diamonds, which actually show quite little.

Tags: mining

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“David Duke and the Nazis really seem to like Donald...

“David Duke and the Nazis really seem to like Donald Trump, which is weird because Nazis are a lot like cats: If they like you, it’s probably because you’re feeding them.”

14 Aug 04:58

basic truth

basic truth

10 Aug 05:59

Illustrator Nadine Redlich on her most-loved books

by Rebecca Fulleylove

It's so creepy when another bird is doing it...


Illustrator and cartoonist Nadine Redlich is known for her ability to distil witty one-liners and punchlines through sophisticated four-panelled comics and single character studies. Tapping into universal feelings such as embarrassment, worry and confusion, Nadine has published several books including Ambient Comics, Ambient Comics II, and Paniktotem last autumn.

Read more

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Boeing draws a plane in the sky with flight path

by Nathan Yau


In a test flight, Boeing took the thing where you draw using your GPS path to a whole different level. They drew the outline of a plane that spanned the latitude of the conterminous United States.

Tags: Boeing, flight