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25 Feb 01:45

Tilted Kilt Opens Today in Fenway

by Dana Hatic


Tartan patterns everywhere

A Scottish-themed restaurant that serves pub fare opens its doors this evening at 5 p.m., and there will be plenty of kilt-clad servers to tend to the first day’s customers. Tilted Kilt, the self-proclaimed “Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen,” took over the former Copperfield’s space at 96 Brookline Ave. and is finally ready to introduce itself to the neighborhood.

The Vegas-based sports pub will have 30 beers on tap and some local special entrees, including a shepherd’s pie, a Wicked Boston Burger, fish and chips, and clam chowder. Located near Fenway Park and the neighborhood’s concert venues, Tilted Kilt will also have 50 televisions to accommodate sports fans. This will be the second Tilted Kilt in Massachusetts, adding to the one in Billerica.

The restaurant famously employs Kilt Girls as servers, who audition to wear the restaurant’s mini-kilt and plaid crop-top uniform.

A Scottish-Themed ‘Breastaurant’ Unleashes Itself on Fenway This Month [EBOS]

24 Feb 12:27

rafhoe:Gareth Pugh Fall 2017


Gareth Pugh Fall 2017

24 Feb 01:25

Watch the New Get Down Trailer: The Boys Are Still Here to Boogie

by E. Alex Jung

did you guys watch this? you should watch this.

We first met Zeke, Mylene, Shaolin Fantastic, Ra-Ra, Dizzee, and Boo-Boo coming together under the tutelage of Grandmaster Flash six months ago in the first half of the first season of Baz Luhrmann’s sprawling Netflix show, The Get Down. They’re like the Avengers of hip-hop, a crew coming together to create what would become one of the most dominant popular art forms of our time. The historical thread continues in the second half of the season, premiering April 7, beginning in 1978, one year after the first part. Zeke and Mylene will continue their young romance, with a corrupt and decaying New York City as the backdrop. Make love and make music, sweet teens!

23 Feb 00:02

Birthday Sluts

by Michael K


Kyle MacLachlan (58)
Miko Hughes (31)
Cole Whittle of DNCE (35)
Elodie Yung (36)
Drew Barrymore (42)
James Blunt (43)
Scott Phillips (44)
Lea Salonga (46)
Thomas Jane (48)
Clinton Kelly (48)
Hans Klok (48)
Jeri Ryan (49)
Rachel Dratch (51)
Ellen Greene (66)
Julie Walters (67)
Julius Erving (67)
Jonathan Demme (73)
Karin Dor (79)
James Hong (88)
Bruce Forsyth (89)
Steve Irwin (1962-2006)
George Washington (1732-1799)

Pic: Facebook

22 Feb 23:19

how often can you take mental health days, is this employee ranking system insane, and more

by Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. How often can you take mental health days?

How often (if ever) do you think someone should take a mental health day? I think about taking one every few weeks, and then convince myself I am too busy. I am not particularly stressed, but I wonder if it would be a good way to recharge. What do you think?

Every few weeks would definitely be too much, but a couple a year is totally fine to do, as long as you choose days that won’t mess up anyone’s work flow. More here.

2. Is our new employee ranking system insane?

We have a new HR head who is shaking things up (a good thing) but a change to our performance evaluation system leaves me scratching my head. They announced that we will now be graded on a curve, and what followed was the most bewildering presentation I’ve seen in a while. HR explained to our team that managers will still score reports against their job descriptions and manager expectations on a 1-4 score, but now those performance scores will be sent up the chain, where they will be re-scored to fit a bell curve. This new score will be both the annual evaluation score that goes into our file and will be used for incentive distribution. The info session devolved into colleagues asking how they can be ranked as “exceed expectations” by a manager and then marked as “needs improvement” a day later because of the bell curve. The new HR person kept saying this was about “rewarding performers, which might be new here” and was generally condescending.

Is it just me, or is this an insane way to “measure” performance? Working on a high-pressure team where weekend work is routine and headhunters are constantly dialing us, I am really concerned about the morale hit from arbitrarily classifying a quarter of high-power performers as “needs improvement” or even “meets expectations.” I realize that some of our organization (450 employees) needs motivation, but mediocre performers don’t last until annual review in my shop. We have assembled 12 rock stars for my team and yet only two “exceeds expectations” slots will be available. The craziest part is that we will need to create performance improvement plans for perfectly great workers who will randomly get the short straws when HR HAL crunches the numbers. On paper, it also puts them on the path to termination (though I never expect that would happen). This plan is the centerpiece of the new HR person’s agenda, so I am at a loss of how to raise my concerns without offending someone who got quite defensive when rolling it out. For what it is worth, we are highly profitable and we are not under budgetary pressure to reduce force (quite the opposite).

Yeah, that’s a ridiculous system. You sound like you’re a manager there. Ideally you and other managers would push back as a group, which will make you much harder to brush off. Say that this isn’t a system that serves your needs as managers (and remember that HR is there to serve you as part of the company’s management, not the other way around); that you’re not willing to spend time putting good performers on performance improvement plans (!); that based on what you know of your staff, this will demoralize and drive away strong employees; and that this will destroy the work you’ve done to create a team of high performers.

Speaking up as a group is going to be key here, and I strongly suggest that you go over the HR person’s head to do it. And frankly, as a group, you might try a firm “we simply are not willing to manage our teams this way” and see what happens.

3. I’m worried that my coworker is burning herself out

I work in a small, close-knit department. I am very close with my coworker Bertha (outside of work, not just “really good work friends”), and we have the same boss, who is awesome and seems to really care about our happiness and career growth. Bertha and I work with a separate department that is pretty demanding and challenging to work with, and I’m really concerned about Bertha’s mental well-being.

Bertha is crazy smart and does excellent work, but the nature of our jobs means that you get very little recognition from the other department, there is a lot of shuffling, priority switching, etc. The chaos is just the nature of the beast in our industry. Bertha, however, takes every shift very personally (for example, being moved off a project that she hated anyway) and assumes it’s a reflection of her work (which it definitely isn’t). She is also suspicious that she is not well-liked (she is very well-liked) and bad at setting boundaries with her team (she often tells me she was up until 11 p.m. working on some last-minute request).

Our other coworkers and I keep trying to give her pep talks: “It’s not you, we all feel like this, it’s a hard job, don’t take it personally, did you even WANT that project?” and I keep telling her she needs to talk to our manager about her work hours. I know she’s unhappy, but her self-esteem seems too low to entertain the thought that she’s not the problem. I care about Bertha a lot, and I worry she’s going to spiral herself into quitting, or self-sabotage until she really does drop the ball.

Given how close we are, and our solid relationship with our boss, is there a way for me to talk to Boss about my concerns, i.e., “Hey, I’m really worried about Bertha, she seems to be working crazy hours and I think she’s getting burned out”? (Or something similar.) Normally I would butt out, but he’s been really helpful working me through similar problems, and I think she trusts him — she just won’t initiate the conversation herself.

If you are very, very confident that your boss will handle it appropriately, then yes, you could give him a low-key heads-up that she could use some help. But it’s crucial that you be confident about that, because you don’t want your conversation to trigger a horrible mishandling of the situation (like your boss pulling Bertha off more projects without explanation or, worse, keeping her from work that would be good for her professionally). In fact, because of that, it would be good to be pretty specific with your boss about what would and wouldn’t help, so that he doesn’t inadvertently flub his response.

Big caveat here: If Bertha would be horrified or upset if she knew you had done this, don’t do it. It’s not an act of friendship if she would consider it undermining or unwelcome, no matter how good your intentions.

4. How to leave a meeting that’s devolved into chit-chat

I work at an organization where many of us know each other from previous jobs and we are very friendly and fairly informal. In our department, we have pairs of junior and senior staff working on the same portfolio, and everyone is supervised by the head of the department. I’m the junior in the pair, and my senior has known our boss for decades, through several previous jobs. I have no doubt that their close relationship has benefited me (more attention from the boss on our issues, etc.).

It is not unusual to have a meeting with just the three of us. Sometimes after we’ve dispensed with whatever the topic of the meeting was, we’ll get to talking about something else and the conversation will go on for a long time. Sometimes it’s completely not related to work, sometimes it’s them regaling me with “war stories” from their history. Usually I enjoy — and participate in — these conversations. We all know the feeling of wanting to delay getting back to our desks and going back to work.

But I’ve been particularly busy lately. There’s a new leader of world teapots and we anticipate having to do a lot more work defending the tea drinkers we represent. It’s going to be very busy this year for all of us. Lately these long, dallying conversations have just been making me anxious — I can picture the emails piling up in my inbox — and I’m not enjoying them as much. What is a polite, professional way to extricate myself without alienating my colleagues? If we are in a conference room, it’s easier because there is often another meeting coming in. But if we are in my boss’s office it’s harder. They know my schedule well, so I can’t fake another meeting — plus I don’t want to lie to people I genuinely like and respect.

“Do you mind if I duck out? I’m swamped this month and have a bunch of projects I need to dive back into.”

After you do this at one or two meetings, you could say at the next one, “By the way, my workload has really increased lately, so while I normally love sticking around and chatting when we’re done with our agenda, for the next little while I’m going to head straight back to my desk. I didn’t want either of you wondering why the sudden change — it’s nothing personal!”

It would probably be a good idea to still do one of these chat sessions every now and then — like maybe one a month — just to maintain the relationships you’ve built. But it’s very reasonable not to do it more often than that.

5. Interviewing with hair loss and a turban

I have been making steps to move out of my current job and look for something that satisfies me more, so I’ve started reworking my resume and taking a look at posted jobs. I don’t have a hard timeline that I’m working with, and my current bosses like me, so I’m only concerned with exiting before I get too bogged down.

My issue is this: last year I was diagnosed with lupus, and in the last 8-9 months, most of the hair on my head fell out, along with some facial hair. Eyebrows I can disguise with makeup, but while my hair grows back in (and until it decides on one color) I have been wearing turbans at all times except at home. I have zero other symptoms and currently do not require extensive medical appointments.

Everyone who sees me assumes I am going through cancer treatments – until I correct them, which I can only do if they ask me directly. Yet I know you’re not supposed to ask applicants about medical issues. I don’t know how to approach possible job interviews and the assumptions people may make about my health. Is it the best option to mention it in an interview, or keep silent until I receive an offer? Is there anything that can be done about those assumptions without putting employers in a weird privacy spot? I’m concerned that biases against people who might medical time away or have to leave could seriously impact my options.

A wig isn’t an option because a nice wig is expensive, and I’ve found anything on my head other than cotton itches/is uncomfortable.

I’ve been mulling on this and am torn between thinking the best option is not to mention it (on the grounds that it’s not really relevant to the hiring process) vs. thinking it might be better to say something, but being unable to come up with good wording. Readers, can you help?

how often can you take mental health days, is this employee ranking system insane, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

22 Feb 05:31

Racing Mario Art

by admin

22 Feb 00:08

mahershala ali and his cat nasborrowed from his instagram

mahershala ali and his cat nas

borrowed from his instagram

21 Feb 23:59

Tiny Orphaned Dik-dik Hand-reared at Chester Zoo

by Andrew Bleiman

Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (17)
A tiny Dik-dik is making a big impression at Chester Zoo. The little Antelope is being cared for by zoo staff after its mother passed away soon after giving birth.

Standing only about 8 inches tall at the shoulders, the tiny Kirk’s Dik-dik is being bottle fed by staff five times a day. He will continue to receive a helping hand until he is old enough to eat by himself. 

Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (19)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (3)Photo Credit:  Chester Zoo

Assistant team manager Kim Wood and keeper Barbara Dreyer have both been caring for the new arrival, who is currently so light he doesn’t register a weight on the zoo’s set of antelope scales.

Kim said, “The youngster is beginning to find his feet now and is really starting to hold his own. We’re hopeful that, in a few months’ time, we’ll be able to introduce him to some of the other members of our group of Dik-diks.  He may be tiny but he is certainly making a big impression on everyone at the zoo.”   

Kirk’s Dik-diks grow to a maximum size of just 16 inches tall at the shoulders, making them one of the smallest species of Antelope in the world.

The species takes its name from Sir John Kirk, a 19th century Scottish naturalist, as well as the alarm calls made by female Dik-diks.  

Kirk’s Dik-diks are native to northeastern Africa and conservationists say they mark their territory with fluid from glands between their toes and just under their eyes, not dissimilar to tears. Populations in the wild are stable.

Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (1)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (2)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (4)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (5)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (6)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (7)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (9)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (11)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (12)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (14)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (15)
Keepers step in to hand-rear orphaned baby dik dik antelope at Chester Zoo (18)

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19 Feb 22:38

We Feel Like We Need to Take a Moment Here With Andra Day

by Tom and Lorenzo

Singer Andra Day attends the Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Debra Lee at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California.


We only really check in on pre-parties if there’s something of particular interest to report on the style front. There almost never is.

[movietrailervoice]UNTIL NOW… [/movietrailervoice]



This is a look that more or less demands that you stop whatever you’re doing, pay attention, and immediately form an opinion about it. How could we not?



And while we may have some slight issues with it, there’s no denying that it’s primo ladydrag.


In awe of the head styling here.



We’re not a hundred percent on the shape and proportions. We think we like the runway version much better. But it’s still an eye-catching and unusual look and we just can’t seriously fault any part of it. It’s fun and fabulous and different.

Our boxes, they are checked.

Style Credits:
Issey Miyake White and Blue Printed Ensemble from the Spring 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

The post We Feel Like We Need to Take a Moment Here With Andra Day appeared first on Tom + Lorenzo.

17 Feb 23:11

MTV Is Bringing Back Your Favorite '00s TV Show

by Meghan DeMaria


Children of the aughts, rejoice: Your favorite "reality" show is coming back.

Remember Parental Control, the MTV series where overbearing parents tried to find new partners for their kids? Entertainment Weekly reports that the channel is giving the show a second chance at life. MTV has apparently posted a casting notice for a new season the show. According to the notice, the program will give "disapproving parents the power to pick candidates to date their son or daughter and replace their current unsuitable love interest."

Parental Control, which aired from 2006 to 2010, appeared to be heavily scripted, though it was positioned as a reality series. And yes, it's weird to have parents choose dates for their kids. It kinda robs them of their own agency and shows them how little their parents trust them. But as a fan of the show in its heyday, I'll present this counterpoint: How funny was it when the parents would high-five each other if one of their date setups went well?

With the announcement, we're wondering how technology will fit into the revival. When Parental Control aired, there weren't dating apps everywhere, and teens still interacted face to face (at least sometimes). Will the producers introduce a lot of technology to make the show appeal to a younger audience?

It looks like the show's original fans are willing to give the revival a chance, though. There's plenty of nostalgia for the show on Twitter.

Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?

Laverne Cox Is Spilling OITNB Season 5 Secrets Already

Kris Jenner Struggles To Defend Kanye's Trump Meeting

This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz Reveals How She Met Her Boyfriend

17 Feb 19:36

Charlie Hunnam is Your Big Blond Boo in Burberry at “The Lost City of Z” London Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo



After that title (and the pictures below), there really isn’t much for us to add, is there?



Style Credits:

Burberry Blue Two-Button Suit

[Photo Credit: Matt Crossick/PA Images/]

The post Charlie Hunnam is Your Big Blond Boo in Burberry at “The Lost City of Z” London Premiere appeared first on Tom + Lorenzo.

17 Feb 19:01

nudecashmere: Yves Saint Laurent, 1983/84.


Yves Saint Laurent, 1983/84.

17 Feb 05:25

Night Crumbs

by Michael K



The cast of Love Actually reunited to shoot a short sequel that will be part of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day special. Great, so now during Christmastimes, not only will my sister make me watch Love Actually, but she’ll make me watch the short sequel too. Remind me to bring an extra bottle of booze and a bigger stash of weed to Christmas dinner this year – Lainey Gossip

Allure really Photoshopped the hell out of Kellyanne ConwayCelebitchy

Kids are naturally on drugs, so this product is a scam! – Pajiba

Lindsay Lohan posted a Mother Teresa quote and part of it reads, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Trick, save it for your Backpage ad – Drunken Stepfather

Johnny Depp wants to do Daisy Ridley and Daisy Ridley is not in the mood to get gingivitis of the cooch – The Superficial 

Kim Kartrashian’s knipples are back on the stroll – The Nip Slip

Colton Haynes got himself a florist daddy – Towleroad

What the hell kind of “go go dancer nurse from the future” shit is Hailey Baldwin wearing? – Popoholic

Here’s more of Christie Brinkley putting the youngins’ to shame in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit EditionHollywood Tuna

Sonja Morgan wishes that the cast of Real Housewives of New York City would do the show sober. Over every Bravo executive’s dead body! – Reality Tea

Mimi performed live for the first time since her legendary New Year’s Eve train wreck of a performance. And besides her chichi trying to make a break for it, it went fine – OMG Blog 

Val Kilmer is back to tell everyone that he’s not sick for the 4,570th time – SOW

If you’ve got a stuck fart in your ass and need some inspiration to poot it out, read this post about Rob Kartrashian and Blac Chyna breaking up again – Just Jared


17 Feb 01:21

buzzfeedrewind: Things You’ll Remember If You’ve Ever Been To...


Things You’ll Remember If You’ve Ever Been To Blockbuster: Presented by Britney Spears, duh.

this is so accurate

17 Feb 00:25

landscape-photo-graphy: Thousands of Beautiful Black Crows Were...


Thousands of Beautiful Black Crows Were Photographed Sitting Atop Trees Covered in Layers of Snow.

C.S.I. Walker Berg of the Portland Oregon Police Bureau  had spotted this gathering of the crows while looking out a window on the 12th floor of the Justice Center. 

Keep reading

17 Feb 00:11

ida-b-wells-b-whippin-yo-ass: stayingwoke: frontpagewoman: Unbot...







Now they are just trolling us.

Trolling us with their happiness. They clearly just got done fucking.

I’ve never seen this in my life. Barack is REVERSING AGE rn. 🙌💯

16 Feb 02:41

aprilwitching: faegelah: ape-of-naples: agayworthfightingfor: queen-elisabitch: trans-junk-rat: w...


Celexa is a serene, sleepy princess







who The fuck names meds “Zoloft” sounds like some dark wizard cursing me for not wiping my feet before I enter his house and “sertraline” is his snakewife

“Ritalin” is a tiny goblin creature and “Adderall” is a washed up disgraced and evil prince banished from his homeland

“Zyprexa” is an elegant queen of darkness, intent on bending the world to her will.

effexor is a dauntless automaton created by the court weaponsmaster

amisulpride and aripiprazole, the rosencrantz and guildenstern of our story, and queen thyroxine, the mother of our hero. 

concerta was a sexy lady-shaped monster-of-the-week on the english dub of sailor moon

trazodone was the name of a vaguely ancient roman-esque sea-dwelling rubber-forehead alien on star trek: the next generation

pretty sure lexapro was a transformers character or some shit

Mesalamine, the daughter of a serpent and a wolf. She guards the entrance to the colon cave

13 Feb 18:59

These Lil’ Pink Gucci Tuxes Win for Most Charming Grammys Fashion

by Ellie Krupnick

Not one but TWO girls with great taste in suits.

Schoolboy Q may have been nominated for a Grammy (for best rap performance), but he made his brief moment on the red carpet all about his daughter, Joy, who was sporting a baller pink tuxedo.

Q explicitly used the opportunity to talk about empowerment for girls, telling the Los Angeles Times on the red carpet:

“I see a lot of stuff going on with women these days and I'm here to support them. I could go out and protest and all that, but me having a little girl, I think it starts right here — to let her know what's going on, how she needs to be treated and the respect she needs to be given.”

He also gave his adorable daughter a chance to show off her Gucci suit, which she also posed in on Instagram before the show.

Headed to da Grammys wit 2 mucH sauce

A photo posted by ScHoolboy Q (@groovyq) on

The only thing better than Joy in her perfectly tailored suit? The fact that another stylish girl, Blue Ivy Carter, seemed to be wearing the exact same one:

Blue Ivy Carter and Jay-Z at the Grammys 2017 Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Blue in Gucci? Not too much of a shock. The fact that we, grown adults, envy these outfits very much? Also not surprising — kids’ Gucci is pretty great.

The fact that two of the best-dressed stars of the entire Grammys happen to be girls who aren’t even yet in middle school? That we didn’t see coming. But we’ve very here for it.

09 Feb 22:30


09 Feb 21:43


by admin

09 Feb 20:31

California City of Davis Divests from Wells Fargo in DAPL Protest



The bank handles its $30 million in investments and $1 million average cash balance.

09 Feb 20:27

Super Bowl Of Emotions

by admin

dad fights with dog

09 Feb 19:54

Misters Darcy, Ranked

by Silvia Killingsworth

'05 P&P Darcy for me!

A Listicle With Some Commentary

Picture Mr. Darcy in your mind’s eye. What do you see? Brown hair? Some eyes? Rich-man ruffle shirts and short pants? Or rather, whom do you see? Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen? Well all of this is wrong according to a panel of experts. Apparently he looked more like a regular schmo, with gray hair to boot:

Portrait of 'real' Mr Darcy unlikely to set 21st century hearts aflutter

Wait, looked? “Real” Mr. Darcy? Yes, that’s right. We’re arguing over the visual integrity of a real fake literary character. Well in the spirit of such nonsense, why don’t we take a ride back and rank ALL the Misters Darcy we’ve come across through the years. I’m not including spinoffs like “Lizzie Bennet’s Diary” or “Bride and Prejudice” or whatever. I am including the zombie one though because that preview got me for like one second. Do not try to tell me Bridget Jones’s Darcy counts because he does not.

Here are the Darcies, in order from worst to best:

Sam Riley from Pride and Prejudice Zombies (2016)

Laurence Olivier, Pride and Prejudice, 1940

Bow-tie-for-hair Darcy, Alex Balk, 2017

Matthew Rhys, Death Comes to Pemberley, 2013

Not-dancing Darcy, Nicole Dieker, 2017

Billing-statement Darcy, Megan Reynolds, 2017

David Rintoul, Pride and Prejudice, 1980 (BBC Miniseries I)

Napkin Darcy, by Mike Dang, 2017

Guardian Guy, 2017 (honestly the way this guy is drawn, it’s not so bad)

Image: UKTV/Nick Hardcastle/PA

Boy Darcy, Kelly Conaboy, 2017

Matthew MacFadyen, Pride and Prejudice, 2005

Extremely Accurate Darcy, Christine Friar, 2017

Colin Firth, Pride and Prejudice, 1995 (BBC Miniseries II)

Which one would you fuck?

Misters Darcy, Ranked was originally published in The Hairpin on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

09 Feb 04:37


09 Feb 01:27

Windows To The Soul

by admin

08 Feb 21:46

Giant Anteater Loves Cuddles With Her Teddy Bear

by Andrew Bleiman

1_Beanie - baby giant anteater (c) ZSL London Zoo (4)

A female Giant Anteater was born on December 28, at ZSL London Zoo, weighing just 1.2kg.

Keepers soon realized first-time mum Inca was unable to care for her infant and that the pup would need a helping hand. Staff recruited a special teddy bear to help take on the role of surrogate mum to the tiny new arrival.

Young Anteaters get around by clinging to their mother’s backs, so the newborn has been keeping a firm grip on zookeeper Amy Heath’s shoulder, before going to sleep cuddling her giant teddy bear.

Nicknamed “Beanie” by her keepers, the young grey and black colored female already has impressive curved claws, which will grow up to four inches in length and will eventually be used to dig around in the ground to find tasty ants and termites.

Zookeeper Amy Heath said, “ZSL London Zoo is home to a group of Giant Anteaters: male Bonito and his female mates, Inca and Sauna. We were delighted when we discovered Inca was pregnant; but unfortunately she rejected the infant so we’ve stepped in to help until the baby is big enough to go back in with her parents.

“Hand-rearing an animal is an amazing privilege, but it’s hard work too; we’ve been bottle-feeding Beanie every two to three hours with special replacement milk and making sure she’s kept warm at night with a temperature-controlled incubator.

“Giant Anteaters are an incredible species. They’re unique to look at, and their iconic snouts are perfectly designed to sniff out their food. While they’ve got no teeth, their claws are the perfect tools for digging an opening into ants’ nests, and Beanie has been practicing her digging skills on her teddy bear…or even sometimes my shoulder!

“We’re very pleased with how well Beanie is developing. At 1.6kg, she’s gained about half a kilo in a month, and is the ideal weight for her age. She’s a very strong youngster with a sweet personality; she loves to burrow her long snout into my neck for a cuddle!”

2_Beanie - baby giant anteater (c) ZSL London Zoo (2)

3_Beanie - baby giant anteater (c) ZSL London Zoo (3)Photo Credits: ZSL London Zoo

Although Beanie may be small now, eventually she’ll grow to be around 7ft in length and weigh as much as 45kg. In the meantime, Amy has been keeping detailed records on everything the infant does, from eating and sleeping to even her toilet habits.

Though she’ll continue to be hand-fed until she’s around six-months-old, the stripy baby will soon be introduced to the rest of the Giant Anteater family at ZSL London Zoo, where keepers hope that more experienced female, Sauna, will take over other mothering duties, such as carrying Beanie around and socializing her, so she can grow up part of the group.

The Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), also known as the Ant Bear, is a large insectivorous mammal native to Central and South America. The mostly terrestrial species is one of four living species of anteaters and is classified with sloths in the order Pilosa.

The Giant Anteater is classified as “Vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Threats include habitat destruction, fire, and poaching for fur and bush meat. However, some anteaters inhabit protected areas.

To find out more about Beanie and the 18,000 other incredible residents at ZSL London Zoo visit:

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08 Feb 20:06

Crying-Proof Makeup You Probably Need Right Now

by Racked Staff

For anything the terrifying world of adulthood throws your way.

There are plenty of reasons to cry even once you are a grown-up who (mostly) has their shit together: heartbreak, anxiety, joy, abject terror. But that doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it! Here are eleven products we swear by, even in the weepiest of situations.

The Mascara That Can Survive SoulCycle and Also Sad Thoughts About Your Child Growing Up and Leaving You

I do not wear much makeup while working out (sorry, athleisure makeup), except for mascara, because I look dead without it. I’ve been spinning since the ‘90s when it became a thing in gyms, and I still go to SoulCycle at least once a week. Which is sweaty. Very sweaty. But I’ve become obsessed with Too Cool for School’s Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara ($25), which is a tubing mascara. It does not come off until you wet it and gently peel it off. I’ve taken showers with it on and had it remain totally intact. And yes, it can also stand up to tears, which I found out a few weeks ago when I started sobbing for no reason just thinking about my kid starting high school next year. THEY GROW UP TOO FAST. — Cheryl Wischover, beauty editor

The Eyeliner That Can Make It Through a Tough Insurance Call

Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid Pen ($56)

$56 is more than I would pay for a steak, or a throw pillow, or a ticket to a concert where I am not able to sit down. But I will pay it for this eyeliner, which is nothing short of a cosmetic miracle. It goes on so easily and lasts forever — my last one took a whole year to dry out, which makes the price feel a little less egregious.

As for its staying power, all I can say is that not very long ago, I was on a conference call with my parents (lol) trying to sort out health insurance (lolol), and there were tears, and when I emerged into my office (lololol) I looked in the mirror and realized that my eyeliner hadn’t budged. — Alanna Okun, senior editor

The BB Cream That Can Get You Through At Least Nine Horas

The Body Shop All-In-One Natural BB Cream ($20)

I don’t usually wear face makeup unless I’m getting very dressed up. Hence this BB cream, which has been my most important accessory at so many friends’ weddings, since I’m nearly 30 and that’s what happens when you’re nearly 30: You spend all your free weekends going to weddings. Jewish weddings in particular can be sweaty affairs, with tears under the chuppah, hour-long hora sessions and much chair lifting. But this BB cream has never melted, streaked or let me down. Let’s see if it can withstand the teary baby showers… — Ellie Krupnick, managing editor

A Reasonably Waterproof Mascara That Won’t Hurt Your Eyes

Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara ($20)

I’ve used waterproof mascaras for as long as I can remember, mostly because with non-waterproof varieties I wind up with raccoon eyes by lunch — it just doesn’t stay on my face unless it’s waterproof. Most types I’ve tried irritate my eyes if I wear them every day, so I became accustomed to giving myself a break a few days a week.

But that’s zero percent necessary with Buxom’s Lash Waterproof Mascara. It stays on all day, looks just as good as the Dior Show I used to use, but doesn’t hurt my eyes in the least (it’s totally free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and petrochemicals, so maybe that has something to do with it). It also miraculously stays on when I get a little wet (rain, showers, tears) and comes off right quick with a light scrub or a little micellar water. I couldn’t be happier with it. — Cory Baldwin, shopping editor

The Liquid Eyeliner That’s Seen Me Through Sad Movies, Funerals, and More

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner ($22)

I’m admittedly a makeup minimalist, but I can’t live without a good liquid eyeliner to create my signature cat eye — and nothing (NOTHING!) compares to this one from Stila. Literally every single other eyeliner I’ve ever tried, no matter the formula or whether or not its marketed as waterproof, transfers to the tops of my lids by midday. Stila’s truly does, well, stay all day. And it holds up in tearier situations, too! Case in point? My grandmother passed away last month — and not only did this liner refuse to budge during her memorial service, but it also held up through a viewing of Titanic that evening. (Don’t ask why my family chose such a sad movie to watch on such a sad day. We’re masochists, I suppose.) — Elana Fishman, entertainment editor

The Setting Spray That Survived Election Night

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray ($25)

I use this stuff sparingly — just a couple of sprays a couple times a week — because I sort of suspect that it makes me break out, but it can stand up to even the most existential of soul-wracking sobs. Hopefully it can also keep me cute in the apocalypse. — Alanna Okun, senior editor

The Eye Shadow Pencil That Will Last During the Most Brutal Eyebrow Tweeze

I get my brows tweezed pretty regularly. I can’t wax them since I’m on Retin-A and run the risk of having all my skin slough off (okay, maybe that’s being overly dramatic), so I opt for the brow-shaping-by-slow-torture method every month or so. For some reason, even if I subjectively don’t think it hurts that much, my eyes water the entire time I’m getting tweezed. I am an eye shadow person, and I love a pencil because I am lazy and also don’t really know how to use makeup brushes. I always opt for Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Matic shadow pencil, which smudges nicely right after application but then stays put. My tears bead right off of it. — Cheryl Wischover, beauty editor

The Liquid Lipstick That Will Be Your Best Friend on Valentine’s Day

“Creeper” Colourpop Liquid Matte Lippie ($6)

I’ve struggled with finding a red lipstick that doesn’t make my teeth look fluorescent yellow and doesn’t come off on every cup, glass, or spoon I put my mouth to. After years of dishing out $18 in the name of Ruby Woo, Colourpop has come through with an answer to this broke girl’s prayers. At $6, this nearly perfect red has not only lasted numerous plates of oily pasta, but it’s managed to stay on even when I’ve wanted it off. This Valentine’s Day, I want to see if it will last after a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a few romantic comedies. — Nneoma Ajiwe, photo intern

The Foundation That Can Accompany You Through The Harshest Elements

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Photo Edition Foundation ($48)

I don't have tears or a heart. But I wore this foundation on a day-long gorilla trek through the Rwandan jungle and it didn't budge. It’s expensive, but it lasts forever and you only need a little. — Annemarie Dooling, engagement editor

The Liquid Eyeliner That Lasts Through A Happy-Sad Sob

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner ($22)

I’ve been wearing eyeliner pretty much since I exited the womb, much to the chagrin of the strict Yeshiva elementary school I attended. I’m always on the lookout for reliable waterproof ones because I wear contact lenses and so my eyes water a lot, and also because I don’t have particularly thick skin and so it doesn’t take much to make me cry. My coworker, Laura, pointed me to Eyeko’s waterproof liquid eyeliner, which she learned about from Birchbox. I bought one and am thrilled to report that it's made it through plenty of weeping episodes.

Its most recent test involved me sobbing at the circumcision of the son of one of my college roommates, Sheri. Eleven months ago, Sheri had a stillborn son, an unimaginable hardship she’s been pretty open about. Her new baby, Nathan Philip, happy and healthy, thank God, was born two weeks ago and at the “bris” on Sunday, we learned his Hebrew name: “Nachum Rafael,” which means comfort and healing from God in Hebrew. There wasn’t a dry eye around as the entire synagogue rolled into unified happy/sad weeping. After, we all headed to breakfast downstairs for some bagels and lox and on my way, I went to the bathroom, expecting black streaks across my face. Except this Eyeko liner really doesn’t let me down. — Chavie Lieber, senior reporter

And if you just can’t keep from crying all your makeup off...

The Moisturizer That’ll Soothe Your Skin After Sobbing

Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer ($29.50)

Post-cry, I like this moisturizer. It just makes me feel less puffy! Also, if you need to remove cry-makeup, I like these drugstore eye pads — they're super gentle and don't sting your eyes (which of course happens when you have eye makeup IN them from crying). —Tiffany Yannetta, shopping director

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by Michael Popek

Birthday card, dated 1978.

Found in "The Day Khrushchev Fell" by Martin Page. Published by Hawthorn Books, 1965.

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Kylie Minogue Won Her Name Trademark Battle Against Kylie Jenner

by Allison



Back in 2015, when Kylie Jenner was first beginning to step out of the giant shadow cast by her sister’s ass, she filed an application to trademark the name “Kylie.” The problem for Kylie Jenner was that there was already a famous Kylie: Kylie Minogue. About a year ago, The original (and best) Kylie got her lawyers involved and asked them to put a stop to The Lesser Kylie’s attempt at cornering the market on the name Kylie. According to Kylie Minogue, Kylie Jenner – or as Kylie Minogue called her, a “secondary reality television personality” – doesn’t get to call dibs on “Kylie” because she already has a trademark on the name.

The US Patent and Trademark Office agrees. The Daily Mail says that last week, the PTO sided with Kylie Minogue and rejected Kylie Jenner’s application. Kylie Minogue is the official Kylie. Kylie’s trademark fight isn’t over yet. The Daily Mail says that Kylie Jenner has already filed an appeal on the decision.

The Kardashians and the Jenners have been programmed by Kris Jenner to want to monetize every possible aspect of their lives. And one of the ways they like to ensure that every last dollar gets tucked into their wallets is to trademark their names. It’s practically a rite of passage for them. So of course Kylie would appeal. And she’ll keep fighting until she gets her trademark. The last thing Kylie Jenner wants is to receive a letter from her mother warning her that she’s at risk of being ex-kommunicated from the family for failing to uphold their fame whore values. I’m sorry Kylie Minogue, this rash just isn’t going to go away.

Pic: Instagram

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