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09 Feb 17:50

Ciara Slapped Future With A $15 Million Lawsuit For Saying She’s A Bad Mother To Their Son

by Allison

YES GIRL. fuck future (though i continue to shamefully enjoy his drake album)

Kids Choice Sports 2015 Awards

Well, that’s one way to clap back at a person who has been dragging you on Twitter. TMZ says that Ciara (real name: Ciara Princess Harris) has gone ahead and filed a $15 million lawsuit against her former fiance/current baby daddy Future (real name: Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) for slander after he accused her of being a shit mother to their 1-year-old son Future Zahir. Somewhere in a pile of socks and burger wrappers, Blac Chyna sat up and thought “Hmmm…that’s a pretty good idea.”

It all started back in July after Future saw a picture of Ciara’s celibate boyfriend Russell Wilson pushing Future Jr. around in a stroller, and started cussing out Ciara on a radio show for involving their son in “publicity stunts.” Future also took to hissing at Ciara on Twitter, like accusing her of taking $15,000 a month in child support while making him go though lawyers to see their son. Ciara is finally responding to Future, and she’s doing it by coming for a lot more than $15,000 a month.

According to the details of the lawsuit, Ciara swatted back at Future’s accusations that she’s keeping their son from him by saying that she goes out of her way to make sure Future Jr. sees his daddy. Ciara claims that they’ve had at least 19 visitations since December 2014, one of which happened as recent as last week. She’s also accusing Future of starting shit as a way to promote his music.

Ciara’s lawsuit says that she wants all the nasty words Future wrote about her erased from Twitter and wants him blocked from saying anything else about her. She’s also looking for Future to stuff $15 million into her bank account. And just like that, the price of EVOL was marked up to $89.99 on iTunes and now includes a bonus track called “Please Please Please Buy This Album (I Need The Money).

If your name is Future, this would be where you might want to look away (unless you want to make some new tweets that will probably be used against you in court of law). Here’s Ciara and Future Jr. cruising through LAX with Russell Wilson yesterday.

  • Ciara, Russell and Future LAX
  • Ciara, Russell and Future LAX
  • Ciara, Russell and Future LAX
  • Ciara, Russell and Future LAX
  • Ciara, Russell and Future LAX
  • Ciara & Super Bowl champion, Russell Wilson are seen catching a flight out of Los Angeles.

Pics:, Splash

05 Feb 21:20

Your Boyfriends Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum Are Making a Movie-Musical About Pilots Who Sing and Dance

by Nate Jones


Channing Tatum has caught dancing fever ... and he's infected Joseph Gordon-Levitt! THR reports that the pair have signed on to star in an untitled musical project written by 21 Jump Street's Michael Bacall. Little is known about the project, but it's reportedly "an R-rated musical comedy featuring two pilots on a misadventure." Yes, that's right — Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, dancing, in pilot's uniforms. Sploosh.

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08 Feb 11:59

List: The Magic 8-Ball for Millennials by Heather Wheat


Sure, why not



LMGTFY (or: Haven’t you heard of Google?)


Shake again and chill

Nobody cares



If you say so

I guess

It might not work out




I can’t even

It me





08 Feb 18:30

buzzfeeduk: “Everybody has a day like Albert’s.”


This picture made me hyperventilate a little bit

08 Feb 16:13

(via I made a lipstick robot - YouTube)

08 Feb 14:32

Watch Key & Peele’s Extended McCringleberry Sketch of Excessive Celebration on Stephen Colbert

by E. Alex Jung

For his post–Super Bowl show, Stephen Colbert brought on Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to do a riff on of one of their classic Key & Peele sketches, where Peele plays the strict referee and Key is Hingle McCringleberry, the football player who can't keep the thrusts in his pants. These touchdowns just get him so excited! This time, he gets help from Kimble Mathias, who has a seemingly magical ability to score touchdowns despite his knee and hip replacements. (He's played by Stephen Colbert.) Colbert released a cut with even more end-zone high jinks above, which can be paired with the original one aired Super Bowl Sunday below. They're worth at least three pumps and a Viking funeral.

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05 Feb 16:45

Kanye Says Father-in-Law Robert Kardashian Is Helping Him Finish His Album From Heaven, and Who Are We to Tell Him Any Different?

by Halle Kiefer

ok kanye.

Look. Hey. You know what. Who’s to say what is or isn’t possible from the nether realm, you know? Certainly not Kanye, who explained the role his late father-in-law has played in getting Waves/Swish/So Help Me God finished. "I'm only doing one percent, 2 percent of the work, and God is doing the rest of the work,” West said during his interview with Real 92.3’s Big Boy, which you can listen to below. “My mom … had Teddy Riley change his flight and come back to the studio. Robert Kardashian is making sure that all the deals is getting done. He's still doing deals for controversial black people from up in heaven." Kanye is the best. Hopefully there isn’t Twitter in the afterlife, or else he and Mr. Kardashian must have had some seriously uncomfortable conversations this week. Haha, just kidding. There is no way in God’s holy mercy that people have to deal with Twitter even after they’re dead.

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02 Feb 00:38

like 7 inches from the mid-day sun

by annagoldfarb

like 7 inches from the mid-day sun

01 Feb 23:45

buzzfeedcanada: Grand Theft Auto: Canada



27 Jan 22:42

The I Don’t Cares :: Wild Stab / Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield

by Satisfied '75


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Paul Westerberg. That’s a funny sentiment considering the non-stop Replacements-fest that went on from 2012 through last year’s final run of tour dates. But the Westerberg who appeared alongside Messrs. Stinson, Minehan and Freese for that astounding run was a man reliving his past and having fun […]
28 Jan 19:15

Stéphane Rolland Spring 2016 Couture Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo


29 Jan 01:27

Heidi Montag And Courtney Stodden Finally Together In A Quality Television Program!

by Michael K

UH OH i'm gonna watch this and feel bad about it


Lifetime, television for train wrecks and their admirers, really reached deep up into the universe (read: reached down deep into the bottom of the barrel) and pulled out the brightest stars (read: whoever was desperate enough for a check) for their newest reality show masterpiece The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, which starts on March 1st. This mess has become the latest show to completely change the meaning of “celebrity.”

Lifetime has also stolen Vh1’s schtick by pretending like they’ve made a serious show about therapy and healing when they really just made a show about a bunch of crazy bitches fighting with each other while locked up in a house.

This mess stars an all-star cast including Heidi Montag, Courtney Stodden, Shar Jackson, Jessica Canseco, Natalie Nunn (aka the daughter of Mac Tonight who was in the Bad Girls Club) and Kim Richards (who probably shouldn’t be doing another reality shit show, but whatever). A therapist named Dr. Debbie tries to fix their fucked-up relationship with their mother or daughter. But we all know that they’re really there to bring the fake drama for the cameras.

They probably got a bonus for every tear they pushed out of their overly Botoxed faces, because there’s a lot of Botox tears in this trailer:

That show is trashy, gross, an embarrassment to humanity and I will watch every episode twice. And I’m surprised Lindsay Lohan and White Oprah aren’t in this. I mean, they’re apparently back to hating each other. Lifetime probably couldn’t afford LiLo’s usual out-call day rate.

via ONTD

25 Jan 14:09

Gwyneth Paltrow in Michael Kors at the Kitzbuehel Audi Night 2016

by Tom and Lorenzo

Formal swearerdress?! I LOVE (but I still hate gwyneth)

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the Audi Night 2016 at the Hotel zur Tenne in Kitzbuehel, Austria.


Darlings, let us start off the week with some praise and an avoidance of bitchery. Just to be different.

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Kitzbuehel-Audi-Night-2016-Fashion-Michael-Kors-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Kitzbuehel-Audi-Night-2016-Fashion-Michael-Kors-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Kitzbuehel-Audi-Night-2016-Fashion-Michael-Kors-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Kitzbuehel-Audi-Night-2016-Fashion-Michael-Kors-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Kitzbuehel-Audi-Night-2016-Fashion-Michael-Kors-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Because we think Miss Gwynnie looks pretty damn spectacular here. Oh sure, the neckline on that dress doesn’t necessarily play well with that coat and could have done with some serious zhuzhing and arranging before stepping in front of cameras, but that is not enough for us to consider this anything but a gorgeously dramatic look. Yell at her assistant for not running in and doing a neckline check if one must, but the ensemble is unassailable in our eyes. It’s a great look for her. And we suppose if you’re reduced to car show appearances, you should still dress like a movie star and hold your head high, right?

Okay, maybe there was a tiny bit of bitchery in this post.


Style Credits:
Michael Kors Grey Cashmere Sweater Dress from the Michael Kors Collection
Michael Kors Melton Double-Breasted Long Coat from the Michael Kors Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

27 Jan 20:32

PSA: NARCAN Training


this is GREAT

It’s very important to understand that sometimes friends or those we barely know can fall victim to substance abuse. 

Chances are you know someone who has abused opiates. NARCAN is an opiate-blocker, one which has become common for police officers to carry. CVS has also announced recently that they’ll be stocking it, because it’s important to help when a situation becomes critical. 

The City of Boston offers free NARCAN training four times a month. 

To learn more, visit

Pass this along. 

Stay safe, Allston.

26 Jan 02:50

The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNERS For January 25th!

by Michael K


Massage parlor opening day … featuring Minnie Mouth and Donald Fuck. – Miss Julia

Upvote winner:

Want to see my Steamboat Willie? – false_azure

Pic: Tosh.0

25 Jan 20:29


25 Jan 18:39

Holy fucking shit Babymetal are playing Boston’s House of Blues in May

by Michael Marotta

swifty alert

21 Sep 17:08


by Klaus

Yeah. Seriously. (Image courtesy of AHTBM.)
25 Jan 18:20

Melanie from Barbazons has been knitting these flags showcasing...



Melanie from Barbazons has been knitting these flags showcasing old Allston showhouses that existed in the so-called ‘golden age’ 

More here:

25 Jan 17:05

24 Jan 04:43



22 Jan 15:56


21 Jan 15:27

buzzfeedcomics: By Adam Ellis 💅



21 Jan 17:34

grungebook: The New York Times Magazine’s Letter of...




The New York Times Magazine’s Letter of Recommendation: Sleep, ‘Dopesmoker’
The origin story of ‘‘Dopesmoker’’ sounds like a light-bulb joke co-written by Nancy Reagan and Sisyphus: Three California stoners decide to write a song about how much they love marijuana, but they’re so high that it takes them four years. When they finally deliver the song to their record label, the label refuses to release it. And so the band breaks up without the world hearing their wonderful heavy-metal jam about weed. Don’t do drugs. The end….    

20 Jan 00:30

Gucci Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

ah, the 22 year old allston goodwill hipster collection

19 Jan 10:00

Monthly Recipe: Easy Pot Roast

by Amy Bunch


Monthly Recipe: Easy Pot Roast


  • 1 Pot Roast~ I used a chuck roast
  • 1 Can of Dr. Pepper~ I used Dr. Pepper Ten. Since it has less calories then a regular Dr. Pepper
  • 1 Packer Of Lipton Dry Onion Soup Mix 


  1. Place roast in the crock pot
  2. Pour Dr. Pepper and onion soup mix over the roast.
  3. Cook on low 8 to 9 hours or High for 2 hour. Then 6 hours on low

Hello Everyone. Its a new month and new year. This year I will be bring you all easy recipe. Plus healthy recipes.  To kick off my monthly recipe series this year. I bring you a super easy crock pot roast. I made this roast for New Year's Day. It was a huge hit in my house. 

Garay Treasures


20 Jan 02:52


18 Jan 20:30

Hits Allston mid-way through……..also Kim Deal


:,) so glad allston rat city is back

Hits Allston mid-way through……..also Kim Deal

18 Jan 20:45

Saoirse Ronan in Antonio Berardi at the Critics’ Choice Awards

by Tom and Lorenzo

Love it/her

“Brooklyn” actress Saoirse Ronan attends the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California.


Oh, honey. Capes are so last week.

Saoirse-Ronan-Brooklyn-Critics'-Choice-Awards-2016-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Antonio-Berardi-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Saoirse-Ronan-Brooklyn-Critics'-Choice-Awards-2016-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Antonio-Berardi-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Saoirse-Ronan-Brooklyn-Critics'-Choice-Awards-2016-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Antonio-Berardi-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Saoirse-Ronan-Brooklyn-Critics'-Choice-Awards-2016-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Antonio-Berardi-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Saoirse-Ronan-Brooklyn-Critics'-Choice-Awards-2016-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Antonio-Berardi-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Actually, it’s not so much the cape detail we mind as the weird shoulder detail. It’s not exactly flattering. And it’s a shame, because if there was ever someone born to wear a pale blue gown with silver embellishments, it’d be Miss Saoirse. We’d have suggested ripping off all that weirdness at the top and slapping on a thin silver belt, but then we suppose it might look a little too plain and low-key. She looks very pretty – especially all the head styling – but the football shoulders are hard to get past.

Gorgeous earrings, by the way.

Style Credits:
Antonio Berardi Light Blue Crystal Embroidered Gown with Cape Detail from the Spring 2016 Collection
Stephen Webster Jewelry
Brian Atwood Shoes

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, PacificCoastNews, Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

14 Jan 20:26

Hot Patootie Adam Lambert Joins Fox’s Rocky Horror TV Remake

by Emma Barrie


Grab your corset and French-maid costume, because American Idol and Glee alum Adam Lambert is co-starring in Fox's remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Eddie, the rock-and-roll-loving ex-deliveryboy originally played by Meat Loaf (the musician/actor, not the food, you goof!). "I grew up watching Rocky Horror, but could never imagine that I would be part of this new vision," Lambert said. "Rocky Horror always made me feel like it was OK to celebrate my weirdness. Hallelujah, bless my soul! I love that old time rock-n-roll!” Laverne Cox will star as Frank N. Furter, alongside Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartan as sweethearts Janet and Brad, and Staz Nair as Rocky. Now just jump to the left with your hands up, step to the right, etc. etc.

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