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21 Sep 17:55

San Francisco’s coolest ride: Homobiles offers safe rides for the queer community

by Brock Keeling

Pre-Uber ride service gets LGBTQIQ people around the city

Will the driver be cool? Will the driver be homophobic? Will the driver try to kill me? These are questions that pass through the minds of many kings and queens nightly as they make their way to and from nightclubs.

Buses, taxis, ride-hailing, and subways have proven unsafe modes of transportation for out queer people living in the city, especially come nightfall. For many LGBTIQ ilk, Muni and BART are ripe for ignorance after the bars close. Meanwhile, hailing an Uber or cab dressed in full drag is never a sure bet.

Whether it's discrimination based on appearance, gender identity, or regalia, queer riders (especially females) face bigger challengers when taking traditional forms of transportation.

Which is why, prior to the advent of Uber or Lyft, Lynnee Breedlove conceived Homobiles, a nonprofit providing safe transit to San Francisco’s LGBTIQ community. She founded it in 2010 after she drove lesbian friends to a conference. (The outfit also caters to black people living in Bayview and Hunters Point, who are often stranded by taxis and ride-hailing services.)

"All of a sudden the butches and trans guys who saw me wanted to drive, and all the babes and drag queens wanted rides, and then I realized that this was a serious need that had to be filled,” Breedlove told Buzzfeed in 2014.

My ride with the pre-Kalanick service started via text. Giving them my name, address, drop off, and time of pick up was all I needed.

Janet, a New York native living in San Francisco for 20 years, picked me at home in SoMa, whisking me to the Marina.

Friendly, informative, and—above all—an excellent driver, Janet told me how the service works, payment-wise: The suggested amount is $1 per minute, but no one is refused service due to lack of funds. The amount to SFO from the city is a suggested $35.

“But if you don’t have any money, we usually just give you a free ride,” says Janet.

During our ride, we talked about the city and how much it has changed over the last few years. Many more cars on the road than ever before. A different population than a decade ago. Out of control rents pushing dispossessed people out of the city.

We even discussed Bette Midler (Janet’s favorite artist of all time) and her recent Tony win. In a perfect world, talk of the Divine Miss M and Tonys would be mandatory in all cab rides.

From Janet’s windshield hung a wooden peace sign and a set of pride rings, fruit loops, as they were called back in the day.

“These rings are older than most of my riders now,” she says.

Arriving at my destination, I gladly handed over some cash. (Passengers can also use a credit card to pay.) It was the perfect ride, at least for me. In a city rife with driverless cars using city streets as testing grounds or Uber drivers threatening passengers with rape, it warms the heart to know that at least one company is trying to take care of San Franciscans.

15 Sep 22:14

Birthday Sluts

by Allison


Fiona Apple (40)
Niall Horan (24)
Ben Savage (37)
Swizz Beatz (39)
Puma Swede (41)
Joe Don Rooney (42)
Stella McCartney (46)
Tyler Perry (48)
Michelle Duggar (51)
Annie Duke (52)
Jeff Ross (52)
Tavis Smiley (53)
Dave Mustaine (56)
Geri Jewell (61)
Iyanla Vanzant (64)
Randy Jones (65)
Jean Smart (66)
Frank Marshall (71)
Jacqueline Bisset (73)
Peter Cetera (73)
Joe E. Tata (81)
Roald Dahl (1916-1990)

Pic: Pinterest

15 Sep 18:41

Open Post: Hosted By This Princess Diana Floral Tribute

by Mieka


As we know, art is subjective and one man’s masterpiece is another man’s toilet bowl that needs scrubbing. They may be the same man but that man’s perspective is key to making a meaningful commentary on creation, representation and aesthetics. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and The Eye of The Beholder should be the title of a Lifetime movie based on controversial “well dressing” done in the likeness of Princess Diana in the quiet British town of Chesterfield.

According to The Guardian:

A floral tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales produced as part of a traditional festival for dressing wells in Chesterfield has been described as “horrendous” and “an insult” to the late royal.

The flower arrangement, decorating a well in Chesterfield’s market place to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, was mocked online after the Derbyshire town’s council published pictures on Facebook.

Let’s see… as I hold my thumb up to gauge how well the artist or artists handled visual perspective in this piece, I am first struck by the rather big dick that centers the face. Now it could be that the artist or artists intended this, um, structure, to represent the nose one would normally expect to see at the center of a portrait. It is a bold choice indeed. As I move my gaze downward I can see the artist or artists have made an attempt at a mouth-like structure. The materials choice (egg shells, sunflower seeds, maggots?!?, actual human teeth removed from a corpse?) is bold and the effect is quite striking. But to my mind, the heart and soul of this piece are the emotive eyes which scream out to the viewer, “WHYYYYYY?”. But again, this is only my opinion and while I can’t claim any fancy art history degrees or other such bona fides I can confidentially say, what the actual fuck.

Pic: Facebook

11 Sep 19:08

the struggle is real (by @fire-plug)

the struggle is real (by @fire-plug)

11 Sep 16:53

Man breaks out the Oreos during massive Expressway traffic jam

by adamg

this is the cutest

Gretchen Van Ness is one of the motorists who got stuck in what turned into at least 90 minutes of gridlock on I-93 southbound this afternoon after police shut the road following a double shooting near Neponset Circle. She reports people have been "terrific" and kept their cool - and that this guy walked down the road handing out Oreos.

07 Sep 20:43

It's Not a Cotton Ball - It's a Tawny Frogmouth Chick!

by Andrew Bleiman

Is it a cotton ball? A fuzzy marshmallow? No – it’s a five-day-old Tawny Frogmouth chick!

The chick hatched on August 31 at Vogelpark Olching, a bird park near Munich, Germany.  For obvious reasons, the staff decided to name the chick Fluffy. This is the first Tawny Frogmouth chick to hatch at the park.

21272575_1781307301898482_3827841287168356698_nPhoto Credit: Vogelpark Olching

Vogelpark Olching has kept Tawny Frogmouths for four years, but at first held only male birds. In April, two females arrived to pair with the males. In only three weeks, one of the females began laying eggs.  The first two clutches of eggs were infertile, but from the third clutch, little Fluffy hatched.

Keepers allowed the first-time parents to rear their chick but after a few days, they realized the parents were not caring for the chick properly. Fluffy was moved to an incubator and is being hand-reared by the care team.

Fluffy’s dark feathers are already beginning to come in, and he will soon develop the mottled brown-and-gray coloration of an adult Tawny Frogmouth (see photo below). 

Tawny Frogmouths are native to Australia and are named for their wide, frog-like mouths. They feed at night on moths, spiders, worms, beetles, scorpions, frogs, and reptiles. Their coloration and ability to sit motionless provide excellent camouflage, making the birds nearly impossible to detect as they perch in trees. To increase the effect, they often sit with the head tilted upward to mimic a broken tree branch. These birds are often mistaken for owls, but they are not closely related.

Tawny Frogmouths are widespread in Australia and not currently under significant threat.

The photo above shows an adult Tawny Frogmouth at Vogelpark Olching.


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07 Sep 20:40

Haight-Ashbury Queen Anne Victorian asks $2.9 million

by Brock Keeling

holy shit, this stickwork/stained glass omg

Storied home keeps an eye on the past—at least for now

Featured in former San Francisco Chronicle columnist David Talbot's book Season of the Witch and also making an appearance in a 1988 episode of This Old House, famed 1915 Oak maintains a bushel of period details to accompany its contemporary updates.

There’s a lot to absorb, so let’s dive in, shall we?

First off, this Queen Anne Victorian is a pre-quake affair, boasting four levels. The facade is downright swoonworthy. And the interiors, though at times a mishmash of styles, is a sight to behold. Ornate details from its circa-1900 roots, like the staircase brass lamp and entryway fretwork, offer a peek into a bygone era.

Featuring three beds, three and a half baths, and 3,633 square feet, this abode comes with stained glass, a stone gas fireplace in the kitchen, a heated gazebo and an iron spiral staircase in the yard, an au pair unit, a wine cellar, and more.

Not many of these specimens appear on the market these days. And if they do, they’ve fallen victim to a contractor’s pen.

Take, for example, one of Haight-Ashbury’s most stunning properties, the ”Winter” Queen Anne of the famous “Four Seasons” Victorians. Pleas for the new owners to keep the property as-is fell upon deaf ears, sadly; the home was reportedly gutted shortly after purchase in 2016. Alas.

Last sold in 2016 for $2,900,000, 1915 Oak returns asking $2,995,000.

07 Sep 18:52

100,000 Survivors and Allies Tell Betsy DeVos: Hands off Title IX

by Sejal Singh

jesus motherfucking christ

Yesterday, students and advocates delivered over 100,000 petition signatures calling on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to enforce Title IX, a civil rights law protecting student survivors of sexual violence. DeVos is expected to announce plans to roll back Title IX enforcement later today, putting student rape survivors at risk.

Survivors advocates have been sounding the alarm about DeVos’ hostility to Title IX for months. She has refused to say she’d maintain the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, a document outlining student sexual assault survivors’ rights under federal law. In July, DeVos held a summit on Title IX and campus sexual violence — in which she consulted men’s rights activists best known for viciously harassing rape survivors, fabricating lies about how sexual assault is overreported (in reality, the vast majority of survivors never come forward), and blaming women for domestic violence. Candice Jackson, the Education Department’s top civil rights official, has spread the kinds of dangerous, misogynistic rape myths that survivors have been fighting for decades and suggested the administration will go back to covering up which colleges violate rape survivors’ rights.

DeVos and Trump — a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women — are about to make it even easier for predatory men like him to do the same thing.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.44.15 PM

Title IX advocates unfurl a banner outside the US Education Department

But survivors are fighting back. Yesterday afternoon, students and advocates led by the National Women’s Law Center, Know Your IX (with which I organize), End Rape on Campus, and the American Association of University Women turned out in the rain to deliver 100,000-plus petition signatures from students and allies calling on DeVos to stand with survivors, do her job, and enforce the law.

Faith Ferber, a senior at American University who helped deliver petitions to the Education Department today, told me she joined the protest because the Title IX guidance helped her get “the accommodations and support I needed to succeed in school in the aftermath of a sexual assault.” She added, “If I had to constantly worry about my perpetrator contacting me or my professors being inflexible with deadlines, I wouldn’t have been able to successfully handle it all.”

She’s not alone. Title IX, a decades old civil rights law, requires schools to “promptly and equitably” address sexual harassment (including sexual assault and rape) on campus because it’s a huge barrier to equal educational opportunity. When students are assaulted, they often see their grades drop, struggle with PTSD, or have to drop classes they share with a perpetrator. Without support from their schools, many survivors have to take leaves of absence, transfer, or even drop out entirely. That’s why Title IX requires schools to investigate reports of sexual violence and give student survivors accommodations they need to continue their education — support that schools are uniquely positioned to provide, like being moved into a different dorm so they don’t live in the same building as their rapists, or an extension on a paper due the week after an assault.

Tomorrow’s announcement could put that at risk. If DeVos sends the signal that the Education Department will turn a blind eye to gender violence on campus, schools may try to return to the days when schools swept sexual violence under the rug, or told survivors to leave school and come back after their rapist graduated.

But here’s the thing: those 100,000 survivors and advocates aren’t going away, and neither is Title IX. Survivors’ rights, and schools’ obligations to prevent and address gender violence, don’t stem from actions taken by any administration — they stem from from federal civil rights laws themselves. That means schools have a legal obligation to take sexual violence seriously. If they don’t, survivors will take them to court.

No matter what DeVos says, the law is the law. Student survivors are still protected by Title IX. And after years of fighting for our rights, we’re ready to do it again.

Fight back with us by joining Know Your IX’s Campus Action Network.

05 Sep 21:47

Man and cat reunited

by adamg


TrueNE_79 reports that Curtis, a homeless man well known on either side of Fort Point Channel, has his Beast back. Beast had gone missing late last month, but:

Was found down in Seaport, leash wrapped around a tree...poor boy. Everyone's fine though.

01 Sep 22:37

Degree of Irony

by admin

01 Sep 21:02

goth-aunt: tastefullyoffensive: Oops. (via laurenclairee6) Me

01 Sep 21:01

househunting:$799,000/6br Waterford, MI


Waterford, MI

01 Sep 19:45

icarntspell:my sexuality is whatever is going on when dan stevens smokes that joint lit the fuck up...


my sexuality is whatever is going on when dan stevens smokes that joint lit the fuck up in all sorts of neon in The Guest 

31 Aug 23:38

Having A Party

by Michael Popek

Handwritten invitation:

Bill Neary is having a PARTY and Mike Manzano and Friend is invited.

June 22, 1984


Found in "The Candywine Development" by John Morris. Published by Dell, 1974.

-Click to enlarge photos-
31 Aug 23:31

Caught Handily

by admin


31 Aug 22:45

Meet Kitai the Endangered Snow Leopard Cub

by Andrew Bleiman


A blue-eyed bundle of fluff arrived at Tierpark Berlin on June 13: Kitai the Snow Leopard cub!

Kitai was born to parents Maya and Bataar, both six years old. This is their third litter together.

20526225_10155408276985149_2119039406350702236_nPhoto Credit: Berlin Zoo

The now two-month-old cub recently had a health check, at which he received vaccinations and an ID chip. The vaccinations are the same as all housecats receive for protection against distemper and other feline diseases.

Kitai’s name was chosen from among more than 1,000 suggestions made by zoo fans. The word “Kitai” or “Catai” is a variation of  “Cathay,” which is what China was called during the times of Marco Polo. Snow Leopards are found in the mountains of Central Asia. The largest population resides in China.

At eight weeks old, Kitai weighed about eight pounds. As an adult, he may weigh 100-150 pounds. For now, Kitai spends nearly all his time with Maya in their den, but last week the staff opened the door into the main exhibit to give mother and son the chance to explore outdoors. It is completely up to Kitai and Maya to decide if and when they go outside.

Snow Leopards are among the most endangered of all big Cats. Recent data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) states that there are between 4,000-6,500 mature Snow Leopards spread across 12 Asian nations. A Global Snow Leopard Forum has been established to address the threats facing Snow Leopards, which include depletion of prey, illegal trade, and conflict with people.

Zoo Berlin is active in protecting Snow Leopards, and a total of 13 cubs have been born there in the last 20 years.

See more photos of Kitai below.


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31 Aug 21:47

Tegan and Sara Talk Power Suits and Sharing Clothes

by Elana Fishman

“There are still so many people who imagine that to wear a suit, you have to be a man.”

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara Quin have been making music for a full two decades now. And as their sound has evolved over the years, so too has their style. Back in the late ’90s and 2000s, the duo was synonymous with indie rock, ringer tees, and ripped jeans; today, with two excellent synth-pop albums under their belts (2012’s Heartthrob and 2016’s Love You to Death), they prefer sharp suiting and colorful prints, occasionally accessorized with a slick of electric eye makeup.

One thing that hasn’t changed a bit, however, is Tegan and Sara’s commitment to inclusion — lyrically, socially, and sartorially. Just as their albums explore queerness and gender roles, the sisters embrace androgynous dressing and believe that both traditional feminine and masculine silhouettes are for everyone to enjoy. It’s fitting, then, that they’re the faces of Frank and Oak’s new suiting collection, a capsule of “workwear you can rock in.” Below, Sara discusses the campaign, the allure of menswear for women, and sharing clothes with her sister on tour.

On Sara: Frank and Oak Chalkstriped Stretch-Wool Shirtdress, $139. On Tegan: Frank and Oak Chalkstriped Stretch-Wool Bomber, $129, and Striped Round-Hem Shirtdress, $69.50.
On Sara: Chalkstriped Stretch-Wool Shirtdress, $139. On Tegan: Chalkstriped Stretch-Wool Bomber, $129, and Striped Round-Hem Shirtdress, $69.50.

What was it like shooting the suiting campaign?

For us, the idea of being “at work” often means “on tour,” which has a very different vibe than business or business casual. It was fun for us to slip into a different [vibe] and imagine ourselves in that business role.

We also tend to gravitate towards more masculine silhouettes in our stage clothes on tour, so the suiting and structure of the clothes [really appealed to us].

What draws you to wearing a suit?

To me, the suit has always been something of a costume. It makes me want to stand taller and to be more serious. There are still so many people who imagine that to wear a suit, you have to be a man, and flipping that still carries a lot of power.

A woman in a suit can make a particularly strong political statement these days, of course.

It does have a political feel to it when we aren’t wearing dresses or overly feminine clothes at award shows or in fashion shoots. I think the idea of gender expression through clothing is still accepted, and blurring those lines is an effective way to acknowledge the antiquated binaries.

What are a few of your top tips for styling a suit?

A suit is personal, and trying on a lot of them is important. I also think that, unlike some clothes that you can get away without tailoring, often a suit needs a little nip and tuck here and there to really integrate with the person wearing it. I always like to get the length on both the jacket and pants hemmed so that both my ankles and wrists are visible; it’s a personal preference. Basically, have fun and break the rules!

Who are a few of your favorite suit-wearing style icons?

Annie Lennox was the first woman I ever saw in a suit, and it was amazing. Much has been made about the pop stars of the past wearing suits and gender-bending clothes, but the truth is that I was deeply impacted by the women wearing business attire on shows like Law & Order when I was a kid. Female lawyers, detectives, and judges drew me in, and their choices for clothing alway felt powerful to me.

You and Tegan always wear clothes that are complementary, but not exactly matching. Do you shop together — or share clothes?

We don’t really shop together, but we do tend to gravitate to similar brands. Occasionally we will have our stylist do a big pull of clothes for tour or a big photo shoot, and those items will often be shared between us.

31 Aug 17:35


by Michael Popek



NNY Federation of Women's Clubs


May 20-21-22


Found in "Rugged Water" by Joseph Lincoln. Published by Appleton, 1924.

-Click to enlarge photos-
25 Aug 20:35

This Is the Vermontiest Lawsuit You Can Even Imagine

by Rebecca Jennings


Pop open a pint of Half Baked and carefully place your copy of Phish’s critically acclaimed 1992 album Junta on your record player because HOLY SHITTTTTTTTT there is some major Vermont DUR-RAMAAAAAA currently baking in the community kiln.

Yesterday, OG Vermont brewery Long Trail (not the one that makes Heady Topper, tell your boyfriend to chill) filed a federal lawsuit against Burton, the company that makes snowboards and also 80 percent of Vermont eighth-graders’ winter parkas. The issue? Burton plastered Long Trail’s trademark slogan, “Take a Hike,” on one of its sweatshirts.

Now, aside from the fact that “Take a Hike” is an odd tagline for beer, because every time I drink beer I end up canceling any plans that would require me to get up from the couch and order nachos instead, this is a hilarious lawsuit. First, because “Take a Hike” is already kind of like a highly known and popular idiom, but also because Vermonters are literally the last people in the world who need to be told to take a hike. Have you seen my Facebook feed?!??!?! It’s exhausting!!!

It appears, however, that the offending hoodie in question has been pulled from Burton’s website, but Vermont’s alternative weekly (YES THOSE THINGS ARE STILL GOING STRONG IN VERMONT, Y’ALL SHOULD REALLY VISIT), Seven Days, published a screenshot:

 Photo: Seven Days

While I hate to see two of the most iconic Vermont brands fighting, I have to admit that I am also extremely thrilled that it has thrust the ridiculousness of Vermont culture into the national spotlight. But sadly, it is not likely to last long. The most probable outcome is that Burton will apologize just as any Vermonter would if they had accidentally cut someone off at a four-way intersection. Which is to say, politely and excessively.

24 Aug 14:19

Bremerton’s Crayola House lives up to its playful name

by Tom Trimbath

MY EYES!!!!!!!

Just imagine the stack of paint chips they went through

Someone got to play with as many colors as they wanted. Crayola House in Bremerton probably has one of the tallest stacks of paint chips of any remodel. So many walls are splashed with different colors that the house would be worth a tour even if it was trapped in some dismal neighborhood. Instead, the windows pull in the natural beauty of Oyster Bay.

The combination commands a price of $1.18 million. That’s a lot of crayons.

The entry says it all. Red doors in a green wall with blue trim face yellow walls topped with blue walls at the top of a curved staircase. Nature is welcomed in through plenty of large windows downstairs and a set of solarium windows upstairs. The stairs even wrap around natural (unpainted!) wood column big enough to hold a closet. Check those paint chips for the more nuanced names for those bold reds, blues, greens, and yellows.

The style is almost modern, but with added lofts, niches, and recesses. Every edge in a wall or ceiling is an opportunity to change the character of a space. Bring art to display within the art that is the house.

One of the grander projects within 1986 house is the kitchen. A deep red polygon rises into the ceiling about the working part of the kitchen. High-end appliances sit ready in their stations, but subtly hide beneath covers to not distract from the fine cabinetry or the art glass serving counters.

The house’s core details: four bedrooms and bathrooms, including two master suites. With 4,339 square feet of space, there’s room for guests to roam on personal tours. Evidently, the house has hosted parties of over a hundred. It’s a good thing there’s a wine cellar to serve such crowds.

After wandering through the inside, people will want to visit the outside. The half-acre lot includes 74 feet of waterfront protected by a bulkhead. Because Oyster Bay is already relatively protected, the waters may be even more of a draw.

Inside or outside, there’s plenty to play with in the Crayola House. Remember, it’s nice to share. (It’s an excuse for parties.)

23 Aug 23:27

endofrains: Cover Stories


Cover Stories

22 Aug 20:07


22 Aug 19:13

License to Carry

by admin

22 Aug 01:29

orbo-gifs:Trying to open a portal to the birb dimension


Trying to open a portal to the birb dimension

22 Aug 01:29

An Old Ludacris Song Gains New Life As an Anti-Trump Anthem

by Frank Guan


Some songs are born as protest songs; others become so much, much later. “Move Bitch,” the tenth track off of Ludacris’s sophomore album, Word of Mouf, falls squarely in the latter category. The single, which peaked at No. 10 on the Hot 100 way back in 2002, gained an unexpected second wind over the weekend in Atlanta, when it was deployed by anti-Trump protesters in Luda’s home city. A video tweeted by HipHopDX, currently at over 28,000 retweets with over 57,000 likes, displays a street crammed with hundreds, if not thousands, of demonstrators delivering a stirring rendition of “Move” updated for the present. Though the song’s familiar blunt, martial beat remained intact, their version of the catchy chorus had replaced the original titular epithet with the president’s name.

Pop lyricism and political sloganeering have a great deal in common: In each case, in order to move large masses of people, a message needs to be delivered as forcefully, rapidly, and memorably as possible. To be sure, the semantics of “Move Bitch” hardly tilt in any definite political direction. Luda, in his first verse, threatens to run people over if they refuse to clear a path for him, something with uneasy resonance given the fascist murder-by-car in Charlottesville the weekend before last. Mystikal’s guest verse (the first few bars of which are heard in the video) features a complaint about paying child support typical of so-called men’s-rights activism. And of course, the original chorus of “Move Bitch” is as succinct a statement of misogyny as has ever been formulated: It would have made a fitting accompaniment to Trump’s own anti–Hillary Clinton campaign last year.

Theoretically, the song could be used by the right at least as much as by the anti-Trump center and left, and yet it isn’t. As anyone who’s read right-wing media (the most prominent of which, Fox News, Luda’s had his fights with) can attest, social conservatives have issues with black language and identity so huge that they eclipse any possibility of using the regressive and/or aggressive messages found in certain spheres of rap music for their own advantage. So the treasure trove of songs designed by black pop stars to get people moving is available only to one side of the political divide defined by Trump’s presidency. While seems unlikely that “Splash Waterfalls” will find a way to be grafted to anti-far-right politics in 2017, “Stand Up” still possesses tremendous potential.

21 Aug 22:10

continuants: raejin99: tinysaurus-rex: samandriel: samandriel: samandriel: samandriel: I have...










I have a chicken named Noodle and she’s a bit under the weather and all she ever wants to do is cuddle. It’s past chicken bedtime and she was having trouble sleeping alone, so I took her out for a snuggle and she fell asleep with her head laying on my chest and she made the softest snores and I love her

Sadly Noodle’s prognosis is not looking good and she may not make it through this. My little bearded friend has showered me with love and affection since the day I got her. I chose Noodle because she was the chubbiest, happiest little chick in the bunch. I’m so happy I got to raise this smart little goof ball. She’s such a weirdo but she’s so full of love. Below is a picture of the day I brought her home and earlier today. 

Love you Chicken Noodle




She’s feeling so much better and is just loving all the personalized attention

Miss Noodle is going to remain a house chicken for a couple more days just until we’re absolutely sure she’s out of the woods and she’s honestly so thrilled about it because it means never ending snuggles

Here she is with her boyfriend Pharaoh who helped keep her calm when she was feeling really bad

Her boyfriend doesn’t even look real. he has a doll face. he was perfectly sculpted by the chicken gods.

Noodle deserves no less.

ilu noodle

c e l e b r a t e   n o o d l e

19 Aug 15:00

Fenty for Stance by Rihanna “The Iconic Looks” Sock Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

To be an icon, you have to dress like one. No one rewrites the rules of style quite like Rihanna. Music’s original Bad Gal knows creativity is the boldest form of rebellion and she lets her style call the shots. Our Iconic Looks Collection celebrates Rihanna’s most jaw-dropping and uncommonly cool outfits from music videos and awards shows.

[Photo Credit:]

The post Fenty for Stance by Rihanna “The Iconic Looks” Sock Collection appeared first on Tom + Lorenzo.

19 Aug 00:20

‘Real World: San Francisco’ house hits market for $6.9 million

by Brock Keeling

True story

 Photos via Redfin

Arguably the best installment of the Real World franchise—introducing the world to such characters as Pedro Zamora, Pam Ling, Judd Winick, and a hygiene-free bike messenger who will remain nameless—the San Francisco season of the MTV reality show lives on in the hearts of many Gen Xers.

For several months in 1994, a group of seven strangers lived inside Russian Hill’s 949-953 Lombard. And now that space, where laughter, tears, and peanut butter atrocities were all caught on camera and launched into the pop culture lexicon, is on the market.

The circa-1925 Russian Hill home is now being sold as a triplex. After a fire tore through it ten years ago—a neglected scented candle reportedly caused of the blaze—it’s been redone. Gone are the purple and orange colors of the ’90s.

Today it features bright white interiors, new hardwood floors, and updated kitchen and bathrooms.

Rumor has it if you listen closely, you can still hear Cory crying about only God knows what this time.

Featuring seven beds and seven baths, spread out across the three units, the top unit has exclusive access to the 1,500-square-foot roof deck.

This house (which shouldn’t be confused with the home featured in the second Real World: San Francisco, MTV’s blasphemous and detestable 2013 failed return the Baghdad by the Bay) hit the market in May, but it’s been making the rounds as of late.

In 2014 one of the two-bedroom units was renting for a cool $5,800. Anyone interested in purchasing this slice of reality television, will need plenty of cash. Asking is $6,999,000.

18 Aug 20:50


18 Aug 04:25



thas my bitch right there