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13 Apr 09:00


by Amy Bunch



Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was good. On Saturday we had some friends over for are weekly board game day. My husband made an bacon explosion for lunch. It took him 3 hours to make it. Which is was okay. Considering it a bunch of meat.  Yesterday we had a lazy day. We stay home and finished watching season 4 of games of thrones. So now we are ready to watch the new season. That aired last night.

Bacon explosion

As you might have notice I got some blonde highlight put in my hair. When my hair is up you can't see the highlights. Which is nice. That way I can choose if I want people to see them or not. When my hair down you can really see them. Over all I'm happy with them. They have been something I been want to do for sometime now. So I bite the bullet last week and just did it. 



10 Apr 12:22

Friday Fiction: Rise of the Cat Overlords

by Mary Kelly

Breed to Come

Who isn’t going to pick up a book with a cat dressed up with a hat on the cover? If it is also an Andre Norton title, then double bonus!

This particular title, set in the future, examines the aftermath of a planetary disaster involving a devastating virus. Leaving behind a ruined planet, humans took off for greener pastures. In the mess of what was left, a band of cats evolved into a complex, intelligent society. The humans, referred to as the Demons, have now returned. What will happen to this society and the peaceful earth now that the humans have returned?

I can’t wait to find out!



More Science Fiction Choices:

Big Planet

Stress Pattern

Time Pivot (Do NOT miss the cover art!)

Fight for Life

16 Apr 01:59


by annagoldfarb

08 Apr 17:13

nerdistindustries:“We mustn’t dwell… no, not today. We CAN’T....

by annagoldfarb


“We mustn’t dwell… no, not today. We CAN’T. Not on Rex Manning day!”

posted by Rachel

08 Apr 10:52


07 Apr 10:52




06 Apr 19:00

Still Evolving Truths

by Tova
tova1EDIT tova2 tova3 tova4EDIT tova5 tova6EDIT tova7 tova8EDIT tova9EDIT tova10EDIT tova11EDIT tova12EDIT tova13EDIT tova14EDIT tova15EDIT tova16EDIT
06 Apr 05:00

Birthday Sluts

by Michael K


Paul Rudd (46)
Charlie McDermott (25)
Casper Smart (28)
Diora Baird (32)
Rick Cosnett (32)
Alana Austin (33)
Tim Hasselbeck (37)
Myleene Klass (37)
Candace Cameron Bure (39)
Zach Braff (40)
Joel West (40)
Ami James (43)
Todd Chrisley (46)
Ari Meyers (46)
Louie Spence (46)
Black Francis (50)
Michele Bachmann (59)
Marilu Henner (63)
John Ratzenberger (68)
Anita Pallenberg (71)
Barry Levinson (73)
Merle Haggard (78)
Billy Dee Williams (78)
André Previn (86)

Pic: Reddit

02 Apr 14:32

Beach Day

by Steven Weissman


03 Apr 01:03

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Biblio-bully

by Kerry


Our submitter, Lee, says he recently went to the library in search of some subjects for drawing practice. While browsing the botany section, he flipped open a particularly old and musty book when suddenly…OH, SNAP!

You have no life b/c you are at a library reading a leaf book.

related: Pages missing (all)

01 Apr 11:00

List: Recent Hit Pop Songs Co-Written by Influential Feminist Philosophers by Joyce Miller

“Drunk in Cathexis”
Beyoncé & Bell Hooks

“The Heart Wants What Compulsory Heterosexuality Conditions It to Want”
Selena Gomez & Adrienne Rich

“All About That Bass Instrumentality”
Meghan Trainor & Martha Nussbaum

“We Found Love in a Hopeless Place (A Pedestal is as Much a Prison as Any Small, Confined Space)”
Rihanna & Gloria Steinem

“Internalize It”
Taylor Swift1

“Invisible Work”
Iggy Azalea & Susan Leigh Star

“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s Chandelier”
Sia & Audre Lorde

“Young and Subordinate”
Lana Del Rey & Judith Butler

“No Woman Can Call Herself Free Who Does Not Control Her Own Lookin Ass”
Nicki Minaj & Margaret Sanger

“On Paparazzi”
Lady Gaga & Susan Sontag

- -

1 Emma Goldman was initially slated to co-write, but Swift nixed her involvement, labelling Goldman a “hater” for her anarchistic disdain towards capitalism, and a “player” for her practice of polyamory.

25 Mar 18:28

thank you for this, internet

by annagoldfarb

This kills me every time I see it

thank you for this, internet

28 Mar 01:02

gemmacorrell:Pre-order my book of comics, The Worrier’s Guide to...

by annagoldfarb
20 Mar 17:00

Abigail Borg Wallpaper + Best of the Web

by Grace Bonney

I’ve been on a wallpaper kick all week. It seems like everyone is gearing up to launch new collections at the big design shows this spring, so social media has been full of great previews and sneak peeks. One of my favorite lines that I’m hoping to see in person belongs to British designer Abigail Borg. Abigail’s work takes its inspiration from the world outside. Whether that’s a beautiful Fritillaria flower, Dahlia or Foxtail, Abigail’s wallpapers feel like a lush field of flowers that’s come to life on the wall. I love the slightly retro color palette she’s working with, too — it’s the perfect combination to create a larger-than-life version of the flowers and plants we see around us in real life. Abigail uses her patterns for textiles and stationery, too, so if you’re interested in checking out her work or ordering online, click here to visit her site. Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace




22 Mar 17:40


by annagoldfarb

17 Mar 17:50

Come Correction: Associated Press thinks accused murderer Robert Durst is the singer of Limp Bizkit

by Michael Marotta


When news broke Sunday morning that accused murderer Robert Durst was arrested just hours before the finale of HBO true crime drama The Jinx, jokesters…

The post Come Correction: Associated Press thinks accused murderer Robert Durst is the singer of Limp Bizkit appeared first on Vanyaland.

16 Mar 20:00

Frozen-Food Titans Amy's Kitchen Getting Into the Fast-Food Business

by Allie Pape

omg into it

Amy's Drive Thru is opening its first location in Rohnert Park this year.

Anyone who's spent time in the frozen-food aisle is likely already familiar with Amy's Kitchen, the Petaluma-based maker of vegetarian frozen entrees, soups, salsas, non-dairy ice cream, and even candy. But after nearly three decades of building a grocery-store empire, founders Andy and Rachel Berliner are planning on moving the company, which is named for their daughter, into the fast-food space. As the Press Democrat reports, the couple are plotting the first Amy's Drive Thru restaurant in Rohnert Park, right next to an In-N-Out Burger and a McDonald's. Located at Wilfred Avenue and Redwood Drive, right next to Home Depot and the Graton Resort & Casino, the 4,000-square-foot space is set to open in May, right before Amy, now 27, gets married.

Like the Amy's prepared foods, everything at Amy's Drive Thru will be vegetarian, organic, and GMO-free, with veggie burgers, fries fried in sunflower oil, personal pizzas, burritos, and salads on the menu. (The one exception is the sodas, which won't be organic but will be preservative-free.) Everything will be available in vegan and gluten-free versions, including hand-scooped shakes made with a choice of regular or non-dairy ice cream, and rice-flour-based buns for the burgers. And it'll be affordable as well, with burgers running $3 or so, burritos going for $5 and under, and a combo meal of a double cheeseburger, shake, and fries maxing out at $10.

As with their prepared foods, the Berliners are pursuing fast food because they see an opening in the market for health-conscious, time-strapped parents who are looking for a drive-thru alternative. (The first location will even have a living roof, watered using rain runoff; here are some renderings, if you want to see what it'll look like.) It's the same philosophy behind Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi's forthcoming Loco'l, which is emphasizing veggie-heavy dishes. But while Loco'l is aiming to compete with McDonald's rock-bottom prices and reach food deserts in inner-city neighborhoods, Amy's clearly has its sights on a more upscale market that's willing to shell out a little extra cash for healthy fast-food fare.

At the same time, Amy's Drive Thru is positioning itself as a more mainstream alternative to other healthy fast-food chains like Lyfe Kitchen and Veggie Grill, whose dishes, Andy Berliner says, are too foreign to the average fast-food diner (and whose locations lack drive-thru components). "You're not going to have any questions" about the menu at Amy's, says Berliner, adding that the company has worked extensively for two years with its in-house food scientists to develop the most approachable menu possible, even building a mock restaurant to ensure dishes can be made and out the door in under three minutes. The suppliers they use to create their regular line have been key to the transition, according to Rachel Berliner. "We couldn't have done it before." We'll have more on the official opening date and menu for Amy's Drive Thru, as well as possible expansion plans, as its spring opening nears.

10 Mar 10:00

Guest Post: THE COOL PASTEL By Beautify11

by Amy Bunch

Light Blue the spring pastel for 2015
a great color that looks
great on so many skin tones.
You could wear from head to toe like
on your left image or in small doses
like on your right image.
However you decide how to wear it,
this radar color looks great.

THE COOL PASTEL by beautify11 featuring a shift dress

Light Blue the spring pastel for 2015
a great color that looks
great on so many skin tones.
You could wear from head to toe like
on your left image or in small doses
like on your right image.
However you decide how to wear it,
this radar color looks great.

Ladies how will you wear The Cool Pastel color light blue?

Topshop shift dress
$15 -

Acne Studios sweat shirt
$215 -

Valentino cotton shorts

Gianvito Rossi blue pumps
$600 -

Wet Seal white sandals

Bottega Veneta blue handbag

H M backpack
$38 -

05 Mar 13:43

Just A Girl

by Michael Popek


Trimmed photograph, no writing on reverse.

Found in "Girl With a Pearl Earring" by Tracy Chevalier. Published by Plume, 2001.

-Click to enlarge photos-
03 Mar 13:01

Magic Mushrooms

by Holly Hibner

i saw this in a gift shop on mount rainier and have been sad that i didn't purchase it ever since

All That the Rain Promises and More… : A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms

Submitter: I saw this cover and burst out laughing, a man dressed in a tuxedo carrying a trombone while searching for mushrooms in the wilderness with a crazy grin on his face. What is not to love? The second .jpg [below] is a completely different man dressed as a tree, complete with bark outfit… a lot of strange men hanging out in these woods. Third .jpg [below] is the man again, his image reflected in the shiny surface of a toaster that just happens to be toasting a couple of mushrooms. Apparently, this book is quite a useful resource for mushroom seekers, but I imagine that most people won’t get past the cover. .

Holly: Someone got into the wrong mushrooms, if you know what I mean, when they decided on the art direction for this book. Bizarre.

More Weird Art:

Hawaii: Paradise or Polar

Computing Over 50

Friday Fiction: What’s in the Pocket?

Primping and Painting


03 Mar 03:28


by annagoldfarb

28 Feb 12:17

Hot Slut Of The Day!

by Michael K


Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Delights!

Because somebody’s gotta keep the diabetes medication companies in business, Taco Bell is testing the perfect breakfast of champions for the stoner on the go! They have barfed up pink donut holes covered with Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal and filled with some kind of gooey milk icing (aka condensed milk, basically). Taco Bell let FoodBeast try them out, but FoodBeast didn’t really say anything about the taste. But you know, even if FoodBeast said they tasted like sweetened dried dog shit, I’d probably still put one in my mouth because SUGAR.

For now, Taco Bell is only selling these oozing diabetes balls in Bakersfield, CA. Having been to Bakersfield many, many times, I can say that this is the most exciting thing to ever happen to Bakersfield since Tara the Hero cat threw out the first pitch at some baseball game.

Those things look like the sweetened cum-filled rainbow nutsacks of a Lisa Frank unicorn. If rainbows could grow cysts filled with sugary pus, that’s what that mess would look like. It’s like a Care Bear’s goiter. And based on those descriptions, yes, yes I would. It has milk, wheat AND fruit. It’s a well-balanced breakfast in one bite!

Pic: FoodBeast

24 Feb 16:44

Ninety Cents

by Michael Popek

Why spoil your credit reputation for $.90

Letter, dated February 19, 1929:

Dear Madam:

You have received several letters about the small balance on your account but you haven't paid it.

Why spoil your credit reputation for $.90
Nothing is more valuable than a good credit record. There are times when everyone needs credit so you should be very careful to protect your good name.

Send us a money order at once so we can close your account, pass clear title to the merchandise to you and report you to the Credit Association as "good pay."

Yours very truly

R.L. Jones
Collection Department

Found in "Parish's Fancy" by Walter Kellog. Published by John Day, 1929.

-Click to enlarge photos-
26 Feb 14:33

How to Be Attractive

by Holly Hibner


How to be attractive
1951, 2d ed., rev. and enl.

Submitter: The original edition was from 1948. Our copy does not have the cover shown – the library assistant who discovered this brilliant work (and read it cover to cover) found the cover on the web. We were struck by the fact that, for the most part, being attractive in this volume means being attractive to men (although there is that token glance at being attractive to women–but not that way, of course). The three-page discourse on what do to if a man becomes “fresh” (do some serious soul-searching and blame yourself) is particularly revealing. We were also charmed by the photograph of the woman moisturizing her hands (this photo was part of a two-page spread on the subject)–the child looks like he’s plotting serial murder. We are an academic library, and are happy to be weeding this little volume from our collection.

These self-care books for women in the 50’s just kill me. The woman on the cover looks like a manikin or a Stepford Wife or something. And submitter is right about the first picture below. All I can think is “It puts the lotion on its skin.”

More Beauty Tips for the Ladies:

Robot Beauty

How to be Pretty in 1974

Save Your Face!

Be a Sexy Woman with Debbie!

Ask a Man

27 Feb 19:22

Quick Hit: Scott Walker Eliminates Support for Rape Survivors from Budget

by Dana Bolger

Jesus fuck

Update: Jezebel has now added a update and apology to their piece, noting that a university spokesperson has clarified that the university requested that Walker delete the requirements because they were redundant with their compliance of the Clery Act.

With a swipe of the “delete” key, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) has eliminated efforts to combat campus rape from the state budget.

His budget proposal deletes key provisions that obligate universities to incorporate information on sexual and dating violence into new-student orientation programming — provisions that are federally mandated under the Clery Act.

And, as Natasha Vargas-Cooper at Jezebel reports:

Under Walker’s budget, universities would no longer have to report the number of sexual assaults that take place on a campus to the Department of Justice. Under Walker’s plan, university employees who witness a sexual assault would no longer have to report it.

There are no policy recommendations in Walker’s budget how or what would replace these reporting mechanisms. The Governor simply instructs that they should be deleted.

The budget also eliminates recruitment and support programs for low-income students and students of color, as well as shared governance, the principle that gives faculty and students a voice in campus politics and policy-making.

You can check out the whole sad thing here.

26 Feb 15:30

Automatically Translated

by admin

25 Feb 17:00

Old Friends

by admin

26 Feb 15:36

Proposal would bring new residential units to Egleston Square

by adamg

whoa, right on the corner of washington and montebello. there goes the neighborhood

Architect's rendering: Permanently circling Hood Blimp as project amenity?

Developers hope to break ground this fall on a residential complex in Egleston Square that could also bring a new restaurant to the neighborhood - and more affordable housing than required by city code.

25 Feb 15:14

Bassist Quits Band Over Unending Group Text

by The Hard Times Staff

HAVERHILL, Mass. — Greg Feldman, bassist for local hardcore outfit Forever Rises, has decided to quit the band following a 78-hour uninterrupted group text between the four members.

What had started as a simple iMessage discussion of an upcoming EP release show ended up in thousands of texts – the conversation veering wildly into discussions of local pit beefs, “Metal Flag” and who was the hottest member of Destiny’s Child.

“It was brutal. I couldn’t focus at work because my phone was blowing up every few seconds with someone saying they found a cheap van on Craigslist or that Afroman should front Screeching Weasel,” Feldman said, adding, “I mean, yeah, a cheap van would be nice and Afroman is certainly qualified, but I have shit to do instead of read texts all day – you know?”

When asked about the group chat, other members of Forever Rises described it as a mixture of personal observations, wrestling GIFs and Tom Delonge links.

“I personally thought it was great,” Michael Henderson, the band’s frontman, said. “It was making us closer as a band just sharing laughs and inside jokes – man, this shit is hilarious. Greg just didn’t get it.”

“I was getting bummed out every time I felt my phone vibrate,” Feldman said. “All day, all night. Unending. Someone would be saying that we should start color-coordinating for our ‘band image’ and then it’d just be three hours of sending each other the poop emoji.”

“Greg was always a turd boy,” guitarist Lawrence McKenzie said through an emoji-ridden text. “I’m breaking out the most prime Barstool Sports links and Gronk GIFs – which I call ‘Grifs’ – and he’s not even responding. Seriously, GRIFS, how good is that?!”

“Greg was always a turd boy.”

-Lawrence McKenzie

The last straw, according to Feldman, came when McKenzie sent a picture of himself brushing his teeth totally naked with only a head of broccoli covering his genitals.

“It’s not just that it came in while I was in the meeting with my boss and the regional manager,” Feldman remarked, adding that his decision to leave the band initially went unnoticed for another 347 texts. “It’s that it hadn’t stopped for three fucking days.”

Article and photo by The Hard Times Staff and Chris Bavaria. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@REALPunkNews), Tumblr, and Instagram (@TheHardTimesNews).

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12 Feb 17:20

Yes, we are insane

by adamg


Snow piled higher than we can see? Giant icicles raining down on us? Temperatures plunging to negative numbers and another Nor'easter about to explode above us? Hah! This is Boston and we laugh in the face of that kind of alleged adversity and then we go out and get our iced coffees, dammit! And make 'em large!

Lori Magno captured the moment aboard an elevator at 33 Arch St. this lunchtime.