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22 May 20:45

Know Your Mythical Forest Creatures

by Not That Mike The Other Mike

When traveling the frozen woods of Norway, beware of Trekronhjort, the mythical three-headed stag. According to legend, Trekronhjort will grant a wish to anyone who encounters it; a remarkable 97 percent of the time, that wish is “please don’t rip me to pieces with your antlers.”


Via Reddit.

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19 May 16:04

australiansanta: flusschen: meanwhile in 1997 these cutting...



meanwhile in 1997 these cutting edge internet themed crayons were born


18 May 22:00

Cole’s Kush

by admin

15 May 14:05

Band Still Unsure If It Played Charity Show or Got Robbed

by The Hard Times Staff


SAN JOSE, Calif. – Local punk band, Buttflap Genocide, is still unsure if it played a charity show or got robbed last night.

“He came right up to us after the gig was over while we were loading up and said, ‘I’m taking all the fucking money,'” Trey Jordan recalls of the traumatic exchange with the booker/mugger.

Jordan says members of Buttflap Genocide are still unsure if the man who approached them was the booker of the show or a common street-level criminal. Either way, the group has started a Kickstarter to help raise funds that were raised/stolen at the gig,

“We’re looking to the community to help us replace the funds we lost when we played this charity mugging,” Jordan says in the video for the Kickstarter. “I want to either thank the fans that came out to support the cause, or condemn the ruthless criminal who mugged us. Once I figure out what actually  happened, we’ll update this Kickstarter.”

As of press time, the band’s $10,000 option where it plays a “private party for you and friends” is still unclaimed.

Looking for a benefit show to go to after reading this uplifting article? Try out Skate Til U Die, and annual benefit show where punks skate to different Bay Area venues for a weekend of fun.

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09 May 21:28

tastefullyoffensive: Cats and Dogs Growing Up With Their Toys...

by annagoldfarb


Cats and Dogs Growing Up With Their Toys (photos via boredpanda)

Previously: Before-and-After Photos of Dogs Growing Up

15 May 06:25

When you're in Rome and you release your mixtape

11 May 19:20

Outside Pacific Place

by Dana Landon

08 May 14:18

College Radio Station Lobby Now Only Place to Hear College Radio Station

by ihatebillconway

NASHUA, N.H. – Local college radio station WXDS announced Tuesday that they are adopting a “lobby only” broadcast model.

WXDS recently had to shut down the Internet broadcast of the station after this spring’s pledge drive raised just $16, which failed to cover the site’s hosting fees.

Drive time DJ Kenny “K-Bird” Yost hasn’t let that number discourage him. “The lobby is great. I think it’s the only room on campus that still has ashtrays built in. The campus has been smoke free since 2005, so you’d figure they’d be gone by now – but, nope, there are five,” Yost said.

“It’s a big change, but it’s one we’re really excited about,” station manager Kelly Stipe said from the tiny station lobby, a room that now encompasses the total broadcast range of the station. “This is it. It’s just going to be in here and maybe, on a clear day with all the doors open, three or four feet into the hallway.”

Mike Davis, faculty advisor to WXDS, also believes this is a positive move for the station that once boasted 2.5 kilowatts of power. “Well, we sold our FM signal in 2009 to raise money for the football team and some people weren’t pleased with that. But now our fans know they can tune in 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will just have to walk to the basement of Ramsey Hall and hang around in a damp, poorly lit room – every inch of which is covered in decades of pizza grease,” Davis said.

Despite Davis’ excitement, the new format is not without its critics. Long time WXDS listener Carly Birch isn’t happy about the move.

“Look, I love being able to hear awkward, poorly produced content. 45 minutes of Captain Beefheart rarities at 2 p.m. with one studio mic accidentally left on? That’s great, but some of these newer DJs play the same stuff I can hear on corporate radio. I’m not going to hang around in a room that really, really reeks of light beer farts to listen to Bruno Mars,” Birch said.

Article by Steven Casimer Kowalski. Photo by Slynnr.

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05 May 14:23

United by Love of Beer, Punks and Jocks Finally Make Peace

by ihatebillconway

“I just hope this means I can listen to Sublime again,” Shaw said.

San Francisco – One of America’s longest lasting wars has finally come to an end as punks and jocks finally settled their differences, united by their mutual love of beer.

For several decades, the culture gap between blacked-out punks and shit-faced jocks has been nearly impossible to bridge. The brutal conflict came to a sudden ceasefire Monday afternoon when two members of the local factions reached for the same case of beer; a moment which has since been dubbed “Case Closed 2015.”

“It was definitely a sight to see,” one eye witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “After realizing they had the same taste in beer, they also realized they came from the same suburb, went to the same schools, shared a similar income, and were basically the same exact person just in different clothes.”

“I would call it more than just a ‘peaceful coexistence,’” local punk Freddy “Scabs” Shaw said. “I mean, just this afternoon I held a beer bong for a guy in a Dave Matthews Band T-shirt. This feels like a moment that was destined to happen. I don’t believe in God – fuck the church, fuck your rules, anarchy, etc. etc. –  but nothing else could explain this. It was a moment that our grandchildren will still be talking about years from now.”

Local jock Jason Chalmers shares Shaw’s views. “I find the whole situation to be pretty funny, if you ask me,” Chalmers said as he opened a fresh Natural Ice. “We’ve previously shared common interests in things, like backwards trucker hats, sleeveless shirts, and white singers with deadlocks – but nothing has solidified our bond like beer!” Chalmers chortled, “The answer was in front of us the entire time!”

However, some detractors remain wary of the bond.

“Adam Goren [of Atom and his Package fame] tried to end this war several times in the early 2000s,” outspoken Punk Historian Tony Martin said. “It only resulted in him getting his ass kicked by both the jocks AND the punks!”

But the vast majority of the two parties remain optimistic of their future union.

“I just hope this means I can listen to Sublime again,” Shaw said.

Article by JJ Händbag. Photo by GPO

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04 May 17:06


by annagoldfarb


03 May 17:51

Open Post: Hosted By The Mint Julep In Johnny Weir’s Rose Mohawk

by Michael K

The best hat ever


I don’t even know why the Kentucky Derby went on. They should’ve canceled that shit and sent all the horses home as soon as Johnny Weir sashayed onto the red carpet looking like this, because he clearly won the night. Johnny made b-hole lips pucker themselves into a frenzy when he showed up to that Derby shit on Friday night in rich old man pajamas from the 1920s, Liberace’s favorite newspaper-picking-up slippers and a flower mohawk hat that looks like a rose bush after a drunk bitch dropped their cocktail in it while stumbling out of the party.

Part of me thinks that the Crystal Enchantress of the Ice didn’t specifically wear this ensemble for the Kentucky Derby. It’s kind of butch and low-key for him. I don’t see one piece of sequins or a feather or a lace ruffle. This is like Casual Friday Johnny Weir. I bet he was at the grocery store when he got the call to get on a plane to Kentucky because the Derby desperately needed a huge injection of his glittery brand of glamour. Johnny Wear at his most casual is still a million times more glamorous that any average ho at their most glamorous. And I wonder how many drunk tricks he had to knee because they kept trying to drink his hat?

And here’s the parade of bright shining A-list stars at the Kentucky Derby. Anna Nicole’s daughter was there to remind us all that we’re really, really old.

  • Johnny Weir
  • Johnny Weir
  • Johnny Weir
  • Tara Lipinski
  • Larry amd Danilynn Birkhead
  • Hank Baskett and Kendra
  • Josh Groban
  • That guy from Dallas
  • Sarah Hyland
  • Mary  Wilson
  • Ne-Yo
  • Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey
  • Stephen  Amell

Pic: Splash

27 Apr 10:52


30 Apr 18:30

Elizabeth Olsen in The Row New York City

by Tom and Lorenzo

This mix of colors is gross 2 me

While we’re happy to see her in a color, since she sometimes seems to develop allergic reactions to them, we’d rather it wasn’t repeated in every piece she’s wearing. She’s a gal who could use a little contrast.

Elizabeth-Olsen-Avengers-Age-Ultron-Street-Style-The-Row-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Elizabeth Olsen seen out and about in NYC in a The Row suede coat from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

Elizabeth-Olsen-Avengers-Age-Ultron-Street-Style-The-Row-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Elizabeth-Olsen-Avengers-Age-Ultron-Street-Style-The-Row-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)The Row Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Elizabeth-Olsen-Avengers-Age-Ultron-Street-Style-The-Row-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Elizabeth-Olsen-Avengers-Age-Ultron-Street-Style-The-Row-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Elizabeth-Olsen-Avengers-Age-Ultron-Street-Style-The-Row-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)


She’s also a gal who needs to stop dressing like a middle-aged art gallery owner when she’s a 26-year-old actress co-starring in one of the hottest movies of the year. Get it together, girl. You don’t need to dress provocative or even trendy, but it’d be nice if you left the Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda looks to those ladies and started dressing just a skosh more youthful. Also, those shoes are wrong for the look. On the flip side, your hair and makeup are pretty.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, The Row]

30 Apr 14:11

Local Asshole Backed Hard

by ihatebillconway

Washington, D.C. – Despite serious flaws that would be crippling to a man in most modern social circles, local punk Matt Heller is reportedly “backed hard” by his local hardcore community.

News of Heller’s status as a “good dude, backed hard” broke this past Thursday when a touring band asked about “that douche [Heller] running the door.” Their question was met with a resounding chorus of his various housemates citing the alleged fact that, “If it ever came down to it, Matt’s got my back in any situation; he knows what’s up.”

Heller’s status in his local scene is viewed as an anomaly to many from outside his close circle of friends. Many call into question Heller’s unpredictable and shortsighted tendencies that have been detrimental to the local scene. In one oft-cited incident, Heller fought the manager of his local VFW Hall simply because they were planning a Memorial Day barbecue fundraiser for disabled veterans.

“That was kind of lame, they were always really cool about letting us have shows and barely taking a cut. It sucks that Matt totally burned that bridge for us, but he’s vegan, so his heart was in the right place,” Pete Horne, Heller’s housemate of two years, said. Horne continued, “He lit my bed on fire once, but it was totally an accident. He ended up stealing me a futon from Target, so it worked out for the better. Matt’s like a brother to me. ”

Merely defending Heller’s actions has led to tensions with those outside his close circle of friends, even threatening Horne’s romantic relationships. “He stole all my girlfriend’s anxiety medication once and used it to get the neighbor’s dog high. She was pissed and ended up hospitalized for two days, but he used to give us free coffee when he worked at Starbucks – which was crucial. Dude is solid.”

When asked how Heller, currently unemployed, covered his rent expenses, Horne replied, “His parents are sort of helping him out right now. They’re sort of covering my rent, too, which is cool. See, he’s a good guy.”

Article by Dan Luberto. Photo by Tony Alter.

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13 Apr 09:00


by Amy Bunch



Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was good. On Saturday we had some friends over for are weekly board game day. My husband made an bacon explosion for lunch. It took him 3 hours to make it. Which is was okay. Considering it a bunch of meat.  Yesterday we had a lazy day. We stay home and finished watching season 4 of games of thrones. So now we are ready to watch the new season. That aired last night.

Bacon explosion

As you might have notice I got some blonde highlight put in my hair. When my hair is up you can't see the highlights. Which is nice. That way I can choose if I want people to see them or not. When my hair down you can really see them. Over all I'm happy with them. They have been something I been want to do for sometime now. So I bite the bullet last week and just did it. 



10 Apr 12:22

Friday Fiction: Rise of the Cat Overlords

by Mary Kelly

Breed to Come

Who isn’t going to pick up a book with a cat dressed up with a hat on the cover? If it is also an Andre Norton title, then double bonus!

This particular title, set in the future, examines the aftermath of a planetary disaster involving a devastating virus. Leaving behind a ruined planet, humans took off for greener pastures. In the mess of what was left, a band of cats evolved into a complex, intelligent society. The humans, referred to as the Demons, have now returned. What will happen to this society and the peaceful earth now that the humans have returned?

I can’t wait to find out!



More Science Fiction Choices:

Big Planet

Stress Pattern

Time Pivot (Do NOT miss the cover art!)

Fight for Life

16 Apr 01:59


by annagoldfarb

08 Apr 17:13

nerdistindustries:“We mustn’t dwell… no, not today. We CAN’T....

by annagoldfarb


“We mustn’t dwell… no, not today. We CAN’T. Not on Rex Manning day!”

posted by Rachel

08 Apr 10:52


07 Apr 10:52




06 Apr 19:00

Still Evolving Truths

by Tova
tova1EDIT tova2 tova3 tova4EDIT tova5 tova6EDIT tova7 tova8EDIT tova9EDIT tova10EDIT tova11EDIT tova12EDIT tova13EDIT tova14EDIT tova15EDIT tova16EDIT
06 Apr 05:00

Birthday Sluts

by Michael K


Paul Rudd (46)
Charlie McDermott (25)
Casper Smart (28)
Diora Baird (32)
Rick Cosnett (32)
Alana Austin (33)
Tim Hasselbeck (37)
Myleene Klass (37)
Candace Cameron Bure (39)
Zach Braff (40)
Joel West (40)
Ami James (43)
Todd Chrisley (46)
Ari Meyers (46)
Louie Spence (46)
Black Francis (50)
Michele Bachmann (59)
Marilu Henner (63)
John Ratzenberger (68)
Anita Pallenberg (71)
Barry Levinson (73)
Merle Haggard (78)
Billy Dee Williams (78)
André Previn (86)

Pic: Reddit

02 Apr 14:32

Beach Day

by Steven Weissman


03 Apr 01:03

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Biblio-bully

by Kerry


Our submitter, Lee, says he recently went to the library in search of some subjects for drawing practice. While browsing the botany section, he flipped open a particularly old and musty book when suddenly…OH, SNAP!

You have no life b/c you are at a library reading a leaf book.

related: Pages missing (all)

01 Apr 11:00

List: Recent Hit Pop Songs Co-Written by Influential Feminist Philosophers by Joyce Miller

“Drunk in Cathexis”
Beyoncé & Bell Hooks

“The Heart Wants What Compulsory Heterosexuality Conditions It to Want”
Selena Gomez & Adrienne Rich

“All About That Bass Instrumentality”
Meghan Trainor & Martha Nussbaum

“We Found Love in a Hopeless Place (A Pedestal is as Much a Prison as Any Small, Confined Space)”
Rihanna & Gloria Steinem

“Internalize It”
Taylor Swift1

“Invisible Work”
Iggy Azalea & Susan Leigh Star

“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s Chandelier”
Sia & Audre Lorde

“Young and Subordinate”
Lana Del Rey & Judith Butler

“No Woman Can Call Herself Free Who Does Not Control Her Own Lookin Ass”
Nicki Minaj & Margaret Sanger

“On Paparazzi”
Lady Gaga & Susan Sontag

- -

1 Emma Goldman was initially slated to co-write, but Swift nixed her involvement, labelling Goldman a “hater” for her anarchistic disdain towards capitalism, and a “player” for her practice of polyamory.

25 Mar 18:28

thank you for this, internet

by annagoldfarb

This kills me every time I see it

thank you for this, internet

28 Mar 01:02

gemmacorrell:Pre-order my book of comics, The Worrier’s Guide to...

by annagoldfarb
20 Mar 17:00

Abigail Borg Wallpaper + Best of the Web

by Grace Bonney

I’ve been on a wallpaper kick all week. It seems like everyone is gearing up to launch new collections at the big design shows this spring, so social media has been full of great previews and sneak peeks. One of my favorite lines that I’m hoping to see in person belongs to British designer Abigail Borg. Abigail’s work takes its inspiration from the world outside. Whether that’s a beautiful Fritillaria flower, Dahlia or Foxtail, Abigail’s wallpapers feel like a lush field of flowers that’s come to life on the wall. I love the slightly retro color palette she’s working with, too — it’s the perfect combination to create a larger-than-life version of the flowers and plants we see around us in real life. Abigail uses her patterns for textiles and stationery, too, so if you’re interested in checking out her work or ordering online, click here to visit her site. Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace




22 Mar 17:40


by annagoldfarb

17 Mar 17:50

Come Correction: Associated Press thinks accused murderer Robert Durst is the singer of Limp Bizkit

by Michael Marotta


When news broke Sunday morning that accused murderer Robert Durst was arrested just hours before the finale of HBO true crime drama The Jinx, jokesters…

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