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this is the mc escher of music videos, if u gaze at all the...

this is the mc escher of music videos, if u gaze at all the details you see that no detail is unattended.  the song also rox so yeah

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The Britney Spears Story is Getting the Lifetime Original Movie Treatment

by Jordan Crucchiola



Lifetime is taking on a Herculean task. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has optioned the life of Britney Spears for a biopic called Britney Jean, and it is set to star young actress Natasha Bassett, who most recently appeared as Gloria DeLamour in Hail, Caesar! With Britney’s new album Glory on the way and a return to live TV with her upcoming Video Music Awards performance this weekend, Lifetime is right on schedule to cash in on all the Brit buzz with its announcement. The movie will be two hours long and track the "'tumultuous true story’ of her rise to fame, fall from grace and triumphant resurrection." The icon’s life story will be recapped (re: dramatized) starting all the way back in the humble days in Kentwood, Louisiana all the way up to her present return to the Billboard charts and mainstream cultural consciousness. And, of course, it will explore the breakups of her relationships with Justin Timberlake, Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline. Honestly, two hours doesn’t seem like nearly enough time, considering you could probably make a miniseries just about the conservatorship years, which are still ongoing. So while Lifetime churns out Britney Jean, hopefully Ryan Murphy is getting to work on American Crime Story: Sam Lufti v. The Family Spears.

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princessofpop: MOOD

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This Real-Life Flintstones House is For Sale & You Need to See the Inside — House of the Day

by Tara Bellucci

this is very close to me and it's SO weird looking

(Image credit: lain Pinel Realtors via Judy Hong Meuschke)

Are you a Flintstones superfan? Have you always wanted a colorful cave-like home to call your own? Well, nestled in the hills south of San Francisco, there's the perfect home for just such a lover of quirky architecture.


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Birthday Sluts

by Michael K


Chris Hemsworth (33)
Alyson Stoner (23)
Asher Roth (31)
Will Friedle (40)
Ben Gibbard (40)
Roger Craig Smith (41)
Carolyn Murphy (42)
Ashley Jensen (47)
Anna Gunn (48)
Joe Rogan (49)
Viola Davis (51)
Embeth Davidtz (51)
Duane Martin (51)
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (52)
David Henry Hwang (59)
Joe Jackson (the British one) (62)
Hulk Hogan (63)
Steve Wozniak (66)
Eric Carmen (67)
Ian McDiarmid (72)
John Gorrie (84)
Arlene Dahl (91)

Pic: Tumblr

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Inside the Floor Routine Once Thought Impossible (3:23)

by Endswell

“Final Five” captain and reigning Olympic floor champ Aly Raisman walks us through the ridiculous first pass of her floor routine that helped the U.S. win gold last night.

Wall Street Journal

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heisenboo-erg: Two households, both alike in dignity,In fair...

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Birthday Sluts

by Michael K


JC Chasez (40)
Shawn Mendes (18)
Princess Beatrice of York (28)
Kim Chi (29)
Katie Leung (29)
Jackie Cruz (30)
Peyton List (30)
Roger Federer (35)
Meagan Good (35)
Michael Urie (36)
Countess Vaughn (38)
Lindsay Sloane (39)
Drew Lachey (40)
Jeremy Scott (41)
Scott Stapp (43)
Faye Wong (47)
Kool Moe Dee (54)
The Edge (55)
Rikki Rockett (55)
Deborah Norville (58)
Cecilia Roth (60)
Robin Quivers (64)
Keith Carradine (67)
Connie Stevens (78)
Dustin Hoffman (78)

Pic: Getty

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buzzfeedau: margot robbie, will smith and viola davis don’t...


margot robbie, will smith and viola davis don’t deserve this

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The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNERS For August 3rd!

by Michael K



After months of Trump, waiting to interview the Zika Virus is a pleasure. – Texndoc

Upvote winner:

“I can’t go to dinner tonight, I’m so swamped at work!” – MamaseMamasa

Pic: @romandos via AOL

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Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Home for Women in Recovery

by Nate Jones
T in the Park - Scotland

Five years after Amy Winehouse's death, the foundation set up by the singer's family will open a center to house women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, The Guardian reports. Amy's Place, in East London, was designed in partnership with Centra, a British affordable-housing nonprofit, and will have space for up to 16 women, with a three-month program of "yoga, relapse prevention groups, and potential skills and employability based workshops." It's only the second female-only recovery center in the British capital, which the Amy Winehouse Foundation's Dominic Ruffy tells The Guardian was an important factor for all the women the foundation consulted: "It was evident there was a clear need and the women would feel more secure in an environment [where] they knew they weren’t going to be troubled by aspects from their past."

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boredpanda: Dogs Before And After Their Haircuts

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Showbiz on the outskirts

Achewood strip for Friday, July 29, 2016
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Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr. Black| Goodwill House of Style Event

by Dana Landon

i kind of love this dude tunic

Jordan is a designer here in Seattle. Check out his line of couture luggage and accessories Jonquil & Mr Black

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Man Colors

by Mary Kelly

tag urself, i'm bill

Color For Men

The color craze was hardly my thing (I could never tell the difference between good color or bad color) I do remember you could hire yourself a color consultant to look at your clothes and tell you what to wear. After looking at this book, I still can’t really tell the difference. Perhaps I am not that sophisticated or I don’t see that well.

For the 80s, this was probably a good purchase. However, I don’t think anyone is really talking about colors like they were then. The fashion is outdated now, but if it still works in your world, by all means, color away. 80s hair is totally optional.


Groovy Men’s Wear to Sew

Color Your Life

Color Me Bad







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What do you take me for?

by Shaun Usher
Sitting behind a sheet of glass at the British Museum in London, inscribed on a clay tablet in an ancient script known as cuneiform, is solid proof of two things: firstly, that poor customer service--an affliction that somehow feels like a modern phenomenon--has actually been a plague on societies for at least 3775 long years, and secondly, that humans will never really change. For this is in fact a letter of complaint, sent by a furious man named Nanni to a Babylonian copper merchant called Ea-nasir, in which said customer makes very clear his dissatisfaction with the service experienced by his messengers. The letter was discovered in Southern Iraq, in a place then known as Ur.

Translated transcript follows.

(This letter, and many other fascinating pieces of correspondence, can be found in the bestselling book, More Letters of Note. For more info, visit Books of Note. Image © Trustees of the British Museum.)

Tell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message:

When you came, you said to me as follows : “I will give Gimil-Sin (when he comes) fine quality copper ingots.” You left then but you did not do what you promised me. You put ingots which were not good before my messenger (Sit-Sin) and said: “If you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!”

What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt? I have sent as messengers gentlemen like ourselves to collect the bag with my money (deposited with you) but you have treated me with contempt by sending them back to me empty-handed several times, and that through enemy territory. Is there anyone among the merchants who trade with Telmun who has treated me in this way? You alone treat my messenger with contempt! On account of that one (trifling) mina of silver which I owe you, you feel free to speak in such a way, while I have given to the palace on your behalf 1,080 pounds of copper, and umi-abum has likewise given 1,080 pounds of copper, apart from what we both have had written on a sealed tablet to be kept in the temple of Samas.

How have you treated me for that copper? You have withheld my money bag from me in enemy territory; it is now up to you to restore (my money) to me in full.

Take cognizance that (from now on) I will not accept here any copper from you that is not of fine quality. I shall (from now on) select and take the ingots individually in my own yard, and I shall exercise against you my right of rejection because you have treated me with contempt.
22 Jul 13:30

White privilege on a Red Line train

by adamg

Jamie Davenport reports on an incident Thursday night on a Red Line train ordered held at South Station until the police could clear a group of rowdy black teens off her car. She watched silently - until a cop ordered a black kid who wasn't part of the group off the train as well:

The boy says,

"I don't know them."

The police say,

"It's an order. Everyone in the group has to get off."

I collect my bags. The police looks at me and says,

"Not you. You're not in the group."

The police places his hand on the boys shoulder and guides him off the train. In a moment of temporary rage blindness I stand up and scream,

"He doesn't fucking know those kids."

The police looks at me and says,

"Is that true?"

To which I say,

"Yes, and it was true when he said it too."

The police release the boy and he sits down across from me again. We share a moment of blankness and then tears well in both of our eyes. He waves me over to the seat next to him. He says,

"That was because I am black. Wasn't it?"

I nod. He looks down sheepishly at his shirt and says quietly,

"I'm just happy they didn't hurt me. That would kill my mom. And she is not someone you want to mess with."

I say the only thing I can think,

"I'm so sorry."

He says,

"With all that's going on in the world I am so scared all the time."

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy




Never stops making me smile. I want someone like this in my life. 💜

Okay so the best thing,the best thing about Sirs Patrick & Ian being best friends is that they met because of the X-Men movie.

I saw Sir Patrick speak a year or so ago and someone asked him about their friendship.  He told this story about how I think they’d once or twice worked on the same production but had had very little interaction, and that when he’d been a kid, he’d utterly looked up to Sir Ian, who had had an established theater career at a very young age. 

People assume that they’ve been friends since they were young, which makes sense given the sort of work they’ve done and their career trajectories, but no. Sir Patrick basically had a giant hero-crush-from-a-distance on Sir Ian for most of his life AND THEN on the set of X-Men, their trailers were put next to each other and they were significantly older than anyone else on the set, so they started spending their downtime together. 

And became inseparable.  And this is amazing. 

So everyone who wants a friend like this, you have time.

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Nighttime Go

by admin

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demho3zhatinq: boredpanda: Taiwanese Couple Hilariously...