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12 Jun 04:25

James Webb Space Telescope will “absolutely” not launch in March

by Eric Berger
Two people in clean suits work inspect a huge satellite.

Enlarge / Technicians work on the James Webb Space Telescope. (credit: NASA)

On Wednesday, the chief of NASA's science programs said the James Webb Space Telescope will not meet its current schedule of launching in March 2021.

"We will not launch in March," said Thomas Zurbuchen, the space agency's associate administrator for science. "Absolutely we will not launch in March. That is not in the cards right now. That's not because they did anything wrong. It's not anyone's fault or mismanagement."

Zurbuchen made these comments at a virtual meeting of the National Academies' Space Studies Board. He said the telescope was already cutting it close on its schedule before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the agency and that the virus had led to additional lost work time.

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30 May 15:52

Backfriend Posture Back Support

by mark

The Backfriend ($170) makes any chair into a back support chair: car seats, desk chairs, stadium chairs, convention chairs, bus benches, a roughly chair-shaped tree trunk… if it has a seat and a back, you can make a comfortable back support chair out of it.

It’s rather pricey, but truly a friend to your back; I’ve been using it for 5 years now and it’s built to last — the only thing that has broken was one of the connectors, but they gave me a spare (and honestly, you could use zipties as connectors).

Basically, the Backfriend consists of two tough, ergonomically molded pieces of plastic covered by a cushion. The pieces are rigid enough that I can even use them in my canvas butterfly chair and I’m still well supported, even though parts of the Backfriend are not. I use it in my car most of the time — it’s well endorsed by truck drivers — but it really shines when I go to a festival, concert, sporting event, seminar or convention. Remember those butt-buster chairs you had to squirm around in the last time you went to a seminar? No more! Just unfold your Backfriend in your seat and you’ll be the envy of your uncomfortable compatriots.

It doesn’t fold entirely flat, because it’s molded, but it ends up being about max 3 inches thick when folded, has a carry handle and a velcro strap so it doesn’t unfold mid-carry, and it’s pretty light.

It’s not inexpensive, but it will serve you well. I’d order it from a place that allows returns, just in case…but I don’t see these come up used on eBay much — once they’ve tried them, people don’t want to let them go!

-- Barbara Dace

Medesign Backfriend Posture Support for Chairs and Car Seats ($170)

Available from Amazon

29 Jan 23:01

Monster Training a central hub for creative training online

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Monster training is a website for training people all over the world in creative design from Painting to Video compositing and more - [currently £0 (0%) of £8,500 goal]
20 May 19:54

SWYO - Play Your PC Games Anywhere

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Play your PC Games directly in the browser (PC, thin-client) or on the move via app (mobile, tablet). - [currently €506 (0%) of €160,000 goal]
18 Apr 20:01

You saw the Star Wars teaser—but what about this upcoming blockbuster?

by Lee Hutchinson

OK, yes, Old Han Solo and Chewie are back on the Millennium Falcon and Old Luke is bequeathing lightsabers and force powers left and right—it’s great that we elder nerds might finally get the Star Wars sequels that we’ve lusted after since we were kids. But there’s another amazing trailer/music video combo that has been lost among all the wookie-hugging: Kung Fury. And because Ars Managing Editor Eric Bangeman has taken this Friday off, I can write about it. I can write about anything I want.

Video: The first trailer for Kung Fury.

Filmed piecemeal from across two years by Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg and funded mostly by a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $600,000, Kung Fury is set in one of the most idealized and beautiful visions of the 1980s ever digitally filmed: synth beats fill the hot Miami nights, denim and Power Gloves abound, and a renegade kung fu cop named Kung Fury takes things too far.

After handing in his gun and badge, there’s only one thing left for Kung Fury to do: go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler, the "Kung Führer," the baddest kung fu villain of all time. But even though Fury has the help of a note-perfect '80s computer nerd sidekick, he goes too far back in time, to an era where Vikings and T-rexes roamed the land.

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02 Apr 14:09

Hanafuda Cards

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Vibrant new take on a classic Japanese card game - [currently £142 (7%) of £2,000 goal]
02 Apr 14:09

Dictionary For Humanity

Click here to view Dictionary For Humanity
A phone app used to snap a picture of a card that a player doesn't understand and that app tells you what it means to enhance gameplay. - [currently $0 (0%) of $100,000 goal]