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13 Oct 23:46

‘The Onion’ Stands With Israel Because It Seems Like You Get In Less Trouble For That

The past week has shown humanity at its worst: A horrific terrorist attack left at least 1,300 Israelis dead, among them peace activists and even innocent children. The fates of many more kidnapped civilians still lie in the balance. Meanwhile, statements from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggest retaliation…


15 Jan 06:31

#2309: Circumferentially-Challenged

From the Daniel Pinkwater files comes a tale of unexpected advice buried deep inside a BMW owner's manual. The boys also contemplate why men never pay for anything with coins, helmets for drivers and, oh yeah- some actual car problems! All on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
30 Nov 20:33

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Morality


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I'm gonna start using that threat when my kids won't brush their teeth.

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02 Nov 14:40

Soccer Looks Different When You Can’t See Who’s Playing

by John Muller

During the 2018 World Cup, Zito Madu pointed out the racially coded language commentators used to describe a match between Poland and Senegal, which didn’t line up with what he saw on the field. A typical article claimed that “‘Poland struggled all game against the pace and physicality of Senegal,’ which is an absurd line for anyone who watched the game,” Madu wrote in SB Nation. It felt like an example of a widespread tendency to focus on Black players’ “pace and power” while praising white players for things like intelligence and work ethic.

But how would the same game have looked to viewers who literally couldn’t see race?

Sam Gregory was working for the Canadian data provider Sportlogiq a couple of years ago when Toronto FC director of analytics Devin Pleuler came to him with an idea. The company’s broadcast tracking technology can capture how players move their limbs and reproduce their stick-figure skeletons in a two-dimensional render. If Gregory’s Sportlogiq colleagues and Pleuler showed the same clips to different viewers as either a video or an anonymized animation, they could measure how attitudes toward race and gender affect how we see soccer.

Survey respondents saw the same clip as either broadcast video …
… or an animated render from body pose data.


The resulting paper, “Pace and Power: Removing unconscious bias from soccer broadcasts,” caused a stir when they presented it at last month’s New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports. Of the 47 sports fans who watched a two-minute clip of the World Cup TV broadcast, 70 percent said that Senegal, whose players were all Black, was “more athletic or quick.” But of 58 others who saw an animation of the same two minutes without knowing which teams they were watching, 62 percent picked Poland, whose players were all white, as the more athletic side.27 The physical advantages that supposedly defined the African team’s style of play disappeared as soon as their skin color did.

Gregory sees it as a good sign that audiences who watched the video and the stick figures didn’t show significant disagreement on the survey’s other three questions, about which team was more technically skilled, tactically organized or physical.28 “The fact that we got such similar results suggests that at least people were able to tell what’s happening from the renders,” he said.

The athleticism flip-flop offers a new kind of evidence of a prejudice that affects how Black players of every nationality are perceived. For decades, researchers have documented media stereotypes of African players as “‘powerful,’ ‘big-thighed,’ ‘lithe of body,’ ‘big,’ ‘explosive,’ and like ‘lightning,’ attributes that were to be contrasted with ‘the know-how that England possess.’” As Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku, who is Black, told The New York Times, “It is never about my skill when I am compared to other strikers.” Now, for the first time, researchers have a way to isolate how race influences direct perceptions of the game.

Gregory hopes that measuring unconscious bias will be a step toward changing conversations about Black athletes. “Last year there were all these discussions around Black Lives Matter, and there were player protests,” he said. “Obviously the issues off the pitch were more important than the issues on the pitch, but it does feel like even when that conversation was happening, there was very little discussion about racial bias in the way we talk about players.”

The study also examined attitudes toward gender by showing viewers a pair of two-minute clips, one from the American top-flight National Women’s Soccer League and another from League Two, the English men’s fourth tier. Even though the NWSL draws more fans to games, its average player earns about a quarter as much as the average player in League Two. Gregory and Pleuler were curious whether this “clear gender pay gap” could be explained by a difference in the quality of the soccer shown on TV, as some have argued.

People who watched the broadcasts said that the men’s game was “higher quality” by a 57 percent to 43 percent margin. Those who saw the renders with genderless stick figures preferred the women’s match, 59 percent to 41 percent. The results weren’t statistically significant across a small sample of 105 mostly male respondents, but Pleuler believes the line of research is promising. “I think these results are suggestive that your average soccer fan can’t tell the difference between something that does have a large investment level and the women’s game, which does not,” he said.


Unconscious biases don’t just color the way fans and media talk about sports. They could hurt players’ earnings and career prospects, not to mention cost points on the table for teams that aren’t spending their money wisely. Gregory, who’s now the director of analytics at Inter Miami, thinks body pose data might help clubs check their player evaluations. “Scouting to me is the obvious one,” he said. Skin tone has previously been shown to correlate with differences in Football Manager ratings, which clubs sometimes use in their real-life scouting process. Anonymized renders could help determine whether pro scouts exhibit similar biases.

“The idea is that over time, hopefully people will realize that this is a source of bias and they’ll be able to change it within themselves,” Gregory said. “None of us are unbiased in anything we do, so I think a big part of challenging bias is acknowledging it.”

01 Nov 15:17


by Toonhole Chris


22 Apr 03:48

FBI Says Chauvin Matches Profile Of Blue-Uniformed Killer Behind Hundreds More Unsolved Murders

WASHINGTON—Suggesting a disturbing pattern of behavior stretching back decades, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Wednesday that convicted murderer Derek Chauvin closely matches the profile of a mysterious blue-uniformed killer behind hundreds more unsolved slayings nationwide. “The suspect’s M.O. is…


13 Feb 18:49

Lindsey Graham Hisses Directions At Attorneys Messing Up Speech They Spent Hours Rehearsing



WASHINGTON—Appearing to lose patience as the defense presented its arguments in President Trump’s impeachment trial Friday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was repeatedly overheard hissing directions at lawyers as they messed up the speeches he spent hours rehearsing with them the night before. “Come on now, big smile,…


15 Jan 04:42

Car Parts, Bottles, and Cutlery


Oh my shit. This is my everything.

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

The best part about not sleeping is getting to enjoy the early morning quiet.

26 Dec 14:20

Child’s Delighted Face On Christmas Morning Not Even Close To Worth $200



25 Dec 05:16

Santa Claus: ‘Ho, Ho, Ho! I Saw You Masturbating!’

On this special Christmas Eve episode of The Topical, Leslie is joined from the North Pole by Jolly Old Saint Nicholas himself who has a very special and very important message for all of his favorite little rubbers and tuggers.


18 Dec 22:05


by squires



don’t let your dreams be dreams

The post Reach appeared first on Moonbeard.

16 Dec 14:49

CDC Announces Children Will Be Last To Receive Covid Vaccine Because What Are Those Little Twerps Going To Do About It



Hear why your place in line for a vaccine will definitely be before any of those little peabrains because what’s the worst they can do? Go cry to their mommies?


24 Nov 15:28

Report: At Least Flight Home To Be Little Less Crowded

22 Nov 20:16

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Pairings


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With grief anxiety the main thing is to finish the whole bottle and realize you'll never get the same bottle of wine again.

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21 Nov 16:20

Viral Quiz Identity Theft


hover text for the win

[scrolling through a giant spreadsheet of transcribed data] 'Wow, a surprising number of users grew up at 420 69th St.' 'Yeah, must be a high-rise or something.'
15 Nov 18:08

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Tube


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You will be supervising a team of unhappy tubes.

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14 Nov 04:06

Final Exam

For those of you also taking Game Theory, your grade in that class will be based on how close your grade on this exam is to 80% of the average.
06 Nov 19:37

Media Condemns Biden For Baseless Claim That Nation Will Come Together Once Election Over



NEW YORK—Blasting the former vice president for spreading misinformation at this perilous time for democracy, media figures across the political spectrum condemned Joe Biden Friday for his baseless claim that the nation will come together once the election was over. “Shame on Vice President Biden for perpetuating…


05 Nov 19:55

Democratic Strategists Hold Screening Of ‘Three Amigos’ In Order To Better Understand Latino Culture



WASHINGTON—Hoping to learn from their failure to court the potential voter base in the 2020 election, Democratic strategists held a screening of Three Amigos Thursday in an effort to help the party better understand Latino culture. “One of the major blunders of the last campaign cycle was Democrats’ lack of a message…


05 Nov 13:27

Passed California Ballot Measure Allows Uber, Lyft To Categorize Workers As Car Parts

SAN FRANCISCO—In what amounts to an unequivocal victory for the multibillion-dollar rideshare corporations, California ballot measure 22 officially passed Tuesday, allowing Uber and Lyft to categorize their workers as car parts. “We’re absolutely thrilled with this outcome that lets us legally recognize drivers as a…


20 Oct 04:52

CDC Reclassifies Majority Of Covid-19 Deaths To Being Personally Murdered By Barack Obama

Hear why top health officials now believe most of the 200,000 fatalities in the U.S. can be attributed to violent underlying conditions brought on by our nation’s 44th president.


16 Oct 13:24

Preschool Teacher Just Going To Assume Kid Whose Mic Cut Out Finished Counting To 10 Correctly



10 Oct 21:48



Whatever could this be about?

You'd think it'd be easy to just bet money against these people, but you have to consider the probability of them paying up.
09 Sep 02:35

Heavenly Authorities Arrest God For Leaving Children In Overheating Planet


wow, the onion. wow

Find out if Lord, God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, will face any prison time for this reckless act.


04 Sep 16:10


by Lunarbaboon


11 Jun 12:17

Georgia Secretary Of State Vows To Investigate Why Some Residents Forced To Wait 2 Centuries To Vote

15 May 12:51

Quote Of The Day: Barack Obama

by News & Guts

Sometimes one word is all you need.

Former President Barack Obama has been a silent bystander for much of the last three years. But on Saturday, he delivered a blistering critique of the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response, which he called an “absolute chaotic disaster.”

In the ensuing days, Donald Trump has been tweet-raging, pumping conspiracy theories and pushing for investigations into his predecessor. Trump and Fox News have teamed up to give it a name, Obamagate.

To all this nonsense, Barack Obama had a one word tweet that was on the one hand a retort, and on the other, advice.

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12 May 21:26

Coffee Made, Poured, Consumed Without Single Conscious Thought



11 Apr 10:14

Not Good Not Bad

by Reza

Me at work

08 Apr 12:14

Trump Overturns Presidential Limo While Touting Effectiveness Of PCP To Treat Coronavirus

by OnionNews

WASHINGTON—Screaming about how great the drug works while beating on his chest, Donald Trump reportedly overturned a presidential limousine Tuesday while touting the effectiveness of PCP in treating coronavirus. “Don’t listen to all the bulllshit—this stuff right here will make you fucking invincible against Covid!”…