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09 Mar 21:20

compoyo: ​Me not feeding into my impulses and being so proud...


​Me not feeding into my impulses and being so proud that I reward myself by doing everything I planned on doing impulsively

09 Mar 19:20

A thank-you note on a snowy day

by adamg


John Hanzl reports he didn't have a good start to his commute home: He dropped his phone and then some guy on a bike plowed right into him.

But then, he continues, he forgot all that when he saw this food and a note - left for a particular homeless man he often sees on Harrison Avenue in Chinatown. The note, which has either a Tufts Medical School or Dental School seal on it, read:

Thank you for being you!

We saw you shoveling snow outside today, helping out your community!


-- With love
    Your Community

I saw this left for a homeless man who lives on Harrison in Chinatown who I always worry about...

09 Mar 19:13

$5 Tub of Spackle Best Hope of Getting Punk House Security Deposit Back

by The Hard Times Staff

ALLSTON, Mass. — Residents of a basement apartment on Gardner Street are counting on a single, $5 tub of spackle to repair multiple doors, walls, and pieces of flooring for a full return on their security deposit, sources close to the decrepit home confirmed.

“We did a lot of damage to the apartment over the past year, but it’s not all our fault. The punching competition we had last summer wouldn’t have made such a mess if the drywall wasn’t this cheap, half-inch crap,” said resident Jack Carassini. “I taped a poster over the hole and then smoothed some putty over it, though, so it looks good as new… just as long as the lights are off.”

The apartment, which houses five college-aged local punks, served as a default meeting spot before heading out into the city with friends over the years.

“Things could get pretty rowdy here, and I guess we’re paying for it now,” said primary lease holder Becky Park. “We had one party where everyone dressed up as superheros, and someone showed up with a real sword. It was fun, until they stabbed it through the door while someone was on the other side trying to take a piss. The spackle sort of filled the hole, but the blood stains might take a thing of club soda or something, because they ain’t going anywhere.”


Carassini’s father, a private contractor, purchased the spackle and initially attempted to help the residents with repairs.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought maybe — maybe — we’d need to patch some holes where they hung a few photos or put up a bookshelf, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” said the elder Carassini. “It looked like a can of spray paint exploded by the front door. When I found what looked like a human shit in the cat’s litter box that had been there for God knows how long, I just had to leave.”

At press time, residents were desperately trying to find a pet snake that escaped its terrarium and is potentially in the heating ducts.

Pick up a brand new shirt and show your support for The Hard Times:

Article by The Hard Times Staff @REALpunknews. Photo by Kyle Erf @KyleErf.

The post $5 Tub of Spackle Best Hope of Getting Punk House Security Deposit Back
appeared first on The Hard Times.

09 Mar 01:26

Building restoration reveals stunning prohibition-era murals

by Sarah Anne Lloyd


One of several murals discovered during rehab work on the Louisa Hotel.

During post-fire rehab to the Louisa Hotel, the building’s owners uncovered some long-lost art

The Louisa Building, also known as the Louisa Hotel or the Hudson Building, is filled with layers of history. First built in 1909, it started its life as a single-room occupancy residence. In 1983, it was the site of the Wah Mee Massacre, which claimed the lives of 13 people. After the tragedy, the the building’s occupants pressed on; it housed some of the longest-running small businesses in the International District, from Liem’s Pet Shop to Sea Garden Seafood Restaurant, until a fire wiped them out in 2013.

It’s in recent restoration work that Tanya Woo, whose family has owned the building for decades, found another piece of the building’s history: prohibition-era murals recalling the building’s time hosting a jazz club.

One set of murals Woo uncovered—the first ones to gain media attention—she said, “depict what we think are African Americans in prohibition attire,” likely from the 1920s, based on their clothes and hairstyle. A faded sign among the murals identified the venue as Club Royale.

“We are working really hard to save these murals and we hope that we can make these open to the public by replacing a door with glass,” Woo told Curbed Seattle over email. “We’ll have to do some grant writing to find the funds to restore and preserve them. When we are done, anyone passing by on Seventh Street will be able to see them and learn about our shared jazz history.”

Within the past couple of weeks, demolition workers found even more murals of peacocks and flowers. “We are not sure if we can save these murals just yet because this area of the building will turn into a parking garage and we will need to fire proof that wall,” said Woo. “If we end up having to demolish the wall my brother and I are planning to try and take the murals off the wall.”

After the fire, part of the building was too dangerous to restore and required demolition—but even more murals, said Woo, covered the second-floor former gambling hall. “It was much to dangerous to enter that area but we snuck in and got some pictures of it.”

Murals aren’t the only historic part of the building Woo is looking to save—wood trim, doors, and other historical artifacts were recovered and will be “brought back in when the building is done.”

Woo said construction “is going well so far,” adding that “the restaurant doesn’t smell like three-year-old burnt seafood anymore.”

The building is destined to become affordable apartments after restoration is complete, with new retail space below.

06 Mar 14:58

Resume And Repeat

by admin

06 Mar 03:22

Former Pac Heights gay bar building turned single-family home asks $5.9 million

by Brock Keeling


Two Pacific Heights flats and former watering hole become one snazzy new property

Not too long ago, well before the bulk of the city’s LGBTQ community was relegated to the Castro District, almost every neighborhood had a queer space, usually a bar or a nightclub. Pacific Heights, for example, had the Lion Pub, a dimly-lit fern bar notable for its older clientele seeking May-December rendezvouses.

Over the last decade, the bar turned into more of a straight lounge for the Marina set, per the norm in San Francisco these days. And now, less than two years after it shut down, the bar and its building, a circa-1900 Victorian, have transformed into a contemporary, single-family residence.

Featuring four beds, five and a half baths, and 4,809 square feet, 2060 Divisadero comes with three floors of space. The bedrooms located on the top floor; kitchen dining room, and living spaces on the second; and the “office space/future family & media room,” which also comes with an au-pair unit, at the bottom.

While the interiors are contemporary to the hilt, a smattering of the home’s old Victoriana remains. The marble fireplaces are a delight and the wooden staircase banisters (which, yes, are now painted white) are a nice touch. Look up to see ceiling medallions. And best of all, an old lion-themed stained glass window from its gin-and-tonic days (eons away from said Victorian roots) is now framed in the yard.

Asking for this historic piece of property is $5,995,000.

06 Mar 03:21

This simple Sunnyvale home sold for $2 million in only two days

by Adam Brinklow

why do i live here

MLS claims that it also broke a square footage record in the city

The two-bed, one-bath, 848-square-foot house at 1062 Plymouth Street in Sunnyvale wasn’t even on the market for the length of a long weekend before a buyer dropped $2 million in cash for it—possibly breaking a Sunnyvale record in the process.

According to realtor Doug Larson, it only took two days for the circa 1953 home to find a buyer. The humble home, a one-story ranch-style, was only asking $1.45 million to begin with.

To top it off, the San Jose Mercury News repots that at $2,358/square foot, 1062 Plymouth is the most expensive house in terms of cash to space ratio ever sold in the city of Sunnyvale.

It’s notoriously difficult to confirm alleged records or record busting when it comes to home sales, but in this case the Mercury cites no less an authority than Multiple Listing Services President Jim Harrison.

Larson tells Curbed SF there were several past sales that appeared to have gone for more, but upon investigation all were actually record keeping errors. “There was one place on a huge lot that was going to be a teardown, but that was only about $2,100/foot” and the most likely previous record holder, says Larson.

He notes that MLS records go back only as far as the year 2000, but “I doubt anything would have gone over this before that.”

No kidding.

The home itself, though perfectly pretty, is an unlikely record breaker, the big deal sale probably having more to do with the bizarrely frantic scale of demand in Silicon Valley these days.

Although Larson’s ad does note that the 6,000 square foot lot leaves “plenty of room to expand,” so it’s possible the no-nonsense buyer has ambitions beyond just this now prize abode.

03 Mar 02:14

February Buys

by Amy Bunch


February Buys
  • Two Queen of the Fill Tinted Eyebrow Gel in Light Medium From Amazon~ 15.00 Each 
  • Felina Ladies Hi-Cut Cotton Underwear 8 Pack From Costco~ 9.99


Hello Everyone! I didn't do a lot of shopping this month. Only things I brought for myself was my favorite brow gel and some new underwear's.  The reason I brought the brow gel was due to I was running out of it.  The reason I got two of them was we need same day deliver on Amazon and you have to spend 35 dollars to get it. So Ant just order me two of the brow gels. 

Which these two brow gels will last me the whole year. I discover this brow gel back in 2015. It came in one of my Ipsy bags. From the first time using it. I had fallen in love with it. Every since I have been repurchasing it. The only place I have find it at is amazon. Since Ulta and Sephora don't  carry it. 

Total Spending for the year= 119.05


03 Mar 01:59

I’m hypersensitive to criticism — how do I fix this?

by Ask a Manager

this is the exact shit i need to work on

A reader writes:

I am currently working as a receptionist for the next few months until I complete my schooling. I have been dealing with what I can only describe as hypersensitivity when it comes to feedback or criticism about my work. When I hear that something was done incorrectly by me, I panic and cannot seem to separate the professional criticism and help from the feeling of being personally attacked or mocked. I have been trying to be more objective, but it’s hard when I’m caught off-guard by feedback, especially if it’s delivered on an on-going basis over the phone. This once resulted in me crying in front of the office manager.

For what it’s worth, I won’t be working in a people-facing position in my career after I complete school, but learning to take feedback is an invaluable skill. What can I do to stop being a wreck and take these critiques in stride?

I wrote back to this letter-writer and asked:

Can I ask you some follow-up questions to help me better answer this?

1. How did you handle feedback on your work in school? Same as this or different? Or were you always so good at school that you got mainly positive feedback? (It’s really common for people in that boat to then have a tough time with work feedback later.)

2. I hope this isn’t too personal, but did you by any chance come from a family were you were heavily criticized if you showed weakness or didn’t get something “right”? Often what you’re describing can have its roots in that.

It is impressive how well these two questions peg my personality type (I’m also an chronic apologizer and worrier, in case you hadn’t guessed!). I was probably the best student in all of my classes, which made subpar feedback seem much worse as I had little comparison material. I would also get needlessly anxious anytime I thought I may be in trouble — whether at home or at school — and experienced intense physiological symptoms like blood leaving my face, light-headedness, and a racing heartbeat anytime I faced a “talking-to” because the of the emotional fallout and disappointment (over often trivial matters) at home and standards were very competitive in my family.

So … that’s basically our answer.

You grew up in a home where you faced inappropriate levels of judgment and disappointment over minor things, and that wired you to experience it as a very big deal when you hear feedback that isn’t positive.

Your reaction as a kid actually made sense — the criticism you were getting at the time was too heavy-handed and probably scary. It’s horrible for a kid to feel that their missteps will bring intense disappointment from the people whose approval they crave and who they’re dependent on for survival and for a general sense of safety in the world. So being very upset by that was warranted! And I’m sure you reached a point where the criticism didn’t even have to be bad for you to have an intense emotional reaction — because you so strongly associated it with awful feelings from so many times before.

The problem is that you’re still carrying around those reactions now, when they no longer apply to the situation you’re in. This is the root of a ton of family-of-origin dysfunction; we learn reactions when we’re small that made sense for our situations then, but we keep using them as adults when they no longer do.

So, how do you deal with it? Therapy, probably! A good therapist can help you unravel this and re-wire the way you respond (and hopefully give you a lot of emotional freedom from those days that will feel fantastic).

But since that’s a longer-term fix, in the short-term try to get really clear in your head about where your reactions to criticism are coming from — that it’s not from the current-day situation, but from something much older, and from a situation you’re no longer in — and that a manager giving input on your work is a different thing than what your reactions are actually rooted in, and is not in fact a challenge to your fundamental safety in the world. Sometimes clearly seeing that your reaction isn’t really about what’s in front of you and realizing “ah, this is my own crap” can take some of the power out of the emotions behind it.

Also, if you do have an obviously emotional reaction to criticism from a manager, like crying, you can say something in the moment or soon after like, “I sometimes have a stronger-than-I’d like reaction to criticism, but please know that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear it! I really value getting feedback, and I appreciate you giving it to me.” You could add, “And I’m working on getting the visible reaction under control.” (Also, maybe read this about how your manager is probably thinking of it when she needs to give you critical feedback.)

One great sign is that you want feedback, at least intellectually. You’re open to it, and you know it’s a normal thing. You’ve just got to recalibrate your reactions to it when it arrives at work, versus in the much more personal, high-stakes context of your family. (And ideally you’ll recalibrate it with your family too, but damn that’s harder.)

I’m hypersensitive to criticism — how do I fix this? was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

24 Feb 00:57

Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon Will Be Jesus Christ Superstar Live’s Judas

by Jackson McHenry

guys i'm really excited about this sorry

NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert has found its Judas and he’s a [pauses to reach for a high note] gooood choice. Brandon Victor Dixon, who recently played Aaron Burr as a replacement in Hamilton and has Tony nominations from Shuffle Along and The Color Purple, has joined NBC’s Easter Sunday production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice rock opera. The already-announced leads in the show are John Legend as Jesus, Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene, and Alice Cooper as King Herod, while the supporting cast will include Ben Daniels as Pontius Pilate, Norm Lewis as Caiaphas, Jason Tam as Peter, Jin Ha as Annas, and Erik Gronwall as Simon Zealotes. That’s the buzz, that’s what’s a-happening.

24 Feb 00:52

Black Panther proves a boon for Grove Hall store

by adamg

The Dorchester Reporter reports Elegance African Fashions has seen a burst of business selling traditional African clothing - so much so the owner is "super exhausted" keeping up with the demand.

24 Feb 00:15


23 Feb 00:38

Lakeith Stanfieldreblogged from kittenskittenskittens, suggested...

Lakeith Stanfield

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The Black Panther Press Tour Has Now Gifted Us the Cast Singing K-Ci & JoJo’s ‘All My Life’

by Dee Lockett


The Black Panther press tour is going exactly according to plan: We’ve got Michael B. Jordan bursting out of sweaters, Michael B. Jordan doing push-ups whenever Lupita Nyong’o says he has to, Michael B. Jordan getting flirty with Lupita, and just generally all things Michael B Jordan. (But also, hello, Winston Duke.) We now bring you the gift of Michael B. Jordan singing: On a recent trip to Seoul, Ryan Coogler picked Jordan and Chadwick Boseman to sing K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life” (the correct choice) at karaoke, which of course meant presenter Eric Nam got them all to sing it on the spot. Jordan’s up for the high note, Boseman … not so much.

23 Feb 00:01

Open Post: Hosted By Something To Melt Your Ice Cold Corroded Heart 

by Michael K

DISCLAIMER: If you’re proud that you’ve got an unmeltable frostbitten heart made of hardened tar, don’t watch this video or you may be really disappointed with yourself for feeling actual feelings.

Tastefully Offensive says that the adorable pile of fur in this video was taken to a shelter after his first human died. The puppy was adopted by a new human, and during the car ride to her new home, she kept wanting to hold her new human’s hand. When I first saw this video, I think I actually said “awww” out loud. Don’t worry, I was grossed out with myself too.

Hmmm… but now that I rewatch that video, I see something different. The human is shooting the video while driving and committed the unforgivable unholy sin of shooting that shit in dreaded portrait mode! So maybe that puppy friend isn’t trying to hold her human’s hand out of comfort. Maybe she’s trying to say, “Just stop the car and take me back, because I can’t live with a human who shoots videos in portrait mode.

Pic: YouTube


19 Feb 20:56

Mommy and Me Valentine's Day Outfit

by Amy Bunch

omg amy's baby is so cute <3

Mommy and Me Valentine's Day Outfit Mommy and Me Valentine's Day Outfit

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. We had a nice one at home. The weather was actually in the 50's on Wednesday. So baby girl and me went on an afternoon walk. Which was super nice. Since we were able to go on a walk last week. Due to it was raining and cold. 

Mommy and Me Valentine's Day Outfit Mommy and Me Valentine's Day Outfit

On Valentine's day I wore this striped sweater that has a heart on the sleeve. Which I haven't worn this sweater since November of 2016. So it was time to bust it out again. Since I felt like the sweater was on the short side. I add a red tank top under it for more length.

Baby girl wore her Mommy's one and only outfit. That Ant brought her. When he brought her this outfit. I told him it looked like a boys outfit. Well to find out I was totally right it is a boys outfit but I don't care. I just love the saying on it. Which I got to thinking. Why is it all girl clothing is daddy girl, princess and so on. Then all of little boys clothing is all about mommy.  Why can't we make clothes for both boys and girls. With mommy and daddy say on them. 

Later on in the day baby girl wore her First Valentine's Day bodysuit that Ant got her. Long with the Valentines pants I got her. Her booties are from Christmas time. 

Linking up with I do deClaire and Elegance and Mommyhood


16 Feb 14:53

Maxi Cardigan for the Win

by Amy Bunch


Maxi Cardigan for the Win Maxi Cardigan for the Win

Happy Monday Everyone! So lets talk about this maxi cardigan. I got this cardigan back in 2016 from Sammydress to do a review on. Which sadly I didn't get a chance to wear it at all. Let alone do a review on it. 

Maxi Cardigan for the Win

Since becoming a stay at home mom. I have find myself wearing it more around the house. It is the prefect item to throw on top of short sleeve when I get cold in the house. Like today look for example. I'm wearing one of my favorite swing dress from Old Navy. I wore the dress pre- pregnancy, during my pregnancy and now. So therefor I have got my money out of it. 

This cardigan is super cozy. Plus it light weight so you won't get to hot in it. While doing housework or other thing in it. The cardigan is currently 12 dollars on sale. I can't wait to pair this cardigan with other dresses and tops. 


15 Feb 23:33

happy valentines day to everyone except mcmansions <3

happy valentines day to everyone except mcmansions <3

10 Feb 17:23

Outfit on Repeat

by Amy Bunch

oh wow did i need this amy post today

Outfit on Repeat Outfit on Repeat

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I'm sharing with you all an outfit that has been on repeat. Not only in real like but also on the blog. When I was looking back to see the last time I wore this sweater.

Outfit on Repeat

I notice that I have only wore it with black legging. So next time I wear it I need to try it out with some jeans. This outfit is one of my go to outfit. When I'm just going to hang around the house. Which I have been doing a lot of. Since the weather has been so cold out. I so can't wait for spring time. 


10 Feb 00:09

Winter Blooms using @opi_products @opinailsuk Nails by Sophie...

Winter Blooms using @opi_products @opinailsuk
Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade #theillustratednail

31 Jan 22:55

January Buys

by Amy Bunch

So therefor I broke down and brought me some jeans.

January Buys
  • Mustard Yellow Loose Relax Mariner Tee From Old Navy ~ 2.67
  • Blue Classic Ballet-Back Tee From Old Navy~2.67
  • Light Pink Faded Glory Long Sleeve From Walmart Normal 7.97 on Clearance for 3.00
  • Purple Faded Glory Long Sleeve From Walmart Normal 7.97 on Clearance for 3.00
January Buys
  • Mid-Rise Rockstar Jeggings From Old Navy~ 25.17
  • Light Wash Nine West Pull on Skinny's From Sam's Club~9.81
  • Dark Wash Nine West Pull on Skinny's From Sam's Club~9.81
January Buys
  • Professional Remarkable Covergirl Mascara From Harris Teeter~5.97
  • Covergirl Outlast All Day Long Lasting Lip Color in 512 Normal 7.99 on Clearance at Target for 3.98
  • Covergirl Outlast All Day Long Lasting Lip Color in 559 From Target~7.99
  • Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Detangler Hair Cream From Target~ 4.99

Total~ 79.06

Hello Everyone! Since today the end of the month I decide to bring back my monthly buy post. Unlike before I don't have a budget set. Since I don't see myself buying a lot of things for myself. Now that baby girl is here. Also I use to had my saving total in these post to but I don't have time to do that any more. 

Some of the item I brought were needed. Like the jeans. I currently can't fit in to any of my pre-pregnancy  jeans. So therefor I was wearing cropped jeans that I brought at the beginning of my pregnancy. I would just wear high sock to cover up the cropped part. Unfortunately it start to not work any more. So therefor I broke down and brought me some jeans. 

The tops weren't needed but I couldn't beat the price on them. Plus I know I will get my money wroth out of them. The red lipstick was a repurchase.  Since I was running out of my current one. The coral lipstick was a good price. So I decided to give it a try. 

Since my hair is super long now. It gets tangle up super easy and is becoming a pain to brush. So there for I brought the detangler to try out. I have to tell you all it smell amazing. Plus does a great job getting your tangles out. 


26 Jan 23:51

ottbs: r u ok



26 Jan 23:50

Revere strip club says if beer bottles are banned, people would only use purses to smash cops in the head

by adamg

whoaohhhh boston you're my home

The Revere Journal reports the city licensing commission is considering requiring the Squire Lounge to only serve beer in plastic cups after a detail cop was smashed in the head with a beer bottle while trying to break up a fight. The lounge objects, saying plastic cups look cheap and that people determined to slug their way out of a fight would just resort to chairs or purses.

26 Jan 05:42


by annagoldfarb


23 Jan 02:02

A Eulogy for Spike TV and Its Godawful Internal Manifesto

by Justin Caffier

OH MY GOD LOL. bye spike (i did love some of your programming tho)

Nearly 15 years ago, in April 2003, media conglomerate Viacom announced that its country music channel, the Nashville Network, would be rebranding as Spike TV, “the first network for men.” While, obviously, men had been in no short supply of TV channels catering to their tastes, Spike would be the first to actively celebrate the baser elements that come with a Y chromosome. Perfectly exemplifying the dumb machismo and unwarranted confidence that was ubiquitous in the Bush era, the network spent the next few years courting the “boobs, sports, and barbecue” type of man who we’d today find too insipid to even put in a beer commercial.

Though its schedule was padded with Star Trek reruns and TV-edited James Bond films, the network churned out a surprising amount of original programming in its early era. While some of that content was craven nostalgia-bait (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon") or puerile quasi-smut (Stripperella), a few diamonds were sprinkled into the rough. Take, for example, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, where the conceit of dubbing comedic commentary over a retro Japanese obstacle course show was genius enough for most people to ignore some of its more problematic jokes. Then there’s the ahead-of-its-time blend of reality TV and satire to which Nathan Fielder owes an enormous debt, The Joe Schmoe Show, which had a regular dude cluelessly compete against paid actors in what he thought was a reality contest.

The network fiddled with the formula and focused its targeting over the next decade, dropping the “TV” from its name and trying out new logos in 2006 and 2015. Though Spike continued to experiment with original programming throughout the years, most viewers likely regarded Spike as that channel with 24/7 MMA fights by the end of its run. In early 2017, Viacom announced plans to take the aging channel to the woodshed and start fresh in 2018 with a top-to-bottom rebrand as the Paramount Network.

Finally succumbing to its long battle with relevancy, Spike TV passed away on January 17, 2018, its death rattle taking the form of a (presumably fake) Twitter meltdown.

While it’s unlikely any tears will be shed over the dissolution of a brand that really has no place in the flourishing #MeToo era, for better or worse, Spike played somewhat of a role in shaping our collective culture. And those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. So, let us properly send off the network dedicated to toxic masculinity by taking a peek at this internal manifesto passed out to staff after the 2006 rebranding.

All photos by the author

Lent to VICE by Jordan VanDina, who recently revealed the existence of this artifact on Twitter.

The opening of the "manifesto" describes the brand's personality as "loyal, reliable, confident, funny, action-oriented, unapologetic, testosterone-driven, non-preaching, celebratory, unpretentious, no bullshit."

Unable to formulate meaningful, committed relationships? Fucking your way through the loneliness? Spike feels you, broseph.

The biggest takeaway here is how far vampires have drifted away from any kind of association with "action."

The first of five "Spike Promises" is a strong rebuke to the entirety of human history where women got everything. Time for men to stand up and claim their fair share.

Speaking of women, isn't it annoying how they always be, like, caring about stuff? Stuff that doesn't even have touchdowns or boobs or guitar solos!

Spike's got your back, even when the "PC police" show up to harsh your buzz. Hey, officer. If she didn't want us to secretly snap that slammin' keister, maybe she shouldn't have worn a bikini to the pool, k? AM I BEING DETAINED??

Imagine how much better the world would be if PC-ing someone to death was actually possible.

Truly the apex of bravery in media. Je suis Spike.

Consider this a friendly reminder to go back and delete all of your early Facebook profile photos.

Burnt out from job hunting and getting no interviews? Have you considered adding "proficient in throwing and catching babies" to the old résumé?

Partners: "Cool. So... just play the commercial after each episode of Manswers, as per the contract, please."

Today, in a world run by beta soyboys, true alphas like Spike and this dollar store Jeremy Piven are in short supply. Adieu, Spike. May flights of Victoria's Secret angels sing thee to thy rest.

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19 Jan 23:18

The Future

by Michael Popek

these are basically all for sarah

Group photograph, no date or writing or markings. Might be an old class photo.

Found in "The Greek City and Its Institutions" by G. Glotz. Published by Kegan Paul, 1929.

-Click to enlarge photos-
19 Jan 20:42


by Michael Popek

Loose bookplate.

Found in "Novelties and How To Make Them" published by George W. Jacobs & Co., 1907.

-Click to enlarge photos-
18 Jan 23:49

Doris | Downtown Seattle

by Dana Landon

18 Jan 23:33

Endangered Okapi Named ‘Meghan’ at ZSL London Zoo

by Andrew Bleiman


2_Meghan okapi (c) ZSL London Zoo (2)

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have named their new Okapi calf, “Meghan”, in honor of Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle.

The name is particularly fitting since Okapis were first brought to the world’s attention in 1901 by another Harry - ZSL fellow, Sir Harry Johnstone.

Zookeeper, Gemma Metcalf said, “A new birth is always cause for celebration, but Meghan’s important arrival is also a great opportunity to draw attention to the Okapi, which is an extremely endangered species.”

After a 14-month gestation, it was a relatively speedy birth for first-time mum, Oni. The youngster emerged in just over half an hour on December 9, 2017. It wasn’t long before keepers, who were watching on camera from the next room, saw the newborn rise up to take her first tentative steps towards mum for a feed.

Gemma continued, “We’re very pleased with how mother and baby are doing. Oni is being very attentive, making sure she regularly licks her clean and keeping a watchful eye over Meghan as she sleeps.”

1_Meghan okapi (c) ZSL London Zoo (3)

3_Meghan okapi (c) ZSL London Zoo (4)

4_Meghan okapi (c) ZSL London Zoo (6)Photo Credits: ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

An important addition to the Zoo family, Meghan is already a firm favorite among visitors. To find out more about Okapis and the 18,000 other incredible residents at ZSL London Zoo visit:

The Okapi (Okapia johnstoni), also known as the ‘forest giraffe’ or ‘zebra giraffe’, is an artiodactyl mammal native to the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. Although the species bears striped markings similar to zebras, it is most closely related to the giraffe.

They are classified as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List. Major threats include habitat loss due to logging and human settlement. Extensive hunting for bushmeat and skin and illegal mining have also led to a decline in populations.

5_Meghan okapi (c) ZSL London Zoo (1)

18 Jan 17:13

Monthly Recipe: Banana Bread

by Amy Bunch

AMY'S BACK!!!!!!!
I wiped a loaf of this banana bread on Saturday night.

Banana Bread


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 1/3 cups mashed overripe bananas
Banana Bread Recipe
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan.
  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt. In a separate bowl, cream together butter and brown sugar. Stir in eggs and mashed bananas until well blended. Stir banana mixture into flour mixture; stir just to moisten. Pour batter into prepared loaf pan.
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 60 to 65 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into center of the loaf comes out clean. Let bread cool in pan for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I'm bring back my month recipe post. To kick off the new year   and the fact I'm back to blogging. I decided to share my banana bread recipe with you all. This recipe is super easy to make. All you need is 7 Ingredients to make it. Which you probably have them all in your home right now. 

I wiped a loaf of this banana bread on Saturday night. Since we had some banana going bad. We buy are banana at Sam's Club and have a bad habit of not eating them. So instead of throwing them away or feeding them to the dogs. I decide to make a loaf of the banana bread. Which you can never go wrong with a warm piece of banana bread on a cold winter night.