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generationintrovert: Pillow forts and Netflix kind of day


Pillow forts and Netflix kind of day

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Pattern recognition, Abstract Aerial Art

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Tech generations, as seen through video source, music players, and internet access

by Nathan Yau

In a fun piece by Reuben Fischer-Baum, reporting for The Washington Post:

In the past three decades, the United States has seen staggering technological changes. In 1984, just 8 percent of households had a personal computer, the World Wide Web was still five years away, and cell phones were enormous. Americans born that year are only 33 years old.

Here’s how some key parts of our technological lives have shifted, split loosely into early, middle and current stages.

There will always be a place in my heart that longs for the good ol’ days of my Walkman, modem sounds, and the phone-less outdoors. Tear.

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The Chameleon, una casa en Bali que podrás alquilar en tus próximas vacaciones

by Philippe Sáez

The Chameleon 1

Inevitablemente vas a tener que planear tus próximas vacaciones de invierno, verano o en cualquier momento del año. Si tienes la suerte de tener un buen presupuesto para algún viaje exótico a un destino lejano, no puedo dejar de recomendarte de visitar Bali. Esta isla del archipiélago de Indonesia es una maravilla a pesar de ser un destino ya muy concurrido.

Si además de poder viajar a Bali cuentas con un presupuesto mayor, hoy te presentamos una casa bastante encantadora e impresionante que podrás alquilar en esa isla de Indonesia. The Chamaleon, o el camaleón, es una mansión espectacular que cuenta con una ubicación muy tranquila, un poco alejada de los centros turísticos más saturados. Con un terreno de poco más de 3500 metros cuadrados, la casa está rodeada por la selva y cuenta con un río que corre por sus jardines. La playa y los centros recreativos se encuentran ubicados a unos 15 minutos pro lo que no es una típica casa perdida en medio de la nada.
The Chameleon 3 The Chameleon 4

En términos de estilo exterior e interior, The Chameleon lleva perfectamente bien su nombre ya que se disimula bien con todo su entorno. Resalta su estructura de concreto, pisos de madera tanto en interior como en las terrazas así como sus lados totalmente abiertos hacia el exterior. Cada habitación está, en efecto, abierta hacia la selva o los jardines permitiendo una vista impresionante. Así mismo el flujo de luz natural se ve favorecido en un ambiente tropical. The Chameleon The Chameleon

La decoración interior es igualmente muy atractiva con colores y tonos cálidos de los que resaltan toques orientales. Algunos objetos decorativos locales nos permiten ambientarnos directamente en el lejano oriente mientras tenemos acceso a todas la comodidades y lujos que se pueden esperar de una casa de este estilo. Si te interesa hospedarte en la casa The Chameleon en tus próximas vacaciones a Bali y tienes presupuesto para vivir una experiencia inolvidable, esta es una excelente alternativa.

The Chameleon The Chameleon

Decoesfera | 17 ideas para decorar la casa con guirnaldas sin que sea Navidad
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La noticia The Chameleon, una casa en Bali que podrás alquilar en tus próximas vacaciones fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Philippe Sáez .

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starxgoddess: The solar eclipse of July 8, 1842 By Leander Russ


The solar eclipse of July 8, 1842 By Leander Russ

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archatlas: Architecture Reflected in Water A selection of...


Architecture Reflected in Water

A selection of photographs in which reflections in water is used as the main compositional element. In these images, the surface qualities of the water play a fundamental role in giving the composition its final effect—either acting as a perfect mirror or giving a diffuse touch. Learn more about the project, architect and photographer following the source link.

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siphersaysstuff: aokayinspace: witwicky: down-to-venus: When...





When ICE isn’t cool.

Kal El…. is literally Hebrew. It means Voice of God. He’s a Jewish illegal immigrant. For a reason. He was written in the 30s.

I mean Superman was literally written as an allegory for first generation American Jews dealing with the struggle of assimilation vs maintaining traditional culture. The birth of Superman as a comic was essentially Jewish Immigrant history.

Not all heroes wear capes, but a hell of a lot of supervillains hire uniformed thugs to terrorize innocent civilians.

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Outsanding and Mysterious Pictures of Isolated Houses

by Oriane

Eric Ward est un instituteur originaire de l’Ohio mais lorsqu’il n’enseigne pas à ses jeunes élèves, ce photographe autodidacte capture au fil des saisons les paysages grandioses, parfois sauvages et souvent baignés de lumière des Etats-Unis. Cette sélection de photos qui donne à voir des maisons et des bâtiments isolés à travers le pays invite le spectateur à la contemplation, loin de l’habituelle agitation du monde moderne.

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ole scheeren reveals designs for empire city, vietnam’s tallest skyscrapers

by kieron marchese I designboom

the german architect is bringing leisure and landscape design to ho chi minh city, in a 333-metre-high skyscraper.

The post ole scheeren reveals designs for empire city, vietnam’s tallest skyscrapers appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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japonya: 愛

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c86: SPHINX, c. 1987

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martinajane:Albert Frey House, Ph. by François Halard


Albert Frey House, Ph. by François Halard

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archatlas: The Bridgehouse Llama Urban Design Based in...


The Bridgehouse Llama Urban Design 

Based in Peru, Llama Urban Design celebrate a sustainable approach to contemporary architecture. For the creation of the ‘Bridgehouse’ residence, the studio has used locally sourced timber to connect two mounds of earth in a trapeze-shaped bridge structure, allowing the natural environment to exist untouched underneath. As the architects explain, the home “sits across the steepest part of the slope, drawing a 38-metre-long horizontal line that acts as a counterpoint to the landscape.” Llama Urban Design has implemented an open-plan layout with a core living and dining space, flooded with natural light through panoramic glass walls. The residence is entered from either side of the bridge, and a roof deck is accessed via metal staircases attached to the house’s exterior.

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Less Pollution, More Surfing

by Troy Turner


Your average surfboard is made from polyurethane, epoxy resin and plenty of other hazardous materials. They break easily and are often thrown away after a few years or even months of use. This means those materials often end up leeching into the environment, including the ocean in which they’re supposed to be enjoyed. Inspired to do something about it, designer Martin Spurway linked up with Otter Surfboards in Porthtowan, UK to create a wooden surfboard sourced from sustainable woodlands.

The board design mixes traditional surfboard construction techniques similar to Tom Blake in the 1930’s with a modern form and aesthetic. The construction started with the inside frame of the board, which was glued to the bottom skin. On the second and third days, the rails were built up from a series of strips. By the end of the third day the top was glued on. From there on, it underwent shaping and sanding of the rails as well as blending in the nose and tail. The top and bottom skins and rails are made using Western Red Cedar wrapped over a poplar hollow frame.

A board this beautiful is deserving of a bespoke bag, so Martin went on to make the perfect accessory. His bag not only protects the board when traveling with its 10mm padded walls, but offers extra protection to the nose and tail. Aesthetically, it emphasizes features such as the fin slot with reflective polyethylene in contrast to the 600 deniers recycled polyester.

Designer: Martin Spurway for Otter Surfboards
















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giant rice straw animal sculptures invade the 2017 wara art festival

by lynn chaya I designboom

instead of using it traditionally, like for roofs and livestock feeds, these creative individuals have designed giant straw animals.

The post giant rice straw animal sculptures invade the 2017 wara art festival appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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Nightlife in Tokyo’s Streets by Yoshito Hasaka

by Mehdi

Pour donner un aspect quasi-surréaliste à ses photographies de Tokyo, le photographe Yoshito Hasaka n’hésite pas à jouer avec le contraste ainsi que la netteté, qu’ils pousse à leur paroxysme. Cela résulte en un cliché parfaitement cohérent avec l’image que l’on se fait de la capitale nippone : des néons, du (beau) monde, de la vie, du marketing et une ambiance qui ne faiblit jamais.

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New Paper & Textile Wildlife Sculptures by Kate Kato

by Laura Staugaitis

Botanical paper artist Kate Kato (previously) continues to use found and recycled paper to build intricate natural dioramas. A buzzing hive of bees makes a home in a matchbox, vintage books are overgrown with paper fungi and colorful wildflowers, and a shadow box is filled with butterflies and beetles. Rather than striving for exact scientific replication, Kato allows the original material to show through, lending a spirit of handcrafted whimsy to her work. Some of the pieces seen here can be purchased through Etsy, and you can explore more of the Wales-based artist’s work on Facebook, and Instagram.

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historicaltimes: Ancient Greek silver litra coin minted in...


Ancient Greek silver litra coin minted in Syracuse, Sicily, circa 466 BC

via reddit

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coffeeandspentbrass: earthstory: Sea ice swaying in waves,...

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Sea ice swaying in waves, just off of Elephant Island, Antarctica


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the skeleton of an electric ray

the skeleton of an electric ray

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adreciclarte:by Robert Capa, 1952


by Robert Capa, 1952