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09 Aug 03:47

Honest Trailers Wrecks Alien: Covenant

by Alex Walker
If you haven't seen Alien. Covenant yet, don't bother. Watch this Honest Trailer instead - it's far, far better. More »
06 Aug 23:47

Splatoon 2's Lobby Is Full Of Furries

by Cecilia D'Anastasio
If you've found yourself in Splatoon 2's lobby sometime in the last day, you might have asked yourself. "Why is there so much furry art here?" More »
02 Aug 23:39


30 Jul 23:21

How all shirts fit me

by Matthew Inman
30 Jul 23:20

Drinking Straw

Bonus Comic:

Drinking Straw Bonus

30 Jul 23:19

Eo. 326 - Champion

by Shen
25 Jul 23:44

Ep. 325 - Giving Tree

by Shen
19 Jul 01:21

Useful Information

Bonus Panels:

Useful Information Bonus

Useful Information Bonus 2

Old Version:

Useful Information Old

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12 Jul 23:34

Unturned, As Told By Steam Reviews

by Alex Walker
After spending a few years in the wilderness of Early Access, the zombie infested sandbox Unturned has been released to the wild. And so far, the free-to-play co-op game is maintaining a fairly strong reputation. More »
12 Jul 23:33


12 Jul 23:32

Toilet Shopping

Bonus Comic:

Toilet Shopping Bonus

Bonus Comic 2:

Toilet Shopping Bonus

02 Jul 23:36





29 Jun 23:07

Welcome to Work

by Reza

26 Jun 23:14

Nintendo Announces SNES Classic, Which Comes With 21 Stellar Games [Updated]

by Jason Schreier
Forget the NES Classic -- this is the vintage system we've been waiting for. Nintendo today announced the Super Nintendo Classic, which will come with 21 games including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. More »
26 Jun 23:11


25 Jun 23:35

The New Rocko's Modern Life Special Will Bring Back The Original Cast

by Zach Ezer
It looks like even cartoon characters miss the '90s. Rocko's Modern Life, cancelled after four seasons in 1996, is set to return with an hour-long special, Rocko's Modern Life. Static Cling, and Nickelodeon has brought back the original cast for one more adventure in O-Town. More »
19 Jun 23:43




13 Jun 23:22

Back Rub

Bonus Panel:

Back Rub Bonus Panel

12 Jun 23:23

For Sharing: Long-ways | Square-ways

For Sharing: Long-ways | Square-ways

12 Jun 23:19

Ep. 311 - 7 AM

by Shen
11 Jun 09:44




21 May 23:03




21 May 23:00

Ep. 306 - Betrayal

by Shen
19 May 04:32


18 May 00:28

The Witcher Is Getting A Netflix Series

by Brian Ashcraft
The Witcher series is being turned into an English language Netflix drama by CG visual effects company Platige Image S.A.. More »
14 May 22:58




14 May 22:58




10 May 23:06


by Reza

30 Mar 03:15

Jumanji Isn't A Board Game Anymore, It's A Video Game

by Mark Serrels
Remember Jumanji? Of course you do. What a stupid question. You probably also know that Jumanji is due a remake, starring The Rock and Karen Gillan. Well, recently The Wrap uncovered some intriguing news. In the remake 'Jumanji' isn't a board game. It's a video game console. More »
20 Mar 22:09

Bad Mood Thesaurus

by Reza