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09 Jan 16:19


by David M Willis

November’s second Patreon bonus strip is up, and it’s about Sayid, Becky, and Galasso! All Patrons can go check it out here.

And, yo, you can also upgrade to seeing tomorrow’s strip a day early every day! That comes in handy sometimes.

09 Jan 16:18

A limited-time Slipshine membership discount!

by David M Willis

Tumblr’s trying to go smutless (badly) this month, and as that ship sinks, Slipshine is trying to soften the blow by offering a pretty rare discount on memberships!  It used to be $25 for the introductory month, but this week it’s only $10!  That’s a pretty substantial savings, and I thought I’d remind you that I’ve got, like, ten stories on there.  All NSFW, all canon.  Here’s a list of ’em:

Walky Performs A Sex: The original!  Dorothy and Walky come in from the rain.

Mask Or No Mask: Amazi-Girl has a very good day with Danny.

Finally: Billie and Ruth relieve that building sexual tension like a volcano from Hell.

Head of the Class: Sal and Jason, probably!

Tales of Sinterest: An anthology!  Includes Roz, Sayid, and more.

To the End of the Line: Originally titled “Upside-Down on a Grappling Hook.”  You fill in the rest.

Keep It Clean: Whoops it’s Billie and Ruth again, but in the shower?????

Goddammit, Malaya: It’s Malaya and Joe, which seems like a bad idea.

Slipshine membership gets you access to all of them, plus all my other stand-alone pages!  And this week only, an incredible discount!

09 Jan 16:18

Schlock Mercenary: December 8, 2018

by Howard Tayler

09 Jan 16:17

Hairless Dog Found In Desert Rehabilitated Completely Back to Health

by DogPerDay

Hairless dog found in the Utah desert makes a total transformation. She looks like a completely different dog now!


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09 Jan 16:17

Shadow the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix

by DogPerDay

Shadow, who was known as Pongo at the rescue shelter, is growing like a weed and has fit into our family perfectly. He earned his name by always following us around, like a little Shadow. He makes us laugh at his antics all the time, he is such a joy. Thank you SO much! Submitted by the adopting family from the Humane Society Morgan County Georgia.

Shadow the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix

Picking Shadow up at the shelter…

Shadow the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix


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09 Jan 16:17

Lingering Fear

09 Jan 16:15

Mercator Projection

The other great lakes are just water on the far side of Canada Island. If you drive north from the Pacific northwest you actually cross directly into Alaska, although a few officials--confused by the Mercator distortion--have put up border signs.
09 Jan 16:15

Ralph Breaks the Internet

by Howard Tayler

Up until about a third of the way through the film, Ralph Breaks the Internet had me worried. It wasn’t doing anything new, and the conflict was a pretty soft one, and I was afraid the film wasn’t going to give us anything like the joy¹ we got from Wreck-It Ralph.

And then it got better. Lots better. We’ve known for years that Princess Vanellope is technically (and literally, and actually) a Disney princess. Disney owned this, and went on to own (and give themselves a good roasting for) all the associated princess tropes they’ve built during the last eighty years.

Snippets of the “princesses” scene have appeared in trailers, but the full scene takes it further. And then Disney doubled-down on it, and gave Vanellope a very, VERY Disney Princess moment of her own.

Speaking of trailers, there’s a trailer for the film which features a mobile game called “Pancake Milkshake.” I felt just a little robbed when that scene didn’t appear in the film, but then I sat through the credits and let’s just say that if you feel robbed about that kind of thing you should sit through all the credits too.

Ralph Breaks the Internet clears my Threshold of Awesome, and is going to be on my must-buy list when the Blu-Ray is available.

¹ Wreck-It Ralph also gives us a master class in how to unflinchingly bottom out the protagonist during that moment when they do the wrong thing by trying to do the right thing. I still cry when Ralph smashes that car.
² The comparison between this sequel and the sequel to The Incredibles is a stark³ one. With Ralph I felt like there was serious risk of Disney letting us down, but they knocked it out of the park. I felt like Disney/Pixar had an easy win with The Incredibles II, but they managed to foul out.
³ If I were the sort of person to make pop culture puns I’d say the comparison goes beyond being merely stark, and heads into the territory of Eddard Stark, but I’m not that sort of person⁴.
⁴ Because footnotes don’t count. 

09 Jan 16:14

Cyanide & Happiness (

09 Jan 16:13

2082: Mercator Projection

2082: Mercator Projection

09 Jan 16:11

Comic for December 07, 2018

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09 Jan 16:11


by David M Willis
09 Jan 16:11

Long Live The King

by Tim

I don’t know about other parents, but I have found one of the most challenging aspects of having kids is not letting them know how amusing I find some of their bullshit.

Take this with a grain of salt, because my kids are young; I haven’t gotten to the part where I have to worry about them doing drugs, or dating or whatever. I guess in the grand scheme of things my challenges are pretty quaint at the moment.

But you can not laugh when they’re doing something they’re not supposed to. No matter how cute, no matter how funny, if they see you smile, that’s it. You’re done. Pack it up and go home, you’ve lost the high ground, Anakin.

My wife is better at this than I am. My maturity level is about that of our five-year-old anyway, so I laugh at the dumbest shit. And then I’ve gotten the kids going, and I’m getting the “get your shit together” look from her.

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27 Dec 04:23


by Lar

22 Dec 05:09

Hope Never Withers – Part Twelve

by Brian

Beatrice is done.
22 Dec 05:09

Cyanide & Happiness (

22 Dec 05:08

Comic: 2018-12-04

New Comic: 2018-12-04
22 Dec 05:07

Duely the Chihuahua, Poodle Mix

by DogPerDay

My dog’s name is Duely. He’s a Chihuahua Poodle mix. Duely is very possessive of his toys, and as you can see he loves the holidays. Submitted by Steven S.


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22 Dec 05:06

Sunday Schedules

22 Dec 05:05

strip for December / 4 / 2018 - The 3 Fillipods Gruff (1/9)

22 Dec 05:05

Comic for December 04, 2018

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22 Dec 05:04

DNA sample

Comic for Tuesday December 4th, 2018 - "DNA sample" [ view ]

On this day in 1996, computer instructor Lindesfarne was visited by a sales representative for a software firm trying to bribe her... [ view ]

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22 Dec 05:04


by David M Willis
22 Dec 05:03

no such thing as bad publicity

by David Willis


well don’t get brainwashed and try to blow up every continent, i guess, let that be a lesson to ya

22 Dec 05:03


by Lar

22 Dec 05:03

Comic: 12/04/2018

by Pete Abrams
A new comic has been posted at!
22 Dec 05:02


by Nicholas Gurewitch

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22 Dec 05:01

Schlock Mercenary: December 4, 2018

by Howard Tayler

22 Dec 05:01

Oh, It's Her

Oh hi

17 Dec 23:54

“I’ll have the usual, bartender…”

by Brad Guigar

Patreon — What they’re saying

Here are some recent comments from my Patreon backers. For a slideshow of some of the best of what I’m posting for my backers, check out this (cruelly cropped) slideshow.

“The caption is so crude.
And that’s funny!
The seasonal CDs have always been
favorites of mine.”

— M., commenting on a Christmas-themed Courting Disaster

“This might be my
favorite commission to date!”

— M.Z., commenting on the holiday commission cruelly cropped above.

“There are a lot of comments
that come to mind with that scene,
but “Poor Mystic Apprentice”
is nowhere on the list.
By my count, the guy deserves
a minimum of nineteen

— C.D., discussing EiAD #27

“I really hope Gadget Girl
is here to stay, she’s my new favorite.
Definitely want to see more of her.”

— S., commenting on EiAD #27

“That one Galactus eyebrow
conveys so much emotion…

— C.R., discussing a Cape Carnival cartoon

“She always goes for the drumstick.”

— K.Q., commenting on a Thanksgiving-themed Courting Disaster

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