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19 Jun 20:00

Rescuing Wonderful Shivery Tales

by Marina Warner
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'In 2009 the news that around five hundred fairy tales, collected by the nineteenth-century ethnographer Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, had been found in the Regensburg municipal library in Germany created headlines. The Grimms have achieved one of their ambitions: nobody casually exterminates fairy tales. The scholar Erika Eichenseer sifted and transcribed and published them in German as Prinz Rosszwifl (Prince Dung Beetle); in English they have now appeared under the less rebarbative title The Turnip Princess. The eminent Harvard professor of comparative literature Maria Tatar acts as the presiding good fairy at this christening, and lively and lucid as ever, has translated, introduced, and annotated around seventy stories, making for an anthology comparable in size to the Grimms’ first edition.

'An enthusiastic folklorist working in Bavaria, Schönwerth, a contemporary of the Grimms, saw his task in the same terms as the brothers: to rescue local storytelling from extinction. Jacob Grimm knew of his work and praised it highly (“No one in Germany has gathered tales so thoughtfully and thoroughly and with such finesse”), yet strangely Schönwerth does not appear among their contributors, and Zipes is also silent on the subject. Schönwerth’s collection has some of the same stories as the Grimms (e.g., “Seven with One Blow”) and shares many motifs and characters—with variations. There are also migrants and blow-ins from the Arabian Nights (“The Beautiful Slave Girl”). But it presents interesting differences because, above all, as Tatar points out, his Cinderellas, tricksters, and even blond beauties are male.' some excellent, ortbergian mermaids

Marina Warner

The Complete First Edition: The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, translated from the German and edited by Jack Zipes, and illustrated by Andrea Dezsö

Grimm Legacies: The Magic Spell of the Grimms’ Folk and Fairy Tales
by Jack Zipes

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm
by Philip Pullman

Selected Tales of the Brothers Grimm
translated from the German, selected, and with an afterword by Peter Wortsman

The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales
by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, compiled, edited, and with a foreword by Erika Eichenseer, and translated from the German with an introduction and commentary by Maria Tatar

The metaphors the Grimms used to describe their work are messianic and ecological: they believed they were saving authentic popular German culture, an endangered species.

22 Jan 06:57

15 Reasons that Your Bartender Hates Thrillist/Buzzfeed Lists about Your Bartender Hating You.

by GerryJobe
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"3. There are more than “19 Types” of Bartender. There are hundreds of thousands of us. Each with different skill sets, service styles and personalities. That would be like saying there is only one type of uninformed hack writer at Thrillist."

Social media feeds are full of Thrillist and Buzzfeed lists. One of their favorite subjects is Bartending. More specifically, reasons why…

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01 Aug 15:00

Seamwork 09 + A Vintage Inspired Swimsuit

by Haley


The August issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read!

In this issue:





Some favorite quotes from this issue:

“Vintage clothing is made to last. If you care for it properly it is an investment that will last for years to come.” -Liz Gross, Collecting and Caring for Vintage Clothing

“Discovering Esther was like swimming on the back of a kaleidoscopic sparkle pony.” -Minka Wallace, Esther Williams: Million Dollar Mermaid

“Learning to sew as an adult has taught me, as in life, there is often no right way to achieve something. There is almost always more than one way to successfully complete every task, and more than one way to learn how to do it. Don’t let that overwhelm you. Let it excite you! ” -Brooks Ann Camper, Pressing Forward

And here are the two new quick-to-sew patterns in this issue:


Simplify your summer wardrobe with Mojave. Mojave is a pullover, kaftan-styled dress that will take you from beach to cocktails. This warm weather staple epitomizes the essence of summer ease with its flowing fit and casual yoke.

Try sewing Mojave in a sheer cotton voile for a sophisticated beach cover-up. Sewn in linen and styled with a leather belt, this dress becomes the perfect casual frock. You can even make this two-hour project before hitting the pool on Saturday and wear it for mojitos with friends on Sunday.


Who doesn’t loathe shopping for swimsuits? The choices in cut and color are limited, and cramped dressing rooms with fluorescent lighting are anxiety-inducing. The overall experience can leave even the most confident person feeling defeated.

The solution? Make it yourself!

Reno is a flattering and comfortable swim top that can be made in just three hours. The seamed cups provide soft shaping, while the wide neck and back ties offer ample support. Stays stabilize the bust and sides of this vintage inspired swim top, leaving you confident to swim and frolic in the sun. Pair Reno with Dakota (from issue No. 9 of Seamwork) for the perfect summer duo.


Wear a two-piece with confidence when you sport the Dakota swim bottoms. The cut of these vintage-inspired swim bottoms is equal parts Esther Williams and modern beach goddess. Version 1 of these high-waisted swim bottoms features feminine hourglass seams that are perfect for color blocking, while the simple lines of version 2 are perfect for a fun print. Pair Dakota with the Reno swim top (from issue No. 9 of Seamwork) and release your inner bombshell.

You can visit to read the issue, download it from the current issue page, or subscribe to get the patterns.

30 Jul 17:50

News in Brief: Black Man Bids Tearful Goodbye To Family Before Daily Commute

MILWAUKEE—Frequently choking back tears, African-American computer technician Michael Shaw bid an emotional goodbye to his wife and 6-year-old son before making his morning commute Thursday, sources confirmed. “I don’t know when or if I’ll see you guys next, so I just want you to know how much I love you,” Shaw said, his voice breaking as he prepared to embark on the 25-minute trip, including a stop at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru, from which he might not return. “Kevin, you take care of Mommy. Whatever might happen before I get to the office, you have to be strong, okay?” According to sources, Shaw then grabbed his briefcase and his car keys and took one last look over his shoulder before opening the front door and walking down the lawn to the driveway.

01 Aug 04:30


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16 Jul 14:00

Whatever you do, don’t order the burgers at Dunkin’ Donuts in...

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30 Jul 21:00

Everything you need to know about Chinese sandwiches. 

26 Jul 23:04

Antique Lapis dress | 1920s silk and lace dress | vintage 1920s dress by DearGolden

284,00 USD

Vintage 1920s brilliant lapis silk dress with ecru lace bodice, short sleeves, slight V neckline and tie at the side waist. This dress is sheer and a slip should be worn (not included).

--- M E A S U R E M E N T S ---

fits like: small/medium
shoulder: 15"
bust: 34-36"
waist: unfitted, fits up to 35"
hip: up to 43"
length: 50"
brand/maker: n/a
condition: there is a very faint stain at the low waist and a very small cut/tear in the skirt, see last photo.

to ensure a good fit, please read the sizing guide:

✩ more vintage dresses ✩

✩ visit the shop ✩

✩ twitter: deargolden

31 Jul 17:09

brand-upon-the-brain: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (David...

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Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (David Zellner, 2014)

goodbyes haunt me

29 Jul 06:17


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30 Jul 13:32

Top 10 Medieval Butt-Licking Cats

by villeashell
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The nastiest habit of medieval cats seen via illuminated manuscripts.

10. Regular licking


Thomas of Cantimpré, Liber de natura rerum, France ca. 1290 (Valenciennes, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 320, fol. 72r)

9. Licking and mouse-hunting


Ashmole Bestiary, England 13th century (Bodleian Library, MS. Ashmole 1511, fol. 35v)

8. Licking, mouse-hunting and bird-stealing


Bestiary, England 13th century (Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 764, fol. 51r)

7. Hey cat! Stop licking your butt on the Book of Maccabees or you’ll get an arrow!


below the cat: 1Maccabees 16:18-20. Bible, France 13th century (Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne, U 964, fol. 376r)

6. Otter-like cat


Bestiary, England 15th century (København, Kongelige Bibliotek, GkS 1633 4º, fol. 28v)

5. Devil and the cat worshippers licking the cat’s butt


Jean Tinctor, Traittié du crisme de vauderie (Sermo contra sectam vaudensium), Bruges ca. 1470-1480 (Paris, BnF, Français 961, fol. 1r)

4. Prayerbook cats


Hours of Charlotte of Savoy, Paris ca. 1420-1425 (NY, Morgan Library & Museum, MS M.1004, fol. 125r, 172r)

3. Weirdly long tongue


Book of Hours, Lyon, ca. 1505-1510 (Lyon, BM, Ms 6881, fol. 30r)

2. Villard’s cat


Sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt, France ca. 1230 (BnF, Français 19093, fol. 7v)

1. Licking Cat of Apocalypse


Christ on Majesty flanked by two angels blowing trumpets of the Last Judgement and a little grey guy licking its butt. Missal, Bavaria ca. 1440-1460 (New York Public Library, MA 112, fol. 7r)

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01 Aug 02:42

Tiny Birds, Big Drama: Inside the World of the Birdmen of Queens - The New York Times

by overbey
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Customs agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport began uncovering birds zipped into suitcase linings, sometimes stuffed in toilet paper rolls, or tucked inside socks, pantyhose, or specially tailored pants. The discoveries prompted agents at the United StatesFish and Wildlife Service’s Office of Law Enforcement to start what would become an eight-year investigation, nicknamed Operation G-Bird, that focused on the illegal smuggling of these prized competitors.
07 Jul 00:27

Let’s go to the outside world.

Let’s go to the outside world.

31 Jul 18:57

jessamyn west on Twitter: "This is Yoda. He is an owl with a library card from @UniOfBath"

by russiansledges
This is Yoda. He is an owl with a library card from @UniOfBath
31 Jul 16:50

Björk talking about her TV

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"you shouldn't let poets lie to you", etc.

24 Jul 21:38

‘Daily Show’ Writer Recalls Heated Dispute With Jon Stewart

The writer, Wyatt Cenac, says that the argument stemmed from what he saw as a racially insensitive segment in 2011.

31 Jul 14:12

City of Somerville on Twitter: "Have you seen Mittens the chicken? If so, call 311 for Animal Control or use the contact info on the attached poster."

by russiansledges
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Have you seen Mittens the chicken? If so, call 311 for Animal Control or use the contact info on the attached poster.
30 Jul 18:12

News in Brief: Horrifying Police Body Camera Footage Clearly Shows Current State Of America

CINCINNATI—Following a traffic stop earlier this month by a University of Cincinnati police officer that ended in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist, authorities confirmed Thursday that the disturbing video recorded by the officer’s body camera clearly and graphically shows the current state of America. “Thanks to this footage, everyone can see the brutal and unconscionable condition of the United States in the year 2015 with their own eyes,” said Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters, who noted that the violent nature of circumstances in America may make the footage disturbing for some to watch. “It’s stomach-turning to go frame by frame through this video and see the grotesque realities of our country unfold in such visceral detail. But it’s vitally important to have a visual record that tells the truth about this nation rather than be forced to trust the accounts of those who ...

27 Jul 16:00

If White People Food Were Described Like “Exotic” Food

by Jaya Saxena and Matt Lubchansky
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'The province of “California” is home to many juices, which, according to ancient wisdom, are rumored to have healing properties.'

These potato dumplings are charmingly known as "tater tots" in the regional dialect.

Read more If White People Food Were Described Like “Exotic” Food at The Toast.

24 Jun 04:08

vintagegal: “The first thing a Cry-Baby girl learns: our...

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“The first thing a Cry-Baby girl learns: our bazooms are our weapons!” Cry-Baby (1990) dir. John Waters

29 Jul 16:00

Will Thompson IN at Yvonne's

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal
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no mention of felipe's in will's bio

The "modern supper club" is opening in the former Locke-Ober space downtown, and Thompson will be directing the beverage program.

When the storied Locke-Ober is reborn as Yvonne's, a "modern supper club" that will open "soon," diners can expect an extraordinary bar program: Will Thompson is on board as beverage director. Thompson's epic resume includes stints at Drink, Brick & Mortar, No. 9 Park, Lone Star Taco Bar, Deep Ellum, and Straight Law. The latter is a well-regarded gin and sherry bar that he developed inside of Taberna de Haro in Brookline. He also worked with O Ya's Tim and Nancy Cushman to launch their first New York City venture, the Roof at Park South.

Other previously announced staff includes chefs Tom Berry (Proprietors in Nantucket) and Juan Pedrosa (The Glenville Stops), as well as pastry chef Kate Holowchik. Co-owner Chris Jamison is also behind Lolita Cocina in Back Bay, and he's opening Yvonne's with business partner Mark Malatesta. Sox great David Ortiz, aka "Big Papi," is also a partner in the venture.

Yvonne's will feature "eclectic dishes that pay homage to Locke-Ober's classic yet internationally informed fare," according to a previous report by Boston Magazine, which includes a sexy photo of an Argentine-inspired flank-steak matambre. Keep an eye out for a secret entrance and a swanky library bar.

In hush-hush supper club fashion, the upcoming restaurant has been keeping pretty quiet on social media, but follow along on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook in case any updates pop up.

29 Jul 21:27

Prized local cheesemaker quietly closes her doors - Food & dining - The Boston Globe

by russiansledges
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SOMERVILLE — Lourdes Smith closed her cheese production here so quietly that it took a couple of months for customers who didn’t see her regularly at farmers’ markets to notice. But Boston area chefs noticed and Smith was stunned at the reaction. She shuttered Fiore di Nonno, the mozzarella business she ran for a decade, at the end of April. She supplied chefs, cheese shops, and specialty markets with fresh, handcrafted, buttery orbs, creamy strands of stracciatella, and luscious, velvety burrata filled with fig or mascarpone. She had a devoted following.
30 Jun 15:30

Green Gazpacho Recipe -

by overbey
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2 cups diced honeydew melon 1 English (seedless) cucumber, peeled and diced 1 small onion, diced 1 avocado - peeled, pitted, and chopped 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and coarsely chopped 1 clove garlic, chopped 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon lime juice salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
30 Jul 10:07

Years In The Making, Boston Public Market Opens

by Deborah Becker and Shannon Dooling

Thursday marks the grand opening of the new Boston Public Market. It’s the first of its kind in the country — a year-round market with all of its goods sourced right here in New England.

Over 10 years in the making, the 30,000-square-foot building — originally a Big Dig building — currently houses 38 vendors, with room for more.

The market’s CEO, Liz Morningstar, gave us a tour earlier this week.

Mimi Hall, programming manager for the Trustees of the Boston Public Market, speaks Wednesday about how the market's kitchen, tucked in the back of the building, will be used for cooking classes and community events. (Hadley Green for WBUR)

Mimi Hall, programming manager for the Trustees of the Boston Public Market, speaks Wednesday about how the market’s kitchen, tucked in the back of the building, will be used for cooking classes and community events. (Hadley Green for WBUR)

Interview Highlights

On what’s unique about the market:

The thing that is most unique about the Boston Public Market is it’s the first all-locally sourced market of its kind in the United States, so everything sold here is either produced or originates in New England. Ninety-three percent of our vendors are all from Massachusetts, so it’s incredibly local. We have 15 farms here. Of those 15 farms, nine of them are all family owned. Our closest farm is actually in East Boston.

On whether the vendors will change:

I expect they will.

People ask me, how will you know if it’s successful, or what will it be like in a year from now, and what I would say is I expect it’ll be very different. I think we’re going to have change; it’s built that way, that’s what the business plan suggests, that it should be something that is rotating as an incubator space, as a space for new product to come to market.

A selection of cheeses for sale from Jasper Hill Farm at the Boston Public Market (Hadley Green for WBUR)

A selection of cheeses for sale from Jasper Hill Farm at the market (Hadley Green for WBUR)

On one of the vendors: Jasper Hill cheese:

Jasper Hill is world winning, fabulous bleu cheese. So they’ll be selling whole chunks of cheese that you would go home and use in your own kitchen, and then they’re doing grilled cheeses. So this idea of a double concept, of a whole food with a prepared item.

We’ll have online coverage of the market’s first lunch rush Thursday.

Visitors at the Boston Public Market sample Taza Chocolate. (Hadley Green for WBUR)

Visitors at the Boston Public Market sample Taza Chocolate. (Hadley Green for WBUR)


29 Jul 03:12

UAW Affiliate Wants Police Union Kicked Out Of AFL-CIO

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UAW Affiliate Wants Police Union Kicked Out Of AFL-CIO:

Claiming police have “utilized union resources to defend brutality and anti-Blackness,” United Auto Workers Local 2865’s Black Interests Coordinating Committee (BICC), penned a letter calling on the AFL-CIO to end its affiliation with IUPA.

In its letter, the UAW affiliate states:

We, UAW Local 2865, call on the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) to end their affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations. It is our position that this organization is inimical to both the interests of labor broadly, and Black workers in particular. Historically and contemporarily, police unions serve the interests of police forces as an arm of the state, and not the interests of police as laborers. Instead, their “unionization” allows police to masquerade as members of the working-class and obfuscates their role in enforcing racism, capitalism, colonialism, and the oppression of the working-class. We ask that the AFL-CIO recognize this history and take steps to serve the interests of its Black workers and community members.

The letter goes on to state that “police unions fail to meet the criteria of a union or a valid part of the labor movement.”

While it is true that police are workers, and thus hypothetically subject to the same kinds of exploitation as other laborers, they are also the militarized, coercive arm of the state….The police force exists solely to uphold the status quo.

Policing in the U.S. has always served the needs of colonialism, racism, and capitalism by protecting the property of those who would steal land and exploit the labor of others. Neither the property of indigenous people nor the products of the labor of both workers and slaves has ever come under protection of the institution of the police. It has only ever been the property of the powerful that the police protect. Maintaining this system of relations is the so called “order” that police have sworn to defend.

“If labor is to ever truly exert its power and challenge the corporate rule of the U.S.,” the UAW affiliate writes, “we will need to break the illusion that the police are part of the family of unions that make up organized labor.

29 Jul 19:28

Mad Max: Fury Road Trivia Poor Gyro Captain.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Trivia

Poor Gyro Captain.

29 Jul 19:16

Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits

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Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits:

Jon Stewart slipped unnoticed into the White House in the midst of the October 2011 budget fight, summoned to an Oval Office coffee with President Barack Obama that he jokingly told his escort felt like being called into the principal’s office.

In February 2014, Obama again requested Stewart make the trip from Manhattan to the White House, this time for a mid-morning visit hours before the president would go before television cameras to warn Russia that “there will be costs” if it made any further military intervention in Ukraine.

To engage privately with the president in his inner sanctum at two sensitive moments — previously unreported meetings that are listed in the White House visitor logs and confirmed to POLITICO by three former Obama aides — speaks volumes about Stewart and his reach, which goes well beyond the million or so viewers who tune into The Daily Show on most weeknights.

29 Jul 19:29

Slaughterhouse Scraps Can Be Used to Make Mittens

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Swiss scientists discovered a way to warm your hands with slaughterhouse scraps, and it’s not as gross as it sounds. The butchering process yields a host of byproducts that’ll never be sold in a grocery store, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Cast-offs like bone, tendons and skin are rich sources of collagen, and scientists figured out a way to spin yarn from this waste, which can be used to produce clothing. Waste Not, Want Not Collagen is the primary component of connective
29 Jul 19:31

Drudge Report Asks Whether Pope Francis Is The 'Antichrist'

by Caitlin MacNeal
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ultimate pope achievement

The Drudge Report on Wednesday pondered whether Pope Francis, who has recently fallen out of favor with some conservatives, is actually the "antichrist," noting that the pope's "stand on homosexuality, Islam, capitalism, and the New World Order" fuel chatter.

Drudge links to an article on Charisma News explaining, "Why So Many People Think Pope Francis Is the Antichrist." The post asks whether Francis' role as antichrist signifies the second coming of Christ.

Read More →
29 Jul 17:21

University Of Cincinnati Police Officer Charged In Killing Of Unarmed Black Man

by Eyder Peralta
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'Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters called the officer's actions "asinine" and "totally unwarranted."'

'Deters said he was also still looking into the way the other officers handled this incident. In the incident report, a second university officer appears to say that he saw DuBose's car drag officer Tensing. The video appears to contradict that incident report.'

Mourners Shanicca Soloman cries in the embrace of friend Terrell Whitney outside funeral services for Samuel DuBose at the Church of the Living God in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati on Tuesday.

Mourners Shanicca Soloman cries in the embrace of friend Terrell Whitney outside funeral services for Samuel DuBose at the Church of the Living God in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati on Tuesday.

John Minchillo/AP

Announcing the indictment of a white University of Cincinnati police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters called the officer's actions "asinine" and "totally unwarranted."

"This doesn't happen in the United States," he said. "It might happen in Afghanistan or somewhere else, but people here don't get shot during a traffic stop."

A grand jury handed down an indictment on murder charges against Officer Ray Tensing, who, as NPR member station WVXU reports, had previously said he shot Sam DuBose because he was being dragged by his car and he had no other choice but to shoot. Tensing had stopped DuBose because he was missing a front license plate.

Deters said the body cam video completely contradicts that version of events.

"It was so unnecessary for this to have occurred," Deters said. "This situation should never have escalated like this."

DuBose's killing has sparked protests in Cincinnati and garnered national attention because it's yet another incident of perceived police brutality over what should have been an unremarkable civil violation.

Before the video was released, the University of Cincinnati closed its campus and asked students to leave as they prepared for potentially violent protests.

Mark O'Mara, the attorney for DuBose's family, called on Cincinnati to honor who "Sam was ... and that was peaceful." Any reaction by the community today, O'Mara said, should be peaceful.

DuBose's mother, Audrey, was emotional.

"I'm so thankful that everything was uncovered, because I've been a servant of the lord for as long as I've been living on Earth," she said.

During a press conference, Deters played video from a camera on Tensing's uniform. (We're not posting it, here, because it is graphic. But WCPO-TV has posted it.) It shows Tensing pull DuBose over outside the university campus.

Tensing asks DuBose multiple times for his driver's license. DuBose looks in his pockets and tells him to look up his name.

"Be straight up with me are you suspended?" Tensing asks DuBose, who answers patiently and with no aggression that he has a license and he should look it up.

What happens next moves very fast. It appears to show DuBose's car slowly rolling off and within seconds — perhaps a second — Tensing has fired a single shot.

It hit DuBose's head who was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It's so senseless," Deters said. "I feel sorry for his family and I feel sorry for the community. This should not happen." The charge of murder, Deters said, is defined as the "purposeful killing of another."

Deters said he was also still looking into the way the other officers handled this incident. In the incident report, a second university officer appears to say that he saw DuBose's car drag officer Tensing. The video appears to contradict that incident report.

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