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Exploring Caves

Exploring Caves

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How To Jump Your Car

How To Jump Your Car

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Catch The Goofs!

Catch The Goofs!

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Why Do Redheads Have Freckles?

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Man Wakes Up From Surgery And Learns He Has A Beautiful Wife

by Endswell

Jason Mortensen‘s wife won’t have to worry if he’s truly attracted to her for a while. Last month, after waking up from a hernia operation, Jason woke up with no recollection of being married or who the beautiful woman was by his bedside. In a brilliant moment of drug-addled pimpery, Jason proceeded to shower his wife with marriage-strengthening flattery.


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by Endswell
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The Interview

by Justin Boyd

The Interview

That interview sure took a negative turn real quick.  Good thing for tattoos and pine-love!

I feel like it would be fun to be interviewed by that guy.


bonus panel
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Graph It

by Justin Boyd

Graph It

This guy always has the right graph. I’m starting to believe that he has a magic book of charts, graphs and diagrams.

I’m a big fan of Graph Guy.  This isn’t his first appearance either.


My friend Dave has been working super hard on a start up and it has finally launched! Now, he has a chance to get a cash grant from Chase that would help him out a ton.

A quick vote for Buyerly using Facebook would be much appreciated =)  I know that his site probably doesn’t apply to most of you but hey, I just really wanna help my friend out, ya know?

Here’s the official blurb about his online platform, Buyerly:

Buyerly is an online platform that provides an affordable and simple solution that helps to match Product Owners up with various Retail Buyers at major retail stores for constructive feedback around their products, as well as providing a central online trade show to showcase their products.

Thanks breaders!


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This 3rd Grader Is Already Cooler Than You

by Endswell
27 Sep 19:24

Little Girl Gets A Brutal Life/Nature Lesson

by Endswell
Jono Lee

This is the best.

After feeding a bunny for a week that they found in their garage, the Gore family released the bunny back into the wild…where things got very wild very quickly.

Joey Gore | Gawker

12 Dec 19:53

Chicago’s Magical Piano

by Endswell

To bring some holiday cheer to Chicago Union Station, Rob Bliss Creative partnered with Amtrak to create a piano that was controlled by Andrew Blendermann from a remote location, giving the piano the ability to “interact” with individuals and the environment.

Staged or not, the “Danny Boy” duet with the older gentleman on his harmonica is worth a viewing by itself.

RobBlissCreative via Reddit

10 Oct 06:47

Tom The Dog Insists On Having His Paw Held During Car Rides

by Endswell
13 Nov 19:04

Ex-Men: Angel

by Endswell

Professor X fires another one of the X-Men.

Pete Holmes | Previously: Gambit

14 Nov 21:08

The Coach Who Never Punts

by Endswell

Grantland profiles Pulaski Academy head coach Kevin Kelley, whose aggressive approach to the game calls for always going for it on 4th down and onside kicks on most kickoffs.

Grantland via Reddit

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How To Fight A Baby

by Endswell

The different moves you’re going to need to kick your baby’s ass.

Gavin McInnes via Tastefully Offensive

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Ex-Men: Rogue

by Endswell

Pete Holmes | Previously: Angel

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Your Guide to Contact Lenses

Your Guide to Contact Lenses

07 Oct 18:06

The Mule

13 Sep 10:28


Jono Lee

Jo, can we please photograph Juggie in a field of flowers?

11 Sep 16:00

Jolie all snuggled up for the night

Jono Lee

Lookit dis fuckin dawg

Jolie all snuggled up for the night

24 Jul 19:43

The Compton Cricket Club

by Endswell

The Grantland Channel looks into how the creation of the Compton Cricket Club (or the “Homies and the Popz”) has changed lives in Compton, California.

Grantland Network

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R16 Bboy Crew Battle World Finals: 2013 Recap

by Endswell
Jono Lee

If you do nothing else, at least watch what happens at 1:58.

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UFC 168: Spider Silva says 'new Anderson is coming' for Chris Weidman

by Michael Stets
Jono Lee

Not very interesting, but I can't not share an Anderson Silva interview where he references Bolo Yeung.

According to Anderson Silva, losing your middleweight title after a seven-year reign is "normal."

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you no win," Silva recently said in a very candid and matter-of-fact interview with Sirius XM "Fight Club."

The former 185-pound kingpin is, of course, set to take on new division champion, Chris Weidman, in their second clash at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, 2013 from MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Silva said he is "ready for the rematch," which will most likely end up being one of the most-watched pay-per-view (PPV) cards in UFC history.

"The new Anderson is coming," he boasted.

Many mixed martial arts (MMA) pundits and fans felt Silva disrespected Weidman with his in-fight histrionics, dropping his hands, among other things, during his UFC 162 loss.

The former champion disagrees.

"I don't disrespect my opponents," Silva said. "This is my strategy, my style of fight. People say ‘Anderson no respect the opponent, no respect Chris Weidman.' This is not real. I respect Chris Weidman. I respect my opponent."

Immediately after the knockout loss to Weidman (replay here), Silva told Joe Rogan inside the Octagon that he didn't want the "All American" rematch. That, of course, changed less than a week later when the second bout was announced.

Silva explained he received some coaxing from UFC President Dana White.

"The first time in my life and my career I get knocked out and I'm not happy," Silva explained. "The time I finished the fight, I'm no happy, but I go back to the hotel and three days Dana talked to me: 'This is very important for your legacy. We need you back. We need you to go for a rematch.' I talk to my coach, and my family. My coach say, ‘Yeah this is very important for you. They need you back. They need you to give for the fans one more fight. One more chance for the fans watching for the belt."

Regardless of the loss to Weidman and whatever outcome occurs in the rematch, the fighter who is often referred to as the greatest of all time feels his "legacy is complete."

"In UFC, I break all the old records," he said. "I stay the belt for seven years."

The 38-year-old Brazilian is "excited" about finishing the remaining fights on his 10-fight deal.

"I have one more fight for Chris Weidman," he said. "It's part of my contract. I win, no win. I straight my focus for the next and the new fights."

The rumored superfights against Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre are still "possible," Silva said. "But my focus now is Chris Weidman, and next is my dream is the fight with Roy Jones Jr. in boxing."

Silva has no plans about hanging up the gloves anytime soon, either, and spoke of the fighters who have pushed the envelope in regards to age.

"My inspiration is Randy Couture, Dan Henderson... these guys... forties," he stated.

The former middleweight champion showed his sense of humor when he was asked what he would be doing if he wasn't a mixed martial artist. After R.J. Clifford asked Silva this question, the quick-witted Rickey Bones chimed in with, "A Michael Jackson impersonator?" A reference of course, to the famous PRIDE 21 walkout to Jackson's Don't stop til you get enough.

"Hee Hee," Silva said in his best Michael Jackson voice, before he, Clifford and Bones all starting laughing. "I love Michael Jackson. He's a part of my life."

After joking, Silva gave a possibility: "In my family is my dad and my brothers club in Brazil," he said. "So, I no fight maybe same career, the club in Brazil."

What about Steven Seagal? His name is always mentioned with regards to Silva and his training, although it has trailed off since the front-kick to the face knockout over Vitor Belfort at UFC 126.

Silva began to laugh as if he acknowledged how comical the 7th-dan Aikido black belt's presence has become in MMA.

"I have the new strategy for my next fight," he confessed. "I talk to Chuck Norris and Bolo Yeung for help for my next fight," he joked. "I try to talk to Jean-Claude Van Damme, but he no answer the phone," he continued. "I say, ‘Please call me, I need your help.'"

For a man that just lost the title he held for over seven years, he sounded in great spirits and was relaxed throughout his appearance on the show. He seems content in where he stands in the pantheon of MMA. Anything he accomplishes from here on out will only add to his legacy, but there isn't much that can take away from his accomplishments thus far in his career.

In preparation for his "Sin City" rematch, Silva said he won't "change much," as he is concentrating on straightening out his "focus."

"I go to my grandmaster in Thailand," he explained. "I go for training. I pick up back my energy, the marital arts and the new Anderson is coming. You'll see."

We will, we just have to wait another four months.

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thefrogman: [imgur] [h/t: tastefullyoffensive] It’s...


[imgur] [h/t: tastefullyoffensive]

It’s called DSL

04 Aug 01:42

Too much sunning makes a boy dopey.

Jono Lee

Look at dis lumpy boy.

Too much sunning makes a boy dopey.

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Jono Lee


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by Justin Boyd


I wish that guy was in the park down the street from me.  I’d totally be friends with him and eat his pizza.

Everybody, eat pizza tonight.