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24 Jul 04:00

Petch & Lonk - Together At Last

Mitch Laue

Oh my god, it's Kribe's alternate ego, Petch.



23 Jul 12:00

Custom Contra Action Figures are Almost Perfect

These guys know what's up up down down.



22 Jul 01:47

VG Cats : Five years

21 Jul 12:00

Thor Is a Huge Klutz

No wonder this dude isn't worthy of his hammer anymore.



17 Jul 13:00

Pop-Culture Kaijus Invade Classic Paintings

German artist Oliver Wetter created "The Ancient Kaiju Project", combining famous landscape paintings with modern-day giants dominating the terrain.

So continues our generation's goal to make sure that no piece of culture goes unremixed.


18 Jul 11:00

You Won't Believe How Celebrities Look With Their Secret Insect Faces Exposed!

We've seen how different celebrities look without makeup, we've seen how crazy they look without eyebrows, but you won't believe what they look like with their secret insect faces exposed!



14 Jul 12:30

Skull Kid Vs. Skull Cat (GIF)

You've met with an adorable fate, didn't you?



10 Jul 09:00

Ripley & Her New BFF Say Hi



09 Jul 18:28

Wii U -- Hyrule Warriors Trailer with Agitha and a Parasol

by Nintendo
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06 Jul 02:00

This Kickstarter Has Raised Over $30,000 To Make Some Potato Salad

Zack Danger Brown had a simple dream: to make some potato salad (his first one). To help him on his quest, he set up a Kickstarter, asking to be funded $10.

A few days later, he's at over $30,000.


29 Jun 17:00

If Disney Couples Had Children

Now THIS is heartwarming! Look at all the happy couples and their beautiful children.


25 Jun 09:00

The Evolution of Bulbasaur [GIF]



19 Jun 12:00

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Nic Cage's Hair?

So you've been telling all your friends that you're the #1 Fan of Nic Cage's scalp scraps? Think you know the difference between Raising Hair-izona, Con Hair, and the Wick-hair Man?  Prove it.

<script src="//" ...

12 Jun 04:00

Crash Bandicoot Wants In Smash Bros.


10 Jun 06:56




06 Jun 21:00

Facebook Group 'Concerned moms against anime' is Pure WTF Insanity


The enemy of my anime is my friend.

02 Jun 17:58

by psychicpebbles
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05 Jun 12:43

IRL Hank Hill Spotted in a Yearbook


He looks like a cartoon and he don't give a dang.


03 Jun 11:00

Wreck it Ralph Meets Batman


"I am Bane, and that is good."



04 Jun 12:00

Hey MST3K Fans, "Where's Servo"?


Steve Seck illustrated this homage to the Satelite of Love's cheesiest movies.


30 May 13:00

Recycling: Mega Man Style

The Blue Bomber goes green.


30 May 06:27

Aladdin's Terrible Secret

If this is the "whole new world" you were talking about, I think I'll just stay in the old one, thanks.


28 May 05:00

Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer Performing the Fusion Dance

"What the deal with dragon balls?"


24 May 05:00

Space Ventura: Fett Detective

"I love you."



22 May 06:06

Redesigned Power Rangers Art Has Attitude

 When that giant floating head told his robot servant to bring him teenagers with attitude, he...didn't exactly get that. He got a bunch of pretty nice, well-behaved teens, and then proceeded to give them all (mostly) the same, boring spandex costumes.

But what if they didn't all have the same kind of costume? What if they had ones that made them stand out from one another (beyond the semi-racist color choices, that is)?


22 May 12:00

Super... Smash... Otters!


Created for an art show to benefit the Woodland Park Zoo, Cameron Garland's papercut piece is chock full of cute little details and features the most whimsical of all aquatic mammals, the otter.


20 May 18:00

Ghost Rider Loves to Goof Off

It's sad - Ghost Rider is an incredibly fun comic book character and should have gotten a proper comic book movie treatment. Instead, ol' head-flamey got the out-of-his-mind Nicolas Cage treatment, turning in two pretty terrible movies.

But at least he can take his mind off of his terrible luck and enjoy the small things in life, like hellfire emerging from the wheels of whatever he's currently riding.


19 May 11:00

Attack on Olympus


Bless my soul, this image made me lol.


03 May 01:33


by Fred "Trunks" Wood


Fitting in is easy.

01 May 13:00

The Horrible Secret of Spider-Man's Powers

The Horrible Secret of SpiderMans Powers