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Igby the Basset Hound

by Dogs

This is Igby, a 7-year-old male Basset Hound from Houston. This photo is from 2007. This pic ALMOST made it into a book. Due to low quality (taken with a cellphone) they were unable to use it.  Bassets are know for "counter surfing", but Igby takes it to the next level.I have found him at least four times, asleep on our kitchen table. Photo sent by Amanda.

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Wilbur! 13 week old Frenchie puppy Wilbur fails to impress his...



Wilbur! 13 week old Frenchie puppy Wilbur fails to impress his fellow passengers after a slightly gassy journey…

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escapekit: Impossible Magnets Souvenirs from places you’ll...


Impossible Magnets

Souvenirs from places you’ll never visit created by Portuguese design studio Snack Studio.

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Taylor Swift and 'Grey's Anatomy' Unite Republicans and Democrats


That's a whole lot of country music on the right.

Facebook releases new data on the musicians, books and television shows that unite or polarize along partisan lines

Facebook can be a political minefield of polarized opinions, especially leading up to the midterm elections. For those looking to keep the peace, it turns out steering the conversation toward television shows or Taylor Swift might be the perfect way to extend the olive branch.

read the rest of the article at thr
it's so true about greys. i knew some pretty psycho conservatives (like one girl who literally said women can't be prez bc of menopause) who love greys.
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Book Oathkeeper Concept Art.

by Valyrian Steel

Oh god

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Skull Mold for Boiled Eggs

by catcat

Egg whites are turned into adorable grinning skull by this mold that welcome a brand new day at ...Continue Reading
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Marvel announces Phase 3 lineup


Civil War better have Spider-man or GTFO

Marvel Announces 'Black Panther,' 'Captain Marvel,' Two-Part 'Avengers: Infinity War' & More

— ThePlaylist (@ThePlaylist) October 28, 2014

    • Captain America 3 subtitle is ‘Civil War’
    • Thor 3 coming July 2017, subtitle “Ragnarok”
    • Black Panther solo film coming November 2017
    • Captain Marvel solo film coming July 2018
    • Inhumans film coming November 2018
    • Avengers 3 split in two parts — Infinity War Part I in May 2018, Infinity War Part II in May 2019
    • Chadwick Boseman will play Black Panther
    • No Doctor Strange casting yet

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disney meets cards against humanity > mulan [First image:...

disney meets cards against humanity > mulan

[First image: the Tung Shao Pass.

What’s that sound?

People dying.

[Second image: The matchmaker, makeup streaming down her face, beard drawn on in ink.]

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s…

Crystal meth.

[Third image: Yao, Ling and Chien-Po, in women’s clothes, whipping off their sashes.

What’s my secret power?


[Fourth image: Shang grabbing Mulan by the collar and speaking to her angrily, during Make a Man Out of You.]

War! What is it good for?

My existential gay crisis.

[Fifth image: Mulan on the balcony of the Palace, turning to see people bowing to her.]

Step one: Cut your hair.

Step two: Save China.

Step three: Profit.

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by (John)


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Daniel Radcliffe's Response About Being A Sex Symbol



"Well, the male population had no problem sexualising Emma Watson immediately."

Daniel Radcliffe was asked in an interview if it was weird that he was becoming a sex symbol, considering most of his fans associate him with teen wizard, Harry Potter. His reply:

23 Oct 22:02

Archie drama "Riverdale" coming to FOX



Archie fans, are you excited?

Arrow and Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti will heading this series for Fox. The series will focus on the eternal love triangle of Archie, Betty, and Veronica (no surprise there) and will feature the rest of the entire cast. "The entire team working on ‘Riverdale' is as passionate about Archie as Jon and I are, so it feels like the stars have finally aligned for Archie and the rest of the gang."

WB is also producing.

source: comicbookresource - rewritten by me 
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Here's the Taylor Swift/Lion King Mash-Up You Never Knew You Wanted

When Taylor Swift released her new song "Out of the Woods" last week, many people noticed it sounds a lot like that Savage Garden song you were kind of "meh" about in the late '90s.But a lot of other people noticed that it sounded a little bit like "Circle of Life," and now one such genius has done a mash-up of Taylor and everyone's favorite Lion King number. Courtesy of NYC comedian Dan Chamberlain, please enjoy "Out of the Pride Lands." The circle of T-Swift moves us all.

Chambaland - Out of the Pride Lands (Taylor Swift vs. The Lion King)

SOURCE + You can also listen to it here
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"Meet Wolverine, for the 7th fucking time!"

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These People Have No Idea How To Use The Gym

by (Damn Cool Pics)

Lady with the cocktail has the right idea.

Seriously though, what are these people doing?

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First Mondo toy available for preorder

by (John)

Lil' Mikey Vinyl Figure (Pre-Order)
By Mike Mitchell $105.00
Based on artist Mike Mitchell's series, Just Like Us, Lil Mikey is a direct translation of his take on Michelangelo. Featuring an articulated head, and accurate TMNT ice cream on a popsicle stick.

Note: this item will not ship until 1st Qtr 2015.
Shipping date is approximate.
Free Worldwide Shipping.
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kingmunsterxvii: what’s better than this? guy’s bein dudes


what’s better than this? guy’s bein dudes

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30th Anniversary ‘Back to the Future’ Special! Live Orchestra, New Music and The Hoverboard

Today is October 21, 2014. In exactly one year, we’ll have Hoverboards, flying cars, Jaws 19 and a Cubs World Series victory. At least, that’s what Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future Part II surmised. And while it’s going to end up being totally wrong about all of it, it’s a date everyone is looking forward to.

2015 also marks the 30th anniversary of the first Back to the Future film, released on July 3, 1985. Much like we saw with Ghostbusters this year, plenty of celebrations are expected for the milestone from merchandise and screenings to documentaries and more. One new addition to the list is the announcement of special 30th anniversary screenings that’ll play at concert venues all over the world. There, the soundtrack of the film will be edited out so a full orchestra can perform Alan Silvestri‘s iconic score live. Even better? Silvestri is writing 15 minutes of new score for the performances.

Silvestri’s score for Back to the Future is obviously celebrated, but rarely gets mentioned alongside the great scores of all-time. I think it deserves some consideration. It’s uplifting, it’s catchy, it sets the mood and it adds lots of drama to each and every scene. Even the subtle chimes perfectly convey the wonder Zemeckis was going for.

Rest of the article at Source.


Clearly, there are some big Back to the Future II fans in Northern California.

That can be the only explanation behind one company’s hoverboard, which they’re now marketing via Kickstarter for the cool price of $10,000. Of course, you don’t have to give 10 grand; you could go for just $100 and get a five minute ride at their headquarters’ hoverboard terrain park, or maybe just chip in $25 and get a t-shirt.

If you’re rich and have 10K to burn, though, you should totally go for it. Will you get mugged within 30 seconds if you try to take your shiny new hoverboard down the street? Probably. But those 30 seconds are going to be such a rush.

Watch the video of the Hoverboard here.

Do you have 10k to spend in a new hoverboard ONTD?
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by (John)

Armored Batman from the Dark Knight Returns as a custom action figure by fujimiya.gokunaga.

*Buy Dark Knight Returns toys at ebay.
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Nipples on a breastplate to be a thing in GOT season 5


GoT writers doing the most to make people give a crap about Dorne.

First look at Sandnakes in GOT Season 5

Jessica Henwick, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Rosabell Laurenti-Sellers, the actresses who portray Nymeria, Obara, and Tyene Sand, were reportedly filming a fight scene this week, during Alcázar of Seville filming. We can see in these photos that the actresses, along with their stunt doubles, are wearing light Dornish armor and carrying weapons.

Henwick, who portrays Nymeria, is front and center above, and below next to her similarly whip-wielding double.


The Charlie's Oberyn's Angels of ASOIAF/GOT lbr
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First Pictures of Doran Martell and Hints at Game of Thrones’ Dornish Plot

by Shylah


As filming continues in Spain, pictures are emerging (here and here) from the Dornish story line. Look closely as there might be some clues as to what will happen in Season 5. At the second link there are some videos but be warned there may be spoilers in them. The videos show just how perfect a choice Seville was–just a gorgeous setting.

Today’s round of images include our first look at Doran Martell in costume and new pictures of Jaime Lannister. Warning: Speculation below contains mild spoilery material.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is in the foreground greeting the Mayor of Sevilla with Alexander Siddig in the back. Both are in costume as Jaime and Doran respectively. Other real-world political figures were present as well including the U.S. Ambassador to Spain and the President of Andalusia (the southern region of Spain). Clearly the Dornish story is veering drastically from the books as the scenes with Jaime and Doran indicate.


Below is a better look at Alexander as Doran also greeting the Mayor.


More with the Mayor.


A nice shot of Benioff and Weiss. Either they’re all tall or the Mayor is short. Note that Jaime is wearing the same kind of outfit and color that Oberyn did last Season.


DeObia Oparei, who will be playing Areo Hotah, is seen here on a break conversing with Indira Varma, who was Ellaria in Season 4. Will she be in a scene with Jaime or were they shooting several scenes that day using the same set?


Nice contemplative shot of Nikolaj from the side, probably preparing to do a scene.


Costume check!


Indira on a break, distracted by something. Her hair is considerably shorter Perhaps she cut it in mourning? We’ll have to see if they address it on the show.


Make-up! Look at the detail in the Mosaics in the background.


Close up shot of Doran’s costume. Those sumptuous silks that Oberyn wore last season are definitely being repeated. The modern flip flops on Doran don’t quite fit, of course. Where’s the gouty foot?


Update:  Commenter Abyss posted some animated gifs from the videos and it does appear that Ellaria will be in a scene with Jaime. Check this image out plus a few more in the links below. (Dame Pasty)

Areo Hotah
Camera 1
Crew 1
Crew 2
Doran And Ellaria And Jaime
Doran Martell
Jaime And Ellaria 1
Jaime And Ellaria 2
Wolf Unit

The post First Pictures of Doran Martell and Hints at Game of Thrones’ Dornish Plot appeared first on Watchers on the Wall.

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monsieurenault: Go Ducky! Go! #frenchie #frenchbulldog


Go Ducky! Go!
#frenchie #frenchbulldog

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The Best Cosplay From New York Comic Con 2014

by (Damn Cool Pics)

A+++ Arya & The Hound. Also like the new Lady Thor lady.

Comic Con has become a huge event all over the world and New York Comic Con is one of the biggest. It's safe to say that if you want to see the best costumes made by some of the best cosplayers on the planet, New York Comic Con is an event you must attend.

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Julian Fellowes is lazy, news at eleven etc


This is shaping up to be the season Downton jumps the shark sidesaddle for me.

Downton Abbey, review: s5, ep 4: 'brazen plot recycling'

Lady Mary checking out the new D

how does the daughter of an Earl jilt her suitor following an illicit “sketching trip” in a Liverpool hotel room? Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) tried the simple tactic of honesty, explaining to Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen) that she did not want to marry him, but to no avail. He insisted she should follow through all the way to the altar, with the threat that he could ruin her reputation hanging in the air between them like halitosis.

This was a brazen piece of plot recycling. Long before Gillingham unpacked his case, we had Lady Mary’s good name imperilled by the scandal of the Turkish diplomat who expired in her bed. This was consistent with a general pattern. Previously, we watched house maid Gwen (Rose Leslie) learn to type as a way out of domestic drudgery; now it’s cook Daisy (Sophie McShera) who is taking lessons in maths and dreaming of a life beyond sunken soufflés.  And don’t even get me started on the unremitting woe of the Bates (Brendan Coyle) murder plotline, with its many grim parallels to his predicament in earlier series something something Bates drivel.

rest at the source

dedicated to fauxkaren and remaining 7 ONTDers who still watch this hot soapy mess. Let's talk about the last episode!
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I’m calling it now: this is the peak of the internet

I’m calling it now: this is the peak of the internet

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Breaking Down Vaporizers [Infographic]

by (Damn Cool Pics)
What are the different kind of vaporizers and why is vaping such a hot topic? The following infographic shows the top vaporizing methods and how people are benefiting from them in today’s world. Vape on!

Click on Image to Enlarge.

Via: Got Vape

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Color Picking Lamp

by catcat


Color affects one’s emotion, a soft lamp made of silicone that squeezes to pick up the hues and ...Continue Reading
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7th Heaven Dad Confesses to Child Molestation



Stephen Collins -- who played the pastor/dad on "7th Heaven" -- confessed to his estranged wife he was a child molester, and it's all on tape ... a tape obtained by TMZ. And the New York Police Dept. is now conducting an active criminal investigation involving sexual contact with multiple children.

Collins -- who is in the middle of a nasty, prolonged divorce with actress Faye Grant -- revealed to her in 2012 he had molested and/or exposed himself to several underage girls years before. Collins and Grant went to a therapist where she peppered him with questions about the incidents ... and he not only answered, he was specific.

Here's what Collins didn't know at the time. Grant taped the therapy session. We're told her lawyer advised her it was legal to secretly record the conversation because in California you're allowed to secretly record conversations to gather evidence the other person committed a violent felony ... and molesting a child under the age of 14 qualifies.

We have protected the names of the victims Collins mentions on tape. As you listen ... you will hear Collins refer to a "disclosure" and a "list." This refers to a confession Collins had already made to his wife ... which triggered the therapy session.

You hear Collins flatly confess to molesting an 11-year-old New York girl -- a relative of his first wife -- saying, "There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis." He also acknowledges exposing himself to the girl "a couple of times" ... he says when she was 11, 12 and 13.

Read more and listen to audio at the SOURCE

holy shit. and to think this man has worked and is currently working with kids.
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Marvel Apparently Cancels 'Fantastic Four' Comics, Halts Creation Of New X-Men To Counter Fox

As Disney/Marvel continues to rule the big screen with the MCU, recent actions at Marvel comics seem designed to further weaken the competition. In particular, several news outlets have reported that Marvel is canceling its Fantastic Four comics, seemingly confirmed by a recent synopsis. Meanwhile, a former X-Men writer has stated that writers at Marvel are barred from creating any new X-Men characters because they wouldn't be able to use those characters in any MCU films. Fox owns the movie rights to both the Fantastic Four, which it is rebooting next year, and the X-Men.

The recently released Fantastic Four solicitation reads as follows: "THE END IS FOUREVER! Witness the closing act on the First Family of the Marvel Universe! THE INVADERS meet the FANTASTIC FOUR as the hunt for REED RICHARDS and the missing kids of the FUTURE FOUNDATION continues. Meanwhile the mastermind behind everything unveils his ultimatet how does FRANKLIN RICHARDS factor in? And how does this all lead to…The END?! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR #642-644 and the Triple Sized Final Issue 645!" While the solicitation alone cannot be counted as an official confirmation, a variety of news outlets are reporting that Marvel's first family is down for the count.

Meanwhile, notable X-Men writer Chris Claremont said the following about character creation in the X-Men universe: "I have to say quite honestly as I understand it now the X department is forbidden to create new characters. Well… who owns them? All because all new characters become the film property of Fox. There will be no X-Men merchandising for the foreseeable future because, why promote Fox material?"

More at CBM sources: 1 2
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A Suit for Dogs with Hip Problems

by catcat

The dog of the future.

Hip problems such as dysplasia caused by gender, poor diet, and a lack of exercise make dogs suffer ...Continue Reading