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24 Aug 01:30

unexplained-events: Night Terrors Night Terrors is an...


Nope nope nope...


Night Terrors

Night Terrors is an augmented reality horror survival game that is being developed for smart phones. The game scans your surroundings and builds an internal map to determine how best to scare you as you wander around in search of a young girl in need of rescue. The game utilizes your flash and camera while you have your headphones plugged in for the audio.

You will walk around your surroundings while coming face to face with various supernatural or creepy things such as ghosts, clowns, spiders, and demons. We don’t know if the game contains jump scares as of yet since it is still seeking funding on indiegogo.

You can help fund it HERE and watch the trailer HERE

23 Aug 20:51

RoboActionPainting series by Dragan Ilić features abstracted...


Robot uses man to create painting


Painting series by Dragan Ilić features abstracted mark-making using an industrial robot, sometimes carrying and guiding the artist himself:

The artist constantly transposes into the third dimension his decade’s long-running conceptual practice based on the usage of pencils as the basic draftsman’s tool, starting primarily with the media of performance art, installation and sculpture in extended field. Gradually, over the years, his expressive and mechanical compositions have become even more advanced with the development of modules, diverse in shape and sizes, devices designed for the task of mounting and holding his drawing tools, which has led ultimately to the construction of an appropriate drawing machine. Construed for non-artistic purposes, these robots have been reshaped into special draftsmanship implements with which the author is capable of processing his ideas at far greater speed and with considerably greater precision. The metamorphosis of the artistic work is positioned at a point where human and machine activity intersects, resulting in an interaction that is essentially based on the need to transcend the limitations of the human body. 

More Here

22 Aug 19:02

How an Algorithm Learned to Identify Depressed Individuals by...



How an Algorithm Learned to Identify Depressed Individuals by Studying Their Instagram Photos

Today, we get an answer thanks to the work of Andrew Reece at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Chris Danforth at the University of Vermont in Burlington, who have found significant correlations between the colors in photos posted to Instagram and an individual’s mental health. The link is so strong that the pair suggest that it could be used for early detection of mental illness.

The researchers began by sourcing some 500 workers from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service who also had Instagram accounts. They asked these Turkers to complete a series of questionnaires, including a standard clinical depression survey. They then invited the Turkers to share their Instagram posts for the study.

Some 170 Turkers agreed, of whom around 70 were clinically depressed. The survey asked various additional questions about their condition, such as the original date of their diagnosis.

06 Aug 13:54

House Vision 2: an arena for rethinking homes of the future

by Johnny

Love all of these.

house vision main

“This isn’t just about housing. The house is merely an arena where different industries can come together.” That’s Kenya Hara, the luminary Japanese designer, talking – 2 years ago – about his ambitious House Vision project. Now he’s picking up where he left off with House Vision 2, a similar initiative to rethink housing by pairing various companies with some of Japan’s top architects and designers. The result is a sprawling installation of homes, now on display for the public, that are all built to real life scale.

House Vision main

Now through August 28, 2016, you can visit all 12 structures nestled together in the temporary House Vision 2 exhibition. It’s located just steps from Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line in Tokyo (general admission is 1,500 yen). The theme this year is “Co-dividual,” which addresses the question of how we can bring together and re-connect individuals, urban and rural areas, and fragmented technologies.” Here are some of the highlights of the exhibition:

Yoshino-sugi Cedar House (Airbnb x Go Hasegawa)

Perhaps one of the most significant projects is the collaboration between Airbnb and architect Go Hasegawa. Not only does it represent the first foreign company to participate, but it’s also the inaugural project of Airbnb’s new design studio Samara (more on that here). Yoshino-sugi Cedar House is a communal housing project designed to revitalize the small Yoshino town in Nara Prefecture. After the exhibition the structure will actually be trucked away and relocated in the actual town.

house vision airbnb go hasegawa (1)

house vision airbnb go hasegawa (2)

house vision airbnb go hasegawa (3)

house vision airbnb go hasegawa (4)

house vision airbnb go hasegawa (5)

Rental Space Tower (Daito Trust Construction x Sou Fujimoto)

Japan is currently seeing a surge in popularity of shared housing where public spaces are not just limited to passageways. Architect Sou Fujimoto, together with one of Japan’s largest real estate companies, redefine rental housing by proposing private and shared areas that “are clearly divided, and then recombined anew to provide a glimpse of a comfortable and relaxing rental housing.”

house vision sou fujimoto (1)

house vision sou fujimoto (2)

Tanada Terrace Office (MUJI x Atelier Bow-Wow)

“It is not that rice was cultivated within the Japanese culture, rather it is Japan’s culture that was born from the rice paddies,” says MUJI, Japan’s pre-eminent minimal retailer. The company interacts with small rice-farming villages to try and get millennials who have moved into the city, back out to the farms to help Japan’s aging rice farmers. As an extension to those efforts they designed an office, together with Atelier Bow-Wow, that can be built on or near tanada (terraced rice fields). The idea being to provide workstations where where people can jump on their laptops while taking a break from rice farming.

house vision muji atelier bow wow (1)

house vision muji atelier bow wow (2)

house vision muji atelier bow wow (3)

“Iced Coffee Shop—Sen” (AGF x Go Hasegawa)

Providing some cool relief to exhibition-goers in the summer sun is beverage maker AGF. Architect Go Hasegawa has built them a beautiful wood and linen tent where you can relax in the shade with some ice coffee and mizuyokan (sweet bean treats).

house vision go hasegawa AGF (1)

house vision go hasegawa AGF (2)

house vision go hasegawa AGF (3)

16 Aug 19:26

sabotabby: myhappyhearts: taphonomy: visqueuse: bogleech: pu...








I expected garbage and I got gold

I want more edgy support posts like this tbh. I love them in the same way people find comfort in “you did great today! uwu” posts, which is nice.

please let supportive, understanding edgy skeletons become a widespread thing

This pleases me insurmountably 

These are excellent

20 Aug 16:16

humanoidhistory: TODAY IN HISTORY: Soviet space dogs Belka and...


TODAY IN HISTORY: Soviet space dogs Belka and Strelka became the first canines to fly in space and return safely to Earth, August 19, 1960.

20 Aug 14:52

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Your Greatest Weakness


The opposite of Dunning-Kruger isn't that great either.

New comic!
Today's News:
12 Aug 13:00

Experimental GIFs Exploring The Laws Of Physics

by Jessica Jungbauer

These are a lot of fun to watch!

Swedish architects and 3D artists Anny Wang and Tim Söderström teamed up to create an ongoing series of experimental GIFs that challenge the laws of physics. Titled ‘Physlab‘, the hyperreal pieces were made with 3D software to create worlds that merge physics with dreamy, experimental spaces. In a statement about the project, the duo says: “What we’ve been into lately is to implement physical forces from the real world and play with them in our otherwise quite surreal platform.”





All GIFs © Anny Wang and Tim Söderström

25 Jul 16:42

I’m on holiday from my @guardianreview cartoon for the...


This is accurate.

I’m on holiday from my @guardianreview cartoon for the summer. This is a summer/book themed cartoon I made for the New Yorher.

16 Aug 11:00

List: Charles Bukowski’s Email Newsletter Subject Lines


Oh no

1. Fuck You, There’s a Sale On.

2. New This Week: Cigarettes and Horseshit.

3. Summer Savings That Can’t Save You From Yourself.

4. Reminder: Drink Until You Drown.

5. You’re Gonna Love… Thriving On Solitude.

6. Can’t Miss: What You Never Had.

7. Last Chance: To Make Something of Yourself You Son of a Bitch.

8. Announcement: Fuck or Die.

9. For a Limited Time Only: Your Life.

10. Guess What? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

11. How to Become What You’ve Always Hated.

17 Aug 01:30

unexplained-events: Nagoro Village The Valley of Dolls The...




Nagoro Village

The Valley of Dolls

The village of Nagor is located in in the hidden valleys of Shikoku, Japan. The village is shrinking due to lack of immigration to the place since there isn’t really anything there. People die and are never replaced.

Over a year ago, Ayano Tsukimi decided to replace the the dead and departed people with dolls. Roughly 350 dolls have taken the place of those people and the people that have since abandoned the place.

The dolls are made with straw, fabric, and old clothes, much like a humble scarecrow, and Tsukimi is constantly making new figures to replace ones that have worn out. The dolls are placed to look as though they are doing certain things that previous villagers once did.


08 Aug 17:35

New Camera Allows You to Zoom in to the Surface of the Moon. Way In.

by Christopher Jobson

It's the future! (Again!)


In a great example of just how powerful consumer cameras have become, watch as this Nikon P900 zooms into the night sky, transporting you from a parking lot in Quebec to the surface of the moon. According to DL Cade at PetaPixel, the built-in optical zoom maxes out at 83x but the camera is capable of continuing with digital zoom. “The P900 features 166x ‘Dynamic Fine Zoom,’ putting the final equivalent focal length at a mind-numbing 4000mm.” I don’t even know that that means exactly but it sounds like a whole lotta zoom. Video by Daniel Pelletier. (via Sploid, PetaPixel)

12 Aug 14:20

Your phone is now a refugee’s phone [watch on a mobile] -...


Wow. This is moving.

12 Aug 15:31

Generate your own fantasy map

by Nathan Yau

Fantasy map

Martin O’Leary made a Twitter bot, Uncharted Atlas, that posts automatically generated fantasy maps. Recently, he described how these maps are generated and how you can do it yourself, complete with a step-by-step clickety explanation and Python/JavaScript code for the backend.

Tags: fantasy

14 Jul 20:27

Splendid new ad for C4’s coverage of the Paralympics

by ben


You don’t need me to explain why it’s so good, but it continues the great job of the last one, albeit in a joyously different way.

You remember the last one, don’t you? Still sends shivers down the spine…


10 Aug 13:08

© frank gehry - winton guest house - wayzata, minnesota, usa -...

© frank gehry - winton guest house - wayzata, minnesota, usa - 1983 

10 Aug 13:15

Ornitographies : Xavi BouBou snaps hundreds of photos of birds...


Important bird news

Ornitographies : Xavi Bou

Bou snaps hundreds of photos of birds in flight and stitches them together in Photoshop, compressing several seconds of movement into one frame.

via Wired

10 Aug 10:47

Streamgraph of Olympic medal wins

by Nathan Yau

Streamgraph of medal wins

Gregor Aisch and Larry Buchanan for the New York Times visualized Olympic medal dominance with a streamgraph for each event. Time is on the horizontal axis, and each stack represents a country. The greater the height is at any point, the more medals the country won that year. Nice labels, too.

Tags: New York Times, Olympics, streamgraph

29 Jul 17:08

New Photos of Extremely Unusual Mushrooms and Other Fungi by Steve Axford

by Christopher Jobson

Wow - these almost look like underwater shots


It’s been well over a year since we last checked in with Australian photographer Steve Axford (previously here and here) who ventures into forested areas near his home in New South Wales to photograph the unusual forms of fungi, slime molds, and lichens he finds growing there. The permutations in color, shape, and size found in each specimen are a testament to the radical diversity of living creatures found in just a small area.

A handful of the images seen here, namely the “hairy” fungi called Cookeina Tricholoma, were photographed last year on a trip to Xishuangbanna, China and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Axford suspects that some of the species he encounters may be unknown to science and that he may have documented them for the first time. You can see more mushroom goodness on Axford’s Facebook and Flickr pages.


















09 Aug 02:30

poetry-protest-pornography: amroyounes: Time for some kitchen...

by joberholtzer

So useful!



Time for some kitchen charts to help you adult better ;)

Really helpful reference!

08 Aug 14:28

SmileMachine Mk 3Project by @mocymo is a head mounted display...

SmileMachine Mk 3

Project by @mocymo is a head mounted display that can present a variety of expressions - embedded below is a video taken at the Tokyo Maker Faire taken by makerkun:


— makerkun (@makerkun)
August 6, 2016

More images can be found here

27 Jul 18:29

Looking at the world through rose-colored gills.

Looking at the world through rose-colored gills.

27 Jul 13:47

Monogram Magazine : Poland : August 2016

by Bellerby & Co Globemakers
We are in the August edition of Monogram Magazine (Poland)
Photos by Tom Bunning & Stuart Freedman
Click for PDF : perfekcyjne odwzorowanie
Back to our main website :
More press : click to read
08 Aug 12:53

Trump Kicking MachineMaker project from Makers4America kicks an...

Trump Kicking Machine

Maker project from Makers4America kicks an image of Donald Trump every time he tweets:

Making (literally) Arduino great again.  This machine responds to tweets by Donald Trump with a well-deserved boot to the head. 


07 Jul 12:32



Every exam

01 Aug 01:00

Japan-ized Cities: Surrealistic “Worldwide Tokyo-lization Project”

by Kurt Kohlstedt

This is eerily effective.

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]


A team of designers has taken iconic images of major global cities and added a “rich graphic language and vibrant visual effects” to blend each one with elements of Japanese infrastructure and visual culture.

tokyo buenos aires

Presenting their work at the Venice Architecture Biennale, this strange art series from Daigo Ishii + Future-Scape Architects aims to question our ideas of locality and our sense of civic imagery and identity.

tokyo denmark

What happens, they ask, when a familiar underlying environment gets an overlay, sending mixed signals to observers? Is it the underlying shape and form of a place that make it what it is, or those other visual cues that lend familiarity?

tokyo paris

The firm set their cities on cities including New York, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen and La Paz, each time pulling in distinctively Japanese elements, from neon signage to cherry trees.

tokyo bolivia

In each case, the result is a surreal hybrid, playing off cues in source photographs shot in the United States, Argentina, Denmark, France, Bolivia and Italy, becoming something that is neither here nor there, original or artificial.

“The project seeks to present an amalgamation between traditional architectural studies and surprising artistic elements.” The display in Venice consists of “a video work shown on a large-scale monitor, with six surrounding boards displaying the final scenery of each city after ‘Tokyo-lization’ has taken place.”

Gritty Cities: Oil Painter Captures Cityscapes at Dusk & Dawn

Artist Jeremy Mann works in early in the day or evening, and it shows in the dark, smudged and ultimately riveting way in which he captures streetscapes of major cities from New York to San ...

Amazing Vintage Images from Japan’s Forgotten Master

Photographs of Japan from the Meiji and Taisho Periods (1868-1926) have captivated viewers around the world since they were first circulated. One photographer in particular captured Japanese life ...

Invisible Bicycles: Tokyo’s High-Tech Underground Bike Parking

Sufficiently advanced science has been said to look like magic, like this subterranean cycle storage system - except in this case images and videos give you a peak at the secret workings below ...

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[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

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03 Aug 17:38

Study: Trolls Are Even Worse When Using Real Names

by Mike Masnick

Wow - this is counter intuitive.

It's a bit of "common wisdom" on the internet that you hear people repeat all the time, even though it's hogwash: the idea that people act trollishly online because they're anonymous. So many people want to blame the anonymity and demand real name policies. Yet, as we've been pointing out for many years, plenty of people troll under their real names -- and tons of valuable content is posted by anonymous users (including right here at Techdirt).

And now we've got a bit of research to back that up. Some recent research found that trolls can actually act even worse when they troll under their real name. From the research:
Results show that in the context of online firestorms, non-anonymous individuals are more aggressive compared to anonymous individuals. This effect is reinforced if selective incentives are present and if aggressors are intrinsically motivated.
Now, this is just one report on one dataset, and there may be a variety of other factors at play. But it certainly matches with our own experience here as well. The idea that people only act like jackasses because they're anonymous just doesn't fit with the pattern we've seen in the over 1 million comments we have on this site. Yes, sometimes there are anonymous jerks, just like there are sometimes named jerks. But on the whole, anonymity doesn't seem to magically lead to worse comments.

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04 Aug 14:58

World’s First Tattoo by Industrial RobotCollaboration between...


Completely nuts.

World’s First Tattoo by Industrial Robot

Collaboration between @appropriateaudiences and the Autodesk Pier 9 residency program is an experiment in robotic tattooing:


03 Aug 17:01

Snail's Pace

by Grant
03 Aug 10:41

Star Trek character network

by Nathan Yau

Star Trek visualization

Star Trek fans rejoice. Mollie Pettit from Datascope Analytics visualized the interactions between all the characters in all the movies, series, and episodes.

This visualization shows interactions between characters in the Star Trek Universe based on the episodes or movies you have selected.

Each circle represents a character, and links represent interactions between characters. The more interactions between two characters, the thicker the link between them; similarly, the more interactions linked to a particular character, the larger the circle representing that character.

Just select the episodes or movies and click, “Engage!” Bonus points for the nerdy theme. [Thanks, Brian]

Tags: fiction, Star Trek