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22 Oct 12:29

(via ARTnews)



(via ARTnews)

24 Oct 13:59

Check out the new Better Book Titles book.


I mean, this is true

21 Oct 15:26

An Intricate Salt Sculpture Inside a Traditional Japanese Home

by Johnny

In case you'll be in Japan in the coming week?


Motoi Yamamoto refers to himself as a “Salt Installation Artist.” Working with a tool that resembles a baster loaded with salt, he “paints” intricate, three-dimensional labyrinths of salt. And he’s been doing so ever since his sister passed away from a brain tumor at the age of 24.


We think of salt primarily as a cooking ingredient but in Japan it’s an element of the Shinto tradition that symbolizes purification. And it plays a fundamental role in rites surrounding death.

For the last several years Yamamoto has traveled the world creating sprawling installations of poured salt that resemble mazes, tree roots, whirlpools or the universe. Figuratively and literally one can easily get lost in the intricate installations that are the result of hours of meticulous pouring.

His latest installation is on view during the Setouchi Triennale 2016 on the island of Takamijima. “Floating Garden” was created on the 2nd floor of an old Japanese home, and is “reminiscent of the tidal currents around the Shiwaku Islands, interspersed with spirals signifying rebirth and eternity.” As in standard Yamamoto tradition, the sculpture will be destroyed, and the salt returned to the sea, on the final day of the festival: November 6, 2016.

Heading to the Setouchi Triennale? Check out our guide to the art islands.






20 Oct 13:00

(via Clever Street Photos of Things Coming Together for a...


And by "like" I mean: sigh.

20 Oct 18:28

Melting Skittles

by swissmiss


Totally doing this with my kids this weekend! Melting Skittles with hot water!

20 Oct 16:22

How the Cretaceous coastline of North America affects US presidential elections

by Jason Kottke

2012 Election Map

That’s a portion of the 2012 US Presidential election map of the southern states broken down by county: blue ones went Barack Obama’s way and counties in red voted for Mitt Romney.

But let’s go back to the Cretaceous Period, which lasted from 145 million years ago to 65 million years ago. Back then, the coastline of what is now North America looked like this:

Cretaceous Coast

Along that ancient coastline of a shallow sea, plankton with carbonate skeletons lived and died in massive numbers, accumulating into large chalk formations on the bottom of the sea. When the sea level dropped and the sea drained through the porous chalk, rich bands of soil were left right along the former coastline. When that area was settled and farmed in the 19th century, that rich soil was perfect for growing cotton. And cotton production was particularly profitable, so slaves were heavily used in those areas.

McClain, quoting from Booker T. Washington’s autobiography, Up From Slavery, points out: “The part of the country possessing this thick, dark and naturally rich soil was, of course, the part of the South where the slaves were most profitable, and consequently they were taken there in the largest numbers.” After the Civil War, a lot of former slaves stayed on this land, and while many migrated North, their families are still there.

The counties in which slave populations were highest before the Civil War are still home to large African American populations, which tend to vote for Democratic presidential candidates, even as the whiter counties around them vote for Republicans. The voting pattern of those counties on the map follows the Cretaceous coastline of 100 million years ago — the plankton fell, the cotton grew, the slaves bled into that rich soil, and their descendants later helped a black man reach the White House.

Tags: 2012 election   Barack Obama   biology   geology   maps   politics   science   slavery
20 Oct 04:35

Make America ? Again

by Bobby Solomon

10/10 would wear

18 Oct 13:31

photoviz: Mike Kelly - Airportraits Mike Kelly has expanded his...


Mike Kelly - Airportraits

Mike Kelly has expanded his composite LAX photo into a series of “Airportraits” of flight patterns from around the world.

26 Oct 01:30

unexplained-events: This rare footage of a gigantic sunfish was...




This rare footage of a gigantic sunfish was captured on film by photographer Miguel Pereira off the coast of Portugal.

“A few days before, my camera was damaged when the underwater housing flooded. The bad luck was compensated when diving with a GoPro I saw the giant Sunfish almost at surface level and practically static. The Sunfish seemed not to be bothered by our presence at all and followed us for 15 minutes.” -Miguel Pereira

25 Oct 23:02

I’m re-posting this comic because I live in America.Here, the...

I’m re-posting this comic because I live in America.

Here, the places I love most in the world are gripped by drought. I’m thinking of giving away my winter tracking guides because there’s never enough snow. Climate change is knocking on our door, and the fact that it’s already so evident is a bad sign: it means that we’re headed for a lot more warming.

But we can deal with this, people. We’re brilliant. We’re brave. What we need - besides some kinda magical cooling ray - is a batch of elected officials who are ready to be brave alongside us.

If climate change bums you out, don’t lose heart: it means you’re strong. You’ve personally confronted a huge issue. Why let yourself be governed by scared people who can’t face it, who equivocate and attack scientists and hide their heads in the sand?

My brave dear friends: let’s get our climate vote on.

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So compulsive


24 Oct 22:31

youlookshittygoodnightdenise: ronnanlynnch: RPGs, or...


I would 100% play these if they were actual games.

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There's a good fish

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1-star amazon review of cuisinart toaster ovenwritten using a...

1-star amazon review of cuisinart toaster oven

written using a predictive text interface

source: 1-star reviews of cuisinart toaster oven

17 Oct 21:03

"When a reviewer starts explaining how the preparation of a quiche Lorraine at the restaurant he has..."

“When a reviewer starts explaining how the preparation of a quiche Lorraine at the restaurant he has visited differs from the way one prepared a true quiche Lorraine, I always want to interrupt. “But did you like it?” I want to shout. “Did it make you happy? Did you clean your plate?” Any chance that I might someday acquire a serious interest in how closely what I ate resembled the true article disappeared one day at a block party near our house while I was eating some homemade gazpacho and talking about how it differed from the authentic gazpacho one got in Seville. The more I talked about the difference, the faster I wolfed down the gazpacho – until I realized that one way what I was eating differed from authentic gazpacho was that it tasted better.”

- Calvin Trillin, American Fried (via)
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No comment.

10 Oct 12:32

itscolossal: Treacherous Stair Steps by ‘Skurk’


Would not walk down.

08 Oct 13:07

(via Meet the Australian Artist Shrinking Cities into Dioramas |...



14 Oct 02:34

c-bassmeow: samsweetmilk: The economic realities of Baby...


Wow. The gif and the comment.



The economic realities of Baby boomers versus Millennials 

that comment has had me thinking for days… like im reblogging this shit a week later from my likes cus its the PERFECT analogy 

20 Oct 07:12

Composite photos of airplanes in flight

by Nathan Yau



Photographer Mike Kelley visited airports around the world, took pictures of airplanes leaving, and then pieced the photos together in a series of composite photos. The result was Airportraits.

A bit about the arduous process:

I often get asked exactly just how ‘real’ these images are. And on one hand, they are as real as they get. I’d sit in one place for an entire day, and take a burst of pictures of each plane as it crossed in front of me. I’d then take one of those captures, wherever I thought I’d like that plane to be, and put it on my base image. Every plane in every picture was actually right in front of me at that point in time, and they are all exactly where they were relative to other planes in the frame. If you went to some of these spots, you’d see the exact same thing that I saw.

I want to buy a camera.

Tags: compositing, flights, photography

20 Oct 05:49

Wives of the Mau Mau Generals

by Jepchumba

Worth clicking through

The latest project by photographer and digital artist, Osborne Macharia. This is the story of a special unit of 4 women in a small village within Kipipiri Forest. They were the wives to 4 of the Mau Mau generals and just like their men, they too had leadership roles. This women would be endowed in the most unique […]
20 Oct 01:04

The New World


Are you reading Last Halloween? I mean it's Halloween time, so you should consider it. Start at the beginning!

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19 Oct 11:00

Monologue: I Work at the Desk Next to You, and Did You Know I Just Saved Fifteen Seconds Using Keyboard Shortcuts?


Too real.

Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-W, annnnd DONE! Done fifteen seconds faster than you, may I add. I can use these fifteen secs for anything I want, like maybe explaining how useful k-board shortcuts are to a norm-time idiot like you.

Alt-Tab, Alt-Tab, oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. By the end of today alone, I’ll have saved seven mins, collectively. How much time have you saved, sorry? Too hard to keep a time-gained/time-wasted log because you have to focus on moving your hand to your mouse and moving it back again? And with each movement, wearing away the cartilage in your elbow, which in 0.2 percent of cases could lead to minor pain and a rheumatologist appointment — a 45-minute affair, at least.

Yeah, if you don’t mind, I’ll stick with the k-board and save up enough time to thoroughly dry my hands after I speed-piss at 3:48.

Alt-Tab, Alt-Ctrl-Shift-F9. I programmed that last one myself. You know you can program your own shortcuts, right? Even if they don’t come standard on your machine you can do it? Did you know that? Like Alt-Ctrl-Shift-F9, which I programmed myself? It opens Outlook, finds the last message from my wife, replies with “Yes, Be home very soon. -H,” and sets a timer for three hours.

To a norm-time idiot, three hours might not seem like “very soon,” but when you think about how much time I can save using shortcuts in those three hours … Yeah, it makes sense.

And she’s already responded. I only read what fits in the pop-up notification. If you think your message is too important for seven-words-or-less, then I was going to cut you out of my life anyway. OK. Subject: “RE: What is wrong with you?” “I don’t think we’ve spoken in…” Alt-Ctrl-Shift-F9! Next! Alt-Tab, Alt-Shift-Tab. She’s great. I shouldn’t have waited till the second date to propose. Should’ve known after the first date — no, before.

Oof, I haven’t talked to a person for this long in a while. I can practically feel myself phasing out of hyper-time. I — I need to eat something. Mind plugging that hose into my arm? C’mon! Fine gimme it. Ah! God! My meals have been all-intravenal for the last two years. Can’t waste time on the mouth-to-stomach-to-nutrients thing. My old lady’s slaving away right now, prepping our dinner bags of nutrition goo — tonight it’s Recipe #4: Extra Vitamin B-12. Special occasion, we finally freed up enough time to meet our son.

18 Oct 04:01


by Robot Hugs

Right. THIS.

"When you report the passing murmurs of feminism and social justice as outrage and shock, you make the actual pressing and urgent issues mundane and unimportant."

New comic!

I believe that the 24 hour churn of clickbait ad-driven online media has really warped the way that we can engage in meaningful, productive, and good-faith discourse. When every nuance and opinion becomes meat for a breathless, reductive thinkpiece written to the lowest common denominator before the churn finds another tagline, we lose meaning and direction in the noise.

Oppression and power structures are made up of a million interlocking parts reified in every level and artifact of society. We need to talk about them, big and small. But reporting on discussions as though they are single issues outside of a larger context of critique and activism reduces and disempowers us. I wish all those websites would just leave us alone. Social activism isn’t an ‘outrage machine’. The machine is the sucking, hollow vacuum of ‘content driven media’. Fuck.


18 Oct 17:18

Trash Bird is a winner

18 Oct 00:30

Dragon’s Heart.

Dragon’s Heart.

17 Sep 17:40

Eyes at The Front

by swissmiss


chicken with eyes at the frontshark with eyes at the frontpigeon with eyes at the front

This made me laugh so hard. What if animals had eyes at the front?

(via Paul)

16 Oct 02:05



I do like it!

15 Oct 17:00

Book-Shaped Pavilion in Korea Celebrates Historic Birthplace of Printing

by Kurt

Yes to giant books!

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]


In 1377, nearly a century before the famous Gutenberg Bible was printed in Germany, the Jikji anthology was made using movable metal type, then bound and and protected for centuries to come.


A new installation outside the Cheongju Art Centre in South Korea celebrates this historic achievement, acting as a shelter for public performances in the open plaza.

It also hints at a larger exhibit inside: an array of architecture, art, design and digital media that traces the history and impact of movable type on literacy and publishing.


The pavilion itself, folded and stitched together with red twine, forms a canopy that mimics the properties of an open book “being pushed down onto a flat surface,” explains its creator Ron Arad. “The thickness increases where the pages fan out, and the metal binding of the structure is derived from a traditional spine.”


The Jikji is the abbreviated title of a Korean Buddhist document, whose title can be translated roughly as “Anthology of Great Buddhist Priests’ Zen Teachings.” It collects teachings of Buddhism passed down for generations.

Printed during the Goryeo Dynasty in the 14th Century, it is the world’s oldest extant book printed in an essentially modern fashion. Prior printing techniques in China used ceramics to generate volumes, but none of those works survive.


While other copies of the content still exist thanks to wood engravings in temples, only the final volume of the original metal-printed Jikji remains. It is preserved by the Manuscrits Orientaux department of the National Library of France.

The fact the a movable metal type process was used to create the anthology was only rediscovered in the early 1900s in the West when this last book was examined.




Johannes Gutenberg, meanwhile, was the first to create type pieces from a particular alloy of lead, tin, and antimony—and these materials remained standard for over 550 years as printing evolved in Europe.

Castle in a Grain of Sand: Tiny Nanoscale 3D Printing

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Under Construction: World’s First Concrete-Printing Robot

An interdisciplinary team of architects and material specialists is developing a commercially-viable 3D-printing machine capable of creating complex objects using one of the planet's most ...

Zig-Zagging Wooden Stairway Leads to Book-Shaped Building

Shaped like a book, a cultural facility on the boundary between a residential neighborhood and industrial area in a suburb of Incheon, South Korea acts as a smooth visual segue-way. Placed on a ...

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15 Oct 21:01

ModboxVirtual Reality software by Alientrap is a sandbox world...


This looks fun!


Virtual Reality software by Alientrap is a sandbox world building app which lets you build games and experiences collaboratively:

Modbox is a world creation sandbox game for the HTC Vive. You can create your own game worlds to play in and share - or load others on the Steam Workshop.

Loading a Creation in Modbox will also load the Mods it uses. Mods can include custom entities and building tools - or custom game logic for things like new game modes.

You can also edit any creations, or create your own from scratch. In edit mode you can add Entities, and and set up rules of the game (gravity, game mode, level size…).

More Here