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12 Jun 03:31

Guy Performs Every Guitar Solo Technique He Knows In Three Minutes

guitar-solo-techniques.jpg Get a room! This is a video from Youtube channel Music Is Win of a guy performing every guitar solo technique he could think of, in three minutes. It's pretty impressive, although he definitely missed a couple, including smashing your guitar to pieces and setting it on fire. That's how I always end my guitar solos. And by end I mean begin, because I don't know how to play. Show's over folks, thank you and goodnight! "You didn't even play a song!" Free Bird? No, not tonight, but make sure to buy some merch on your way out. Keep going for the video.
Thanks to Alexander, who invited me up to his dorm room to listen to him play acoustic guitar and promised there'd be wine coolers.
23 Feb 18:09

The Future!

by admin

19 Feb 22:46

That's KIND OF Like Having an Amazing Talent

18 Feb 12:00

Skyline Wrapping Paper

by Honey

 photo citywrap5_zpsbnmydqc4.jpg

 photo 41100_skyline-wrapping-paper_zpsrx0sxdli.jpg

Super-sized sheets of wrapping paper printed with building facades from around the world. Wrap your gifts to create 3D buildings that come together to form mini skylines. Unique wrapping paper perfect for that special architect in your life. The best way to keep the pile of presents under the tree looking organised. Buy here.

 photo skyline-wrapping-paper-3_zpsilszzt0a.jpg

 photo 5f0e2bb1026edb5b24ea4dd00a718e3a_zpsd8k3zgcr.jpg

10 Feb 18:35

I Am Your Founding Father: Massive Darth Vader Mount Rushmore Snow Sculpture In Japan

snow-star-wars-1.jpg This is the massive Star Wars inspired snow sculpture serving as the centerpiece of this year's Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan. The piece measures 15 meters (~49-feet) tall, 22.6 meters (~74-feet) across, 20 meters (~66-feet) deep, and took about a month to complete. Impressive work. Also, I am going to Photoshop myself into the picture to make it look like Vader is cupping my balls in his hand, just so we're clear. Keep going for several more shots to really appreciate the sculpture's size.snow-star-wars-2.jpg snow-star-wars-3.jpg snow-star-wars-4.jpg snow-star-wars-5.jpg snow-star-wars-6.jpg snow-star-wars-7.jpg Thanks to Stephanie A, who challenged me to a snowball fight, presumably because she packs her snowballs with rocks and broken glass.
22 Feb 19:55

How to Get Your Competitors to Advertise For You

24 Dec 22:50

There, I Filled It

20 Dec 23:01

This Piece of Wood Totally Looks Like Sid The Sloth

16 Dec 19:30

The Amazing Paper Transformer

Submitted by: Unknown

13 Dec 00:26

Impressive Batman Graffiti Found In Abandoned Building

batman-graffiti-1.jpg This is the series of Batman graffiti that Redditor sneakylawyer (aren't they all?) found while "urban exploring" (read: smoking weed in abandoned buildings) around Belgium. Apparently all the murals were painted by a guy named Pete. Although I suppose we can't rule out the possibility they were painted by somebody else who just signed the name Pete to throw us off his trail. I do that sometimes. Like when an apartment neighbor's music is too loud I'll usually write a real passive-aggressive note then tape it to their door signed with the name and apartment number of the person who lives on the other side of them. Plus sometimes I'll fill a Ziplock bag with flour then push it half under their door in the middle of the night and stomp it. Keep going for the actual paintings. batman-graffiti-2.jpgbatman-graffiti-3.jpgbatman-graffiti-4.jpgbatman-graffiti-5.jpgbatman-graffiti-6.jpgbatman-graffiti-7.jpg Thanks to Todd, who wishes he had an abandoned building nearby to practice his graffiti in. Me? I want a pottery wheel.
13 Dec 00:10

Feeling Festive

by admin

04 Dec 14:42

Work With What You Have

04 Dec 12:30

Dad Colors Kid's Drawings While Away On Business

coloring-kid-drawings-1.jpg This is a series of colored pictures created by Redditor Tatsputin and his children. They draw pictures before he leaves on a business trip, and while he's away he adds the color and returns them when he's back home. I do something similar with my kids when I'm away. "I thought you didn't have any kids." I don't, and you know why? Because-- "No woman will sleep with you." Is that how it works? I shared a hotel room with a female friend for a wedding once, do you think I should call her? Does it make a difference if I slept in a sleeping bag? Hit the jump for a bunch more, the first half of which in colored pencil, the rest digitally using an iPad. coloring-kid-drawings-2.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-3.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-4.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-5.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-6.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-7.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-8.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-9.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-10.jpgcoloring-kid-drawings-11.jpg Thanks to tuqueque, who never colors outside the lines. EVER.
02 Dec 11:34

Philippe Pétremant

by Honey

 photo Odd-banknote-origami_zps2bca26b1.jpg

 photo Odd-banknote-origami-3_zps52da5467.jpg

 photo Odd-banknote-origami-2_zpsebcb6dbd.jpg

In his series The Magnificent Seven, French photographer Philippe Pétremant ‘diverts banknotes of different countries that folds and attaches using a paperclip in order to make portraits’.

 photo Odd-banknote-origami_1_zps2b487f5b.jpg

 photo Odd-banknote-origami-1_zpsaf86b2c0.jpg

26 Nov 11:20

Pause Problems

by admin

23 Nov 21:40

You Probably Hate Freedom

You Probably Hate Freedom

Submitted by: Unknown

19 Nov 10:48

Ekaterina Panikanova

by Honey

 photo IMG_7949_zpsb5f4e277.jpg

 photo tumblr_moa160Qhl41qbmgeto2_1280_zps72177b7f.jpg

 photo ekaterinapanikanova1_zpsc951b7a9.jpg

Paintings on book pages by Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova. Niiiiice!

 photo 05_zps2bdaaf0b.jpg

 photo panikanova2_zps6e572707.jpg

19 Nov 10:47


13 Nov 22:42

Much Cheaper Than Those Special Playmats

Much Cheaper Than Those Special Playmats

Submitted by: Unknown (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

07 Nov 12:21

Small GIFs of WIN

by hahanu


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04 Nov 10:29

A Nice Combination

A Nice Combination

Submitted by: Unknown

01 Nov 23:27

Hidden Treasure of the Day: Giant Monopoly Board Found Under Carpeting

Hidden Treasure of the Day: Giant Monopoly Board Found Under Carpeting

Submitted by: Unknown (via Nnewel)

30 Oct 06:20

Chart of Animals With Misleading Names

29 Oct 18:09

What Gives?!?!

by admin

29 Oct 18:08

Some Very Unusual Animals

Submitted by: Unknown

27 Oct 23:20

I Scoff at Your EULA

27 Oct 23:19

True in Too Many Ways

27 Oct 11:19

That's One Way to Say 'I Wanna Trick or Treat All Night'

That's One Way to Say 'I Wanna Trick or Treat All Night'

Submitted by: Unknown

26 Oct 08:21

Monty Hall

A few minutes later, the goat from behind door C drives away in the car.
25 Oct 06:10

Well, Target Already Has Their Christmas Stuff Out: New Star Wars Paper Snowflake Designs

star-wars-snowflakes.jpg This are Anthony Herrera's 2013 designs for Star Wars paper snowflakes. You may recall his 2011 designs from this article. Apparently I missed his 2012 ones, but I included them in this post so we're all caught up. Nobody wants to be behind. Unless they're having sex in a hotel room that has a mirrored wall, in which case sometimes it's fun to be behind because you can make faces at yourself while you're doing it. Granted I've never done it, but in my mind sometimes I even air high-five and congratulate myself. You're having sex with a lady, great job, GW! Then she's all, "What did you just say?" And that's when I grab the phone and pretend I was ordering room service. Yes, I'd like a bottle of champagne and a dozen roses. And can you include a card with the roses? Great, I'd like it to read, 'You finally did it, GW, way to go!' Keep going for a bunch of the designs, but be sure to check out Anthony's website for a bunch more and downloadable PDF's to cut out your own. star-wars-snowflakes-1.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-1.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-2.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-3.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-4.jpgsw-snowflake-5.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-6.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-7.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-8.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-9.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-10.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-11.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-12.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-13.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-14.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-15.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-16.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-17.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-18.jpgstar-wars-snowflake-19.jpgsw-snowflakes-1.jpgsw-snowflakes-2.jpgsw-snowflakes-3.jpgsw-snowflakes-4.jpgsw-snowflakes-6.jpgsw-snowflakes-7.jpgsw-snowflakes-5.jpg Thanks to Larosa, who told me she cuts snowflakes out of tin-foil to make them even shinier. Well look at you, Martha Stewart!