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royal rumble 2015 

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dem physics

royal rumble 2015 

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Día del Community Manager

by Guillermo Guerrero
En el día del Community Manager -dios ¿eso existe?- recordemos unas bonitas meditas metidas de pata de estos misteriosos seres :P

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26/01/2015 - 14:48:40 - Juegos - por Oink!


Hace mucho no me reía tanto

Pokedraw. Dibuja a un Pokèmon al azar en sólo 45 segundos (a mí por lo general me sobran unos 20 ó 30 segundos :D jojojojojojojo)

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The Last Straw

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Best Birthday Ever!

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More Brilliant Shower Thoughts (images via imgur)Previously: 20...

More Brilliant Shower Thoughts (images via imgur)

Previously: 20 Mind-Boggling Shower Thoughts

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En los comentarios de HD

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En los comentarios de HD

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Problemas del tercer mundo

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Problemas del tercer mundo

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What The Old Reader Readers Are Reading

Do you know what’s popular on the web right now?

If you ignore search engines, social media, and shopping, the most popular content on the web is sports (, news (,,, and porn.

If you ignore celebrities like Katy Perry, the most popular stuff on Twitter is mainstream news sites (CNN, BBC). 

If you look at what’s popular among The Old Reader users, you get a much different picture. 

First off, you like comics. Really, really like comics. XKCD, Dilbert, and the Oatmeal dominate the list of most popular feeds on The Old Reader. 


After comics, the majority of feeds are tech blogs and tech news sites. Then comes lifestyle stuff like Lifehacker. There is also a lot of longer form content like TED Talks or in-depth magazine reporting. We also see national news sites like and what might be considered local news sites, like

Interestingly, there is very little sports in our feeds. That might be because our users are just not sports fans. Or it might be that sports is easy to consume on Twitter. 

Looking at all of the data, I’m starting to think that The Old Reader is like a newspaper. Our readers are using it to compile a single source of information, news, analysis, satire, and opinion. It’s a source of information that you would have to work really hard to get just going online or using social media.

In fact, I think that the popularity of comics on our list supports my theory. It seems to me that just like in the days of the newspaper, comics are the one thing everyone can agree on. 

And as a comic fan, I’d like to point out that the comics you like are not childish entertainment. These comics are satire. Satire is only useful or interesting to people who have a good handle on what’s going on and are looking for a more subtle, sophisticated take- a way to make sense of the all the other stuff they read.  

On the Internet or social media, most people don’t read much beyond the headlines on mainstream news sites. But judging from our most popular feeds, The Old Reader makes it possible to consume a broader range of stuff, from comics and satire to news and analysis, to blogs and feature-length content.

Having information and being informed are not the same thing. Our users are looking to be informed. The paradox of our time is that you can have all of the information in the world available and learn less. There are more sources of information, but you need new literacy skills to decode messages in the way news and information are presented.

Most of us don’t have the time or mental energy to really analyze everything coming at us. But if you use it right, I really believe The Old Reader can help you get a better handle on a complicated world. 

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Pillé un libro del Instituto Cervantes para perfeccionar un poco...


Tuve que leerlo varias veces para cacharlo

Pillé un libro del Instituto Cervantes para perfeccionar un poco mi español, pero sus incisos humorísticos me matan.

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la wea de historia bonita weon :’)

la wea de historia bonita weon :’)

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A Jewel Caterpillar

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"As early as the 1920s, researchers giving IQ tests to non-Westerners realized that any test of..."

“As early as the 1920s, researchers giving IQ tests to non-Westerners realized that any test of intelligence is strongly, if subtly, imbued with cultural biases… Samoans, when given a test requiring them to trace a route form point A to point B, often chose not the most direct route (the “correct” answer), but rather the most aesthetically pleasing one. Australian aborigines find it difficult to understand why a friend would ask them to solve a difficult puzzle and not help them with it. Indeed, the assumption that one must provide answers alone, without assistance from those who are older and wiser, is a statement about the culture-bound view of intelligence. Certainly the smartest thing to do, when face with a difficult problem, is to seek the advice of more experienced relatives and friends!”

- Jonathan Marks - Anthropology and the Bell Curve (via mgrable)
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ithankthevirgin: When Timoteo Perez was gathering the maguey...


When Timoteo Perez was gathering the maguey sap, he found himself in serious danger, because an UFO was going to abduct him. He prayed the Virgin of the Solitude and didn’t get hurt. He only pissed his pants out of fear.

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No lo esperaba

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srsfunny: Please, Wake Up



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Anuncios japoneses

by Guillermo Guerrero

Japanese know better


Si en México pusieran comerciales así en YouTube se los juro que no le daba a "Omitir en 5 segundos"

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montt en dosis diarias - 240

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