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11 Jul 22:21

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I don’t think healthy people every really get chronic illness.

I have a friend I know from when we were both 6. She is the only person living nearby and so she saw me go from walking through limping to wheelchair on a daily basis. I keep her updated on my health even tho we rarely hang out anymore.
She was gonna come over yesterday and I had to cancel. She asked if I can’t hang out later that day. When I said i won’t feel better later, that if I feel that bad in the morning later will only get worse she got annoyed and “joked” that I’m just finding excuses. And I was surprised, she knows all about me being disabled after all? So, a bit taken aback, I told her it’s a normal thing for me.

“But you got the diagnosis now, aren’t you better?? I thought you’ll get better now”

She was honestly surprised and it made me realize a thing. They don’t get it. They don’t get that getting diagnosed only equals benefits like welfare or parking spot for us, and sometimes better pain meds but that is just like pushing luck. That it’s a forever thing. That that one day we felt good a week ago was just a bright spot and doesn’t mean we won’t need our aids anymore, cause chronic illness is not linear and will make a great comeback in next four hours, and the next good day is planned on when we’re 70.
Cause when abled people are sick, they get better. And our illness is just an excuse for them. And when we say we will never get better they think we’re being dramatic and pessimistic.
And I don’t think they’ll ever get it, cause to get it you need to live it.
And I want my friends to stay healthy and not go through hell.

This is definitely okay to reblog and abled people are encouraged to reblog cause maybe it’ll help others understand

Hello it’s me Lexa and this post is relevant again as I just had the
Legit Same Talk with someone and I exhausted my number of fucks to give

Oh my god I literally had this conversation with my mother an hour ago.

Mum: “So yeah, I was thinking that when I come down we could do visit an art gallery or a museum or something.”

Me: “I’ll have to see if I’m up for it, I’ve been going through a rough patch. I might not have the energy.”

Mum: “But you love art galleries.”

Me: “I know. What part of ‘it hurts to walk long distances now’ is hard for you though?”

lost a lot of “friends” when i ran entirely out of fucks and started responding to this kind of shit with the dictionary definition of “chronic” and “fatigue”.

I try to get my friends excited about the idea of just… I dunno, coming over to my house with their laptop so we can just sit together with Netflix and chatting as much as I have energy for and play games next to each other or something. It’s hard. I would LOOOOOVE to get out of the house and do all the partying and museums and such that I get invited to, I genuinely 100% would love that, but I can never know day-to-day what I’m even capable of. I’ve been blessed with a lot of understanding friends, but far more who have just… vanished.

07 Jul 22:18

The Best of Spider-Man on Texts From Superheroes10.   

The Best of Spider-Man on Texts From Superheroes






















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gameraboy: Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

Al Navarro

I've ever wondered...


Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

23 Jun 14:58

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Al Navarro

Someone put the "Explain your smollness" caption on the first picture!





Growing up with Pets


Oh my gracious my HEART.

My nephew keeps chasing the cat around trying to brush it’s teeth. Because he has to brush everyone’s teeth.

23 Jun 14:44

catsbeaversandducks: Mojito The Therapy Dog And Skywalker The...


Mojito The Therapy Dog And Skywalker The Deaf Kitten

Best friends!

Photos by ©mojito_rose

20 Jun 21:25

PSA for turtle lovers

Al Navarro

Share to the world! (and specially to the schools, the children are the most exitable, and need to learn to love our nature with facts and knowledge)




So PETA has recently posted an article about helping turtles across the road. While this sounds great, the article is loaded with nasty images of turtles who have been crushed by cars. The images are close-up, gory, and overall terrible to look at. So, for those of you out there who don’t want to see that, I’m making a post with happy pictures instead:

So turtles are amazing. I mean, look at that face

And often times during the warm months you will see turtles on the roadway just trying to get where they’re going. Unlike this little guy who’s already found the perfect spot

If you see a turtle in the road. The best thing to do is put on your hazard lights and safely pull over. watch for other cars as you examine the situation. Most turtles you come across aren’t super aggressive, so if you go to pick them up, the only thing they’ll do is this

if the turtle isn’t a snapping turtle or other aggressive turtle, simply pick it up like a hamburger to reduce the risk of injuring it, and take it to the side of the road that it’s trying to get to.

If it is a snapping turtle like this guy

or another kind of more agressive turtle, keep your distance. try to find a stick or something else you can goad it into focusing on. If you’re lucky, it will keep trying to attack the stick and you can “kite” it across the road. If not, call animal control and wait until they arrive. They’re trained to handle the situation.

In either case DO NOT take and wild turtles or tortoises home. I realize that they are incredible adorable

but you can seriously disrupt their environment and the overall population by keeping wild animals as pets. If you are looking for a pet reptile, it’s best to adopt from a shelter, or if you can’t find one, find a breeder that raises their reptiles ethically.

In addition, do not take them to a different area either, even if it’s a nearby lake in town. You could be taking it too far away from it’s home, lessening it’s chance of survival. Only take it to where it was already going.

Thank you all for reading, please share to help spread the word. Images I posted are not mine, with the exception of the sulcata tortoise hiding in the grass (That’s my shy boy).

IMPORTANT PSA (also adorable shell photos hee please give your boy some head skritches from us) 

Wildlife professional, here!

I can’t attest to the “kiting” method mentioned here (I’m sure it’s worked for some), but this video contains some really simple methods for moving even very large snappers (you can even slip a piece of cardboard like a pizza box underneath them)!

A reminder: never ever ever pick up a turtle by its tail. When it comes to snapping turtles, it’s a tempting option, but you risk permanently damaging their spines (which are attached to their tails directly). And always remember to help the turtle across the road in the direction it was headed.

My favorite method is using the back of its shell as “handles,” which you’ll see in the video, and I’m doing here:


Granted, this is difficult if the turtle is extremely muddy! You’ll see plenty of options in the video for helping these guys across the road! 

Also remember that even non-snappers have sharp claws they will use to try to “dig” away from you, so be prepared before you pick them up so you don’t get startled and drop them!

Finally, it’s not only bad for the environment to take a turtle home, but in most places (like Ohio), it is Very illegal to collect eastern box turtles! They’re in the wild for a reason; the ecosystem needs them! SO leave them alone to do their jobs.

Thank you for keeping our wildlife safe!

20 Jun 17:42

Monkey Gets His Own Personal Guard Dog

Al Navarro

The hero we need!

A picture of a monkey riding on the back of a dog

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14 Jun 22:37


Al Navarro





09 Jun 18:14

Exercise Your Brain With These 7 Free Mobile Games

by Sandy Stachowiak

There are plenty of ways to train your brain, but sometimes you just want something fun. Logic puzzles, games that make you think outside the box, and brain teasers offer enjoyment while keeping your mind mentally fit. If you like mobile games that challenge your brainpower and let you have a great time while doing it, then check out these all-time greats. 1. Brain Dots Brain Dots is a fun physics-based puzzler. With a simple concept, your goal is to bump the two dots. But how you do that is the tricky part. You must draw lines, shapes, or whatever...

Read the full article: Exercise Your Brain With These 7 Free Mobile Games

08 Jun 15:41

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(via Show and Tell - Imgur)

I remember reading this a while back, I’m glad it’s made it’s way to my dash again

things like this are more important than 90% of tumblr

bye im crying

05 Jun 22:17

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Al Navarro

Man, what a beautiful person! (the gorilla one really got me...






Mr Rogers Facts.

Source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Follow Ultrafacts for more facts daily.

always share mr rogers facts

We did not deserve this man

Mr. Rogers was the best! I still know how wax crayons (melon coloured!) are made because of him. The Land of Make Believe was the shit, and my brother and I used to bet on which colour of cardigan he’d pull out every show. It was amazing!

I definitely got my love of “how are things made??” from segments on his show like the crayon one.

26 May 16:27

Cogito Ergo Sum (I Think, Therefore I Am) [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
25 May 16:44

Can You Tell Which Cat Did It?

Al Navarro

Nope, haven't seen it before... (stop moving, tail!) xD

A funny gif of two cats, being questioned on who ate the toilet paper and one is innocent the other is not

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24 May 19:16

The White Stag is famous for leading heroes into danger…

The White Stag is famous for leading heroes into danger…

24 May 15:14

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - A Talk


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Slowly but inexorably, SMBC become nothing but comics about parents having sex.

New comic!
Today's News:
23 May 22:16

12 Comics That Are Too Realistic When It Comes To Living With A Cat

A short comic of catsu the cat and his owner, a girl that gets unwanted affection of love bites, licks and face slept on by her cat and when she wants to pet him, he walks away - cover photo for funny comics of catsu and his owner.

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22 May 18:43

spiderkiss: the-future-now: Tesla shows that a future with...



Tesla shows that a future with self-renewing power grids is closer than we thought (x) | follow @the-future-now

22 May 18:10

Serial tweetstory: A tenth life


The ninth time she died, she found no path back; nothing to climb, no crevice to sneak through.
“Come,” Death said.
“Shan’t,” she said.

Death shrugged his bony shoulders. Cats can not be argued with.
“Then I shall not see you again.”
“Your loss, I’m sure.” She washed her paw.

She was alone, on a featureless plain stretching from horizon to horizon under a starless sky.
She washed her other paw, then had a nap.

She picked a direction, then wandered, napped, and wandered some more until she got bored. The plain did not change, neither did the sky.

When she woke again, she noticed a faint smell of cheese. She stood up, stretched, sniffed the still air, and wandered towards the scent.

After a while, she found a boy in simple clothes.
“Hello,” he said, “can you show me the way home?”
“Did you not meet someone tall, skinny?”

“I’m not allowed to talk to or follow strange men,” the boy said earnestly.
She nodded. “Fair enough. Do you happen to have any cheese?”

The boy smiled. “I’m a cheesemaker’s apprentice.”
He looked around. “But… my basket is gone.”
She sighed. No cheese? Then what use was he?

“Stand up,” she said, “as tall and proud as you can.”
The boy obeyed, and she jumped up on his shoulder, and then to the top of his head.

She looked around. Far away, she could see a tall, dark figure, walking off with another person.
She jumped down.
“Follow me,” she said.

They hurried after Death and his companion, and eventually they reached a little farmstead.
There, Death abruptly changed direction.

“Sorry,” they heard Death say, “my mistake. It’s this way.”
Had he glanced to the side, he would have seen her and the boy, but he didn’t.

A woman came out of the farmhouse, and the boy stared at her.
“Grandma!” he shouted, “it’s me!”
He ran to her, and she opened her arms.

“I knew you were coming, dear,” she said, “but I feared you’d be lost.”
“I had a guide!”
He got out of her embrace.
“Do you have cheese?”

The boy’s grandmother laughed, and went inside. Soon after, she returned with a saucer with grated cheese and cream and chopped liver.

She thanked the boy’s grandmother, and she waited until they went inside before she began eating.
When she was done, she noticed a shadow.

Death stood next to her, looking out over the plain.
“Sometimes,” he said, as if talking to himself, “there are those who are lost.”

She looked up at him, but he did not look down.
“I can’t see a way to guide those who won’t follow,” he said.
“Subtle,” she said.
“I know.”

Told in a series of linked tweets, started with no idea where it was going.

22 May 18:05

Cats May Have Discovered The Origin Of The Red Dot

A picture of a cate starting at the laser and understanding that the red dot comes from there.

Submitted by: (via cuddlepunch)

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22 May 16:52 Review (Tech Sites We Love)

by Martin Brinkmann is home to a growing number of software programs for Microsoft Windows devices that are developed by Nir Sofer.

There are only a few developers out there that have produced a constant stream of quality free software for Windows in the past 15 or so years, and Nir Sofer is definitely one of them.

Nir Sofer started to publish his programs on free sites back in 2001, and switched to the iconic domain in 2004.

Today, it is home to more than 100 freeware programs for Windows. These programs are all free, most are portable, and none include advertisement, unwanted offers or nags. Review

nirsoft homepage

As good as many of the programs are that are offered on, so messy is the site itself. The homepage has so many links that it is hard to find what you are looking for.

The best options that you have are to either use the category browser on the left, the custom search engine near the top, or to download NirLauncher, a package of Nirsoft programs that you can run locally once downloaded.

All product pages on the NirSoft website use the same layout. This is helpful for returning visitors, as you can find your way around more easily because of that.

As a rule of thumb: the download links are always listed near the end of the page. You get a description and details, command line switches, limitations, and a release history on those pages as well usually.

NirSoft programs use a custom translation system that allows anyone to contribute translations for programs available on the website. It is not uncommon that translations of programs become available shortly after release.

The average Nirsoft program has a size of less than 100 Kilobytes thanks to efficient programming in C++, and the lack of installation packages or dependencies that add to the size of the program download.

NirSoft Top Programs


The Top Downloads listing on the NirSoft website dates back to 2015. It is a bit outdated because of that, but may still be useful.

I'd like to provide you with my own top 10 listing of NirSoft applications:

  1. Browsing History View -- Reads browsing data of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and lists it in its interface.
  2. CurrPorts -- A handy program that lists all open ports, processes responsible for those, and other information.
  3. DNS Query Sniffer -- The program lists all DNS queries of the system.
  4. DriveLetterView -- Lists all drive letters of connected devices and devices that were connected in the past.
  5. Quick Set DNS -- A simply tool that allows you to switch between different DNS server configurations.
  6. NirCmd -- A small tool that enables you to run certain tasks on the system using commands.
  7. NTFSLinksView -- Displays symbolic links and junction points in its interface.
  8. Volumouse -- Provides access to the volume of audio components through the mouse.
  9. Wireless Net View -- Scans wireless network activity and logs it.
  10. Wireless Network Watcher -- Scans the wireless network, and lists all computer systems and devices that are connected to the network.

NirSoft Software Advantages

  • The programs are free to use.
  • All programs are small and portable, which means that you can run them from anywhere, and that they won't take up much space.
  • Most NirSoft software uses the same layout and functionality. You will feel right at home regardless of program that you run, and you can use features such as the exporting of data or sorting of data in most.
  • Most programs can be run from the command line.

NirSoft Tips

While users may concentrate on downloading software programs from the NirSoft website, other sections of the site may be overlooked. These tips provide you with information on some of the useful sections:

  • Code Samples may be useful if you are an aspiring software developer. Nir Sofer published source code samples, as well as the source code for some of his programs.
  • Donate page on Nirsoft.
  • HTTPS is supported, but it is not enabled by default. You get some mixed content warnings right now when you load
  • NirSoft Launcher is one of the best options when it comes to downloading all NirSoft programs at once, and using a launcher application to run them.
  • NirSoft Panel lists all programs, and links directly to their executable file. This is a fast way of downloading those programs from a single page.
  • The NirSoft blog is updated whenever new tools are released.

What is not so good?

Users may run into two issues with NirSoft applications. First, that some may throw false positives. The nature of some programs, programs that reveal passwords for instance, make them targets for some antivirus solutions.

Nir Sofer published a false positives list until 2008, but stopped doing so because of the large number of reports he received on a daily basis. False positives may impact NirSoft's reputation, and may also put it regularly on blacklists on the Internet.

Inexperienced users may shy away from using NirSoft programs that are flagged by their antivirus solution.

The second issue comes down to the compartmentalization of some of the program families. Most NirSoft programs sever a single purpose, and that is usually a good thing as it means that they are small in size. It can be frustrating however to download several programs for a single purpose instead of just one.

Closing Words

NirSoft is home to quality software programs for Windows, there is no doubt about that. What is great about Nir Sofer is that he kept going in all that time, and that he publishes new software programs and updates to existing programs regularly.

Now You: What are your favorite NirSoft programs, and why?

Ghacks needs you. You can find out how to support us here or support the site directly by becoming a Patreon. Thank you for being a Ghacks reader.

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19 May 22:10

Fandom [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro

Actually, I love fandoms precisely because of that xD

Yep, this is exactly how I feel when I visit Facebook group dedicated to certain fandoms. Better stay away form these if you want to keep your sanity intact.

[Source: Sarah’s Scribbles | Like “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Facebook | Follow “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Twitter]

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15 May 19:52

This Simple Smartphone App May Just Trick People Into Thinking You Don’t Suck at Graffiti

by Andrew Liszewski

Have you ever dreamed about impressing the people around your neighborhood with preachy Banksy-inspired graffiti? SketchAR is an augmented reality drawing app that uses a smartphone and its camera to let you trace images. And when used with a device that supports Google’s Project Tango technology, suddenly anyone can…


13 May 16:18

At it with Akbar [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
12 May 16:43

The Trees Are Dying And We'll Die Next, And Other Facts

Al Navarro

You don't say?

Welcome to What We Learned This Week, a digest of the most important facts from the past few days. This week: Trees keep us alive, clogs keep us comfy and the weekend keeps us trapped.
12 May 16:36

Scientists Finally Know What Makes These Weird Glass Droplets So Incredibly Strong

by Andrew Liszewski
Al Navarro

Science, butchers!

Something unusual happens when a drop of molten glass falls into water. As it cools, it creates a crystal clear tadpole-like droplet that’s bulletproof on one end, but impossibly fragile on the other. We’ve known about these droplets for 400 years, but scientists have only recently figured out what makes them almost…


12 May 15:21

Never Disturb A Cat

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11 May 15:31

HOW TO: Do Homework [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy


Damn it.

So yeah, that about sums it it, at least that’s what I remember doing when I was back in school. From what I can recall, I got up a few times at 5 in the morning while I was in college to complete a homework that was due at 9, and I don’t think I ever flunked one. College was awesome, I kind of miss it. Being a grownup is totally overrated.

[Source: Sanesparza on Instagram | Like “Sanesparza” on Facebook]

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10 May 04:46

Vídeo: el helicóptero que se posó sobre la cima del Everest a 8.850 metros de altitud

by (Alvy)
Al Navarro


No había visto hasta ahora este vídeo aunque sí que conocíamos el dato (que mencionamos por aquí hace más de una década). Se trata de un helicóptero Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 «de serie» pilotado por Didier Delsalle. En mayo de 2005 aterrizó a 8.850 metros, en la cima del Monte Everest.

Didier batió dos récords en su momento con esta hazaña: los de aterrizaje y despegue a mayor altitud – tras permanecer posado casi cuatro minutos en la cima… Y no está claro si posado completamente o solo «tocando». Como puede verse en el vídeo el piloto hizo uso además de la máscara de oxígeno por aquello de la hipoxia debida al «mal de altura». Lo que no se ve es que además para apurar la autonomía del helicóptero y el combustible redujeron el peso unos 120 kg quitando por las buenas los –por otro lado innecesarios– asientos de pasajeros.

Desde entonces se han batido otros récords similares con otros modelos de helicópteros – pero sin aterrizajes/despegues; por ejemplo Jean Boulet voló en 1972 a 12.442 metros sobre el aeródromo de Istres (Francia) en el segundo prototipo del SE3150 (en 1958 ya había alcanzado los 10.984 metros).

# Enlace Permanente

08 May 21:04

Red Red Riding Hood [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro

Yep, that's the way I remember it was told