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10 Jul 22:35

#1756 – Emoji

by Chris
26 Jun 21:25

EVE Online Elections Probably Involved Vote-Buying, But That's OK

by Lee Yancy
Al Navarro

Wow, so... realistic.

Players suspect that the election results for EVE Online’s thirteenth Council of Stellar Management may have been tainted by dirty tricks, including out-and-out vote buying. Of course, this being EVE, dirty tricks are perfectly legal.


22 Jun 16:12


by Will Tirando
Al Navarro


20 Jun 17:25


20 Jun 15:53


05 Jun 15:15

Artistic Aspirations [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
04 Jun 16:18


Al Navarro

Hahahaha! thaw wiggle! fat cat is fat.

24 May 14:57

A Story of a Fuck Off Fund - The Billfold

by brandizzi
Al Navarro

Ok, this is a hell of an idea, and I haven't seen shared enough, and it seems so simple...

You’re telling your own story: You graduated college and you’re a grown-ass woman now. Tina Fey is your hero; Beyoncé, your preacher.

You know how to take care of you. You’ve learned self-defense. If any man ever hit you, you’d rip his eyes out. You’ve seen Mad Men, and if anyone ever sexually harassed you at work, you’d tell him to fuck right off, throw your coffee in his face, and wave two middle fingers as you marched out the door.

You get your first internship. You get your first credit card. You get to walk into Nordstrom, where your mom would never take you, and congratulate yourself with one fabulous black leather skirt, and the heels to match.

Your car? It’s the car of a college student. You get a lease, graduate from the rusted Civic to last year’s Accord.

You get your first student loan bill, and look at all those numbers.

Your life turns into a stock photo tagged “young professionals”: you and your new work friends, hanging out at the bar across the street from the office. The cocktails cost twice as much as you paid when you still measured time by semesters and nights by cans of PBR.

The college boyfriend gets serious. You move into his place, spruce it up by buying your first coffee table together. Ikea lets you put half on your newest credit card.

Your internship ends before you find a permanent job. You pay minimum payments, then max out your cards again buying two days’ worth of groceries and filling your gas tank half way.

Your bank app upgrades to a new feature that combines all your balances — the shiny Nordstrom card with the Visa and the Chase Freedom you were only supposed to use for emergencies — and tells you that somehow you owe people seven thousand dollars.

Your boyfriend offers to cover the rent for a while. You get a job a few months later, but you’re that many loan payments behind. Your first paycheck feels like a breath of air that gets sucked right out of your lungs.

Your new boss, who seems nice, calls you in his office, shows you a picture of his kids. He jokes about his son, then as you’re laughing, he puts his hand on your arm, gives you a little squeeze. You smile it off.

You wait to pay the electric bill while you’re gathering up the half you owe, and the lights go out. On your phone you see the email about the $50 late fee. Your boyfriend asks how you could be so stupid. “I am not stupid,” you say. You would never be with someone who called you names, but you would never be able to make first, last, and deposit right now, either.

You say yes to payday P.F. Chang’s with your new co-workers, because you want to make friends, your turkey sandwich sounds boring, and what’s one more charge? You buy a halter dress you know you can’t afford, because it makes you look like the successful young woman you want everyone to think you are.

Your boss tells you that you look nice in that dress, asks you to do a spin. Just to get the moment over with, you do.

Your boyfriend asks you how much you paid for it, says it makes you look chubby. You lock yourself in the bathroom until he bangs on the door so hard you think he must have hurt himself. After he falls asleep, you search Craigslist for places, and can’t believe how expensive rent’s gotten around town. You erase your Internet history and go to sleep.

A few weeks later, your boss calls a one-on-one in his office, walks up behind you, and stands too close. His breath fogs your neck. His hand crawls up your new dress. You squirm away. He says, “Sorry, I thought…”

You know what to do. You’re just shocked to find you’re not doing it. You are not telling him to fuck off. You are not storming out. All you’re doing is math. You have $159 in the bank and your car payment and your maxed out credit cards and you’ll die before you ask your dad for a loan again and it all equals one thought: I need this job.

“It’s ok,” you hear your voice saying. “Just forget it.” You scurry out of the room, survey the office half full of women, and wonder how many of them have secrets like the one you’re about to keep.

At the apartment, your best guy friend calls. After you hang up, your boyfriend says you laugh too much with him, that you’re flirting with him, probably sleeping with him. You say it’s not like that. You yell, he yells. You try to leave, he blocks your way. When you struggle to get by, he grabs your wrist in the exact way they pretended to in self-defense class, and you know to go for the eyes, but you don’t know how to go for his eyes. He yanks you back until you fall and crack the coffee table.

He seems so sorry, cries, even, so that night you lie down in the same bed. You stare up at the dark and try to calculate how long it would take you to save up the cash to move out. Telling yourself that he’s sorry, convincing yourself it was an accident, discounting this one time because he didn’t hit you, exactly, seems much more feasible than finding the money, with what you owe every month. The next time you go out as a couple, his arm around your shoulders, you look at all the other girlfriends and imagine finger-sized bruises under their long sleeves.

Wait. This story sucks. If it were one of those Choose Your Own Adventures, here’s where you’d want to flip back, start over, rewrite what happens to you.

You graduated college and you’re a grown-ass woman now. Tina Fey is your hero. Beyoncé, your preacher.

If any man ever hit you, if anyone ever sexually harassed you, you’d tell him to fuck right off. You want to be, no, you will be the kind of woman who can tell anyone to fuck off if a fuck off is deserved, so naturally you start a Fuck Off Fund.

To build this account, you keep living like you lived as a broke student. Drive the decade-old Civic even after the fender falls off. Buy the thrift store clothes. You waitress on Saturdays, even though you work Monday through Friday. You make do with the garage sale coffee table. It’s hard, your loan payments suck, but you make girl’s night an at-home thing and do tacos potluck.

You save up a Fuck Off Fund of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, then enough to live half a year without anyone else’s help. So when your boss tells you that you look nice, asks you to do a spin, you say, “Is there some way you need my assistance in the professional capacity or can I go back to my desk now?”

When your boyfriend calls you stupid, you say if he ever says that again, you’re out of there, and it’s not hard to imagine how you’ll accomplish your getaway.

When your boss attempts to grope you, you say, “Fuck off, you creep!” You wave two middle fingers in the air, and march over to HR. Whether the system protects you or fails you, you will be able to take care of yourself.

When your boyfriend pounds the door, grabs your wrist, you see it as the red flag it is, leave a post-it in the night that says, “Fuck off, lunatic douche!” You stay up in a fancy hotel drinking room service champagne, shopping for apartments, and swiping around on Tinder.

Once your Fuck Off Fund is built back up, with your new, better job, you pay cash for the most bad ass black leather skirt you can find, upgrade to the used but nicer convertible you’ve always wanted, and start saving to go to Thailand with your best friend the next summer.

Yes, that’s a better story.

It’s a story no one ever told me.

It’s the kind I’d hope for you.

Paulette Perhach has been published at, The Journal, and various other newspapers and magazines. She collaborated with the Hugo House writing center to produce The Writer’s Welcome Kit, an online course that helps new writers figure out where to start. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook if you’d like.

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09 May 16:12

vampiricyoshi: neilnevins: neilnevins: Bugs Bunny could singlehandedly defeat Thanos by dressing up...

Al Navarro

Ok, that brought some funny memories joy




Bugs Bunny could singlehandedly defeat Thanos by dressing up as a TSA agent and setting up a metal detector in the middle of the battlefield saying that all metal objects must be removed if you want to pass on through now stick around for my 2,000 word essay on just how effectively he would convince The Mad Titan to comply

“For shame, doc! Dontcha know we got other folks waiting?”

(Thanos looks behind him and sees dozens of Bugs Bunnies dressed as angry yelling travelers with huge bags of luggage. Thanos rubs his neck guiltily and begins sliding off the gauntlet)

I felt compelled

Is Bugs Bunny some kind of trickster god? Is he an Old One? Who is he

08 May 15:34


Cheezburger Image 9154647808

Submitted by: (via Acid Cow)

08 May 15:31

Video Of A New Fancy-Dancing Bird Of Paradise With Iridescent Plumage Caught Trying To Impress A Lady

Al Navarro

Important bird news!

This is a video of a newly recognized species of bird-of-paradise (the Vogelkop Superb bird-of-paradise) from Papua, New Guinea trying to impress a lady with a fancy dance and his iridescent plumage. Admittedly, those were some solid dance moves. The female is not impressed though and flies off. I can't say I blame her, the iridescent plumage on his face makes him look like some sort of creepy phantom bird. And who wants to raise a family with a ghost bird? Why are you raising your hand? Keep going for the video.
04 May 15:47

Dressing up for Success [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro

That girl dressing as the big boss! hahahaha! joy

03 May 17:26

Hoy hace 25 años que el CERN le regaló la web al mundo al ponerla en el dominio público

by (Wicho)

Documento que deja la web en el dominio público

El 6 de agosto de 1991 Tin Berners–Lee, ahora Sir Tim Berners–Lee hacía pública la primera página web. Era parte de un proyecto suyo propuesto en marzo de 1989 que tenía como objetivo poder compartir información entre grupos y personas que utilizaban distintos sistemas, incompatibles entre sí.

La web en un ordenador NeXT

Competía con otros sistemas con objetivos parecidos como Gopher, muy popular en aquella época. Pero a diferencia de éste, por el que la Universidad de Minesotta decidió empezar a cobrar en febrero de 1993, el 30 de abril de 1993 el CERN, que es dónde trabajaba Tim Berners-Lee entonces, anunció que la web y sus protocolos asociados pasarían a ser del dominio público.

Y el resto, como suele decirse, es historia, hasta el punto de que para muchas personas la web es Internet… aunque hoy en día el mismísimo Tim Berners–Lee opina que la web está en peligro.


02 May 13:24

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Jesus


Click here to go see the bonus panel!


New comic!
Today's News:

Let it never be said that SMBC was especially motivational.

20 Apr 13:16

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe Was Made in the 90s

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro

Oh, com'on! my brain just agreed with 75%-80% of those cast! why are they so accurate!!!

A fan made this cast poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War if it would have been released in the 90s.

[Source: Bochi-Bochi on FB]

The post If the Marvel Cinematic Universe Was Made in the 90s appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

18 Apr 14:43

Very Long Nap

Al Navarro

I feel you, bro...

17 Apr 21:40

Dorkly Comic: Getting a New Game: Then vs. Now

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro


In this comic, artist Julia Lepetit from Dorkly takes a look at what getting a new game was like back when we were younger vs how it is now that we’re adults.

[Source: Dorkly]

The post Dorkly Comic: Getting a New Game: Then vs. Now appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

16 Apr 14:04

Físico chileno quiere reemplazar a los políticos con inteligencia artificial

by César Muñoz
Al Navarro


César Hidalgo, docente chileno del MIT con vasta experiencia en el manejo de datos, ha hecho noticia, entre otras cosas, por desarrollar el proyecto DataChile, una moderna plataforma que integra, visualiza y distribuye datos públicos chilenos. Ahora, otro proyecto en una dirección parecida quiere sustituir a los políticos por modelos de inteligencia artificial.

Tal como se lee. El físico de la UC está trabajando en una tecnología que permita que la participación política sea a través de una inteligencia artificial. En una entrevista dada a El Mercurio, Hidalgo comentó que trabaja en una suerte de político “avatar”:

Imagínate un futuro en el cual cada persona tiene un senador personalizado, pero ese senador personalizado no es una persona, es un software, un agente de inteligencia artificial, que toma datos sobre tus hábitos de lectura, sobre tus interacciones en redes sociales, tu test de personalidad, información que tú le provees a esa persona virtual para que te represente cada vez que una ley o una legislación se va a votar.

Esta IA tendrá la capacidad de analizar los datos de la persona y cruzarla con las legislaciones. De esta forma, se tendrá un veredicto más acertado, “suprimiendo” las interrogantes o ambigüedades que pudiesen presentar los políticos de carne y hueso. Hidalgo también quiere que en un futuro esta IA tome decisiones automáticamente por nosotros.

Uno puede llegar a un mundo donde se pueda tener una participación directa que incluya al 100% de las personas, si es que uno sacrifica ese supuesto de que los representantes tienen que ser de carne y hueso.

La propuesta, se lanza en un momento donde entidades como Cambridge Analytica han hecho estragos con los sistemas democráticos. Y no solo en Estados Unidos o Reino Unido; en Chile, el marketing político y el uso del big data para manejar las elecciones, también es un hecho. Recordemos el caso de Instagis y el electo Sebastián Piñera.

En cualquier caso, se abren interrogantes sobre los alcances del término “político” para el proyecto. Así mismo, entran a colación temas como la verdadera efectividad del voto electrónico y la “capacidad” actual de las inteligencias artificiales, cuyo concepto de inteligencia se ha cuestionado. ¿Crees que sería viable un proyecto de este tipo?

10 Apr 13:17

ask-cloud-skipper: pr1nceshawn: Customer Service Wolf. That...



Customer Service Wolf.

That wolf embodies the thoughts of most in customer service

09 Apr 16:18

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Monster


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

One day, there'll be an entire book of these...

New comic!
Today's News:
06 Apr 15:41

simonalkenmayer: itsladykit: theangriestlittleunicorn: the-real-seebs: the-rain-monster: shrinea...

Al Navarro

Allways wondered why I feel embarassed when I did some little stupid thing (stupid for others, not for me), and now I see it was not for me, it was for others.








Honestly something that bothers me more than most things is having my compassion mistaken for naivety.

I know that another fish might eat this bullfrog right after I spend months rehabilitating it.

I know that turning a beetle back onto its legs won’t save it from falling over again when I walk away.

I know that there is no cosmic reward waiting for my soul based on how many worms I pick off a hot sidewalk to put into the mud, or how many times I’ve helped a a raccoon climb out of a too-deep trashcan. 

I know things suffer, and things struggle, and things die uselessly all day long. I’m young and idealistic, but I’m not literally a child. I would never judge another person for walking by an injured bird, for ignoring a worm, or for not really caring about the fate of a frog in a pond full of, y’know, plenty of other frogs.

There is nothing wrong with that.

But I cannot cannot cannot look at something struggling and ignore it if I may have the power to help.

There is so much bad stuff in this world so far beyond my control, that I take comfort in the smallest, most thankless tasks. It’s a relief to say “I can help you in this moment,” even though they don’t understand.

I don’t need a devil’s advocate to tell me another fish probably ate that frog when I let it go, or that the raccoon probably ended up trapped in another dumpster the next night.

I know!!!! I know!!!!!!! But today I had the power to help! So I did! And it made me happy!

So just leave me alone alright thank u!!!!


I heard a story about this, a parable I guess.

There was a big storm and a ton of starfish were washed onto the beach, stranded much further up than they could get back and beginning to bake in the post-storm sunshine. A little girl was walking down the beach, picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. Some guy comes up and asks her what she’s doing. “Saving the starfish,” she says.

He looks around at the huge beach and the hundreds of starfish, and says “You can’t possibly save them all. I’m afraid you’re not gonna make much of a difference.”

She throws another starfish back into the ocean, and replies “It made a difference to that one.”

Yeah, I mean, we know we can’t change all the things. But have you ever noticed how much better life is when you’re around people who change things when they can?

Kindness is a choice. Even if it’s small, it’s worth it.

This is what I’m talking about, when I say that kindness and compassion do not equate with ignorance, stupidity, or naivety. Being cynical does not make someone more intelligent or more worldly. 

Kindness is not weakness.

Kindness is brave. Especially when you also know that your kindness might not be returned, may even be met with anger or cruelty. It’s reaching out with an open hand, knowing that it’s just as likely to be bitten as it is to be held. 

Kindness is hard. If you can’t find it in yourself to be kind, then fine. But don’t make it more difficult for those that can.

Kindness is a discipline, a skill like anything else. Don’t think you can simply be nice the odd time and call yourself kind. Kind takes work, ethic, perseverance. It must be pursued even in the darkest of times. Mercy is for those who deserve it the least and vows are for the times when it is most difficult to withstand.

If you aren’t pursuing it every day, then you’re not kind. You’re occasionally nice. 

04 Apr 16:45

Overlords [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro

Well... they look happy, at least joy

27 Mar 15:46

Special Brownies [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
27 Mar 14:49

5 Effective Ways to Overcome Chronic Substance Abuse

by smithwillas
Al Navarro

It's importante to know.

You're reading 5 Effective Ways to Overcome Chronic Substance Abuse, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

When you are deeply addicted to drugs or alcohol, you pretty well know how the craving and yearning for getting intoxicated overpower your senses. At some point in time, you want to give up your addiction, break the shackles and get back to life, but to no avail. This is what the chronic nature of substance abuse does to you; it just takes a turn for the worse – a condition called “relapse”. In simple words, the term relapse refers to a person stopping the use of drugs or alcohol for a period of time and then starting to use again. On the face of it, conquering substance abuse seems difficult and challenging, but it is certainly not impossible. With the right kind of treatment, support and direction, you can defeat addiction along with self-help and determination. If you have already tried and failed to overcome substance abuse, don’t think there’s no way out. However, the road to recovery is not that easy either; but with a sheer willpower and a strong resolve you are bound to succeed. Here are some powerful ways to overcome chronic substance abuse:
  1. Understand your cravings
Being aware of your craving and knowing how to manage it is a constructive way to stay on track with your recovery from addiction. During the process of recovery, many people assume that cravings are a sign of relapsing. The truth is you only relapse when you revert back to using a substance to ostensibly cope with life stress and demands. It is quite natural that you feel that strong desire of getting intoxicated from time to time. The effort of eliminating cravings, therefore, is futile, rather you should recognize when your craving cycle begins and curb it before it pulls you in a downward spiral. Typically craving cycle works in three phases – trigger response, obsessive thinking, and full-blown craving. However, powerful these symptoms might be, the craving cycle is definitely not beyond your control. The key is to nip it in the bud the moment trigger response begins.
  1. Find an alternative source of pleasure
There are many reasons why people turn to drugs and alcohol, and all of them can be fulfilled with other activities. So you can still experience your life’s blessings without abusing substances. Since everyone wants to feel good and changing societal norms have become such that one naturally gets drifted towards mind-altering substances, so you have to understand that there are other ways of enjoying life. Drug and alcohol intake encourage your brain to release dopamine; however when the substance abuse becomes overwhelmed with time, the release of dopamine becomes less and less, and you become deeply indulged. As a result, cravings get harder to handle. Therefore, you need to fill your life with a wide variety of fun and engaging activities that will make you feel satisfied and happy.
  1. Seek professional intervention
Quitting drugs and alcohol cold turkey is often very difficult; therefore it is better to look out for professional intervention. The National Council on Alcoholism and drug dependence defines intervention as a “professionally directed education process resulting in face-to-face meeting of family members and friends along with the person in trouble with drugs and alcohol. When you find the best interventionist, it will be easier for you and your family through the initial recovery process and finally bring about positive change. Since quitting cold turkey might exacerbate side effects and relapse, medical supervision will be the best bet for you. The different treatment options available in the intervention are: rapid detox, inpatient/outpatient treatment, and drug/alcohol rehab. In addition to that, counseling is also very important part of substance abuse treatment.
  1. Change your lifestyle
If you have determined to overcome your drug/alcohol addiction once and for all, you need to change your lifestyle for better. You have to overhaul everything from your daily routine to the way you handle daily stress and down to the family and friends that you rely on for support and guidance. To that effect, following a healthy routine is very important for you to give a new lease of life to yourself. Apart from that, physical activity and exercise can prove highly effective ways in fighting substance abuse and getting back to life. You should focus on both cardiovascular exercise and strength training.
  1. Stay away from high-risk situations
In order to overcome your cravings, you need to distance yourself from people and situations that encourage addictions. You have to say no to your former drinking buddies, and instead surround yourself by the people who have a positive influence on you. If you are fighting chronic alcoholism, just avoid social gatherings and stopping by bars, while staying connected to friends who don’t drink. You need to eliminate those people, places, and things that are triggered for relapse. The reason for this is simple: you need to make it as easy on you as possible to stay sober. Final Words Overcoming substance abuse is difficult and there are not doubts about that, but taking proper steps and availing right kind of support will help you defeat your cravings. Sincerely follow the above five steps and you will see the results.

You've read 5 Effective Ways to Overcome Chronic Substance Abuse, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

27 Feb 14:08

Estos ingenieros han diseñado un dispositivo capaz de generar energía del aire

by Javier Jiménez

Mit Heat Harvesting 01 0

Los cambios de temperatura nos rodean constantemente. Grandes o pequeñas, las fluctuaciones térmicas forman parte de nuestro día a día: son, pese a los esfuerzos de los científicos, una enorme fuente de energía sin explotar. Hasta ahora que un equipo de investigadores del MIT parece haber encontrado la forma de sacarles jugo.

Este sistema podría usarse para alimentar sensores o cacharros "de la nada". Han conseguido extraer energía de oscilaciones naturales como las del día a la noche y, solo con eso, podríamos mantener pequeños dispositivos en funcionamiento durante años.

Una enorme cantidad de energía a nuestro alrededor

Mit Heat Harvesting 02

No es la primera que se intenta generar energía a partir de los cambios de temperatura. Se han utilizado otros métodos, pero ninguno dado resultados satisfactorios. La clave estaba en aumentar la efusividad térmica. La efusividad es una combinación entre capacidad para conducir el calor y capacidad para almacenarlo. Normalmente, cuanto mejor conducen el calarlos metales, menor calor pueden acumular.

Con una combinación de materiales (que, por cierto, incluye el grafeno) han conseguido el nivel óptimo de efusividad y crear un "resonador térmico": un dispositivo que captura calor en un lado y lo irradia en el otro. Mientras ambos lados intentan alcanzar un equilibrio, el dispositivo captura esa energía

“Básicamente, inventamos este concepto de la nada. Hemos construido el primer resonador térmicoexplicaba Michael Strano, uno de los investigadores. Este sistema no solo es el más eficiente que hemos encontrado, sino que permite adaptarse a periodos específicos de variación de temperatura.

Es cierto que no se generan grandes cantidades de energía, pero sí las suficientes para mantener en funcionamiento pequeños dispositivos en casi cualquier sitio en el que haya cambios térmicos. Eso lo convierte en una herramienta muy útil para lugares poco accesibles, pero también en una pieza clave en la exploración planetaria.

También te recomendamos

¿Quieres calefacción y agua caliente gratis? Fácil, sólo deja que esta compañía instale un servidor en tu casa

El motor más pequeño del mundo está formado por un solo átomo

Adaptador Wifi y PLC, ¿en qué se diferencian?

La noticia Estos ingenieros han diseñado un dispositivo capaz de generar energía del aire fue publicada originalmente en Xataka por Javier Jiménez .

21 Feb 23:48

I Don't Want to Hear About Your Iceland Trip Unless You Come Back With Footage Like This

by Andrew Liszewski on Sploid, shared by Hudson Hongo to Gizmodo

How many arduous slideshows of your friends’ trips to Iceland have you had to sit through? Too many, right? After watching this stunning collection of timelapses that Martin Heck captured while briefly touring the country, I’m officially drawing the line and raising the bar when it comes to Icelandic vacation videos…


15 Feb 16:42

Dorkly Comic: An Avenger Finally Gets The Recognition They Deserve

by Geeks are Sexy
15 Feb 16:40

Why, As Adults, We Should All Give Valentine’s Day Cards to Our Friends [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
Al Navarro

but, make sure you do the "finger-gun" thing, it has no meaning without it joy

29 Jan 13:28

Morning After Pill for HIV












I think that people forget that condoms protect you from more than just pregnancy.

And there is no morning after pill for HIV.


It’s called post exposure prophylaxis.

If you’ve had unprotected sex and are afraid of possibly being at risk for HIV, please go to the emergency room and ask about POST EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS.

Works for up to 48 - 72 hours after exposure to HIV.


I wouldn’t need this but this is actually really cool and I’d like to share it in case anyone might need it.

If you see this on your dash REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG!!!! You could save a life

SAVE A LIFE 🔃🔃🔃🔃🔃🔃🔃🔃

There’s a FDA approved daily medication called Truvada, or the PrEP treatment, that is 92-99% effective in preventing the contraction of HIV.

Private insurance and Medicaid cover it. You can also get it for free in a lot of high risk cities like Atlanta, NY, and San Fransisco.

It’s the same cocktail they give to medical professionals who have had contaminated needle sticks/blood splashes from potentially infected blood. Very effective.

BOOST  !!!!!

Please boost. You may think you’ll never need it, but you never know what might happen in your life

Signal boost!

26 Jan 13:31

Update and Restart

Al Navarro

That 2nd panel joy

Bonus Panel:

Update and Restart Bonus Panel