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22 Mar 08:29

Wait, Crabs Can Climb Trees?!

by Adam Clark Estes
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Death from above!

Scientists recently discovered a new species of crab in Hong Kong. It’s very tiny, less than a centimeter long. It also climbs trees, which is terrifying.


17 Mar 17:20

39 Tweets About Cats That Make Us Laugh Every Single Time


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17 Mar 16:58

stormingtheivory: sizvideos: Watch the video of this man giving...

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This, is something to share...



Watch the video of this man giving away his software for free to help people with degenerative diseases communicate

but…. but…. profit motive! infinite houses!! this doesnt fit in my narrow victorian framework for understanding human nature!!

14 Mar 17:34

Cliff collapses in Hawaii, causing a firehose of lava.

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Woah! I'd love to see video footage of that!

Damn, Nature, you are scary.

Cliff collapses in Hawaii, causing a firehose of lava.

01 Mar 02:38

enigmaticagentalice: People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and...


People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.

24 Feb 20:06

by Loading Artist

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If at first you don't succeed...

24 Feb 16:55

Source: [x] Click HERE for more facts

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I didn't knew it, but Bill Murray is an influential MF!

24 Feb 16:50

5 Great Energy-Boosting Alternatives to Coffee

by Melissa Chu
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The Yerba Mate is kind of heavy on the stomach, but very good (Inhibits appetite too, in some combinations, so It's great to stay hydrated and help you lose weight)... argentinians take it even in the beach!

Guaraná is a nice replacement to coffe, it's pretty strong, but healthier...

You're reading 5 Great Energy-Boosting Alternatives to Coffee, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

If you’re like me, you need to have that cup of coffee to help you get started early in the morning. Just imagine: a warm, steamy brew that gives off a gentle aroma while you take your first sip. Coffee has been around for centuries, enchanting us with its miracle effect. Besides its stimulant effect, caffeine has also been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. But that same cup of coffee also has a dark side. Drinking numerous cups in a day can leave you feeling jittery during the day and restless at night. Over a period of time, you can develop caffeine tolerance, which means you need more caffeine to feel the same effects. But what if it's late in the day and you still crave that much-needed energy boost, minus the caffeine crash? Here are 5 alternatives you should try the next time you need a lift:

1. Chai tea

Chai is a combination of black tea and numerous spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. With its soothing, calming quality, no wonder this tea is practically India’s national drink. Serve with a dash of milk and a teaspoon of the sweetener of your choice. The creaminess of this drink will make your brain think you’re drinking coffee!

2. Lemon water

It might not seem like it, but a glass of warm lemon water is a simple way to help you feel alert and energized. The combination of lemon juice and water also helps digestion and promotes healthy skin. There’ve been a number of times when I felt like drinking coffee, but a lemon wedge squeezed into warm water did the trick.

3. Yerba mate

Named the “drink of the gods” by indigenous South Americans, this popular brew provides a gentle and calm energy buzz without the negative effects of coffee. Yerba mate is rich with metabolism-boosting nutrients and antioxidants. You can prepare yerba mate in a variety of ways – using the traditional mate cup, a coffee pot, or a French press, either hot or chilled.

4. Chicory coffee

This alternative is probably the closest tasting beverage you can get to coffee. Highly popular in New Orleans for its rich, slightly bitter taste, chicory root reduces inflammation and regulates blood sugar levels. Steep a tablespoon of roasted chicory root in a large cup for several minutes, and top with almond milk and sweetener if desired.

5. Peppermint tea

With its minty taste, this tea is a refreshing choice any time of the day. The cooling sensation helps reduce pain and acts a natural breath freshener. Peppermint leaves are fairly easy to grow outside. You can boil either fresh or dried leaves for a few minutes before drinking.

Use Your Energy Where It Matters Most

Are you ready to get closer to your goals? To take action, here's a guide for you: How To Get Anything You Want This guide will help you to:
  • create a plan to help you focus on your most important goals.
  • find out how to find a feasible interest to pursue.
  • use a strategy included to overcome challenges and setbacks.
Ready to bring positive change to your life? Grab your free guide here (it's free). --------- Melissa Chu helps people live better and make an impact through their work. You can download the free guide on how to set and achieve your goals.

You've read 5 Great Energy-Boosting Alternatives to Coffee, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

24 Feb 16:37

Mentirinhas #1114

by Fábio Coala
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isso foi muito cruel ... e divertido!


Hahaha ha ha… Peraí… Wilbor! WILBOR!! NOOOOOOoooo

O post Mentirinhas #1114 apareceu primeiro em Mentirinhas.

23 Feb 15:10

Ovnis, abducciones, terror extraterrestre y ¿arte callejero?

by Troy
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I want to believe!


Atentos a esta esta espeluznante (y surrealista) escena urbano-campestre.

No sabemos si es real, si es un montaje o si, como algunas mentes lúcidas apuntan, se trata de una pieza genial de arte callejero.

Si se trata de ésto último, desconocemos cualquier detalle respecto a su origen y localización. Solo sabemos que lo hemos visto en los twitters del @CamaradaBakunin y de @suddiraval.

Ver más: abducción, extraterrestres, ovnis, terror
Síguenos: @NoPuedoCreer - @QueLoVendan - @QueLoVendanX

14 Feb 15:38

10 Examples of Dogs Doing Maternity Photoshoots Better Than Humans

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Pigs are also great at maternity photoshoots, just FYI.

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08 Feb 14:12


07 Feb 13:44

Working a Sedentary Job? Improve Your Health in Just a Few Minutes a Day!

by Milica Vladova

Are you working long hours on the computer, feeling stiff, tired, and stressed?  Do you suffer from frequent headaches, muscle tension, back pain, eyesight deterioration, overwhelm? If so, fear not! I am here to help you, because I have been there! For years I have been struggling with these same health issues. The doctors said the case was hopeless, but I refused to accept it!

And in this practical action guide, you will learn how I managed to preserve my precious health while pursuing my goals and working every day on the computer. And you can do it, too! With just a couple of minutes daily, you can make a massive difference in your health and wellbeing!

This article can be extremely valuable for all people working a sedentary profession – entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs, stay-at-home parents, writers, etc.

Improving the eyesight

Constantly working on the computer is a must for almost everyone these days. And our eyes suffer the consequences. The muscles become tensed, we get frequent headaches, we feel tired, even dizzy. Not to mention developing short-sightedness, dryness, itching, redness, and overall eyesight deterioration. But fear not! This could be easily prevented with some simple eye exercises. They will help us relieve the stress in this area and improve our vision very quickly! All you need to do is set aside a couple of minutes and start moving the eyeballs (without moving the neck) – make up and down movements, left and right, in circles clockwise and counter-clockwise, form the number 8 with your eyes, then the infinity symbol ∞, etc.

One very important exercise is to switch between distant and close object – focus your vision at the most distant point you can fixate. Then slowly move your attention as close as you can – you can use the tip of a pen to guide your focus. This will help both short-sighted and long-sighted people.

Try to blink more often between the exercises – it relaxes the muscles and hydrates the eyes.

Palming is another excellent exercise for anyone working long hours on the computer. Simply rub your palms against each other (to stimulate the blood flow and to make them warmer), place them on your closed eyes and relax. Breathe deeply, and consciously relax the eye muscles. This will give the retina the needed break and time to rest.

Another very important exercise (called “solarization”) will help your retina recover from the constant blue light streaming from various devices.  In the evening (when it is dark), switch off all lights and light a candle. Place it at eye level and focus on the flame. Start slowly turning your head left and right, but do not move away your gaze from the flame.

Important note: if you are working in the evening, lower the brightness of your screen. This will decrease the exposure to blue light, lower the tension in the muscles and retina, and improve your sleep. There is a free tool (called Iris) you can use to do this automatically. For more information, take a look at the tools section at the end of the article.

Relieving back pain

The other main area that suffers greatly from our sedentary lifestyle is the back. We get stiffness, pain, and numbness. The issues of the spine could lead to more serious conditions like spurs, herniated disks, headaches, even deteriorated eyesight (due to the impaired blood flow to the head). Fortunately, we can prevent and heal these symptoms by doing some simple and easy yoga stretches. Several minutes a day of these asanas could make a significant effect and improvement in our flexibility! I will list the most powerful exercises below, and in the tools section, you can see links to the videos for you to see how they are executed.

Cat/Cow pose (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana) – perfect for beginners.

Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana) – this one needs a little more practice to achieve its full benefits. But the good thing about yoga is that the path is equally effective as the end goal.

Standing forward bend (Padahastasana) – also very beneficial for the proper blood flow into the head, and also good for the eyesight.

Cobra and Upward facing dog (Bhujangasana and Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) – they look very similar, but they are not the same. Choose your favorite or even better – do them both, because they are equally very good for your back.

Locust pose and Bow pose (Salabhasana and Dhanurasana) – these asanas are very tough, but if we want to strengthen the muscles of the back, these poses are essential. At first it may be difficult to hold the poses, but don’t worry, the body will respond with practice. Don’t try to overdo the poses and listen to your body.

Half Camel pose (Ardha Ustrasana) – the full Camel Pose is very difficult, so I would advise you, if you are a beginner, to start with Half Camel. Do the asana on both sides and hold it as long as you feel comfortable. Just make sure you put extra cushion under your knees to keep them from hurting.

Sitting Half Spinal twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana) – excellent for the spine, but it also strengthens and boosts the liver!

Stress management

Being an entrepreneur/ solopreneur, a freelancer, etc. means dealing with lots of stress, anxiety, worry, self-doubt, overwhelm, etc. And this is definitely not what we bargained for! We want the feeling of freedom, calmness, clarity, and optimism! So, I will share with you some tactics to deal with stress, you can try right away! They are very simple and can be applied even for 15 minutes a day.

1.       Abdominal breathing – this is one of the best exercises to reduce stress and relieve the anxiety. It is used by yogis to sooth the tension in the body and mind.

Start by focusing on the muscles of your abdomen and start breathing through the nose by expanding your belly. Your shoulders and chest should not be moving – you can even put one of your hands on the chest and the other one – on your belly. Only the hand on the lower part of the body should be moving as you breathe. Repeat it as many times a day as you like, and as long as you feel comfortable. That’s it!

2.       Meditation – even several minutes of calming the mind can significantly boost the work of the brain and sooth our anxiety and overwhelm!

Simply calm your mind and try to focus on your breath. Imagine how the air moves from your nose into the lungs. If any thoughts occur, just gently move your attention back to the breathing. In time and practice, you will get better and better at this. You can even combine the belly breathing technique with this simple meditation!

3.       Essential oils – essential oils are perfect for soothing our anxiety and tension.  Just put a couple of drops of Lavender, Myrrh, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Sage, Patchouli, Frankincense, Neroli, or Rose essential oils in your diffuser/aroma lamp and enjoy their relaxing effects. These oils are a perfect addition to your daily meditation or breathing exercises!

4.       Magnesium – Magnesium is the ultimate nervous system nourishing element! Most people suffering from depression, anxiety, and mood swings have a Magnesium deficiency. So, including this mineral in our daily health routines is a must for maintaining the perfect condition of the nervous and cardiovascular systems! The best way to do it is through the skin. Magnesium is better absorbed topically. Regularly massage your skin with Magnesium oil or add 1-2 Tbsps. Epsom salt in your bath tub.

These were my suggestions for incorporating small healthy habits in your lifestyle to gently, but effectively, improve your wellbeing! Being healthy, vibrant, and happy is part of being successful in each area of our lives! I hope this article will help you reach your goals and dreams without sacrificing your precious health!

What are your biggest health issues with regards to working a sedentary profession? Let me know in the comment section below!

If this information has been helpful, share with your friends, family or colleagues, and help them become healthier and happier as well! This information might be exactly what they need right now!

07 Feb 13:30

spookjimchristmas: Please help my country...

06 Feb 18:12, cursos y tutoriales para aprender programación

by (Alvy)

Hackrio es un estupendo recurso de calidad que recopila cientos de cursos y también tutoriales sobre lenguajes de programación, siempre desde el punto vista de alguien que quiere aprender desde cero.

Los usuarios envían –y votan– cursos o tutoriales preparados por ellos mismos o bien enlaces y descripciones de recursos que hayan encontrado por la red. Todo ello pasa por un proceso de aprobación o «curación» y cuando se da por bueno pasan a formar parte de la lista permanente.

En la propia portada del sitio hay tanto un buscador como una lista con decenas de lenguajes y conceptos, desde algoritmos, Google Analytics o administración de Linux hasta Python, JavaScript o Swift. También se puede entrar como usuario registrado (con Twitter, Facebook o Google) para con las contribuciones ir ganando reputación, sin duda una de las más valiosas monedas de hoy en día.

# Enlace Permanente

24 Jan 17:11

The Rise, Fall, And Lonely Death Of Benny Hill

How the man behind "The Benny Hill Show" ascended the comedy ranks, and how he spent his final years.
23 Jan 16:34

hellonicetomisha: alltheselittlevoices: haleepls: hold-a-lover-...

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Life is not a game...






We go forward.

This is too deep to comprehend.

Stop it



12 Jan 03:17

Google en Chile ahora es 100% solar

by Valeria Ríos
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Google en Chile ahora es 100% solar

El Data Center y las oficinas en Chile se alimentan del Sol en el desierto de Atacama.

En 2015 Google, como la empresa mundial que es, se suscribió a los Acuerdos de París prometiendo que ninguna de sus operaciones contribuiría al aumento de la temperatura del planeta Tierra.

El Romero es la planta fotovoltáica más grande de América Latina

Al inaugurar el Data Center en Quilicura (Chile), Google mantuvo la promesa de que sería alimentado con energía solar. La puesta en marcha de la planta este 11 de enero se ha llevado a cabo gracias al acuerdo de la empresa estadounidense con la española Acciona Energía.

El acuerdo entre Google y Acciona Energía autoriza el uso de 80 MW de energía proveniente de la planta fotovoltáica de El Romero en el desierto de Atacama para alimentar al Data Center de Quilicura y las oficinas de Google en Chile.

El Romero se encuentra a unos 645 km al norte de Santiago y está destinada a producir anualmente 493 GWh de energía limpia, evitando así la emisión a la atmósfera de unas 474.000 toneladas de CO2. La posición geográfica, la radiación solar y la poca contaminación de la zona hacen de El Romero una zona óptima para la producción de energía solar.

El Romero_Galeria6.jpg

La instalación está desplegada en 1,5 millones de metros cuadrados. Es la más grande de su tipo en América Latina.

Google todavía va por más: al finalizar el 2017 quiere que todas sus operaciones sean 100% libres de emisiones de carbono. En un comunicado dice:

La ciencia nos dice que la lucha contra el cambio climático es una prioridad global urgente. Creemos que el sector privado, en colaboración con los líderes políticos, debe tomar medidas audaces y que podemos hacerlo de una manera que conduzca al crecimiento y a la generación de oportunidades.

Tras la firma de los Acuerdos de París, Google implementó Project Sunroof en los Estados Unidos, desde donde las personas podían hacer un análisis solar que les ayudaría a la instalación de paneles solares domésticos.

Con el acuerdo con Acciona Energía, Google se consolida como el corporativo que más dinero invierte en la compra de de energías renovables con 20 contratos firmados hasta diciembre del 2016 en energía solar y eólica, superando a Amazon, el Departamento de Defensa estadounidense y Microsoft.

10 Jan 15:38

Live Long, and Save On the Complete Star Trek Original Series Blu-ray, Now Just $40

by Shep McAllister on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Kotaku

If you’ve enjoyed the new Star Trek movies, and want to catch up on the show that inspired them, you can beam up the complete original series Blu-ray box set for $40, an all-time low. This should sell out quickly, so I’d head over to Amazon at warp factor 7 to grab your copy.


09 Jan 18:06

rhinozilla: missveryvery: magzneto: “Search him.” The second...




“Search him.”

The second time I watched tfa, this scene made me ask: does Poe know who Kylo Ren is? Does everyone in the Resistance know who he is? Is that what this is? like ‘I know your mom, I’m not afraid of you’? Because that’s exactly how I’d talk to this punk ass kid if that was the case.

I’m imagining members of the Resistance being captured by the First Order, and for months after Ben became Kylo Ren, they prefaced every interrogation/conversation with “CALL YOUR MOTHER, YOU PIECE SHIT,” or just heckling.

“Lightsabres aren’t supposed to sizzle like that! What a novice!”

“Oh my god, did you put two tiny sabres on either side of your actual lightsabre. Way to go, Captain Edgelord.”

“You don’t even need a respiratory mask, you hipster dumpster fire.”

“I didn’t realize we were in the presence of Darth Vader 2. Man, sequels are never as good as the original.”

“Nice cape, who picked that out for you, your mom? NO, SHE DIDN’T, BECAUSE I, POE DAMERON, AM HER SON NOW. BB-8 IS HER GRANDCHILD, AND YOU HAVE STUPID HAIR.”

09 Jan 18:04

orgasmicsweetpotato: Get your rebellion out!


Get your rebellion out!

09 Jan 14:43


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Why is this so funny!!?


05 Jan 13:45

Wow, Reign it in, Okay


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28 Dec 12:59

El mundo reacciona ante la muerte de la Princesa Leia

by Manuel Silva

Distintas fueron las reacciones ante la muerte de Carrie Fisher, tanto en el mundo del espectáculo, como en los fans de la saga de Star Wars, entre los cuales obviamente nos incluimos. Tanto Mark Hamill como otros miembros del elenco de esta película han tuiteado y publicado distintos materiales recordando a la icónica actriz, por lo que decidimos recopilar dichos contenidos, a modo de homenaje a nuestra Princesa Leia.

21 Dec 16:30

iopele: pretentious-git: incurablenecromantic: eccentricmisseclectic: autisticdorumon: Give me a...

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... and the lord of the underworld came to me, in a f*cking big ball of flame, AC/DC playing "Thunderstruck" in the back, and he said to me" here are you socks! BWAHAHAHAHOHOHO!"






Give me a heartwarming Christmas movie about Satan traveling around the world every Christmas to deliver presents to all the young kids and kids with learning disorders and disabilities who misspell “Santa” on their Christmas letters every year

And Santa’s all like, “You know, I can handle a few spelling mistakes, I got this,” and Lucifer is like “They’re addressed to me, fuck off, I’m doing it.”

Lucifer being protective of his fanmail is ceaselessly entertaining.

Lucifer: hey big guy I need your list because I don’t know what these kids want for christmas and you’ve got all the info.
Santa: this isn’t your holiday
Lucifer: yeah well james here doesn’t fucking know that so give me the list, he asked for Satan

posts like this make me happier than any amount of jolly fat white guys in red or cheesy canned Christmas music ever could

13 Dec 20:22

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Heroes

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That's... kind of a downer...

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Oh hey, if I make it artistic in the last panel, I don't even have to draw a background. Or legs!

New comic!
Today's News:
07 Dec 21:58

myherocomplex: aqueousserenade: coledownlow: I love this...




I love this quote. I love this movie.

This scene impressed me so much when I first saw it. It still fills me with… idk something. I love it.

this is one of the most profound scenes in cinema.

05 Dec 21:30

Microsoft Dream Job Helps You Design Resumes and Presentations to Land Your Perfect Gig

by Mihir Patkar

Microsoft Dream Job is a resource packed with tools to help you land your dream job. You can find free templates for resumes, presentations, and portfolios, as well as interview advice.


03 Dec 22:40

Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers… 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

by twistedsifter
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The cutest face of defeat...



Sine 2009, reddit user IdiotSavant‘s little cousin has challenged him to a game of checkers at the annual Thanksgiving family dinner.

He says he’s been ‘documenting her defeat for the past eight years’, which you can see below :D My money’s on her in 2017, you’re going down big cuz!
[via IdiotSavant on reddit]



thanksgiving checkers loss 1 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 2 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 3 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 4 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 5 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 6 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 7 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant



thanksgiving checkers loss 8 Every Thanksgiving His Cousin Challenges Him to Checkers... 8 Years of Defeat and Counting

Photograph by IdiotSavant


01 Dec 15:11

ultrafacts: (Fact Source/more info) Follow Ultrafacts for more...

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Science, quackers!