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26 Apr 21:19

Piétinée notre enfance, piétinée


26 Apr 11:23

La vie secrète des dragons

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25 Apr 13:04

Un nouveau mouvement social se profile, décidément le printemps s'annonce agité en France


Pour en savoir plus sur ce nouveau règlement qui provoque une véritable révolte, c'est par ici.

24 Apr 18:03

Nos twittos ont du talent



24 Apr 15:44

La Mort est dans le Pré

Capture d’écran 2018-04-24 à 16.56.38(Source)

24 Apr 09:23

Instant câlin


Encore mieux avec le son. 

(Merci à Malika pour la suggestion)

21 Apr 10:24

Maroc : père de neuf enfants, il apprend qu’il est stérile depuis toujours

15 Apr 11:30

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Hive


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We're like douchey ants!

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15 Apr 10:13

"Cette tortue aux cheveux verts respire par le sexe"

“Cette tortue aux cheveux verts respire par le sexe”

- La Tribune de Genève (à cause de segatasan)
11 Apr 16:44



09 Apr 13:16

Que ferait-on sans une maman pour se requinquer ?


(Via @BakaBoo_)

03 Apr 19:07

"Being cash-free puts us at risk of attack": Swedes turn against cashlessness

by David Crouch in Gothenburg

Sweden’s central bank governor has called for public control over its payment system. Others say a fully digital system is vulnerable to fraud and attack

It is hard to argue that you cannot trust the government when the government isn’t really all that bad. This is the problem facing the small but growing number of Swedes anxious about their country’s rush to embrace a cash-free society.

Most consumers already say they manage without cash altogether, while shops and cafes increasingly refuse to accept notes and coins because of the costs and risk involved. Until recently, however, it has been hard for critics to find a hearing.

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03 Apr 18:54

Oligarchs hide billions in shell companies. Here's how we stop them | Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer

by Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer

The Panama Papers have helped tax authorities recover over $500m around the world. Property registries could ensure that even more is recovered

Two years ago we published the Panama Papers after an anonymous source provided 2.6 terabytes of internal data from the dubious Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca. We shared the data with 400 journalists worldwide and together revealed how the wealthy and powerful use shell companies to hide their assets. Such companies are exploited by dictators, drug cartels, mafia clans, fraudsters, weapons dealers and regimes like North Korea and Iran to hide their shady business transactions.

As a consequence, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, the prime minister of Iceland, resigned. The Pakistani prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, did the same, and in the United Kingdom even David Cameron’s father was implicated. So far, the Panama Papers have helped tax authorities around the world to recover more than $500m in unpaid taxes and penalties. It could be far more if lawmakers finally take action.

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03 Apr 15:15

L'exhibitionniste qui se masturbait invoque un « accident de slip » devant le tribunal de...

L'exhibitionniste qui se masturbait invoque un « accident de slip » devant le tribunal de Clermont-Ferrand

La Montagne

03 Apr 13:51

Relire Bourdieu (en attendant pendant 4h son RER)


Discours de Pierre Bourdieu devant les cheminots de la gare de Lyon en 1995. Autre époque.

(via Pierre Bourdieu un hommage)

30 Mar 16:25

Conversational Dynamics

"You should make it so people can search for and jump into hundreds of conversations at once if they want." "Ooh, good idea! I imagine only the most well-informed people with the most critical information to share will use that feature."
28 Mar 17:31

Meilleure excuse ever

Lucas Vigroux

Addition indispensable a mon vocabulaire.

Capture d’écran 2018-03-28 à 18.04.12Vous ne savez pas ce qu'est un "pet sauce" ? Voici. Ne nous remerciez pas pour ce moment.

(Source + merci à Adele pour la suggestion)

28 Mar 10:02

L'important c'est pas la chute, c'est l'atterrissage


28 Mar 09:52

Coucou les filles


(Merci à Maxime pour la suggestion)

27 Mar 09:47

Vous nous faites bien marrer avec votre crossover des Avengers, ça vaudra jamais nos rencontres de CM de marques sur Twitter

26 Mar 10:25

L'enfer de la drogue

this is your new favorite video on the internet

— frank sung (@frankistea) 2 juillet 2016
26 Mar 10:03

Le futur c'est maintenant



26 Mar 09:56

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Gojirasaurus


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Also it didn't want to destroy the city because it mostly feeds off of aquatic insects.

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23 Mar 10:39

Don't fuck with le CM de Quechua


(Via @SChalaye)

21 Mar 10:51

Rennes. Ivre, il dégrade des voitures avec un marteau et un casque de conquistador

21 Mar 10:38

Bien bien pourri cet épisode, y avait vraiment zéro suspense

20 Mar 17:07

It’s Alpine Smile from Yesthers late Yhesters

by imp
Only a FOOL would buy IKEA furniture. Instead I just download instructions and keep emailing their service dept to say that I am missing a piece, until they ship me all the pieces over a six month period { @jasonarewhy }
16 Mar 16:11

Robot Future

I mean, we already live in a world of flying robots killing people. I don't worry about how powerful the machines are, I worry about who the machines give power to.
15 Mar 15:22

Le sens de l'hospitalité à la russe


Le novitchok is the new polonium-210.

(via Eclectic European Memes)

14 Mar 12:17

Gloire à l'art de rue

Énormément de style

— Le Bon Fap (@lebonfap) 20 février 2018