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20 Mar 12:48

RIP Thomas


Pour les LV1 espagnol : Thomas l'oie bisexuel aveugle qui a passé les vingt dernières années de sa vie coincé dans un triangle amoureux avec deux cygnes vient de nous quitter à l'âge de 40 ans. Nous adressons toutes nos condoléances à sa belle petite famille. Gageons que Disney ne réalisera malheureusement jamais de magnifique biopic sur ce petit ange parti bien trop tôt.


15 Mar 12:25

Filtre chien : enfin l'explication


15 Mar 10:24

Passion sosies de merde de François Hollande





(via l'inoxydable Tumblr Sosies de merde)

15 Mar 10:23




13 Mar 13:05

The End of the Rainbow

The retina is the exposed surface of the brain, so if you think about a pot of gold while looking at a rainbow, then there's one at BOTH ends.
13 Mar 13:00

Chicken Pox and Name Statistics

People with all six of those names agree that it's weird that we have teeth, when you think about it for too long. Just about everyone agrees on that, except—in a still-unexplained statistical anomaly—people named "Trevor."
13 Mar 10:52

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Real Supervillain


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Thanks to the patreon typo squad for pointing out that the original version of this had given Bizarro the wrong skin tone. Nerds.

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12 Mar 16:55


[They do not move.]
12 Mar 13:00

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Anything


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Today's comic based on something Bryan Caplan wrote in his (ever so slightly) controversial 'The Case Against Education.' I think he was mentioning it as a problem, not a strategy, but hey... tomAYto tomAHto.

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09 Jan 16:06

C'est chiant quand ça arrive


09 Jan 15:59

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Evil AI


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How come no's working on the forthcoming problem of Robot Ennui?

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08 Jan 16:39

Nos artisans ont du talent


Notons que cette poignet de porte est tout à fait adaptée à la pratique du doorjob


04 Jan 14:35

Winter is cumming



02 Jan 10:45

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Old Days


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Of course, the real trick is to adjust the top marginal tax bracket up or down by 2 percent.

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02 Jan 10:40

Passion absolue

02 Jan 10:29


21 Dec 11:03

Enfant star tombé dans la drogue avant de devenir Ministre de la Justice : le parcours fascinant de Macaulay Culkin

20 Dec 18:29

Change your mind – it’s a sign of strength not weakness | Mark Rice-Oxley

by Mark Rice-Oxley

I’ve reversed my opinion on most of the big issues of our time, from social media to Corbyn to porridge. And I reserve the right to change it back again

Was there ever a time of greater certitude, when so many were so utterly convinced of so much? Brexiteers, vegans, doomsayers, Putinistas, people of faith, people of no faith, terrorists, trolls, football pundits ...

From the occasional below-the-line firestarter right up to the leader of the free world himself, minds are made up, closed for new business. No one, it seems, is open to the subtle arts of persuasion, discussion, debate, exchange.

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19 Dec 15:17

Attention spoiler


18 Dec 11:18

Franchement, pas mal, beau parcours


Pour en savoir plus sur ce fait divers innovant, cliquez ici.

15 Dec 11:30

Consciente du fort potentiel commercial, l'industrie agroalimentaire vient de mettre au point la première farine de chat sans gluten



14 Dec 11:33

Quand ton interlocuteur sur Skype a des petits problèmes d'agressivité latente

Lucas Vigroux

Celle-la prend un niveau superieur de drolitude pour moi, forcement.

13 Dec 10:35

Affaire de la disparition de la plus grosse pastèque du monde : les policiers n'ont toujours pas la moindre piste




12 Dec 14:13

Une vidéo qui procurera grande joie dans le coeur de tous les micro-pénis

(Merci à Thomas pour la suggestion)

11 Dec 14:56

Combat au somment de couilles fripées : il n'en restera qu'une

11 Dec 14:16

Les images révoltantes d'une attaque vicieuse

11 Dec 10:29

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Snowflake


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Sweetie, the only things in creation that are always true to themselves are subatomic particles.

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11 Dec 10:17

Pendant ce temps-là en Italie, les palmiers ont été décorés pour Noël

DQoHR7XWkAAtYlW(Via @flonot)

06 Dec 16:51

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Sleepover


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Self-loathing is Nature's caffeine!

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06 Dec 12:59

What happens after men apologize for bad behavior? | Jessa Crispin

by Jessa Crispin

When justice fails, that leaves the door open for revenge. And the justice system has been failing women for a very, very long time

At least their apologies are getting better. Men accused of harassment and assault seem to be learning from the backlash over previous, inadequate apologies made by men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and are issuing more eloquent and sincere-seeming mea culpas.

Louis CK’s “there is nothing about this that I forgive myself for” and Senator Al Franken’s admission of shame seem to have deflected at least some of the outrage their original actions provoked. But we have to ask: what comes after the apology? What professional and personal repercussions are an adequate and proportional response to these accusations?

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