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15 Aug 18:34

NASA Is Working on Origami Solar Arrays That Unfurl in Space

by Sarah Zhang

NASA Is Working on Origami Solar Arrays That Unfurl in Space

The dream? Orbiting solar panels that beam energy down from space. The problem? Solar panels are shaped with maximum surface area to catch as many rays as possible, but wide, flat disks are also not very aerodynamic on the trip into space. The solution is to get clever with geometry.


28 Apr 01:25

Rescued Puppy Turns Out To Be A Fox

by (Joanne Casey)
28 Apr 01:24

Lessons from NYPD Twitter scandal: Careful when asking Internet’s opinion

by Joe Silver

The Twitterverse was abuzz Tuesday evening after the New York City Police Department made what it thought was a harmless request to its followers: post pictures that include NYPD officers and use the #MyNYPD hashtag.

Much to the NYPD’s surprise and chagrin, the simple tweet brought on a torrent of criticism from the Internet. The result was national coverage of hundreds of photos depicting apparent police brutality by NYPD officers, which individuals diligently tweeted with the hashtag #myNYPD.


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21 Feb 23:32

Eli Roth To Direct New Horror Movie ‘Knock Knock’

by Germain Lussier


Eli Roth‘s latest film, The Green Inferno, is still awaiting release but the director behind the Hostel series has already lined up his next thing. It’s called Knock Knock, and the story follows two young girls who seduce a married man and then make his life a living hell. Roth will direct and co-write the screenplay with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo, who collaborated with him on Aftershock.

The Wrap broke the news of the film, which reportedly will be budgeted under $10 million and start shooting in April.

Roth had a bit of a hiatus directing between 2007′s Hostel Part II and The Green Inferno, which started doing festival stops last year, but kept busy in that time not only acting (most notably in Inglourious Basterds) but producing tons of films, such as two Last Exorcism movies and The Man With the Iron Fists.

The plot of Knock Knock is particularly intriguing because it flips classic horror tropes on their head. It would be so easy for a man to abduct and terrorize two girls. For two girls to do it to a man, is a situation that has been explored to a much lesser degree.

Roth is also developing a sequel to The Green Inferno and is attached to a Dracula film called Harker. Knock Knock should be next, though.


09 Feb 08:13

Jonathan Meades

01 Feb 16:06

"Random recipients of luck, pretending to be expert."

“Random recipients of luck, pretending to be expert.”

- MR
20 Nov 22:20

The Great Stephen King Reread: Nightmares & Dreamscapes

by Grady Hendrix

Stephen King Nightmares and DreamscapesStephen King is a universe, and I don’t just mean that he contains multitudes or that his bibliography is really big. He is a universe in the sense that he operates under his own physical laws. Two of the underlying forces that underpin his existence are described in his introduction to Nightmares and Dreamscapes, his third collection of short stories.

One force is his desire to sprawl, his tendency towards what he calls generosity. “The leap of faith necessary to make the short stories happen,” he writes, “has gotten particularly tough in the last few years; these days it seems that everything wants to be a novel, and every novel wants to be approximately four thousand pages long.” The opposing force is his desire to please the reader by presenting only his best material when it would be so easy to coast or to repeat himself. “What I’ve tried hardest to do is to steer clear of the old chestnuts, the trunk stories, and the bottom-of-the-drawer stuff,” he writes two pages later. These two forces pull him in opposite directions, and the result is, as he describes it, “an uneven Aladdin’s cave of a book.” With the emphasis on “uneven.”

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20 Nov 19:10

November 16, 2013

OH MAN, the BAHFest videos are nearing completion. WOOP
20 Nov 19:08

November 17, 2013

Good news, geeks. We'll be releasing Science: Ruining Everything Since 1543 to the universe on Black Friday.
20 Nov 19:07

11/08/13 PHD comic: 'Spousal Ignorance'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Spousal Ignorance" - originally published 11/8/2013

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20 Nov 19:07


20 Nov 19:03

November 18, 2013

20 Nov 19:02

Fish Assassin

by Doug
20 Nov 18:29


by Doug


Here are more clothes.

09 Nov 05:12

Will Rodgers

09 Nov 05:11

Love wears you out © Mark Nixon © Mark Nixon © Mark Nixon © Mark Nixon © Mark Nixon

Love wears you out

09 Nov 05:11

Spun, Seung Mo Park

Seung Mo Park

Seung Mo Park

Seung Mo Park

Spun, Seung Mo Park

09 Nov 05:05

James Jones, The Thin Red Line

James Jones, The Thin Red Line

09 Nov 04:57

Fortune cookie

08 Nov 02:25

Introspective journey of an artist

05 Nov 11:00

Image of the day

by thebrainbehind
01 Nov 18:24

This show is horrible

04 Oct 15:59

10/02/13 PHD comic: 'Government Shutdown'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Government Shutdown" - originally published 10/2/2013

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02 Oct 19:45

Van Gogh’s never-before-seen Sketchbooks

02 Oct 19:34

Joan Cornellà

21 Aug 00:23

Periodic Table of Alcohol (larger)

21 Aug 00:23

Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola

21 Aug 00:23

Every Movie Poster that Saul Bass Ever Made (all here)

21 Aug 00:22

Something like this

21 Aug 00:22