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10 Feb 11:15

Artist Turns Paper Cups into Multi-Layered Comics with Moving Pieces!

by Staff


23-year-old artist Shinrashinge turns disposable paper cups into imaginative, interactive, three-dimensional comics! You really have to see the videos below to understand the creativity here. So cool!

05 Feb 05:00

#1196; The Currency of Cute

by David Malki

she keeps lifting them off her legs but they keep climbing back up all ''mew! mew! mew!''

09 Nov 09:52

Mind-Bending Series by Artist Victor Enrich

by Staff


In “NHDK,” fine artist Victor Enrich takes a single image of the NH Deutscher Kaiser Hotel in Munich and re-imagines it in a variety of different ways. Some changes are subtle, with Enrich simply adjusting the size or arrangement of the building, while adhering to basic architectural constraints. Others are absolutely mind-bending! Check out more images, plus a video compilation below!

22 Oct 15:30

Harmonix Employees Caught Posting Amazon Reviews For Rock Band 4

by Jason Schreier

In the cut-throat music industry, you’ve gotta do anything you can to stay ahead of the curve. So it is with the plastic music industry, too.


11 Oct 21:23

Superman and Batman. Who's better? Let's find out!

by Kerry Callen

For decades, fans have argued who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman. It recently occurred to me that the best way to determine this is to see how they’d fare if one replaced the other on their comic covers. Will one fare better than the other? This should decide once and for all who's superior! I selected six covers and then created six alternative images.

First up, Superman #32. Superman is being hit by multiple lightning bolts--

--while Batman is screaming multiple obscenities. Winner, Superman.

Next, Action Comics #357, featuring kids with kryptonite. Looks like Superman is in loads of trouble--

--Batman, not so much. Punk kids. Winner, Batman.

Let's look at a fairly famous cover, Batman #497, where Bane broke Batman's back--

I always thought this Batman cover should have had a sound effect on it. Otherwise, it merely looks like a visit to the chiropractor. Regardless-- Winner, Superman.

Next, Detective Comics #583. Batman is cooler when he's surrounded by bats!

Superman is not cooler when surrounded by supers. Winner, Batman.

Two wins for Superman. Two wins for Batman. It's a close race! Let's take a look at a cover that has both heroes on it, World's Finest #54--

Now, let’s replace Batman with Superman and Superman with Batman.

It appears they are both equally as awesome! Suck it, Robin. Tie!

Lastly, Detective Comics Vol. 2 #37, the deciding image! Batman lives in a mansion and has a butler--

Winner, Batman!

03 Sep 11:30

Fist Bump Crosswalk in Los Angeles

by Jeff


Alfredo Adán took it upon himself to make a crosswalk in Los Angeles a little more fun. Watch the video below.

View the whole post: Fist Bump Crosswalk in Los Angeles over on BOOOOOOOM!.

23 Aug 20:51

Proof, Mad Max: Fury Road

28 Jun 06:07

kalhev said: Hey I just find you and this is crazy but...

kalhev said: Hey I just find you and this is crazy but here’s my follow make a shark plz.


16 Jun 23:02

George Sr: I want you to know that it is okay for you to hide. A...

George Sr: I want you to know that it is okay for you to hide. A man can hide. There’s a quiet courage in that.
Buster: You’re a good uncle.
George Sr: I’m not your uncle. I’m your father.
Buster: What?

Out on a Limb - 2x11

03 Jun 16:00

Mad Max: Fury Road VS Adventure Time

by Jeremy Barker

A perfect pairing of two post-apocalyptic worlds: Mad Max: Fury Road and Adventure Time's Land of Ooo. Ryan May's character matching is excellent. Above: Lemongrab as the War Boy Nux and Finn the Human as Mad Max.

Princess Bubblegum as Furiosa with the wives, Wildberry Princess, Flame Princess and Lumpy Space Princess.

The Ice King as Immortan Joe is kinda disturbing.

Marceline, the Vampire Queen as Coma the Doof Warrior, a.k.a. the flame throwing guitarist. 

Previously on Popped Culture...

04 Jun 21:00

3A × 2000AD's "Judge Dredd: Deputy Chief Judge Fish" Collectible Figure!

by Nick Curtis / Trust Pigs
Recently shown off by threeA, the above fuzzy teaser picture is — for fans of the UK comic anthology 2000AD and especially the strips concerning Judge Dredd — obviously "Deputy Chief Judge Fish." A pet goldfish, he was appointed as Deputy Chief Judge by the insane Chief Judge Cal during his reign, which surely took inspiration from the Roman emperor Caligula. Unlikely that a 1/12th scale sized goldfish bowl is an independent collectible release, it's most probable that 3A are actually teasing a "Chief Judge Cal" figure in their ongoing, officially licensed Judge Dredd line!
31 Mar 17:00

Writing characters, not symptoms: A gamer with autism discusses what our hobby gets wrong

by Joe Parlock

Many people are aware of autism spectrum disorders, but few people understand them.

Continue reading…

28 Feb 17:33

Police Report, Vice City PD

17 Feb 14:15

Watch this guy prepare a tiny Japanese feast in a miniature kitchen

by Omar Kardoudi

Miniature Channel is a Japanese Youtube channel devoted to cooking edible food using cute miniature kitchen supplies. There are many videos: They make curry, tajine, eggs and bacon, and of course, Japanese food. Here are some of their best Japanese miniature dishes.


15 Feb 23:30

Take off

09 Feb 17:34

The Only Naming Convention That Works

06 Feb 23:53

Descension, Anish Kapoor

Descension, Anish Kapoor

26 Jan 07:10

Chess: Who will win in this riveting game of Math.random() vs. Math.random()? (

Started with 191 points; by idiotclock


09 Jan 19:41

nevver: Park bench plaque

07 Jan 20:14


06 Jan 05:23

pug-of-war: probertson said: healo can u plz make animzeon of...


probertson said:

healo can u plz make animzeon of petre grifon from a family’s guy makeing out withe hanke hile from king of hil

My pleasur.

01 Jan 21:17

Happy 2015, you bojo’s. xo, Steff Bomb

Happy 2015, you bojo’s. xo, Steff Bomb

28 Dec 20:28

A very gutsy build

by Iain

We’ve already seen the internal anatomy of a mini-fig, so I guess the innards of a brick-built figure was the next logical step. This version by Flickr member umamen comes complete with articulated joints, flex-tube veins and arteries, and helpfully color-coded organs. Can you name them all?

25 Dec 16:00

Nele Azevedo’s Army of Melting Ice Sculptures

by Caro
Her art only lasts a matter of seconds. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo has been labeled a street artist, sculptor, and monument designer best known for her "melting men". Her ice sculptures of thousands of faceless tiny people have been staged on stairways all over the world. They are part of her "Minimum Monument" Project, or anti-monument as she sometimes calls it, an ongoing series that has toured to Brazil, Havana, Tokyo, Paris, Firenze and Berlin since 2001.
24 Dec 15:52

three kings in bed 'Salzburg Missal', Regensburg ca....

three kings in bed

'Salzburg Missal', Regensburg ca. 1478-1489

München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 15708 I, fol. 63r

10 Nov 00:41


by Myner

16 Dec 04:18

Random quote from Borat -- no html parsing

by benjabean1
$ curl -s "" | shuf -n 1 -

Turns out has a text file containing every single one of the borat quotes, each one on a newline. This makes it very convenient, as this can be done without any sed-parsing, and uses less bandwitdth!

Note that borate quotes are quite offensive, much more so than "fortunes-off"!

by David Winterbottom (

02 Dec 14:06

Eta Carinae and the Expanding Homunculus Nebula

Eta Carinae and the Expanding Homunculus Nebula
25 Nov 16:50

Freya Jobbins’s “Plastics.” Fascinating...

Freya Jobbins’s “Plastics.”

Fascinating sculptures by Australian sculptor Freya Jobbins.  These works are created from disassembling plastic dolls and then reassembling them as complex, beautiful and also somewhat nightmarish sculptures.  You can see more of Freya’s work below.

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins: Website

27 Nov 17:02