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The Equinox Is Not What You Think It Is

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Gives One Pause – Part III by TeraS

by TeraS

Still in something of a holding pattern this past week, which isn’t good, I well know. But even so, there’s a point when there is a spark of realization that . . .

Gives One Pause Part III
By TeraS

Lil had expected their conversation to be over with the pause from her last statement to him. It seemed like a good place for them both to walk away and leave their discussion in the past. What she didn’t expect was to find herself on the other side of the fence, comfortably settled into a chair beside a small table on the front porch. That alone would have been beyond expectations. She didn’t need to cross the fence, to step between worlds. It just wasn’t something she’d wanted to do before.

There was one thing, however, that she couldn’t resist and, given all else, she couldn’t say no to the offer provided. It would have been such very poor manners to refuse. One simply did not so such things, after all. It had gotten her into all sorts of trouble and mischief, moments of passion . . . and delight, more often than not.

Thus, Lil found herself ensconced with Tera’s Heart, sipping some lovely tea and being partly through her enjoyment of a remarkable apple pie. “It’s quite delicious, thank you.”

Raising his own teacup, he remarked: “Thank you. There’s a baker who makes excellent pastries and such. He comes highly recommended, I understand.”

Lil mulled this over her tea for a time, looking out from the porch over her host’s landscape. Her eyes found the rosebush again; nodding towards it, she continued: “Tera?”

He nodded: “Yes.”

It was an enigmatic smile returned: “I thought I recognized a sign of her love.”

“One of many, I’m sure.”

“Perhaps so, but some mean more.”

“She gives her love freely, asking nothing in return.”

“She always has.”

A bit more tea disappeared before the cup was set onto its saucer, Lil folding her hands onto her lap. She considered him, how blessed he was. An Eternal was to be cherished and there was no doubt in Lil’s mind of their love which brought a wistful smile.

“May I ask what you are thinking about, Lil?”

“Regrets, I suppose.”


“Someone . . . else’s.”

He set his own cup upon the table: “Tera’s spoken about The First from time to time.”

Arching an eyebrow, Lil was intrigued: “How so?”

“The love she has for her, how grateful she is. Most of all, Tera wishes she could see the Realm, see what has been created . . . in hopes she’d be pleased. One cannot know such things, of course.”

“Of course . . . But, taking a guess, I would think she was enamoured with everything that has become.”

“And if, somehow, she was here?”

Lil’s expression was unreadable even if her answer wasn’t: “Oh that’s something to wonder about, isn’t it? Perhaps she watches from afar, delights in her children and allows them to find their way.”

There was the hint of a frown: “That phrase, watches from afar, seems to appear with many of her children, too.” Lil didn’t know what to say and allowed him to continue: “A silver tailed Temptress watched from afar until she found her truth. My Dear One watches those she loves from afar, sharing her love with them all. The First, it would seem, has the same flaw to contend with, as well.”

The truth was difficult to share: “I . . . It’s . . . hard to explain.”

“I can keep a secret.”

Lil took a breath and managed: “Imagine you had a love. That love was your everything. You were willing to do anything for your lover, no matter what would be. You made that happen . . . and then . . . they weren’t there anymore.” He didn’t know what to say exactly, but Lil continued: “Now imagine, time passes. You have been alone. The joy you have comes from the children of the First, from seeing their Realm transform and grow into a place where their path is their own.” He held back his words, patiently waiting for Lil to say more: “Then you awake one autumn morning to feel their presence again. You are drawn to them, you know it’s them. But they don’t remember you.”

“Their dreams pull at you, you seek them out over and over. It’s them, but not. Their tails are the wrong colour; their hair isn’t right, either. But their eyes . . . Goddess, their eyes. I know it’s them . . . yet, as much as I want them, I can’t . . . ”

His expression was troubled, Lil could tell, but she wasn’t done: “Still, I seek them out, in dreams, and find the passions we had . . . and they frighten me. I can’t reveal myself. I won’t. This is Tera’s Realm now, and I will not do that. So, I find them, be with them, make it feel like a dream and then wash away the memories for their sake.”

“It doesn’t work, does it.”

Lil laughed softly: “They are obsessed with the First, they seek out every scrap they can . . . if they ever find the truth . . .”

Her voice was barely a whisper as her fingers found the teacup: “What if they hate me?”

His answer was unexpected and so very perceptive: “What if they love you as much?”

The tea became Lil’s focus as the truth hung in the air between them for a time . . .

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ClassicsTober ‘23 prompts list


ClassicsTober 2023!

In 2021 my friend Dr Cora Beth Fraser and I accidentally started ‘Classics-tober’ – a list of Ancient Mediterranean Myth and History prompts for each day in October, so that we had an excuse to draw Classics stuff for a month. We did it again last year and even more people joined in, so we’ll be running it again this year. And now that there are a LOT of new Social Media platforms, we’re going to be attempting to run it on as many of them as possible!

The idea is to create something – anything – for the prompt. Like other October prompt lists, it can be an illustration, but it can also be text, reference, historical artefact, video, story, translation, pretty much anything you’re interested in from the Ancient Med World that fits with the prompt. There’s no pressure to do every single one, just the ones you like.

This year we’ve chosen Ancient Greek Myth Characters, some well-known and others less so.

If you’d like to join in throughout October. simply use #ClassicsTober and #ClassicsTober23 on your social media posts when you share them (and if on Tumblr tag @ClassicsTober)

TEACHERS: use the prompts in class to theme lessons or add myth discussion to courses, or use ‘s helpful daily post as a starter!

NOTE: please make sure if you share the graphic you add the ALT text (below for you to copy and paste)



Ancient Greek Myth Characters

* meaning Ancient Greece and Rome because no one’s come up with a better term yet, but if you want to add additional Ancient Med cultures then yes please – especially if you can link them to versions of these myths/ characters!

1 Cassandra 

2 Medusa

3 Asterion

4 Lycaon 

5 Chiron

6 Medea

7 Persephone 

8 Icarus

9 Achilles

10 Asklepius

11 Pandora 

12 Theseus

13 Arachne

14 Helen

15 Prometheus 

16 Circe 

17 Atalanta

18 Phaedra

19 Sisyphus 

20 Odysseus

21 Psyche 

22 Midas

23 Orpheus 

24 Hephaestus

25 Talos

26 Thetis 

27 Pygmalion

28 Nyx 

29 Nemesis 

30 Tiresias

31 Hecate 

#ClassicsTober #ClassicsTober23

Share or create any style of media inspired by the prompt for the day – illustration story, poetry, artefacts, video, translation, anything! Do as many as you like. Share with the hashtags above!

Have fun, and see you on whatever platform you like best!


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Gives One Pause – Part I by TeraS

by TeraS

It’s been something of a week for my Eternal and myself; those that know, as they say, know. This week’s story could have been focused on that, probably might have been, save for something that someone said which . . .

Gives One Pause
Part I
By TeraS

There’s a point on the calendar which notes the unofficial close of summer for some. It’s positioned in a way that makes it something of a holiday, if fleeting, and something of a pause between that which was and that which will be.

Some use this time to get away from the everyday, others to just disconnect from things and take a breath. For a few, there comes an event or a gathering or another such thing to take up the time presented for consideration.

Sometimes . . . something else happens . . .

She didn’t travel out of the Realm very often; she could easily count the times she had on one hand and have fingers left over to consider. She remembered the encounter with a silver-tail which was the last time she’d done so. The comment that she never left her cottage overlooking the Realm from above had nibbled in her thoughts for some time. But nothing had come of that bothering thought. It just didn’t really seem that important to her.

On this particular point in the calendar, she’d intended to visit with the two red-tailed Eternals and see what mischief might be created that she would long remember even if they wouldn’t. She would see to that, of course. Upon arriving at the red-brick home, however, expecting to find the pair within, she instead discovered the home was bereft of tails and a note found instead which indicated they were away for a time.

Seeing that her plans would be set aside until their return, the red-tailed member of the succubi with an even deeper ebon-mane than the Queen of the Realm, peppered with silver highlights, considered the home before her. She’d visited here before, of course, but her focus was on the delights of the Eternals and not that which they called a home. Her musings led towards a consideration and exploration of that which had been created.

The maple tree which guarded the space between the cobblestone path and driveway was old and weathered, she noted, far older than the pine and birch trees that dotted the balance of the land about the home. It was plain to see the wound dug deeply into the bark protecting the trunk. Whatever happened had been ages before, and the tree had not recovered fully. Curious, she caressed the injury, making note of the strong wood beneath the damage which was fully exposed. It was still something harmed from echoes past but, even so, the maple remained steadfast and rooted in its place.

She hadn’t–not really–thought about what had brought the here and now. The wounds suffered, those lost before, the recriminations which appeared sometimes when the storm clouds rolled over the peaks of the Realm and cascaded past her place of solitude. It wasn’t that she didn’t remember, that she didn’t chide herself in those moments. Perhaps it was more accurate to say she had been injured but remained strong for the sake of her children and those that followed.

Those thoughts followed as her attention passed from the maple to the nearby fence between the worlds. Perhaps a bit worn here and there, the paint weathered, it remained deeply rooted in the ground, holding itself to the purpose for which it was created. She was rubbing a finger over the tip pf one of the pickets when a voice came from the other side of the fence: “I never expected to see you here, Lil.”

The elder red-tail with deeper green eyes than that of the Queen of the Realm turned her attention towards the figure greeting her. Lil knew who this was, there was only one such fence and the soul on the other side was, of course, Tera’s heart. She was surprised that he was present, but then recalled Tera’s fondness of him and her trust in the truths they’d shared. It was still a little awkward, she only knew him as Tera’s heart and so her greeting reflected that: “I’m sorry for intruding, the Eternals aren’t home.”

Tera had always said he was perceptive, possibly as much as her Eternal and his reply was reflective of that: “They’ll be back on your side of the fence soon.” It was clear he was guarding his words, but there was a strange comfort in knowing where they were. She didn’t expect what came next: “May I help?”

Three little words really, but then she’d heard them from Tera when she was a young red-tail and to this day the same came from the Queen she’d become and the Eternal she’d become entwined with. “Thank you, I’m just a bit lost in thought, that’s all.”

He was a kind soul, there was no question of that. She knew that from the instant her eyes had found him, Tera’s words of his wisdom notwithstanding. Adjusting his spectacles, his thoughts continued: “It’s my nature to help, even if that’s only to lend an ear.”

She reflected for a time before asking him a question: “Where does one find one’s heart?” She thought he might brush aside the question, not having an answer, but he surprised her with a simple truth spoken: “Where does one find one’s Dear One?”

A truth met with a truth, she considered the answer, before giving it voice: “Within one’s soul.” Bowing his head slightly in agreement, her companion by the fence awaited what revelations might come next and offered her tea. Without saying a word, his face invited her to share more. He settled in, waiting for a conversation.

Sometimes there is a moment that gives one pause. It’s what one does next that tells the tale . . .

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Heretic

by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

For A City on Mars, I read a lot of war theory, and one of the interesting things was how almost everyone stressed immediately that most places and times are peaceful.

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Succubus by TheFaustlast

27 Aug 13:01

Hell’s Fire Goddess by SuccubusLili

25 Aug 15:07

Succubus by SuccubusLili

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Greek Myth and Roman History Chickens sticker sale!


Hey my dudes*, if you like my stuff I have a shop on Redbubble with a 30% off EVERYTHING sale on right now, and all my Iliad and Roman chickens are on as stickers!

Selling my wares is how I keep my educational website free of ads 😁

There’s a lot more than just chickens in the shop, and as ever if you buy anything, you have my eternal gratitude!

*am child of the 90s 🤘

Thanks, friends!

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Insane Charity Bike Ride 2023: This One Goes to Eleven!

by John Kovalic

Each year for the last 11 years, the Insane Charity Bike Ride has helped the FairShare CSA Coalition bring fresh, organic food from Dane County, WI, farms to low-income families in the Madison area.

It’s an amazing local charity, helping farmers as well as low-income families. But obviously, these days, the need is greater.

The Army of Dorkness (ie: YOU!) has become hugely important to this campaign, raising more than $175,000 over the past eleven years! You all are beings of LIGHT and HAPPINESS! And this year, there’s a chance we could break the $200,000 mark!

Just imagine the difference this will make in people’s lives.

If you have the means, please support Insane Charity Bike Ride 2023, and help us in the fight against food insecurity. CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE DONATION PAGE!


We’ll be trying hard to get the majority of the goodies out to you by Thanksgiving.

Aside from making me cycle a very long distance (possibly with a duck on my head), here’s what you’ll, in return.


1) EACH and EVERY pledge will get a pdf of the limericks Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss and Gail Simone created for the ride, illustrated by me. PLUS, a pdf copy of both charity coloring books (with a  third on the way). Seriously, every little bit helps.

2) $35 PLEDGE LEVEL:  the signed 2023 MUNCHKIN CHARITY POSTCARD! Created exclusively for donors of this ride, this will let you start one game of Munchkin at Level 3, as well as the PDF limericks and coloring books (along with any stretch-goal goodies).

3) $75 PLEDGE LEVEL: all of the above, plus a unique-to-this-ride ARMY OF DORKNESS Sergeant button (along with any stretch-goal goodies)! Here’s last year’s button:

4) $150 PLEDGE LEVEL: you get this year’s postcard, the Sergeant button, plus all ten previous Charity postcards! (These are running low, so this is probably the last year this can be offered) along with any stretch-goal goodies.  (15 of 15 left)

5) $200 PLEDGE LEVEL: you get this year’s postcard, the Sergeant pin, and a signed THE TAO OF IGOR (along with any stretch-goal goodies). (20 0f 20 left)

6) $300 PLEDGE LEVEL: you get you this year’s postcard, the Sergeant button, and the 2023 Gamehole Con  plushie, THE UBER-KEWL GELATINOUS CUBE (which also happens to be a fully functional D6), and a signed copy of THE TAO OF IGOR  (along with any stretch-goal goodies). (20 of 20 remaining)

7) $350 PLEDGE LEVEL: you get this year’s postcard, the Sergeant button, and an ORIGINAL PIECE OF MUNCHKIN CARD ART. This is the only way you can get original Munchkin card art – I never sell it. I’ll choose my favorite pieces to send to ride backers. This year, the card art will be from a major new classic Munchkin release that has yet to be announced by Steve Jackson Games – it’s probably my favorite Munchin art in several years. You also get the button, a signed copy of THE TAO OF IGOR, and this year’s postcard (along with any stretch-goal goodies). (20 of 20 left)

8) $500 PLEDGE LEVEL: gets you the postcard, the button, the PDFs, the Tao of Igor, and BOTH the Gelatinous Cube plushie and the original Munchkin card art (along with any stretch-goal goodies)!  (10 or 10 remaining)

 9) $1,000 PLEDGE LEVEL: you (or a friend, or a pet, etc.) will be drawn into a Dork Tower comic strip. I will work with you on a concept that is appropriate and specific to you! You also get the original art, as well as a piece of Munchkin art, the current postcard, the pdfs and the badge (along with any stretch-goal goodies).  (3 of 3 remaining)

 10) $2,000 PLEDGE LEVEL:  you (or a friend, or a pet, etc.) will become an official MUNCHKIN card! I’ll work with you on designing the card, and you’ll get 25 copies of the card for yourself, along with the original art. These cards will also be given out by Steve Jackson Games, at various conventions world-wide. You also get a piece of Munchkin art, the current postcard, the pdfs and the badge (along with any stretch-goal goodies).  (3 of 3 left)

11) $3,000 PLEDGE LEVEL: I will paint a cartoon portrait of you, and/or your family (up to five members), and/or your pets, either digitally (for use on cards, etc.) or physical (acrylics on 16” x 20” stretched canvas). You also get a piece of Munchkin art, the current postcard, the pdfs and the badge (along with any stretch-goal goodies). (1 of 2 remaining)

12) $4,000 PLEDGE LEVEL: This is the corporate sponsorship level! I will ride in your company’s t-shirt or biking jersey, plug your company in every bike ride update leading up to (and after) the ride itself, and you will get two months of advertising on the Dork Tower web site (1.5 million page views per year, and growing) featuring (should you wish) the Dork Tower characters plugging whatever you’d like plugged. Your company logo will also run on the Dork Tower website for a year. You can run these ads elsewhere, and will receive any original art I create for them (Dork Storm Press retains the right to refuse inappropriate material). You also get a piece of Munchkin art, the current postcard, the pdfs and the badge (along with any stretch-goal goodies).  (1 of 1 remaining)

Oh, and if you’re also a Dork Tower Patreon supporter, or have backed The Tao of Igor Kickstarter, and back this ride…you will also receive 2023 Army of Dorkness M*A*S*H button! Here’s a sample of the 2022 badge, with Kayleigh:


What would this drive be, without stretch goals?

  • $5,000 – PASSED! All physical rewards backers will receive a bonus Insane Charity Bike Ride 2023 sticker.
  • $10,000 – All physical rewards backers will receive a bonus Insane Charity Bike Ride 2023 Munchkin card!
  • $15,000 – a new celebrity limerick penned by a super-secret surprise guest, which I will illustrate.
  • $20,000 – I again will ride with a plush Duck of Doom strapped to my helmet. (Don’t lie – this is the one you were waiting for…)
  • $20,000+ – more stretch goals (and more ducks) to be announced if and when we hit the others.

Anyway, there you have it. INSANE CHARITY BIKE RIDE 2023. Help farmers get fresh food to local low-income families. Or simply do it to force a duck (or possibly two) upon my head.  Your choice.

– John


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Bad Map Projection: ABS(Longitude)

Positive vibes/longitudes only
25 Jul 12:58

Mystery – Part II by TeraS

by TeraS

Something of a reflection between parts of “Mystery” this week. That’s mainly due to the story going in a direction for one of the characters that didn’t make sense when I reflected upon it. But whatever the choice, it is something of a …

Mystery Part II
By TeraS

She sleeps and is not aware that I am here. She dreams of me, and I know she does. The linens are tangled about her, binding this dreamer to her dreams, wherever they may, or rather do, take her. For each and every one of them brings her to me, or rather they bring her to the me I was and not the me I am.

Since her first dream of me, she has pulled me towards her as much as I have pulled her towards me. The dreams trap her, holding her within them, unable to escape. Purple-tails are so attracted to mysteries, they cannot, it seems, exist without having one to explore. Is it my fault that this mystery has etched itself into her soul? Is it my fault that I see in her my past, my loss, the promise pulled from me to make things right again? Is it … is it because the loneliness never escapes me?

She doesn’t feel my touch through the dream as I caress her red hair, careful not to touch her purple horns and awaken her. I see my past in her, the past thought long forgotten by the Realm, left behind for the choices made for my children: a past of love and loss, joy and tears, and a mistake that is forever my fault and mine alone.

The dreams always end with her confronting me, promising she would remember the dream, the truth of who I am now. It’s impossible of course. It takes but a stray thought to cloud her dream, to fade away the memories of me. It’s better for her to not remember, to not carry the burden of a truth that needs never to be known. She still seeks out answers regardless; her nature demands that she continue.

My own nature demands that I allow her to. It’s a conflict within me, I do not want to be found and yet a part of me, deep within, would welcome her finding the answer. I am satisfied with the raven-maned red-tail and her Eternal. I delight in them and their Realm of love and wonder. I don’t need to be worshipped again, it holds no attraction for me. Yet, she appears in my dreams as well. She desires me, not as who I was, but who I am. In her dream, the desire within her breaks free and there is no escape. Like her, I am bound to the dream, held to the end, knowing the truth. Many a night, I awaken to find myself gasping her name and turning to see if she is there.

Somehow the dreams have bound us together. She lies beside me, curled up, her body warm against my own. It’s not my doing, at least I cannot remember it being so. Her eyes flutter, she sees me and smiles. Her lips curl about words I cannot hear, her fingers cup my cheeks, and a kiss is shared.

It’s then I realize this is another dream, shared between our lost souls in spite of what should be. Her eyes plead, she holds my hand, the moment holds a choice to be made: does the dream become real or will this only be a dream forevermore? I’m ashamed to say that my fear pulls the dream apart at the seams and reality returns once more.

The night moves onwards to the dawn, she sleeps. My place is to be here, to come to terms with my choices and abide by them.

But for how long and why?

25 Jul 12:16


The vaccine stuff seems pretty simple. But if you take a closer look at the data, it's still simple, but bigger. And slightly blurry. Might need reading glasses.
18 Jul 20:54

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Universe

by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Thank you everyone! I would love to keep bringing more of these, and your support makes that happen :)

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18 Jul 20:48

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Conscious

by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Announcing The Universe: Abridged Beyond the Point of Usefulness! Click this comic or check the blog!

Today's News:

Thank you!

17 Jul 23:52

AskQC Office Hours: Debiasing Dewey

by Alex

Kathryn Becker and I will be presenting a free webinar, Debiasing Dewey: Righting the past by rewriting the classification, on July 20 (4pm EDT, 8pm UTC), as part of OCLC’s AskQC Office Hours series. We’ll be joined by several colleagues who will also be on hand to answer questions. We’ll prioritize those about the presentation and the DDC, but there’s usually time to open it up for general questions too.

You can find registration information in the link above, as well as a recording and slides from the first session. Wait, first session? Why wasn’t that on the blog? Oops, I did it again! I hope you’ll join us for this one, and if you can’t, you can view the recording, and you’re always welcome to ask questions here or via dewey [at]

17 Jul 03:04

Uh-oh, there's that evil overlord again.

15 Jul 02:51


I feel bad for Earth 2 and their shadowflies.
13 Jul 11:55

Contact Merge

I actually kind of feel like John and Surf King wouldn't like each other, which is a lot to unpack.
13 Jul 01:55

Gloaty gloaty gloaty urp

12 Jul 19:22

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Purity

by Zach Weinersmith

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The two possible exceptions are Mad Nuclear Physics and Mad Finance, but they're both toward the top of the curve, OK?

Today's News:

Bea Wolf is half off one day only!

03 Jul 23:13

Actual Progress

Slowly progressing from 'how do protons behave in relativistic collisions?' to 'what the heck are protons even doing when they're just sitting there?'
02 Jul 14:53

And wept the old gods, passing on, and feared the gods to come.

The ghosts of gods were marching down the hallway of the past;

The shuffle of their footsteps woke me from my sleep at last;

I stared into the darkness, and I shuddered as they passed.

A grim and one-eyed Odin strode, and hammer-wielding Thor,

And there were golden-bearded Zeus and Ares, god of war,

And Mithra, Ler, Ganesha, Ra, Shamash, and many more.

I looked on Quetzalcoatl’s plumes and Loki’s hair of fire;

Along with Krishna’s flute I heard Apollo’s twanging lyre;

I caught a wink from Pan and witnessed Ishtar’s fierce desire.

Just then a funny, ibis-headed godlet caught my eye.

‘‘Come here and tell me, Thoth!” I called. The bird-head wafted nigh. “What means this rout of deities? Where go they hence, and why?“’

“As you create us, you destroy us,” said the long-billed wight,

“And those that you’ve discarded here have yielded up their might; “They’re bound for non-existence in the quiet lands of night.”

“And what of those who stand aloof — the four with beards?"’ I cried. “They’re Christ and Yahveh, Marx and Lenin,” Thoth the Wise replied. Although these four are worshiped now, they will not long abide.”

“Will earth be godless, then?” I said, and Thoth responded: “Nay! ’‘You’ll make more gods, in names of whom to burn and maim and slaju* “What sort of gods? Abstractions pale, or bloodless theories, say?”

But Thoth of Egypt turned away and went in silence dumb.

I thought of Venus’ bosom, heard afar Damballa’s drum.

And wept the old gods, passing on, and feared the gods to come.

30 Jun 20:02

Real Estate Analysis

Mars does get a good score on 'noise levels' and 'scenic views,' but the school district ranking isn't great; the only teacher--the Perseverance rover--is too busy with rock samples to teach more than the occasional weekend class.
29 Jun 22:40

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Bea

by Zach Weinersmith

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(Thanks for the amazing sales numbers so far, and more importantly for all the happy stories about parents and kids reading together!)

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Also this, but we ran out of space

29 Jun 22:33

The Golden Rule


26 Jun 02:09

You want the moon, Robin? I’ll give it to you!

by AlePresser
24 Jun 21:32

It is also the day in 1947 that Kenneth Arnold claimed he saw several crescent-shaped objects…


St. John’s Day (Christianity),

Which used to be a big deal of a holiday, basically going in order of importance, Easter, St. John’s Day, Pentecost, Ascension, and Christmas. The main activity of the day was lighting bonfires for St. John. That really would not work today; the environmental impact would be terrible.

Feast of the Sun (Aztec)

Celebration of the Senses Day (international),

go out and smell something.

International Fairy Day

World UFO Day

And it was on June the 24th that…

It’s the day Shakespeare’s Mid-Summer’s Night Dream took place; it is also the date that people thought Fairies were most likely to be active.

In 1717 the Masons went public in London.

In 1374 Sudden outbreaks of St. John’s Dance (known as St. Vitus’ Dance when not taking place around St. John’s day) in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to experience hallucinations and begin to jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapsed from exhaustion.

The 24th is the Day King Edward III founded the Order of the Garter in 1348, which some believe was secretly tied to the pre-Christian Pagan beliefs of Europe.

By tradition, this is the day the Pied Piper leads 130 children out of the town of Hamlin and into a mountain.

It was the Festival of Mati-Syra-Zemlya (Dark Earth Goddess) & Zemlya’s Night (Slavic Lands).

On the 24th of June in 1694, the Utopian community known as Woman of the Wilderness (which was all-male), made up of Primitive Christians, alchemists, & mystics, landed in what would come to be known as Germantown, Pennsylvania. And the day in 1701; the above community said they were visited by a glowing white sphere while burning their St. John’s Day Fires.

It is also the day in 1947 that Kenneth Arnold claimed he saw several crescent-shaped objects “flying with a motion like saucers skipping over a lake.“.

22 Jun 22:37

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Virtual

by Zach Weinersmith

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After we get a perfected holodeck, there'll be a horrific amount of sexual unleashing, followed by the deep and movingly pathetic fantasies nobody was willing to express.

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