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18 Feb 22:13

Succubus by BANE_As found...

Succubus by BANE_

As found at:

Welcome to Succubi High… 

18 Feb 15:39

Minotaur Executif!


I saw this sad-looking Minotaur (under Theseus, by Canova) in the V&A the other week, and was struck by his mostly-human form. I thought he might, like Medusa, seek a better reputation: having been abandoned by his own beastly progenitor (the bull), imprisoned immediately by a cruel stepfather in a maze-like prison (Minos), and forced to kill his only playmates, Asterion (yes, he had a name, the same name as his stepfather’s own stepfather) is now seeking legal representation for paternal abandonment and defamation, and that’s just the start. Looking sharp, Mr Asterion sir!

18 Feb 15:30

Odyssey Book 1, part 18 (the end!)


The final part of the MASSIVE comic that Book 1 became, with all its exposition, theme and character introduction, is now live!

Odyssey Book 1, Part 18

You can now get the entirety of Book 1 as a download PDF to print yourself! Just For You for 99p and Teacher Print £3.99 (for unlimited printing for classes) editions. See below for a sample of this 10-page A4 comic!

You can view all the other parts of the Odyssey, Books 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, and 19, online on the Odyssey Comix page.

I’m so excited to have finally finished Book 1! I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Jenks x

17 Feb 14:18

Phylogenetic Tree

And I was kicked out of my March Madness pool because I wouldn't shut up about the evidence for NBA/ABA endosymbiosis.
17 Feb 14:17

Freefall 3398 February 17, 2020

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14 Feb 16:21

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Bound


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

I'm pretty sure the venn diagram for this joke is two non-overlapping circles. But, enjoy!

Today's News:
13 Feb 03:29


Blockchains are like grappling hooks, in that it's extremely cool when you encounter a problem for which they're the right solution, but it happens way too rarely in real life.
11 Feb 00:17

Succubus by ApocAs found...

Succubus by Apoc

As found at:

Love the outfit this Succubus is wearing…

07 Feb 15:25

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07 Feb 02:41

Thor and Harley Quinn

by Ross

It will be interesting to see how Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) fares at the box office this weekend.  I have to admit that for me, it looks like it will be a rental, unless they reviews manage to sway my opinion.  Harley Quinn looks great in it, but Huntress, Black Canary and Cassandra Cain do not seem like the characters I know from the comics. Hopefully once I see the whole movie, that will not remain the case.

OK, I want to give thanks for the idea of giving Thor HQ's mallet - but I seem to have misplaced my notes on that.  So, whoever it was, speak up, and thank you!
07 Feb 02:32

Roll for Seduction

by S Frisk
05 Feb 13:58

Health Check

03 Feb 21:42

Motivation is so much more than money.

by Jessica Hagy

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03 Feb 21:41

Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Four

by Brian

*hugs Brett*
03 Feb 16:09

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01 Feb 18:24

The Jonses

by Ross

I've featured the relationships between J'onn and Angelica as well as Jessica and Casey on the blog before, and I thought that it was time to put them together as a whole family.  OK, I am bracing myself for the comments - Where's Indiana?  Wheres Rick, Where's Osmosis? Where's Bridget? Where's Barnaby? Where's Fred?  Where's Cleopatra? Where's Jimbo?  Where's Samantha?  Where's Velvet? Well, there's no rule that says all Jonses are related, but maybe in a sequel one or two of them could show up.
01 Feb 18:15

Parker Solar Probe

It will get within 9 or 10 Sun-diameters of the "bottom" (the Sun's surface) which seems pretty far when you put it that way, but from up here on Earth it's practically all the way down.
29 Jan 00:42

Nintendo existed at the same time as the Ottoman Empire

by Nicolas
29 Jan 00:41

Thor Vs. Amazo

by Ross

This biggest headline out of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is the addition of Christian Bale to the cast in a mystery role.  Many have speculated that he will portraying Beta Ray Bill, or at least his voice, which could be interesting.  Now the rumor is that he will be appearing as none other than Norman Osborne in a role that will span several movies.  Would Bale want to sign up for that, and would Marvel want to have to share him with Sony?  I'm not quite sold on the theory yet.  Heck, if it is true, and considering the fact that Michael Keaton is already on board as The Vulture, let's get Val Kilmer as Dock Ock, George Clooney as Electro and Ben Affleck as Kraven for an all Ex-Batman Sinister Six!
27 Jan 23:21

Reaction Maps

If Google Maps stops letting you navigate to (Clay County District) A in West Virginia, you can try Jump, OH -> Ina, IL -> Big Hole, TX.
24 Jan 15:45

Judge Dredd and V

by Ross

I had heard some rumors of a sequel movie or even a TV series for Karl Urban as Judge Dredd.  I don't know if anything is still in the planning stages, especially now that Urban has another his series, The Boys, underway.  I hope that he can find the time and a studio has interest, because it would be great to see another Dredd film.

A big thank you to Bob Sanders for suggesting this pairing!
22 Jan 18:20

Freefall 3387 January 22, 2020

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22 Jan 01:00

Galactus Vs. Mogo & Ch'p

by Ross

I've had a few requests for Galactus to face of against Mogo, and I do agree that it would make for an amazing battle.  Galactus undoing of course would not paying attention to a micro problem while he tackles the macro problem - and that's where Ch'p can come in to save the day.
21 Jan 00:48

The transparency paradox The more transparent your workplace...

The transparency paradox

The more transparent your workplace the less transparent your employees. In an age of trackers, wearables, online monitoring, workplace chat and always-on devices it turns out that not only does a more transparent workplace actually drive people to more secretive behaviours, but that adding a little more privacy actually may improve productivity also.

As Ethan Bernstein says:

Very simply, the transparency paradox is the idea that increasingly transparent, open, observable workplaces can create less transparent employees.

See Harvard prof Ethan Bernstein’s The Transparency Paradox study (pdf) or I learned about it from the Freakonomics podcast: Yes, the Open Office Is Terrible — But It Doesn’t Have to Be.

17 Jan 14:55


17 Jan 03:51

Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Seven

by Brian

To be fair, I could have written this scene out to 3-4 parts. I love Gul’Ren and now there is perfect alignment. The Aspect is in trouble.. Also, I am throwing another reminder that it would help me out if[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...
12 Jan 22:25

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Ark


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

There's actually a whole 'nother page on the other side.

Today's News:

Hey! Me and Kelly are working on a project, and we started a little twitter account where we post Weird Stories from Space.

10 Jan 13:40

Star Wars Voyager 1

There's some flexibility depending on your standards for measuring runtime and the various special editions. If you still want to have a party, I'm sure you can find some combination that works.
09 Jan 23:56

raedusoleil: If you turn on subtitles for this video, you’ll get...


If you turn on subtitles for this video, you’ll get annotations for what plant cells you are viewing.

@calyxaomphalos, this is a green inner world you will enjoy.

07 Jan 21:49


by Jessica Hagy

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