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Define fun again?

by Jessica Hagy

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Watch Carefully – DORK TOWER 24.05.23

by John Kovalic

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By the Book/Buy the Book – DORK TOWER 19.05.23

by John Kovalic

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Texts From SuperheroesFacebook | Twitter | Patreon | Instagram

Texts From Superheroes

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I don't understand why anyone would pay full price for a flatbed truck rental when you can buy 'DETOUR' signs online for like $10.
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The Morrigán

Name: The Morrigan (Great Queen, Phantom Queen,) Mor Rioghain, Morgain, Mórrígu, mór rígain, Morgan La Fay, The Bean-Nighe or The Washer At The Ford, The Wife of the Green Man, the Wyrd Sisters.

Symbols: Raven or Crow, spear.

Goddess of: Battle, prophecy, fertility, and sovereignty

Usual Image: A shapeshifter, she appears in many forms, a beautiful maiden, a mature woman, an ancient hag, a crow, a bear, and others.

Relatives: Ernmas (mother) Cailitin, a Druid or Delbaeth or Dagda (father) Anu, Badb, Macha or Badb the Crow, Nemain the Venomous, Fea the Hateful. (Sisters or other aspects of her or goddesses she presided over.) Eriu, Fotla, and Banba (other sisters and goddesses of the land, not other aspects of her) Mechi (Son, father unknown) had three hearts, which were three serpents. The serpents, it was foretold, would destroy Ireland, so MacCecht killed him and burnt the hearts, throwing the ash into the river Berba; even then, the ash of his hearts boiled the waters of the river away and killed all the fish in the river.

Holy Books: Book of Leinster, Book of Fermoy

Synodeities: Kali (Hinduism,) Cathbodva (Gaul.)

(The Watcher of the Ford, illustration from Cuchulain, The Hound of Ulster, by Eleanor Hull 1904)

Details: Once you look into the myths about the Irish goddess Morrigan you begin to understand why the Celts developed the Celtic knot!

At her most basic, Morrigan was a goddess of battle, who did not take part in the battle itself, but instead stirred up strife, then flew over the battle in the form of a crow who picked who would die by casting confusion on them, afterward feasting on their remains.

Not your warm and affectionate sort of goddess, yet she was also a goddess of fertility and sovereignty, without whom the king would be powerless.

Going deeper into Morrigan (or The Morrigan as this may have at some time been a title) we find that she is also a triple goddess, who, along with either her sisters Badb and Macha or, in some accounts, Nemain the Venomous and Fea the Hateful, play a shifting role in scores of myths and legends.

What brings this goddess back in so many forms and guises, and age after age, returns in another form, even if this means mixing aspects that are both grand and horrific?

An answer might be found in the theory put forth by Ralph Abraham, mathematician, historian & Chaos theorist, in the book Chaos, Gaia, & Eros (1994, Harper Collins.)

To oversimplify it for this page, his theory is that three main forces have driven human consciousness through the ages, which he calls.

Gaia: The physical existence and living spirit of the created world.

Eros: The spiritual medium connecting Chaos & Gaia, the creative impulse and

Chaos: The creative void, the source of all forms.

From the Paleolithic to the present, these three forces moved us forward, with at times one or more of them being suppressed only to resurface again and again.

Whoever the original goddess was who returned as the Morrigan, she was most likely first worshipped in a very different form sometime between 10,000 & 4,000 B.C.E. During what he called the Gaia span (agriculture/partnership.)

With the coming of the Eros span, 4,000 B.C.E. to +/- 1962 A.D. (the wheel, patriarchy & science), she was re-imagined by a new way of thinking that often feared Chaos and almost always had, as part of its dominant mythos, the conquest of Chaos by a hero or god representing Order.

In this way, Morrigan changed from life-giver to carrion eater, and yet the three forces she is a part of continue to bring her back in multi-triad forms.

So that as the Eros span grew, she was not undone or put away but continued to shapeshift.

Changing from setting as a raven on the shoulder of dead Cú Chulainn to reappearing as Morgain La Fey in the tales of King Author, or as the wife of the Green Man and tempting Sir Gawain, to stirring the cauldron for Macbeth as the Wyrd sisters, and later as part of the Celtic Fairy faith, becoming the Bean-Nighe who is seen washing the bloody clothing of those who are about to die.

The thing is, in this theory, the Eros span has now begun to be overtaken by the now-developing Chaos span (Neo-Pagan, Post Modern, Chaos Theory, and meta-modern), which offers the hope of the end of the suppression of these three forces so they can be understood with positive effect.

No doubt the form that Morrigan takes in this era, if his theory is correct, will be most interesting indeed!

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Commemorative Plaque

[Below] On this site on May 12th, 2023, I finally learned how to use the masonry bit for my drill.
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gulliver-arkham: Not really a question to a...


Not really a question to ask an adult, but get in touch with your inner 5-year-old and play along. What Is Your Favorite Color? (and I’m including some that are kind of sort of not colors but… but still.)


Red / Pink / Scarlet

Orange / Peach / Coral

Yellow / Beige


Teal / Bluish Green / Cyan

Blue / Indigo

Violet / Purple / Magenta

White / Silver

Brown / Umber / Maroon

See Results
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NAME: Rabbit or Hare, when the mystic or divine...

NAME: Rabbit or Hare, when the mystic or divine aspect of an animal is the subject that animal’s name is used, only it is capitalized, so there are rabbits and hares, and there is Rabbit and Hare, depending on the word used in the culture in question.

Some hare or rabbit gods & goddesses are

- Hittavainen the Finnish god of Hares,

- Kaltes, the Siberian goddess of the moon who often took the form of a hare,

- Jade Rabbit, who pounds out medicine on the moon for the Chinese the moon goddess Chang'e

- Ometotchtli (Two Rabbits,) Aztec god of fertility, parties & drunkeness who led 400 other Rabbit gods known as the Centzon Totochtin,

- Kalulu, (Central African) Trickster god.

- Nanabozho (Great Rabbit,) an Ojibwe deity who took part in the creation of the world.

We might also add Frith, the god of the rabbits, in the novel Watership Down.

(Note how many double sounds we have in the Hare & Rabbit god/desses above)

SYMBOLS: Depends on the culture; some are such things as colored eggs, several different glyphs and icons, and the “lucky” rabbit’s foot, which, if done right, should only come from a rabbit caught and killed in a graveyard on the night of the Full Moon on a Friday (New Moon according to some, and some say it has to be raining!) and only the left hind foot is to be taken.

One very prominent one that stretches from China, through the Middle East, to Europe is the three hares or the three rabbits in China.

The image is so old that its exact meaning is lost and consists of a circular motif that features three hares or rabbits, either chasing each other or running around in a circle. Each of the ears is shared by two animals so that only three ears are shown, forming a triangle.

While common. Its origin and meaning are uncertain; it is also unknown if this image spontaneously sprang up in the places where it appearers or moved from the East to the West or West to the East.

However, the earliest occurrences seem to have occurred in cave temples in China, dating to the sixth to seventh centuries. One of the latest ones is a coin from Iran dated around 1300.

In England, the three racing hares are almost always found next to the Green Man, a symbol known for its links to paganism.

Whatever the case, whether they are rabbits or hares, for critters running around in a circle, they have been able to travel a very long way!

USUAL IMAGE: Depends on the culture, but pretty much all of them focus on the long ears. Though the Aztecs also give Rabbit fangs!


- First Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox; this particular ecclesiastical full moon is the 14th day of a tabular lunation (new moon), and the vernal equinox is fixed as March 21.

- July 4th, date in 1862 on which the story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” arose with the appearance of the White Rabbit as told by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, during a boat trip on the river Isis (the local name for the stretch of the Thames that flows through Oxford) from Oxford to Godstow with his friend Robinson Duckworth, and the sisters Alice, Lorina and Edith Liddell

- July 27, Bugs Bunny’s Birthday

- The first day of each month; see below.

FORM OF WORSHIP: Originally Welsh, the custom has spread and varies from place to place; the essential folk tradition is the saying of either Rabbit or Rabbits, or White Rabbits once or three times on the first day of the month; variations are saying Bunny, or Black Rabbit the last day of the month before going to bed, and White Rabbit on waking up on the first.

This is supposed to bring good luck; however, if you say Rabbit a second time that first day or hear someone else say it before you, it brings bad luck.

This peculiar folk belief, in its many other permutations in the method to be performed, survives to this day.

GODS & GODDESSES ASSOCIATED WITH RABBITS OR HARES: Eostre or Ostara (Anglo-Saxon) / Chang, ‘e (Chinese) / Ixchel (Mayan) / Hecate (Greek) / Okuninushi (Japan) / Venus (Roman) / Freyja, who had hare attendants (Norse) / Cerridwen (Celtic) / Andraste (Britain) / Holda, who had a whole troop of hares that carried torches for her. (Teutonic.) / Orion, whose hounds chase the constellation Lepus / Windmaker (Sioux) / The Buddha, who, as he was dying, called for all of the animal kingdoms, one the 12 that showed up was Rabbit, earning Rabbit a place in the Chinese Zodiac.


Brer Rabbit in the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris were all based not on African but Cherokee tales of Rabbit.

Bunnicula carrot-sucking vampire bunny (Deborah & James Howe)

Peter Cottontail (Thornton Burgess)

Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, the Flopsy Bunnies, the Fierce Bad Rabbit, and others (Beatrix Potter)

St. Peter Cottontail, the first and true pope (South Park)

Rabbit, one of Winnie the Pooh’s posse (A. A. Milne)

Uncle Wiggily’s subject of stories and an old board game (Howard R. Garis)

The Velveteen Rabbit

Hazel-rah, Fiver, Bigwig, Blackberry, Dandelion, Pipkin, Silver, Speedwell, Hawkbit, Buckthorn, Acorn, and all the rest from Watership Down and El-Ahrairah & the Black Rabbit of Inie (Richard Adams)

The White Rabbit & the March Hare (Lewis Carroll)

One unlucky bunny in Of Mice and Men

Bugs Bunny, the American Trickster god

Frank, the 7-foot-tall apocalyptic rabbit in Donnie Darko

Harvey (actually a pooka) in Harvey

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s main hero before Mickey Mouse

The Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Roger Rabbit, originally a cynical disillusioned Toon actor (a separate species from humans) who committed suicide in the 1983 novel, Who Framed Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf (no spoiler warning needed, this all happens in the first chapter!). Turned into the very type of stereotypical cartoon rabbit that the Roger of the novel despised in a much more famous film set in 1947 that was totally unlike the novel.

Thumper, Disney’s Bambi

Bunny Rabbit, Mister Moose’s pal from Captain Kangaroo

Crusader Rabbit is the favorite cartoon of Elvis.

The Duracell Bunny Energizer Bunny

Mr. Herriman from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

The Trix rabbit

Binky Binkenstein from Life in Hell

Bun Rab in Pogo

Captain Carrot, leader of the “funny-animal” superhero group the Zoo Crew

Cutey Bunny from Army Surplus Komikz

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, a member of the Marvel Family

Max from Sam & Max, “ground level” black and white comic book.

Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets.

Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia

Alice and Thistle from Alice’s Farm: A Rabbit’s Tale by Maryrose Wood

And many, many others.

DETAILS: Most animals are regarded as sacred or manifestations of the divine to some degree or other in the past among some people.

It’s easy to figure out the bear or horse for its ferocity or strength, the dog because of its loyalty, the cat because of its mysterious nature, eagles, hawks, and other birds for flight, and even the lowly spider because of its ability to spin webs.

Therefore it stands to reason that rabbits and hares would show up somewhere on the sacred radar screen as well.

The question, I think, is why have these creatures, who are one of the few to serve as pets, pests, and food simultaneously, gained such a prominent place in world myth, legend, and religion while other animals we are closer to show up less, or have less esteem?

Why have they found a place beside so many gods and goddesses that a dog, cat, or horse would more logically fill?

Is it their fertility? Their seeming ability to survive in a world where almost everything else seems to want to eat them? Their speed? Their agility? Perhaps it’s that they remind us of ourselves.

Small creatures in a larger hostile world with no allies and the companion of nothing, yet able to survive and multiply.

It’s a thought, and if that is the case, it seems that our ancestors might have been on the money; a recent study has shown that rabbits and hares are not as closely related to rodents as was thought but are, in fact, closer to primates.

Perhaps it’s just those ears.

02 May 00:45

The Harlita Hat Trick by Justin Bedard

by TeraS

Last Friday was, in theory, my birthday and along with that comes the wonder of my family. A story today with scheming, fun and… poutine. But then dear Justin knows me so very, very well…

The Harlita Hat Trick
By Justin Bedard

The Quest for the Ultimate Poutine

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Makin’ poutine.”

I giggled and smooched Tina’s precious little nose when she screwed her face up in disgust. It was just the thing I needed after ten minutes in the kitchen with nothing to show for it. Would be a great shame on me as the chef of the family, but I’ll bet you fifty bucks even Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t toss me out if he knew what some nut had just ordered.

Fries? Sweet. Love ‘em, especially when they’re all crispy. Gravy? I mean…you can put it on mashed potatoes, and fries are basically sliced potatoes cooked in oil, so it makes sense. Doesn’t make it good. Cheese curds? Your culinary experiment is officially a Frankenstein monster, and honey? I’m Monica effin’ Harlita. If there’s one thing I’ve got a knack for, it’s experimenting in life and love. I make it my goal to bed and befriend any and all genders and orientations. I aspire to new reaches of pleasure that sometimes border on S&M! I seek to purge all false purity from religious establishments across the globe!!!

…but I draw the line at poutine. The only thing worse in my mind was haggis, and that’s a pretty low bar, babe. Like, you can’t even limbo under that.

“Okay, but why, though?” Tina asked. “Like…I thought we were all in agreement that poutine is friggin’ gross.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t, hon,” I answered. “…I mean, it’s just the curds that really ruin the whole thing, right?”

“Curds? More like turds. Hashtag middle school humour. Still haven’t told me why. Are there any panfingers left?”

“Fresh plate by the stove. C’mon, don’t ya know me at all?”

Her favourite breakfast treat that wasn’t Pop Tarts, even though they were more or less just pancake sticks. Happened the first time I tried to make pancakes and ended up making them too small. Super crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. The perfect finger food to start your day, as it turns out, and they kept Tina company for a solid thirty seconds before she zeroed back in on me. Guess the cat wanted out of the bag.

“Well,” I started. “It’s Auntie Tera’s birthday soon…”

“So you’ve chosen spanks, dear sister,” she cut in without batting an eye.


“And I didn’t see the incoming reversal. I have officially learned nothing.”

Don’t play the naughty game with me, ladies and germs, ‘cause I can play it better. But she was right on the money. She may have laid her roots in Canada and loved everything about it, but offering her the Great White North’s “signature dish”? That’s how you earn our fair Queen’s wrath, babe. And as tempting as that sounded, I wouldn’t be giving it a second thought if someone hadn’t triple dog dared me and every other succubus from here to the Realm to whip up our own batches.

“…so he wants to get shot with the Linen-nator, is that it?” Tina asked when I showed her the offending text.

Still haven’t forgiven her and Lance for making that thing without me.

“Well, it’s a triple dog dare,” I said. “That means I gotta do it, like it or not…not like I’d back down from a challenge, anyway.”

“I smell shenanigans!” Tina said with an adorable grin. “We gonna get the drop on ‘em? Please say we’re gettin’ the drop on ‘em.”

“Lil’ sis? We’re gettin’ the drop on ‘em.”

Cue the diabolical laughter with a little bit of sexy! …and learn it’s not nearly as fun when it’s just one person listening in on you.

…and you have no idea what you’re laughing about.

“Get the drop on them…how, exactly?” I asked.

“Swap it out with good stuff?” Tina said all smug. “French class extraordinaire comin’ through. Poutine is derived from the word pouding, which is a slang term meaning a bunch of random crap. It just so happened that the original random crap was two things that can go together along with one that oughta be flushed down the toilet.”

“You are just the cutest thing ever sometimes,” I gushed.

“Sometimes? Honey, I’m Nuwa’s gift to the succubus race! …is what I’d say if I was a total jerk.”

Or me…huh. Not my favourite way of finding out I’m a bad influence.

“Authentic Canadian cuisine,” I said to myself once or twice. “So what sort of doodads were we thinking?”

“I dunno…like, maybe lobster instead of cheese curds?”

Hey, I feel you judging her back there! It’s Nova Scotia, baby! We got lobster for just about everything! You sprinkle some crusty claw boys in your meal and we’ll be runnin’ red lights to get to you!

Yummy as that sounded, though, the gears in my head were already pointing me toward something sweet. I figured there’d be more than enough of the girls playing the whole thing straight, so there was no doubt in my mind Auntie Tera would be in dire need of a palate cleanse after, say…five seconds?

“Well, we can just break it down to three basic ingredients, right?” Tina said when I mused aloud for a bit. “Just think about what would be a good substitute for each of them. Like, what could you switch the fries out…with…”

I guess I’d looked at her plate of panfingers a little longer than I should’ve. They really were perfect. They tasted great, they were the same shape and consistency as the fries we wanted to swap out, they were invented by yours truly which is totally the most important factoid of the bunch. Plus it also gave us a replacement for the gravy ‘cause…c’mon, ya’ll. Pancakes and syrup? That’s proper Canadian right there.

Of course, you don’t deny a Canadian girl her pancakes and syrup, and now that one girl in particular knew what I was thinking, I was getting the biggest death glare ever as she circled her arms around the plate like a shield. My baby sister. Sharp as a tack, cute as a button, but still finding the time to get a little bratty.

“Hey, Tina?” I said all soft as I reached over and nearly got my nails snapped off.

“Nope. My panfingers.”

“Right, but who makes ‘em for ya?”


Reason? On Tina Harlita? Was I born yesterday?

“I’ll make you a fresh batch when we’re done.”

“Or you can make ‘em now and leave my panfingers alone.”

Okay, so promising doesn’t work. Threats?

“Girl, don’t make me tickle you.”

“I’ll scream. And then I’ll puke. And then you’ll have to make me more panfingers.”

And suddenly poutine done quick and easy (and good) got a helluva lot harder. Just as good a time as any to bust out the puppy dog pout. My last resort: pleading.


She got in real close without blinking or so much as cracking a smile, and…

“My. Pan. Fingerrrrrsssssssssssss…”

Well, when all else failed…





It’s the golden rule, lovelies. You never touch a succubus’s tail, lest you

  1. Get ravished from the shock of pleasure you just gave her.


  1. Get stuck on her shit list when she comes down from the seizure.

I, in particular, sit pretty in Camp A. You get me going and we’re gonna have a lotta fun together, don’t you worry. Tina? First time I did it, I really thought I’d gone and killed her and she’s never let me hear the end of it. But you know how sisters operate. We always know which tails to yank on.

Including Sandra, apparently. The queen of all ice queens that just so happened to be our big sister.

“Thought I smelled two goofs,” she said in that dry voice that always irked me, even if she was smiling. “Can you keep it down? I just got done my workout.”

And boy howdy, did she smell like it.

“Don’t bully the baby!” Tina whined and pulled her tail free. “Did you seriously come all the way across the house just for that?!”

“Been here the whole time, actually.”

Figures. We always had to watch our shadows and make sure they were really ours. Honestly, I was surprised Sandra was even at home at all. She was one of those girls that kept finding reasons to spend time away from her family. One of the perks of being Tenebra’s most popular/powerful agent, I guess.

Yeah, I don’t have a very high opinion of her. I used to, but time does even us sexy immortals dirty.

“Making your own poutine?” she asked. “Are all of you actually getting into that?”

“Putting our own special twist on it,” I said. “Making it a little sweeter.”

“Yeah, with my freakin’ panfingers…” Tina grumbled.

I almost snickered at my littleun’s over-the-top moping, but I caught my biggun’s apathy first. She looked at everything spread out in the kitchen, looked at us, looked at the door like she couldn’t wait to leave her two loser sisters in the dust. Leave it to the bodacious bombshell that is my good self to lighten things up.

“Don’t tell us you actually like it how it is,” I asked.

“Hell no,” Sandra snarked back. “All that fat and cholesterol? You know what that stuff does to your body?”

“You’re grossed out by the cheese curds, too, aren’t ya?”

“Keep that up and I’ll be yanking your tail next.”

“Oh, honey, do it and see if I don’t pin you down.”

“You? Pin me down?”

Tina slid the panfingers into my hands and gave me all the reason I needed to cap the spat there. And so I slipped into Sexy Chef mode. I tied my hair into a ponytail and slung it over my shoulder with one hand, then started the stove up with the other. Tina scurried around behind me and scooped up everything I needed. Mixing bowl, whisk, fancy plate to sculpt the prototype. My hands arranged the goods and my tail stirred, and just like magic, our kitchen exploded with all the sweet smells that’ll make you wanna kiss the cook.

…that’s not a joke. Gimme kiss!

I think I’d gotten halfway through pouring the batter into the pan before I noticed Sandra was still there. Not gawking at us this time, just watching us work. Biting her lips and flipping her sweaty hair out of her eyes every little while, and though I certainly welcome stares depending on who’s giving them, she still had that same intensity that made my skin crawl a bit. It was like she was waiting for permission to leave.

Then she finally spoke.

“Can I help?”

Otherwise known as How to Make the Whole Room Stop in Two Seconds.

“Well,” she said when I apparently looked a little wigged out. “I haven’t really talked to Tera in a long time and…y’know, this might make it a little less awkward?”

Why, my lovelies around the world, I think we’re seeing history in the making. Here stood my big sister, Sandra Harlita, getting mushy? Not since the birth of our fair Tina have I born witness to such splendour! Break out the champagne and caviar!

“This is a good look for you, Sis,” I said with the warmest smile I had, then giggled when I got the most cynical of eye rolls in return. “Relax, I’m just teasing you. Towel yourself off and give us a hand.”

Then she smiled back. An honest to gods genuine smile, and I think my heart melted a little. Moreso when her first act as my deputy chef was hoisting Tina up onto her shoulders to help get the syrup…oh, excuse me. She hoisted Tina up on her one bicep to help get the syrup. So she was a sweetheart and a show-off? Darlings here and everywhere, I think the three of us were starting to look like a family.

“Sure she wouldn’t prefer Reddi-Whip?” Sandra asked.

“Hey, no backseat baking,” I joked.

“I’m just sayin’.”

And so we finished the batches in record time. Fluffy panfingers, crispy panfingers. Thin syrup, thick syrup. Chocolate chips, blueberries, all the good stuff. Us three should’ve been standing in a kiddie pool, that’s how mouth-wateringly sweet we’d made our home.

“We’re so gonna got diabetes,” Sandra said.

“And it’ll be totally worth it!” Tina cheered.

My thoughts exactly, but we weren’t quite done yet.

“Oookay, and now for the dreaded cheese curds…” I said. “How shall we replace such an atrocity, my fair sisters?”

I was expecting an epic brainstorming session where the three of us arrived at the same conclusion at the exact same time, permanently cementing us as the three best nieces that any auntie could have. But y’know…Sandra pulling a box of Timbits out and plopping it in front of us works just fine.

“Sooooo what was that about fat and cholesterol again?” I asked.

“What, I can’t like Tim’s?”

Chocolate glazed, honey dipped, sour cream, the works. We chopped ‘em up, sprinkled ‘em on, looked back and admired our handiwork, then took one bowl and dug in. And then…

Fade to black! We flash forward to our Queen’s big day! Cut to Palace Dining Room as her Majesty sits giving everyone before her the bemused smirk she’s known across the universe for! Her subjects thus far have abided by the challenge, deliberately so to incur her “wrath”! Indeed, the Queen herself has her dominant arm resting on the softest of pillows, poised to lovingly strike at her Dearest Brother the moment he comes within range of her lovely emerald eyes!

At last cut to these sexy bitches (and their adorable kid sister) magically appearing before her with their magnum opus in tow! AND SO WE HAVE WON THE DAAAAAAAY!!!

Aaaaaand breathe. Takes a lot of energy to be this goofy.

“Your Majesty!” I hollered. “On this glorious day of your birth, we bestow upon you our finest of creations!!!”

“Or, as we like to call it, the Harlita Hat Trick!” Tina beamed.

“Go, team…” Sandra mumbled. “…yeah!”

Bad news: the pillow stayed where it was. Good news: Auntie Tera instead smothered us with one of her goddess-like huggles (a snuggle and a hug rolled into one, for those just joining the class). Tina gave one right back, I settled into it, and Sandra…well, she wasn’t that into it, but she had a cute smile going so I reckon she was all good.

“Sorry we’re late,” I said. “Just wanted to make sure we had it perfect.”

“It’s already perfect,” Auntie Tera cooed in my ear. “All my dear ones are here.”

Tina gave me a hug from up on my shoulders and Sandra gave me a sly wink, and then Auntie Tera sat back down to take the first bite. Collective breath held, fingers and tails crossed. The moment of truth. Team Harlita’s offense taking up position. From Sandra to Tina, from Tina to Monica! She shoots…


30 Apr 16:04

10 Public Lands with Powerful Native American C...

29 Apr 12:45

Ga-Oh, or Gaoh. Master of the Winds.

SYMBOLS: The Western sky, a lodge with four doors, the four animals that are leashed to the doors of his lodge, a bear, panther, moose & fawn.

USUAL IMAGE: A giant Iroquois warrior.

HOLY DAYS: No feast day of his own.

FORM OF WORSHIP: Not so much worshipped as understood as a higher power in charge of an elemental force of nature that sometimes brought good things and sometimes brought terrible things, but had to be respected no matter what.

SYNODEITIES: Ehecatl (Aztec), Fei Lian (China), Futen (Japan), Michabo (Algonquian), Njord (Iceland, Nordic), Stribog (Slavic), Vayu (Iranian), Zephyrus the West Wind (Greek) along with his brothers Boreas the North Wind, Notus the South Wind, Apheliotes the East Wind.

DETAILS: Gaoh was the Iroquois people’s Master of the Winds. He was said to be a giant who kept his lodge of four doors in the Western sky. He was so powerful that there was nowhere he could not move.

So great was his power he was in danger of tearing the world apart. To keep this from happening, he sat in the middle of his lodge and sent out a call that was heard over the whole land. Soon, he heard four animals coming in to answer his call.

The first to arrive was Bear, who was outside his North door. At the same time, a fierce storm with thick snow and freezing wind raged around Gaoh’s lodge. Because of his strength, Gaoh set Bear a place at his North door and put him in charge of the Northern winds.

Next came Panther, who showed up at his Western door bringing with him whirlwinds, tempests, and shrieking and moaning winds; because of this, Gaoh placed a leash around his neck and made a place for him by his Western door giving Panther charge of Winds of the West that could tear down forests.

After Panther was put by the West door, the sky turned gray, and he started to sob; opening his Eastern door, Gaoh saw that Moose was there; because of this, he lashed him by that door and gave him charge of the cold, wet winds and gray mists of the East.

Knowing that things were not yet finished, Gaoh threw open his Southern door, which brought to him a gentle breeze that carried with it the scent of a thousand flowers, and the songs of a thousand birds; outside the Southern door was a shy fawn whom Gaoh invited into his lodge and put in charge of the Summer winds so that after that whenever a pleasant breeze was felt in the Summer, it was said that the fawn was returning home to its mother.

Ga-oh was a god of the Iroquois people, one of the oldest democratic governments on Earth, and the tribe that had the most critical impact on the United States.

A confederation of five nations, with a sixth non-voting tribe, the Tuscarora, added in 1722, the Iroquois, which was not what they called themselves; that name is a combination of what the Algonquins called them “rattlesnakes” with the French suffix “ois.” They called themselves The People of the Long House or Haudenosaunee.

The Nation was made up of the Cayuga “those of the great pipe” Mohawk “people of the Flint,” Oneida “people of the standing stone,” Onondaga “people of the hill,” Seneca “keepers of the Western door,” & Tuscarora “shirt wearing people.” At its most significant, it stretched from Niagara Falls and Upper New York to the junction of the Ohio & Mississippi rivers.

A matrilineal society, the Iroquois and not the Greeks supplied the main inspiration that would eventually become the American Republic.

They were also Notable for some fascinating mythic creatures, such as the Giant Flying Heads, whom one had to be very careful of on stormy nights, and Onatah, a goddess very similar to Persephone.

28 Apr 11:02

Book ‘Em, Danno – DORK TOWER 28.04.23

by John Kovalic

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25 Apr 20:46


Ayauhteotl roughly translates as the Mysterious Goddess of Nature who controls the mist.

IMAGE: See symbols, otherwise unknown.

SYMBOLS: Mist, Crepuscular rays, smoke.

AREAS OF CONTROL: Ayauhteotl was the being, force, or Goddess who both was and controlled mist, smoke, and, most notably, Crepuscular rays, the dark and light beams that appear under the proper condition at sunset; she was also the Goddess of fame & glory.

HOLY BOOKS: Books of Black & Red (Metaphor for knowledge among the Aztecs, this is also what their painted books are referred to as.) Duran, Diego’s “Book of the Gods and Rites and the Ancient Calendar ”

SACRIFICES: Of course, the Aztec people were famous for using human sacrifices to appease some deities. Were such used for Ayauhteotl? I don’t know; however, it seems that some sacrifice was demanded by all Gods & Goddesses, though it could be as simple as tossing a bit of cornflower into the fire before baking. I will not speculate on what a Goddess of fame, glory, and mist would demand.

RELATIVES: Toci (grandmother), Teteo Inan (mother), Tlazoteotl Ixcuina, Goddess of Vice. Iltzpaplotl Obsidian Knife Butterfly, Goddess of sensual sex & violent death (Sisters.)

SYNODEITIES: Sekhmet sunset’ (Egyptian), Klymene or Pheme Goddess of fame (Greek), Eukleia Goddess of glory (Greek), Titania Queen of the Fairiesglamour’ (British Isles), Yina’ mna'ut “Fog Woman,” Yina'mtilan “Fog Man” (Siberian.)

DETAILS: The Aztecs had a saying, “Poctli, ayauitl: Tenyotl, mauizyotl,” which meant Smoke and mist: Fame and glory. Another of their aphorisms used to denote a remarkable person who had come onto the scene and impressed everyone was “Mixtitlan, Ayauhtitlan,” or From out of the clouds, from out of the mist.

To the Aztec great renown and public magnificence were seen as a mist that spread out from that person clouding and distorting everything near them.

As a people with thousands of God & Goddesses, ranging from minor household spirits to deities who watched over certain rivers, lakes, or cities to powerful Gods who were said not j to represent but to be massive forces such as rain, fire, and death or abstract ones such as war, song, or fearful sex, the being who was both fame & glory as well as smoke & mist was Ayauhteotl.

The TL at the end of Her name was a designation of a divine force beyond reckoning.

While many of their gods were based on people who had been deified or concepts that were seen to have a life of their own, those designated with a TL were seen as a class apart.

Outside human understanding, they were forces of nature that one could, at best, hope only to ride along with like a surfer on top of an overpowering wave.

As such, those who sought recognition and admiration implored Ayauhteotl to surround them, or perhaps those who found themselves in that situation hoping to obtain mercy from her.

You see, Ayauhteotl was not just seen as any mist. Her main form was the mist known as crepuscular fog.

Those amazing bright and dark bands that, under the right conditions, seem to come out of clouds near sunset.

I think this tells us something about the Aztec Goddess of fame & glory. She, like those rays, is hard to ignore; however, note they always come just before sunset, so no matter how great their magnificence, the very thing that brings them into being dictates that their lives will be brief.

24 Apr 21:32

Blossom by TeraS

by TeraS

I’m writing this on April 16th, a day that matters very much to me and even more to my Eternal. Last week I wrote a story about Branwyn and a wish she had. That story took me to wondering about someone who ventured into the past before and could well do so again, given the reason to do so. Perhaps in doing so the Temptress will …

By TeraS

He’s told me stories about her. How wonderful she is–never was, not in his thoughts or Tera’s. Tales about her love of baking, passed on to her son, that love passed on with every delight he’s shared … especially her cheesecake recipe.

He’s told me stories about her gardening, the tulips that blossom every year around her birthday, the cherry trees that begin to bud about the same time. I wonder sometimes about that: how she came to choose cherry trees, how they reflect upon Tera, their presence in the Realm that I see often. Then there is the maple tree she planted when they moved into their new home, soon after my Adored One had arrived. The leaves turning red at the end of the season so close to the red-tails that I love with all my heart. That tree existing where it was first planted and somehow the same tree being part of our Realm. Goddess does work in mysterious ways.

He’s told me stories about her love of fashion; those stories always captivated me. Being a silver-tail, of course the stories about her being note-perfect in formal events and looking “right” in her more casual moments brings me a smile. Perhaps that’s why my Adored One and his Eternal look “right” to me, or why I look right to them, perhaps not. Either way, the thought percolates and makes me wonder.

Her son, of course, has many albums filled with photographs of her. I know that both of the Eternals carry an image of her in their phones, as well. Mementos of the past, bringing memories of what was and what came to be. Sometimes the albums call to me and I settle in with a binder of photos from this point in time or some other one. There’s always a note on the back of each photo to mark there where and when: a birthday, family gathering, new year’s celebration, night on the town or something as mundane as her sitting on her porch and watching the world go by.

One time, and one time only, I took a photo from the album. I’m sure that they aren’t aware of it; there are so many books, after all, and one picture missing in the multitudes would be hard to find if you didn’t know exactly where it was supposed to be. It resides in my home, where I think it truly does belong. It was taken, based on the notes, by her own Eternal one New Year’s Eve. That in itself seems to be nothing special, but the truth comes in what the picture shows.

Her smile carries with it her love, I can almost feel it coming through the inks and dyes that make up the image. Blonde, not like mine, short length hair just reaching to her shoulders, again not like mine. It’s her dress that makes me nibble my lip in thought. It’s silver. Not my own shade of course, but there’s no question of the colour and I’ll bet, though I cannot seem them, her heels are silver, too. The Eternals I love have always said she was a red-tail without a tail. I can see a silver-tail in her soul just as much, and I wonder about the Goddess and her plans.

But I haven’t told about what else the picture reveals and why I took it from the album. I know the where and when exactly from the note on the back. I don’t know the ballroom in the background, but I know the vision in silver who stands with her, with just as much a telling smile … because it’s me. The dress is the one my Adored One loves, and the bracelet is his. I don’t recognize the necklace of silver, which tells me this image is of a future me that I will have to wait for. The note on the back has a simple postscript, in her handwriting: “With Cassie.”

This all brings me to where I am this afternoon, on her birthday. I see that someone’s put fresh flowers in her vase–carnations, of course. There’s another slimmer vase on the other side which my trio of red roses and baby’s breath fit neatly into. The house is so very quiet as I reflect on her past and what my future will be.

I wonder what she would be thinking, to see me here in my silver dress: heels, horns and tail. I wonder if she would say I look right, which bemuses me. I try to piece together how I would answer. The words take a while to form, but eventually I remember something about everything she has done and made real for us; the gift she gave, unknowing, from the past to the present and the future to be.

We are all, everyone of us in the Realm, the blossom of her love.

23 Apr 21:29

solhwellness: Environment Crisis and Mental H...


Environment Crisis and Mental Health: The Need for Urgent Action | Solh Wellness

During natural disasters and climate change, it is easy to focus on the immediate physical environmental damage. However, the consequences of these crises go far beyond what the eye can see. Environmental concerns can have a significant impact on mental health, causing stress, anxiety, and depression. Living in an unstable environment can cause chronic stress, which can have long-term mental health consequences.

Furthermore, the displacement and loss caused by environmental disasters can result in trauma, grief, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People who have lost their homes or loved ones may experience a range of emotions, from sadness to anger, and may find it difficult to cope with their loss. And, while economic hardships frequently accompany these crises, they can exacerbate mental health issues, especially for those who already face poverty, homelessness, or social isolation.

The gravity of these issues necessitates immediate action to meet the mental health needs of those affected by environmental disasters. This includes making mental health services, such as counselling and therapy, and community-based support networks available. However, treating the symptoms is insufficient. We must also address the underlying causes of environmental crises, such as climate change, by lowering carbon emissions, investing in renewable energy, and implementing environmentally sustainable practises.

What effect do heat waves have on mental health?

Heat waves can have a significant impact on mental health by increasing stress, anxiety, and despair. Heat waves can harm your mental health in the following ways:

  • Sleep disruptions: High temperatures can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep, resulting in fatigue and irritability during the day. This makes it more difficult for you to focus and complete daily tasks, which lowers your mood.
  • Heat waves can cause physical discomfort, such as headaches, dehydration, and exhaustion, which can lead to increased stress and anxiety.
  • Isolation: To avoid the heat, people may stay indoors during heat waves, leading to social isolation and loneliness. This can exacerbate depression and anxiety.
  • Financial strain: During heat waves, increased use of air conditioning and other cooling measures can result in higher energy bills, causing financial strain and contributing to stress and anxiety.
  • Hot temperatures have been shown in studies to increase the risk of violence and aggression, causing fear and anxiety in affected communities.

How can you maintain your mental health during the summer?

Summer can be a wonderful time for mental health, but it can also be difficult, especially for those who are dealing with mental health issues. Here are some suggestions to help you maintain your mental health during the summer:

  1. Managing your child’s climate anxiety: Climate anxiety affects children, and parents struggle to address it. Being truthful with children is essential because they can quickly discover the truth, resulting in a loss of trust. However, parents must consider their children’s emotional needs and avoid alarming them with statements like “The world is going to end.” As a society, we must teach children how to cope with the emotions associated with climate change and offer them support.
  2. Go outside: Exposure to natural sunlight can boost your body’s vitamin D and serotonin levels, both of which have been shown to improve your mood. Simply stepping outside, breathing in fresh air, and enjoying the natural environment can help to relax your mind and body. Gardening, hiking, or paddle boarding for at least 30 minutes in the sun is essential for your self-care routine. Spending time outside is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Take time to relax: Most of us use our paid vacation time to complete household tasks that we don’t have time for during the workweek, such as cleaning the closet, organising the garage and scheduling overdue appointments. However, it is preferable to use this time to unwind and enjoy yourself. You could read a book at home or take a trip to a new location. It is critical to spend your vacation time relaxing and getting away from your daily responsibilities.
  4. Plan a getaway to refocus your energy: Getting away from your usual surroundings and experiencing a change in scenery may help you relax and redirect your energies to the present moment. Getting away from your daily routine, whether for a short overnight trip or a long foreign vacation, can help renew your mind and boost your mood. This will be extremely useful when you return to your normal life and responsibilities.
  5. Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your mental health, so aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Apps like Sleep Cycle can help you track your sleep and determine the best time to wake up.
  6. Stay physically active: Going to the gym, taking a yoga class, or going for a walk outside can all improve your mood. Inactivity during the summer, on the other hand, can be harmful to both physical and mental health. A daily 20-30-minute cardiovascular exercise session, whether at the gym or outside, can significantly improve our overall well-being. You may be surprised at how much better you feel once you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.
  7. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can aggravate anxiety and depression symptoms, so drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  8. Be mindful of your sun exposure: While some sun exposure can be beneficial, excessive sun exposure can result in sunburns, dehydration, and other health problems. 
  9. Be mindful of your sun exposure: While some sun exposure can be beneficial, excessive sun exposure can result in sunburns, dehydration, and other health problems. 
  10. Self-care: Schedule time to do things that make you happy, such as reading, walking, or practising yoga. 
  11. Stay Connected: Keep in touch with friends and family, and if you’re struggling, consider joining a support group or seeking therapy. Reach out using mental health apps such as the SOLH App.
  12. Financial strain: During heat waves, increased use of air conditioning and other cooling measures can result in higher energy bills, causing financial strain and contributing to stress and anxiety.

We can help mitigate the mental health impact of environmental crises and build more resilient communities by taking these steps. It is past time to prioritise the mental health of those impacted by environmental concerns and take action to prevent further harm. We have the ability to make the world a safer, healthier, and more sustainable place. And if you’re looking for both clinical and holistic methods of mental healing, as well as an easy and accessible solution, contact Solh Wellness. We offer therapy programmes with easy access to experts with years of experience in the field at Solh Wellness. Download the Solh App to improve your mental health and quality of life.

17 Apr 21:30

Stay curious. Be intimidating.

by Jessica Hagy

The post Stay curious. Be intimidating. appeared first on Indexed.

17 Apr 13:09

RWB, seems to be a trend

RWB, seems to be a trend

17 Apr 13:08

350 Badge of Arms

350 Badge of Arms

11 Apr 13:14

Led To by TeraS

by TeraS

It is, as I write these words, Easter Sunday. I find myself somewhat held by the meaning of the day this year, for reasons that I shan’t go into further, and in doing so a thought came to mind. There are things we wish for that can never be, something to wonder about in the quieter times that appear as time passes and memories come and go. Perhaps it’s a scattered thought, held with the emotions of the past and where that …

Led To
By TeraS

I’ve never met Grandmom. Mom and Dad tell stories about her, share pictures, and try, as best they could, to explain how wonderful she is–not was. That’s an important distinction to remember when thinking about her. Things didn’t work out in a way that would have allowed us grandchildren to see her. Goddess does as she will, there’s really no point in holding anger about the what-might-have-beens and what-could-have-beens. She’s not really gone, if we remember her, talk about her and, on occasion, wonder what she is like–again, not was. Perhaps we can feel the tentative connection with her become something more. It might even lead to something we don’t expect.

Dad and Mom remember her in their own ways. There are dates on the calendar where my sister and I know that Dad won’t be quite himself and Mom … there’s no question that she’s reflective, too. It might be getting easier with the passing of time, though it’s hard for Rianna or me to be sure. For us, the pain isn’t as deep, but we both see a picture of Grandmom, her recipe book, a letter, and wonder. She’s such a deep part of our lives: without her Dad would have never met Mom, the Realm would not be as we are, and, as for Rianna and myself … well, that’s not even a consideration.

My younger sister has suggested, on occasion, that we could do something about that. We’ve heard the story about Auntie Cassie going to the past, meeting Dad, and pulling him and Mom together. Being the slightly older one, I just don’t like the idea of doing so, but not for the reasons you might think. It’s not a question of messing with time or being in a place we shouldn’t be. It’s meeting Grandmom … and not being able to tell her who either of us are. I don’t think I could do that.

I remember Dad’s stories about how wonderful she is. I know, without question, that Dad being able to share his love is because of her. I know that she gave her son guidance, to help him to find his path forward. I also know that Mom needed her as much, if not more. She talks about losing her mom, much younger than we are, and being alone. Then came Dad and soon after she met Grandmom. Mom’s told us that Grandmom loved her from the first moment and every moment they had. It honestly makes me smile to know that Mom was, in a way, adopted into a new family sort of like my sister and I were … and are.

This all brings me around to where I am. Rianna doesn’t know I’m here, neither does Mom or Dad. It’s just me and Grandmom this morning. I brought flowers–carnations, of course, her favourite. I can’t really put into words what I’m thinking at this moment, how to explain what it feels like to see her red–of course it is–urn resting there, the picture frame beside, her smiling from the past, the crystal vase that begins to hold the flowers sparkling in the morning light. This isn’t the Realm, but I was not going to hide myself from her, I think that she’d understand that. This is me, her Granddaughter, a blue-tail with ebon-coloured hair close to my mother’s own. I think she’d be amused at what I’m wearing: it’s part of who I am, the heritage I’m part of, what everything she began is.

Closing my eyes, I can almost feel her holding me, her voice saying that she loves me. The tears come as I play in my mind what she’d do, the things she would teach me, the love she’d give. Unbidden, I manage to smile as the scene plays out in the way I can only wish it could have. Soon it’s time to go, before I’m seen, before the world awakens. My flowers left behind to mark that I was here.

To remember, to be thankful, and to show her what everything has led to.

05 Apr 12:29

Musings by TeraS

by TeraS

There’s a certain Queen of the Realm’s birthday coming at the end of the month. Now, while she doesn’t expect anything, or want anything, there are always those who have other ideas. This, of course, means there will be …

By TeraS

“She is such a pain in the tail.” These words, spoken by a certain silver-tailed Temptress in something between frustration and sheer amusement, were a regular occurrence at this point every year.

The smile and similarly amused chuckle from a certain Eternal was expected: “Well, we both are.”

His Temptress tapped a silver tipped finger on his nose: “Yes, you are. But let’s not get off topic.” Not that she didn’t delight when he did do that, but there was plotting to do and it would be good to figure out this year’s plot before things got too out of hand. The fun with him would come later.

Peering at her niece through horn-rimmed glasses, Simone mused: “You all do realize that someone will be the focus of her wrath when whatever plans you sort out come to pass?” Returning her attention to a slender notebook were a long list of possible ideas had been noted–she was the Receptionist, after all–Cassie’s Auntie continued: “So far everything will result in … her being miffed.”

“Ah, but that is the fun part, isn’t it?” The elderly knitter of the Realm was busying herself with the creation of a tail cozy–in purple, mind you–when she expressed her thoughts. Lil would never think of doing something unbecoming to her dear Tera, perish the thought. But being invited to the plotting and scheming amused her to no end. Besides, it had been some time since she’d tweaked the Queen’s tail. Such things were such fun, even if no one except her would remember afterwards.

Seeing that the discussion was getting lost, and Cassie had “innocently” curled herself about him, Keith pressed on: “We all keep dancing around this. Someone’s going to have to decide on what we’re going to be doing.” Teasing Cassie by caressing that one spot on her tail that made her mewl, he added: “As for you: behave yourself or else.”

Cassie discovered that it was very hard to mewl and huff in indignation simultaneously before she turned her attention to Simone: “Auntie, he’s teasing me!”

Simone’s bemused smile, a family trait of the red-tails, came with: “Yes, he is. Quite well too.”

Lil finished off another row of her knitting before regarding Cassie, having positioned herself so that her Adored One could not escape–not that he wanted to, the elderly red-tail mused–“I agree Simone. It’s a shame that Cassie just can’t behave, isn’t it?”

Tossing her blonde locks over her shoulder to answer, Keith began nibbling on her neck, the naughty thing he was, which made Cassie shiver in delight. Managing to look at the other red-tails, the Temptress expressed her frustrations as best as she could: “I am being … mmm … good! He’s the one that isn’t!”

Simone considered this: “I don’t know, I think he’s being very good. Don’t you, Lil?”

There was a glint in the knitter’s deep green eyes as the scene before her unfolded: “I agree, I can’t see how he could possibly be better. Do you?”

Before Simone could consider this, her niece arched her back as her Adored One paid particular attention to his Temptress, the now-so-very-horny silver-tail’s own green eyes meeting her Adored One’s so-blue.

Lil continued her musings as Cassie’s gasps of delight continued: “I do wonder however, if our little gathering was a plot of its own.”

A faux-gasp from the Receptionist was followed by: “You don’t think that my niece would even consider such a thing, do you?”

Lil shrugged, returning her focus back to her knitting as they watched a certain silver-tail fall to her desires and her Adored One’s attentions. Tapping her red pen against her cheek and watching her niece give in, Simone continued with a telltale smirk: “Well, it wouldn’t be the first time she’s had ulterior motives.”

This caught Cassie’s attention as she managed to gasp in the midst of another good, or was it bad, thing being done to her: “Didn’t … wasn’t … I mean …” It is very difficult to put more than two words together at a time when you are at the mercy of your Adored One, after all.

Holding his Temptress close, Keith smiled: “Seems I have to teach someone a lesson. We’ll be back … soon.”

Lil waved a hand at the lovers as they disappeared: “Goddess knows we aren’t getting anything done with those two flirting.”

Simone realized something: “You do realize that we’re left to plot for Tera’s birthday?”

Lil laughed softly as she plucked the notebook from Simone’s hands and studied it: “Oh, let them have their fun. I’m sure we will.”

05 Apr 12:20

Satisfied by TeraS

by TeraS

It’s been a bit since a Cassie story has appeared on the Tale. Considering that last week held our anniversary, I found myself wondering about the Temptress. Then it came to me that this particular anniversary would be perfect for Cassie to be involved. Given the stories that have appeared about this particular silver-tail, it should not be a surprise that she would be …

By TeraS

The extent to which the Temptress of the Realm plots and plans when it comes to her Adored One is nearly legendary. There are so very few moments when she cannot be found musing over an intriguing plan or daydreaming about what delights had “befallen” her at her red-tailed desire with the so-blue eyes.

Her delight comes with each and every plan and how it unfolds, regardless of things going right–or more accurately, often wrong. Whichever happens to come to pass, the moment when he has captured her in his arms, or perhaps more rationally, she has manoeuvred into them, simply reminds the Temptress why he is her Adored One.

This happens like clockwork, except on a singular day of the year. She marks the day on her calendar with a red pen, the only day of the year where her notes are not in silver. it stands out brightly to mark a date that, without her being so very deeply involved, would never have happened.

Some might think she would be so very proud of what she did, how she guided the paths of two Eternals together in spite of what otherwise could have been. Others might offer that she curses herself for not putting herself first to make another possibility happen, perhaps even to become the Queen of the Realm herself.

For many years, Cassiopeia watched the two Eternals from afar, adoring their love and the life they created through that love. Her desire to be part of their love never left her heart and soul. Cassie, being a silver-tail, understood love before her tail was entwined with two red ones. Unconditional love is a very special thing, more so when one discovers that it leads to the dream of being the Eternal of the ones desired.

Getting back to the date marked on the calendar, however, there is one thing she’d never experienced. It was a tradition she’d heard of, but never had lived. Still, it was important to her Adored One and his Eternal, and so, on this day, she would set aside her desires for their happiness. They didn’t celebrate it with pomp and ceremony in the Realm, though Cassie had thought that was a bit of a shame. She mused that this date, beyond the birthdays of her dearest loves, should be marked by the entire Realm by means that would be more and more spectacular each time the date arrived.

What she didn’t expect as the date approached this year was Tera asking Cassie to come visit them on that date at a specific time and a specific place. The Queen of the Realm had “suggested” that Cassie needed to be there and was even more specific as to what she “requested” the Temptress wear. Being all sorts of confused about what was going on, the Temptress had actually set aside her plans–well, more delayed for a time–to try and “encourage” Keith to tell all about what this was about. His answer, while she was being held closely and falling into his so-blue eyes, was mysterious: “You’ll see.” Cassie could hardly wait until the date arrived, and the point in time soon thereafter.

Being how important the day was to her dearest friends, Cassie was surprised to find herself returned to Earth, to the park she knew so intimately. The maple tree was still there, the leaves being tossed about by the first warm winds of spring as she arrived. The gazebo of red and silver nearby was new, drawing her attention as she moved along the cobblestone path towards those waiting within.

She found her friends waiting for her, her Adored One offering his hand and guiding the Temptress to be with the King and the Queen of the Realm. There were no horns or tails to be seen; this wasn’t the Realm after all. Cassie mused that Keith looked … right … as he always did. Tera wore the dress of legend, anyone watching would be wondering how she kept warm, which would bemuse her to no end. As for Cassie, the Temptress’ silver dress shone in the light, reflecting the sun’s rays upon the trio like a spotlight. Tera explained: “Today marks our 25th anniversary on Earth.” Keith chuckled softly: “It is celebrated as the silver anniversary, Cassie.”

Cassie was captivated by the thought that silver was part of this anniversary, more so that her friends hadn’t bought gifts of silver, seeing that less important than having the silver-tail in their lives be part of this moment. As the trio held hands, Cassie bore witness to the vows taken before by the Eternals she loved now being renewed in the presence of the silver-tail who had made everything be real.

The Temptress, in all of her silver seduction and passion, fell aside for Cassie as their words brought tears. This wasn’t about being the Temptress, it was what she’d made real and how that mattered to the ones she loved. In the end, Cassie was satisfied that what she began so long ago was celebrated in a way that allowed her to be part of the moments before, the moment now, and the moments to be that would be for always.

04 Apr 20:19

Help us prioritize with the WebDewey Functionality Survey

by Alex

We’re constantly working on improvements to WebDewey. Some changes are in the works already, while others we have some idea of solutions but could use some help setting priorities. That’s where you come in!

The WebDewey Functionality Survey is live until Wednesday, April 19. It’s designed to be short and sweet, with five types of enhancements that you’ll rank from highest to lowest priority. And of course, there’s also a blank prompt where you can request any other sort of updates to WebDewey. (You’re always welcome to make suggestions for topical coverage in the DDC, but this survey is focused on WebDewey.)

I hope the survey will be largely self explanatory, but since I have a whole blog post to work with here, I thought I’d go into some more detail about the idea behind these five items.

A: Making number building in WebDewey easier

I love WebDewey’s number building tool, but I know some users prefer to build by hand. There are so many ways to build numbers in DDC that there will really never be a perfect number builder, but like WebDewey as a whole, it’s something we continue to iterate on. Where the number builder can’t follow the steps correctly, our developers can tweak the tool so it can. Prioritize this if you do a lot of number building… or especially if you try but run into trouble.

B: Have more built numbers available in WebDewey

Spoiler alert: we’re always going to be adding new built numbers regardless of how this item does! But it will still be helpful to know how desirable this is compared to other possibilities. Prioritize this if you, like me, take a “the more the merrier” approach to available numbers.

C: The ability to search WebDewey with special characters and punctuation

For better or worse, WebDewey search is not Google. While many characters beyond a basic Latin alphabet are supported, you may still run into issues. For example, the screenshot we used in the survey shows how you can find results by copying and pasting the LCSH form Qurʼan, but none with Qur’an. Can you see the difference? I can’t, as I write here in Microsoft Word! The latter uses the single quotation mark found on most keyboards. It works in Wikipedia, but not WebDewey. Prioritize this if you often find yourself running into problems like this.

D: The ability to filter recent changes in WebDewey by project

When the update notification feature was rolled out, we added the functionality to be able to search or filter updates by specific projects, usually EPC exhibits. We already used such codes internally. For example, any record changed as a result of EPC 143A-S94.1 Ionian Islands would have the code “EPC 143A-S94.1”. You can do that now, but in the process, you’ll sometimes see other internal codes that don’t have much meaning for a WebDewey user. I’d like to clean this area up a bit before really touting it. Prioritize this if you like to follow EPC’s work and want to get a sense of everywhere that a given project touches.

E: Clickable links in over-over hierarchy boxes for quicker navigation in WebDewey

You know how you can hover over those downward arrows next to a number to get a quick view of the subdivisions (or children) of that number? If not, you do now! This can be a great way to glimpse at other numbers up and down the hierarchy and save you some clicks. This enhancement would take that a step further, making those numbers clickable links to let you hop directly to numbers of interest. Prioritize this if you make good use of WebDewey’s hierarchy (good for you!) and want to expedite that process.

I’m optimistic that eventually, we’ll get to all of these, but we’ll be looking for your feedback to help prioritize.

03 Apr 10:33

Hail, hail.

01 Apr 01:19

Towed Message

"Hi, what you do is fly over a designated zone and detach the--" "WE'RE SORRY, THE MOBILE CUSTOMER YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS OUT OF SERVICE"
28 Mar 23:37

On the other hand...

by Kathryn

Consistency, standards, and respectful language are all goals of the DDC editorial team.  How do you achieve that when the subject at hand has different opinions with valid arguments?  You have the discussions, you do the research, discuss again, and ask for others’ thoughts on the matter.

The discussion topic we are currently having is the capitalization of the words “Black” and “White” when referring to racial groups.  We agree that “Black” should be capitalized.  There was no debate on that aspect among the editorial team.  However, the “w” in “white” remains debatable.  Reading many opinion pieces and articles by predominantly Black voices, there are a few questions we must answer to decide.  Some feel that a capital “W” forces the thinking of racial constructs, while others feel the capital “W” gives validity to white supremacy groups that also use the capital letter. 

Many publications and writing style guides are in disagreement as well.  The Chicago Style Manual (2020), 7th Edition of the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual (2020), The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and the Center for the Study of Social Policy advocacy group all capitalize the “W”, while the Associated Press, The New York Times, and the Columbia Journalism Review do not, preferring the lower case “w”.  The MLA 9th edition (2021) guides users to lowercase both terms.  Canada’s The Globe and Mail is using “Black” and “white” in its publications, while the United Kingdom’s The Guardian Style Guide uses “black”, but also recognizes authors may prefer “Black”.  Again, there is no consensus. 

From a library standpoint, the Library of Congress Subject Headings capitalizes “Black” but not “white”, and while Dewey is not a part of the Library of Congress, we do work closely with their classifiers.  If the DDC was to follow LCSH’s entries, it could make things easier in the future for any bulk changing within a library system. 

What are your thoughts?  What option would work best for your users?  We would love to hear your opinion on the subject.

27 Mar 11:34


by Ross

Welcome to the 4000th cover for Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!  When you count the B&B and MTIO covers that I began with, the total comes to 4510 covers.  It's been just about 13 years of daily work, but it's been a fun ride thanks to all of the enthusiasm and support from visitors to the blog. This year was especially nice, with STF: The Lost Issues getting a segment in The Team-Up Companion from TwoMorrows Publishing, quite an honor.  I truly appreciate everyone who stops by to check out my daily covers, especially those who take the time to comment and let me know what they think and offer praise, constructive criticism and suggestions.  The biggest thank you of course must go out to the Patrons of this blog.  Your support has meant the world to me and a huge reason why the blog has lasted so long. 

In addition to the main cover here featuring a meeting between two teams that I have been meaning to get to for years, I've prepared some special features.   You know, it's too bad that legal red tape prevents me from selling any STF-related merchandise on this blog, but it got me thinking.  What are some of the cool STF-Inspired tie-in items that might have appeared over the years?  Let's see some of the greatest STF Swag that never existed - but should have!

Your All-New Saturday Line-Up!

I presented some Saturday Morning cartoons as part of the special features in my special features for STF #3000, and I wanted to expand the concept here.  Most of these new shows are based on previous STF adventures:

Adam Strange joined Star Wars in STF #3343...

Shazam met Shazzan in STF #1178...

Dick Tracy hunted Spider-Man in STF #1080...

Johnny Quest and Tintin Shared a two-part tale in STF #186 and STF #187...

and Aquaman and Sub-Mariner have a long history on the blog, they last appeared together with The Defenders in STF #3927, they battled Mer-Mutates in STF #2270, tried to avert war in Issue #1105, faced the sea's wrath back in Issue #751 and starred in my very first STF two-parter in Issue #3 and Issue #4.

That should make for a fun Saturday Morning, but there's no reason you can't get into the STF fun on school days with the...

Scooby-Doo: Marvel Madness Lunch Box!

After School, it's time to relax with a board game, perhaps one that's based on STF's longest running romance:

The Captain America & Wonder Woman Game!

They certainly have a history on this blog - this marks the 30th appearance of the WW/Cap Romance!

If it's a newer game you are looking for, maybe it's time for a round of...

Superman Vs. The Hulk Rock-'Em Sock-'Em Robots!

That's fun, but it's time for something even more advanced:

The Superman and Spider-Man Video Game!

And don't miss out on the fully articulated...

STF Action Figures!

Ah, what could have been.  Maybe such crossovers will never happen but here on the blog I'm going to try to keep on presenting them to you.  Thanks again for visiting and all of the support over the years.  Let the march to STF #5000 begin!

20 Mar 15:44

Strong of heart.

17 Mar 18:31

petermorwood: One for St Patrick’s Day, also a recipe for any...


One for St Patrick’s Day, also a recipe for any day when you don’t have any bread and want some really soon.

Best eaten with a generous spread of salted butter, Irish if you can get it (Dylan doesn’t do this, he has a thinness to maintain) or used to chase the last toothsome dregs of Irish Stew, Dublin Coddle, Strong Farmer’s Soup - or indeed stuff from outside Ireland such as chilli, goulash, Sauerbraten and any other tasty savoury thing whose last toothsome dregs need chased…

It makes washing the plates so much easier. ;->

Normally at this point I’d link to my Mum’s 4-or-maybe-5-generation-old recipe on European Cuisines, but the site’s not back up yet.

Instead this link goes to Sotsil’s Wordpress page, which not only gives full credit (Yay!) but adds some fun extra observations, including various ways to improvise buttermilk if you can’t find the real thing.

Here it is.

Here’s a pic of the last time we made it:


That photo, Dylan’s video and Sotsil’s page all show the oven-baked “cake” version more associated with the South. The North, where I come from, uses the same ingredients and method, but cooks with a skillet / griddle on the stovetop.

That version looks like this:


Here it is with the traditional “wee cup of tea”.


Remember how I said something about butter? Jam, too.


Either warm from the griddle or after being split and toasted, the butter does A Trick, and melts down into the bread. This was the way my Dad liked it.


The melted butter of course makes room for more butter, if you like butter (Dad did) though biting into it after that can be an adventure.

If you can manage a slice of street pizza without getting grease on your chin elbows, you’re halfway there already…

15 Mar 23:09

Flatten the Planets

We'll turn the asteroid belt into ball bearings to go between different rings orbiting at different speeds.