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29 Jul 22:04

How to tell a centipede from a millipede.A centipede has 1 pair...

How to tell a centipede from a millipede.

A centipede has 1 pair of legs on each body ring, and a millipede has two on most body segments. Hence millipedes will generally have plenty more legs to go round. As far as I know this is fairly foolproof. Though generally speaking there are more obvious ways to tell, such as millipedes looking more like long armoured nice round worms and usually moving slowly, and centipedes zipping around while generally seeming more long-legged and insecty, with longer antennae at the front and longer angled back legs, sometimes with hooks for defence.

If you were offered to pick one of them up, you’d probably pick the millipede.

Also, in case you were tempted to think they are insects, they’re not because insects have six legs. They are arthropods (loosely meaning jointed feet) along with insects, spiders, scorpions and crustaceans, but in their own subphylum of, aptly named, myriapoda (loosely meaning many legs).

Check out core insect anatomy for a sketchplanation insect refresher.

27 Jul 12:12

Seduction By TeraS

by TeraS

Call this work today … something of a statement. Think of this, in a way, as an expression of the Queen of the Succubi, what she believes in, and why things are as they are …


By TeraS


“Seduction is, always, more sublime than sex.”

As she spoke those words, Tera looked out over the lecture hall, examining the reactions of those who were there. Noting the response, she pressed onward: “Seduction can be an expression of the beauty of the one who seduces. Perhaps in a dress that allows a teasing glimpse of thigh, offering the mystery that awaits beneath the fabric, lurking there in the shadows, an expression of the thoughts within the one who is captured in the beguiling consideration of what awaits.”

Stepping away from the lectern, brushing her right hand through her ebony locks, and beginning to pace, she considered: “Within seduction comes the moment when, if one is truly capable of seducing, one can inspire great admiration from the other. Drawing the desired one closer, like a moth to a flame, calling out to the imagination, and offering that which someone desires and dreams of … or even inspiring that desire.”

After one step, she turned and smiled: “Or, more rarely, seduction can create awe. It can cause, sometimes, an epiphany. The sudden realization that the seducer, or seductress, has caught the prey, has hold over another’s thoughts, and, then the seduced wonders how to express that awe”

Tracing a finger over her lips, the Succubi Queen continued: “Occasionally, there are those that know, clearly, they are being seduced. Oh they know, intimately, they are, but even in knowing there is a certain admiration of that. To know there is someone that could, in spite of oneself, find the way into one’s soul. To open that door, look within, and whisper the things which are simply irresistible.”

Regarding one figure in the front row, who seemed to be captivated, the raven-haired red-tail graciously focused her attention as she explained: “In the seduction comes the ability to inspire; to give an artist something to paint that creates a legend; to cause a musician to write a sonnet that will effect untold souls to be, spreading the allure indefinitely; perhaps even to cause a writer to tell a story that will live on eternally.”

Tera walked closer to the enchanted listener, passing by and winking: “One never knows how the seduction will unfold or what will come from it. If nothing else, a dream, at least … boundless pleasures if such are to be.” Continuing, she picked up a small bottle of water and rolled it between her palms as she considered: “To seduce is heavenly, a gift of the Divine. To be the essence of seduction is to be a reflection of that divinity: all of the joys, passions, pleasures and more. A seductress becomes a small part of the infinite, holy, transcendent potential of everything that can be.”

Her Majesty considered the group once more, gathering her thoughts for a moment. Then she pressed on: “To be seduction is a noble pursuit. Anyone can be sexy or evoke lust. There are so few who can be truly seductive, and that is an important distinction. To snap one’s fingers is not a challenge. To evoke desire, love, and passion, by being seductive, that is a very special and cherished thing. It is a lofty goal, taking much commitment to that purpose within oneself. There is the easy path of sex and that alone—which leaves nothing—or the challenge of being bewitching, enticing, inspiring, inviting, irresistible desirable, all at once, and, through that expression, finding more within oneself, as well.”

Tera waved her bottle of water towards them all: “How magnificent to be seductive! How superb! How blessed! How wonderful the moment when one comes to be the seductive being one is meant to be!” She was silent for a time, allowing her words to echo in the hall, before continuing: “We are seduction. Our kind lives for sharing a touch, a kiss, a look. We exist for the pleasure of that connection. It is said that man cannot live by bread alone. In the same vein, we cannot be complete by sex alone.”

She smirked slightly: “Of course, that isn’t to say that we can’t enjoy the sex, too.”

As a small wave of laughter passed through the hall, the Queen opened her water and took a sip. Setting it down on the lectern, she returned to her pacing as she considered once more: “To many we are simply sex. That is their mistake, for they do not see all that we are. They are seduced not by our being, our souls, who each of us are, but are, instead, taken by the idea that sex is what we care about, as if all else is irrelevant. Their self-delusion means they miss out on the wonder of true seduction.”

Again, the teasing smile: “Personally, I would like dinner, at least.” The giggles from the right side of the hall were quite clear and Tera favoured them with a warm smile: “And a movie, but then I digress a bit, don’t I?”

Stepping in front of the lectern, she crossed her arms over her chest, looking out towards those in the hall: “To be seductive is to be all that you are, to be challenged to use all of your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It is not being a caricature or a shadow of oneself. It is to be yourself to the fullest, to exist as you are, who you are, and, through being so, allow the seductiveness that exists within you to come to the fore, thus becoming more than you ever were.”

Tera’s tail moved slowly behind her as he moved towards the end of her talk: “Recall that I noted that seduction is, always, more sublime than sex at the beginning. This is the key point to be remembered. Sex is easy for us. To collar someone, make them a thrall, is as simple as breathing. To walk into a room, strike up a conversation with someone, and have them willingly give themselves to their passions … that’s a challenge.” Waving her right hand towards them all, she noted: “Seduction without challenge is nothing to be proud of; in fact, it isn’t really seduction. There’s more pleasure in being all we are than not. We are more, and that, most of all, matters the most.”

She tilted her head to the left, smiled, and then concluded: “We matter as the incarnation of passion, pleasure, seduction and more. Seduction is, obviously, one part of the puzzle. Putting the pieces together, knowing when one does, and becoming whole … that’s amazing, and I hope each of you will find that moment as well.”

The Succubi Queen closed her eyes, hearing the applause from the hall, and then, with a smile, a wink, and a gleam in her eyes, she departed, to find herself out in the Realm once more.

There were those needing her, waiting to be seduced by their own desires through her … She looked forward to the next souls that called to her and helping them all to be seduced in their own ways …

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#705 Cereal Port

by treelobsters
25 Jul 22:54

nigra-lux: GERZHEDOVICH, Yaroslav (b. 1970, St....


GERZHEDOVICH, Yaroslav (b. 1970, St. Petersburg)

Corona Mundi
acrylic on paper, 16 x 12 cm

21 Jul 19:52

Maze of the Blue Medusa Available

by Zak S
This is probably my most D&Dish painting. You can now order a print of it here.

It's designed so it can actually be keyed and used as a map

You can also get it as a throw pillow or a shower curtain or a bunch of other things.

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Me At Every Con Ever Yep – DORK TOWER 21.07.15

by John Kovalic

Happy Fun Meet For the First Time Action Hour

23 Jul 11:00

#704 Meeting Expectations

by treelobsters
21 Jul 14:46

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Rapture


Hovertext: There is a lot of money to be made servicing the stupid.

New comic!
Today's News:

 I'm afraid we didn't quite get as many BAHFest submissions as we needed. Especially for the west coast show. So, if you know anyone super clever, please let them know the deadline has been extended a week!

21 Jul 02:01


by joberholtzer

20 Jul 11:00

#703 Forte Knocks

by treelobsters
13 Jul 12:17

Traveling By TeraS

by TeraS

A short story today that will mean, as a whole, very little to most. Perhaps, at best, it is a reflection of that which is happening around me and, within that, something to be told that cannot be any other way…


By TeraS


There is a place called by some, the fence. It stands between two worlds, not as a barrier between them, but rather a place where two lives touch, share, smile, and then continue onwards.

The fence is a place where things are shared, some good, some bad, some neither and then, in a way, both. There are stories told about the day, how things went, how those that are loved are doing. In all of those moments there comes a point where each, in their own way, finds a little comfort in seeing that there is another that thinks about them, is concerned, worries, and just wishes for better things to be… as they should.

On this day one side of the fence is quiet. The home across the way is shuttered, a note on the door telling of those that dwell there being away for a time. They are on an adventure, to see the world, to find time away, together, and in being so, find a moment of simply being instead of just doing.

They are… traveling.

On the other side of the fence stands another home where two souls live their lives as best they can. They both are trying the best they can, for their family, their friends, and, as is their way, in the very last, for themselves.

The door opens and she steps out the door, turning to look over towards the fence, a little bit lost inside for a moment. She smiles in that direction, knowing that her friends on the other side of the fence, over there beyond the Koi pond, are well, are together, and most of all, are being watched over in the Goddess’ name.

She brushes her fingertips over her lips in thought, wondering how things came to where they are now. She thinks about all of the things she has done, and all of the things that she has not. So many thing she regrets, over so many years.

The paper is held between two fingers, the words written upon the page she has read not once, but so many times since it arrived. A calling to her, one that she cannot ignore. One that she never wanted to have appear as it had. She thinks about simply refusing, knowing that the result of doing so would be devastating for herself, her Eternal, and more.

She looks at the date upon the page, if she could curse, she would, but that wouldn’t be her way. No, she sighs, some tears come, and she goes back inside of their home once more.

Time passes, and then the door opens once more.

She steps out the door again, long red jacket weighing upon her shoulders, her demeanour not quite so bright, not quite as she usually appears to be. She holds a small case in one hand, bumping it against her thigh in thought as she reconsiders one more time.

He steps out the door and hugs her, she leaning into his embrace. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go, to have to cause so much disappointment. She begins to explain, or tries to, but the tears start to come, she loses her voice and the thoughts trail away.

He turns to face her, touching her chin. He tells her that it will be alright, that he will make it be that way. There will come another time, another place, another moment. There will. She looks towards the fence, towards the other house, the other lives and nods, if only half believing that all will be fine.

For a time she goes over all of the things that she had prepared, to ask that he make sure that everything would be perfect, that not one thing would go wrong. Most of all, her voice wavers at the point where she tries to say something that she needs to, but the words cannot come out, they refuse to allow her to give voice to them.

She should be home. She should be there, on the day, in the moment. The universe has seen to it that she cannot be. She must be… traveling.

She hugs him, once more, then turns and begins her own journey. She travels alone, for duty, not for pleasure. She does so because there is no other choice in the matter, at least none that she can take.

Arriving at the station, she sits on the platform waiting for her train to arrive, to take her from her home to a place she won’t see, for her thoughts will be elsewhere. They will be with her Eternal, when he meets with her Heart and his Beloved.

The train arrives in a cloud of steam, coming to a halt, the doors opening. The conductor offers his hand, she accepts graciously, for that is her way after all. It takes some time for her to find her place, to put her things away and to settle into her seat.

She looks out the window, seeing her reflection in the glass as she looks at the station, the platform almost empty, the steam from the trains wafting along the way. The doors close, there is the sound of the whistle as the train begins to move, sending her along her travels to where she must be, not where she wants to be.

It happens somewhere along the tracks, regularly, the train she is traveling in passes another going in the opposite direction. She pays no attention to them, her thoughts keeping her from looking out the window.

It is the middle of the night, she isn’t sleeping like the rest of the passengers. She still sits in that spot, her thoughts stilled in the night, finally looking out the window. There is nothing to be seen, the night blankets all, as it does this tine of the year.

Then, out of the darkness, she notices a small fence that has appeared between the track she is on and the one that runs in the opposite direction. She stares at the fence for the longest time, it is the only thing in the dark that she can see. There is the sound of the train’s whistle sounding, the first time since she started her journey. It rouses her and she sits up and looks out the window with more focus now.

The fence is… odd. It comes to her after a few moments that is it not moving. The train moves, the sensation is there, but the fence just holds in place. There is a light that appears from one side, it seems that another train is going to pass by and, for once, she looks towards its arrival.

The front of that train flashes by in a blur, the cars that travel with it just as quickly going by.

And then, for an instant…

…time stops.

She looks out the window to see the other train, one car lit, the rest all dark. Through her window she can see into that other car, over the fence that separates them and then it comes to her. That fence is one she knows intimately.

She recognizes the figures on the other side of the fence. She touches her hand to the glass, the tears come and she cannot stop them. She whispers their names, hoping they will forgive her for being so foolish, so wrong, so stupid.

Their eyes meet, for an instant, and then…

…time continues onwards.

The train disappears, the fence blinks away and she is left alone, with her thoughts, prayers, and most of all, the ache within her. The tears are her only companion as she travels.

He stands at the station waiting, a gift held in one hand, flowers in the other. He stands on the platform as the train arrives at the scheduled time. The steam wafts around him as he waits for them to arrive. He has checked to be sure that all is well, that all that she wanted things to be where just as she wanted them to be.

They appear from one of the cars, he recognizing them, but they not knowing him. He approaches, smiling, shifting his gift to the hand holding the flowers. He embraces them both, giving her flowers, he the gift.

There is an uncomfortable moment as he begins to explain that she cannot be there as well, that duty called.

They nod, explaining that they know she is traveling.

But they also explain, truly, they know that she is with them all even so.

19 Jul 06:40

stuffbhappenin: July the 19th is National Ice Cream Day and...


July the 19th is National Ice Cream Day and this is not one of those fake holidays that someone made up but is not official, this is legally a holiday in America, if it weren’t on a Sunday the banks and post office could close and it would be legal.

Lincoln made Thanksgiving official, Woodrow Wilson did the same for Mother’s Day, well in 1984 Ronald Reagan for some reason made the 3rd Sunday in July officially National Ice Cream Day, or as was said then 

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim The 3rd Sunday of each year Ice Cream Day, I call upon all the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” I jive you not, so far it hasn’t made the splash the other two have because seriously we need encouragement to eat ice cream… in July!

18 Jul 19:13


15 Jul 23:18

Hark, A Vagrant: Bessie and Benkei

buy this print!


Look who made good on a throwaway twitter mashup idea from 2013

It really doesn't make sense but their names sounded good together! I had a little time on this book deadline so I sketched it up quick for you. It was fun anyway!



I have started selling original art through The Beguiling store. This is new to me!

And as always, The Princess and the Pony is in stores. Here is a link roundup of related articles there! Some cool things in it, like a visit to Time magazine.

I didn't want a pony as a child, but I did want a cat really really bad. Here is a little comic about that cat.
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New Horizons

by xkcd

New Horizons

What if New Horizons hits my car?

—Robin Sheat

The New Horizons spacecraft is currently flying past Pluto.[1]Ever since astrophysicist Katie Mack pointed out that "New Horizons" appears in the lyrics to A Whole New World, I've gotten it stuck in my head every time I've seen something about Pluto. For the last few days, it's been giving us our first clear look at the world, and it should be making its closest approach at the moment this article is posted. Either that, or hitting your car, I guess.

It's hard to imagine how that could happen, even if New Horizons had headed to Earth by mistake. Unless there's been an especially strange freeway accident, your car is currently within the Earth's atmosphere. All that air stops spacecraft from flying into the ground at full speed. But maybe you took a wrong turn and ended up near Charon, or maybe you drove into a freak extremely-low-pressure system, leaving no atmosphere above you. It could happen!​[2]It really, really couldn't.

New Horizons is about the size and weight of a grand piano, and is currently screaming along at about 14 kilometers per second. If it hit your car, it would be pretty bad for both vehicles.

How fast is 14 kilometers per second? Here's my favorite comparison for putting that speed in perspective: If you were standing at one end of a football field and fired a gun toward the other end, right while New Horizons flew past you, the spacecraft would reach the far end zone before the bullet made it to the 10-yard line.[3]In that same amount of time, a speeding car would travel about an inch.

This high speed means that by this afternoon, New Horizons will be on its way out of the Pluto system,[4]People often ask why New Horizons is just doing a flyby, and not sticking around to orbit Pluto. The answer is: If you can figure out a way to do that, go for it. Pluto is really far away, and to get a probe there before your career ends, you have to go really fast. When you're going that fast, it's hard to stop. (At least, if you want to stop in one piece.) and over the coming days and weeks it will let us know what it saw today. It can't talk to Earth and take photos at the same time, so right now it's spending all its time taking pictures and gathering data.

Later today, the spacecraft will pause the data-gathering for a moment to send a brief message to Earth. No results—just, "Hey, I'm still alive". If it is still alive, that is. It's flying at terrifying speed through a part of the Solar System we've never visited. There could be, say, a bunch of small rocks there.[5]In case of disaster, New Horizons has sent back a few snapshots and data dumps right before the encounter, so at least we'll have those. Or a car.

New Horizons will send the "I'm okay" message in the afternoon, but it takes light four and a half hours to get back to Earth, so it will get here around 8:53pm Eastern US time—so if you're going to have a Pluto party, that's the time to do it. You can tune in to NASA TV to watch the nervous people in mission control wait for the signal. You'll know it worked if there's lots of cheering and hugging.

For more details on the mission, check out Emily Lakdawalla's comprehensive Planetary Society post, What to expect when you're expecting a flyby, which has dates, times, and background on all the equipment. (For up-to-the-minute coverage, her Twitter feed is probably the best place to go for updates, context, and excitement.)

So what does all this mean for your car?

Passenger cars have "crumple zones," which are areas of the car designed to fold up and absorb some of the force of an impact before it reaches the passenger cabin. Unfortunately, in a hypervelocity impact, materials like metal aren't nearly strong enough to hold together. Instead of crumpling, they splash. New Horizons and your car's crumple zone would splash as bits of them passed through each other, and the resulting spray of metal would do the same to the rest of your car. From a distance, it would probably look approximately like this.

Here's the good news: NASA will have to pay for your car. Under the Convention on the International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Object, NASA and the US government would clearly be on the hook for the damage. And, since you wouldn't be considered at fault in the accident, in most states insurance companies would be legally prohibited from raising your premiums.

The situation would be slightly complicated by the fact that this would be a nuclear accident. New Horizons flies too far from the Sun to use solar panels, so it's powered by the heat from a bunch of lumps of plutonium-238. The container holding the plutonium is sturdy, since it's designed to survive atmospheric reentry (and has done so). However, it's not designed to survive entry into a Chevy. The container and the plutonium inside it would be splattered across the landscape. The US government will not only have to replace your car, it will probably have to replace much of your neighborhood.

This has actually happened before. In 1978, the Soviet satellite Kosmos 954, which carried a nuclear reactor, reentered the atmosphere and disintegrated over Canada. The Canadian government spent millions cleaning up the radioactive debris near Yellowknife. They demanded over $6 million (CAD) from the Soviets for the cleanup, and were eventually paid $3 million.

Hopefully, New Horizons is currently flying past Pluto. But don't worry; if it somehow hits your car instead, the US government will cover things. To find out which one it is—Pluto or your car—tune in to NASA TV.

And watch your driveway.

14 Jul 22:03

Because people are wonderfully complicated.

by Jessica Hagy
14 Jul 15:53

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The First Man


Hovertext: Actually, just put my crotch behind that tree from now on.

New comic!
Today's News:

Just a few days left to enter your proposal for BAHFest! 

13 Jul 20:23


by Zak S
Begin transcript:

"What are you?"




"Everyone's a halfling."

"What if there's a fight?"

"Alphonso said he might play a elf."

"Offffff course. If he shows up."

"Alphonso, man."

"I'm a wizard."

"Halfling wizard?"

"Ok, so there's some boxed text I'm gonna read it..."

"Seriously I will kill you and all your friends."

"I know, I'm sorry."

"Relax! Ok, read the boxed text."

"You feel it in the air...imagine an elfy face saying this... Fuck it's long: ok there's some rings."

"Got it."

"Human wizard?"

"Race-as-class wizard I think. Is that a thing, race-as-class wizard?"

"So the evil lord made a ring to control all the other rings.. Elves and people versus dark lord. Then all the elves and guys are like smacked up by Sauron the dark Lord who's taller than everybody with a mace and his face looks like a horse and then a guy kills Sauron then gets the ring and then the elf boss was like Destroy it you Man! but the guy was all No and it fell into some water. The ring. Then this like muck guy Gollum got it."

"Ok, so then are we..."

"Hold on. So for 500 year sit poisoned his mind and then your uncle got it with riddles."

"With riddles?"

"Not important. Ok, anyway so your uncle has this ring."

"Ok. So he's king now?"

"No he just...he like smokes and stuff in his circle house. I'm not really sure what he does. He may be unemployed--anyway you live...near him and you're reading a book and then Gandalf the Wizard shows up."

"That's me. I'm level 15. Or 10....Or is it 5?"

"Interpretations vary. Anyway you two hug because it's time for Frodo's uncle's birthday."

"Does anyone but me want thai food?"

"Ok. I hug him."

"I hear it's going to be a party of special magnificence!"

"Oh, you know Bilbo!"

"So you go and there's some grass and roll some reaction rolls...the kids like you..."

"I want Thai food. You guys?"

"You do that, I'mma roll up on the uncle."

"Yes...he like wants to give you tea. He has this circley house but he wants to leave "Ohhhh I am ollld Gandalf, I feel thin, stretched like....butter stretched over too much bread"."

"Ok, I'l like hang out and try to ply him for more information and blow smoke rings."

"Ok, roll charisma."

"Ok, I suck."

"Ok, roll d10."


"Well the smoke rings are nice. 10 on a scale of 1 to 10."

"Oh hey guys!"


"Sam, what's your guy's name gonna be?"




"Fine, Sam's guy is named Sam the Halfling."

"Oh hey guys!"

"Hey, we were just having an uncle party."

"What're your guyses names? And perception scores."

"My guy's name is Merryaddock Bandybuck."

"And I am Peregrine Took!"

"I want to note for the record I am rolling my eyes."

"Oh and it's plus one."

"Minus four for me."

"'Ok, listen up Brandybucks and Tooks and what all I'm a hundreddy eleventh and I'm a halfling and I'm old and ...' and he disappears."


"Who was he?"

"Frodo's uncle. Now, Gandalf roll under Int at advantage."

"Did it."

"Ok, this is definitely heavy: Halflings don't just disappear. And he's got this ring."

"Alright I'm going up to his house."

"Food's here."

"You guys pay the dude we'll do this bit...So he's in the house being like 'Hee hee that was fun' and fondling this ring."

"Bilbo I'm concerned..."

"Alright..Wisdom check..."


"Yeah he's hiding something,"

"Put the ring down, man."

"He does. (bluff check) Well he doesn't."



"Hee. I mean 'Cheap tricks'"

"What's 20% of 28.50?"

"Alright, he takes off and he's like ok and leaves the ring."

"I try to grab the ring."

"There's this bolt of energy and this echo, knowledge check...half be a real important ring."

"I love pad see ew. I want a house made of pad see ew and beans. Ok, done, I roll in."

"You see Gandalf there smoking looking at the magic ring. All like perspective shot from below and then he looks at the fire and is like "Riddles in the darrrrrk...""

"Alright, I'm gonna do some research. 'There are some...things I must....see to.'"

"Whatevs I'm not done with this food anyway."

"Music music! Cutscene! You go here."

"Nice model."

"Thanks! Hirst art blocks and Legos painted grey."


"That's a lot of Deep Space Nine".

"Yeah and it's all on Netflix now so fuck me. Anyway so like you read some stuff and he's like 'It's the heirloom of the kingdom and it has a thing where you heat it up and then it's like A secret now only fire can tell'"


"Thanks, I try. Ok so you come back, like...a week later."

"Frodo, what are you doing a week later?"

"Stone chillin'."

"I'm gonna hide 'til he comes back, then jump out. (Frodo went to the bathroom)"

"Is it safe? Is it secret?"

"Aaaah. Dude?"

"The ring."


"I chuck it in the fire."

"WTF that's my only magic item."

"No, hold your hand out, it's cool."

"He says it's cool."

"Quite cool."

"Nothing. Oh wait no...."

"I give him the exposition."

"Can we kill shit yet? Hey do you think I can pull this off?"

"Do you speak Mordor? What's your Int?"

"Like 15 and no. In the other order."

"You must be able to otherwise you'd never be able to take a shower."

"Ha ha smartass. No I mean does it look good?"


"Ok, so Gandalf knows it's the One Ring of Sauron which is like an artifact. Like a Ring of Gaxx level artifact."

"Seriously and we're like level 1."


"Ok well that's good. I mean, Sauron's dead, right, that was in the boxed text."

"Actually you also know Sauron is kinda still alive. His orcs have multiplied, his fortress is up and rolling."

"Where did you get these?"

"On-line. Just googled 'purple dice'."

"So he was dead before and now he's alive so he's like a ghost."

"...or a lich or a vampire or a wight or..."

"What's a white?"


"I put it..."


"O...k...Can we just, like, put it away?"


"Can I give it to Gandalf?"

"Nope, nobody over 6th level can handle it."

"I thought he was 5th?"

"Long story. Race-as-class wizard you get like one spell per book."

"Thing is through me it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine."


"I tell him he has to go deliver this ring."

"Wait, what?"

"Ok, 'S. pad kee mau'--I think this one's mine? Good, ok....I'm going more research with my wizard teacher. Meet me at the Inn of the...Prancing Pony. And I eat some shrimp."

"'Prancing Pony'?"

"Rolled it up last game."

"You have a wizard teacher?"

"Yeah how else would I learn?"

"Ok, fine, you are going to see your wizard teacher. Lemme figure him out..."

roll roll (eyebrow)

"His name is Saur...I mean Saruman."

"You suck at names."

"I'm done with my curry you want curry?"

"Roll Stealth."

"Mmmmm...noooo I do not Stealth."

"You see Sam fucking around in the hedges."

"I grab Sam and give him some static for creeping in hedges."

"'Oh no don't turn me into anything...unnatural!' What did I miss?"

"Dark lord, quest, I carry an artifact with terrible powers."

"Dope. 'Bout it."

"How much do you want to bet Alphonso will be like 'I'll take that ring'?"

"You travel and travel. Travelling occurs for a few hours...hold on, I lost my place."

"You think? Now Travis..."

"Oh my god, Travis will just be like 'If you would but lend me the ring...'"

"Ok "Oh Frodo! If I take one more step I will be further from home than ever..."

"Seriously, Sam? It's been like not even a day."

"Alright, alright...."

"Wait, ok, found it--let's do this: So, your wizard teacher is in his tower which I will represent with this bottle of Absolut."

"Ok, I'm like what do we do, guy? There's a ring and this halfling has it and..."

"'Clearly your love of the halfling's leaf has slowed your brain.'"


"Do we have hot sauce?"

"So he's like 'There's a Great Eye, Lidless, Wreathed In Flame.'"


"In the door in the fridge. Also: do not touch that thing it's still wet."

"And the Nine are going to kill whoever has the ring."

"How do you know?"

"What is it? It looks like the Motorhead dog."

"It's for later don't touch it."

"How does he know?"

"He has an evil crystal ball."

"'Hey your crystal ball is evil!'"

"'Whatevs'. He says."

"Fuck him, I run and get Frodo."

"The doors just shut as you try to leave."


"Roll initiative."

"Fuck. He's like level what?"

"Do it."

"Wait, when did Saruman the Wise abandon reason for madness?"

"Oh hold on...."

"That was in-character."

"Oh, uhh...he just telekinesises you."

(others in unison) "Wi. Zard. Fight! Wi. Zard. Fight!"

"You Have Elected The Way Of Pain."


"I guess I'll be finishing these noodles while I wait to get rescued by a moth..."

"MEANWHILE, you all are in a...(roll)....cornfield hex."

"Ok, I'm done!"

"Me too!"

"Does corn exist?"

"Mmmmanybody want some carrots?"

"So you've got some carrots."

"And some cabbages."

"Yeah and..."

"What is this, Wampus Country?"

"And some mushrooms."

"Yes and...roll roll...a farmer starts chasing you with a scythe because you won't shut up."

"Who the hell wrote these tables?"

Except "on". You're missing that, at least.

07 Jul 21:18

Clue The Movie vs Skipping Rocks

by Zak S
"State tracking" is keeping track of information specific to your game piece that can change--(hit points, demeanor, equipment held).

The more a fiction tracks your state the more RPG it is. That is, the great discovery of RPGs was tracking every single thing about your state (and the world's). It is the main thing. Chess is most an RPG when your pawn becomes a queen--a little story moment has happened.

Games have choices or at least different possible outcomes, pure stories don't. Stories have a sequence of events designed to be interesting in themselves regardless of your investment in a given outcome, games don't.

A game is differentiated from the least-gamey interactive fiction by the possibility of undesirable choices. If all choices make the story interesting it's less of a game, it's just walking up to the shelf and deciding what to read. If I read Batman and Robin #1 and then decide whether to next read the simultaneously-released but in-continuity Robin #1 or else Batman #1, I am not playing a game--I am simply planning my evening. But it's a thin line--for example, the 1980s Clue movie had three endings. You could see any one of them in the theaters and they were all supposed to be entertaining, of course (that ism whatever you were supposed to be getting out of the movie up til that point--post-Wodehouse comedy, Tim Curry, each ending was supposed to present more of that--more post-Wodehouse,more Curry). There was not much of a fail state, but there was a little bit of one (one ending might be subjectively worse than another). It was about as not-gamey as a thing could be while still being almost a game.

Compare Clue the movie to skipping rocks: skipping rocks has allllllmost no story ("the rock skipped 2 times", "12 times", "zero times", the possibilities are endless but very limited) but is definitely a game. The fail state is: the rock sinks rather than skipping. It is very very game and only a wee bit story.

So Clue the movie is the extreme edge of story-with-a-wee-bit-of-game and skipping rocks is on the other edge of game-with-a-wee-bit-of-story. All of what we talk about here is in the middle.

Games are characterized by the possibility of frustration--frustration in a novel is nearly always a bad sign. In a game, it's a necessary danger that you attempt to overcome. 

It's important to note that even in the most hippie style storygames you can fail and fail all the time, but the failure isn't necessarily "I died and had to stop playing that character and restart with a new status quo" it's "I got the story stick passed to me and didn't do anything interesting with it".  That is the exciting possibility of failure--one akin to live performance. It is the very possibility of not doing it right and it not being fun for a moment that makes it gamey

A game is an experience designed to subject the player to fun via the vertigo of being suspended over the abyss of nonfun. As a roller coaster makes you feel alive by reminding you of the possibility of death. Oh no, what if I die? The nonfun will consume me. I am, therefore, highly motivated to keep on. I am gripped then by a great tension.

Everyone has a threshold for this tension--everyone has a point at which the stakes are so high it's no fun anymore. Like if it's like if you lose this hopscotch match they'll drop trucks on your house and pets and loved ones then you might not have fun even at the funnest game. The point at which the stakes feel so high it goes beyond the level needed to emotionally invest the player and spills over to "no fun because it's so scary" is a subjective emotional preference and, as such, both nothing to scream about and something inevitably screamed about.

Now here's a word from our sponsor:

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Sleeping Beauty


Hovertext: Actually, it's more like a *dog* with leprosy.

New comic!
Today's News:

 For one week only! We are retiring a bunch of items from our store, and they are all discounted between 50 and 75%! Please give it a look. Thanks!

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The Choices You Make – Part I By TeraS

by TeraS

A bit of something different today. This started as a bit of role playing quite some time ago then … well … things happen, I suppose. This story is for Marcus, wherever he may be… I hope, if only a little, that this tells the story started so long ago.

Still, there is a story here, at least the promise of one, and in that comes …


The Choices You Make
Part I
By TeraS


Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws, your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of their choices, because, without consequences, there are no true choices. Sometimes, some people find the need to make amends, or to try to do so.

Perhaps one of the things that makes Tera different than most is that she is—and this is the hard thing for a lot of beings to understand—very much truly good. Yes, she has red horns and a tail. Yes, she is the image of perfect sexual pleasure and desire. And yes, she can and sometimes does make people do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do. But then, sometimes, thinking about who you are, why you are, and where you want to go means taking a chance that only a being like Tera might offer for you to consider.

Like the thought that life is, really, no matter the circumstances, worth living.

Tera was away from her Realm, as she was wont to do pretty much all of the time. She decided to visit a world that she had heard about with azure skies and purple dragons, one, because she loved dragons—which were some of her best friends, after all—and two, because she hadn’t seen an azure sky in quite some time.

When she arrived, the Succubi Queen discovered two things that she wasn’t prepared for. First, the populace really and truly hated anything that even remotely looked like a demon. Second, while there were demons, fairies, angels, dragons, and more there, the world itself was partly medieval and partly very modern. Why? That was a question which it would take a long time to work out.

Still, wasn’t difficult for her to hide her horns and tail—though she didn’t like doing it much—and less so to smile and make friends in the small enclave that she knew full well might try to harm her if they knew what she really was.

But then, she wasn’t a succubus, was she? And, as a succubi, and, with her aura, few people took more than a third look at the beautiful women who had joined the community. She was always helping where she could and, even if she seemed not very clear on things that were going on around her, she seemed nice, and was nice to look at regardless … She didn’t ask for any sort of special treatment, and didn’t go looking for the easy things to do, either. She helped, even when most expected her to shy away; after all, someone that looked like her wouldn’t be seen helping the needy or planting a garden, would she? But she was.

In all of the things that she did, Tera never felt as if anything was hard to do. That was simply the way of things for her. The hard part was trying to understand the almost constant nagging feeling of being there for a reason … yet she didn’t have one that she could recall… other that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

While Tera couldn’t really show her normal form, she did, however, discover that some of the more … risqué fashions in this world were quite close to those she liked. As a result, she had managed to find a pair of black leather thigh-high boots with a modest heel, a red leather skirt that ended about mid-thigh on her leg, slit on the left side, and a red corset, finishing with a pair of black shoulder length opera gloves to complete her look.

Mixing that with her wild raven hair, green eyes, and oh-so red lips and nails left an impression on quite a number of the community … And when she attended the local bar on the occasional evenings, there was always an offer by someone to share a night with him … or her. Those offers always made her smile and, soon afterwards, the suitors each found themselves with other souls that the beguiling brunette had, in her special way, figured out were perfect matches for them.

After all, the Queen of the Succubi knew of the needs within and more that not always was she the one to fill the need of another.

She was standing at the bar one evening, sipping on a drink that the locals had told her was the taste of the dew on flowers after the rains, when he walked into the bar.

And Tera found herself looking at him and suddenly realizing that he was the reason she was there …

Sebastian had decided that the time had come for him to call it a day and bring an end to a life, a job, a commitment … no, a quest that he had embarked on many years ago.

He was a family man in the beginning, having a hard working life on a farm. His wife from an early age, Grace, was the most beautiful and loving partner any man could have asked for. She gave him two wonderful sons, who both grew up with manners and hard-working ethics.

The years flew by and the boys grew up while the farm prospered. Times changed in the valley, however, and there were growing numbers of attacks in villages all over. Dark forces—demons—roamed the land and took as they pleased. Sebastian took precautions, but when the time came it was not enough. He was called to a neighbouring farm, set on fire that night. He went to their aid, tasking his sons to be alert and ready. He rallied to the cause and saved lives on the fellow farm, being thanked as he assisted them. But the true horror struck home: he looked across the fields at his own farm, seeing flames rising and animals fleeing, and hearing the sounds of a woman screaming.


Sebastian ran like the wind with all his speed, arriving with sword in hand, cutting down one evil being after another as he arrived, but it was not enough. After the flamed died down, he found the remains of his two sons, killed either by the fire or the demons. His heart sank further when he found his wife, torn apart during the chaos. As he held her dying form in his arms, Sebastian swore revenge.

For years he fought against every evil in the land and in lands further away. He even developed a sense to see where and who these demons were. After many years, however, the loss and grief mixed with revenge took its toll. After his fight with the last demon—who taunted him, seeing what was in his heart—Sebastian let out a cry of despair and headed to a local tavern. There he walked in, headed straight to the bar, and leaned against it. He ignored all the other patrons around him. He ignored his tingling sense, dumbed down after all these years. A woman stood nearby; she looked harmless … tempting, but harmless.

Taking his pint, he took himself to a table in a dark corner and, toasting to his family and his own tortured soul, he downed the pint and ordered a second. “I’ve had enough,” was his only thought …

Tera ran one of her hands through her hair as he approached the bar, looked at her, and then just … walked away. The overwhelming aura of sadness, loss, and grief dug deeply into her, for she was empathic in nature, being who she was, and there was no way for her to ignore the whirlwind that surrounded him. She knew he had fought, killed, suffered through much grief, and more. But that did not mean she was afraid of him. When he ordered another pint from his table, she drew the attention of the bartender. “Would you mind if I took it to him?”

The answer was the usual gruff grunt, which the woman with oh-so-green eyes had come to expect from him, but a little silver to pay for the drink took care of that. The pint appeared, the silver vanished under the hand of the bartender, and Tera took it from him and turned towards the man in the shadows. She was about to go to him when the bartender actually spoke to her, “That one is trouble, you know.”

Tera turned back and gave him a wan smile, “He’s seen trouble; doesn’t mean he is … but thank you …”

The bartender nodded and, as he returned to his work …

… Tera began hers.

She crossed the room, his drink in one hand, hers in another. She skirted around and about some others in the bar that wanted to have their way with her, but she was nimble on her feet and their efforts didn’t amount to anything. Reaching the dark corner he waited in, she stopped just outside of his reach.

“I saw you asking for a drink. Care for one and some company, or would you rather not?”

She didn’t use her powers on him, didn’t make a threatening move, didn’t suggest that she was anything other than a lovely looking woman that was concerned about him …

… because she wasn’t.

Sebastian looked up from his empty pint glass to see the woman standing before him, holding his next pint in her hand, asking if he wanted company. He didn’t flinch as he looked her up and down slowly and without glare. He had seen a few others in the bar try and approach her as she’d made her way over. And he could see that she was a good looking woman with a well-shaped figure—possibly no children yet—and dressed as if she was after a good night. That was something he hadn’t had in years: a good night of fun, good-natured humour, and the love of a good woman.

He decided, for a change, to choose the company. “Take a seat, if you want. I’m sure, though, that any of these men could keep you better occupied.”

But she was holding his pint and, the longer he looked at her, the more there seemed to be an innocence to her he may have missed out on before. Maybe she wasn’t that bad …

She shrugged a bit at his words, “Company isn’t always of the physical kind … sometimes the ‘being’ is better than the ‘doing.’” With that answer, she placed his pint on the table before drawing out the other chair, placing her drink next to his, and then sitting across the table from him.

She crossed her legs and then straightened out her skirt before pushing the pint towards him with one finger: “The question is, which is better: having company for only a moment, and then leaving them and having only memories, or keeping them and having a life?” A tilt of her head to the left and a lock of raven hair fell over her right eye: “Or are you held by your memories so that nothing else matters?”

She wasn’t being cruel with the questions she asked; far from it. She had two reasons for the points she put to him: one, to demonstrate that she was more than a pretty face; and two, to get him to reveal the truth about himself.

Now, Tera could, if she touched him and he allowed it, see his past and understand it, but she would not do that uninvited. She watched him, quite unafraid of him, but she could sense the demons that he had killed upon his aura—little black wisps of energy that stuck to him. She knew that dealing with darkness had it’s toll. She was very aware of that …

… She wondered if a bit of light in his world might set him free …

Sebastian was surprised by her question. For a woman who looked so young, she came across as educated and philosophical. He recalled how Grace had been similar in that respect. “To be honest, it’s been a while since any company I have had held any good memories for me,” he said, taking the pint from her. “However, recently, I’ve had a change of heart. For the second time in my life …”

He sat forward slightly, looking at her, trying to read her body language, but all he could tell was she just wanted innocent conversation and company.

“There was a time I would have agreed that memories were a good thing, but I have 20 years of only bad memories, something I would happily trade for a good memory and a reminder that a person can be happy.” His heart felt heavy and he felt a tear fall down his cheek as he took a sip of beer.

For a moment, Tera considered reaching out and wiping that tear from his cheek, but that wouldn’t do. One, it could break the small sliver of trust, and, two, she did not wish to know all of the answers so easily. Sometimes the soul needs to speak, to tell the story in the way it needs. She traced a finger around the edge of her glass and continued to talk to him. “The question to consider is not that you have a change of heart. The question to ask is if your soul itself has changed from what it is within you. That’s the one part that should, in truth, never change. If you are good, then your soul should remain so. If you are evil, then your soul will always be that.”

Her finger stopped its pattern: “I sense that you have good within you, but that you have seen more than any soul should in your lifetime. You have seen the highs and the lows of life. You know more and have experienced more than any soul should.”

She smiled softly: “The question is, what do you see and need … and can you accept it for what it is, or not? The one thing that is the hardest to offer is trust. The second is belief. The third is understanding.” She then offered him her hand, palm up, showing that it was empty, and said, without malice, to him: “Which have you?”

The quiet man listened to her, taking in her words. What she said made sense, and he knew, deep down—although he wouldn’t admit it—that his soul was good … even after all the evil he had encountered over many years. He looked at her in the eye and could see no harm, no malice there. There was something he couldn’t shake, but it wasn’t bothering him. She’d made no move to harm him or bring harm to him and had approached him without any malicious intent that he could see.

He reached across and took her hand, clasping it firmly but gently. “My soul was pure before I took the path I chose. It still is, and that is why I fought evil. I have trust in you; you haven’t harmed me. I believe what you say, as you seem to understand me.”

A further tear dropped down on his cheek. “I am just weary of this endless battle I have
fought against evil, knowing that, in the end, I will still be as lonely as I was when
it began …” He gripped her hand for comfort as more tears flowed.

She did not flinch at his grip, nor did she show fear at him holding her hand as he was. For a moment, she considered what he had revealed about himself, but more what he had not said. The contact had opened him to her, and she winced slightly in the wash of pain that had wrapped itself around his soul. There was blackness, but it was being kept at bay, if barely so. He could well be at a crossroads in his life, a decision to be made that would be telling. This was the point where she needed a clear answer from him. “I understand … I understand because, while I have not faced the life you have, I do know of being alone, misunderstood, and, mostly, seen to be something other than what I am …”

She placed her other hand over his and continued, “You speak of evil, of what it has done, what it continues to do. I have a question: what does evil look like? Is it just what you see, or is it what exists within?”

She allowed herself the smallest of smiles, “You have me, hold me, you can feel me more than anyone really can … Am I what you seek in finding a place to not be lonely anymore, or am I not that?” She looked directly into his eyes, “Am I salvation for your soul?”

He looked further into her eyes, considering what she was asking him to decide, and he could tell that what his sense was telling him was true. She was not who or what her form looked like. But that didn’t bother him anymore.

“I know that evil shows its true form in many ways. I have seen most of them. I also know that it reveals itself at the time is due.” He explained this, taking a second grip of her hand with his other hand, smiling … “I also know that I have arrived at a crossroads, where my next choice will determine the next direction of my life … and that direction lies on a path that involves you, so I choose that path … I know that’s what I wish to do … so I choose you.”

He looked up and down at her and his answer was chosen … “The most difficult thing for anyone to decide is to take a leap of faith … You have taken one with me, so I will give take one with you in return …”

The green-eyed brunette stood up from the table, her hand still in his, and guided them both towards a flight of stairs that led to the upper reaches of the place. A series of rooms were available for rent there. In truth, the rooms had been used by many, good and bad, wanton and pious, and one other of recent times that needed a place to call home when there was no other. She took him to the very last one at the end, and opened the door there with the words: “Enter of your own free will …”

Once inside, the contrast from the shambles of the bar was clear. It was not the spartan place that one would expect, but a well-appointed home; oddly, it seemed to be much larger on the inside than it could be on the outside, if that was even possible if he really thought about it. There were leather chairs of black in the sitting room, the room itself in shades of red, gold, and black. It was … tasteful. That was the only word that could explain the place; almost like someone of royalty might have as part of her home.

After offering him a chair there, she released her hand from his—with some hesitation, he would notice. Then she traced her fingertips over her thighs and said: “You spoke of evil being of many forms … I am exactly as you see me right this moment. I have not, ever, changed what I look like in all the time that I have lived, nor do I expect I ever will. I am just what I appear to be … for the most part …” She then clasped her hands together and continued: “There are two things about me that I have not shown you. I expect that, when you see them, and I explain who I am and what I am, you will either decide to attack me or leave in disgust over knowing what I am. If you wish, you can leave now, and I will understand why … I will leave from this place moments after you, and you will never see me again. Or you can stay, and, I pray, see that there is hope …”

She lifted her hands and touched her index fingers to her lips: “The choice is, of course, yours …”

Sebastian sat quietly as she explained what actions she thought he might take … His mind, however, was made up. Before she revealed her true form to him, he explained his thoughts to her, trying to guess what he might do: “I chose to come here, that was my doing. What you say or do next will be because of my leap of faith.”

Then, as he watched, two small, almost cute, red horns appeared in her raven locks. Two little red beacons in the sea of black that was her hair. From behind her, a long, red, heart-tipped tail rose into the air behind her, swishing in the air, like a cat’s but not quite, if that was possible …

As Tera revealed her true self, Sebastian wasn’t surprised. He found her true succubi form pleasing, and he stood up from the chair, approaching her until he was face to face with her.

“My name is Tera, and I am the Queen of the Succubi … And I ask you to trust me if you can allow yourself to …”

He surveyed her form, taking in her curves and details, looking very impressed. “Ten days ago, I would’ve slain you. But, today … I have hope and I trust you … Lead me …”

Softly, gently, she placed one hand upon his chest and looked into his eyes: “If you would have met me ten days ago, I would have greeted you in the same way, made the same offer, given you the same chance. I believe in free choice, and everybody has to make their own singular choice at some point in their lives.”

Taking his hands in hers, she raised them to her lips and kissed his wrists—soft kisses, a tender moment that she felt would be the right place to start. Looking back into his eyes, she explained: “There are three things that I will share with you … The first is that I do not kill. I promise that I will not take your soul, your life, nor cause you harm.

“The second is that I keep my word. When I make a promise, it is forever. I will not twist my words or place other meanings within them. I speak plainly, but, you must ask the right questions.
“The last, and the most important, I never lie. I do not speak falsehoods or create stories. If you ask a question, and ask it correctly, I will answer truthfully. Be specific … please do not forget this.”

She shrugged slightly, “It is how I and my kind are … We are not of the Dark nor of the Light … We are in-between and serve neither … but …” She slipped her hands free and drew them up his chest, along the sides of his neck and then up to cup his cheeks with a soft touch. She looked into his eyes with her so-green ones a moment before drawing his lips to hers … soft, slightly wet, red lips that brushed against his own like butterflies … a soft scent of cherries in the air about her. Then she pressed her lips against his, hers having just the right feeling and texture … not a kiss of passion or to somehow claim him, but to show that she did care, so very much, about him and about his feelings, but, most of all, to show his that there was love and light in his world …

… if he was willing to allow her to show him the way …

She broke the kiss with him, then traced a fingertip over his lips and explained with a purr in her voice: “… but we are beings of pleasure to those that accept us for what and who we are …”

Sebastian listened to the succubi’s instructions and made sure to remember them. He was then caught off guard, however, by the sweetness and soft touch of the first kiss they shared together. He did not look upon her as a demon, the way most would see succubi. He knew better than that. He saw her as an equal, a soul as precious as his own. “I know not what to ask or why I would ask. I have turned a corner to walk a path that I would never have considered before … I bow before your epic wisdom and ask you to lead the way for me …”

He looked up and down her form, marveling at her body, a slightly amused smile coming along with his gaze: “I would ask … am I allowed to give you pleasure, my dear? I ask only that because I always pleasured my wife first before lovemaking … it was our way …”

He wondered what the pleasures of a succubi queen would be.

Tera’s smile never left her, “To give of oneself before that of another is the greatest gift of all … I have never allowed myself to accept my pleasures over others, I have never believed that my needs should be more important than the ones that I find myself called to.” Her hands moved to hold both of his and then guided them down her body, along her sides, and finally to rest upon her hips. As his fingers rested there, her hands left them and travelled back up his back slowly. There was a sparkle in her eyes as she purred: “But in return for what you ask of me … I have one request of you …”

Her fingers stroked against his cheek lightly before she drew close one more. A cherry scent around her now, an earnest look in her eyes: “What is your name? May I know that?”

Her lips brushed against his, the heat from her body warm against his fingertips and his chest were she pressed against him. Although he could see that she was clothed, it seemed as if her bare skin was stroking against his own.

She tilted her head to the left and said with a wink: “You know mine … That’s only fair, isn’t it?”

He could smell the slight scent that was now gently filling his nostrils as he stroked her body, letting his hands roam over her back, feeling them glide over her form. “My name is Sebastian, Sebastian Gray … my apologies for not saying before,” he finally answered.

He couldn’t help but feel her body respond to his touch as he explored her contours and learnt what was possibly underneath … waiting to be revealed. He had no sense of shame or regret, he knew he was happy, though a question came to him: “I have a question … What is that lovely scent I can smell …?”

Tera traced her tongue over her lips: “Succubi, from my Realm, when they are aroused and happy, give off a scent … For me … as I am a red-tail … that scent is of cherries.” She traced a finger over his lips and then tapped them once: “On a world called ‘Earth,’ I would have explained it by mentioning cherry pie, but I fear the little joke would be lost with you.”

She leaned in close to him, her lips brushing against his ear as she whispered: “It is the scent of my kind when we desire the one we are with.”

As she spoke, her tail wrapped itself around his left leg, the tip rubbing against the inside of his thigh. She kissed from the tip of his ear lobe along his cheek and then kissed his lips once more: “I want to give you pleasure that you have never felt before Sebastian … to heal you … to make you see that there is a future for you.”

She looked into his eyes once more, her green eyes sparkling in the light with not lust, but love and desire for him: “You feel me because you can, Sebastian … The light within you calls out for me, asks for me to help. It called to me from afar, and I needed to answer. I waited, not knowing it was you until tonight.”

Her fingers plucked at his collar: “Give in to your desires … please.”


The desires will come …


24 Jun 14:58

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Math Translations


Hovertext: Also, that's not EXACTLY a circle.

New comic!
Today's News:

Come onnnn hatemail. Come onnnnn hatemail. 

23 Jun 07:00

otiose: Word of the Day

otiose: being at leisure; idle; indolent.
22 Jun 07:00

clepe: Word of the Day

clepe: to call; name.
20 Jun 12:32

An interesting Succubus pendant

by TeraS

It’s been a while since I had a look through for Succubus items. As such there are a surprising number of items that have appeared on that site and so, over the next little while, I will be sharing the things that I found there.

The first of these is what I think is, perhaps, a little over the top for my own liking, but nonetheless is quite a unique pendant in the shape of a Succubus… wings and all…

Succubus Pendant by Rottenz

Succubus Pendant by Rottenz

This pendant is called, quite simply, Succubus Pendant and is by an artist on etsy called Rottenz. You can find the page on that site where I found this item here.

The detail and craftsmanship that has gone into this work of art is simply amazing to me. The wings are wonderful, her shape and form fits her wings very well. I like the effect of the cape and cowl that seems to be draping over her form as well, it frames her body in the most interesting way.

It is a bit too much for my own tastes however in that I can’t think of anything that I own that would work well with it and that is a bit of a shame really…



17 Jun 12:25

Costumes for Succubi shouldn’t be accessories only

by TeraS

Mischievous Devil Sequin Costume KitOne of the things that I’ve noticed is that, occasionally, costumes appear for sale that seem to look good, have something going for them, but in truth are something else. They are simply a means to show what you might be able to create if you buy a series of accessories and then the actual dress, boots, and so on to make them work.

It feels like cheating to me.

The accessory kit is called the Mischievous Devil Sequin Costume Kit and it comes with the horn headband, atail with a sequin heart at the tip, and a sequin devil’s pitchfork.

The dress and those boots are not included. If you wanted to add them, they would cost about $90 on top of the $16 for the kit. So that means, to have what this model is wearing would cost just short of $100 US.

I can do better than this by far just by looking through my red dresses, picking out a set of good, really good looking horns and a tail, and a pair of thigh-high boots.

The thing is that, at least for me, that seems like one doesn’t use a lot of imagination in creating the look of one of the succubi and that’s a shame.

It isn’t the horns or the tail. It isn’t the dress or the boots. It’s the attitude. It’s the smile, the look in your eyes that matters.

You can’t just look the part, you have to be.

That’s not an easy thing to do, but when you can manage it, the costume pales in comparison to you.

At least, that’s what my Eternal tells me.

Two out of five pitchforks for the accessories.

Bit too cheap for my taste and imagination…



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Undo the Damage of Sitting

(Technically, this isn’t about saving your hands… but if you draw, you’re probably doing a lot of sitting, so…)



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definiens: Word of the Day

definiens: something that defines, especially the defining part of a dictionary entry.
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GUYS, THIS IS IMPORTANT. I’ve been a lifeguard for four years, and I didn’t fully appreciate this until a little kid jumped into the shallow end of the lap pool. He wasn’t flailing. His eyes were wide in panic and h would try and push himself off the bottom, but the water was right over his head. It took me a couple seconds to register what had happened, and fortunately, another swimmer right beside the kid managed to grab him when he saw my reaction.

My mother and I run a water safety non-profit organization and this is one of the things we teach.

In movies someone who is drowning always yells and screams and it’s very dramatic and obvious but in real life you really have to be paying attention

I was on holiday in Egypt when I was 14, and there was a 4-year-old Italian boy I had to save because no-one else even thought he was in trouble. Luckily, the water wasn’t too deep and only came up to my waist, but the kid was so small it covered his head. All he did was gasp for air and angle his head up, and tried kicking off the pool floor while reaching his hands up. I sat him on the edge of the pool in the shallow end and then his mother came over and thanked me.

I didn’t think much of it then, but I saved a life that day.


After 2 years of lifeguarding and many more of competitive swimming I can verify this. Drowning signs are eerily quiet. It helps to catch them early. The pool I worked at had a large amount of regular clients. I’d always keep an extra lookout for people I didn’t recognize since I didn’t know their swimming ability. Their face aiming towards the sky is the first thing they’ll almost always do. Especially children.

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R.I.P. Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015)

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