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thenatsdorf: Cat “powers up” before attack. [full video]


Cat “powers up” before attack. [full video]

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It’s hard to choose ....

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flippyspoon:uh that’s genius


uh that’s genius

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thegoddesschi: thisacelovessabriel: listsoflifehacks: Secret...




Secret Recipes To Try At Home



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solitaryfossil: sonypraystation: kathy with the scorching...



kathy with the scorching tea

LOL - Kathy!

Did it work?

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kaorijoy: peopleareaproblem: dimedog:“So this is Jack and he...




“So this is Jack and he has some sort of type of laryngeal paralysis? At least thats what the vet told me.”

Jack: [in the voice of a disillusioned 60-year old man] “Mow. Maow.”

Human holding camera: “This is Jack.“

Jack: “Whoa. Maow.”

Human: “His voice is a little deeper than most cats.”

Jack: “Eugh.”

Human: “Hey buddy.”

Human: [whistles and tuts] “Say hi? Say hi?”

Jack: “Meow.”

Human: “Good boy!”


Lord this cat sounds like George takei.

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50 Essential Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend — Recipes from The Kitchn

by Kelli Foster

Memorial Day weekend is on the horizon, and we couldn't be more excited for this unofficial start to summer! This is your signal to fire up the grill, dust off your cooler, and get your favorite picnic blanket ready — because it's time for backyard BBQs and cookouts galore.

As for what to cook, you can't go wrong with the classics: juicy burgers, creamy coleslaw, and don't forget the pasta salad! We're also including some dishes you might not have considered but that are destined to become favorites. From veggie kebabs to no-bake cakes to pitcher drinks for all, these are the 50 essential recipes that will make your Memorial Day weekend amazing.


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bigchiefatl: ladiosa-jade: 🎯 Facts





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guribot:when did video games get so realistic


when did video games get so realistic

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Reminder: You Can Get Free Digital Audiobooks From Your Library

by Thorin Klosowski

Your local library has all kinds of perks, but one I continually forget about is its collection of digital audiobooks. Considering how much audiobooks usually cost, this is a great little benefit.


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The day in the news

The day in the news

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gen4 3.2”, The New Intelligent Display Modules

by elab

4D Systems, the manufacturer of intelligent graphics solutions, has announced a new 3.2” smart display module as part of the ‘ gen4 ’ series, which had been designed specifically for ease of integration and use, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality.

These modules features a 3.2” color TFT display with options for Cover Lens Bezel (CLB), Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch. The display is capable of Touch Detection, microSD memory Storage, GPIO and Communications, along with multiple millisecond resolution timers, and Audio Generation. gen4 modules have 30 pin ZIF socket for a 30 pin FPC cable, for easy and simple connection to an application or a motherboard.

The gen4 display modules are powered by the 4D Systems Diablo16 graphics processor that offers an array of functionality and options for any Designer / Integrator / User. Diablo16 is a custom embedded 4DGL graphics controller designed to interface with many popular OLED and LCD display panels.

gen4 display modules features:

  • Powerful 3.2” Intelligent LCD-TFT display module powered by DIABLO16.
  • 240 x 320 Resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel (on DT model only).
  • 6 banks of 32750 bytes of Flash memory for User Application Code and Data.
  • 32Kb of SRAM purely for the User.
  • 16 General Purpose I/O pins for user interfacing, which include 4 configurable Analog Inputs.
  • The GPIO is variously configurable for alternative functions such as:
    • 3x I2C channels available.
    • 1x SPI dedicated for SD Card and 3x configurable SPI channels available.
    • 1x dedicated and 3x configurable TTL Serial comm ports available.
    • Up to 6 GPIO can be used as Pin Counters.
    • Up to 6 GPIO for PWM (simple and Servo).
    • Up to 10 GPIO for Pulse Output.
    • Up to 14 GPIO can be configured for Quadrature Encoder Inputs (2 channels).
  • 30pin FPC connection, for all signals, power, communications, GPIO and programming.
  • On-board latch type micro-SD memory card connector for multimedia storage and data logging purposes.
  • DOS compatible file access (FAT16 format) as well as low level access to card memory.
  • Dedicated PWM Audio pin driven by WAV files from micro-SD card, and for sound generation, for an external amplifier.
  • Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips.
  • Supports all available Windows fonts.
  • 4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply).
  • Module dimensions:
    • (D): 95.7 x 57.1 x 6.3mm.
    • (D-CLB): 98.8 x 72.6 x 7.4mm.
    • (DT): 95.7 x 57.1 x 7.5mm.
    • (DCT-CLB): 98.8 x 72.6 x 8.3mm.
  • 4x mounting tabs with 3.2mm holes for mechanical mounting using M3 screws.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.
  • CE Compliant – please ask for CE declarations from our Support Team.

The intelligent gen4 displays can be programmed via Workshop4 IDE. It provides an integrated software development platform for all of the 4D family of processors and modules. The IDE combines the Editor, Compiler, Linker and Downloader to develop complete 4DGL application code.

gen4 modules are available in 4 models:

  • gen4-uLCD-32D (non Touch, without Cover Lens Bezel)
  • gen4-uLCD-32DT (Resistive Touch, without Cover Lens Bezel)
  • gen4-uLCD-32D-CLB (non Touch, Cover Lens Bezel)
  • gen4-uLCD-32DCT-CLB (Capacitive Touch, with Cover Lens Bezel)

The module is available on the official website with a range of $55 to $79 including interface board, 150mm FFC cable, and a quick start guide. Starter kits are also available from $75 to $99.

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aku-no-homu: つよい by @nekoninja_core

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Anatomically Correct Spider-Man

Corridor humorously imagines how Spider-Man, functioned more like a real spider...(Read...)

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by Greg Ross

“The difficulty of ruling over a diverse nation,” a 1578 engraving by Antwerp-based artist Pieter van der Borcht the Elder.

James A. Garfield wrote, “All free governments are managed by the combined wisdom and folly of the people.”

From the Public Domain Review.

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weloveshortvideos: The moment your dreams die.


The moment your dreams die.

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paisleyasfuck: same

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dougiefromscotland: thevortexofourminds: Buster his timing...




his timing was peerless

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gifsboom: Lemme just take a picture of you real...


Lemme just take a picture of you real quick.

(via SmileyFace-_-)

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georgetakei: Too soon. #lionking #toosoon #funny #meme #memes...


Too soon. #lionking #toosoon #funny #meme #memes #teamtakei