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griffstream:Ready for take-off


Ready for take-off

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Step Into a Pop-Up Book: 11 Furnishings, Rooms & Houses That Fold Up Flat

by SA Rogers
[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

Does the same childlike awe and sense of infinite possibility you felt when looking at pop-up books as a kid translate to adult-sized versions of pop-up furniture, rooms and even entire houses today? These transforming objects dramatically expand from a flat package just by pulling on one end, revealing themselves to be surprisingly strong and usable three-dimensional objects.

Pop-Up Interactive Apartment

This ‘pop-up interactive apartment’ by students at TU Delft adapts to inhabitants’ needs by constantly changing functions, bending and sliding folding polypropylene panels to offer chairs, beds, desks and other furniture or fold up out of the way. The result is an apartment that transforms to use a single room for many functions, without requiring any physical effort on behalf of the people who use the space.

Folding Flat-Pack M.A.Di House

This flat-pack house comes in a folded sheet with connected roof panels that pop up into an A-frame with the help of a crane. Once the easy-to-transport 5-foot-tall package is onsite, it takes less than a day to install, and it comes in several different sizes from a 495-square-foot studio to a 904-square-foot family home. The profile and hinges are made of steel, while much of the rest of the home is made of strong and durable cross-laminated timber (CLT) making the whole structure earthquake-resistant.

De-Dimension Furniture by Jongha Choi

Take this two-dimensional geometric wall art down, unfold it in one swift motion, place it on the floor and you’ve got a piece of furniture. ‘De-Dimension’ is a series of pop-up flat-pack furniture by designer Jongha Choi representing his ideas about perspective. “If our perception of an object is not different on a plane image and an actual subject, isn’t it possible to substitute the two with each other?”

Pop-Up Shelf by Meike Harde

How much bookcase do you really need? Maybe you could use a full-height storage piece, or maybe you want it to be shorter to fit beneath a window. German designer Meike Harde’s ‘Stockwerk’ shelf comes as a flat-pack item and easily expands without the need for tools, with pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

Slinky-Style Accordion Chairs That Stretch and Bend

Like a slinky, the Flexible Love Sofa and Chair start out tightly packed into a small package and then expand to surprising lengths when you pull on either end. The furniture series is made from 100% recycled paper, yet the sofa can hold up to 4,232 pounds when fully expanded, and snap back to a mere 5 inches in width when contracted.

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Step Into A Pop Up Book 11 Furnishings Rooms Houses That Fold Up Flat

‘Moody Couch’ and Other Designs from Cologne D3 2011

Lots of fresh, fun, modern home furnishings are on display this week, January 18th - 23rd 2011 at the annual imm cologne design fair in Germany, including entries in the design talent contest. ...

When Every Inch Counts: 14 More Clever Small Space Hacks

Making a tiny living space comfortable and practical means integrating multi-purpose furniture, custom built-ins and lots of other clever space-saving tricks. These 14 (more) small space hacks ...

Transforming Tables: 16 Smart Space-Saving Surface Designs

In increasingly small urban apartments where every inch counts, a piece of furniture that transforms from a coffee table to a dining table in seconds, hides a lot of storage or folds up to just ...

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[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

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captcreate:Reason to look your windows and have a broomstick or...


Reason to look your windows and have a broomstick or bat ready…

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Speedway Core Sample: Cylindrical Specimen Shows 108 Years of Repaved Racetrack

by Kurt
[ By WebUrbanist in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ]

Core samples let geologists examine layers of the Earth, graffiti fans peel back decades of art, or in this case: allow race watchers to see what a century or so of repaved track looks like. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of America’s favorite and most famous racetracks, and it has changed a lot over the centuries variously paved with everything from creek gravel to bricks.

IMS president J. Douglas Boles posted this core sample with an annotated graphic giving the history of the various iterations. The thickness is relatively remarkable too, given that it represents just eight repavements over 108 years.

Instead of ripping out and rebuilding, they have simply paved over the old racetrack time and time again, creating what looks like an elaborate chocolate cake when a circular section was lifted out of the ground.

Artificial core sample fans may also be interested in a Dutch building that was given a similar treatment — sampled and examined — in a horizontal direction, removing a section of graffiti-covered wall to analyze how it has changed over time.

Vertical Garage: Hide Cars Below or Lift Your Ride to the Sky

There are all kinds of houses designed to showcase your prized luxury vehicle or custom cruiser, but few can boast so blatant a mechanism to quite literally put your sports car on a ...

Handmade Car Explores the Abandoned Railroads of Mexico

Over 5500 miles of abandoned railways stretching from one end of Mexico to the other enticed two brothers to build an incredible retro-futuristic exploratory car. The SEFT-1 is modeled after a ...

View Forward: Driverless London Train Cars Arriving in 2020

Called the New Tube, the next phase in London's Underground system will feature partially and entirely automated cars, including ones that let passengers sit up front in the space heretofore ...

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[ By WebUrbanist in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ]

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thenatsdorf:Sweet senior cat plays fetch. (via iiagdtr)


Sweet senior cat plays fetch. (via iiagdtr)

11 Nov 22:30

Animal sizes for comparison






Grey Wolf

Maned Wolf

Sea Otter


Grizzly Bear

Polar Bear

Stellar Sea Lion




Black Bear & Bengal Tiger

White-Tailed Deer



me at half the animals on the post: “BITCH THAT’S H U G E”


That first maned wolf is a model.

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blizzardofjj:places to go, things to do!


places to go, things to do!

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banxx: tastefullyoffensive: When you see yourself in the mirror...



When you see yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning.

Anytime really

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slagnarok: He literally whipped his dick out and busted a nut...


He literally whipped his dick out and busted a nut I’m done.

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gif87a-com:When the master is an engineer


When the master is an engineer

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culturenlifestyle: Artist Carves Wooden Rope Sculpture From a...


Artist Carves Wooden Rope Sculpture From a Tree Trunk

Artist Maskull Lasserre indulges in sculptural practice that strikes a delicate balance between hard-edged industrial media and a delicately poetic resolve, blending the two beautifully.

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masklayer: setheverman: 4gifs: Japanese Sumo robots this is...




Japanese Sumo robots

this is the funniest gif i’ve seen all week what the fuck is going on

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gif87a-com: Ejecting a floppy disk in space


Ejecting a floppy disk in space

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Pixelated Masterpieces: 32 Real-Life Works of 3D Glitch Art & Design

by SA Rogers
[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

glitch main

Don’t adjust your monitor – there’s nothing wrong with the images of these sculptures, rugs, furniture and even full-scale architecture. Playing with the aesthetics of digital errors, the glitches are carved, woven or painted right into physical, three-dimensional designs.

Good Vibrations by Ferruccio Laviani

glitch laviani 1

ferruccio laviani 3

laviani glitch 7

ferruccio laviani 4

ferruccio laviani 5

Invited to collaborate with a manufacturer of baroque furniture, artist Ferruccio Laviani took an unconventional approach, programming computer-controlled robotic routers to cut glitches directly into the wood for a warped effect. The result is a series called ‘F* THE CLASSICS!’ and the most striking piece is the ‘Good Vibrations’ cabinet. “In the course of my research for Good Vibrations, I ended up cutting out images from old analog videos, when you fast-forward a tape and get a frozen image that’s all twisted.”

Glitch Rugs by Faig Ahmed


ahmed rug 4 ahmed rug 3

glitch ahmed 3

glitch ahmed 4

glitch ahmed 5

glitch ahmed 6

ahmed rugs

Textile artist Faig Ahmed weaves distortions into traditional rug patterns from India, Persia, Turkey and the Caucasus, making them look stretched, pixelated, warped and otherwise glitched and mutated for a fun modern twist on a beloved classic.

Pixelated Wood Sculptures by Hsu Tung Han

glitch tsu 4

glitch tsu 5

glitch tsu 1

glitch tsu 2

glitch tsu 3

Carved from teak, African wax wood or walnut, Hsu Tung Han’s figurative sculptures dissolve into cubes as if glitching out of existence in three dimensions, making it seem like they’re disappearing or in mid-transition before our eyes.

Real Life Glitch Building: House of Electronic Arts Basel

glitch building 1

glitch building 2

glitch building 3

glitch building 4

There’s nothing wrong with this photograph of Switzerland’s House of Electronic Arts Basel building – it’s the building itself that’s glitched. Berlin-based art studio !Mediengruppe Bitnik was invited to create ‘H3333333K,’ a play on the structure’s German name of ‘HeK,’ as a permanent exterior display. “The idea was to cast something fluid, non-permanent like a software error into something physical and permanent, like architecture,” says the group.

Warped Forms by Paul Kaptein

kaptein 2

kaptein 3

kapein 4

kaptein 5

kaptein 6

kaptein 7

Based in Perth, Australia, artist Paul Kaptein carves laminated wood into warped figures that look almost normal from some angles, and entirely abstract from others, unrecognizable as human bodies. “Paul’s work, seemingly bent through time and space, taps into his medium of emptiness, responding to the gap between immateriality and materiality – through the energy we call potential,” reads his artist statement. “His work is full of the boundless energy of potentiality loops or loops of potentiality or the realization that potential is the energy that constantly moves and transforms. Potential is the force that grabs ideas and translates them into being – it is a poetic energy of necessity and a necessary energy for poetics.”

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Pixelated Masterpieces 32 Real Life Works Of 3d Glitch Art Design

Not a Glitch: Cabinet Carved with Disorienting Design

No, there's nothing wrong with your screen - this intricate wooden cabinet was actually carved to resemble an image error. The 'Good Vibrations' storage unit by designer Ferruccio Laviani ...

Real-Life Tetris: Items Fit Perfectly in Street Sculptures

Those of us who grew up playing Tetris credit the game with teaching us everything from patience to time management to packing skills. For Swedish artist Michael Johansson, Tetris also seems to ...

Image Hacking: 40+ Glitch Art Photos, Paintings & Videos

Surreal, dreamlike and often haunting, databending creates digital or analog image errors for artistic effect. An art form in which corrupted files are either created or mimicked in photographs, ...

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[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

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Cold Frontage: Storm Leaves Waterfront House Encased in Frozen Waves

by Kurt
[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Photography & Video. ]

ice house exterior

When a cold front blew in over Lake Ontario, photographer John Kucko caught wind of the phenomenon and rushed to shoot images of a remarkably frozen home.

iced over house

Located in Webster, New York, the house is entirely trapped inside ice, a combination of sheets and icicles wrapping the residence on all sides. Outdoor furniture and landscaping elements between the lake and the house were likewise wrapped in frozen water.

cold front

An unusual combination of waves, wind and freezing weather contributed to the mix, as well as the home’s proximity to the lake. Winds over 80 mile per hour pushed water the short twenty feet to the residence. You can see more images and videos on the photographers Facebook page.

ice house detroit

Years ago, artists in Detroit did something similar but intentional with an abandoned home, showering it with water and letting it ice over for effect.

After OZ: Dorothy’s Storm-Ravaged House Remade of Scrap

In a remarkable 24-hour collaboration, a series of artists banded together to build a replica of the infamous house from the Wizard of OZ - that ill-fated structure that carried Dorothy Gale so ...

Waterfront Architecture: 7 Unique Beach & Lake Houses

(Check out our complete collection of 70 Amazing Houses from Around the World.) A house with a water view is a dream come true for house hunters and vacationers alike. The tranquil sound of ...

Waterfront Wonders: 8 Great Modern Island + Ocean Homes

When it comes to waterfront property, the beautiful views demand wide open spaces and most architects take a minimalist approach in order to prevent taking attention away from the stunning ...

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