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24 Jul 13:43

Men who harass women online have this one thing in common, according to science

by Gina Mei

Guess what? They're a bunch of losers! Who would have guessed...? Everybody!

Men who harass women online have this one thing in common, according to science

Men who harass women online have this one thing in common, according to science

It’s no secret that online harassment is a major problem. According to the Pew Research Center, about 40% of people have experienced it; and women are disproportionately more likely than men to experience “severe types” of it. About 25% of young women have been the victim of online sexual harassment — and 26% of young women have been stalked online. Last year, #GamerGate brought to light just how bad sex-based harassment can be, particularly in the gamer community. And now, science has discovered the one thing these harassers have in common: They’re “losers.” Literally.

In a new study published in PLOS One this month, researchers Michael Kasumovic and Jeffrey Kuznekoff sought to answer one of the great questions of life: What causes sexist behavior?

“Although social constructionist theory argues that sexism is a response towards women entering a male dominated arena, this perspective doesn’t explain why only a subset of males behave in this way,” the study’s abstract reads. “We hypothesized that female-initiated disruption of a male hierarchy incites hostile behavior from poor performing males who stand to lose the most status.”

In order to prove this, the two monitored how players interacted over the course of 163 games of Halo 3 — a popular first-person shooter game that “removes signals of dominance but provides information on gender, individual performance, and skill.” According to the study, individual performance and its perceived effect on social standing caused poorly-performing male players to be “significantly more hostile towards females.” These same players also demonstrated “submissive behavior” towards their superior male teammates. (For comparison, the study found that male players were predominantly cordial with other male players, and highly-skilled male players were predominantly cordial with everyone.)

“We thus argue that our results best support an evolutionary explanation of female-directed aggression,” the study reads. “Low-status males that have the most to lose due to a hierarchical reconfiguration are responding to the threat female competitors pose.”

As Kasumovic told The Washington Post, three important factors made Halo 3 a good medium for the study: Player anonymity; lack of accountability (since players only encounter one another “a few times in passing” throughout the game); and the fact that “the sex-ratio of players is biased pretty heavily towards men.” While the study focuses on male behavior towards women while playing Halo 3, however, the study’s authors argue that their findings apply to other situations, as well.

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18 Jan 21:46

Haymes 2015 Color Forecast: Rhythmic Palms

by Cyril Foiret


Haymes, the Australian manufacturer and distributor of painting products, give us a exclusive first look at “2015 Color Expressions Forecast”, where we can find different vignettes with different chromatic scenarios, setting us up for next years interior trends. (...) Read More about Haymes 2015 Color Forecast: Rhythmic Palms (99 words)

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What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women

This is what honesty sounds like.

01 Aug 08:55

Pooh Activities

by Dave


Instead of redesigning the glassware in their recent collaboration with Walt Disney Japan, nendo focused on the lids.





31 Jul 10:01

decentfellas: Kate Moss by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

31 Jul 06:56

Em seis meses foram assassinadas 24 mulheres e a grande maioria por violência doméstica

by Maria João Lopes
Relatório revela que 84% das mulheres foram mortas em contexto de violência doméstica. UMAR defende que, além de criminalizar os responsáveis e proteger as vítimas, Portugal tem de investir na “educação para a cidadania e igualdade de género”.
25 Jul 11:20

MTV Revamps ‘House of Style’ with Iggy Azalea as its Host

by Joanna
iggy azalea revolve clothing photos 2014 8 MTV Revamps ‘House of Style’ with Iggy Azalea as its Host

Image: Iggy Azalea poses for REVOLVE Clothing Summer 2014 Catalogue

MTV’s iconic 90s staple, “House of Style” is making a comeback with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea as the host. The new season is set to air eight episodes and will “connect viewers to designers, celebrity style setters [and] emerging trends” according to the press release. For her part, Iggy says it’ll be “wild, crazy, fun, and fascinating all at the same time”. The season premieres on August 4th on

24 Jul 15:26

The Penelopes – Time To Shine (video)

by Martin

23 Jul 09:46

Milo Lamp by Lightovo

by Jaime Derringer

Milo Lamp by Lightovo

Designed by Poland-based lighting studio Lightovo, Milo is an interior lamp with a glass shade. But, it’s not only a lamp – it’s like a miniature greenhouse. It can house a medium-sized or a few small potted plants and offer the light that plants need to grow.

The lamp is powered by an LED light source with color temperature 4000K, which is the most similar to daylight. LEDs don’t generate heat toward the plants, so flowers are safe from overheating.

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

Milo Lamp by Lightovo in main home furnishings Category

16 Jul 16:03

Aimee Wilder’s Bungalow Wallpaper Collection

by Maxwell Tielman

Over the past several months, we’ve witnessed what appears to be a huge shift in terms of decorative motifs in the design community. Many designers, possibly weary of the abstract and Western-centric motifs that have dominated imagery and ornament in design for the past several years, are instead turning their heads to a different source of inspiration: the tropics. Tropical colors, fruits, and plants have become all the rage, motifs that speak to a warmer, more earnestly jubilant sensibility. Aimee Wilder‘s stunning new Bungalow collection of wallpapers, inspired by a recent trip to Indonesia, expounds upon this aesthetic shift beautifully; the prints are lush with dazzling color and brilliantly, unabashedly joyful in their design. We can’t get enough! Check out more photos of Aimee’s wonderful collection, plus her design notes after the jump! —Max

wallpaper_wildflower_calypso_1024x1024 wallpaper_swell_lima_1024x1024 wallpaper_pina_daiquiri_1024x1024 wallpaper_pina_azul_1024x1024 bungalow_paper_header


11 Jul 14:10

Italian designers Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and...

Italian designers Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori from Resign studio imagined Di Corte, a series of wooden chairs, with parts that are still covered with bark, as a return of the object to its roots. (via Trendland)

07 Jul 10:21

Watch the Trailer for the George Takei Documentary To Be Takei

by Isha Aran

OOOOHHH MY! Judging by the trailer, this documentary about Sci Fi god, gay rights activist, and champion of every single one of our hearts George Takei looks absolutely wonderful. It gives some insight into his childhood, living in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II as well as his marriage to Brad Altman. Sigh can you believe he's 77?


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27 Jun 10:42

jtotheizzoe: If you wish to make waffles from scratch, you must...


If you wish to make waffles from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

27 Jun 10:15

21 Glorious Reese's-Filled Recipes You Definitely Need To Try


Catarina F., todos

There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.

Double Reese's Cupcakes

Double Reese's Cupcakes

Yes, these cupcake are sprinkled with Reese's Pieces. But at the bottom of the cupcake is a wonderful surprise: a full-size Reese's Cup. Ohhhh yea.


Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Dip

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Dip

Forget dippables. For this recipe, I'll just use my fingers.


Peanut Butter Reese's Pieces Shortbread Bars

Peanut Butter Reese's Pieces Shortbread Bars

Buttery shortbread with peanut-buttery Reese's? Yes please.


Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies with Reese's Pieces

Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies with Reese's Pieces

Oreos and Reese's Pieces: a match made in culinary heaven.


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20 Jun 16:50

Sassy Southwest Flight Attendant Says What Everyone Is Thinking

It’s kind of their thing.

In what is starting to become a tradition for Southwest Airlines, we have another video of a flight attendant creatively giving instructions before departure. And even though we've seen this before, this particular flight attendant stands out, thanks to his brutally honest outlook on the job.

Watch the video:

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18 Jun 17:10

Dentures, Death and Fashion: Waterloo Teeth: Guest Post by Kristin Hussey, Hunterian Museum, London

by (JE)
Kristin Hussey--Assistant Curator of the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons with responsibility for the Odontological Collection--has kindly agreed to write a series of guest posts for Morbid Anatomy about some of the most curious objects in her collection.

The seventh post from that series--entitled "Dentures, Death and Fashion: Waterloo Teeth"-- commemorates The Battle of Waterloo, which took place 199 years ago today--June 18th, 1815.

The full post follows; you can view all posts in this series by clicking here.
Teeth have always been a commodity. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the price for healthy human teeth was at a premium. They were hotly sought after by dentists who used them to replace the lost ones of their wealthy clients. With sugar consumption skyrocketing, the Georgian upper classes began to lose their teeth at an enormous rate and custom dentures were a matter of function and fashion.

These replacement teeth were most commonly made from animal ivory which deteriorated rapidly in the mouth with no enamel to protect them. Human teeth were a more attractive but perhaps unsavory option. In the 18th century, these ‘natural’ teeth were usually acquired from executed criminals, bodies from the Resurrection men, or pulled from dentist’s patients. This was all changed during the Peninsular Wars in the early 19th century where young, healthy men were being killed- an ideal ground for the tooth hunters. The famous surgeon Sir Astley Cooper (1768-1841) is known to have sent a man behind the battles in 1814 to prise the teeth from soldiers’ mouths. His servant famously wrote to him, ‘Only let there be such a battle and there will be no want of teeth; I’ll draw them as fast as the men are knocked down.’

Cooper got his wish on the 18th of June 1815 when the French army was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. Over 51,000 men lost their lives on the field, but their loss was the dentists’ gain. An enormous surplus of human teeth flooded the market. These battlefield teeth quickly picked up the moniker ‘Waterloo teeth’ and even had a certain appeal. Genuine ‘Waterloo teeth’ was a draw for the discerning lady or gentleman looking for a high quality denture.
The Odontological Collection holds a number of dentures with natural teeth from the 19th century, but the only ones we can be certain came from the fields at Waterloo are a collection donated in 1950 by the surgeon and archaeologist Eliot Cecil Curwen (RCSOM/M 30.2). While this may seem quite late, it wasn’t until the early twentieth century that the technology for false teeth was able to steal the business away from the ‘genuine’ article.
  1. "Scotland Forever!" Lady Elizabeth Butler, 1881, depicting the charge of the Royal North British Dragoons (The Scots Greys) at the Battle of Waterloo. Found here.
  2. RCSOM/M 30.2: Teeth removed from bodies after Battle of Waterloo, 1815. These teeth were drawn from the bodies of soldiers who died at the battlefield of Waterloo on 18 June 1815.
18 Jun 14:11


18 Jun 14:11

Badass "Cattoo" Artist Will Give You The Lil Bub Tattoo of Your Dreams

by Rebecca Rose

Meet Betty Rose, a badass tattoo artist and unabashedly proud cat lady who specializes in "Cattoos."


18 Jun 13:58

An Interview with Sweet Paul’s Paul Lowe

by Karen Brown

catarina fialho <3 handmade and vintage goods

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski


Raised in Oslo, Norway, Paul Lowe publishes magazine Sweet Paul, which is followed by millions online and is available as a print quarterly in specialty stores nationwide. A food and craft stylist for more than twenty years, Paul is celebrating the publication of his new book, Sweet Paul Eat and Make: Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love,  his guide to chasing the sweet things in life. 

Karen: You were raised by women. Tell us about Mormor and Auntie Gunnvor.

Paul: I was raised in Norway by two little old ladies, my grandmother, Mormor, and my great aunt, Auntie Gunnvor. My parents were running businesses and traveling, so I became these two ladies’ entire existence. If I wanted to bake a chocolate cake, we baked a chocolate cake. If I wanted curtains for my bedroom, we made curtains. They were very smart because whatever needed to be done around the house, they would make me help. I had my own little chopping block and own little knife — it wasn’t very sharp — and my own little set of bowls. Everything in our house was cooked from scratch with lots of butter and cream and eggs. They weren’t perfectionists and the cakes would come out lopsided, but everything tasted absolutely delicious.


Paul at work arranging hydrangeas.

Karen: Your grandmother had a motto: “Fullkommenhet er kjedelig,” meaning, “Perfection is boring.” How has her aesthetic influenced your work?

Paul: When I started working as a food stylist, everything looked plastic. Those Thanksgiving turkeys that were perfectly round and plump — you know they were fake and probably raw in the middle. I told people, “I don’t do that. I want food that looks like it was made by human hands. Nothing is more charming.” That was many years ago and now food photography looks very different than it used to.

Karen: How does this idea of simplicity express itself in your book?

Paul: For me, there’s no reason to make a book to show you how clever I am. I wanted a book that people can really use. Anybody can spend $200 and make something pretty, but to make things with what you have around the house already? That’s genius. The same thing with food. A few ingredients, easy steps, amazing results.


A trivet made from clothespin is one of the projects featured in Paul’s new book.

Karen: What advice would you give to Etsy sellers who, like you, want to succeed in a business based on their personal interests?

Paul: Well, you can’t be shy about your work. If you make something unique and you’re proud of it, you have to tell people about it. It’s amazing what writing a nice email can do for you. So if you are an Etsy person, get yourself some beautiful photos. If you make, say, amazing scarves, spend a little money if you can and show those scarves on a handsome guy or beautiful girl, and send your photos to blogs, the local newspapers and the lifestyle magazines. And be really nice to people. The whole craft and blogger community is a really nice place, which is kind of amazing. Just don’t be shy.

I have to say I love Etsy. I mostly buy supplies on Etsy and I can always find anything I can imagine. I am very amazed about the level of talent around the world on Etsy. And when you buy something people are so appreciative and so very, very sweet. I think if the world was run by bloggers and Etsy [folks] it would be a much more beautiful place.


Coffee-filter flowers are another inspiring DIY project from Paul’s new book.

Karen: Any Mother’s Day words for the moms, grandmothers, and aunties on Etsy?

Paul: Well, I think if you have kids and you want them to grow up and be able to do things, it’s important to influence them at an early age. For one thing, teach them how to cook. They don’t need to have their own little chopping block like I did, but they can help in the kitchen. Have them taste different things and teach them to be a little adventurous. And every child is an individual. Mormor and Auntie Gunnvor sensed at an early age that I was a different kind of kid. I was a little more sensitive and intensely interested in certain things than some kids, so try to encourage your kids to follow their unique talents and make the most of them.

Karen: If you were making Mother’s Day brunch for Mormor and Auntie Gunnvor, what would you cook?

Paul: I would make coddled eggs with smoked salmon, Bloody Marys because they both liked little cocktails, and I would make The World’s Best Cake. It’s actually called “The World’s Best Cake” and it’s so easy: sponge cake with meringue and almonds on top, cut in half lengthwise and sandwiched with whipped cream in the middle. I would decorate the table with beautiful flowers made out of coffee filters that I dye with fabric dye, and I would make a trivet out of clothespins.


"The World’s Best Cake."

Karen: I wouldn’t want to close without saying hello to your French bulldog, Lestat.

Paul: He is sleeping next to me. On the other side is sleeping Hugo, my six-month old puppy. I realize I have to make another book. This one included Lestat and the next one will be with Hugo.

Be sure to check out Paul’s new book for an inspiring collection of DIYs and recipes, including the recipe for that amazing cake.

Photo credits: Alexandra Grablewski.

Karen Brown is an award-winning designer and creative director of the Center for Ecoliteracy. Her work has been included in the Smithsonian Institution and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and featured in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and on Today on NBC. She believes that the handmade movement is a fundamental force for transforming society and the economy.

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Keon V1 Holds Your Key While You’re Out Exercising

by Caroline Williamson

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While You’re Out Exercising

You know how annoying it is when you’re leaving the house to go for a run or walk, or just running an errand, and you don’t want to carry along your entire set of keys? It’s super easy to lose a single, loose key from your pocket, or perhaps, you don’t have any pockets. Designer David Tsai has finally solved the problem with the Keon V1, a 3D printed ring that holds a key (or two) while you go out for a run (or whatever else).

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Finally you no longer have to have a pocket full of jangling keys to get your run on. Simply slip the design on your finger with the key and you know exactly where it is at all times – safe and secure on your finger.

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Want one of your very own? Have it 3D printed from Shapeways in a variety of colors and in any size from 5-15.

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

Keon V1 Holds Your Key While Youre Out Exercising in style fashion Category

18 Jun 11:37

Brian Williams Likes Big Butts, Cannot Lie

by Mark Shrayber

Hello, insomnia! If you're still up and looking for a way to distract yourself before you fall into a fitful sleep which will likely end in a falling nightmare (no personal experience), you might enjoy this supercut of Brian Williams rapping "Baby Got Back" on The Tonight Show.


02 Jun 09:18


08 May 12:00

These Pop Culture Icons Are Carved Entirely Out Of Crayons

Wax Nostalgic features basically every character you’ve ever loved, rendered with nothing but good old-fashioned Crayolas.

Hoang Tran has carved dozens of familiar figures out of Crayolas.

Hoang Tran has carved dozens of familiar figures out of Crayolas.

Like Daria, DUH.

They're made entirely out of wax.

They&#39;re made entirely out of wax.

Sup, Jack Skellington.

And many are for sale on Etsy.

And many are for sale on Etsy .

Ay yo Beauty and the Beast.

There's the cast of Adventure Time.

There&#39;s the cast of Adventure Time.

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17 Apr 09:06