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Digital politics, fake news, housebound Koreans... it’s a Reg Lecture

by Team Register

Join us for our final ideas bash of the year

Whether you’re concerned about the effect of fake news and political ads on social media or the growing influence of e-sports on today's youth, you should come and join us next Tuesday for the last Register Lecture of 2017.…

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okimstillhere: thehistoryofheaviness: connieportershiplog: Hahah...






So if anyone ever tells you to eat an entire bag full of Dicks…

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ml8807:Jesus, why?!


Jesus, why?!

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when a woman accuses you of sexual harassment/assault/rape, your first thought should be “what did I do to make you uncomfortable” and “what can I do to change this behavior”, not “how dare you say this” and “haven’t you thought about MY reputation?”

No, you dumb bitch.

Damn I smell your BO from here. Go take a shower and get out of your moms basement.

If someone tells you you did something, believe them and change yourself even if you disagree with them, gotcha

you should always listen to someone when they’re telling you you did something wrong and make an effort not to continue that behavior. it’s called being a decent person.

but sure go ahead and defend rapists on a survivor’s post.

“Just because someone says you did something doesn’t mean it’s true!”
“Stop defending rapists!”

OP sounds like someone who thinks “innocent until proven guilty” should never be used going by the direction this post has gone

actually, a lot of rapes are never reported or given proper punishment because so many people rally behind rapists and blame victims on the basis that they have no proof. so yeah I believe in most every case you should believe the victim, and in all cases you should AT LEAST listen to their side of the story first.

again, fuck off.

Innocent until proven guilty is an ideal that in practice translates to “people with money and privilege are protected by the justice system”

Even if you’re that one in a million ‘falsely accused’ unicorn, your first thought should still be “what did I do wrong? How can I make amends and avoid ever doing it again” instead of assuming people enjoy being attacked and belittled by the media and public just to get at your reputation.

Just stop being awful people. Take responsibility for your shit actions and change.

“Even if you’re falsely accused, your first thought should be, ‘what did I do wrong’ “

And feminists wonder why people think they’re batshit crazy. I mean sure the guy will probably realize he DID do something wrong. Specifically, the silver rule. “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.”

And honey, until you actually understand how the law works, please don’t try and make commentary on it. You just make yourself look foolish.

people wonder why some people just don’t like feminism.

“On the basis that they have no proof” oh wow, crimes need proof? I’m shocked

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Um… you’re welcome, Mr. Tourrette’s?

Um… you’re welcome, Mr. Tourrette’s?

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ktrembach: For katlinthefashionmodel. For your fb post this...


For katlinthefashionmodel. For your fb post this week.

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okay maybe I could make videos… 

okay maybe I could make videos… 

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Art by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Art by Leslie Ann O’Dell

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aunteeblazer: itsbrice: stunningpicture: I met Bill Nye on a...




I met Bill Nye on a plane in 1999. Here he is inventing the selfie.

Bill Nye invented the selfie.

bill nye the selfie guy