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13 Jul 19:59

10 Years Can Make A Lot Of Difference

by Prabhleen

14 May 23:30

By Far the Best Response to Russian Church Leaders Condemning Bearded Drag Singer Conchita Wurst

by Terry Firma

Bearded Austrian drag artist Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest this past weekend, and conservative-Christian Russians didn’t like it one bit, to put it mildly. Which begat this response from Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov:

Well played, sir.

(via the Independent)

06 Jan 05:33


by kristinaplusplus


I was re-watching Iron Man recently and noticed something interesting. During Iron Man’s first “boot up sequence”, in the “terrorist” caves of Nowhereistan, some butchered C code is displayed on a faked up laptop screen.

The code displayed on screen, although missing some syntactically important characters such as semi-colons, is actual valid C source code. So valid in fact that I wondered where it came from.

Read the original post to find out the Iron Man/LEGO connection.