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02 Jan 13:18

Drink This Takeover | Boulvardier

by adam

flamed citrus zest

One of our favorite cocktails in one of our favorite glasses. (But Back Down South has much better photography and citrus flaming skills!)

The Drink: There is no need to adjust this “cousin” of a Negroni. This delicious classic first appeared in Harry McElhone’s 1927 bar guide, Barflies and Cocktails, and it’s one of Caroline’s favorite cocktails of all time.

1.5 oz rye whiskey – we used Old Overholt
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth – we used Dolin Rouge

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir well.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Zest with orange peel, or flame orange peel, to release the oils.

The Glass: From The Boston Shaker.

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28 Nov 05:47

Zoolander (2001)

02 Nov 14:36

When the dead outnumber the living on Facebook

by Bryan Alexander

XKCD asks a good Infocult question: "When, if ever, will Facebook contain more profiles of dead people than of living ones?"

Three answers appear, starting with the idea that Facebook's popularity peters out over the next few decades:

Facebook_moredead soon_XKCD
Next, and perhaps more scary, assumes Facebook retains its large user base:

Facebook_moredead late_XKCD
More terrifying still is the quickest option:

Of course, if there's a sudden rapid increase in the death rate of Facebook users—possibly one that includes humans in general—the crossover could happen tomorrow.

Perhaps Facebook is now so normalized that we can only see it becoming fearsome in the future.

(thanks, Annette!)

02 Nov 04:54

BBC News - Germany allows 'indeterminate' gender at birth

by gguillotte
Russian Sledges

via firehose


Germany has become Europe's first country to allow babies with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female.
02 Nov 04:54

Tom Hiddleston is a vampire in the Only Lovers Left Alive trailer

by Meredith Woerner
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via firehose ("Tilda Swinton beat; John Hurt beat")

Jim Jarmusch's vampire love song Only Lovers Left Alive has a PERFECT cast. Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston play a pair of vampire lovers/rock and rollers who take on their wild little vampire sister Mia Wasikowska. Here is the very first trailer.



02 Nov 03:08

lieutenant-spoopy: I like letting henrietta walk around the...

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I like letting henrietta walk around the house but I didn’t want to lose her so

02 Nov 03:05


by Mark Liberman
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via multitask suicide

Hezy Laing, "Examining Edenics, the Theory That English (and Every Other Language) Came From Hebrew", The Tablet 10/31/2013:

What if one day, instead of speaking hundreds of different languages, all of humanity suddenly began speaking the exact same language? More incredibly—what if we already do? A new movement called “Edenics” makes the claim that modern day English is simply a derivative of biblical Hebrew. In fact, the proponents of this theory say that all human languages are simply offshoots of Hebrew and claim to have thousands of examples to back them up.

The "What is Edenics?" page at traces the idea back to Genesis, and the modern movement back to 1894, but identifies the founding document of the movement as a work published by Isaac Mozeson in 1989:

The Tower of Babel scenario of the Biblical account in Genesis 11 posits that all people spoke the same language before the Lord confused human tongues. Up until the nineteenth century it was common knowledge that the pre-Babel tongue was the language of the Bible, Ancient Hebrew and the language of Adam and Eve. Even in colonial America, Hebrew was so revered that the first dissertation in the New World, at Harvard College, was on Hebrew as The Mother Tongue. The Continental Congress nearly made Hebrew the language of the new republic, as much to break away from England as to reaffirm America’s status as the new Promised Land.

Post-Darwinian thinking dealt harshly with the lexicography of Noah Webster, whose dictionary offered “Shemitic” (Semitic) origins for many English and European terms from Germanic, Greek or Latin initial sources. It was thought that Asians, Africans and Semites evolved from separate monkeys than did the Aryans, and so these foreign tongues could have no extensive relationship to that of the different (thus superior) Indo-Europeans who dominated from Ireland in the West to India in the East.

Silent challenges to the racist and anti-biblical status quo were made by Englishman Arthur Hall in 1894 and American Simon Perlman in 1947. Their privately issued books linking English back to ancient Hebrew were too small and too flawed to make a dent in the academic linguistic community. After a decade of research came Mozeson’s The Word: The Dictionary That Reveals the Hebrew Source of English (first published by Shapolsky, NY in 1989) offering 22,000 English words linked back to Hebrew.

I seem to have stumbled into the role of Designated Persecutor, by answering an email from the journalist Hezy Laing back in July. He asked me to comment on the standing in the field of Mozeson's claims, and also to evaluate the specific etymologies Eye: Ayin; Fruit: Feyrot and Wine: Yayin. Laing also takes some quotes from an old LL post, "The origin of speeches: Wrathful dispersion for real?", 12/31/2007.

As one indication of Laing's journalistic practices, consider his attribution to me of the judgement that Mozeson's work is "a joke":

For an obscure scholar with an abstruse theory, the ferociousness of the attacks against Mozeson seems disproportionate. His work has been called in academic and popular circles “a joke,” “pseudo-science,” “farcical regression,” “a disgrace,” “idiocy,” “blaringly ignorant,” “ludicrous,” and even “dangerous.”

What I actually wrote: "This book is apparently not a joke."

01 Nov 22:21

Things We Saw Today: All the Women of the Supreme Court Get One Portrait

Russian Sledges

is it just me or is sotomayor cosplaying snape???? <3

Okay, now do one for the men. It should only take you about thirty two years, which, incidentally, is how long it's been since the first female American Supreme Court justice took the bench for the first time. (HuffPo)
01 Nov 12:35

thetreesareenergy: ine-ffable: malformalady: The sheep had...

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via rosalind




The sheep had drowned while trying to cross a small canal in the meadow-swamp ‘Tøndermasken’ in southern Jylland in Denmark. Birds had eaten every part above the surface and everything under was left totally untouched.  from the National Geographic Photo Contest 2012.


so basically these are the dead marshes

01 Nov 11:10

Proper bibliographic format

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via overbey

I already knew the answer to the question, so I didn’t need to do any research.

01 Nov 01:26

Borsalino - Fall is the perfect time to consider a hat such as...

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via multitasksuicide

Borsalino - Fall is the perfect time to consider a hat such as this beautiful green felt Borsalino. The medium sized brim and muted colors are ideal for Autumn and Winter months. Photo at Cable Car Clothiers, San Francisco. 

"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes"
Frank Sinatra 

01 Nov 01:25

Goggles Girl: 1942

by Dave
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via multitasksuicide

        This young lady is training to work on the assembly line of one of our great war plants. In preparation for this task, she devotes six nights a week to a WPA vocational training school where experienced instructors show her the technique of modern welding.
July 1942. "Work Projects Administration vocational school in Washington, D.C." Photo by Howard Liberman, Office of War Information. View full size.
01 Nov 01:24

Doctor Who spacetime described in physics paper

by Cory Doctorow
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via multitasksuicide ("christ")

Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime is a new paper by Caltech/Memorial Gallifrey physicists Benjamin K. Tippett and David Tsang that attempts to describe the spacetime through which Doctor Who's Tardis travels; one that "goes forward and back in time, and left and right in space." It's a bit heavy going, so they've also published The Blue Box White Paper, a lay-friendly, 17 page summary for people with "no technical knowledge of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity." The discussion continues on Tippet's Tumblr.

A person travelling within the TARDIS would describe it as a room which is constantly accelerating forwards. Furthermore, any events which occur inside of the TARDIS bubble must satisfy Novikov’s self consistency condition11 .

A person outside the bubble would describe an entierly different scene (see Fig. 10). Due to its closed trajectory, there will be a time before the bubble (and its contents) exists. Abruptly, we would see a bubble appear and split into two, the two boxes moving away from one another. Initially, they will be moving at superluminal speeds, but they will decelerate to a stand-still. The pair of boxes will then begin accelerating towards one another until they exceed the speed of light, merge and disappear. Mysteriously, the contents of one bubble will be appear to evolve forwards in time, while the other will evolve backwards.

To illustrate how time is experienced inside and outside of the bubble, imagine that there are two people in our spacetime: Amy, who is travelling inside the bubble; and Barbara, who has been left behind. Suppose that the two women are holding large clocks, and that the walls of the bubble are transparent, so that the two women can see one another (See Fig. 11).

Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime (Thanks, Ben!)


31 Oct 21:51

Norway's 'Slow TV' Phenomenon Now Includes Real-Time Knitting

Russian Sledges

autoreshare, would watch/put on in the background while I do something menial

via firehose

Action packed TV series like Breaking Bad draw huge audiences around the world, but in Norway’s recent TV hits nothing much happens. They include a 134-hour live programme following a cruise ship up Norway’s coast.
31 Oct 21:49


by (AD Images)

AD Images has added a photo to the pool:


31 Oct 21:11

Sir Ian McKellen Is Going To Play Sherlock. Oh, And He Used To Know Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dad.

by Jill Pantozzi
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via saucie

Today in random awesomeness… 

Earlier today I was reading an interview Empire Magazine did with Sir Ian McKellen. I was surprised I hadn’t heard sooner he’d be taking on the iconic role of Sherlock Holmes. More specifically, he’s playing a nearly 100-year-old Holmes in an adaptation of A Slight Trick Of The Mind, directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn).

McKellen, who said he’d never had ambitions of playing Holmes, was a bit surprised when the interviewer brought up there being a younger version of Holmes in the novel as well. “You never know… sometimes they call in Michael Fassbender to be me as a young man, and sometimes they put Patrick Stewart and me through the mangle of film technology and out we come looking 20 years younger, so who knows what will happen,” he said.

But the bigger surprise of the interview was finding out McKellen knew Benedict Cumberbatch’s father. When asked if he’s watched BBC’s Sherlock, McKellen replied, ”Of course, of course! I wanted to look at this Martin Freeman chap as Doctor Watson. I’ve met Benedict a couple of times. I knew his father, Timothy Carlton, when we were both quite young, and I remember him telling me that his real name was Cumberbatch. ‘But of course I had to change it because you could never be successful with a surname like that.’”

Who woulda thunk?

(via Empire, image via Patrick Stewart’s Twitter)

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31 Oct 17:14

The Daily Dot - Tumblr protests Time magazine over Cumberbatch cover snub

by gguillotte
Russian Sledges

via firehose: "Camberdank on every Time cover except America's, where it was Texas"

otters: "oh my god the one time when the US cover isn't the dumbest bullshit ever and people are screechy about it" "fuck this world"

Cries of “Damn you, Texas” echoed across the Internet today—but not for any of the usual reasons. No, today, Texas’s only sin was barring Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch from ascending to his rightful place as world ruler of Time magazine covers.
31 Oct 17:12

Chinese students try to explain to American students why they don’t party

by Lauren Davidson
Russian Sledges

via firehose

That's B-O-O-K-S not B-O-O-Z-E.

Four Chinese students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Chinese enrollment has grown 356% in the last decade, have set out to educate their American peers about themselves. They’ve taken to YouTube to explain the social misunderstandings that block many foreign students—particularly those from Asia—from integrating with the slang-speaking, booze-guzzling Americans.

International students are flocking to US universities in greater numbers, particularly from Asia, but the cultural barriers are as sturdy as ever. Since 2007, the number of Chinese students in the US has grown by around one-fifth or more each year. In the 2011/2012 academic year, 194,029 students from China were enrolled in higher education in the US—an increase of 23% from the year before, according to the Institute of International Education.

But they still have a hard time fitting into American culture, and this “adjustment fatigue” can lead to isolation. A recent report showed that one in four Chinese students studying at Ivy League universities drop out before graduation. Many of those who do graduate return to China after university; a third of those who do cited poor social skills as the reason.

The most popular video on the students’ YouTube channel, with 40,000-plus views, explains why Chinese students prefer to speak Mandarin instead of English: Aside from the obvious reason—that it’s their native language—Chinese schools teach pupils English to pass tests, not chat conversationally. Words like “peeps,” “chillax,” “fo’ real” and “fo’ sho” don’t make the syllabus, and can make Chinese students feel alienated when talking with Americans.

Other videos discuss “Why Chinese Students Don’t Party,” (they place a higher value on studying, and are “treated like this alien person who doesn’t know how to have fun” in drink-fueled social situations), “Pretty Chinese Women,” (in which American and Chinese male students discuss their differing concepts of beauty), and “Chinese Names,” (whose tricky pronunciation can hinder the forming of friendships).

“We’re not this alien ‘other’ group,” Cecilia Miao, one of the channel’s founders, told the Wisconsin State Journal. “We should try to celebrate differences, not ignore it.”

31 Oct 14:08

Cocktail Week 2013: Drink the Mastri-Cola at Trina's Starlite Lounge

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

In honor of Cocktail Week, bartenders around town are offering a special drink all week long, created as an homage to their cocktail mentors. Here's a list of all of the available drinks. Throughout the week, we'll be telling you a little bit more about each one.

Out of all of the special cocktails being offered this week, one mentor got honored twice: Tom Mastricola (first in the Tom Bomb at Saloon, and now this). At Trina's Starlite Lounge, owner Josh Childs is offering the Mastri-Cola for $10, available all week: 2 ounces white rum, .5 ounce lime juice, .75 ounce simple syrup, 8 dashes Starlite cola bitters, served down with a brown sugar rim.

It's "an homage to one of the founding fathers of the craft cocktail scene who often doesn't get enough credit, Tom Mastricola," said Childs. "The drink is a deconstructed rum and Coke."
· All coverage of Trina's Starlite Lounge on Eater [~EBOS~]
· All coverage of Cocktail Week 2013 on Eater [~EBOS~]

31 Oct 13:22

Koji Uehara's son gave the best and most succinct interview

by Seth Rosenthal
Russian Sledges

via firehose

"You were the rock star at the ALCS trophy presentation. You haven't been to school in a while. You said you were excited for your dad. How proud of your dad are you tonight?"


"How hard you are going to celebrate tonight, Kaz?



"Good." "Crazy."

31 Oct 13:13

The NSA Spied On Cardinals Ahead Of Conclave

Russian Sledges

via firehose

The National Security Agency spied on cardinals as they prepared to select the new pope — perhaps including even Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who emerged from last spring’s conclave as Pope Francis.
31 Oct 13:12

Meet The First Guy To Beat The Legend Of Zelda

Russian Sledges

<3 fun club news

When Noah Hoffman (then 13) of Bellevue, Washington, “wielded a magic sword” and “let fly a silver arrow” to become the first officially-recognized “Ganon beater”, he wouldn’t have known any of that. He also didn’t know, when he restored peace to Hyrule, that he would go down in history as the first American to beat perhaps the most famous video game ever made.
31 Oct 13:12

The New York City Subway Operators' Photography Club

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via firehose

In the 1970s and 1980s, they documented the grimy, graffiti-covered subways where vigilante Guardian Angels squared off against thugs. Today, they snap mint-new cars with automated messages and light-up signs. Taken together, their thousands of photographs are an homage to New York’s subway system.
31 Oct 03:01

Red Sox Host Cardinals For Game 6 Of World Series At Boston’s Orpheum Theatre

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via firehose

BOSTON—Driving the venue into a frenzy of deafening cheers, the Red Sox and Cardinals took the stage Wednesday night to play the sixth game of the 2013 World Series for a sold-out audience at Boston’s iconic Orpheum Theatre.

31 Oct 03:00

emeraldsplash: no one man should have all that power

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via rosalind


no one man should have all that power

30 Oct 23:26

Why Curling Is Legitimately Awesome

Russian Sledges

I guess there are animated gifs of curling now

With the Winter Olympics a mere 100 days away , it’s time to jump-start your crippling case of SOCHI FEVER by appreciating the sport of stone sliding.

Curling became ironically popular during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics simply because it was cool to support something that not everyone was into. And then a ton of people jumped on the curling bandwagon when they found out that some of the athletes looked like this:

That's Carmen Schaefer of Switzerland.


Which is totally acceptable. Looking at hot people is one of my favorite hobbies. But curling is actually a lot cooler than people give it credit for, and it's definitely more than just a few good looking people sliding a rock down a lane of ice.

To begin with, it takes intense concentration and balance to have complete control of the stone.

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30 Oct 22:52

Mischief Night

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30 Oct 19:42

2-Year-Old Girl Dresses As All Eleven Doctors for Halloween

by Rebecca Pahle

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Todd Kent’s daughter Katie—who in previous years dressed as the Avengers and every color in the Lantern Corps—turns Halloween into Wholoween by dressing as the Doctor. All eleven of them. That little Nine jacket is… wait for it… fantastic.

(via Todd Kent on Comic Book Literacy)

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30 Oct 19:13

A Dalek Costume With an Actual Dalek Inside

Russian Sledges

via firehose

Well, a Dalek and a little girl. Michelle's daughter was absolutely set on being a Dalek for Halloween, and not just any Dalek, but one that opened up like Dalek Caan. Michelle couldn't say no, and the results are before us: a Dalek costume with that extra creepy step.
30 Oct 19:04

juliavickerman: Xena knows how to live. 

Russian Sledges

via firehose via rosalind


Xena knows how to live.