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25 Jul 16:30

The Speakeasy #079: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Sailor Moon Drops, Flying Witch, Crunchyroll

by reversethieves

Ongoing Investigations: Sailor Moon Drops, Flying Witch, Goodnight Punpun vol 1-2 by Inio Asano, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Showa: A History of Japan by Shigeru Mizuki, End of Hayate by Kenjiro Hata.

Food for Thought: What would help make a sucessful NYC anime convention?

Topics: NYC Getting A New Anime Event, Crunchyroll Becomes a Competitor in the Physical Market, One Piece is 65% Finished.


And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

Root of All Evil

  • 1 part Absinthe
  • 3 parts root beer

Fill the cocktail glass with ice. Pour in Absinthe and top with a quality root beer.


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25 Jul 18:30

Titan To Release 'Assassin's Creed: Awakening' Manga In English [SDCC 2016]

by Kieran Shiach

Assassin's Creed has proved to be a very dependable franchise for Titan Comics, and as announced at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, the publisher will be adding another title to its growing slate of comics based on the Ubisoft video game franchise. However, rather than an all-new original story, Assassin's Creed: Awakening is a translation of Yano Takashi and Oiwa Kenji's manga.

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21 Apr 21:00

Conservationists turn tiny New Zealand island into bold wildlife experiment

by Jeremy Hance

Big things are happening on Rotoroa, a new sanctuary for endangered species that aims to create a whole new ecosystem

Rotoroa Island, off the coast of New Zealand is tiny, at just 82 hectares (200 acres), but don’t let its diminutiveness fool you: big things are happening here. Over the past few years the island has become the site of a quiet, but grand, conservation experiment. What would happen if you populated an island with a whole suite of endangered species, some of which were never found there to begin with? And what would happen if you didn’t fence the island off and keep pesky humans out, but let people – school groups even – tramp through the grounds?

Across most of our planet, truly wild, unmanaged places are a thing of the past.

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22 Jul 00:59

Viz Media Announces Partnership With TubiTV to Stream Anime in U.S., Canada


There's that name again!

Anime already available include Death Note, Naruto, Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Moon
25 Jul 11:58

John Oliver Trashes Donald Trump and the RNC for Validating Feelings Over Facts

by Inae Oh

After a month-long break, John Oliver returned to Last Week Tonight on Sunday to take on Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention, an event he described as a "mismanaged shit show."

While the convention included such chaotic incidents as Melania Trump's stolen speech and Sen. Ted Cruz getting booed off stage, Oliver revealed one disturbing theme that was able to emerge through all the confusion—and that was validating misguided emotions to create a sense of imminent threat.

"It was a four-day exercise in emphasizing feelings over facts," Oliver said, while showing clips of various speakers repeating the theory that President Obama is a Muslim or that the country's violent crime rate was rising. 

Watch above to see the segment break down all of the RNC's craziness.

29 Jun 21:54

“Hilda” TV series is coming on Netflix. Based on...

Hilda” TV series is coming on Netflix. Based on comic book by Luke Pearson.

08 Jul 21:05

“Les Pirates de La Réunion” animated feature film...

Les Pirates de La Réunion” animated feature film project by Mitsuo Iso (Denno Coil) with Yapiko Animation studio (Urbance, Sidera).

19 Jul 17:59

“LASTMAN” french animated TV series is now on...

“LASTMAN” french animated TV series is now on Kickstarter.
Help them to complete the last 12 episodes !

Directed by Jeremie Perin & Je Suis Bien Content studio (Persepolis).
Based on comic-book by Vives, Balak and Sanlaville.
Fighting, gangsters and supernatural …
The 1st french animated TV series for adults !

24 Jul 03:37

The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming to Netflix!

by Leah Schnelbach

Mystery Science Theater 3000 new logo

After the one of the most successful fundraising campaigns in Kickstarter history, an insane live telethon, and a reunion hosted by Rifftrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000 made a triumphant announcement: the show will be coming to Netflix! The streaming service announced the news via their Twitter account.

We’ll update the news as it comes in!

There will also be even more new additions to the cast, and some welcome returns! The Wall Street Journal reports:

Community star Joel McHale and creator Dan Harmon had joined the “MST3K” writing staff. Former writers and cast members Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, who played the puppet ‘bots Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, are returning. And Mary Jo Pehl will also reprise her role as mad scientist Pearl Forrester.

The addition of McHale is especially exciting to me, since he’s a lifelong MSTie and has talked about his love for the show for years.

Felicia Day promises to “terrorize the hell outta Jonah Ray”, which is promising, and the writers, working with the former head writer of The Daily Show, Elliott Kalan, are currently working on new scripts, with a goal to debut the new show either later this year or early in 2017.

Which, yes, counts as the not-too-distant-future.

What’s even better is that, according to the AV Club, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy are specifically coming back to reprise Brain Guy and Professor Bobo, respectively, with Mary Jo Pehl’s Pearl Forrester providing some grandmotherly love to Felicia Day’s Kinga Forrester. They’ll be joining new host Jonah Ray, who showed off formidable movie-riffing skill at the MST3K reunion last month, and comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn as Crow T. Robot (who will presumably say “I’m even more different!” during the opening credits now) and Tom Servo.

Nerdist shared this adorable shot of the new cast together:



And the MST3K account tweeted this concept art that Joel is showing at the panel:

MST3K Concept Art

Hmmm… space snowmobile? Your guess is as good as ours.


22 Jul 19:57

That Time Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence Reviewed Disney’s ‘Mulan’

by Amid Amidi

This is what happens when a politician reviews an animated feature.

The post That Time Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence Reviewed Disney’s ‘Mulan’ appeared first on Cartoon Brew.

23 Jul 19:52

Pokémon Go players on the hunt illegally cross Canada-US border

by Reuters
  • US border patrol agents spot two Canadian teens fixated on their phones
  • The pair inadvertently walked southbound from Alberta into Montana

Two Canadian teenagers, unaware of their surroundings when they were playing Pokémon Go, made an illegal border crossing this week from Canada into the United States in a remote part of Montana, US Customs and Border Protection said.

The two, who were not identified, were walking southbound from Alberta into Montana, their attention fixed to their phones as they hunted cartoon characters, when they were found by US border patrol agents on Thursday.

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21 Jul 17:36

Viz Media to Publish Astra Lost in Space Manga by Sket Dance's Shinohara Online

Manga will be available for free
22 Jul 14:20

McDonald’s Held an Online Create-a-Burger Contest, and It Went Just As Badly As You’d Expect

by Clint Rainey

Every time some corporate entity holds an online contest that gives people any hint of creative power, the world always ends up with a Mountain Dew flavor called “Hitler did nothing wrong,” a Pitbull concert at America’s most remote Walmart, or — most famously — Boaty McBoatface.

So you’d think...More »

21 Jul 22:01

New York lifts 'tampon tax': 'It is a matter of social and economic justice'

by Nicole Puglise

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed ban against taxes on menstruation products, which was approved when women were not in state legislator, bill sponsor said

“It’s a big day for #menstrualequity,” New York city council member Julissa Ferreras wrote on Twitter.

On Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation banning the “tampon tax” – a tax on menstruation products. The measure was approved by the state senate and assembly earlier this year.

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21 Jul 23:21

Edward Snowden designs phone case to show when data is being monitored

by Nathaniel Mott

Snowden and co-designer Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang’s ‘introspection engine’ knows when a cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is being used to share data

Edward Snowden has helped design a mobile phone case called the “introspection engine” that, he claims, will show when a smartphone is transmitting information that could be monitored.

Presenting via video link to event at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Snowden and co-designer Andrew “Bunnie” Huang showed how the device connects to a phone’s different radio transmitters, showing its owner knows when a cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is being used to share or receive data.

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20 Jul 02:54

Hottest ever June marks 14th month of record-breaking temperatures

by Michael Slezak

US agencies Nasa and Noaa say last month was 0.9C hotter than the 20th century average and the hottest June since records began in 1880

As the string of record-breaking global temperatures continues unabated, June 2016 marks the 14th consecutive month of record-breaking heat.

According to two US agencies – Nasa and Noaa – June 2016 was 0.9C hotter than the average for the 20th century, and the hottest June in the record which goes back to 1880. It broke the previous record, set in 2015, by 0.02C.

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20 Jul 18:11

Milo Yiannopoulos: Twitter banning one man won’t undo his poisonous legacy

by Leigh Alexander

Banning the ‘alt-right’ agitator from Twitter is not constructive; it stands to further wind up people who respond to humiliation by becoming dangerous

Ding dong, the witch is dead. In the wake of news earlier today that Twitter had finally banned “alt-right” agitator Milo Yiannopoulos from its platform, a chorus of virtual cheers has gone up, a powerful sense of satisfaction.

The Breitbart writer, who previously appointed himself a star of the digital trash fire known as “Gamergate”, has been a peddler of inarguable hate speech. Beyond just speech, though, he’s cannily built smear campaigns that incited his followers to dogpile other users, usually women and people of color, until the targets could no longer use social media constructively.

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20 Jul 14:52

Watch Gymnast Nadia Comaneci Score the First Perfect 10 in Olympic Gymnastics History

She earned her legendary score 40 years ago today at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Forty years ago today, Nadia Comaneci became the first gymnast to score a perfect ten in the Olympics. The Romanian athlete was just 14 when she nailed the score for her uneven bar routine at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Because judges had previously considered a perfect score impossible to achieve, the electronic scoreboard in the stadium didn’t even have enough space to accommodate all four digits needed to display her score. (It had to be displayed as 1.00 instead of 10.00!)

What’s even more amazing is that she wasn't done slaying after that historic routine. Comaneci went on to earn six more perfect scores throughout the Montreal Olympics and won three gold medals. Four years later, she won two more gold medals at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The woman is an absolute legend. You've got to see it to believe it, so take a look at her epic routine below!

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• UCLA Gymnasts Show Off a Decade's Worth of Viral Dance Moves

19 Jul 21:00

The Outrageous “Honor Killing” of a Pakistani Social-Media Star

by Saira Khan

Last August, a twenty-two-second video posted on Facebook went viral in Pakistan. A young woman, her face obscured by large sunglasses, had recorded herself standing in front of a middle-aged man. “How I’m looking? Tell me how I’m looking,” she says to the man, her gaze never wavering from the camera’s lens. “Marvellous,” he says. “Just marvellous?” she responds, incredulously. “Extraordinary,” he says. The woman’s name was Qandeel Baloch, and her video received nearly a quarter of a million views. For Baloch, it was a breakthrough. In the months that followed, she would post hundreds of videos, racking up millions of views. Just like that, she was famous.

See the rest of the story at

Pakistan’s Troll Problem
An Assassination That Could Bring War Or Peace
A Crisis for Minorities in Pakistan
19 Jul 16:30

Manga Predicted Pokemon Go

by reversethieves

Pokemon Go

hisui_icon_4040_round If you are unaware of the works of Kazuma Kamachi I will lay down a quick primer on his series. His most famous work is A Certain Magical Index and the tagline of the series is “When Magic and Science collide, the story begins…” It is set in a world where magic exists in the shadows as a secret hidden away from the mundane majority. Think of a set up like that of Harry Potter or Mage: The Ascension. At the same time, the center of scientific learning is Academy City. It is such an advanced hub of research and development that the city is often several years ahead of the curve in technological advances as compared to the rest of the world. While the residents of Academy City have no access to magic they have instead cultivated psionics to an art form. The main characters, the physic Touma Kamijou and the magical Index Librorum Prohibitorum, are the bridge between these two worlds.

As the series went on the psionic side character Mikoto Misaka became insanely popular and got her own spin-off series, A Certain Scientific Railgun. As the name implies the series almost entirely deals with the science side of Academy City and the various machinations and misadventures of the super-sensory inhabitants within.

But the clairvoyant skills might not just be limited to the characters within the book. Kazuma Kamachi himself might actually be an esper. It turns out that he predicted Pokémon Go years before it came out. Just look at the craze around the fictional app introduced in chapter 72 of A Certain Scientific Railgun. It is worth noting that the chapter came out on October 27 of 2014, but Pokémon Go was just released July 6, 2016.

In the world of A Certain Scientific Railgun, so many people in Academy City have powers that there is a division of the police that just deals with psionic crimes called Anti-Skill. At the same time since a good deal of the city’s inhabitants are students, there is a student division of Anti-Skill called Judgment that deals with minor student related crimes and disturbances. The main characters of A Certain Scientific Railgun are either members or friends of that organization. As such a most of the big storylines start with hooks surrounding petty crimes and minor disturbances as opposed to grizzly homicides and large-scale crime waves.

As  it turns out two years ago one of those story hooks involved an Augmented Reality game whose popularity causes a great number of problems for the officers of Judgment. The Treasure Hunting App hides treasures chests all over town that people have to find with smartphones. Anyone who finds these chests in the game can win real-life prizes. This means people playing the game are running all around Academy City with faces glued to their screens trying to find treasure chests before anyone else can. This leads to lots of trespassing, the annoyance of local businesses, players getting injured when they are not paying attention to their surroundings, users getting robbed while playing, people forming little gangs for turf wars, and generally the game being public nuisance. Sound familiar?

Since this is A Certain Scientific Railgun it turns out there is an added supernatural element to the story with a little boy who can see the future that keeps trying to use the app to warn people of disasters about to occur but that is neither here nor there. What I think is very interesting is how well Kazuma Kamachi was able to take trends present in 2014 and extrapolate them to their logical next step.

At the time of the Treasure Hunting App story-line, there were quite a few Augmented Reality games on the market. There was a whole slew of games before 2016 and even a documentary on a ARG game but few people outside of the hardcore gamers and rabid early adopters knew anything about this phenomenon. Even Ingress, which actually makes up a large amount of the backbone of Pokémon Go, was hardly even a blip on the average person’s radar and it was the biggest augmented reality game around until Pokémon Go. If you want proof just look at the controversy surrounding the game play hubs in Pokémon Go. They are the same places that people were playing Ingress but when the scale of the player base expanded exponentially it all changed. Now site and business that never noticed that they were Ingress hubs were flooded with People playing Pokémon Go. Thanks to the Pokemon name the public took notice in a way they would have never done in the past with something like Ingress.

The author saw the Augmented Reality games at the time and was able to scale up those ideas to a game as popular as Pokémon Go with all the problems that would entail. He then added some more fantastical elements to make it fit in with the general tone of the series. So while he did not predict the exact idea that a monster catching game would explode in a worldwide trend that would capture the hungry souls of social media, press, and public at large he did make some eerily accurate predictions of what problems would come up with a game that popular.

If nothing else that glimpse into the future of how technology will shape our lives is what all the best science fiction aims to do. If you see that from something like Mr. RobotBlack Mirror, or Person of Interest I don’t think you would be extremely surprised but when it comes from A Certain Scientific Railgun it throws you for a loop. Good job Kazuma Kamachi!


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19 Jul 01:06

Muncie Animal Shelter is Facebook Famous

Facebook CEO sends video crew to shelter as MAS dog-walking Pokemon post gains millions of views, hundreds of walkers.

18 Jul 19:51

Here's What You Need to Know About CODE PINK

With the Republican National Convention underway and the Democratic National Convention soon to follow, protesters of all different kinds will take their positions at arguably the biggest political events of the season. Among them, CODE PINK will hold its ground at both assemblies, hoping to "raise a ruckus" at each in order to encourage others to elect a #President4Peace.

Founded in the fall of 2002 by Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, and Gael Murphy, CODE PINK's main goal is to find a presidential candidate who will agree to forming "U.S. relations with the rest of the world... based on respect, cooperation, and demilitarization."

Learn more about the organization below.

Despite its name and slogan, CODE PINK: Women for Peace, is not exclusively for women. However, they do strongly encourage participation from "mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters."


A photo posted by CODEPINK (@codepinkalert) on

This grassroots group organizes campaigns to channel democracy on issues where they feel it is due and, of course, since it's almost time for a new president, they want to make sure we pick the right one.

Follow the RNC and DNC to see them make "beautiful trouble" armed with their "10-point peace platform."

NEXT: Hillary Clinton Fulfills History-Making Promise »

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What Every Woman Needs to Know About the Republican National Convention

Photo Credit: DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images; CODE

18 Jul 19:35

A Start-Up Invented a Way to Make Foods Less Sugary Using Mushrooms

by Clint Rainey

If Coke really wants to kick soda’s image as the cause of a public-health crisis, the answer may involve mushroom dust. A three-year-old start-up out of Colorado has developed a rather novel use for the fungus: A small amount mixed into sweet foods helps block bitter flavors, freeing food-makers from...More »

18 Jul 12:30

Take a Nap with Toothless!

by Stubby the Rocket

Toothless Couch

Anyone who visits this site regularly knows that we love it when people apply their various fandoms to interior design, and we’ve found one of the best examples we’ve seen yet! The good people of Super-Fan Builds have constructed this ridiculously comfortable-looking Toothless couch, and we want to curl up and nap under his wing for the rest of the day.

Click through for a video of the build, and learn how to create a dragon couch of your own!

[via Nerd Approved!]




06 Jul 18:30

Boom Studios And WWE Partner For New Line Of Wrestling Comics

by Kieran Shiach

The similarities between comic books --- especially superhero comic books --- and professional wrestling are nearly endless. Everyone loves to see larger-than-life heroes and villains battle in contests of good versus evil, often with a lofty prize at stake for the victor. However, comic books about wrestling have always been a somewhat tricky proportion, especially licensed ones that are expected to feature the adventures of real life wrestlers that you see on TV.

Undeterred, Boom Studios has partnered with WWE to produce new wrestling comics based on their characters and storylines and knowing their pedigree and success rate with licensed comic books, there's every chance they'll be the ones to pull it off.

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07 Jul 13:00

A Better Kind of Happiness

by Will Storr

Nearly two and a half millennia ago, Aristotle triggered a revolution in happiness. At the time, Greek philosophers were trying hard to define precisely what this state of being was. Some contended that it sprang from hedonism, the pursuit of sensual pleasure. Others argued from the perspective of tragedy, believing happiness to be a goal, a final destination that made the drudge of life worthwhile. These ideas are still with us today, of course, in the decadence of Instagram and gourmet-burger culture or the Christian notion of heaven. But Aristotle proposed a third option. In his Nicomachean Ethics, he described the idea of eudaemonic happiness, which said, essentially, that happiness was not merely a feeling, or a golden promise, but a practice. “It’s living in a way that fulfills our purpose,” Helen Morales, a classicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, told me. “It’s flourishing. Aristotle was saying, ‘Stop hoping for happiness tomorrow. Happiness is being engaged in the process.’ ” Now, thousands of years later, evidence that Aristotle may have been onto something has been detected in the most surprising of places: the human genome.

See the rest of the story at

The Glossary of Happiness
Happy Talk
Back Issues: The Anatomy of Happiness
06 Jul 17:44

New York Now Has a Shop Specializing in Chicago’s Italian Beef Sandwiches

by Chris Crowley

Hear Chicagoans tell it, and their Italian beef is one of the country’s great, if relatively unsung, sandwiches. Much to the chagrin of its devoted fans, it hasn’t caught on outside the Windy City the same as other regional greats like, say, Maine-style lobster rolls, New Orleans po’boys, and New...More »

06 Jul 17:16

Everything You Need to Know About History-Making Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

Rio-bound Ibtihaj Muhammad is weeks away from making history — she will be the first U.S athlete to compete wearing a hijab.

Muhammad is an African-American woman and is also one of the best fencers in the world. At 30 years old, She is now second in USA Fencing's national team point standings.

Growing up in New Jersey, playing the usual everyday sports was difficult for Muhammad. Not because of the physical or competitive level, but because of the lack of versatility of the sports uniforms. Muhammad mentioned in a interview with NBC, fencing was the only sport that was able to fit into her lifestyle and religion.

Only after graduating from Duke University did she decide to pursue fencing full-time. With being one of the few minority women in the sport of fencing, there were numerous obstacles to overcome. "I want to compete in the Olympics for the United States to prove that nothing should hinder anyone from reaching their goals — not race, religion, or gender," Muhammad expressed to


TIME Magazine, 'A New Edge for Team USA' on stands now! March 14, 2016 Issue. Photography by @danielpshea #TeamUSA #RoadtoRio

A photo posted by Ibtihaj Muhammad (@ibtihajmuhammad) on

Not only is Muhammad breaking barriers in the sports world, but she is crushing the fashion world. She has her own clothing line called Louella by Ibitihaj Muhammad, which is catered to women of Muslim faith.

She mentioned what is most important to her was being able to create a line that is modest, fashionable, but above all, reasonably priced. Take a look below at some of Louella’s chic pieces:


Free Shipping all weekend with code 'FREE' at 

A photo posted by Ibtihaj Muhammad (@ibtihajmuhammad) on


Be sure to mark your calendars and look out for Muhammad and Team USA Fencing during the Olympics beginning August 3, 2016.

Get to Know Olympic Champion and Sportscaster Donna de Varona

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Photo Credit: Devin Manky/Getty Images

06 Jul 21:42

The Unexpected Challenge: Roger Federer’s Wimbledon Quarterfinal Victory

by Louisa Thomas

Before Roger Federer played Marin Čilić in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, on Wednesday— before he pulled off one of the most remarkable performances in his remarkable career—it seemed as if the gods of tennis were protecting him in this tournament, as if they were taking care of one of their own. First, they gave him a draw to dream of—and then, by insuring the improbable upsets of his likely opponents, softened it even more. In the first round, the gods lined up Guido Pella, an Argentinian who has never won a match on grass. In the second round, they set up a cameo for Federer in the delightful tale of Marcus Willis, a country-club pro ranked seven hundred and seventy-second in the world. In the third round, they sent him another Brit, Daniel Evans, ranked ninety-first. In the fourth round, there was an American, Steve Johnson, who had just won his first grass-court title, in Nottingham, but who is best known for his success as a college player. While Novak Djokovic struggled in a rain-interrupted match on Court 1, against an inspired Sam Querrey, Federer cruised through his matches under the roof of Centre Court, playing men who were just happy to be there. When the sky cleared, Djokovic was gone, and Federer had an extra day of rest.

See the rest of the story at

It’s the End of the U.F.C. As We Know It
Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and a Political Wimbledon
Marcus Willis’s (Very) Brief Wimbledon Fairy Tale
06 Jul 11:25

One-Punch Man, Showa: A History of Japan Nominated for Harvey Awards

Award ceremony will be held at Baltimore Comic-Con in September