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19 Sep 10:34

'Militaristic and intimidating': St Louis police criticized as protests stretch on

by Chris Campbell in St Louis, Missouri

Demonstrations against the acquittal of officer Jason Stockley in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith enter fourth night

As protests over the acquittal of the former St Louis police officer Jason Stockley moved into their fourth night, some observers said the response from law enforcement had grown heavy-handed, and that local and state authorities had learned little from their actions during the Ferguson protests.

Stockley, who is white, was accused by prosecutors of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith, who was black, following a high-speed car chase.

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19 Sep 10:28

Octlantis: the underwater city built by octopuses

by Philip Hoare

The discovery of aquatic architecture has led scientists to compare the behaviour of cephalopods to humans – but octopus city life is no utopia

If animals are our other, there is nothing quite so other as the octopus. It is the alien with whom we share our planet, a coeval evolutionary life form whose slithery slipperiness and more than the requisite number of limbs (each of which contains its own “brain”) symbolise the dark mystery and fear of the deep.

Now comes news that octopuses have been building their own cities down there. In a story straight out of James Cameron’s The Abyss, scientists have discovered that the wonderfully named “gloomy octopus”, octopus tetricus, are not the loners we once thought them to be.

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19 Sep 10:22

More national monuments should be opened for exploitation, Zinke says

by Oliver Milman

In leaked memo, Trump interior secretary recommends 10 protected areas be modified to allow for ‘traditional uses’ such as mining, logging and hunting

The Trump administration faces a fresh legal battle from environmental groups after the interior department recommended that 10 national monuments be resized or opened up to mining, logging and other industrial purposes.

Related: The Trump administration's national monuments 'review' is a sham | Brian Calvert

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18 Sep 00:53

The week in wildlife – in pictures

by Compiled by Eric Hilaire

Rescued Sumatran orangutans, a stranded manatee, and brown bears near Ljubljana, Slovenia, are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world

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18 Sep 00:41

The A.I. “Gaydar” Study and the Real Dangers of Big Data

by Alan Burdick
Alan Burdick discusses a controversial recent study by Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang that uses facial-recognition technology to identify people’s sexual orientation.
18 Sep 00:28

Irma and Our Age of Standardized Disaster

by Amy Davidson Sorkin
The most important lesson of the hurricane is how close to the margins many Americans are now living.
18 Sep 00:20

'Strong possibility' of racial motivation in Baton Rouge killings, police say

by Associated Press

Authorities have person of interest, a 23-year-old white man, in custody following the fatal shootings of two black men last week

The killings of two black men in Baton Rouge last week were likely racially motivated, police said on Sunday, with a 23-year-old white man in custody. In both shootings the gunman fired from his car then walked up to the victims as they were lying on the ground and fired again multiple times.

Related: More protests expected in St Louis over acquittal of white officer in police killing

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18 Sep 00:20

St Louis protests turn violent for third night over acquittal of white officer in police killing

by Edward Helmore and agencies

Police order crowds to disperse after dozens arrested at weekend during protests over acquittal of Jason Stockley

A largely peaceful rally in St Louis turned rowdy on Sunday as a handful of demonstrators protesting at the acquittal of a white police officer over the fatal shooting of a black man in 2011 threw bottles in response to police making arrests.

Hundreds of people gathered for the third night in a row in the Missouri city of almost 320,000 people. Violence erupted the previous two nights, evoking memories of the riots following the 2014 shooting of a black teenager by a white officer in nearby Ferguson, Missouri.

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17 Sep 12:02

Seven Seas Licenses 2 Ancient Magus' Bride Supplementary Books

The Ancient Magus' Bride Supplement I, The Ancient Magus' Bride Official Guide Book Merkmal books scheduled
17 Sep 11:20

Jolt Cola, Energy-Drink Pioneer From the ’80s, Is Coming Back

by Clint Rainey

Prepare yourself for the Jolt Revolt, part two. The latest drink-maker to try cashing in on the retro-beverage nostalgia wave is the high-octane soda with “all the sugar and twice the caffeine” that caused insomnia in many a ’80s and ’90s computer nerd. The company says the original cans...More »

17 Sep 11:19

NYC Pizza Enters ‘Golden Age,’ Expert Says

by Melissa McCart

Plus, tonight decides the fate of the cabaret law

It’s pizza day

The Times touches on the evolution of pizza on today’s opening day of annual Little Italy festival Feast of San Gennaro. The expert in this case is the pizza tour guy, Scott Wiener, who sizes up the New York-style pizza that locals know and love. It’s “all relatively thin crust without being crackery,” with a bit of a risen edge.

But the hegemony of the New York pie is loosening with the introduction of other styles. “We’ve got more pizzerias in the city now than we did 10 years and ago and there’s more diversity in the pizza — they’re more creative and inventive,” he says, citing bar pies, neo-Neapolitan styles, and Roman squares. “We’re just entering a new golden age for pizza.” Here’s his video on how to eat a New York slice.

The fate of the cabaret law

Today is the day Council Member Rafael Espinal will hold a Consumer Affairs Committee hearing on the repeal of NYC’s cabaret law — which only allows dancing in venues that carry a difficult-to-obtain cabaret license. Last month, the committee passed a bill to create an “Office of Nightlife” focused on protecting the industry by doing things like helping navigate city permits. The Bushwick and East New York councilman Espinal introduced it.

10ak for VIPs, again

Owner of 10ak Richie Akiva (Butter, E.Vil, Up & Down) opened the place on Monday — when it’s usually closed — for a crew that included Odell Beckham Jr. of the Giants, who was out Sunday for an ankle injury. Joining him were Kendall Jenner and basketball player Blake Griffin, among others. Akiva was offering a refuge from the Fashion Week hoi polloi, says Page Six.

The Holler opens in Bed-Stuy

Today is the official opening day for The Holler at 348 Franklin Avenue, a speakeasy-like spot with slatted shutters and a hot pink moon at the address instead of actual signage. It’s a new bar in the former One Last Shag space from the trio behind Catfish in Crown Heights. In addition to taps for craft beer, there’s a New Orleans-inspired frozen daiquiri machine, pouring an opening night Creamsicle cocktail. The Holler will be open until 4 a.m.

New lunch, new brunch

Thomas Carter and Ignatio Mattos will be serving Friday lunch at Estela from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. here on out, with plates like Padron peppers with salmon bottarga, as well as a fried blood cake sandwich with onions and miso. Plus, newcomer Air’s Champagne Parlor will start serving brunch this Sunday with new hours from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. In addition to the regular menu, there’s on-brand items like Champagne-cured gravlax with Black Seed bagels and scallion cream cheese. Also available is the not-so-secret caviar sandwich, formerly only for those in-the-know. It’ll be called the Royal, served with fries and a glass of Champagne for $35.

Chick-fil-A do-goodery

Here’s a fine excuse to visit Chick-fil-A: on September 15, all locations in the New York metro area are donating lemonade sales through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to fund cancer research for children. The organization is named for a child who lost her battle with the disease. It’s a contrast to Chick-fil-A’s baggage that includes opposition to same-sex marriage.

Speaking of chicken sandwiches

Consider a different chicken sandwich from chef Marc Forgione at American Cut, below:

17 Sep 11:18

Investigating Shake Shack’s Latest Collaboration, the Fergus Henderson Eel Burger

by Chris Crowley

Today, two of the biggest names in meat join forces: Shake Shack and Fergus Henderson, the offal-obsessed brain behind England’s St. John and other restaurants. He’s the latest chef to pop by the burger chain’s original Madison Square Park location for a collaborative stunt burger, one of the ultimate...More »

17 Sep 11:17

striderepiphany: This is the funniest joke I’ve ever made 


This is the funniest joke I’ve ever made 

17 Sep 11:16

More early research on Ducktales ! Secondary characters this...

More early research on Ducktales ! Secondary characters this time. I ha a lot of fun playing with those Disney codes (very unusual for me) ! Ducktales is available on Disney XD. (All images are Disney TV property).

Part 1: Here.

17 Sep 11:15

NYCC ’17: “French Comics Kiss Better” with huge Comics Framed festival

by Heidi MacDonald
Once again, the French Comics Association, the French Embassy, NYCC and some of the greatest cartoonsits working today are teaming up for “Comics Framed,” a weeklong festival of European comics that will take lace at NYCC and various venues around the city. I’m honored to be taking part once again with my annual “European Comics” […]
11 Sep 10:18

Elegy for the Sunshine State

by Dexter Filkins
As Hurricane Irma arrives in Florida, Dexter Filkins writes about the state’s natural beauty, rampant overdevelopment, and environmental problems.
10 Sep 20:38

This Small Space Dishwasher Takes Up Less Room Than Your Drying Rack

by Melissa Massello

If you've ever lived in a small space, you know that the dishwasher is, well, you. Not anymore, thanks to one European importer who wants you to be able to have your minimalist studio and low maintenance clean dishes, too.


10 Sep 19:08

Recipe: Slow Cooker Honey Teriyaki Chicken — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

by Patty Catalano
(Image credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn)

Coming of age in the High Mall Era meant the food court was the first stop before buying a new halter top or catching Freddie Prinze Jr.'s latest flick. Despite being a mall regular, I always debated between choosing the oversized pizza slice or sticky-sweet chicken teriyaki. Chicken teriyaki always won. Today, I rarely make it into a mall, but on days when my energy is low and the need to feed my family is high, the urge for chicken teriyaki takeout is strong.


09 Sep 19:34

NYCC ’17: Uniqlo and NYCC team up for t-shirts, sweepstakes and more

by Heidi MacDonald
  NYCC and Uniqlo have announced a partnership for this years show. It’s the first time that Uniqlo. the Japanese clothing brand, has teamed up with NYCC but it seems like a natural. Uniqlo has been making comics-themed clothing for a while now (I still treasure the t-shirts from their Tezuka collab nearly a decade ago.) […]
09 Sep 18:34

The week in wildlife – in pictures

by Compiled by Eric Hilaire

Stag deers in London’s Richmond Park, elks in east China, and Bactrian deer in central Asia are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world

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09 Sep 18:26

OMOCAT and OMORI pinslimited giveaways for the OMOCAT pop-up...


limited giveaways for the OMOCAT pop-up shop / OMORI demo event in LA this october! 

09 Sep 18:24

Shake Shack Will Sell Eel Burgers in NYC Next Week

by Stefanie Tuder

Plus, Starbucks now has whiskey-flavored coffee

Shake Shack taps England’s famed chef Fergus Henderson

It’s a meat match made in heaven, with chef Fergus Henderson putting his spin on the Shackburger. On Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16, Henderson will be in town repping his acclaimed restaurant St. John with an eel burger, doughnuts, and the restaurant’s wine. The Madison Square Park Shake Shack will serve a $9.99 smoked eel burger topped with bacon, pickled red onion, crème fraiche, horseradish, and watercress, as well as vanilla custard doughnuts ($3.99) and red and white wine produced in France for St. John. Henderson’s appearance is sure to draw long lines — Eater’s meat master Nick Solares calls St. John his favorite restaurant in the world.

Some Starbucks in NYC will have whiskey-flavored coffee

Starbucks will make New Yorkers’ mornings a little more boozy-tasting with the addition of whiskey barrel-aged cold brew to the menu. Sold only at the 10 Waverly Place and 1142 Madison Avenue stores, the drink is made by steeping unroasted Sulawesi coffee beans from Indonesia in old whiskey-aging oak barrels. The beans soak up the flavor, and then once they’re roasted, the alcohol is killed off but the flavor remains. It hits stores on Tuesday, September 12.

Prontito Robert Sietsema

“Ornately swagged” burgers and hot dogs in Queens

This week, Ligaya Mishan revels in the excess offered at Prontito, a Colombian hot dog and burger shop in Elmhurst, Queens at 40-25 Forley Street. Here, the piled-high renditions will make you “toddle heavily, happily home,” she writes, particularly recommending the cholado, super perro hot dog, hamburguesa Prontitos, and loaded fries.

Community Board 3 zeroes in on Hell Square

It its continued quest to clean up so-called Hell Square — that crowded, rowdy bar zone on the Lower East Side — Community Board 3 has put together a committee to assess the link between bar density and public health and safety. The committee will report its findings at a meeting next week in the interest of seeing what should be done. Stay tuned.

Van Leeuwen rolls into FiDi

Ice cream truck hit Van Leeuwen keeps the expansion rolling, this time with a new scoop shop at 224 Front Street in the Financial District. It’s now open, but a grand opening party on Saturday, September 9 will have dollar scoops from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. For reference, that’s a $4.50 savings per scoop. This is the sixth Van Leeuwen location — not including the trucks — with two more to come soon on the Lower East Side and in Greenpoint Landing.

Openings and coming attractions all around Manhattan

Here comes Hairy Lemon, the American-Irish comfort food pub replacing now-closed Croxley Ales at 28 Avenue B. In other East Village news, a location of coffee shop The Bean has taken over the old St. Mark’s Bookshop space at 136 East 3rd Street. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the city, a Mexican restaurant called Guacamole is opening this week at 768 Amsterdam Avenue at 97th Street.

Shanghai will soon have octopus fusilli

Midtown Italian hit Marea — most famous for its fusilli with red wine-braised octopus and bone marrow — is expanding to Shanghai come early 2018. Here’s a look at what locals have in store:

06 Sep 23:23

The Absolute Best Arepas in New York

by Hannah Goldfield

The arepa doesn’t get enough attention. Done well, a sandwich made by splitting open the savory, grilled or fried cornmeal cake — most commonly associated with Venezuela, but eaten widely in other Latin American countries, too, including, especially, Colombia — and stuffing it with things like soft, salty white cheese,...More »

06 Sep 23:22

World’s Largest Candy Maker Commits $1 Billion to Fight Climate Change

by Clint Rainey

Chocolate titan Mars, maker of dozens of candy bars and owner of Wrigley gum, is pledging to tackle climate with an amount that could cause a double take. A billion of its dollars over the “next few” years are being earmarked for a plan called “Sustainable in a...More »

06 Sep 23:21

Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal

by Jonathan Watts

Destructive force of Irma and Harvey has Trump expressing awe, but those in power should focus on the environmental causes

One week after the record deluge in Texas, the biggest hurricane ever measured in the mid-Atlantic is tearing through the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma, a category-five storm, is destroying homes and threatening lives in the Leeward Islands with 185mph winds and 11ft coastal surges, and in the coming days it is forecast to hit Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Florida. The governor of Florida has already declared a state of emergency.

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06 Sep 23:20

Plucky duck: highest-flying fowl's Himalayan exploits revealed

by Steven Morris

Scientists have tracked the ruddy shelduck to 6,800 metres, making it the first duck known to fly at extreme high altitudes

A high-flying species of duck reaches altitudes of up to 6,800 metres (22,000ft) to cross the Himalayas, research from a British university has revealed.

Scientists from the University of Exeter used satellite tracking to find out how ruddy shelducks – which are a similar size to mallards – find their way through the mountain range.

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06 Sep 23:17

Up to 381 new species discovered in the Amazon – in pictures

by Compiled by Eric Hilaire

I had no idea there were river dolphins.

A strong-beaked bird named after Barack Obama, a fire-tailed titi monkey and a new pink river dolphin are among species recorded by the Living Amazon Initiative of the WWF Network

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04 Sep 20:45

Build the Ultimate (100% Full) Amazon Prime Pantry Box — Shopping

by Lisa Freedman

Making an Amazon Prime Pantry order can be a stressful endeavor. Chances are, you hate the idea of wasting all those resources just to ship a half-full box. (We only have one planet!) And if you're gonna pay that $5.99 flat-rate shipping fee (keep reading for some tips on how to avoid that), you really want to make it worthwhile. That's where we come in.

We pretended our box was a puzzle (because it kinda is!) and figured out the ultimate combination in order to get the box completely full — full of stuff we can all use and need.


03 Sep 15:12

LEGO's Latest Architecture Set Is So Meta

by Tara Bellucci

With their latest edition for their Architecture series, LEGO is going meta. The newest building to get the brick treatment is its own LEGO House in Denmark, which resembles—you guessed it—LEGO bricks.


03 Sep 12:03

A Harry Potter Shop Opened On the Real Diagon Alley

by Kenya Foy

Calling all Potterheads who wish to try your hand at a bit of sorcery IRL: There's a Harry Potter-themed shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it's filled with a rather impressive collection of merchandise inspired by your favorite bespectacled wizard's adventures.