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28 Oct 08:43

Mercedes alas de gaviotas Chilenos

by reindesign
28 Oct 17:58

s t o r m |:|:|: s h a d o w

by sincretic
28 Oct 17:00

Cultural Dancing

by admin

28 Oct 18:00

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

28 Oct 17:09

Times Square

The intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street and the surrounding neighborhood on New York City is at or near the top of any tourist destinations list. There are always amazing sights to see, and here's a collection of photos of the spectacles. --By Lane Turner
A dancer poses for a photograph as part of the 'Dance as Art' photo project in Times Square in New York September 22, 2014. The project is a celebration of dancers and their place in the New York experience. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

28 Oct 03:35

Tim Cook says that Apple Pay is already the leader in contactless payments

by Nathan Ingraham

I just can't stand this company...

It's only been a week since Apple Pay made its debut, but apparently the launch has been successful thus far. Speaking at the WSJD Live event, hosted by The Wall Street Journal, Cook said that Apple is already the leader in "contactless" payments, "more than the total of all the other guys." Within 72 hours, Apple apparently activated one million cards, and we presume it's only gone up significantly since then. Customer response, has been positive, as well. "I'm getting flooded with emails from customers," Cook said. "It's sort of that 'ahh' moment — you use the phone and it's all you have to do." Unsurprisingly, Cook is already using Apple Pay himself — he said he used it at Whole Foods, but didn't say what potentially overpriced...

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18 Oct 15:00

How To Prepare For Second Puberty

by CollegeHumor
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15 Oct 04:00

Where Do Birds Go

Water/ice has a lot of weird phases. Maybe asking 'where do birds go when it rains' is like asking 'where does Clark Kent go whenever Superman shows up?'
15 Oct 00:00


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

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22 Jul 14:41

Graphic Porn

by craigscott
22 Jul 20:10

by pager
22 Jul 15:43

ianbradley: Thom Browne Spring 2014 Model: Camilia...


Thom Browne Spring 2014

Model: Camilia Deterre

Photographer: James Nord

Make Up: Janessa Paré

Hair: Clay Nielsen

22 Jul 20:42

This may be the greatest invention in the history of water balloons

by Carl Franzen

If you've ever had the pleasure of participating in a water balloon fight, you will concur that the most frustrating part of battle is reloading. You think you've got an uninflated balloon securely attached to the end of a garden hose, and then as soon as you turn on the water, *snap*, the balloon comes flying off. Or maybe you don't even get that far — the balloon breaks as you're stretching it on. Or you get it all filled up, and then you can't tie it and it drops and breaks on the ground. Now some ambitious inventor has come up with a solution to all those problems: a device that lets you easily fill up 37 water balloons at once, and 100 in less than a minute.

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22 Jul 13:00

Aww, How Romantic!

Aww, How Romantic!

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22 Jul 20:00

Good Thing Costco Sells Shampoo

Good Thing Costco Sells Shampoo

Submitted by: (via Izismile)

22 Jul 20:30

Cant' They Just Hold Hands?

21 Jul 00:00


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

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16 Jul 13:13

Form. archatlas: Andrew Louis

16 Jul 16:01



20 Jul 09:32

(219): Apparently duct taping your...

(219): Apparently duct taping your dick to your buttcheks before the first time she goes down on you isn't as funny as projected. She cried because she thought I was a girl the whole time.
20 Jul 10:32

(512): You wouldn't believe...

(512): You wouldn't believe how many pro-life stickers, and "show us your tits" signs there are between here and Dallas.
20 Jul 21:00

If Only There Was a Better Way...

If Only There Was a Better Way...

Submitted by: (via Izismile)

20 Jul 00:00


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

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17 Jul 17:55

lolfactory: Let This Be a Lesson to the Rest of You


Let This Be a Lesson to the Rest of You

18 Jul 01:50

somethingplayfullywicked: Life in Gaza


Life in Gaza

13 Jul 05:47


13 Jul 17:32

supersonic electronic / art - Ralph Niese. Illustrations by Ralph Niese.

by zach
14 Jul 01:00

Crowdsourced Data Reveals Most Beautiful Urban Walking Routes

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

best walking routes study

Using a mapping algorithm coupled with citizen reviews of sights and scenery, a team of researchers has developed a way to choose paths through cities based on beauty, quiet and happiness rather than simply the shortest distance between two points.

shortest or beautiful route

The project employed Google Street View and Geograph as well as Flickr images and their metadata to build out an initial estimation of probable best paths, then solicited human feedback (to check and enhance the results) from a group of participants on the website UrbanGems (shown above).

london main sites map

The study, published by Cornell University’s arXiv, came up with a number of route suggestions in Boston and London and contains a number of interesting findings. For starters, the ‘beautiful’ routes were only slightly longer than the shortest routes, and significantly shorter than typical tourist-oriented directions and guided-tour paths. As the algorithm improves, it is increasingly able to generate paths through new cities via metadata alone, reducing reliance on input from people.

beauty and shortest boston

boston main sights map

The project’s creators included Daniele Quercia and Luca Maria Aiello of Yahoo Labs in Barcelona and Rossano Schifanella of the University of Torino, Italy. From their abstract: “When providing directions to a place, web and mobile mapping services are all able to suggest the shortest route. The goal of this work is to automatically suggest routes that are not only short but also emotionally pleasant.

beauty walking route london

shortest walking route london

The assessments are not simply qualitative value judgments, but a hybrid of human and machine input: “Based on a quantitative validation, we find that, compared to the shortest routes, the recommended ones add just a few extra walking minutes and are indeed perceived to be more beautiful, quiet, and happy.”

happy walking path london

quiet walking route london

From UrbanGems: “Buildings and neighbourhoods speak. They speak of egalitarianism or elitism, beauty or ugliness, acceptance or arrogance. The aim of UrbanGems is to identify the visual cues that are generally associated with concepts difficult to define such beauty, happiness, quietness, or even deprivation. The difficult task of deciding what makes a building beautiful, or what is sought after in a quiet location is outsourced to the users of this site using comparisons of pictures. With a comprehensive list of aesthetic virtues at hand, we would be more likely to systematically understand and re-create the environments we intuitively love.”

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14 Jul 00:47

Posters del Mundial de Futbol Rusia 2018

by Adan Avelar

Presentan posters del próximo Mundial de Futbol Rusia 2018.














Estadios para la Copa del Mundo de 2018.

13 Jul 22:00

Fido Really Isn't Interested in Your Kale Lifestyle

Fido Really Isn't Interested in Your Kale Lifestyle

Submitted by: (via Imgur)

Tagged: dogs , pets , facepalm , vegan , failbook