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16 Dec 17:00

Annoyingly Consistent

(Supermarket | Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Supermarket | Melbourne, VIC, Australia

(I am sitting on the registers as the main cashier for the day when an older woman marches up to my counter.)

Me: “Good morning. How are you today?”

Customer #1: “I don’t have time for this chit chat. I just want to pay for this jar of coffee and go as I am in a hurry.”

(I scan the item and tell the customer the price of the item.)

Me: “That’ll be [total price].”

Customer #1: “Excuse me? How much?”

Me: “Um, the total for the jar of coffee is [total price].”

Customer #1: “That is far too much money; I’ll go choose another one.”

(The customer storms off leaving the original jar of coffee with me. I put it to the side of my register and serve several other customers during the customer’s absence. Another customer unpacks her groceries onto my till and I greet her.)

Me: “Hello. How are you?”

Customer #2: “I am good, thank you. How are you?”

Me: “I am very good, thanks.”

(Before I could start to scan Customer #2′s items, Customer #1 returns and slams a jar of coffee onto my register completely cutting in front of Customer #2. I notice the jar of coffee she has now selected is identical to her previous one.)

Customer #1: “I am next! Not this lady! Now, I want this coffee.”

Customer #2: “I don’t mind. Let her go first.”

(Customer #1 looks at Customer #2. Her eyes go wide for a moment. I interject.)

Me: “This is the same brand and size as the coffee you wanted before.”

Customer #1: “No, it is not. This one is cheaper than the previous one.”

(I scan the coffee and sure enough it is the same price as the one earlier.)

Me: “That’ll be [total price].”

Customer #1: “See? Much better.”

(After Customer #1 walks out of the shop Customer #2 begins laughing hysterically.)

Customer #2: “Sorry. I shouldn’t laugh, but she used to be my mother-in-law before my divorce and I am so glad she is annoying to everyone!”

16 Dec 17:30

This Office is Prepared For Anything

16 Dec 10:12

(205): I mayyyyy have moaned a...

(205): I mayyyyy have moaned a name that wasn't his.
16 Dec 11:12

(904): I just used my dick as to...



(904): I just used my dick as to measure where my desk would go because I don't have a tape measure or a ruler.
16 Dec 14:20

Watch the Kim Jong-un assassination that was too gory for Sony to approve

by James Vincent

This just might be the (exploding) face that launched a thousand hacks: one of the many variants of Kim Jong-un’s death scene from Sony’s notorious and possibly colossal-hack-causing movie The Interview. The clip has been leaked as part of the ongoing attack against the Japanese company; a hack that many have speculated was triggered by North Korean anger at the portrayal of their "beloved leader."

Although North Korean officials have denied any involvement in the attack, they previously described the film as an "act of war," before promising a "merciless response," and later praising the hack as a "righteous deed." The authority of North Korea's brutal, totalitarian regime leans heavily on the almost religious veneration of the ruling...

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09 Dec 17:41

What’s Going on in Japan

by admin

16 Dec 08:23

McDonald's is running out of fries in Japan

by Rich McCormick

Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? Not necessarily, but a labor dispute on the west coast of the United States has caused 3,135 Japanese McDonald's to restrict their sales of french fries. The dispute, between 20,000 dockworkers and the shipping lines that employ them at 29 ports, has lengthened the time it takes to get the required tonnage of frozen fried potatoes to Japan from two to four weeks.

The dispute, coupled with rail service delays, record levels of imports into the US, and other factors, means that McDonald's restaurants in the country will only be able to sell small portions of french fries over the busy new year period. Spokesperson Kokoro Toyama told Reuters that the situation was...

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15 Dec 18:05

The Benjamins

by name02
15 Dec 11:15

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

by jacquesb
15 Dec 14:08

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

by jacquesb
14 Dec 00:00

Comic for 2014.12.14


I actually had a big chuckle!! XD

14 Dec 05:00

December 14, 2014

Terry Johnson explains the evolutionary history of fad diets at BAHFest West 2014!

13 Dec 13:00

Online Dating Comments Are Weird

12 Dec 09:42

(706): We took vodka shots. You...

(706): We took vodka shots. You kept saying it was the key to your heart.
12 Dec 19:00

How to Enjoy Your Local Park

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13 Dec 08:51

Apple worked to block '100 percent' of iTunes competitors from iPods

by Timothy J. Seppala
The federal antitrust case Apple's fighting isn't looking any more favorable for the hardware giant since we last reported on it. Former iTunes engineer Rod Schultz testified on Friday that he'd worked on a project to block "100 percent of non-iTunes...
09 Dec 23:00

Pizza Hut is Attempting to Destroy Us All With This Doritos-Crusted Pie

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The pizza is only available in Australia for now. If and when this thing ever hits the states, prepare for all of our health insurance premiums to rise.

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09 Dec 19:07


by xote
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08 Dec 16:00

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang

by Nanette Wong

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang

Haydenshapes Surfboards and Alexander Wang recently banded together to develop an exclusive installation named #TheCage22. Currently on display at the flagship Alexander Wang store in New York, the installation came out of the idea of creating a luxury surfboard that also acted as a visual art piece for the cage.

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang in style fashion main interior design art Category

Not only did they require the surfboards to look artistic, they wanted to ensure that it maintained authenticity as an innovative surfboard.

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang in style fashion main interior design art Category

The collection includes 5 marble print surfboards created by Wang and Haydenshapes’ founder, Hayden Cox. They were also handmade by Cox in the shape of ‘Hypto Krypto’, which was Australian Surf and Board Sports’ 2014 “Surfboard of the Year.”

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang in style fashion main interior design art Category

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang in style fashion main interior design art Category

#TheCage22 by Haydenshapes Surfboards x Alexander Wang in style fashion main interior design art Category

Take a look:

08 Dec 14:00

Your Rage Over Tests Sustains Him

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08 Dec 17:00

A Man Selling His Koala Makes the Best Craigslist Post Ever

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07 Dec 21:58

nevver: Koto Bolofo


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05 Dec 14:00

Seduction Troll


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05 Dec 14:18

The YotaPhone 2 has two faces, zero gimmicks

by Vlad Savov

Hybrid devices are usually a recipe for disappointment. Like the spork, they try to combine the usefulness of two things into one, and, like the spork, they tend to compromise too much. The YotaPhone 2 is a happy exception to that rule. This 5-inch Android smartphone comes with a 4.7-inch e-paper display on its back, which seems like an obvious gimmick until you start using it. I approached the YotaPhone 2 from a position of skepticism, but have been quickly converted: the rear screen can be...

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05 Dec 14:30

"Will Pizza Fix This Problem?"

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03 Dec 09:52

(978): When he breaks your heart...

(978): When he breaks your heart after he reveals he's gay, I'll be there for you. -Love, Dad.
22 Nov 10:12

(979): I didn't want sex last...

(979): I didn't want sex last night, but she charmed my dick out of my pants like a snake charmer.
18 Nov 18:00

How to Get Back at the Scammers

How to Get Back at the Scammers

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17 Nov 05:55

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DAAAAAMN via Osiasjota












This is how many children that died in their Hunger Games, without even being mentioned throughout the three books. All these children were under 18. All these children had parents. All these parents’ hearts sank to their knees during their child’s reaping. All these parents saw their terrified child off at the train station. All these parents heard the sound that signified their child’s death. All these parents received their cold, dead child in a wooden box. All these parents’ lives ended there. All these parents could say or do nothing. All these parents were merely thanked that they gave up their child. Thanked.

And the media focuses on the love triangle.

All these children and all these parents aren’t real

Yeah, sure, I guess that’s true. None of these people were real.

But let’s focus on what this series, and this fact, say about our society.

In the series, the Capitol’s media focuses entirely on the ‘fun’ of the Games- the fashion, the plot twists, the favorites, the strategies, the romance. And the entire time, they completely overlook the fact that 1,678 children between the ages of 12 and 18 have died. Usually brutally murdered by other 12 to 18 year old children.

And how does our real-life media react to this story when news of a movie adaptation reaches them? They talk about the romance. This tragic story of a girl who must choose between her long-time best friend and her new love. Even if she chooses Peeta, they still must fight to the death. The star-crossed lovers of District 12. And many readers of the original novels saw the books through the same lens. You would tell them that you read/ were reading the books and their first reaction was, “Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?”

Meanwhile, children are fighting to the death.

The fact that our media, and many every-day people reacted to the Hunger Games the same as the Capitol media scares me.

I don’t want this world to be anything like the Capitol. I don’t think any of us do.

And the fact that most of us (including myself) never really considered how many children had died in the games also scares me. But, hey, it didn’t happen now/ in the current story, so it doesn’t matter, right?

I’m not sure about that math though. I think it’s MORE.

Let’s talk about just the first 73 games, ok? Every year before Katniss and Peta. 

24 Tributes (1 girl + 1 boy x 12 districts)= 1 Victor + 23 Dead Every year

23 x 73 = 1,697

EXCEPT, the 50th games (The games Haymitch competed in) had DOUBLE the number of tributes. An extra 24 kids died that year.


Now, 22 kids died in Katniss and Peeta’s first game, because they both live.


In 74 years, the brutal, violent murders of 1,725 children aired on TV in Panem, and in both the Capitol, and on the red carpet in our world, the first question people want to ask it “Team Peeta?” Damn.

i’m not even in this fandom, but damn, that’s scary

And here we have people who GET the hunger games.

#until this moment#i didn’t realize there were still people who haven’t figured out that our reactions to media are an important indicator of our values#it doesn’t matter that they aren’t real#our reaction on a story primarily about children killing each other#was to focus on the romance#it wasn’t a romance#it’s a story about a tyrannical governemt sentencing children to death as a means of intimidating the sectors into submission#and we reacted to the games exactly the same way the capitol did

you can be as meta as you can but you can never be this meta

this is why not the media’s focus on JUST the love triangle is important—because it goes beyond that. Maybelline released a “Hunger Games” themed make up campaign. Barbie dolls were made of Katniss. T shirts. Plastic jewelry.

This is the real lesson.

The movie does a good job of using the capitol as a stand-in for the empty stupidity of some of our own current culture. That’s on purpose. The fact that someone decided to sell merchandising rights that completely subverted the message is just typical movie studio greed, and I’m sure nobody in the business of making these toys a reality cared one whit for the message of the film.