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28 Feb 16:40

An Introductory Primer For The Audio Adventures Of Doctor Who

by James Whitbrook

With the recent news that the revived series of Doctor Who will soon get its own spinoff series of Audio plays featuring UNIT , you might have wondered about the long history of Doctor Who on Audio. Want to dig in? There's a world of stories out there that if you just watch the show, you're missing out on!


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Cincinnati Public Library Makerspace provides free access to photo studio gear #celebratephotography

by Stephanie


From PetaPixel:

As books are easier to buy and borrow in digital forms, public libraries are evolving and experimenting with new ways to stay relevant. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has one awesome idea for how to do so: the main branch of the library in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, features a makerspace that provides free access to tools for creative people — equipment that includes DSLRs and photo studio gear.

It’s a space “where creative people can gather, create, invent, and learn,” the library writes on its webpage. Members can browse for available equipment online, reserve what they need for an hour at a time, and then go into the library to use the gear.

The “digital audio, video, and photography” section of the makerspace offers 18MP Canon DSLR cameras, “studio in a box” packages for tabletop product photos, multiple lights, softboxes, backdrops, and a green screen.

Read the full article or get more info about the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Makerspace.




We #celebratephotography here at Adafruit every Saturday. From photographers of all levels to projects you have made or those that inspire you to make, we’re on it! Got a tip? Well, send it in!

If you’re interested in making your own project and need some gear, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our Raspberry Pi accessories and our DIY cameras.

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Prince William wears samurai warrior costume in Japan - Bihar Prabha

Prince William wears samurai warrior costume in Japan
Bihar Prabha
Tokyo: Hundreds of screaming fans greeted Britain's Prince William as he stepped out of a car and walked into a bookstore in downtown Tokyo on Saturday (February 28). Prince William being greeted in Japan. He shook hands with some of the people ...

and more »
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lesbianartandartists:Riva Lehrer Alison Bechdel and I started...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.


Riva Lehrer

Alison Bechdel and I started working together while she was writing Are You My Mother. For years, she’d done a comic strip titled Dykes To Watch Out For, which tracked what it meant to be lesbian during years that you may as well have been Martian. Bechdel walked away from that work to write about her father in Fun Home, and now its sequel. Our portrait came out of conversations about looking back. I drew her pursued by the specter of her mother and the ghosts of her comic-book dykes.


28 Feb 16:23

I want to take you far from the cynics in this town ⊟I realize I...

by ericisawesome

I want to take you far from the cynics in this town ⊟

I realize I used this title two years ago, but it fits as a caption and as a follow-up to yesterday’s 10,000th post. Plus it’s a goal to keep in mind for the site.

The original screenshot for this (sans FLCL quote) is from Ripple Island, a 1988 Famicom adventure game from Sunsoft and Tokai Engineering that sadly never saw a translation. It sounds great (and progressive for its time) too.

Shout-outs to 8-bitfiction, who has held it down on Tumblr for almost as long as we have, quietly putting out quality post after post all these years while building a sizable and appreciative audience on the platform. Respect.

28 Feb 16:23

vgjunk: I can confirm that this is how British people generally...


I can confirm that this is how British people generally dress.
World Heroes 2, Neo Geo.

(ADK - 1993)

28 Feb 16:22

"Wretched Woman!" In 1834, 21-year-old Jarm Logue (pictured...

"Wretched Woman!"

In 1834, 21-year-old Jarm Logue (pictured above some years later) managed to steal his master’s horse and escape the life of slavery into which he had been born. Sadly, his mother, brother and sister remained. 26 years later, by which time he had settled down in New York, opened numerous schools for black children, started his own family, become a reverend and noted abolitionist, and authored an autobiography, he received a letter from the wife of his old owner in which she demanded $1000. That letter, and his furious reply, can be read below. Note: After escaping slavery, Logue changed his name to Jermain Wesley Loguen.

Maury Co., State of Tennessee,

February 20th, 1860.


I now take my pen to write you a few lines, to let you know how well we all are. I am a cripple, but I am still able to get about. The rest of the family are all well. Cherry is as well as Common. I write you these lines to let you the situation we are in—partly in consequence of your running away and stealing Old Rock, our fine mare. Though we got the mare back, she was never worth much after you took her; and as I now stand in need of some funds, I have determined to sell you; and I have had an offer for you, but did not see fit to take it. If you will send me one thousand dollars and pay for the old mare, I will give up all claim I have to you. Write to me as soon as you get these lines, and let me know if you will accept my proposition. In consequence of your running away, we had to sell Abe and Ann and twelve acres of land; and I want you to send me the money that I may be able to redeem the land that you was the cause of our selling, and on receipt of the above named sum of money, I will send you your bill of sale. If you do not comply with my request, I will sell you to some one else, and you may rest assured that the time is not far distant when things will be changed with you. Write to me as soon as you get these lines. Direct your letter to Bigbyville, Maury County, Tennessee. You had better comply with my request.

I understand that you are a preacher. As the Southern people are so bad, you had better come and preach to your old acquaintances. I would like to know if you read your Bible? If so can you tell what will become of the thief if he does not repent? and, if the the blind lead the blind, what will the consequence be? I deem it unnecessary to say much more at present. A word to the wise is sufficient. You know where the liar has his part. You know that we reared you as we reared our own children; that you was never abused, and that shortly before you ran away, when your master asked if you would like to be sold, you said you would not leave him to go with anybody.

Sarah Logue.


Syracuse, N.Y., March 28, 1860.


Yours of the 20th of February is duly received, and I thank you for it. It is a long time since I heard from my poor old mother, and I am glad to know she is yet alive, and, as you say, “as well as common.” What that means I don’t know. I wish you had said more about her.

You are a woman; but had you a woman’s heart you could never have insulted a brother by telling him you sold his only remaining brother and sister, because he put himself beyond your power to convert him into money.

You sold my brother and sister, ABE and ANN, and 12 acres of land, you say, because I ran away. Now you have the unutterable meanness to ask me to return and be your miserable chattel, or in lieu thereof send you $1000 to enable you to redeem the land, but not to redeem my poor brother and sister! If I were to send you money it would be to get my brother and sister, and not that you should get land. You say you are acripple, and doubtless you say it to stir my pity, for you know I was susceptible in that direction. I do pity you from the bottom of my heart. Nevertheless I am indignant beyond the power of words to express, that you should be so sunken and cruel as to tear the hearts I love so much all in pieces; that you should be willing to impale and crucify us out of all compassion for your poor foot or leg. Wretched woman! Be it known to you that I value my freedom, to say nothing of my mother, brothers and sisters, more than your whole body; more, indeed, than my own life; more than all the lives of all the slaveholders and tyrants under Heaven.

You say you have offers to buy me, and that you shall sell me if I do not send you $1000, and in the same breath and almost in the same sentence, you say, “you know we raised you as we did our own children.” Woman, did you raise your own children for the market? Did you raise them for the whipping-post? Did you raise them to be driven off in a coffle in chains? Where are my poor bleeding brothers and sisters? Can you tell? Who was it that sent them off into sugar and cotton fields, to be kicked, and cuffed, and whipped, and to groan and die; and where no kin can hear their groans, or attend and sympathize at their dying bed, or follow in their funeral? Wretched woman! Do you say you did not do it? Then I reply, your husband did, and youapproved the deed—and the very letter you sent me shows that your heart approves it all. Shame on you.

But, by the way, where is your husband? You don’t speak of him. I infer, therefore, that he is dead; that he has gone to his great account, with all his sins against my poor family upon his head. Poor man! gone to meet the spirits of my poor, outraged and murdered people, in a world where Liberty and Justice are MASTERS.

But you say I am a thief, because I took the old mare along with me. Have you got to learn that I had a better right to the old mare, as you call her, than MANNASSETH LOGUE had to me? Is it a greater sin for me to steal his horse, than it was for him to rob my mother’s cradle and steal me? If he and you infer that I forfeit all my rights to you, shall not I infer that you forfeit all your rights to me? Have you got to learn that human rights are mutual and reciprocal, and if you take my liberty and life, you forfeit your own liberty and life? Before God and High Heaven, is there a law for one man which is not a law for every other man?

If you or any other speculator on my body and rights, wish to know how I regard my rights, they need but come here and lay their hands on me to enslave me. Did you think to terrify me by presenting the alternative to give my money to you, or give my body to Slavery? Then let me say to you, that I meet the proposition with unutterable scorn and contempt. The proposition is an outrage and an insult. I will not budge one hair’s breadth. I will not breathe a shorter breath, even to save me from your persecutions. I stand among a free people, who, I thank God, sympathize with my rights, and the rights of mankind; and if your emissaries and venders come here to re-enslave me, and escape the unshrinking vigor of my own right arm, I trust my strong and brave friends, in this City and State, will be my rescuers and avengers.

Yours, &c.,
J.W. Loguen

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deusvolt: stunningpicture: So, my friend made herself into 15...



So, my friend made herself into 15 foot long cardboard velociraptor with googly eyes

28 Feb 16:19

Does Venmo Have A Security Problem?


as designed, Venmo _is_ a security problem

The payment app defends its security practices after a hacking story.
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nevver: Everything.

28 Feb 16:17

Start Your Weekend With The Hubble Space Telescope's Planetarium Clips

by Charlie Jane Anders

You may not own your own private planetarium — or if you do, can we come over to your house? But you can still experience a journey through the wonders of space, thanks to four new "fulldome" planetarium clips, released by the Hubble Space Telescope. They're available in 4K and 8K resolution.


28 Feb 16:16

Interview: #BlackComicsMonth highlights creators and characters that deserve more

by Caitlin Rosberg

After decades of being dominated by a predominantly white, male group of creators and characters, mainstream comic book companies have been trying to hire and portray a far more diverse group of people. Even the largest publishers have been shaking up rosters and featuring talent that looks nothing like what most readers have seen before. There’s still a lot of progress to made, especially with superhero comics. The best way to make sure that publishers continue to take this demand from their readership seriously is to prove that readers are more than willing to put their money where their mouths are. But finding new books written by women, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, or people of color can be daunting when readers are faced with hundreds of familiar titles and characters, while new and more diverse books aren’t as prominent. Miz Caramel Vixen, confronted with ...

28 Feb 16:16


by xkcd

'When instructions say let stand for 1-2 minutes, it's not just to protect your mouth from hot food—it's giving the hot and cold spots time to equalize, so the whole thing will be sufficiently heated throughout. And if some part of the food doesn't conduct heat well (e.g. rice) or contains a lot of chunks of ice (e.g. frozen fruit or meat) they also might tell you to stir midway through cooking. This helps to transfer the heat more evenly into the food, move food away from cold spots, and also break up chunks of ice and mix them with warmer pockets of water to help melt them.'


I have had a particular problem for as long as I can remember. Any time I attempt to heat left over Chinese food in a microwave, it fails to heat completely through somewhere. Usually the center but not always and usually rice, but often it will be a small section of meat. It's baffling and has made me automatically adjust heating times to over 2 minutes. In most cases this tends to heat the bowl or plate more than the food. So I suppose the question is what is the optimal time to heat left over Chinese food in the microwave, how about an 800 watt microwave?


This is a great question. Since the answer isn't too hard to find by Googling, normally I would skip it, but the answer is also something that I never really learned while growing up, so I'd like to try to answer it, for the sake of anyone else out there like me who spent years confused by microwaves.

First, the disclaimer: I am not an expert on food preparation or food safety. Actual experts on food safety can be found at US Department of Agriculture, which publishes a good FAQ page on microwave oven safety.

Now, on to James's question.

There are a couple of different effects that cause microwaves to heat food unevenly.

The first one is that microwaves have hot and cold spots. You can see this by filling a microwave with damp thermal paper, marshmallows, chocolate, or—possibly best of all—appalams.

The reason microwaves don't cook evenly comes straight from physics. When you continuously feed waves into a space—which is what microwaves do—you'll often have some "dead" spots:

In two dimensions, you get a similar but more complicated pattern.

These dead spots are the reason microwaves are designed with rotating platters—the idea is that each part of the food will pass through at least one hot spot. Microwave designers use a lot of tricks to try to vary the pattern to minimize dead spots, but no one does it perfectly; all microwaves will heat at least a little bit unevenly.

The second major reason for cold spots in microwaved food is something touched on in last week's article: Microwaves aren't absorbed very well by ice.

At first, this doesn't seem like a problem, right? It just means that if your food is partly or entirely frozen, you just need to microwave it longer. But when you do that, something interesting happens.

When ice melts, it turns to water,[citation needed] which does absorb microwaves very well. When the first pockets of ice turn to water, they start absorbing more microwaves and heating very quickly, even though the ice around them hasn't even melted. Those melted parts can easily heat enough to start cooking the food while other parts are still frozen.

This means that if you defrost frozen meat in your microwave, it could be hot to the touch over most of its surface, but still have a solid chunk of ice in it somewhere. If it does, when you plop it on the stove,[1]Or in a pan on the stove, or whatever. the thawed parts might finish cooking before the frozen parts have even started to warm up, giving you a large chunk of raw meat in the middle of your steak.

This starts to explain some of the weird instructions commonly seen on microwavable food.

When instructions say let stand for 1-2 minutes, it's not just to protect your mouth from hot food—it's giving the hot and cold spots time to equalize, so the whole thing will be sufficiently heated throughout. And if some part of the food doesn't conduct heat well (e.g. rice) or contains a lot of chunks of ice (e.g. frozen fruit or meat) they also might tell you to stir midway through cooking. This helps to transfer the heat more evenly into the food, move food away from cold spots, and also break up chunks of ice and mix them with warmer pockets of water to help melt them.

This helps us explain why James is so perplexed. He's adjusting the obvious variable—total cooking time—and no matter what value he chooses, he's getting bad results.

The solution is to mess with other variables. First, he can redistribute the heat by pausing halfway through microwaving to stir the food. Second, for things that are harder to stir, he can give the heat time to equalize on its own. If he microwaves his food for a short period, waits a moment, then zaps it again, the heat will have time to spread from the hot spots to the cold spots in between zaps, resulting in more evenly-heated food.

And that brings us to one last surprising[2]This was surprising to me, anyway; I used microwaves for almost 20 years before I realized it. aspect of microwaves: Power level.

It turns out that "turning the microwave off every so often to let the food cool" is exactly what the "power level" setting does! Choosing a lower power level doesn't actually change the strength of the microwaves; it just means that the microwave generator won't be running the whole time. When you cook something on 50% power, you may notice the microwave's sound changing every so often; that's the dynamo turning on and off.[3]The length of these on/off periods (duty cycle) is surprisingly long, partly because switching off and on is hard on the magnetron. This is also the reason why, if you normally cook something for 2 minutes on 50% power, cooking it for 1:30 won't necessarily deliver 75% as much heat like you'd expect. While it's on, the microwave is running at full power. In effect, the microwave is just automating the tedious task of zapping something a bunch of times on "high" for 10 seconds each and letting it sit for a while in between.

So my advice to James is simple: Use a lower power level, stir your food partway through microwaving, and let it sit for a few minutes before you eat it.

And FYI, if you cut a grape in almost in half and microwave it, you'll create bursts of plasma. (You also might damage your microwave, so do it at your own risk.)

This has nothing to do with your question. I just wanted you to know.

28 Feb 16:12

Razing Williamsburg


shared for the lede:

'“Peak Brooklyn” is what they’re calling it: the ubiquitous saturation of Kings County-related prose blanketing the internet.'

Who pulled the plug on America’s hippest music scene?
28 Feb 16:11

The Death And Life Of Great American GeoCities



A generation too young to remember dial-up modems rediscovers the old, weird Internet.
28 Feb 16:10

Stolen NASCAR Race Car Found In Suburban Atlanta


fuck the falcons

Team XTREME said the car was discovered early Saturday northwest of Atlanta in Gwinnett County, about 20 miles away from where it was taken.
28 Feb 16:09

prowling-lights:This pun…..oh man…..


via willowbl00


This pun…..oh man…..

28 Feb 16:06

securelyinsecure: Misty Copeland & Brooklyn Mack to Make...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.


Misty Copeland & Brooklyn Mack to Make Historic Debut in Swan Lake

For the first time in dance history, a major company will perform the ballet “Swan Lake” with two African-American lead dancers — Misty Copeland will take on the lead as Odette/Odile, while her love interest, Prince Siegfried, will be danced by the Washington Ballet Theatre’s Brooklyn Mack. The two will effectively shatter the all-white stereotype of “Swan Lake,” the most traditional of ballets.

Black dancers have been rare in leading ballet roles with major companies, especially in classical works such as “Swan Lake,” in which the star is traditionally white and waiflike.

Copeland said in a statement: “It certainly goes against traditional casting. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to show that African American ballerinas can also conform to the traditional vision for a swan as feminine and sylph-like while also being artistically and physically powerful.”

Septime Webre, artistic director of the Washington Ballet, called the event history in the making, and said that it challenges the paradigms about how principal dancers in classical roles should look.

“The ballet world has had a history of a glass ceiling of sorts for African-American male dancers to a degree but certainly ballerinas,” said Webre. “So it’s been exciting to question the notion of what Swan Lake should be about!”

The Washington Ballet production of “Swan Lake” debuts in April 2015.

Read more:

28 Feb 16:06

Huawei ad mistakenly reveals new Android Wear smartwatch

by Dante D'Orazio


It looks like Huawei has let the cat out of the bag with an advertisement placed at Barcelona's El Prat airport. The ad, first spotted by Android Central, makes it all but certain that the Chinese phonemaker will announce an Android Wear-powered smartwatch at Mobile World Congress next week.

The device appears to be a slick, metal watch with a circular face like the Moto 360. It's simply called the "Huawei Watch." According to the ad, the watch has "classic design and impeccable craftsmanship." There will be at least three different color and band options: silver with a matching silver metal bracelet, gold with a brown leather band, and a more casual black model.

We'll likely hear much more about the Huawei Watch come tomorrow, March 1st, when things kick off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.



28 Feb 16:06

Autopsy: Teen Killed By Denver Police Had 4 Gunshot Wounds - CBS Local

CBS Local

Autopsy: Teen Killed By Denver Police Had 4 Gunshot Wounds
CBS Local
DENVER (AP) — An autopsy shows a 17-year-old girl who was killed by Denver police officers while driving a stolen car suffered four gunshot wounds. In a report released Friday, the Denver medical examiner's office said Jessica Hernandez also had ...

and more »
28 Feb 15:27

robert p. baird on Twitter: "Best grant of anonymity by a journalist since Watergate? This, from today's Times, gets my vote."

by djempirical
28 Feb 12:57

Netflix, call your lawyers: FCC is ready for interconnection complaints

by Jon Brodkin

When Netflix launched a public relations war to claim it was being fleeced by Comcast and other Internet service providers, the company didn't have much recourse outside the court of public opinion.

But with yesterday's Federal Communications Commission vote to regulate broadband providers as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act, that's about to change. Instead of just writing a check to obtain direct connections to the networks of retail broadband providers, Netflix can complain to the FCC that it's being overcharged.

"For the first time the Commission can address issues that may arise in the exchange of traffic between mass-market broadband providers and other networks and services," yesterday's FCC announcement said. "Under the authority provided by the Order, the Commission can hear complaints and take appropriate enforcement action if it determines the interconnection activities of ISPs are not just and reasonable."

Read 22 remaining paragraphs | Comments

28 Feb 05:16

Twitter Adds "Report Dox" Option

by timothy
AmiMoJo writes Twitter announced that its abuse-report system, which was recently refined to simplify and shorten the reporting process, has now expanded to allow users to report content such as self-harm incidents and "the sharing of private and confidential information" (aka doxing). The announcement, posted by Twitter Vice President of User Services Tina Bhatnagar, explained that December's report-process update was met with a "tripling" of the site's abuse support staff, which has led to a quintupling of abuse report processing. Chat logs recently revealed how Twitter is used by small groups to create vast harassment campaigns, thanks to sock puppet account and relative anonymity.

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

28 Feb 04:03

Reminder: Somerville doesn't do space savers


I agree with the enforcement but will never understand why people park in cleared spots in front of residences that aren't theirs. Is the city also clearing snow from parking spots on the same sides of the street they're clearing, or just space savers in cleared spots?

Courtney shared this story from Davis Square:
Thank fucking God; Marty Walsh is a garbage human being for not doing the same in Boston

Whether you agree or not, Somerville is not Boston, and the policy of Somerville is to disallow and remove so-called "space savers" in the street.  The city just tweeted a picture of all of the space savers they have collected so far:

Also, be aware that many residents simply remove space savers from the street when they come across them, even though they are just passing by and not parking in the spot.

If someone takes "your" spot, be aware, that that person most likely did not move your space saver.  Be an adult and move on and find another spot.
28 Feb 03:47

Shocking: Mom Pulls Gun During Fight Between High School Girls

by gguillotte

the only way to stop a bad mom with a gun

A shocking photo appears to show the moment a Texas mother pulled out a gun and pointed it at a high school student. Viridiana Alvarez, 33, drew the weapon on a girl who was fighting her daughter in a park near Pasadena High School. Police arrested Alvarez for aggravated assault. She reportedly claimed that the gun was not loaded and only meant to scare the student.
28 Feb 03:47

Uber database breach involves names, license numbers of 50,000 drivers - The Washington Post

by gguillotte
Uber said Friday that a database containing the names and drivers’ license numbers of 50,000 of its drivers was breached in May. The ride-sharing service said it has notified the drivers and has not received reports of the information being misused. Uber said it will offer the affected drivers a one-year membership in Experian’s ProtectMyID Alert identity-theft-protection service. The company said the breach affects drivers in multiple states, but involves only a “small percentage” of its current and former drivers.