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18 Sep 06:30

Learn All the Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts with This Cheat Sheet

by Melanie Pinola

Windows 10 comes with a few new keyboard shortcuts to take advantage of new features like the virtual desktop and the action center . Here’s a handy table of shortcuts you might not know about yet.


08 Jun 01:20

Oh my glob.

10 Jul 11:00

Open an Incognito Window and Look at the Highlights of Last Night's Game



Open an Incognito Window and Look at the Highlights of Last Night's Game

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11 Jun 05:45

All of These Years Wasted Wearing Purple, Charles

02 May 04:00

xkcd Phone


So much want :D

Presented in partnership with Qualcomm, Craigslist, Whirlpool, Hostess, LifeStyles, and the US Chamber of Commerce. Manufactured on equipment which also processes peanuts. Price includes 2-year Knicks contract. Phone may extinguish nearby birthday candles. If phone ships with Siri, return immediately; do not speak to her and ignore any instructions she gives. Do not remove lead casing. Phone may attract/trap insects; this is normal. Volume adjustable (requires root). If you experience sudden tingling, nausea, or vomiting, perform a factory reset immediately. Do not submerge in water; phone will drown. Exterior may be frictionless. Prolonged use can cause mood swings, short-term memory loss, and seizures. Avert eyes while replacing battery. Under certain circumstances, wireless transmitter may control God.
16 Apr 17:40

Really have to try one of these someday

18 Mar 15:40

Fill'er up, human

17 Mar 10:15

He is everywhere!



11 Mar 04:38

Dear people who appreciate jokes,

Dear people who appreciate jokes,

What do you call it when Batman skips church?

Sincerely, a Christian Bale

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03 Jan 05:00


The problem with Haskell is that it's a language built on lazy evaluation and nobody's actually called for it.
07 Mar 09:55

Amazing dark souls 2 full scale statue.

05 Mar 22:10

20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

03 Mar 20:30

This one is called "The debt".


ahh, the wonders of uni

20 Feb 21:30

Parents Are Getting Really Protective

Parents Are Getting Really Protective

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20 Feb 22:00

Eye See You!

Eye See You!

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02 Mar 09:15

My Friday night

03 Mar 10:25

Scumbag Brain...seriously...

03 Mar 10:55

My favorite Tennant moment.

28 Feb 08:25

As a college student, it's true.

28 Feb 10:45

Arab pickup line



27 Feb 21:46

well SHIT says FML

by well SHIT

Today, while having a sneak through my brother's browser, I found a bookmark for a Google Docs file. It was a short story involving him horrifically killing our entire family. It ended with the words: "And that is what happens when people don't respect the author's privacy." FML

15 Feb 23:14

Anonymous says FML

by Anonymous

Today, I proudly informed my grandma that I now have a girlfriend. My grandpa overheard and said how surprising that was, given how expensive blowup dolls are. He and my grandma then both laughed out loud. FML

30 Dec 07:09

Michael Schumacher's former crew went to visit him.

by Joe Robbins
Michael Schumacher's former crew went to visit him.

They changed the wheels on his bed and his drip in 11.4 secs.
15 Nov 08:00


18 Nov 16:15


22 Nov 05:00

Telescope Names

The Thirty Meter Telescope will be renamed The Flesh-Searing Eye on the Volcano.
06 Dec 05:00

Galilean Moons


Makes me lol every time :D

I'm SO glad I escaped. They almost had me caught in their weird ... thing.
19 Dec 19:15

Feel the White Hot Rage of a Scientist

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21 Dec 13:30

Scientifically Accurate Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

09 Dec 13:00

Yeah, No Thanks...

self checkout,grocery stores

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