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09 Mar 11:51


The problem with Haskell is that it's a language built on lazy evaluation and nobody's actually called for it.
03 Mar 11:49

Parents Are Getting Really Protective

Parents Are Getting Really Protective

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03 Mar 11:46

My Friday night

03 Mar 11:40

Scumbag Brain...seriously...

28 Feb 17:07

As a college student, it's true.

28 Feb 17:04

Arab pickup line



28 Feb 16:36

well SHIT says FML

by well SHIT

Today, while having a sneak through my brother's browser, I found a bookmark for a Google Docs file. It was a short story involving him horrifically killing our entire family. It ended with the words: "And that is what happens when people don't respect the author's privacy." FML

17 Feb 11:40

Anonymous says FML

by Anonymous

Today, I proudly informed my grandma that I now have a girlfriend. My grandpa overheard and said how surprising that was, given how expensive blowup dolls are. He and my grandma then both laughed out loud. FML

30 Dec 14:39

Michael Schumacher's former crew went to visit him.

by Joe Robbins
Michael Schumacher's former crew went to visit him.

They changed the wheels on his bed and his drip in 11.4 secs.
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22 Dec 11:45

Telescope Names

The Thirty Meter Telescope will be renamed The Flesh-Searing Eye on the Volcano.
22 Dec 11:43

Galilean Moons


Makes me lol every time :D

I'm SO glad I escaped. They almost had me caught in their weird ... thing.
21 Dec 17:25

Feel the White Hot Rage of a Scientist

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21 Dec 16:56

Scientifically Accurate Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

10 Dec 11:18

Yeah, No Thanks...

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09 Nov 19:54

Pigachu, I Choose You!

Pigachu, I Choose You!

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26 Jul 13:52

Anonymous says FML

by Anonymous

Today, I went camping with my family. While I was using the shower house, my sister decided it'd be hilarious to run off with my clothes and towel. I ran back to the camper, completely naked, only for my parents to bitch me out for streaking. FML