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28 Jun 13:00

Now This is a Customer Service WIN

29 Jun 23:10

Well... That's confusing...

30 Jun 16:30

Okay, Can Somebody Tell the Green Screen Guy to Cover Up His Raging Woody?

You can do the ol' belt tuck in a green man suit, right?

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09 Jun 20:20

When I opened my brother's computer and found 200GB of gay porn.

09 Jun 23:40

What if Zelda was a girl?

10 Jun 02:25

WankBand Pornhub = Unlimited Dirty Power. Shut Up And Take My Money!

06 Jun 01:45

The first time you see her without make-up

07 Jun 12:40

Meanwhile in...

06 Jun 11:55

This is mankind’s greatest scientific accomplishment.

06 Jun 13:00

Gotta Protect Your Crack Somehow!

06 Jun 14:35

Can we make a human?

06 Jun 21:05

In case anybody was wondering...

06 Jun 21:30

Remember that time when Cyclops, Cersei Lannister and Daryl Dixon went to college together?

21 May 04:15

I've always wondered why aliens in TV always use the word light year. I'm looking at you, Doctor Who.

21 May 07:10

Just why?

21 May 13:05

This Helmet... makes me uncomfortable

21 May 16:15

Golden Silence

21 May 16:30

Dem BIG Donuts doe *winks*

21 May 21:15

I need a name to this technique

21 May 21:35

When dad caught you masturbating

22 May 00:20

Fruit porn right there

22 May 04:10

This has been bothering me ever since I watched the 1st movie

20 May 09:40

Excuse me?

19 May 11:10

A true champion

19 May 13:35

It's been 7 years and I still don't know what the f**k I was thinking...

19 May 14:50

The irony is strong with this one

14 May 22:40

Can you give me The Hammer darling?

08 May 06:40

Do you want to get shot? Because that's how you get shot.

08 May 07:20

Do you even lift, br... Oh, nevermind.

07 May 16:30

Porn Stars At The AVN Porn Awards VS Influential Celebrities At The MET Gala